Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanks you's Thank you's

First of all I wanna thank everyone for their support and worrying about me and Alekx. We talked, we are fine. I'm a bonehead, but we are fine. Nothing more about that, cuz that's private family stuffs.

But I do have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jules for giving me this!!!

Jules is an amazing person. I've been very blessed to meet her on the internet, and have her in my life. Love ya Jules.

With saying that I am supposed to pass this on. I would love to pass it to everyone I read, cuz I adore you all, but I have to pick a few. So...gonna give it my best shot.

First and foremost, I wanna give it to

Alekx --- not only is she my sister, but my bestest friend!!! I love her more than anything, and she can be pretty darn friendly to everyone else in the word too. (cept for one certain person *cough cough*)

next is

Canadian Flake --- She is an amazing woman, and has been a wonderful friend. She has supported me through so much and I try to return the favor. I think everyone should have a friend as good as her.

third is

Libby ---I had seen Libby around blog world for a while, but just started reading her in the past months. Then her and I got to im ing and she is an amazing person, and I'm honored to call her friend.


Cookie Monster -- Many people don't know about cookie, but he is wonderful. Him and I also started talking on msn. And he is a great guy. He has the HUGEST heart. I adore cookies...and cookie monster. hehehehe

5th and lastly (wish it could be more)

Miranda and Susan --- I have been a bud of Miranda's for quite some time. I'm just now getting to know Susan, but I think we have similar snarkiness. hehehe

If I didn't pick you, please don't take it personal, I wanted to give it to everyone. I love and adore all my blogger buds. You all are great!!!! I couldn't make it through some days without you all!!!

Now I'm off to enjoy the rain, and go to bed and hopefully sleep in tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I just wanna apologize to my sister. Apparently when I said she used to say some things like that that irritated me (in the last post) I guess I upset her or made her mad.

I didn't mean to do that, cuz she hasn't done that in a long time. I was just so ticked at my mother in law for doing that shit all the dam time. That I vented hard.

I know I upset her too, cuz she always ALWAYS calls me on her way to work, and she didn't.


on a couple side notes. My father in law was at the dinner thing at the sister in laws. And he told us how he jumped all over Kiddo's shit back on thanksgiving. But kiddo didn't tell us he did. FIL jumped on him for getting something to eat at the house we were at, said he didn't ask. Gigantor said, Oh YES HE DID. FIL goes, Oh I didn't realize that. At which point I expected Gigantor to say, well you should check first, and don't yell at our kid about stuff till you know the facts, it's not your place. But Gigantor caved. That old fuck still intimidates him from all the years he beat him. Gigantor could kill this man with one punch now. grrrrrrrrrrr stupid ass in laws.

Of course a dinner with 20 people there, and they didn't have one single drink. That didn't surprise me. They didn't even have enough food, as usual.

Oh and on that last post. I meant pea salad not pee salad. hehehehehe

Hope you all have a better Thursday than I will. I'll be flipping out all day that I upset my sister to the point of her not calling me.


Brain Scramble

I have total brain scramble today. I'm having a hard time keeping track of anything, and my thoughts are all over.

Oh well...I guess we all have those days.

I have an Avon pot luck next week. I dunno what I wanna take. Pasta salad, or pee salad, or what. Suggestions people!!!! Nothing to hard.

My husband told his sister we would come out for a bbq tonight. Her 13 year olds birthday. I have no money to put in a card and no money for a gift. grrrrrr I have 13 bucks till the 8th. And I need medicine so guess where that 13 is going? hehehehe Oh well....I told him I wanna show up, eat and leave. That's what alot of his family does, we are usually last out, cuz we visit and help clean up. Not this time, wanna eat and leave.

I'm really irritated at my mother in law. My sister has a tendency to do the same thing, but she hasn't I'm not irritated with her at the moment. But...when I tell my MIL that my son is sick, she says things like "again??" and "he's sick all the dam time" and "he's sick more often than any kid I know" Well...this got pissing me off. So...I started marking it on the calendar when he was sick. When this time my MIL started in. I whipped out the calendar. I showed her that the last time he was sick was IN JANUARY OF LAST YEAR!!!!! And that most kids, in a school environment, get sick 3 or 4 times a year, and MY SON WAS HEALTHIER THAN MOST KIDS, SO GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK AND SHUSHHHHHHHHHH. She didn't listen, she heard only what she wanted. I'm gonna start marking down when he's sick now and when she is, or anyone else that says stuff like that, then I'm gonna send them a tally at the end of the year. hehehehe

I'm hungry and don't know what I want to eat right now. I have a choice between peanut butter and jelly, and.....well yeah peanut butter and jelly. hehehehehe

I think I'm gonna go make some lunch and see what trouble I can get into today.

