Monday, September 29, 2008


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Remember last post I said I had to keep the job situation hush hush till we heard about it???

Well we weren't supposed to hear for two weeks to a month. Guess who got a phone call today???!!!!!!!!!!

Okay let me start from the beginning. Most of you know that Gigantor worked a crap job with no appreciation, crap insurance, no retirment, and just a fucker of a boss. He worked for a place called Page Steel for 12 years that way.

Then he got his awesome job at Allied Waste (yup a garbage man) He got raises each year, better insurance, retirement, vacation. He got shoes and other minor stuff paid for, and he got told he was appreciated all the time. He has worked there just over 2 years. He's making 15.54 an hour. He's working 60 to 80 hours a week, and only holidays he has off is thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Still a very awesome job though.

In our time here in Page, he has tried for government positions, especially with the dam. We never got it, so that was fine.

His brother in law got on out at the dam about a year ago. In August his sister came and told us of 2 openings at the dam. Told us about all this paperwork that had to be done. I guess you have to have a spot on application, a specific type resume, and a KSI (it's a sheet listing your Key Skills Information) Basically to sell yourself.

Well they kept it very hush hush. Didn't even advertise the job, because they are sick of every joe blow applying and having to weed through the crap. But his sister helped us do up all the proper paperwork. They only had it open for applications for 10 days.

We had been just sitting and waiting, biting our nails waiting to hear. We found out we could talk to a lady that had alot of pull there. Guess what??? She is our neighbor two doors down, and she "loves" us. hehehehe

So...Gigantor went and talked to her, she said that applications went to Salt Lake and they will weed through them, then send some down to the foreman in the dam. A week or so later, she said, she wasn't supposed to tell us, but that Gigantor had made the "short list" His app was with the foreman.

We waited another two weeks, holding our breath. He talked to a couple friends who worked at the dam, he said, I have no idea who all made it on the short list.

The friend said that 5 applications made it to the foreman and after reading them the foreman threw two away. That was 3 applications for two jobs. So...we waited. He then got called in for an interview.

Everyone told him what would be on the interview. When he went, that's not what was on it. Basically the interview team asked him if he could do a couple things, then told him all about the job.

They said they would send the interviews with notes back to Salt Lake and he would get a call in two weeks one way or another. So...again we waited. Today was week number one. And he got a phone call today.


OMG people, you just don't know how awesome this is. He will work 4 ten hour shifts a week. Have every Fri, Sat and Sun off. They do NOT work them over 40 hours a week unless something goes wrong.

He will be making 18.79 and hour. Full medical, dental, and vision kicks in the day he starts, no waiting period. The amount he pays will go from 126 a pay period (what we are paying now) to about 90 a pay period, so that is a savings.

Also, he gets 4 hours of sick leave a pay period, and 4 hours of vacation a pay period. After he is there for 6 years it goes up to 6 hours. But..BUT... his 4 years in the military counts towards that already. As it counts towards his retirement time already too. whooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

He will have every single holiday off!!!! EVERY ONE!!!! You can't ask for much better than a goverment job.

He loves his job now, but who can turn down one that is 3 dollars more an hour, and killer benefits, it's a dream for us, it's so good. We are blessed. Thank you to anyone sending the vibes and prayers, right back at ya my friends.

Oh what else is cool is Gigantor has never EVER worked a job at 40 hours a week. EVER the least he has worked is 60. How nice is that????

Okay I'm off to shower and snuggle with my major manly man!!!!! He gets WAY TO GO sex. hehehehehe

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Pictures

Here are some more pics of those decals, the one's in my kitchen. I got some piggies on the back of my wood chairs. I also have some cows, but they didn't come out in the pictures.

This is the rooster, flowers and bugs around the window right above my sink. Look at how long those vines on my plants are. It's two plants and they are strung half way around the kitchen.

This is a pic of the rooster up close. I have a "barnyard/country" theme in my kitchen.

The pink poppies on the right hand side with a green lady bug and red butterfly. Cute huh??

The pink poppies on the left hand side with a purple lady bug and a yellow butter fly. I actually ordered 3 more ladybugs and 3 more butterflies to have them flying around the top there, it will look so cute when I'm done.

On that note, the cat just got up on the table leaned off the side and had projectile vomit all over the place. I think I might be sick myself. ugggghhhhh

We had a busy weekend. I went to a party with the lady that does the decals and we made a really cool glass block. I will try to get some pics soon and show them soon.

We made pinto beans and hamhocks tonight and cornbread. Yummmmm Haven't had them in over 6 months. They were so dam good.

Oh, now I'm not supposed to be saying what it is, I'm sure I can tell you all soon. But please send out special vibes/prayers/thoughts/mojo for Gigantor and his "job situation". I'll explain when I can. I've been asked to keep it hush hush not even say anything on the blog.

