Monday, July 30, 2007

Mother Bunny Humper

How the hell does mac and cheese get in your bra when you haven't eaten mac and cheese for days?????

Stupid vortex bra working over time I guess.

I found a piece of popcorn yesterday, I haven't had popcorn since Friday at the movies. You would think I don't bathe. Or if I do bathe, I don't lift the twins up and scrape the leftovers out. But I do, I really do. I have a special boob scraper even. Sorta looks like an ice scraper, but prettier. hehehehehe

You all should check out my sister Alekx's post out. She is at Nitrogen Narcosis. I think me and Flake had snorted to much powdered sugar or something. We were on a roll. We were holding her blog hostage, but she never paid the ransom, so we got bored and left. We would make terrible criminals.

Okay I'm off to search for untold treasure in tonights bra. I did find a cotton ball in my underwear, does that count?? hehehee

Have a good Tuesday all!!!!


That's what my husband is on a weekend he as to work. He's useless at home. He's to tired and hot to want to go anywhere, and he is to tired and brain dead to want to do anything else. I try to be understanding, I mean that does make him working 12 days in a row.

But geesh we can't do to the store, or the lake, or even get a couple things done around the house. I work on it, but it's a big lump in my way all weekend.

So... we didn't get much done over the weekend. Got a couple movies watched. Got the dishes done, some avon stuff. Even trimmed the dogs toe nails. hehehehe

oh oh I did finally make some egg salad, and I made some peanut butter bars. So...I guess it wasn't a total waste. lol

Hope you all had a good weekend, sorry for such a boring post.

Update---I just got awarded this

OMG I was so honored and excited. Flake over at Canadian Flake blog awarded me this. I've never won much of anything before, so this was a huge honor. I adore Flake. Ever since I've met her, we have just got closer and closer. Now I can't imagine life without my good flakey friend.

I love ya flake you know that right!!!!

I'm supposed to award this to 5 others. I will do that tomorrow I suspect.

Have a good day everyone!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


That's the sound of my almost perfect Friday. *Sigh* oh man, what an almost orgasmic day!!!

I was reading the last Harry Potter book last night, then I couldn't put it down. So I was up till 5 this morning. I finished the book!!!! It was awesome!!!! I will not ruin it for anyone. Yet. lmao

Then...THEN!!!!! We went and seen Transformers tonight. OMG OMG OMG it was so fricken good!!!!!!! I so want to own that movie, just seeing it once!!!! I found out that 300 comes out on dvd on Tuesday!!!! What a good day. hehehehehe

Although on a downer note. Big J is spending the night with Kiddo, and they were wrestling. And Big J kicked Kiddo in the mouth. He goes, "I barely touched him" Well how do you explain how his gum way above his teeth split wide open and you loosened one of his permanent teeth??? hmmmmmmmm I told Kiddo to not mess with the tooth. Hopefully it will settle back in and not be loose and he won't loose it. Then that way, maybe he won't need false teeth by high school. *sigh* in a different way. lol

Okay have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Don't ya Hate

Don't ya just hate it when you ask the husband to put in a tape and hit record. He says he does, but when you and the kid are watching the recorded program. About 3/4 of the way through, the stupid ass recording just fucking shuts off!!!!!

It was the suspenseful, exciting, explain it all part, and it just fucking shut off!!! What kind of dumb ass man sets a recorder for a weird amount of time??

I swear some days I think it's punishment from the almighty that I get him and his brilliant ways!!

But then he comes around and does something nice, and I turn to mush.

Stupid men anyway!!

Happy Thundering but no rain, humid and hot as satans armpits, Thursday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not Ditched

Finally, a friend who is worth a crap. hehehehe My son has gone to the swimming pool a few times. With one friend that always had to take his little brother, so they always had to leave early. Well...then all the crap with his cousins, making plans, breaking them, making more plans, ditching him.

Well...Kiddo's friend Big J got back from camp. I made plans with his mom for him to come over a couple days this week. So..he came over yesterday and I took them to the pool, didn't go get them till closing time. hehehehe They had so much fun. I'm so glad.

He comes over again on Friday to spend the night. I'm hoping that Transformers will be here and we go to the movie too.

