Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crazy Days

Wow, what a crazy couple of months. I barely had time to breath. hehehe

Hubby had his surgery and recovered nicely in a couple weeks and went back to work. He is calling his doctor a miracle worker.

Kiddo started high school. I about died, my kid, in high school!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

Took a few days to get leveled out with that.

Captain Daddy had some not great news from the docs. His blood work was showing kidney damage. to a bunch more doctors, and tweeking of meds.

Kiddo joined the computer club, and works some of the sporting events concession stands. That's pretty cool I guess. He's never done anything socially with middle school, so I hope he gets into some extra stuff with high school. I always enjoyed it.

I ended up falling again. Messed myself up some. Getting the help and getting up seems to have damaged me more than just the fall did. Good grief. But I seem to be almost completely back to normal (as if I ever was normal)

The hospital where Gigantor had his surgery, apparently wasn't happy with me making a payment to them every month, and decided they wanted all their money at once. Yup, I laughed at them. So...they turned me into collection, which is now accepting my payments every month. sheeesssshhhh

The cat ended up getting pretty sick. He stopped eating and lost a bunch of weight (he's 10 years old) Took him to the vet, and they determined it was pancreatitus. He got an antibiotic shot, and some lowfat food. (a dollar for each small can of food) costing us a total of 207 dollars for that visit. Thank god captain daddy helped us out with that.

Last year out heater kept going out. We needed a new one but had/have no money. We kept trying to repair it, and it kept breaking down. We ended up using space heaters, to the unbelievable cost of 5 to 6 hundred dollar a month electric bills. That almost killed us, we have never paid over 225 a month. Finally now that it's getting ready to cool down some, we actually took a loan out against Gigantors TSP account (thrift savings plan through work) The payments will only be 19 dollars a pay period. So...not bad, and we now have a heater on order.

Anyhow that is the highlights of what's been going on, a bunch of little stuff added to all that. hahaha

Off now to read other blogs. I haven't even had time to do that.

Monday, August 23, 2010





Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry Haven't Posted

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. We have been darn busy. Lots of doctor appointments. Chiropractor for me and hubby. Doctor for Captain Daddy. We had to go to Kanab (couple hours north) for a post op appointment for Gigantor, and I have a doctors appt tomorrow.

Gigantor is doing great, he is released for work on Monday. He is happy, he has been going stir crazy. I've enjoyed it, but I understand him wanting to get back to work.

The doc did say that hubby's cartilage was very very soft, so he now has to be on Glucosamine/Chondroitin like I am. He was ticked, cuz he's never had to take any kind of medicine or pills on a daily basis before. But oh well he will get over it.

We have been driving Captain Daddy around. His vehicle is in the shop. He got in a little accident the first part of July.

I'm very sad that school starts in a week. Can you believe that Kiddo is going to be in high school??? Now that depresses me. uggghhh

Well just wanted to let you know I was still here, not left yet.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boring Thursday

Can you believe that possition??? that is one of her favorite ways to sleep. Either on her back like that, or with her butt up on your leg, so her ass is in the air. Goofy ass dog.

Not much going on today. Gigantor and I stayed up way late/early last night, just talking. It was nice, but we didn't go to sleep till 3. Then we both got up before 8. Uggghhhh

He had my dad take him to the chiropractor to get his knee taped with the kenesio taping. it helps with the swelling.

We ate some lunch and I watched him sleep on the couch. Then we put in a dvd dad loaned us. It was a show on PBS called Carrier. It's about the lives on the air craft carrier the Nemits. It is 10 hour long shows. We got to number 3, and it was my turn to fall asleep on the couch.

I woke up with a start, to what I thought was my son screaming. OH FUCK!!!! And then my husband yelling. Well...come to find out he didn't scream that, what he screamed was OH BUG and my husband was yelling because. Kiddo was doing the dishes, up to his elbows in dish water, and this giant beetle came screaming out of the water and up his arm. Kiddo screamed OH BUG and started flailing around the kitchen like a mad man, and soapy water went every bunny humping where.

