Friday, June 05, 2009

Need a Break

Wow it's been almost a month. I'm so sorry about that.

I think I'm gonna take a break from the blog for the summer. I hope you all will keep checking in, and know that I will be back.

I have been so very busy. I've been working hard on getting things going to work on my health.

The meds are starting to work pretty good. Seems we have gotten ahead of most of the pain and the cymbalta is doing wonders. I am loving life, which is good, cuz I didn't care if I ever saw daylight again some days.

Gigantor has been praising me a bunch. Just the other day he told me that I did more in the past three weeks than I did in the past 8 months. I felt proud, that means things are moving along.

I have been hitting the pool 3 to 4 times a week, to do my water aerobic workout. It started out at about 20 minutes, went up to 30, and now I'm up to 35. I'm feeling great.

I'm mad this week though. Gigantor had training all week, has training for something else all weekend, and works regular next week. That means 11 days before I can get in the pool again, and I hope it doesn't set me way back, cuz I have been feeling tons better.

The walking isn't any easier yet, but I'm hoping that will come along.

I did end up getting the sleeves for the pneumatic pump I have for the lymphadema in my legs. That has been working pretty good too. Didn't take me long to get up to using them for an hour at a time.

I'm on facebook alot, so if any of you facebook let me know and I'll add ya or you add me or whatever.

My 20 year class reunion is in two weeks. We weren't gonna go, it was gonna be 125 bucks per person. I couldn't afford 250. Cuz Gigantor graduated same year. Well they lowered it to 25 dollars per person, because they only had 8 people sign up for it. So....we are gonna go.

Just know I hate leaving and not updating and reading all the time. But right now I have to be really selfish and get my health amoung other things in order. If I do that right, I haven't had the time to blog as I would like. So....I will try to pop in once in a while, but I am going to take most of this summer off.

I really do care about you all, and hope that everyone will stick with me, and I will be back, that's a promise.

Know I have an e-mail link on here, and like I said, I check into facebook alot. So....I hope to hear from you all, and I'll try to pop by your blogs every once in a while.

God Bless everyone.

I'll see you soon PROMISE!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh my gosh how busy

Holy guacamole what a busy weekend. First off let me thank you all for your birthday wishes for Kiddo. You all are great. hehehehe

Let me tell you a little something before talking about what all we did. I started having these more serious health problems the end of last summer. I make myself get out like once a week. Just walking, getting in and out of the vehicle, going in places, heck even sitting in the vehicle longer than 10 minutes kills me. So..I usually go one place, cuz getting in and out of the vehicle twice is about all I can take.

Well on Friday, I got up with Gigantor and Kiddo, and we had breakfast. I went with them, we dropped him off at school. Then delivered a check to electric, and water company, went to post office, went by true value, went down to the feed store to get dog food and they weren't open yet. So...went by captain Daddy's (he was gonna go to walmart with us) but we knocked and knocked and couldn't get him up. So...we delivered avon books off the hill, then went back and got dog food, went up to Safeway and gigantor ran in and got the stuff on the small list. Delivered avon books up town, then down the hill to Bashas, and he did another small list. By this time, my legs are screaming. Went back to daddy's to get him up. A big fat no go. So..went home and unloaded our groceries.

Gigantor went to get gas in his vehicle and to make sure daddy was up, and I started making calls to the ins. And what not, cuz they are jacking me around on the pump and sleeves for my legs. Anywhooo, he came back at a decent hour, and said that daddy would be up in a few and we go to walmart. So...we ate lunch and I called a friend to see if Kiddo could stay there. Then daddy got here, and we went to post office, to pick up my big avon order. Then down to walmart. I went inside and did the ridey cart thing. We went all over that dam store. Was getting him a couple more pressies, and Daddy hadn't gotten him any yet, so helped him pick a couple out.

Left walmart at 5:30. Went and got Kiddo and went the bank, then we had to come home and unload everything. Daddy bought us dinner, which was nice, cuz we were exhausted.

My aunt called me at 10 asking if it was to late to come over. I said "no you will help me stay awake) (cuz I had lots of shit to still do) So...we got some prep work done for the bbq. And me and Auntie wrapped pressies. She left at 1:30 in the morning, we went to bed.

Saturday, got up early and started right away. Made the big ass potato salad. Baked a cake, got baked beans started in the crock pot, cut up watermelon, pineapple, and some berries. Filled ice chest, Then after all that, we put most of the stuff out ready.

It was a great bbq, and we had tons of people we "liked" there. hahahahaha People didn't leave till 10:30. So...On sunday my goal was to sleep in. Well nobody wanted to let me do that. AFter I got my lovely flowers from the kid, and a couple movies fromt he hubs. I sat on the couch, we all ate lunch, and I fell asleep. I could not keep my eyes open. I finally got up and we had a very nice dinner.

I'm just tired as hell today, keep closing my eyes, and falling forward. uggghhhh

Okay I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009


Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!!! Happy 13th birthday to my baby. It took years to have him, and I'm so happy for him yet so upset that he is already a teenager. ahhhhhhhhhh



Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy sploding cats batman.

Man now it's been over a week since I posted. Please bear with me everyone.

I've been really bad at blogging and reading blogs here lately.

I've been really busy period. Yes everyone here got sick. Luckily I didn't get it real bad. And that's very unusual for me.

Kiddo and Gigantor had it bad. They had antibiotics for 5 days, but it took them both an additional week before they started feeling among the living again.

We have still been trying to settle things with dad's insurance, and I've been dealing with my medical insurance for a bunch of stuff.

It finally started warming up good. Jump started us to start getting more stuff done and try to get this yard all in order.

I also got access to the pool at my dad's campground. I've been trying to find access to a pool forever. I have taken so many years of water aerobics that I know most the dang exercises. And with my knees and back and just weight and breathing issues. All the combined heath issues. I'm sure it would be great for me.

Well....I got permission to use their pool. So....gigantor is gonna help me out and we are gonna be doing that at least three days a week (his days off) cuz for some reason this pool closes at 6:30, so hard to do it on work nights.

I'm hoping if we can do it Fri, Sat, Sun every week for the next 4 weeks, then when school is out, maybe I can move a bit better, and maybe my aunt can start taking me and I can do a few more days a week.

Okay, well...since things have been real busy, and honestly people....I'm trying to work on myself a bit so that I stay among the living and not in a wheelchair. So...I might only be posting once or twice a week. I hope you all understand.

Have a great Monday all!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long Time

I haven't posted in a long time. I appoligize for that. Been a busy and icky week. Kid called me from school on monday he was in so much pain.

Took him to the doctor, he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.

Lots of calls back and forth with dad's insurance and my insurance on a medical thing.