Have a good Hump Day all!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Better today

I'm doing much better today. They guys both apologized, and acted much better. They were even helpful (insert gasp here)

Yesterday I was busy as hell. I paid a shit load of bills, and I stamped all my avon books. I started addressing some christmas cards. That doesn't sound like a big event, but it is. I address them all, then I go back and make out the out of country one's, then out of town, then in town. I make out a good 80 or more cards a year. So...yeah it's a big thing. I'm about half way through the address book.

Then my avon came in. It was supposed to be in last friday, so I had alot of ladies calling, mad cuz they didn't have their shit.

I did all my avon, got it in bags, went and got the kid at computer club. Then Gigantor came home and we went out delivering books and avon.

I did get my candles from the candle party in. Whooooohooooo now my house will stink purty.

It's finally cooled down here. We have had temps that were 15 to 20 degrees above normal. But BAM now we are below freezing and barely get up in the 40's during the day, which is more like the weather for this time of year.

Anybody sick of turkey yet?? Amazingly, Gigantor and I are not. We had 4 different thanksgiving dinners, and then leftovers here for a couple days. Now I barely have enough left for a couple sandwiches and we are sad. Oh well, my candied yams, and carrot raisin salad ran out long ago.

I love that carrot raisin salad!! I eat so much of it, that is all I poop for days. shredded carrot and raisins. They don't even digest, cuz I eat so much. hehehehe I know I know TMI Deal with it people!!!

Okay I'm off to drink coffee, eat popcorn and read blogs.

Have a good Tuesday all!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Red cuz I'm angry today.

Why do 11 year old little boys have to turn into the mouthiest and biggest back talking brats????

Why do husbands have to egg on the boys, and then be just as mouthy and back talking????

I'm gonna kill the whole lot of them I tell ya.

Have a good start to your Monday all!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

That Effing Bird!!!!

Today had a couple, well a few mishaps. Got up and made a couple more pies. Made one of the salads. Realized Gigantor didn't get some stuff down I asked him repeatedly. Had to send Kiddo hiking up the counters into cupboards to get them.

Went to make the other salad, the poofoo. Now poofoo is a tub of whip cream, mixed with a box of cherry jello powder, then mixed with a tub of cottage cheese, then a can of pineapple chunks drained. Kiddo is helping me make it, and he tears open the cottage cheese and I YANK HIM AWAY RIGHT AS HE GOES TO DUMP IT!!!! There is all sorts of green shit in the cottage cheese. GREEN SHIIIIITTTTTT!!!! I got looking closer and Gigantor had gotten me cottage cheese with chives. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

When your making the poofoo, the jello powder sets up, so you gotta get it all mixed in and in the fridge at a good pace. Yup it was all set up by the time I got the other cottage cheese. I was able to smooth it out and finish it up. But dam that was close. I don't think chives and cherry go together. hehehehe

Then Gigantor was either supposed to be off work, or take a break and help me get the turkey in. At 1. not 1:15 not 1:16 but at 1. That way at the very latest we would be eating at 6.

That man yelled at me. Oh yes and he paid dearly for that, and he got the bird in at 2.

At 5 this evening here is our conversation.

Me--is it done?
M--did you check?
G--yes the thingie isn't popped up
M--did you check the leg??
G--no!! the fucking thingie isn't popped up.
M--Don't fucking cuss at me, wiggle the fucking leg, see if it's fucking done, cuz the fucking poppie thingie might be fucking broke.
G--No I don't wanna, the red thingie isn't popped out.

at this time I get up grumbling that I will check the fucking leg. Some pushing insues, some more, get the hell out of my ways, some slamming of the oven, and an entire can of yam juice exploding on the floor, then massive laughing.

Me--Just check the bitches leg, what the hell is your problem??

He grumbles about how he's not gonna check the leg cuz the red poppie thingie isn't popped out yet, then he proceedes to open the oven every 5 flipping minutes to check it. Letting the heat out.