It was pretty funny though.

Had kiddo help us make the stuff for taco's and had them for dinner. Then just been dinking on line here. I do need to go to bed, my head hurts and tummy is upset from being so tired.

Till tomorrow people!!! Have a great Friday!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

That's my Puddles

This is Puddles. She is a pure bred mini daschound. Her color is called Brindle Piebald. her brown has black striped in it for the brindle, and the white with spots is the piebald color.

Last summer I reconnected with a guy I used to go to school with. We were pretty good friends. He remembered Gigantor even. Him and his wife have a few mini weinies, and once in a while they let them breed, then sell the puppies. Just get a bit more money. He posted the baby pics up on facebook and I started teasing with him.
Me--If you ever have a runt you can't get rid of remember me.
Him--You would want a puppy??
Me--Who doesn't want puppies??
(Gigantor and I always said we would never have another puppy, we were beyond that, and would only adopt older dogs)
Him--Well which one is your favorite.
(well I picked a couple, one that looked alot like Puddles that was already sold, and then Puddles)
Him--do you think your husband can drive to Flagstaff to meet me and my wife.
Me--um sure.
That weekend, hubby and Captain daddy drove to Flagstaff.
my friend asked Gigantor for a penny, he gave it to him, he then passed over Puddles with her papers, and some puppy food. Then tried to give Hubby a 2nd puppy that we could sell so we could pay to get our suburban fixed. We refused cuz I knew I would fall in love and never sell the darn thing. hehehehe

That is how we got Puddles last September. She turned 1 in June.

We didn't realize we were missing something in our lives until we got her. She is something else. We named her Puddles cuz it looks like she ran through a mud puddle and splashed mud all over herself. Then we found out her love of water. She jumps in the tub at least 5 times a day to play. She puts both front feet in the dog drinking water to get a drink, and if she's hot, she does that then digs in the water, so it splashes all over the place. When kiddo was changing the dog water outside and made some mud with the hose and all, we found out her love for mud too. Those times her name becomes Muddles. hehehehe

Her and Foxy get along darn good and play even. But her best friend, oh my gosh. Skinny K's mom has a red/brown mini weinie dog named Cephus. he is 6 months older than her, and when I go over there I take the two babies (Puddles and Foxy) and when she comes over here she brings Cephus. Those two (Puddles and Cephus) just love each other, they are the best of friends.

Well I have probably bored you enough with my baby talk. hehehehe

I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ouch yaaaawwwwnnn Ouch!!!

Can you believe I'm back two days in a row??? hahahhaa

Anyhow, what a miserable night last night. Gigantor could not get comfortable. On his back, on each side, with lots of ouch and oh shits in there. Pillow under the leg, pillow not under the leg, half sitting up, laying flat. When he fidgets like that I don't sleep, plus I was worried about him.

I did notice he was sleeping soundly this morning, and I looked over at him, and he was face down. His head was not turned to the side, it was straight into the bed. It was the worst possible position for his knee, but the only one he could get comfortable in.

Puddles (that is our puppy that we got last september) she is a brindle piebald mini wienie dog. Yup she is a character. I will see if I can remember how to load pictures on here and load one of her.

Anyhow, Puddles is like a big daddy's dog. She loves me and Kiddo, but she really loves her daddy. And she just worry warted him to death. Yesterday wouldn't leave his side. Last night after she stopped worrying all over him, she proceeded to try and push me out of bed so she could be the one to sleep with him. Today she has followed his every movement, not leaving him for a fraction of an inch all day.

I used to talk about our big white pointer, Buster, well poor Buster had to go be with Buck and grandma. He was 15 and it was only 2 weeks after we got the puppy. I sure do miss him though.

Well I have been working at reading you all. Hope to see you all drop by soon.

I'm out of here to go to bed. meds have kicked in and I'm feeling real happy and tired. hehehehe

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Shit Don't Faint!!!