Man it's been icky muggy here. You know this is Az, no humidity. Top humidity is like 16%. But it finally rained one day and has been threatening to for a few other days. Which makes humidity about 70 to 80%, some of the top for us. And that's like well whatever, but when it's still 105 to 112 outside with it. It's gross!!!! hehehe

My husband has been on my case to make egg salad for about 4 weeks now. Granted I do really want me some egg salad too. But... and here is the big but, and I don't mean mine either. But....Gigantor got a big 5 gallon dog waterer, and 5 gallon dog feeder, and he has set them up in front of the cubbord that has the pots and pans in it. With my back out, I can't bend over and move those dam things. So....I can't get a pot!! And for almost every single mother bunny humping day, I have been asking him to get a pot out for me and set it on the stove so I can do it. Stupid ass man!!!!! Of course he hasn't. So...he has gotten no egg salad, and if he asks me about it again, I'm gonna jab a fork up his nose!!!!

Okay I'm outa here to go do god only knows what. heheheh

Have a good Hump day everyone!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

You've got to move it move it......

I have that song going through my head. It's from the Madagascar soundtrack, and probably because my son keeps playing that one song over and over again on his stereo.

I know it's been almost a week since I posted, and I haven't read anybodies blogs...I was having some major issues with the in laws. And when some of the cousins, were rude, disrespectful, and mean to my son. Which he felt really bad, that was the end of any shit from them. I told the husband when his family came back, that I refused to put up with even the tiniest of shit from them. There one and only strike happened.

Anywhoooo....we went to a Harry Potter party on Friday night. We went at 10 up to the library. We had pre bought our book. They had refreshments, drawings, games, craft tables (wand making, wizard hat making, quill making), chess tables, more give aways, and a costume contest. It was lots of fun. At 12:05 in the morning they handed out our books. I just barely got to start mine, we have been so busy this weekend. So...if you have read it, you better not tell me and ruin it for me.

Anyhow, still real busy, just wanted to drop in and post a quick one. I will try my hardest to do better this week. Not sure how that's gonna go. hehehehe

Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Blue Tale

The following events took place at my house over the weekend.

I was in the back master bathroom, sitting on my throne, holding court, and trying to read my book. Kiddo was in the front bathroom sitting on his throne, singing himself a little song.

When then it happened.

I hear yelling. mom, Mooooooom MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM, in a panic.

me--What!!! I'm a little busy!!!! As I'm reaching for the paper trying to hurridly take care of business, so I can see what he's screaming about. Only to drop the roll, and get it rolling all over the floor, thus entageling myself in it.

I hear running, and he comes into the bathroom skidding to a stop, look of panic on his face.

Kiddo--OMG mom OMG OMG OMG something is wrong with my poop

me--what??? Still trying to get the t.p. unwrapped from around my legs

Kiddo-- I'm gonna have to go to the doctor or the hospital or something. OMG mom OMG!!!

me--What the hell are you talking about???

Kiddo--Something is wrong with my poop!! OMG am I gonna die???

At the mention of him going to die, I start to panic a bit and wonder if something really is wrong. All sorts of things are running through my mind. Was he spurting blood, did he pass a tape worm, was it coming back out of the toilet trying to eat him?? What the hell??? As I gaze at his little face (okay well maybe I shouldn't say little since he is 11, which he reminds me he's not a baby anymore) And see that he is scared and almost in tears. At which point I am completely tied to the dam toilet by the toilet paper.

Me--Well now calm down, and tell me what's wrong, so I can fix it. (sounding much more calm than I felt)

Kiddo--OMG mom my poop it's like bright blue, like pepsi can blue!!!

insert crickets chirping here.

Me--ummmm huh?? (with a confused look on my face)

Kiddo--Didn't you hear me??? My poop is BLUE and the entire toilet is now BLUE!!!!

more crickets chirping.

one raised eyebrow.

You can actually see the light bulb go off above my head.

Me-- *giggle* well...*snork* um... *snarfle*...How blue was it? *major belly laughing*

Kiddo--OMG mom why are you laughing?? My insides are rotting and turning blue!!

Me--OMG son!!! No they aren't!!!


