Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas aftermath

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!! Ours was pretty good. On Christmas eve I did a crash and burn. I slipped on something on the bathroom floor, and fell down. Twisted my ankle so bad I thought I broke it. Gigantor of course wasnt' here, he was at the store. Kiddo got to witness it and freak out. Seeing as he was the one to witness what happened to me in Texas when I fell, and had to be taken off in an ambulance. No ambulances this time. He actually helped me back up, but I sprained my ankle super super bad. I'm stuck inside for a few days, seeing as it's so bad I can't get up or down the stairs or climb my ass up into the suburban. And it's my right ankle, my driving foot. ugggghhhh

Christmas day was very nice. Captain daddy came down and spent the whole day, and Gigantors parents spent about 4 hours with us. Only one downside, that was about 8:30 that night. All the tons and tons of ibuprophen I had taken for the pain, caught up to me, and I got major sick. I ended up going to bed before 9. I don't do that, I'm a night owl.

I stayed in bed with my foot propped up for a good part of the day yesterday. Kiddo took care of me alot. It felt much better. I went to bed early and slept in again, it feels alot better today. Kiddo got major sick last night. He's all stuffed up, fever, cough, sneezing. Poor poor baby. He needs to go to the doctor today, but as I said, I can't get down the stairs, in the suburban, or drive. I hinted to Gigantor's mom but she wouldn't take him, said she was to busy. Captain daddy was in bed after working graveyard shift last night. So...hoping Gigantor can get off in enough time to take him. Although we may wait till tomorrow, cuz doping him up with this Vicks children's Nyquil seems to be helping. If it is, I may see if I can knock it out of him, but if he's no better by tomorrow he is definatly going to the doctor.

Well I'm off to force more drugs down me and my childs throats. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!

I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! May yours be filled with lots and lots of hugs, giggles, laughter, and love!!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hell Has Frozen Over!!

You have all heard me refer to Arizona as the 9th rung of hell. Well let me tell ya, Hell has finally frozen over. When you get 119 to 125 degrees in the summer, and that's normal. Freezing temps take you by surprise. Not only that. But....Monday night, it fricken snowed!!!! I don't mean the snow that fluffs around here then melts off at the first rays of sun. I mean snowed and 4 inches stuck, and today most of it is still stuck on the ground snowed. All the kids are excited. Last time it snowed and stuck enough for kids to play in was when Kiddo was 2. He is now 10. Time before that, I was 17. Lets just say that's a long time ago. hehehehee

I don't mind the snow so much. Driving around town in it is fine for me (now everyone else, drives like they don't know what it is, and crashes into stuff) I won't drive out of town on long distances in it though. I don't even mind the kids playing, or it being cold, or the dogs getting muddy paws. The main thing I mind about snow. Is walking in it. Like to the car, or to a store, or up and down the fricken icy steps!!!!!!!!!!! The husband does scrape and put salt down. But it still has a thin, very slick sheet of ice. And it probably would be fine, but ever since I fell in Texas and hurt myself so bad. I'm so very scared to fall again. Scared I'll fall by myself and the cell phone won't work, and people will find me frozen to the pavement. uggghhhhh

On a side note. My suburban tried to eat me alive today. The two front doors have been really hard to open from the inside. To the point that we have to have help sometimes getting out of the car. Kiddo had found the trick to getting in and out, you have to hold the handle a certain way, and move very slow and gentle, and the door will open. Well....insert snow and freezing temperatures. Now the fricken doors are worse than ever in the mornings. This morning I drive home from taking kiddo to school. I CAN'T GET OUT OF THE FRICKEN SUBURBAN!!!! IT HAS ME STUCK INSIDE, IT WON'T BUDGE, NO GENTLE, OR CRAZED SLAMMING MY SHOULDER INTO THE DOOR IS GONNA OPEN THIS BITCH!!!! So...I calm down, and try rolling the window down to open the latch on the outside. Well...again since my fall in Texas (where I also dislocated my elbow pretty bad) I can't seem to twist my arm around enough to open the latch. I'm to chunky (fat people) to get myself turned around in the seat to use the other arm. For some reason I can't get the seat to recline back so it's easier to do. With the problems in my back and legs, I couldn't get my toosh over the middle console to get out the other door, WHICH WAS FRICKEN STUCK ALSO!!!! Again I start the mad woman SLAMMING MY SHOULDER INTO THE DOOR CURSING AT THE SUBURBAN TO LET ME GO, AND GETTING NOWHERE!!!! I use the cell phone and call Gigantor, to ask him to come home and let me out of my mother bunny humping car!!! How embarrassing is that??? Of course he starts laughing so hard he fell over, then he told everyone within a 10 block radius about it. Needless to say, that sorta ticked me off. So...I cranked that arm, felt a very sharp pain in my elbow, and a pop, and ignored it and opened that stupid as latch from the outside. I'm out of the suburban, I've done kicked the tires and called it every name in the book... Now I'm on some anti inflamitories, and ice on the elbow to see if the throbbing goes down. hehehehe Lets just say even though I'm out, I think the score is Suburban-1 Angry fat woman-0...this afternoon I'm taking the shotgun, the bitch better let me out.