Yes it really is me. I know you can't believe it. heheheh

I said I was going to take last summer off. Well things got away from me. I really did have to concentrate about me. I'm still having to do that a bit. But I think things are getting better.

Quick, and short run down.

Last summer, went to three funerals, got tired of people dying.
Went to our 20 year class reunion. I was always an outcast/nerd in school. I sat at the table with all the rest from that "click" and guess who had the rowdiest and funnest table around? Everyone laughing and having a good time. Yup it was our table. Pissed off the "popular" group that still hasn't let go of high school. I loved every minute of it.

I did water aerobics all dam summer last year. Worked my butt off, didn't lose a dam pound. Didn't even seem to tone up. It was so depressing, I could barely stand it.

Our suburban broke down, got it running again, but no a/c, and it was jerking all over the place. We poured over 500 bucks into the dam thing. This spring a guy from work got it to quit jerking, but we still have no a/c. In Arizona, IN THE SUMMER!!!! I try not to go anywhere till the sun goes down.

In Sept, we signed up with a debt settlement group. We were and still are just drowning. Hopefully in another year I can actually pay groceries and pay bills.

My sister if you remember her, she came out for Thanksgiving. It was kinda bittersweet. First holiday she spent with us since mom died. And then in January her divorce was final, and she moved into a house of her own. I'm not gonna say much more, not my place, hers if she comes back.

I struggled all through the winter with my health. I continued to see the doc every month. In March and April we started getting info from the insurance so I could move forward with lap band or gastric bypass (need lots of other stuff first) But....

In Feb, Gigantor's knee started hurting him way worse than it ever had. We put my surgery on hold, because he is the mobile one, the one working and taking care of this family. We started concentrating on his knee.

Just this morning my giant hubby went in for surgery. He is home and doing much better. He had a very HUGE tear in his meniscus. They sent home pictures of it, and ick. Poor baby.

My son graduated from 8th grade in May. Yup he is going to be in highschool this August. He has been a big help with me and now with gigantor being all crippled up.

He actually got a job this summer. He was/is working at his uncles taxedermy shop. Some people think ick, but we all think it's pretty cool, and what a neat skill to learn. Maybe he can stuff Captain Daddy when it's his time. hahahaha (sorry family joke)

Okay, I'm going to go, see if anyone drops by. I will try to get back at this. I'm slowly reading on some of you and commenting. Seems I have a lot of blogs to erase, cuz people have disappeared.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Need a Break

Wow it's been almost a month. I'm so sorry about that.

I think I'm gonna take a break from the blog for the summer. I hope you all will keep checking in, and know that I will be back.

I have been so very busy. I've been working hard on getting things going to work on my health.

The meds are starting to work pretty good. Seems we have gotten ahead of most of the pain and the cymbalta is doing wonders. I am loving life, which is good, cuz I didn't care if I ever saw daylight again some days.

Gigantor has been praising me a bunch. Just the other day he told me that I did more in the past three weeks than I did in the past 8 months. I felt proud, that means things are moving along.

I have been hitting the pool 3 to 4 times a week, to do my water aerobic workout. It started out at about 20 minutes, went up to 30, and now I'm up to 35. I'm feeling great.

I'm mad this week though. Gigantor had training all week, has training for something else all weekend, and works regular next week. That means 11 days before I can get in the pool again, and I hope it doesn't set me way back, cuz I have been feeling tons better.

The walking isn't any easier yet, but I'm hoping that will come along.

I did end up getting the sleeves for the pneumatic pump I have for the lymphadema in my legs. That has been working pretty good too. Didn't take me long to get up to using them for an hour at a time.

I'm on facebook alot, so if any of you facebook let me know and I'll add ya or you add me or whatever.

My 20 year class reunion is in two weeks. We weren't gonna go, it was gonna be 125 bucks per person. I couldn't afford 250. Cuz Gigantor graduated same year. Well they lowered it to 25 dollars per person, because they only had 8 people sign up for it. So....we are gonna go.