Friday, woke up coughing, Gigantor sick as a dog. Gigantor caught what kiddo had, and he refuses to go to the doctor, he might go tomorrow when he has to work a 10 hour day feeling like crap. hehehehehe

I am a bit snuffly, but I got that dam dry cough again. The one I had for 5 weeks straight last summer. I think I'm fighting it off, or at least I'm hoping.

But I'm very wary, cuz I have never not gotten sick when everyone else in the house is. I'm expecting to get it. And end up at the doctors again. ugggghhhh

Well...I'm gonna go, took some meds early and they are kicking in, so I want to go try to get some sleep.

Hope you all have a good monday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

16 Years Ago

Dear Husband,

16 years ago, on April 21st. I found myself in Norfolk Virginia visiting you. You were still in the Navy. You said again, you wanted to do it for the extra money and insurance, and we would do a formal one later.

In the bedroom of the rented run down house you shared with sometimes 2 and sometimes up to 7 other Navy guys, I got dressed in my new dress. It was white, both sleeves off the shoulder, it had huge colorful tropical flowers on it.

You got dressed in your dress blues. We asked for directions to the court house in Norfolk. No family, no nobody there, we were going to take a taxi.

When your three closest friends in the Navy surprised us. They were outside, all in their dress blues, waiting to take us in Pat's big purple clunker of a car. They drove us to the court house. Keith showed up with a small bunch of flowers, and handed them to me. I gave a shy smile. I had only met these three guys 4 days previous.

You and I went inside and filled out all the paperwork, and walked down a long hallway to a room. The Justice's name was Rufus. I will never forget the little short, very old, balding, thick glasses man that had a voice and demeanor of the kindest preacher.

Your three friends followed us in. Rufus said, I'm sorry, these rooms are so small only family can come in. At which point Rick said "We are their family, besides we are in the wedding party"

Rufus looked at us weird, you nodded and smiled. As we stood up in front of him, he asked if we had rings. I took off my engagement ring, because we hadn't even bought wedding rings yet. I handed it to you so you could put it back on my finger.

Rick announced that he was the best man, Keith announced he was the maid of honor and Pat announced that he was the flower girl. Rufus smiled and nodded with understanding.

We were both so nervous and sweating, he even gave us a couple nice bible verses. In all of 10 minutes it was over, and we had to finalize the paperwork. We were married. We had done it. We had completely pissed our families off too. It was hell on earth informing both of our families afterwords that we were married.

Yes I came home 5 days later, and continued to plan our "big" wedding. We had a proper preacher, the proper flower girl, and ring bearer, the white dress, the suit, the dinner and dancing after, as we renewed our vows.

But I will never ever forget, those three kind young men, that dressed up to the hilt, after just barely meeting me. That stated they were our family and in our wedding party. That took us out to eat later, and all went to sleep on the ship that night to give us the house to ourselves. We never asked them, they had huge hearts. They made April 21st very special for me and for you.

And even though it was hard to leave you, and the parents were very pissed off at us for a long time. I would still do it all over again in a heart beat.

My Dear Husband!!! I love you more today than yesterday! I still get a thrill and butterflies as you walk in the door after work every day!! I'm excited when you call me just because. Snuggling with you is still the best thing in the world.

I love the son you helped us get, that we struggled so hard for. I love how dedicated you were to the process. How much you supported me through everything, and how we have made the most beautiful and most loved creature on the planet.

I love how you have been my rock and stood by me through so much. It started with the death of my two best friends Star and Buck. It went through three surgeries, tons of infertility, losing a job, losing some friends, losing my sister to another state, and finally losing my mom. You have never been more strong than when I have needed you. You have been strong enough to take care of me, and make the boogey man go away, and gentle enough to hold me and sob with me when I'm at my lowest. You have given me the privilege to be with you on your hard times. Finding out horrid things from the past, and still standing strong at your side, being with you through two surgeries and one air evac out of town.

And now you stand by me and help me and love me through all this I'm going through now. You have made arrangements to help or find help for me when I need it. You've taken over alot of the physical burden, and you still love and long for me. It can not make a woman feel more special or more loved than when their husband, lusts after them at their complete lowest.

I'm looking forward to another 16 years, and hope I still remember Rufus, Rick, Keith and Pat. They will forever be locked away in a special place in my heart. A place that sealed us onto this path of walking together through all of lifes obsticals. And yes in our case it's more like riding crazy rapids on a shit river. But it's been one hell of a ride, and full of love and laughter. I don't think I could ask for a better man.

And until god creates a man that doesn't fart and laugh about it, or that it doesn't smell bad enough to clear the room of even the animals, then I am convinced I have one of the few bestest estest men in the entire world.

I love you with everything I have, More than you will ever know, and always and forever!!!

Your Wife

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted!!!

Well I haven't posted all dang week. Haven't had anything to say. I'm so dam boring.

The temp major dropped here. It's fricken freezing again.

Kiddo was sick today, kept him home. He's gonna try to go to school tomorrow, cuz he wants to go play at Skinny K's.

I thought since I didn't have much to say, I would post two awards I got. The top one was from Dirty Laundry blog, and the bottom one was from Miranda's blog.

I don't like picking just 5 people to get awards, I really don't think that is fair when you think there is much more than 5 that are deserving.

So...the top one is for any mom out there that is like me. Loves laughing and having fun at your childs expense. hahahahaha My son is always good for a crack up. To him saying "oh yeah baby" at Alice on Twilight, to him saying "OMG MOM MY POOP IS BLUE!!!!"

Yup, he is good for tons of laughs.

The second award, I think if you read my blog and have stuck with me through all the shit through all the years, then you are very deserving. just click and capture that little baby and post it on your blog from little ole me. hehehehe

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be checking in.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Busy and More Busy

Oh man what a busy 3 days, well 5 days for me. I am so sore today, so very very sore, and hurting.

I'm used to going out and about a day or maybe two a week. I went out and did lots of physical things for the past 5 days. Now I'm hurting. lol

Few things that happened in last 5 days. 2 doctor stuff for trailer for dad....getting his trailer re set up back on the pad....going to three stores....getting avon in....class for the boys....going to the movie....paying the house.....Kiddo's friend spending a night.....Big ass easter dinner on Sunday. I'm so tired, and sore.

We had a great easter, I hope you all did.

We watched some movies this weekend again. Went to Race to Witch Mountain. Oh my gosh it was soooooooo good!!!!!

We then watched a movie from netflix. Babylon A.D. With Vin Diesel. It was okay but not what we were expecting.

Then Kiddo got three movies for Easter. He got Tales of Desperoux (spelling) The Day the Earth Stood Still and Bedtime Stories. We watched Bedtime Stories last night. That was a very very good movie!!!!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a great Monday, and I'll be checking in soon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Blessings

First of all that cartoon makes me snort. That is so darn funny.

I have another very busy two days. So much to do, before I can even think about easter dinner. It was going to be a nice quiet dinner for three. Now I have a dinner for 7 that has to be done at 2 in the afternoon.