Have a great, locked in your car free, Thursday everyone!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can I Sleep Yet?

Boy howdy what a busy weekend.
Friday we went and seen the premier of Eragon. OMG it was soooooo awesome!!!! Now it was a great movie all it's own, but it was so much better if you have read the book, and read the 2nd book, Eldest. Can't wait for the third book in the trilogy. I hope they make more movies. Only thing you have to remember is they crammed a whole huge, wonderful book into an hour and a half. So...yeah it was missing some stuff.

Kiddo's friend Big J stayed the night Friday. I was amazed, they went right to sleep at about 10. No fighting for 2 hours.

Saturday, me and Gigantor went and signed up for cell phones and got them.
We delivered some Christmas cards.
Went and seen his parents.
Checked the mail.
Dropped Big J and Kiddo off at his house. (they were gonna watch him so we could go shop)
Went and got gas in the burban.
Went to Walmart and finished our Christmas shopping.
Went and got Kiddo.
Went and got Gigantors parents.
Went to the Parade of Lights on main street.
Took his parents home and unloaded their truck for them.
Went to taco bell, cuz I'll be dammed if I cook after all that.
And didn't get back home till 7:30 since we left in the morning.

Today...was almost as busy.
Got up and helped Kiddo make some goodie bags for his party on Thursday. (we put Christmas straws, pencils, candy canes and some candies in them) Then I tied every fricken one with ribbon and made it twirlie. Only cuz Kiddo asked.
Then I worked on some wrapping, and Avon stuff.
Gigantor went up to his parents and dug a water line up so the plumber could work on it.
Then he went and laid a gravel walk/path for Captain Daddy.
Then he ran to the grocery store.
And we cleaned some pet cages.

I was asked by Cookie Monster who Uncle House Elf was. Okay...well, my sister and I don't give out names online. To many years of being in a law enforcement family, and seeing to many horrid things. So for reference.
Burfica = me
Alekx = my sister (who used to blog but doesn't have time anymore)
Gigantor = my husband (cuz he's a fricken giant. Wears size 15 ring size 14 shoes, a giant I tell ya)
House Elf = Alekx's husband (cuz he's short, and cute, so think of the house elf on Harry Potter)
Kiddo = my son (who is 10)
Captain Daddy = my daddy
In laws, or evil one's = Gigantors parents. hahaha j/k
Big J= Kiddo's best friend
Little Pixie= Big J's little sister
D= mine and Gigantor's demented twisted, wonderful friend
Goober= Big J and Little Pixies mom.

I think that is about all the people I regularly put up here. Just to clarify some of the confusion.

I'll try to post a couple times this week, but definatly read and comment I will. (did that just sound like yoda?) Have a great Monday all!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Go Orange!!!!

Wow what a great football season!!!! We didn't beat the Bills for first place, but boy did we make them work for it. We actually scored three touchdowns. The coach then bought all the kids pizza. The kids got a 2nd place certificate and medals. The medals are cool, have a football on them that spins.

That was the 2nd medal that Kiddo got that day. He did a walk for diabetes a month or so ago. He wanted to really do it cuz both his grandfathers have diabetes as does his Uncle House Elf. He raised the most money in the community, so they awarded him with a medal, a letter, some prizes and he was on t.v. for the morning announcements at school. He did that one other year with the Jump Rope For Hearts. He's one charity raising fool, let me tell ya.

I've been so dang busy past couple weeks, that I can't even function by the end of the day. Gigantor jumped all over me, said I would get sick or something. He finally asked my why I was making myself that busy, instead of relaxing a little. I sat long and hard and thought about it. And I know why I'm throwing myself into a busy tizzy. I miss my mom, I miss her really really bad right now. Christmas was one of her favorite times of the year...And this is gonna be the first one without her. Every time I slow down I start thinking about how much I miss her, and what she is missing out on. And two things happen. 1. I cry and cry, like for hours and 2. I start throwing this huge pity party that's all about me, myself and I. And let me tell ya. I'm just not into doing either one of those right now!!!! I know I need to cry or I'm going to make it worse. But for some reason this month, I'm beating the tears down with a stick. Matter of fact just writing this has made some of the tears start, so...It popped into my mind that I now have to go and get a bunch of shit done. See...there is that stick, now it's gonna beat them down.

Sorry I made the end of this post somewhat of a bummer.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Oh oh oh on a side note, WE ARE GOING TO THE PREMIER OF ERAGON TOMORROW!!!! I have only been waiting impatiently for this movie since I read the book and the 2nd book in the series almost a year ago. I am so excited I may pee a little. hehehehhee

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2nd PLACE BABY!!!!

Kiddo had a football game last night. They were tough, their coach screamed and hollered and was a just a major pain. And yes!!!!!!!!! We beat the snot out of them!!! The misfit Bronco's kicked some major booty. That has guaranteed us 2nd place over all. On Wednesday we play the number one team. If we lose, we are still in 2nd. If we win, then we are tied for first, and it comes down to a count of all the points over the season!! I am so proud of those guys. They have worked their butts off and done it all just having major fun.

