Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy sploding cats batman.

Man now it's been over a week since I posted. Please bear with me everyone.

I've been really bad at blogging and reading blogs here lately.

I've been really busy period. Yes everyone here got sick. Luckily I didn't get it real bad. And that's very unusual for me.

Kiddo and Gigantor had it bad. They had antibiotics for 5 days, but it took them both an additional week before they started feeling among the living again.

We have still been trying to settle things with dad's insurance, and I've been dealing with my medical insurance for a bunch of stuff.

It finally started warming up good. Jump started us to start getting more stuff done and try to get this yard all in order.

I also got access to the pool at my dad's campground. I've been trying to find access to a pool forever. I have taken so many years of water aerobics that I know most the dang exercises. And with my knees and back and just weight and breathing issues. All the combined heath issues. I'm sure it would be great for me.

Well....I got permission to use their pool. So....gigantor is gonna help me out and we are gonna be doing that at least three days a week (his days off) cuz for some reason this pool closes at 6:30, so hard to do it on work nights.

I'm hoping if we can do it Fri, Sat, Sun every week for the next 4 weeks, then when school is out, maybe I can move a bit better, and maybe my aunt can start taking me and I can do a few more days a week.

Okay, well...since things have been real busy, and honestly people....I'm trying to work on myself a bit so that I stay among the living and not in a wheelchair. So...I might only be posting once or twice a week. I hope you all understand.

Have a great Monday all!!!!


Hammer said...

Keep taking care of yourself. The pool sounds like a great idea.

Olly said...

Stick with it! You can do it!

coffeypot said...

Post when you can, hon.

Biddie said...

Good for you! Working out in the pool just seems like more fun when you are doing it, plus it's so much easier on your joints. AND, you'll get a tan.
I'm glad that everyone is feeling better. Nothing worse than having a whole house full of sick people.

~Just me again~ said...

Glad you're going to use the pool. You're gonna feel great!!

Don't worry, we'll be here for you! Can't get rid of us that easy ;)

Christine said...

Aquatic exercises are great for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Glad you got permission to use the pool. Seems to me as a guest of a residence, it wouldn't be up for discussion.

~SugarBear~ said...

Taking care of you so you can take care of your family is important. Pool sounds like fun with summer coming. Get fit & keep cool - good idea.

Libby said...

burfica--this pool is going to be GREAT for you to exercise in!! now, just make sure you go every time you get a chance, don't be like me & skip it "cuz i don't feel like it today"...;-)