Me--What did daddy and I get you for a treat a couple days ago???

Kiddo--Well a big slush from that one place

Me--And what kind of slush was it??

Kiddo--It was a bright blue raspberry slus........OHHHHHHHHHH!!! *shy giggle*

He walks off starting to laugh so hard he falls over. He then has to go tell his father and anyone who will listen about his blue poop.

Sheesh boys!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Whoohooo a title!!!!

Blogger let me do a title, whooohoooo!!!!

We went to see Harry Potter tonight. LOVE IT!!!! We seen The Last Mimzy the other night. LOVE IT!!!! Okay that's all the intellect I have tonight. I'm gonna do something.

Canadian Flake tagged me a couple weeks ago to write 10 of my favorite things that started with a letter she picked. She picked the letter S. I didn't do it last week because of my back, and it all would have been negative. So...I'm gonna try it now.

1. Sister----Lets face it folks, without my sister I would be lost. I've known her all my life hehehe *snork* We didn't always get along, but we always ALWAYS could count on each other. We are 7 years apart (she's older) But we act like twins, so alot of people say. She means so much in my life, I don't think she will ever know. She says she does, but, no, she doesn't. hehehe I remember one time when I was 16, I had gotten in some pretty bad trouble. She lived 9 hours away, she asked me if I need her. I said, no you have a job. She said to tell her if I really needed her. I said yes. She was on our door step that evening, stayed for 2 weeks, helping me. Once when my mom was sick in the hospital, I called and said "I need you" that night she was here. I know if I said I needed her tomorrow she would be here.

2. Spouse--My husband is the world to me. He has been through so much before me, and with me. He is an amazing man. Words can't do him justice. I get mad at him, or he does boneheaded things. But I love him more today than yesterday. And after 14 years, that's alot of love. I can count on him for EVERYTHING!!! Emotional, physical, you name it, I can count on him.

3. Son---This has got to be my favoritest thing in the entire world. I tried so hard to have a baby. I had him, and he was more than I could ever ask for. He has the biggest most gentle heart and soul. He also is starting to show traits of becoming a young man. He is my world, my life, my love, my soul.

4. Sense of Humor---You have to have a sense of humor with me. I will have one with EVERYONE I ever have contact with. It's very important to me that a person be able to take a joke, and teasing, cuz we dish it out. That's just how we roll.

seeing as that's how I roll leads me to number ....

5. Snark---Snark being a nice way to say Smart ass. As in someone that uses alot of humor and funny sarcasm. That's being snarky. I am full of snark, and yes the doctor says it's not terminal. hehehe I love when people snark with me. A whole group of us snarking can scare off tourists and Jehovah's witnesses. heheheh Snark is a big part of my life

6. Strength--God I love me a strong person, and a strong man. I don't just mean physical strength (although that can get plenty of drooling from me) But that strength of soul and of character. That is important to me. I need it for myself, and I look for it in others.

7. Sunsets---Sunsets mean alot to me. It's really hard to explain. When I was in high school, I was suffering from some pretty bad depression. I tried to commit suicide three times. I would go out and ride my horses, just wishing the earth would open up and swallow me. The main thing I had to look forward to every day, was the amazing beautiful sunset. It started making me think that maybe life could be that colorful, and fiery and beautiful, and ever changing. It helped me through a very dark time. I still love to watch the sunsets.

8. Ssssssssanimals----I know they don't really start with an S, but one of my favorite things none the less. I love animals. Not certain ones, but ALL animals. I have a couple that I adore more than others, but I love them. I think they are a sign of gods perfection, and love. They have it all together. They can love unconditionally, no matter your color, height, weight, religion, sexuality, or brain capacity. I would be a much meaner and less fulfilled person without animals in my life. And hey, some of them are pretty tasty too. hehehehe

uggghhhh I'm running out of things

lets see
9. Sunkist-- as in the soda. Sunkist orange soda is my favorite non dark soda. My favorite dark soda is pepsi. But I usually pick Sunkist first if we have it.

oh oh I know for 10

10. S*****--That would be my first name. I hated it as I grew up. Most of us do hate our names. But I grew to love it. It's weird though, even when people say it. I don't think I look like my name. I've met a few people with my name, even some guys. They all pretty much look like that name. But I don't think I do. But I do like my name now. And I love the spelling of it. It's one of the rarest spellings of that name that there is. Nobody but my mom, dad, sister, husband and very few family and friends, remember and spell it right. My inlaws have never learned. Gigantor always yells at them for spelling it wrong, but they still do it. When I was a little girl if you spelled it wrong, boyyyyy would I yell at you. So...yeah my name is one of my favorite things.