Me--shut that god dam oven, for piss sake are you a dumb ass by choice or birth??
G--Well I'm waiting
M--your letting the heat out, it's gonna take longer, it's already fricken 6!!!
M--take it out and put tin foil over it the thingie might pop up cuz sometimes they are broke or retarded.
G--god woman I'll check the fucking leg!!!

He opens the oven and wiggles the leg, and it's so done and so tender that the leg just comes off. Yup, slides right off, and meat starts falling off the bone.

Me--she you dip shit!!!! See!!!! I fucking told you!!!! We could be eating right now!!!! My father and son, and myself are all starving to death!!!!!
G--for god sake the thingie isn't popped out!!!!!

and he puts it back in the oven


I take it out and throw tin foil over it, and we make the gravy. I take the tin foil off and scream.


Yup that bird made us insane today. We didn't eat till almost 7 fricken thirty. But it was so good, and we all really obscenely stuffed ourselves. We hadn't done that at any of the other dinners, but this one we did. I'm gonna go waddle to bed I think, and try to fall asleep.

It's a good kind of miserable though.

Hope you all had a great Friday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

2 down 2 to go.

Well two dinners down, and two to go.

On Wednesday we went to my friends (the one that lost her dad) They did a big dinner. Couple things I wasn't used too. They had no cold side dishes (but I did take a carrot raisin salad), And the stuffing was way way wet, like you easterners do it. Us westerners make a rather dry stuffing. But it was still good. But no deviled eggs. What kind of holiday meal has no deviled eggs???

Tonight we went to my husbands, sisters, husbands parents house. pant pant, that was a mouth full. There was about 20 of us, from their family and my our side there. It was pretty nice though. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed taters, candied yams, rolls, fruit salad, deviled eggs, about 15 veggie trays, and then the pies. I made a pumpkin and a cream cheese pie. And they had a chocolate pie, coconut cream, apple and mincemeat. Plus they had tons of candies and fruit out everywhere. Now that is a family that knows how to cook for a crowd. Also they had plenty of drinks for everyone. I got to Gigantors families get togethers, and there is 20 to 30 people and no drinks. EVER. I've never had a function at my in laws where they have had drinks.

Tomorrow I am making a small turkey, small carrot raisin salad, small poofoo, small candied yams, some rolls, small plate of deviled eggs, and pies. Just for us and Captain Daddy. That way we have a few leftovers.

Saturday my aunt and uncle want us over, they will have my cousin and her husband, and my aunts parents and brother, and Captain Daddy. They asked me to bring mashed potatoes, and poofoo, so I will make big batches of those. I asked about candied yams and they weren't gonna have any, so I said I would bring some, and again, everyone forgot deviled eggs, so I will take a couple or three dozen of those.

All in all, it's been a great thanksgiving weekend so far. Haven't gotten to depressed about missing mom, and I thought it would be real bad with what happened last week.

And I have a that fricken sinus infection, and I had to take Kiddo to the doctor yesterday, he has one also. grrrrrrrrrr

I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving.

Have a good Friday all!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

If I could make a sick face it would go here.....

That's right, I'm sick. I started feeling a bit icky the day before the memorial, and by Sunday I was pretty sick. I went to the doctor this afternoon. Yup...another sinus infection. I got some heavy antibiotics. I hope it really starts kicking in by Wednesday.

The memorial went okay, I think it helped them to hear from some of his friends. I even got up and told a little story that I remembered. Everyone said I did a great job on the food. We didn't get home till about 1 or 2 and then I crashed on the couch till almost 6.

We have four fricken thanksgivings to do. hehehehe My friend really wants us to eat with them and really wants my dad there. So...they are doing there's on Wednesday. So...we are going over there. Thursday, we are having dinner with Gigantor's parents. (blech) Friday we are doing a small dinner here. And Saturday we are doing a dinner with my aunt and uncle. gahhhhhhhhh What a busy week again... I think I need more drugs. hehehehe

I'm gonna try and catch up with everyone soon.