So...there was my weekend in a nutshell. I will try to post much better this week.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow people I think I'm alive!!! Can you believe it??? I almost can't. Man that was horrible. Gigantor thinks I might have had a mild case of pneumonia. I'm thinking he might be right. I was soooooooooo sick.

I'm still coughing but just mainly at night. The breathing treatments have helped and the tessalon pearls. I think.

I actually was able to get a bit of sleep over the past three or four nights.

I wanted to show you all some pictures. I got my nails done today for next month.

Then I have started putting up those decal things I got for the house. Giving you all pics of the random one's right now, and will show you my kitchen stuff in the next post.

I'm looking forward to reading blogs again. Thank you everyone that has dropped it, it's been appreciated.

My Halloween nails. I love to do stuff for each holliday. I don't really run out except for may, june, august and sept I don't have themes for.

This decal I put above the shower in my son's bathroom. I think it is so cute. The camera doesn't show the color to well, it's indigo blue.

I got this one on my laundry room door, in hunter green. It just cracks me up. Love it!!!

This is on my son's bedroom door. Of course it's a dragon, what else would this family have?? hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go and get a munchie, and check the I've missed you all, and look forward to looking in on blogs again.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Resort

I know I haven't blogged. Bad bad me.

I was having a hard time staying alive I guess, so blogging was way down on the list.

I'm on my last resort of medicine right now. I can not get over the cough again. Remember back in June and July I had one that lasted 4 weeks?? We are on week three and this one is worse.

I got over the cold, and the sinus infection after a couple weeks, but this cough is so bad. And again nothing is working. So...we are down to breathing treatments again. Took me almost 4 days fighting with the clinic and pharmacy to give me the meds for the breathing machine. I got them now. So...keep your fingers crossed.

I feel pretty much how that guy looks in that picture.

So...yeah hopefully will be back to blogging soon. Hell hope I'm back to being a decent mom and wife soon.

I'll be checking in on you all's blog soon, as soon as I can sit in one place more than 5 minutes without having coughing fits.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

quick note

Besides that picture making me giggle, cuz I would react the same way. I'm just dropping a quick note.

I was feeling tons better over the weekend. Then I took a nap, cuz the cough had been keeping me up. I woke up from the nap and everything had settled in.

I'm blowing out the green/yellow junk, when I can blow something out, and my head is all stuffed. And the cough, oh my sweet crispy jeebus the cough. If I could stop the cough, I would feel almost 200% better, then I could just clear my sinuses.

I think it's a bit worse, cuz I was massively sick for a week before it settled in, so I have no energy to fight it right now. I'm fuzzy (well more than usual) hahaha

I know you all feel like you are telling me to get better soon all the dam time. Honestly I'm not sick that often. In pain or hurt yes, sick, not so much. But when I am, I guess I have to do it all the dam way, no slacking for me. hahahahaha

Okay I may be reading some blogs if I can keep awake long enough, if I comment weirder than usual, just know the pressure on my brain is making me see weird things. hahahhaa

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

my poor hubby

Oh my gosh that poor cat in that picture. hehehehe

My poor husband, was worked to the bone on friday. He did his route out at work, then the "supervisor/boss" told him to go out on the residential route and train the new driver.

The guy that was training her had to leave for St. George (he was a temp) and he told everyone he was over half way done, just had off the hill left to do. Which is about 2 hours worth of work. Gigantor got done with his route at about 3. So....he goes and takes over. Only to find out, the other guy lied. He hadn't even finished half of uptown. So Gigantor was hurrying.

Now Gigantor goes in to work about 5:30 to 6 every morning. Federal law says he's not supposed to drive over 11 hours, corporate law says they aren't supposed to work over 12. At 11 hours, Gigantor started calling boss guy (who went home at 4) and he kept calling and leaving messages, but the fucker wouldn't call him back. Guess what time Gigantor got done with that route?? 7 fucking 30. That was 14 fricken hours.

Oh boss called him at about 8, and I was trying to take the phone from Gigantor, we was gonna have words, but he finally bitched boss man out. Cuz, see, boss man is salary, and he should have gone out and taken the route when his other stuff was done. Instead he just left Gigantor and the new lady hanging. And the biggest pet peeve about boss man is if corporate starts yelling at Gigantor, boss man doesn't say, "well he was doing what I told him too." Boss man tries to make himself free of blame and get the worker in trouble. Gigantor seriously warned him not to even try that crap this time.

Well...on Saturday, I thought Gigantor would just sorta rest. He was so tired he sounded half dead the night before. But he went out and started working on the frame for putting up the skirting. The frame is the hardest part and takes the longest. Kiddo went out and helped him for most the day. D showed up in the afternoon to help. They got over half of one side done.

And on sunday he got the frame up for most of the rest of that one side. And the skirting cut, just needs to be installed. He worked hard, but he felt so good about it. It was something for his own home, and not for the irritating as shit boss man.