I'm not complaining. I love having people over that have no place to go for the holidays. Especially if they are family and friends.

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter. I hope it's full of blessings and peace.

May none of you get a rotten egg. hehehehehee

Have a great weekend and an even better easter everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Workin through the week

Well we are working through the week. Thank you everyone for your well wishes for my dad.

He had a guy down this morning so he can get a written estimate. Hopefully we can start getting things fixed up soon.

We hadn't planned much for easter. Kiddo is to old for an egg hunt. But he asked if he could still dye the eggs. Well of course I love to dye eggs too, so why not. hehehehe

Then we were gonna make a late lunch early dinner thing. So....Linner. For easter, cuz daddy has to work at 6 that evening.

Yesterday asked the aunt and uncle if they had plans and they said no, so we said they were coming over for dinner. Now I have to kick my butt and clean my house. hahahahaa At least the kitchen/dinning room.

So...we have a busy weekend set. Tomorrow go to walmart and both other grocery stores. Help dad maybe get jacks and his trailer set back up. Do up a couple easter gifts for my friends two little kids. Deliver them, and get my avon. Do up my avon order, get some dinner made, and the boys go to martial arts class.

Saturday we need to clean up inside the house. And or help dad with the trailer, and get some prep work done for dinner the next day. Deliver avon and books, and then color eggs. We also wanted to try and go to the matinee at the theater, but not sure we are gonna make that one.

Then sunday, just up and working on getting dinner going, so that we can eat early, and do any last minute cleaning. Give our own kid his easter basket. Even though he doesn't want to egg hunt, doesn't mean he shouldn't get an easter basket. Probably have a couple yum yum's in it and a movie or two. He wants Desperaux and Bedtime Stories. So...that is probably what will happen.

Anyhow, hope you have a good couple days. I'm gonna try to post again before easter, got another good easter funny to show everyone. heheheheheh

Have a good Thursday all!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

My weekend was like being hit in the face with a pile of poo.

First of all, that picture is so dam funny it makes me fart when I laugh.

Now on to the reason of the title about my weekend.

Saturday, I was sleeping in. Gigantor took Kiddo down to the IDPA shoot. It's combat shooting practice. They usually have a police officer doing it. It was their first time, and Kiddo did very well. He did the double shots right in the main body mass on all the targets. Well one he got in the head, but that doesn't minus points.

Okay so they are on their way home from that, and the idler pully in the suburban froze up and busted the belt then the pully busted all apart. Gigantor was able to coast into where my dad lived, and used his car and went to Checker auto, they said they didn't have the parts but Car Quest did. So he goes to Car Quest, and they had the wrong pulley, so then he's off to Napa. He gets the pulley back in and realizes he has the wrong belt, so goes back to car quest. Turns in the other belt, and they don't have the right one, so back to Checker.

He came hom 3:30 and none of us had even eaten that day yet. So...yeah we bought some taco's. Dinner was a small sandwich later. lol

So...we stay up watching movies, and such. Go to bed. I'm sitting in bed, and got sucked into a movie, so I stayed up and watched it. Turned out the lights to go to bed at 3 in the morning. The phone started ringing at 4 in the morning.
I grab it, thinking someone is dead.

Me: Hello (loud and breathless)
Voice on other End: Is this (enter first and last name)
Me: Yes it is.
voice: this is officer so and so from the Police dept
(I thought maybe he was outside and something was wrong)
Me: Okay
Officer: Do you still own the trailer down in the KOA at space **
Me: Well it's actually my dad's but my name is one it.
(my heart is beating fast now. I'm thinking OMG it's fucking burned down, or they found my dad dead inside)
Officer: Well there has been an inncodent.
Me: What happened??? (I'm almost in major panic moad now. Gigantor is up getting dressed, and asking what what? cuz he can see my face and hear my voice)
Officer: Well someone came around the corner at the back and hit your dads trailer and knocked it off the pad.
Me: (so relieved that it didn't burn down and dad not dead) OH GOOD!!
Officer: Pardon me?
Me: Then that means my dad is okay. He's at work.

Gigantor went down there and met with another officer. One that makes my Giant look like a fricken midget. This guy is HUGE to say the least. They look at the trailer.

My dad lives at the very back of the trailer park, so he's sorta out of the way not bugging anyone. Well there is a corner on the street right out front of him to turn around the trailers facing his. This guy in a truck came whipping around that corner at 50 plus mph (parks speed limit is 5mph) And his truck fish tailed and the back end smacked into my dad's trailer, the tongue of it, thank goodness.

But....BUT he was going so fast and hit it so hard that it threw the trailer over 6 feet. Broke all the jackes underneath it, and flung 2 of the propane bottles down the road and the other 100 gallon bottle that was chained to it, whipped so hard it got lodged beneath the trailer.

Luckily a lady a few trailers down and behind heard it, and looked out and saw the truck, then her husband ran over and turned off all the propane. And she called the police.

Other very lucky thing, is as the HUGE officer and Gigantor were standing there talking, low and behold a truck fitting that description starts pulling down the street. HUGE cop goes and steps in front of it, and asks them if they were involved in an incident earlier. Driver denied it. HUGE cop walked around the truck, and their right back end was fucked!!! and parts of their truck all over where my dad's trailer is. So...he goes, back and goes, wanna tell me again.

Passenger says, Yeah he hit the trialer. The passenger is the one that owned the truck, and luckily had insurance. The driver got arrested for hit and run, and DUI and reckless driving and excessive speed. we are waiting on police report to get to the insurance and we have to try and find quotes from somewhere, and there are NO rv places here, sales, repair, nothing.

Anyhow, that was our weekend, we are still tired as hell, we were up all night sat/sun and all day sunday, and from stress up most of last night.

Hope you all had a better weekend.

Friday, April 03, 2009

crazy ass day

First of all check out the picture of the super hero that me and Kiddo made. He helped me make one of myself. It's the Venom Vixen. hahahahaha

Man, crazy ass day. Stupid ass wind. IHATETHEWIND!!!!!!

The wind started blowing like a crazy bitch last night. Knocking things over, shaking the house, loud as hell. Then it got real hot in the house, I had to turn the window unit cooler on. I kept watching the clock. Guess when I fell asleep real good. I dozed off at 5 this morning, till about 6:30 Then I didn't fall asleep again till about 7:50, but got woken up at 10.

Gigantor was working on an online application last night. He continued to work on it this morning. For two or three hours, did a good 2 hours last night.

The guy showed up to fix my ice maker on my fridge, better yet, he just replaced it. Cost 159 bucks. But that's much better than I thought.

Captain Daddy came over and had Gigantor cut his hair then he did laundry. He had mentioned last night about buying dinner, but then he bailed about 5:30. So...we were left going. Ummmmm huhhhh?? So...yeah we did a bad thing and got drive thru.