I do have one thing to ask. I start making out my Christmas cards on Thanksgiving holiday. I have a few people's address. Like Jules, Flake, Cookie, Phoenix, Aza, Miranda....I would love to send you a card if you would like to lend your addy. I will send mine to whoever wants too. I will NOT give out your addy to anyone else, and I will NOT stalk you unless you ask really nice. hehehehe

If anyone would love a christmas card from little old (ha ha @ little) me, then please send your addy to my e-mail, I'll delete it as soon as I use it, and not send it to anyone else. addy is

I'm gonna go take some more drugs and go to bed. My head hurts. Hope you all have had an okay week, weekend, and good Monday.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Home Stretch and Thanks

Oh everyone, I can't thank you enough!!! I can't, your words were so kind and touching. I think we are in the home stretch of dealing with the funeral kind of stuff. Then it's going through his things, and legal matters, which I can't help with to much. I'll still be there for support though.

Wednesday was a living, walking nightmare. There was lots of crying, there was her talking about finding him, talking about it A LOT!! Then there came the major break down. She started screaming, and yelling she wanted to go home, she hated everyone that was making her stay, she hated the place, she hated her family. It's just an emotion she had to get out, she broke down hard after that, and all we could do was hold her. Her brother held her and cried with her. Then later her brother held on to me and cried and cried, and begged for strength.

I was so exhausted on Wed night, I didn't know how I would make it. But Thursday I got back over there, and was with them when they met with the minister. They needed mine and D (yup our friend D, he is their friend also) to be a presence. They decided on a memorial time. Saturday at 10 in the morning.

Today, she sounded tons better. I didn't go over till the afternoon, they wanted to rest in the morning. Good thing too, the neighbor lady brought her cleaning lady over and they attacked the house. (her dad had it in such a major mess, and she felt so over whelmed)

I picked up her 5 year old, and took off with him. (they had to meet with the lawyer about the will) We went and got Gigantor, picked up Kiddo, went and got milkshakes and tater tots, went to the post office, then went to the grocery store. I got a couple very masculine looking set of flowers. I got daisy's that are a brownish orange in the middle and yellow on the outsides of the petals, and I got some mums that are yellow in the middle and brownish orange on the outsides. I'm gonna put them up by the food tables.

Found out that she wanted a luncheon. Pastor only wanted to have deserts. I was determined to make her happy. I took charge of the food. I put the word out for food, I bought stuff for 5 dishes. Yup I said 5. gaaaahhhh

I have little smokies (smoked cocktail sausages.) in the crock pot covered in bbq sauce, a pasta salad, that has the multi colored pasta cork screws, with onion, olive and red pepper and ham (usually it's cheese, but she's lactose intolerant) so ham and a raspberry vinagrette. I also have two platters full of a variety of cookies, and two platters full of some fruit, slicked oranges, honeydew, pineapple, and grapes, and two trays with crackers on them, and one big tray with cheese and meat. We also got the local water guy to donate two big 5 gallon bottles and a table top dispenser, and we got a drink dispenser, and some punch concentrate.

I took her little one back and went and picked up paper plates, cups, napkins. D came over and started helping me with food stuff, as I was cutting up, he was putting foil on about every disposable platter and cookie sheet I own. Gigantor still wasn't home from work. We scarffed some sandwiches down. When gigantor got here, I had finished cutting everything for the pasta salad, and I had started arranging the crackers on the platters. I arranged the cookies. D was on covering duty. We cut up the fruit, and mixed the pasta salad.

Finally 11 at night we are done with that, and Kiddo is tucked in bed. Gigantor just now headed to the store to get the flatwear we need and the punch concentrate. He then has to load all the non perishables in the suburban. Water, dispensers, extension cords, duct tape, scissors, all sorts of stuff. Because Gigantor has to work tomorrow morning, he goes in about 5 and hope he is gonna get off by 9. D is gonna come over about 8 and help me finish loading up. We are leaving here 8:30 gonna be up to the church by 9 to set up tables and food.

I am so fricken tired, but I wouldn't be anywhere else but helping my friend. Once you are my friend, you are stuck with me. hehehehe so feel warned people.

OOO update, Gigantor called from the store, they have no concentrate for punch. I'm gonna have to pack gallon jugs of juice. I think I will add some lemon lime soda, that would taste good.

Okay well it's gonna be between midnight and 1 before I can get in bed, and I need to get up by 7 at the very latest so I can put on some nice clothes and makeup.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and please continue to keep that family in your prayers, it's still gonna be real hard, especially tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prayers Please

I might not be on blogs for a while. I won't be able to read or post.

I got a call this morning from one of my old school best friends. Well her husband called. Her and I are still friends. She was in town taking care of her father after he had a shunt put in. He is a sick man, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and now the shunt put in.