Okay I'm not gonna tag anyone, but if you would like to do this, ask me for a letter and I shall give you one. I promise not to give X Y Or Z Or Q, that's just a stupid letter that shouldn't exist. hehehehe

Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still can't put in a title..

I got no cake!!! dammit!!!!!

The hubby didn't get off of work till almost 8 tonight. So...since my back has been so bad we got sonic. hehehe

Hubby comes home with the 44 oz drinks from sonic. First thing he does is drop his on the carpet, where the cup splits and it goes everywhere. 44oz of Strawberry limeade with pieces of strawberry and lime all over. So..yeah I sorta yelled at him, then asked if he wanted to go get another one. He said no. Then...then!!!! I drank my water with dinner, and was saving my big soda, my favoritest soda in the world to drink and savor later. I had just started drinking it, when he knocked the flipping thing over. Right in the trash can, where it split and all spilled out. I know it was an accident, but yeah I did the adult thing, I whined. I whined bad, "oooooooooohhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddd I just started drinking that!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" So..yeah he caved and went and got dressed and got me another one. hehehehe


I went to the Chiropractor today, and feel a tiny bit better. It's been going out real bad as he's trying to get it all taken care of. Gonna hurt worse before it gets better. I have this LOVE/HATE relationship with him. Love him because he is so hunkaliscious, and eventually makes me feel all better. Hate him because he hurts me (not on purpose, just I have real issues with my back, and it hurts to make it better) hurts me in the way that I wanna take a pair of pliers and grab that piece of skin in the middle of your nose that separates your nostrils and squeeze it till it spurts blood.

Okay, maybe it's time for bed, the gerbil is doing really weird stuff. She is running in her wheel, running two laps around her cage then flopping on her back and pumping all four legs up and down in the air. Then doing it all over again. I'm thinking it's gerbil jazzercise.

Have a good Wednesday all!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

What is with blogger not letting me put in a title??? I swear that it irritating.

Gosh I'm still full of randomness. I know, not a word, but it is now, cuz I said it. hehehe

My back still hurts, hurts bad. It's killing me lay down, it's worse to sit, it's even worse to stand. I don't have drugs strong enough to take the pain away. I'm walking hunched over, like one of them little old ladies with the giant hump on their backs.

My son came out of his bedroom last night. Said "mom there is something weird in my nose" I look, it looks like a fricken wart!!!! INSIDE HIS NOSE!!!!! I said, when the hell did that show up. He told me a couple weeks ago. But I'll be dammed if he told me before the dam doctors appointment. I have to spend an additional 35 bucks in co pay to take him back to have it looked at, and probably another co pay to have it taken care of. I may just see if the pool water will take care of it like it did the one on his hand and his foot.

It's been so dang hot past few days. Up around 110 to 112. The news just announced that the cool spell is over, and to expect record highs. WTF???????

Is anyone else craving cake???

The dog is driving me insane. He's decided he has to bark at ever single movement and noise in or out of the house, then he has to run outside. As soon as you let him out, the bastard waits till you sit down then starts barking and scratching to come in.

My son has my mothers old sleep number bed. Those air beds. Well...he kept complaining it was broken and going flat. He said he kept pushing the up button but it won't blow up anymore. Upon closer inspection. We found that the rocket scientist of a son of mine had the controller upside down and was deflating it, bit by bit.

Is it a sin to think that your Chiropractor is so dam handsome that he could melt an iceberg??? OMG he's so yummaliscious. I hate him and his wife, cuz he has a drop dead gorgeous wife too. The Fuckers. hehehehe

Am serious, isn't anyone else craving cake???