Just know I hate leaving and not updating and reading all the time. But right now I have to be really selfish and get my health amoung other things in order. If I do that right, I haven't had the time to blog as I would like. So....I will try to pop in once in a while, but I am going to take most of this summer off.

I really do care about you all, and hope that everyone will stick with me, and I will be back, that's a promise.

Know I have an e-mail link on here, and like I said, I check into facebook alot. So....I hope to hear from you all, and I'll try to pop by your blogs every once in a while.

God Bless everyone.

I'll see you soon PROMISE!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh my gosh how busy

Holy guacamole what a busy weekend. First off let me thank you all for your birthday wishes for Kiddo. You all are great. hehehehe

Let me tell you a little something before talking about what all we did. I started having these more serious health problems the end of last summer. I make myself get out like once a week. Just walking, getting in and out of the vehicle, going in places, heck even sitting in the vehicle longer than 10 minutes kills me. So..I usually go one place, cuz getting in and out of the vehicle twice is about all I can take.

Well on Friday, I got up with Gigantor and Kiddo, and we had breakfast. I went with them, we dropped him off at school. Then delivered a check to electric, and water company, went to post office, went by true value, went down to the feed store to get dog food and they weren't open yet. So...went by captain Daddy's (he was gonna go to walmart with us) but we knocked and knocked and couldn't get him up. So...we delivered avon books off the hill, then went back and got dog food, went up to Safeway and gigantor ran in and got the stuff on the small list. Delivered avon books up town, then down the hill to Bashas, and he did another small list. By this time, my legs are screaming. Went back to daddy's to get him up. A big fat no go. So..went home and unloaded our groceries.

Gigantor went to get gas in his vehicle and to make sure daddy was up, and I started making calls to the ins. And what not, cuz they are jacking me around on the pump and sleeves for my legs. Anywhooo, he came back at a decent hour, and said that daddy would be up in a few and we go to walmart. So...we ate lunch and I called a friend to see if Kiddo could stay there. Then daddy got here, and we went to post office, to pick up my big avon order. Then down to walmart. I went inside and did the ridey cart thing. We went all over that dam store. Was getting him a couple more pressies, and Daddy hadn't gotten him any yet, so helped him pick a couple out.

Left walmart at 5:30. Went and got Kiddo and went the bank, then we had to come home and unload everything. Daddy bought us dinner, which was nice, cuz we were exhausted.

My aunt called me at 10 asking if it was to late to come over. I said "no you will help me stay awake) (cuz I had lots of shit to still do) So...we got some prep work done for the bbq. And me and Auntie wrapped pressies. She left at 1:30 in the morning, we went to bed.

Saturday, got up early and started right away. Made the big ass potato salad. Baked a cake, got baked beans started in the crock pot, cut up watermelon, pineapple, and some berries. Filled ice chest, Then after all that, we put most of the stuff out ready.

It was a great bbq, and we had tons of people we "liked" there. hahahahaha People didn't leave till 10:30. So...On sunday my goal was to sleep in. Well nobody wanted to let me do that. AFter I got my lovely flowers from the kid, and a couple movies fromt he hubs. I sat on the couch, we all ate lunch, and I fell asleep. I could not keep my eyes open. I finally got up and we had a very nice dinner.

I'm just tired as hell today, keep closing my eyes, and falling forward. uggghhhh

Okay I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009


Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!!! Happy 13th birthday to my baby. It took years to have him, and I'm so happy for him yet so upset that he is already a teenager. ahhhhhhhhhh



Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy sploding cats batman.

Man now it's been over a week since I posted. Please bear with me everyone.

I've been really bad at blogging and reading blogs here lately.

I've been really busy period. Yes everyone here got sick. Luckily I didn't get it real bad. And that's very unusual for me.

Kiddo and Gigantor had it bad. They had antibiotics for 5 days, but it took them both an additional week before they started feeling among the living again.

We have still been trying to settle things with dad's insurance, and I've been dealing with my medical insurance for a bunch of stuff.

It finally started warming up good. Jump started us to start getting more stuff done and try to get this yard all in order.