Well her husband called me to tell me that her father shot and killed himself last night.

Apparently my friend and her 2 year old were still here taking care of him. Her husband and 5 year old had gone back home to get back to school (he's a teacher) And she couldn't find her dad yesterday afternoon. She had the entire neighborhood out looking for him.

Finally about 6 last night, she called the police. They came and said, well lets search the back yard again. (thinking maybe he fell and knocked himself unconscious where they couldn't see) So they are going through the back yard. And my friend goes--That garden shed shouldn't be open, I locked it. And before the officer could get there, she had stepped over and opened it up. With her 2 year old in her arms.

And her father was in there.

I spent the entire day over there. I had Gigantor clean up the shed. The police said the family had to do it. Gigantor was on the fire dept and an E.M.T. for years, that was his job. So...I had him go take care of it.

We got home late tonight, and I am thinking I will be up there each day. Making sure if they need anything, helping where I can. Making sure her and the kids eat. Her husband and her brother have been running all over taking care of things, so someone needs to take care of her.

I hope to be back soon, with more gooder news.

Please keep her and her brother in your prayers. They are not doing good at all, they are really in a bad place emotionally right now.

Thank you everyone, you all are great.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Luck still there

Remember the charity dinner I went to, and won all that shit??? Well I guess my good luck is holding.

My sister in law held a candle party last night. I went of course. Her and my niece had given me a 20 dollar gift certificate back on my birthday. So...I wanted to use that. The candles are a bit expensive, but OMG they smell soooo good.

It's called Gold Canyon candles. They are a company here from Arizona. Last few candles I got, I burned them down till the wicks disappeared, then I put them on a candle warmer thing. And got another 3 to 6 weeks worth of scent out of that tiny bit of wax. So...i think I got my moneys worth.

Now they had this cute door prize for whoever spent the most at the party. Some of they ladies there I recognized, and they had/have lots of money. I guess they only got one candle a piece or something, maybe two. Cuz they told me I spent the most.

I said, well use my total after you take the 20 off, so it's fair, and they said I still spent the most. hahahaha I only spent 30 bucks after the 20 was off, but ordered me 4 candles. whooohooo

So...I got this really cute snowman thing. Then I told them I would hold a party also. So I got a little bag, and it had a reindeer thing in it. And I collect reindeer. whooohooooo lol

The big highlight of the evening. Is how stupid and insensitive my brother in law can be. He does taxidermy. That's making the deer heads and stuffed dead animals people. So...instead of waiting till all the ladies leave. He proceeds to start boiling heads. They have to boil them to get all the flesh and meat and stuff off of the skulls, so he can work with them.

So...yeah that was a great smell to walk through to get to our cars. Smelled just like the slaughter house I took a tour of when I was in 4-H when I was a kid.

Anyhow that was my exciting Monday. I would love that kind of luck with lottery tickets. hehehehe

Hope you all had a good Monday, and continue to have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Verterans Day

I just wanted to say GOD BLESS OUR VETERAN!!!!!! each and every one of them.

Yes my husband, father, and grandfathers are all veterans. So....maybe I'm a bit more passionate than some about this day.

I just want us all to think about them enlisting and even fighting for our country, our freedoms. For others that are being highly abused. It takes a special someone, and they all deserve our thanks, love and respect.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holy Hell, where did my Saturday go??

I'm wondering where exactly my Saturday went.

Yesterday I pick Kiddo up from school. Skinny K was gonna come over and play. They informed, not asked me that his birthday is Monday so he was staying the night. I would have gotten mad at them informing me. But Kiddo had asked him and he had already asked his mom. Who didn't know that I didn't know about it.

So...I bring him home. Now these two boys together are so dam hyper, like the cartoons of Daffy duck, when he would pogo stick around doing the whoohoo whoohoo whooohooo thing.

They were hyper and driving me nuts. I hadn't yelled that much in a very long time. So...I load them both up at about 6:30 and we go get Skinny K's clothes and sleeping bag, then we drove on down to Sonic and got some dinner.

We came home and ate, and they got a bit better. I was going to let them stay up till 10 or so, being the weekend. I was out here working on the computer and at about 9:20 Kiddo sneaks into the bathroom and puts on his lounge pants. Then they announce that they are going to bed.