I'm interested to find out if anything happens at work today.

Hope you all have a good Monday!!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

RIP Bubbles

Rest in peace Bubbles. May you rest happily in that gerbil den in the sky, with your sisters Blossom and Buttercup.

That's right my son named his three female gerbils after the power puff girls, what of it???

She didn't die that one night. But Gigantor and I made her comfortable, and I watched her the next day, she died about noon. Poor little old girl. She didn't suffer, she looked very peaceful. And thank god I didn't have to have the giant stomp her. hahahaha

I didn't post for a couple days, cuz I started feeling like chit again. I got a horrid cough with that whole cold/sinus bullshit. And it was keeping me up at night again.

I went to my sexy chiropractor (god he is so cute and sessy it should be a sin) And he worked on my "sympathetic" nervous system. He says there is the nervous system that controls movement, and other nerves and vertebrae that help control imunity and what not.

He massivly did pressure points, he pulled on my ears, and popped open the sinus cavities, and he manuvered my head, popped my neck, pressure pointed my neck and upper shoulders.

He usually works on my lower back, but he said I looked misserable and did that instead. He said I would probably feel worse that night, but that I should feel better the next day.

I was a bit sceptical, but who knows. So...yeah last night, I was draining so bad, my nose was running down my face, I was coughing so bad, I should have just lived in the bathroom. After I got up this morning, I still have a few coughing fits, but nothing like the past few days, and I'm not runny in the nose, that is very very nice.

Although I do have the runs. meh small price to pay I guess. hahahahaha

Okay on that note, I'm gonna go finish my sandwich and check on all you peoples blogs. See if blogger is being nice. It would NOT let me open the comment window and leave comments yesterday. So..yeah I checked and read and tried to comment, then I cussed and ranted, and flipped off blogger. hahahaha

Have a good Friday everyone, and good weekend if I don't get back before it's over.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Deathwatch and roadkill

I thought Corky would love that picture.

I feel a tiny bit better, instead of feeling like I keep getting run over by a semi. I feel like I'm laying in the road like roadkill. Guess that's better. hehehehehe

I got randomness today.

In the mornings I have been taking Kiddo, Big J and sometimes his little sister to school. Then the boys walk home together. Well...they have started some after school clubs. Kiddo has computer club on Mondays and he's on a waiting list for Fitness club on Wednesday. Big J has drum line on Mon and Wed and walking club on Tues. So...I still drive them, but most afternoons they have to walk home alone.

Every once in a while Big J's mom gets off early and goes and gives them a ride home.

Well...Big J has been riding his bike on Mon and Wed, so I take Kiddo alone.

I got a nice surprise this morning. Big J's mom called and said he was gonna ride his bike, but then said to send Kiddo over (they live across the street) that she would give him a ride to school. After she did that, she texted me and said she was gonna go ahead and pick him up from school too.

That was really nice, to have someone offer, instead of me having to ask.

Well....I've been on deathwatch since last night. Kiddo's poor little gerbil is dying. She's is way way old, lived longer than the other two, they say the oldest they live is 3 years, and she is at 4 years old. She was barely moving and couldn't even open her eyes last night.

She's in a corner very quiet this morning, but she is still breathing. I kept praying that god would take her quickly, but I guess a lonely gerbil is way down on his list of "to do" things.

I would send Gigantor out to take care of her if she was suffering. But dammit I've had him kill so many dam animals for me. Lots of chickens and roosters, some mice and hamsters. Other such things.

I couldn't face asking him too again, and I didn't wanna hear the stomp. Yes the quickest most humane way to kill a small rodent is to smash that size 14 boot down as hard as you can. He would have done it if I asked, but dam, that poor man. She's laying quietly and not struggling, so I'm not gonna make him.

All I know is I am done with rodents for a while. We have had so many dam hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils and what not, that at our old lot. I started teasing about having a hamster/gerbil garden. I probably had 10 or more little avon jewelry boxes with little corpses in them burried in the back.

Gigantor asked where we wanted to start the new garden. hhahahahhaah I told him the trash. Not to be mean, but that fricken rat dog of mine, digs up every fricken thing. She has found bones that my mothers dogs burried probably 10 years ago. grrrrr A little gerbil corpse would be a tasty snack for her.

Okay....I need more meds, cuz the fever is coming back. ugggghhh I need lunch too.

My toes and fingers and nose is cold. Maybe a blanket.

Hope you all are doing well and have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Went to the doctor on Saturday, spent 4 hours in there. Got a sinus infection and a cold. Got some antibiotics.

Felt like major ass all weekend. Didn't do shit, but sleep, and cough, and doze. Feel like crap today, but had to get up to take the kid to school.

Thinking of going back to bed.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend, and have a good Tuesday!!!