I also got access to the pool at my dad's campground. I've been trying to find access to a pool forever. I have taken so many years of water aerobics that I know most the dang exercises. And with my knees and back and just weight and breathing issues. All the combined heath issues. I'm sure it would be great for me.

Well....I got permission to use their pool. So....gigantor is gonna help me out and we are gonna be doing that at least three days a week (his days off) cuz for some reason this pool closes at 6:30, so hard to do it on work nights.

I'm hoping if we can do it Fri, Sat, Sun every week for the next 4 weeks, then when school is out, maybe I can move a bit better, and maybe my aunt can start taking me and I can do a few more days a week.

Okay, well...since things have been real busy, and honestly people....I'm trying to work on myself a bit so that I stay among the living and not in a wheelchair. So...I might only be posting once or twice a week. I hope you all understand.

Have a great Monday all!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long Time

I haven't posted in a long time. I appoligize for that. Been a busy and icky week. Kid called me from school on monday he was in so much pain.

Took him to the doctor, he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.

Lots of calls back and forth with dad's insurance and my insurance on a medical thing.

Friday, woke up coughing, Gigantor sick as a dog. Gigantor caught what kiddo had, and he refuses to go to the doctor, he might go tomorrow when he has to work a 10 hour day feeling like crap. hehehehehe

I am a bit snuffly, but I got that dam dry cough again. The one I had for 5 weeks straight last summer. I think I'm fighting it off, or at least I'm hoping.

But I'm very wary, cuz I have never not gotten sick when everyone else in the house is. I'm expecting to get it. And end up at the doctors again. ugggghhhh

Well...I'm gonna go, took some meds early and they are kicking in, so I want to go try to get some sleep.

Hope you all have a good monday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

16 Years Ago

Dear Husband,

16 years ago, on April 21st. I found myself in Norfolk Virginia visiting you. You were still in the Navy. You said again, you wanted to do it for the extra money and insurance, and we would do a formal one later.

In the bedroom of the rented run down house you shared with sometimes 2 and sometimes up to 7 other Navy guys, I got dressed in my new dress. It was white, both sleeves off the shoulder, it had huge colorful tropical flowers on it.

You got dressed in your dress blues. We asked for directions to the court house in Norfolk. No family, no nobody there, we were going to take a taxi.

When your three closest friends in the Navy surprised us. They were outside, all in their dress blues, waiting to take us in Pat's big purple clunker of a car. They drove us to the court house. Keith showed up with a small bunch of flowers, and handed them to me. I gave a shy smile. I had only met these three guys 4 days previous.

You and I went inside and filled out all the paperwork, and walked down a long hallway to a room. The Justice's name was Rufus. I will never forget the little short, very old, balding, thick glasses man that had a voice and demeanor of the kindest preacher.

Your three friends followed us in. Rufus said, I'm sorry, these rooms are so small only family can come in. At which point Rick said "We are their family, besides we are in the wedding party"

Rufus looked at us weird, you nodded and smiled. As we stood up in front of him, he asked if we had rings. I took off my engagement ring, because we hadn't even bought wedding rings yet. I handed it to you so you could put it back on my finger.

Rick announced that he was the best man, Keith announced he was the maid of honor and Pat announced that he was the flower girl. Rufus smiled and nodded with understanding.

We were both so nervous and sweating, he even gave us a couple nice bible verses. In all of 10 minutes it was over, and we had to finalize the paperwork. We were married. We had done it. We had completely pissed our families off too. It was hell on earth informing both of our families afterwords that we were married.

Yes I came home 5 days later, and continued to plan our "big" wedding. We had a proper preacher, the proper flower girl, and ring bearer, the white dress, the suit, the dinner and dancing after, as we renewed our vows.

But I will never ever forget, those three kind young men, that dressed up to the hilt, after just barely meeting me. That stated they were our family and in our wedding party. That took us out to eat later, and all went to sleep on the ship that night to give us the house to ourselves. We never asked them, they had huge hearts. They made April 21st very special for me and for you.