Gigantor worked another hour or two through the day on that application thing. I still don't think it's done, but I think it's close. I have his paper work strewn all over the computer desk and my avon stuff and the table, as he's been looking for everything. (the application is to move up a possition at the dam he's at now.)

The wind blew so crazy all day and they said it's gonna blow even crazier next couple days. Good grief. A huge snow storm just moved through south of us. Like blizzard like snow storm.

Anyhow not much else to say, hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

KIss my ASS Wind!!!!

Oh my gosh I am so hating the wind. It's been blowing for 2 weeks straight. Not like breezy blowing. But like 30mph or more sustained, and up to 60 and 70 mph gusts. I am so sick of it it's not even funny.

Hate the wind!!!!!! It sucks major donkey dick!! I could never live someplace that is windy all year long. I would rather have some rain right now, to water the plants than the wind.

Not a dam other thing is going on here. Nothing at all. Gigantor working, and hating the wind. Kiddo and school, and hating the wind. Me here and hating the wind. hahahahaha

I have been obsessed with hiding easter eggs on facebook though. Only have three people doing it with me (that is in my friends list, which is really small) But it's fun as hell.

Okay well since I'm so interesting and since I'm in a hating mother nature mood. I'm gonna go read blogs and cuss her out some more.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What the heck???

Okay can somebody tell me how in gods name, in Arizona, the end of March, why it is SNOWING!!!!!!

Yup that's right, it was snowing last night. When it started snowing, I still had my cooler on. hahahahahaha

It got all warm again last week, was nice except the dam wind blew every day. Then last night, Gigantor went out once, and comes in going "Brrrr it feels like blizzard weather out there"

We laughed, cuz it's March, in Arizona. He opened the door later to let the dogs out, and it was fricken snowing!!!!

Rest of my weekend wasn't to bad. Saturday we were major busy again. I wrote out bills, kid played with a new friend. I'll call him Little D. We took him home and took Kiddo down to Skinny K's and we delivered my avon and books. We had so much to do took us over 2 hours.

We came home and just sat around talking for a bit, then went and got Kiddo, had some dinner and watched City of Ember. was a really good movie.

Sunday, we got up late, sorta lazed around. Started watching a tape in the bedroom, and was lazily getting dressed. Kiddo was over at Little D's house. Then we noticed that Captain Daddy had been sitting out here in the living room waiting for us to come out of the bedroom. *sigh* I lovers him, and he's over alot and I love that. But come on!!! Weekends are the only time I have with my hubby, and us three together. And where as I don't mind him over one of the three days hubby is off. He's been coming over all three, and staying most the day.

Gigantor and I just wanted a lazy day and maybe to even have some um um um in the bedroom, since the kid was gone. But no, my father was in the living room. grrrr

Oh well, he left about 4. And informed me he would be over today. He was supposed to make an appointment with the pediotrist over a month ago. But he has piddle farted around and now he says only reason he is coming over is so I can call and make him an appointment. grrrrr

Okay enough ranting.

After daddy left, we vegged on the couch, watched some t.v. and cuddled. Then Gigantor grilled some steaks. yummmmm

Okay I'm outa here, gonna go read blogs.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Running pant pant pant

OMG don't you just love that picture. I love that picture alot alot!!!

We have been busy for a couple of days. Wednesday night my dad called me. He had falled at work. He stepped off a curb at work and slipped and fell. He cut up and banged up his knee, and he hit his arm. He had his coat on. He said later it felt almost wet, so he thought he might have a spot of blood and need a bandaid. So he went up to the security room and got the lady there. Took his jacket off, and the entire lower arm of his shirt was covered in blood.

They took his shirt off, and he had a palm sized chunk of hide off, and just hanging there. She trimmed it up and doctored it up for him.

I doctored him up again on Thursday. I was dead ass tired on Thursday too. My back/hips are really bothering me. So they are making me legs and arms, burn and twitch when I lay down. Like they are spasaming and cramping. So...I'm having to constantly move them. Wed night I got 1/2 hour sleep, that was it. Thursday night I got about 3 hours sleep.

Got up early today (Friday) and made some lists for stores, and ate some eggs and toast. Put makeup and jewelry on. Went to my nail appointment. Gigantor took Daddy to walmart and walked real nice and slow with him. I had to text Gigantor and say, we had 10 minutes left and the nail lady had to leave and lockup so he better come get me. They weren't even out of walmart yet. *sigh*

So...nail lady (who is my friend and lives across the street) Took me with her, to go get her kid, then gas in her car, then Gigantor was finally home. Came in, it was almost 4.

I had a customer that lives out on the Rez that wanted her avon when she got off work at 5. So...I hurried my ass off unloading it, checking it in, writing it all up and bagging it all. And the dam idiot never showed up or called or anything. We called her work and left messages on her voice mail but nothing. grrrrrr

Captain Daddy bought us all an early dinner (quizno's) and we watched Bolt. That was good. Earlier Gigantor worked with peroxide and got the blood out of daddy's shirt. So it was saturated in spray and wash and put in the washer on cold.

So... Gigantor and Kiddo headed to the Silot class and me and daddy stayed. I was so tired, I just sorta grunted at him. He played with the dogs, and gathered his laundry after the boys came home, which was after 9. Then he went home.

And look at me now, still up at almost midnight, and dinking on blogs. Dammit.

Okay well I'm gonna go and read a few and get my ass in bed.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I don't know what to say

I saw this picture and it made me shudder. Me!! The one that pushes the bar all the time. I shuddered at this. hahahahaha That guy needs some serious help.

I have been inquiring to the kids about the "easy open pickle jar" thing. Neither of them have any idea what it means or why they keep saying it. One of lifes great mysteries I guess. hahahaha

Not dam thing of any interest has been going on here past couple day. I'm sure it's waiting for the weekend again. hahaha

Irritated that dam Obama's speech messed with my regular scheduled programs. The stupid ass.

Gigantor and I aren't gonna make parent teacher conferences this year. Kiddo has had a half day on tuesday and has another on Thursday. Well...the confrences are in the afternoon with one day having evening one's. We screwed up the day, we thought it was thursday, but we missed them they were Tuesday. hahahaha Oh well, we had the meeting with his teachers not to long ago. I don't really care.

Anyhow I have nothing, not a dam thing more to talk about.

So...hope you all have a good hump day Wednesday.

And give a good shudder to that picture.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yup it's Monday

Wow, crazy weather here. I had Gigantor get the cooler up and running this past week, cuz it was dam hot. Almost in it's 90's Then yesterday. It dropped 30 degree's. Yup 30. And the wind. OMG we had sustained winds of 40mph, and the news said gusts between 65 and 70mph. It was crazy. We have this red sand all around here (being in the desert) and the sky was just red. It looked horrid. Gigantor had to run outside to get something and he was coughing and washing his eyes out when he came back in.