Well I had to stay up and make sure I got the dogs out one more time. I let them back in about midnight, and the cat darts in. I try to get him out, and he keeps hiding from me. So I threatened that if he asked to go out before morning I would kill him.

Yup...between Kiddo sleep walking, and the fricken cat and the dogs, I didn't get all the way in bed and asleep till about 3 in the morning.

This morning when the boys got up I threatened them with death if they weren't quiet, cuz I needed some sleep. They played Risk in the living room, then they went out and played on the trampoline. Skinny K's mom called to say they would be over to pick him up. I hadn't even gotten my ass out of bed. It was only 9 so not so bad.

I got dressed, Kiddo and I ate some lunch, and watched Extreme Makeover home edition, and then I had to do my avon that came in night before. I just now got a break, and it's almost 4 in the afternoon. ahhhhhhh

We will see what happens tomorrow. If it's any quieter, or laid back.

Hope you all had a great Saturday.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Dang it is chilly this morning. I'm used to Gigantor getting up at 4 in the morning and turning the heat up. So it's not warm, but chill is cut out of the air when we get up. But we had to do it this morning. hehehehe

He did get out of here okay yesterday. He did forget to help me with one thing, and he didn't get the hand gun out for me. I'm gonna have to see if I can hike over his pile of junk to the gun cabinet and get it. He also forgot his hiking boots. Moron. lol He wanted to go buy the store and buy a whole nother pair.

I was irritated. His one pair is brand new. Not my fault he forgot them. I don't have money to go around blowing on his dam shoe habit (he's worse than a dam woman) He has like work boots, hiking boots, tennis shoes, taekwon do shoes, workout shoes, three pairs of cowboy boots, and two pairs of slippers. I have one pair of shoes I wear, (can't wear fancy sandals anymore with my leg issues) and I have two pair of slippers. That's it.

So he was mad I wouldn't let him buy a new pair. I told him to suffer with his tennies. He did call me later and apologize. Lucky for him. hehehe

I don't have much else to really gab about today, so I'm gonna leave you with a fun little thing.

Let me know what planet you are.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!

You Are From Jupiter

You are exuberantly curious - and you love to explore newness.

Enthusiastic and optimistic, you get a kick out of stimulating intellectual discussions.

Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you. You love the outdoors, animals, and freedom.

Chances are you tend to exaggerate, so try to keep a lid on that.

If you do, you'll continue to be known for your confidence, generosity, and sense of justice.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pimple on my ass---Useless and irritating

Gigantor is the pimple on my ass. Yup still being useless, and now irritating. He is leaving for 4 more days of hunting this afternoon. I've been on his case since this weekend to get all his shit done, so he could just leave once he got off work.

Well the dumb ass has to come home and finish up shit.

All weekend, I was on his ass, and he kept going "I know, I know, I got time, get off my back"

So...I did.

Monday I got on his case to do a couple things after work, and get some of his stuff ready.

He stayed late to work, said he was goofing off with the guys. Then he went to his mothers. Yup, nothing done on Monday.

Tuesday he got off work at 1:30. I told him to get his ass home so we could get the stuff done. He said he was gonna check one little thing on his truck and be home. He walked in the door at 6:30. I tried to send him to walmart. Our shower head broke, so we have been taking baths for a couple days. I told him I wanted a new one before he left. He opted to fall asleep on the couch and yell at me each time I woke him up on Tuesday.

Now..see...I don't need him to do a lot for me. Get the shower head, and fill the giant dog feeder, and waterer (to heavy for me) and to get some other things down (to high up) So...I can take care of his daily chores while he's gone. That's it, that's all I need. I couldn't get him to do it since the weekend.

Well Tues I did put some laundry in. But I'm not going to go try to get all his hunting stuff together. I mean he had most the stuff from last time together, just needed to gather his clothes, bedding, freeze some water bottles and get his gun and cold stuff together.

He could have had everything but the ice chest and gun loaded up or, arranged to load up, he could have done it this past weekend. Instead my wonderful husband waited to start at 11 o'clock last night.

He's done none of what I asked him to do. And he knows he's not allowed to leave till he gets the heavy stuff out, and high stuff down. He did go to the store and fix the shower head at 11:30 last night.

I notice he got some of his stuff out this morning. But instead of organized I have this giant pile on my love seat. A pile of sleeping bag, blankets, hunting clothes, coats, binoculars, flashlights, knife, axe, belt, gps unit, and a map right on the top of this unorganized pile.