And even though it was hard to leave you, and the parents were very pissed off at us for a long time. I would still do it all over again in a heart beat.

My Dear Husband!!! I love you more today than yesterday! I still get a thrill and butterflies as you walk in the door after work every day!! I'm excited when you call me just because. Snuggling with you is still the best thing in the world.

I love the son you helped us get, that we struggled so hard for. I love how dedicated you were to the process. How much you supported me through everything, and how we have made the most beautiful and most loved creature on the planet.

I love how you have been my rock and stood by me through so much. It started with the death of my two best friends Star and Buck. It went through three surgeries, tons of infertility, losing a job, losing some friends, losing my sister to another state, and finally losing my mom. You have never been more strong than when I have needed you. You have been strong enough to take care of me, and make the boogey man go away, and gentle enough to hold me and sob with me when I'm at my lowest. You have given me the privilege to be with you on your hard times. Finding out horrid things from the past, and still standing strong at your side, being with you through two surgeries and one air evac out of town.

And now you stand by me and help me and love me through all this I'm going through now. You have made arrangements to help or find help for me when I need it. You've taken over alot of the physical burden, and you still love and long for me. It can not make a woman feel more special or more loved than when their husband, lusts after them at their complete lowest.

I'm looking forward to another 16 years, and hope I still remember Rufus, Rick, Keith and Pat. They will forever be locked away in a special place in my heart. A place that sealed us onto this path of walking together through all of lifes obsticals. And yes in our case it's more like riding crazy rapids on a shit river. But it's been one hell of a ride, and full of love and laughter. I don't think I could ask for a better man.

And until god creates a man that doesn't fart and laugh about it, or that it doesn't smell bad enough to clear the room of even the animals, then I am convinced I have one of the few bestest estest men in the entire world.

I love you with everything I have, More than you will ever know, and always and forever!!!

Your Wife

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted!!!

Well I haven't posted all dang week. Haven't had anything to say. I'm so dam boring.

The temp major dropped here. It's fricken freezing again.

Kiddo was sick today, kept him home. He's gonna try to go to school tomorrow, cuz he wants to go play at Skinny K's.

I thought since I didn't have much to say, I would post two awards I got. The top one was from Dirty Laundry blog, and the bottom one was from Miranda's blog.

I don't like picking just 5 people to get awards, I really don't think that is fair when you think there is much more than 5 that are deserving.

So...the top one is for any mom out there that is like me. Loves laughing and having fun at your childs expense. hahahahaha My son is always good for a crack up. To him saying "oh yeah baby" at Alice on Twilight, to him saying "OMG MOM MY POOP IS BLUE!!!!"

Yup, he is good for tons of laughs.

The second award, I think if you read my blog and have stuck with me through all the shit through all the years, then you are very deserving. just click and capture that little baby and post it on your blog from little ole me. hehehehe

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be checking in.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Busy and More Busy

Oh man what a busy 3 days, well 5 days for me. I am so sore today, so very very sore, and hurting.

I'm used to going out and about a day or maybe two a week. I went out and did lots of physical things for the past 5 days. Now I'm hurting. lol

Few things that happened in last 5 days. 2 doctor stuff for trailer for dad....getting his trailer re set up back on the pad....going to three stores....getting avon in....class for the boys....going to the movie....paying the house.....Kiddo's friend spending a night.....Big ass easter dinner on Sunday. I'm so tired, and sore.

We had a great easter, I hope you all did.

We watched some movies this weekend again. Went to Race to Witch Mountain. Oh my gosh it was soooooooo good!!!!!

We then watched a movie from netflix. Babylon A.D. With Vin Diesel. It was okay but not what we were expecting.

Then Kiddo got three movies for Easter. He got Tales of Desperoux (spelling) The Day the Earth Stood Still and Bedtime Stories. We watched Bedtime Stories last night. That was a very very good movie!!!!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a great Monday, and I'll be checking in soon.