Today the wind isn't as bad, sustained of 15mph and gusts up to 30, but the high today is supposed to be 55.

We had a great spring break. Kiddo played with Skinny K alot, and I got to relax alot. hehehehe Gigantor worked on some of the skirting on Friday. Saturday he did a bit more, and he got me a hair appointment, cuz my hair was driving me nuts, so I went and got it cut.

He went to the dinner with a friend, I didn't go. Which was fine with me.

We watched movies on Sunday since the wind was so bad. We watched Role Models. That was funny as hell. We watched Airplane, cuz kiddo wanted to see it. Still as good as when I first saw it. We watched Twilight, cuz Gigantor got it for me. whoooohoooo And we watched 88 Minutes. I had never heard of this movie, but my sister told me about it, and she was right, it was excellent.

Okay let me leave you with some snippets of funny as hell conversations this past weekend.

Skinny K is one of the most accident prone children I have ever met. At a track meet they were in first place in the relay until he fell on his face in the last leg of the race. He's broken his toe in P.E. He cut himself to need stitches. He sprained and cracked his ankle doing gymnastics in P.E. and now he has a broken pinky from playing dodge ball in P.E. Let me tell ya I would take him out of P.E.

Anyhow, he comes over, and I'm giving him a hard time about being a klutz. He's doing this little embarrassed growl thingie.

He walks into Kiddo's room and I hear a major CRASH!!!

me--what was that??
Kiddo--it was Skinny K
Me--what happened??
Kiddo--he tripped and fell
Me--is he okay??
Skinny K--fine!!
me--what did he trip over??
Skinny K-- My feet!!
Me--Boy we are gonna have to wrap you in bubble wrap so you bounce.

Skinny K and Kiddo ---massive giggeling

These two boys call each other dumb dumb dugan all the time. I don't know why, they say they don't either, they just do it.

Gigantor and I were sitting on the couch watching t.v. and We hear them yelling DUMB DUMB DUGAN to each other. Then Kiddo runs out of his bedroom, through the living room into the kitchen.



both us parents looking at each other like "what the hell"

Both boys running back to Kiddo's room


Yeah I'm checking for drugs or to much sugar. hehehehe

The last one was last night. It was Kiddo's bed time, and he was in the front bathroom, had the door cracked so he could talk to us. I keep hearing this popping noise.

Me--what is that??

Kiddo--what is what??

Me--what is that popping noise??


Me--bullshit, I can hear it, and it's coming from you, what the hell is that popping noise??

Kiddo--The plunger


Kiddo and Gigantor----bawhahahahahahahhaa

Yup good times. Okay I'm going to read you all. Have a good Monday everyone and don't let anyone piss on you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Next Post

Wow I haven't posted since Tuesday.

Not much to say. Been sleeping in a bit since it's spring break. Kiddo and I watch a movie each afternoon.

The other afternoon he wanted to watch The Messengers, cuz Kristen Stewart was in it. And he wanted to see her in something else other than Twilight. Well he wasn't really scared on that.

He wants so much to watch scary movies, and he can take lots of them but there is a few of them I don't think he can handle. One of them being The Grudge. But he pissed and moaned until I said, "okay but if it gets to scary tell me and we will shut it off" Yeah...we maybe made it halfway through. Now he's going through wanting the bathroom light on again all night. My bad, I should have kept saying no. Oh well.

My uncle gave us two tickets for the Deer Association Dinner again this year. I really really don't want to go. First of all, we would have to fork 20 bucks out for a kids ticket. Second, they have really low, hard and uncomfortable chairs. When I sit in them to long it seems to set me back a few weeks with the work I'm doing to make my legs better. And this is 4 to 6 hours. I'm sure I will be to the point of barely being able to walk out the door. I will be hurting so bad, I'm sure I won't enjoy myself. So...I don't wanna go, and I wanna say no.

I really need to yell at Gigantor cuz aunt and uncle are pushing me to go, and so is he now. I mean the food is good, not great but good. It's a salad, prime rib, baked potato, roll, and a piece of cake for desert. The girl scouts hand it out, so it always gets screwed up at least once.

You have to buy any drink but water, and there are tons of raffles and an auction and every year the hubs bugs the shit out of me to buy him 20 to 50 dollars worth of raffle tickets, and we win nothing. And I just don't want to deal with any of the shit this time. And I really don't want the pain. And I really really really don't want to be set that far back on my attempted recovery.

And AND there is a bbq the following weekend at aunt and uncles for the hunter safety instructors and spouses (no kids) and that will be uncomfortable enough, so I don't wanna do it two weeks in a row, and set myself that far back. If I had to choose one I would rather do the bbq.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me vent.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th!!

I just want to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! May your corned beef be tender and tasty.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rest of the weekend

The rest of my weekend was almost as busy as Friday was. Wow, what a whirlwind, but we had tons of fun.

Saturday, Gigantor went and ran to walmart and the grocery stores for me. Came home and I got up and helped him and Kiddo put stuff away. I finished up a touch of paperwork, and Captain Daddy came over.

At noon Skinny K and his mom came over. She brought their new weinie dog puppy, his name is Cephus. He is so dam adorable. He stayed to socialize with other dogs a bit, and people, oh man he was a riot. Skinny K's mom bought us all lunch. (taco bell) And we all sat and visited till almost 5. hahahaha It was a good time. The kids played for the most part. Gigantor did take them down town and to the lumber store to get more skirting, and to the feed store for a big bag of dog food, then made them help him unload the truck.

Gigantor got started on the frame work for the skirting. And he kept showing me a flyer were, the bbq he really wanted was on sale at sears for 299. I just kept going, uh huh whatever. Then he showed it to me, and it said if you bought it on Saturday, there would be no interest and no payments till April 2010. Dam skippy, I can pay that thing off before next year. So...since our current bbq was basicly hosed, I told him okay. God he was like a kid in a candy store, he was so excited. It's a nice one, gas grill, 4 burners, and two side burners for pots and stuff. My man, the caveman, the grill master. hahahaha

After skinny K, his mom, his puppy, and captain daddy left. D came over. We were a bit tired, but we were watching Alien Resurection (my kid had done an alien marathon, then predetor marathon, then the avp and avpR) D goes, "have you eaten" we said no, we were tired didn't know what to make. So...D bought pizza. whooohooo. I know I've been eating better and stuff, but two people bought us food on Saturday, I haven't cheated in a while, so that was a big old splurge day. hahahahaa

Sunday, Gigantor got up and worked a bit on the skirting again, then I got up. He informed me his mom was coming to dinner (she is leaving today back for new mexico) I'm like ummm okay. So...I made out some bills, and he cleaned the rest of the table off. Then we ate some lunch and took off to deliver the rest of my avon and my books.