Man...some men. Don't know what to do with them, but love them, and shake your head at how boneheaded they can be.

He wanted to leave at about noon. I bet you money he won't get out of here till 3 or later, cuz he didn't do his shit.

Oh well...wish me luck alone with the kiddo for 4 days. hehehehe

We are gonna have some pizza tonight and watch movies on the weekend.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Death

Yesterday my last living grandparent passed away.

She was in her 80's. She had had Alzheimer's for the past 12 plus years. It had gotten so bad, that she couldn't swallow anymore. And she couldn't walk, or speak, and didn't know anyone really anymore.

She was my mothers step mom. I was lucky I had 6 grandparents. My fathers parents (his dad died 7 years before I was born). And two sets on my mom's side. Her mother and step father, and her father and step mother. I was always treated like their grandchild. Never a "step" So they were always my grandparents.

My Grandma was a hard person to know and to love at first. She was a somewhat "mean" lady. As I am an adult and look back on it. I would bet a 100 bucks she was bi polar, to say the least.

Grandma had these chihuahua's, 3 of the bastards. And they all were so fat, they just sorta rolled. Well her lovely babies would bite you every time you came around. Then grandma would yell at you for making her dogs bite you. Grandma, would never let us help her cook, and god forbid if you spilled anything on her table cloth. She also wouldn't let you watch t.v. Must have been why I spent most of my time at my aunts house which was right next door.

She did teach us about plants, that woman could grow almost anything. And we could go help her pick fruit in the back. She did jelly's and jams, and canning like nobody's business. Her stuff was the best.

As we got older, that's when you could tell that in her own way she loved us. I don't think she really knew what to do with younger children. And when they moved away, back to Tennessee. That's when her soul seemed to settle down and she became someone you wanted to love, and who loved you back.

I remember when Alekx and I were younger, single, and living together in southern Arizona. I would call grandma about every 6 months and ask for a care package. What I really wanted was "grandma jelly". Gosh did we love those care packages.

She would send some jelly's and jams, and canned stuff. Captain daddy always got the canned or pickled cauliflower and okra. (seeing as Alekx and I were like ewwwwwwww) What?? we were young. hehehehe And we didn't have an appreciation for homemade dill relish yet, so he got that too.

But grandma would also send little (sorta weird) things in the care packages. She would send soap and shampoo, just to make sure we washed. hahahaha She would send boxes of rice. She sent stationary once and put a note on it saying now we had no excuse not to write her. She even sent stamps. I remember she sent a pack of paper napkins. You know the 1.89 one's you get at the store. Her explanation was. Good girls and ladies use napkins not paper towels. Paper towels are for cleaning, napkins are for eating. hahahaha I use both for both. She was a hoot sometimes, when she never tried to be.

I didn't have the best relationship with my grandmother. She was a very hard person to know, accept and love. But I did love her never the less. I am not sad so much of her passing. I am actually very happy. Happy that she gets to go be with the love of her life, my grandfather, and to go be with my mother, and all the others that she loved and loved her. I'm happy she isn't suffering here on earth anymore. She is now free...

Rest in Peace grandma, you were loved, and always will be.

May you all have a blessed Wednesday today. Hug the one's you love.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random and somewhat Grumpy shit

Oh man Gigantor is so useless this week. He's as useless as back hair. He is going hunting again this weekend. Leaving Thursday, back on Sunday night. But he is just fricken useless when he's planning on going and doing something. grrrrrrrr

His fricken aunt. oh my god. This woman has said maybe two words to us since we have been married. And I have never had her address let alone e-mail address. How she got our e-mail address I will never know. But she sends us this massive nasty e-mail about how we never e-mail or talk to her. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Why do people tell you to call them, yet they won't answer their phone, and they won't return their messages? Then next time you see them they are upset you haven't called them. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How come my little rat dog will cower every time she is in a spot you need her to move out of? She won't move, she just cowers till you bend down and pick her up and move her. But when you start to pick her up, she pisses all over the dam place. Weather it be the floor, couch or your mother bunny humping bed!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Why oh why do you seem to get hit with all sorts of new and unexpected bills right before Christmas?? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Get this. I was talking to my friend Cookie Monster. And apparently African American month is not racist, and Native American month is not racist, but veterans collecting money and giving out red poppy's is being considered as Racist. What in the fuckity fuck of all buckets of fuck is that all about???? Those mother cock sucking fuckers. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Can you all tell I'm very passionate about veterans???