In other news.....My vortex bra, the one that has seemed to be hibernating for months. Has come back in full vengeance. I swear I don't know how that chit gets into my bra. It's not like I'm sticking my boobs somewhere they don't belong. I found a bunch of scotch tape in there the other day. Yes I was wrapping gifts, but I was wearing a high necked long sleeved shirt. So how did tape get in my bra. I thought it would be ribbon. Seeing as how I got all tangled up in the ribbon and instead of being smart and cutting my way out. I spent a fricken half hour untangling myself. hehehehehe

Captain daddy will be here soon to do his laundry, and I go visit with him. So..I'm gonna go wrap pressies while I visit. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Week of Busy ness

Man it's been so darn busy this week. We had two football games. Yes yes we won!!!!!!!!!!!! The first one we stomped the heck out of them 36 to 12 hehehehe
The second one was to a team we lost to, our very first game matter of fact. Even the coach of that team was talking smack, saying "YOU BEAT THEM ONCE YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN" We beat them 25 to 23. hehehehe GO BRONCO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the little kids on our team were sorta sad, saying that alot of kids from other teams were giving them a hard time in school. Saying that they suck, and their team sucks, and they are in last place. The coach and Gigantor said to tell they "yeah well if we suck, how come we just moved into second place" WHOOOHOOO THEY ARE IN SECOND PLACE!!!!! We have two more games to play of the season. One of the teams beat us before, and one we beat. I hope our streak stays and we beat both of them. If we do, the kids are guarantee's at LEAST second place. And I'm so excited about this, not just cuz my kid is on the team. But this coach took all the "misfits" the "not real athletic" kids, and they are kicking some major butt!!!

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. Only thing I have left is maybe Gigantor a couple things. But I have basically nothing for his parents or my dad, they are so fricken hard to buy for. And I have to get stocking stuff. The little candies and games. I have three tiny things for my dad, and one thing for his parents. ugggghhhh

Now I have all the wrapping. I wrap everything for everyone but my own gifts. And Gigantor complains about that. I think if he complains this year, I'm gonna stick a candy cane up his nose!!!

I tried a new "peanut butter bar" recipe, and I'm making some southwest wraps for my Avon Christmas party tonight. I hope they have some good give aways. Holidays are always cool for that.

Okay I'm off to get more coffee, and eat my dam banana (blech) But I've had bad leg cramps so I'm trying to eat one a day. I used to love banana's till I got really really sick with one when I was pregnant, now it's hard as nails to eat one.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006


DAM YOU GERBIL FOR DYING BEFORE YOUR LIFE EXPECTANCY WAS UP!!! Dam you for doing it around the holidays, and dam you for not doing it when Gigantor could take care of you, making me do the duty. Although I will say thank you for not doing it while the kiddo was here. Now I can break it to him more gently.

Of course it couldn't be one of his dam fish that have been alive for like 6 years. Fricken Fracken goldfish, you are supposed to die and be flushed within the first year you bastards!!!! NoOoOoOoo it's one of the gerbils that are supposed to live 3 to 5 years but only made it just over one.

Now of all things I worry about the other two gerbils. How dare you make me fret. hehehee

I was gonna update you all about my boring ass weekend, busy but boring. But that was more excitement this morning than my entire weekend. LOL I did watch a couple movies though. I watched See No Evil. That was pretty good. And I watched Tristan and Isolde, that was a pretty darn good movie.

Okay I'm off to eat some breakfast and call Gigantor and warn him that he will be on burial duty when he gets off work.

Hope you all have a good Monday, may none of your little cute rodents die on you.

Friday, December 01, 2006


In answer to a previous comment. It's American football. We call European yanks call that soccer. hehehehehe

Speaking of football, his team played again on Wednesday. We STOMPED them. 28 to 12 The poor kids though were playing in 27 degree weather with a wind chill of about 19. I made Kiddo wear a sweat shirt, his coat, then his football shirt over all that. He had his hat and his hood on. I can't let him wear gloves. He handles the ball alot, being the center, so he has to be able to feel it.

Today I went and got my nails done again. Red and Green sparklies with Christmas decals on them.

I gotta tell you something I found very very funny the other day. Just goes to show you that not everyone has heard "popular" sayings. (at least it was funny to me)
A bunch of us (friends, and Alekx who is family) were in Pogo playing a game, and chatting. One of the people was complaining. So I piped up with one of my most popular sayings that I use all the time and I said. Oh just put your big girl panties on and deal!!! (if some of you haven't heard this before, basicly it means "stop whining, grow up, and deal with the situation") I didn't realize this guy in the room had never heard of it. (the saying) So we are all in another game, and his score was low, and I go dr??? What you doing way down there?? He says, "I'm trying to get my fat chick pants on." Now I spit water all over my screen when he said that, cuz I realized he had no idea what that saying meant. Although a couple other people that were on the hefty side got offended cuz he was saying fat chick pants. We then spent the next half hour laughing at him and trying to explain the saying. He was certain it was some inside joke about heavy girls that he didn't get. hehehehe

Okay so maybe it's just funny to me.

I'm gonna go make the gerbils stop staring at me.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!