We ended up stuck at one place, the lady wanted to visit, then we went by Captain Daddies, asked him to come to dinner too. Then another ladies we went by, she came out and cried, told me about almost losing her husband last month. It was a close scary call. Then she brought out her new puppy. It was a long haired weinie dog puppy. hahahaha so cute.

We finished all our running around and came home and started dinner. It was a nice dinner though, the visiting was nice and everything. We had Gigantor's famous bbq chicken leg quarters. (he skins them then boils them, then grills them and they come out soooooo gooey) We had potatoes cut up, put lipton onion mushroom soup on it, a bit of olive oil and then microwave till tender. Sooo good,has the flaver of the dried soup on them. We had green salad and lemon poppyseed muffins too.

After dinner, we were so tired, bed time was like 9. hahahahaha

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a good week. Spring break for us, so should be real nice.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh my hell, I am one tired, exhausted person tonight. I'm gonna give you all a list of what we did today, some of it I did, some Gigantor did, some we did together. But both of us was working all day.

Got Kiddo to school
Went to bank
Went to help parents load their truck so they can leave.
Gigantor rubbed my leg (helps with the lymphadema)
Got dressed, discussed our day, ate some lunch
Watched the episode of ghost hunters while eating lunch let Gigantor grab a nap
Yelled at Gigantor about still not having a hand rail for the steps
Bitched that I wanted a ramp and he never did it
He went outside and measured and asked me to come outside
We came up with a plan for a ramp, a platform, and an over hang, that we can eventually put latice on to put nice vining flowers on.
Came in and drew up the plans and what materials we would need for it.
Decided to finish skirting and fence first. Should start ramp in about 2 or 3 weekends.
Went to post office.
Went and picked up my avon.
Went down to elementary school, where gigantors sister works to get a paper she printed out for us.
Went to pick up kiddo
Went and got gas in the suburban
Went out to the bridge by the dam to see the work Gigantor's been working on.
Came home and unloaded suburban
Wrote up avon
Pulled avon
bagged up avon
Stamped two campaigns worth of books
Re did one cuz was wrong date
Realized 2nd time was also wrong date.
Said fuck it.
Put fishing stuff that was in living room away.
Made gigantor pack up some stuff that's been in the living room for his work yard sale.
Got two boxes of returns out that I hadn't done up or sealed to mail
Got those done
Made up the package for my sister, and one for a friend
All packages ready to go.
Listened to two disks of kiddo's audio book he's listening too. (Eclipse in the twilight series)
Then boys went to class, I opted to stay in this time.
Still have to make lists for the three grocery stores
Have to shop
Deliver avon and books
But skirting and start getting it up.

That is how today and the rest of our weekend looks. I think I'm gonna pass out now. hahahaha

Thank god next week is spring break.

Have a good weekend all!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We got spirit yes we do...We got spirit how bout you??

This week is spirit week at kiddo's school. He has had spirit weeks before, but never told me till the week was half over, then didn't know what the days were. I think he dressed up two days in the 3 spirit weeks so far.

Well last friday he brought a little paper home that said what each day would be, and said he wanted to do them.

Monday was pajama day and he went in his sweats and a big baggy t-shirt.

Tuesday was green day. He had to wear one of his dad's t-shirt, cuz he doesn't have any t-shirts that aren't black. hahahaha

Wednesday was formal day, he wore one of his dad's black dress shirts and a tie.

Thursday is Red and Black day (school colors) he wore his dad's red polo shirt and black jeans.

Friday is Hawaiian day. He has a shirt his grandpa gave him that is sorta silky and looks sorta hawaiian so he will be wearing that.

He has next week off of school. It's spring break.
Then the week after that he has two half days for parent teacher confrences.

Then the poor kid doesn't have another day off until the end of May.

I need to get in gear and figure out what I'm gonna buy him for his birthday in May, cuz he will be 13. The big teenager!! achhhhh

Well I'm gonna go read and catch up on blogs.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That's how my week is so far. HUH???

We were in the upper 70's for over two weeks, hadn't had to run the heater at all. Was running ceiling fans and a couple of the window a/c units to keep it cool in here. Was running all them on Sunday. Woke up yesterday and OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSS it's cold cold cold. Had to walk around and turn all the fans off and turn the heat up. It got to only 56 yesterday. That's a 20 degree drop.

Today it's only supposed to be 52. All the trees were starting to bud leaves out and now it's in the lower 30's upper 20's at night. Poor things are gonna go into shock. Supposed to be that chilly all week long.

I've been taking that higher dosage of the cymbalta, and I think it's working for me. But I am having two of the side effects. I'm having sever dry mouth, like to the point your throat sorta hurts. I can drink till water is spurting out my ears and I still have dry mouth.

And the other one I'm having is constipation. uggghhhh I need to up eating my fiber. If I can't get that under control, I will have to talk to my doctor.

I was so dang tired yesterday and don't know why. I woke up early with the kiddo and felt fine. About an hour before noon, I got really tired. I was actually falling asleep in front of the computer. So...I got off the computer and grabbed a snack and drank something cold, and was watching a cool crafting thing on t.v. 40 minutes later I woke up in my chair with an aweful crick in my back.

I barely stayed awake long enough for the kid to get home, and I sat down in the couch and put a micro bead pillow behind my head so I wouldn't get a crick in my neck. And I fell right asleep. My dad showed up and I woke up.

He sat down to visit and I was actually slurring my words at him. Have you ever been tired enough that it physically hurt??? That's how I felt yesterday. So...I proceeded to fall asleep with dad sitting here. My husband got home and I opened one eye seen he was here and fell back asleep. I slept for about an hour and a half, and I got up and was able to function the rest of the night at least.

Today I'm not feeling as tired it doesn't seem. We shall see.

Well that is my random crap. hahahahaha

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


First of all. Oh my Gosh that picture cracks me up to the point of farting. hahahahaha

I'm sorry I've neglected the blog for almost a week now. I have been reading every body elses and commenting. I've just been neglecting mine.

Why you may ask. Well because I was a big pile of boring all dam week. I didn't do shit that was exciting. My family didn't do anything particularly side splitting funny. So...there was nothing much to say.

I appreciate all you peoples concern about my cat. But all my animals have been acting somewhat off. I'm pretty sure it's the drastic change in the weather. I do watch my animals like a hawk, they are my babies. I've had all sorts ever since I was a baby. I mean hell, I learned to give the dogs and cats shots before I was out of elementary school. I was giving my horses their own shots since I was 13. Yeah we are cheap, we would give a 10 dollar shot ourselves rather than go to the vet and pay 50 bucks for the same thing. hahahahhaa

I'm irritated with a few kids/families that were in D's martial arts class. That's the silat and Kuntao. Cuz D tells them up front that it's a "sparring center" and it's full contact. He has all the right insurance, he won't let them unless they have proper safety equipment, and he has all the pads and helmets and stuff. Well some parents have let their kids go, and paid for it, fully understanding what it was. Then their grandmothers go to watch and next thing you know the kid has dropped out of class, cuz dear old granny doesn't like that it's full contact.