Well I am.

Why does my stupid ass MSN messenger keep locking up or shutting off every half hour or so?? Can MSN not pull their heads out of their ass enough to fix it?? grrrrrrrrrrrr

How come I can't hold on to things today. Reached in the refrigerator to move the left over meat loaf so I could get some eggs. Dropped the container of meat loaf, it fell on the floor, spilling meat loaf all over the dog hair covered floor. I get that cleaned up and reach for my eggs, only to drop the carton and have them break. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay on that note, I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go and rant in my head and to anyone who will listen about the crap about the veterans. My dad and husband are veterans, and that just ticks me off.

Okay leaving before I end up doing a multi page rant.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

What a Weekend

It was a busy, yet somewhat fun weekend. Gigantor, Kiddo and Captain Daddy went out shooting on Saturday morning. They said they would be home before noon so we could have lunch and go to the craft fair. They didn't get home till 2. Then I had to feed the kid. So...I missed the craft fair.

Captain Daddy said it would be to cold to go to the street fair and balloon glow. So we went, then after he called and was mad, cuz he had changed his mind, but didn't call me soon enough. Oh well...stupid men.

We went, and the street fair was rather weak. Had less than half of the booths it had last year. But as always the balloon glow was AMAZING!!! Gigantor and Kiddo went and helped set one balloon up, then walked up and down the street, collecting the trading cards from the pilot. Before the glow we got some food. Gigantor and I got Big Johns Texas BBQ He smokes beef briskets then sells sandwiches. Kiddo got a chili dog bowl. It was bowl of chili with hot dogs in it, and cheese and crunched chips on top. After the glow we got a big bag of kettle corn and a cotton candy for kiddo.

Sunday, Gigantor went and helped Captain Daddy get insulation tape stuff on his water hose. (travel trailer remember, water hose is his trailers water supply) Then he came home and we took down all our halloween decorations and put up Thanksgiving one's. I don't have alot but they are fun.

We straightened up the house and did the floors, and daddy came down and we watched some movies. Then tried a new recipe. It wasn't bad, but I already know what I will do different. The recipe was a BBQ meatloaf, and it called for three tablespoons of vinegar. That was way to much vinegar, cuz that's all you could taste. Next time I think I'm gonna leave it out.

Well, I'm off, I wanna read blogs, but I also have some ordering for christmas to do.

Have a good Monday all!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Pain is Gone

Wow, I am sorry I didn't post yesterday. I think I had a touch (small touch) of food poisoning. Guess where I think I got it from??? hmmmm my mother in laws. uggghhhhh

We went trick or treating, and Kiddo got a haul man. He had a big pillow case as his candy bag, and the thing was half full.

We went over to the inlaws after they said they would have cup cakes and veggie tray and stuff.

She only had the cupcakes so far. And we were the only one's to show up. We had Kiddo's friend skinnyK with us. So...she said she would heat up the leftover beans. And we all had a bowl of beans.

If I had thought about it, I would have remembered that she had invited us over Monday night for leftover beans. I think they were about a week left over. Probably coming in and out of the fridge as they got what they wanted.

Anyhow, I woke up with the worst stomach pain, and was on the throne a big part of the morning. Almost puked a couple times taking Kiddo to school. His stomach was bad for a while in the morning, but he ate very little of them.

I came home and went back to bed. Only up for bathroom visits. My stomach was still sore last night, but I seem to be doing good now.

Oh oh on a side note. I get the camera's out for Gigantor to take some pictures of Kiddo in his costume so I can put it on the blog. I kept on and kept on to him to get some good close up one's. Not the one's where he's three houses away, and Gigantors across the street.

He gave me the camera's after a bit and told me he got a bunch of photo's. I went to download them so I could post them.

I HAVE 4 PHOTO'S!!!! 4 mother bunny humping photo's and only maybe is one close enough, but I have to turn it and crop it and shit. grrrrrrrr That man!!!

Okay that's about all I got in me today.

Going to a craft fair called Christmas in November tomorrow (always a huge thing here each year) And going to the street fair and balloon regatta tomorrow afternoon/night. They do the glow along main street. I'll post about that later. Hope it's not near the flop that Pumpkin Festival was this year.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!