Why must my husband walk around at night with his pants and underoo's hanging half off his ass. We have been married 14 years. It's not sexy anymore, it's hairy and gross. Pull them up dammit!!!

Okay that's it, I'm making cake tomorrow. That is if I can move

Okay, I'm outa here, I don't have pain pills strong enough, so I've been taking sleeping pills to make sure I get some sleep.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stupid blogger won't let me put a title on the post or to change colors.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't had much to talk about. My lower back has been out so very very bad. I'm barely walking and can hardly sleep.

We had a good 4th. Had a picnic dinner on the golf course, and had cake and watched fire works.

I'm off to maybe try and read some blogs, if I can sit long enough. I'll try to get on better. The chiropractor has been working on me. So....hopefully in a few days I'll be much better.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Melting

Okay 112 degree's here yesterday. Can you believe that?? I had to go out 3 times in that heat yesterday. Took kiddo swimming, picked him up, did some errands. The a/c in the car couldn't even cool it down. It's the type of heat that you come inside, sit in front of the a/c and continue to sweat for 1/2 hour or more. Although I'm sure I wasn't sweating, I think it was parts of me melting off. I was dripping between my boobs people, I never sweat there. hehehe

I'm hoping it's a little bit cooler than that tomorrow evening. We usually do fried chicken picnic and cake when we sit out waiting for the fire works to start. We always did that on the 4th, because it was my mom's birthday. I still try to keep the tradition going. I'm hoping I go through this one better than last one. We will see.

The hubby ran and got us Subway sandwiches last night. Seeing as he didn't get home from work till almost 7. Poor guy. So...he went and got me double meat, cuz they usually scrimp on the chicken pieces. Well...I like double meat and just olives on it, cuz I put my own other stuff on it at home. I did NOT need double meat with this one girl doing it. I swear I had over a pound of chicken on that thing. Then the olives, she did two gigantic fist fulls. I had to pick most the olives off, and even take some of the meat off. The bread wouldn't close, and it sorta disintegrated. I guess I got my money's worth. hehehehe

Does anybody know what will happen to you if you eat tons of cherry's??? hehehehe They have had the best cherry's in stock here, and on sale. I've been munching on them for 4 days, and still have two bags. whooohooo

Okay I'm off for a bit. I gotta rest my back, it's been killing me. Go to the Chiropractor today. Thank God.

Have a good Tuesday everyone, and if I don't get back on here then


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Little bit of a Rant

First of all let me say HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian friends out there!!!!

Second, I haven't posted, because my family is trying to kill me by starting with my emotional state. grrrrrrrrr

My son on Thursday night, for some reason couldn't sleep, which made him upset to his stomach, which made it harder for him to sleep, etc.... He was in our room ever 5 to 20 minutes complaining he couldn't sleep. I went to bed at 10 because I was so tired, and he kept me up till 2 with that crap. At which point at 2, I cracked and screamed at him that I didn't care if he could sleep or not, he better not get his happy butt out of bed again, or I would beat him. He did go to sleep then, just to have nightmares and sleepwalk till 4:30, and then he was up at 6. He was so tired the next day he looked physically ill. I made him go to bed early and he pulled the same crap again, and I was up till 2 in the morning again. Finally last night he slept well, actually slept till 9 this morning, till the phone woke him and me both up. We were pissed. lol

Then the stupid ass Gigantor. He was talking about trust issues between him and the kiddo. For some reason the Kiddo doesn't trust that Gigantor won't hurt or do something to get him hurt. So...they were talking about something. And Gigantor promised that if Kiddo did NOT freak out, and spoke to him calmly, that he would stop doing whatever was scaring him and they would work it out. What happened about 15 minutes later?? Gigantor was tormenting Kiddo with a bug zapper thingie that looks like a tennis racket. (work got it as a novelty gift for the guys) And Kiddo got scared, but talked to him calmly. So...I thought Gigantor stopped, at which point he walked back out there and smacked kiddo with it, turned on and zapped him pretty hard.

I blew a gasket!!! You just give your son a lecture about trust issues, then you go and break that trust and hurt him??!!!??? wtf is that shit???

Okay I'm off to continue probably yelling at both of them for being major dumb asses today.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!