I think that irritates me most, because. First of all, I'm the fricken parent, and if I want my kid in that class, I don't care if your their grandparent, you aren't gonna dictate how I raise my kid.

Well anyhow, D really wanted me to go watch the class. So...I went last night. I enjoyed the tar out of myself. D asks me if I wanna pull Kiddo after seeing how violent it was. I said. Are you kidding, I used to spank him harder than that. hahahahahaha

It was rough, and he hurt a bit, but it was teaching him key skills too. He was learning how to take proper take downs, and how to get out of certain situations, and he was doing pretty dang good.

Today Gigantor and Kiddo went over to help Uncle tear up all the tile in his kitchen dining room area. They got all the tile up and the floor sanded and primed for putting more down. Uncle said that they probably got 4 times as much done with Gigantors help than he thought they would get done. Gigantor and Kiddo only helped for about 5 hours too. I think that's nice they can all do the "male" bonding thing though.

Kiddo's friend skinny K broke his pinky yesterday. Poor kid. They were playing dodge ball at school, and he went to catch the ball. (which should have been a proper dodge ball, but was a volley ball instead) and he missed and it hit his pinky and broke the thing in three places. He's in this huge looking splint, brace thing for 4 weeks, then they re xray it. He is an accident prone kid, but dang, that hurts. hehehehe

Well...I rambled on long enough about basicly nothing, so I'm gonna go check everyone elses blog.

Man that picture just makes me laugh!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

More things about the weekend

Well Gigantor left on Saturday at 5:30 in the morning. He actually wanted me to get up with him. HA as if!! He ran home and noon and helped out with a little thing, then went back. He got home at almost 6 that evening. We ate some dinner and watched Martian Child. It was pretty darn good.

Then Sunday got up and I went to a nail appointment. I made Gigantor go to walmart. hahahahhaa Then we went and delivered avon and avon books, and grabbed some meat to make dinner. Came home and watched Chaos. It wasn't to bad either. Had Wesley Sniped and Jason Stathom in it. Yummie yum yum.

Made some dinner and watched Igor with the kid. That's a cute movie.

My legs have been acting up really bad all weekend. Almost got no sleep, and Saturday they hurt really bad, and was major shakey. Hard to walk anywhere. Yesterday was even worse, and today is pretty dang bad too. Not sure what is up with that.

My cat, what a dam dork. Okay...Saturday Gigantor thought one of the dogs peed on the floor at the foot of our bed, he moved in closer to find, that the cat had leaned over the side of the bed during the night and puked. It was all down the comforter, and on the floor. grrrrrrr

Well it must have done something to that dorks head. My cat is 10 years old. His food dish is on the back of the table, cuz the dogs would eat all his food. So...since like birth, he jumps on a chair then on the table and eats, then gets down. Well past few days/nights he has gotten up on the table eaten, then backed up and fallen right off the dang table. Not once, not even twice, but about 6 times. The dumb ass. hahahaha

And last night he decided that his tail was the source of all evil and he must kill it. This cat has never done that. But boy last night he was trying to eat it off. Making very painful noises as he would bite the crap out of it, which would piss him off, so he would attack it even harder.

Then he was laying on the couch, took a nice long bath, and was going to sleep. We turned the ceiling fan off, and out of the blue, he had to stare at it, spinning his head until it stopped moving, they he sorta just passed out.

I'm thinking maybe he has found a secret stash of cat nip somewhere. Stupid ass cat. hahahahaha

Okay on that note, have a good Monday everyone!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tired but wiping good.

Well that big old cosmic turd maybe flew right past us. hahahahhaa

Gigantor took the microwave to sears, and they went. OMG really?? and gave us a new one and a bit of a credit. I guess the price had gone down on them, so they credited us the difference.

Then I did get in to see the doctor the next day.

She kept me on the same pain meds, but upped the cymbalta so now I'm on the 60 instead of 30 mil. And she gave me some antibiotics to kick the rest of this sinus stuff out.

Today Gigantor was gone for the entire day. He is gonna be gone all day tomorrow too. Sorta ticks me off. I get really sick of the hunter safety course. I know he teaches, and volunteers for ever stinkin thing with it. But we had a long hard discussion about it this year, and well he WASN'T supposed to do all that. But it's like talking to a brick wall.

Well I should write a better and longer post, but I'm dead tired, and going to go read some blogs and go to bed.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DUCK cosmic turds incoming!!!

Oh man I think that cosmic turd is swirling it's way around back to us.

Yesterday I felt a bit worse than I did on Monday, but today I'm feeling tons better in the nose department. Still a bit burny and snuffly in that department. But!!! I have a headache that would kill an elephant. My head hurts so bad. I haven't had a migraine in a year or more. I don't think it's a migraine, sounds aren't bugging me. Moving doesn't make it worse, cuz I don't think it could be much worse. Light is bugging me yeah, but I'm not sick to my stomach. But Oh my holy crap it hurts so bad.

I had an appointment for the doctor this evening. They called me to say she called in sick. grrrrrr They are trying to get me in tomorrow, if she is better.

Oh and get this. Remember just a few months back our microwave of 15 years took a big dump, and we went and got a brand new one from sears. Well guess what happened yesterday?? Gigantor came home and goes, what the hell the lights on the microwave are off.

So...he opens the door and closes it, no lights, but every time the door closes it would kick on. So...we unpluged it and re pluged it in to see if it would clear it or something. Well...then it wouldn't work at all. grrrrrr

I really hate that, cuz since I can't stand much, all my food gets made in the microwave. I don't have anything set up except microwave stuff. I can probably find some cold cereal, it is kiddy cereal, and I can maybe scrounge up some peanut butter with bread.

Hubby took it with him to work and is gonna see if he can get a long lunch and go throw it at the sears guys. hahahahah We took out an extended warranty so they better just replace it. It's not even 6 months old.

Okay well I'm gonna go read blogs and see if I can't figure out how to get rid of this headache.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The house of sick and ewwwww

Oh man I'm sick. Sickity sick sick sick.

My son had a stuffy nose all week. Like an allergy attack that tried to move into something else. I kept him doped up on dayquil and still sent him to school.

Thursday Captain Daddy said he felt about the same way Kiddo did. Friday Daddy came over and he sounded horrid. I got up and it felt like I might be catching something.

Saturday I woke up feeling sick and even Gigantor didn't feel well, all stuffed and icky.

Sunday was torture, I am sure I have another sinus infection. Gigantor was still icky. By Sunday night he was almost over it. still there. I could go to the urgent care today or tomorrow and get some antibiotics. But I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday and I would really hate to pay for two doctors visits. So...I think I'm gonna be miserable and ride it out till Wednesday night when I have my appointment.

