Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry Haven't Posted

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. We have been darn busy. Lots of doctor appointments. Chiropractor for me and hubby. Doctor for Captain Daddy. We had to go to Kanab (couple hours north) for a post op appointment for Gigantor, and I have a doctors appt tomorrow.

Gigantor is doing great, he is released for work on Monday. He is happy, he has been going stir crazy. I've enjoyed it, but I understand him wanting to get back to work.

The doc did say that hubby's cartilage was very very soft, so he now has to be on Glucosamine/Chondroitin like I am. He was ticked, cuz he's never had to take any kind of medicine or pills on a daily basis before. But oh well he will get over it.

We have been driving Captain Daddy around. His vehicle is in the shop. He got in a little accident the first part of July.

I'm very sad that school starts in a week. Can you believe that Kiddo is going to be in high school??? Now that depresses me. uggghhh

Well just wanted to let you know I was still here, not left yet.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!


Rhiannon said...

hi there my starts that early there hey? Son going to be in happens fast.!

Good to have you drop by my blog..Kerry is back in the blog world again..I'm still staying in touch with her..she moved back to her home town I think with her girls.

Me, I'm living in poverty got an apartment from being on a county housing authority...had to wait over a year to finally get the call I got a's been a rough life last few years but I luckily did not end up homeless in the street..thanks to a lovely family that are just like a "real" family to me more than my own are! They literally saved me from the streets..then their son (a missionary) was killed in a terrible car accident in Africa and I was so glad I was able to be there for them and also save their dying cat...

Well, as you can see it's been a really difficult but interesting road of late.

My sister who I haven't seen in over 6 years has come to my town to live..she had no where to go either and I got her on housing list and through some miracle they had a small studio apartment right away for her. So hope our "sisterhood" will come back in time..we've not gotten along and so much "stuff" has happened between us but now things are changing and I am helping her get the help and therapy she is badly needing.

All for now...aren't you glad? Hot out there too huh? Very hot here too unusually so...I'm on the 3rd floor and I love the view..

Love and blessings and peace for this world,


MomThatsNuts said...

I refuse to believe that Kiddo is in high school. I think your a HOLY COW did that happen????

Jules said...

School starts there in just a week? Wow, I feel so grateful for the time I still have left with N8.

I'm not sure how Kiddo grew up to be high school age already. Holy hannah. Wish him well!!!

I I hope all the appointments go well, Estee!!

Muhd Imran said...

Now I feel even more terrible because I have left the blogosphere for about a month and intermittently updating mine since it was "reignited."

Hope you guys are doing even better as the days come.

I have my Sonny going to high school and sometimes miss having him still tiny and asking me cute stuff.

Nowadays, he tells me stuff I feel too deep to comprehend, especially about computers and IT, so I just leave it at that.

They grow up too fast. I can't believe I said that because I heard it once or twice before from my Mom, long, long time ago.

We lost that naive little boy but gained a well informed and responsible young man. We love him all the same if not more.

Have a great summer!

CrystalChick said...

My son will be a senior this year and my daughter is getting married. When did they get old enough to do all that???

Since I see you at FB, I'm not missing too many posts here, but since I'm back to a little blogging now and then I thought I'd stop here for a visit too!

Biddie said...

Highschool already..The next few years will fly by.
Jessica goes back in a couple of weeks and she will be in grade 11.

~Just me again~ said...

High School, seems like just yesterday he was in grade 4....sighs.