Wish me luck and wish me the very slim chance I can kick it out of my symptom without antibiotics. uggghhh

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great Monday.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Such an Exciting Week.

Man what an exciting week so far. NOT!!! hahahahaha Guess my lazy weekend has moved right into my week.

Tuesday I didn't do crap, we were supposed to finally get out and deliver my avon books and stuff, and we didn't. hehehehe

We did watch a movie we got from netflix. Quarantine....I kinda really liked it except the end. I wish they would have explained what happened to the building and how the tape got out. Oh well

Yesterday I lazed around in the bedroom for a couple hours and watched some t.v. I was up and dressed, just didn't wonder out to the living room for a while.

Ended up watching Quarantine again with the Kiddo (I watched it first to see if it would be okay for him to watch) We had a late dinner of chili dogs and mac and cheese. Gigantor is teaching that hunter safety course again. Luckily March 4th is graduation so he won't have to do it anymore until sometime in april or june he has an instructors course which should only be one day.

Kiddo is fighting off a cold or something, he has had the worst stuffy nose. But other than that he says he feels fine. Just been trying to beat it off with Dayquil.

Tonight I have another chiropractors appointment, so I told Gigantor we are getting the books out no matter what. I'm so glad that he's off tomorrow. I don't know why but I've been over exhausted this week, so a bit more sleep will be nice.

Okay that's all the boring I can take, I'm gonna go read blogs.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lazy ass weekend

We had a lazy ass weekend. We didn't do shit. How was you all's weekend???

Friday, Gigantor and I were gonna do a few things together, but Captain Daddy showed up and stayed till evening.

Saturday we had a few plans too, but again, Captain Daddy showed up. Stayed most the day. So much for going to go do anything for valentines. Not that we were planning alot. But we were gonna go deliver avon and go for a drive. We ended up not doing either.

Sunday...You guessed it. Captain Daddy showed up. We just watched some tapes we had recorded.

Monday, Gigantor and kiddo had it off. We were gonna do a couple things, but for the most part be pretty much lazy again. And Captain Daddy showed up. Right about lunch time. He had Gigantor go help him out with some stuff, then he came back over here. Left at almost 5.

So...we didn't do crap for the weekend, what did you all do???

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Husband is fricken SUPERMAN!!!

First of all this may be my last post for the weekend, so I wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines Day with Ferrets. hehehehehehe

Anyhow, on to the hubs.

Yesterday, he got off work about noon to see what he could do about the heater. He rushed home and pulled out the "capacitor" A couple guys out at work said that might be it. He ran down town. First place didn't test them or cary any in stock. 2nd place said it could test it for 50 bucks, test would take 2 minutes, but he wouldn't test it till Friday, then it would take till the following Friday to get the part. Hubs basicly told him to go fuck himself.

Third place, nobody there. So hubs left a message on his machine and cell phone.

He came home and we had some lunch, then he put the capacitor back in and he hit it a few times with his pocket knife and tried the heater. Nope not that.

He then laid himself down on the floor and had his flashlight and proceeded to stare into the heater. (at least that's all it looked like he was doing to me) Now my husband has amazing patients with non living things. He can work on them for hours, but if it's living, he would rather kill or spank it than have patients. I'm the opposite. I'll throw the non living shit in the trash after about oh 30 seconds. hahahahaha

So...after about 40 minutes of staring, he screams MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!

I jump and yell, omg what did you get shocked???

He goes, "no, but do you remember that part we had replaced in December?"

me--oh fuck it didn't burn out did it.

him--no but something sure as hell did.


apparently there is this group of wires that leads from sensor to capacitor, to fan, to motor, to element, etc.....

him--one of the wires burnt all the way through.

He pulls them out, and sure enough one in the group is burned all the way through, but that's not all. All the wires in this ceramic connector thing are all burnt and corroded. He said we were very lucky the house didn't burn down.

So..he went to True Value and got some wires and connectors. 6.70 for the bunch. Then we held our breath. Why did we hold our breath you may ask. Well I'll tell you. BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE HAS NEVER BEEN KIND ENOUGH TO LET ANYTHING IN OUR LIVES BE AN EASY FIX!!!!

So...both him and I were ready to replace these and it still not work. That is just our luck. It's who we are. If it isn't gonna rape us out of all of our money, then it's gonna injure one of us so we have to spend all of our money at the hospital. Yeah nice luck huh??

But he replaces the wires. He turns on the heater, we hold our breath. And the BITCH TURNED ON!!!! whoooooohoooooooo It's been working ever since.

My husband is SUPER fricken MAN!!!!!!

Thank you all for the warm wishes, and nice words. I will be checking in through the weekend, but hubby has 4 days off, and after tomorrow Kiddo has 3 days off, so we will probably be doing some thing or other. hahahaha

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Dear God Help Me!!!!

Oh my gosh it's cold, it's so dam cold. Our heater finally took a major dump as we were sleeping last night. The element kept coming on, but the blower/fan motor won't work. So...we almost burnt the house down.

Usually it wouldn't be so bad, but it stormed here and more storms are supposed to hit this weekend.'s low 20's outside, and low 30's here in the house.

I called a friend and got one electric portable heater to sit here next to the computer, but i'm not sure if it's working. She wasn't sure it would work either, it was in storage on it's side. Oh yeah I just checked, it's warming up. It isn't one of those that blows the heat, just heats up and radiates out.

My mother in law is supposed to bring one or two more over also. She said it would be later, cuz she had to cook the father in law breakfast and he refused to wait for 10 minutes for her to bring them over.

Gigantor had to go to work. So...I left a message on the electricians phone, but he isn't off his other job till after 3.

Gigantor did text me told me he was getting off early so that he could try to fix it.

I'm not gonna run the oven again like I did last time. I went from having a 150 dollar electric bill to a 373 dollar one. ahhhhhhhhhhh

Wish me luck and that the parakeets don't die in the cold.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Busy ass weekend

Wow we had a busy weekend. I'm really feeling it today. Suffering is more like it. uggghhhh

Now let me say. I love my captain daddy. Love him. But sometimes enough is enough. He came over on Thursday for a few hours, yup I said few hours. And visited, then said he might come over on Friday. I'm like, ummm okay, well you know Gigantor is off right, and he wanted to work on fixing the floor. (the floor collapsed by the heater vent in the bedroom, so he has to get under the house and cut all the insulation away and build frames and put up braces)

So...captain daddy said yeah, I just wanted him to cut my hair and I take a shower and do a load or two of laundry.

I figure okay, he will show up more toward the afternoon and then be gone by evening. Ummm no, he showed up at 8:30 and then didn't want to cut his hair till it was warmer, and didn't want to put his laundry in till after his shower. For crap sake.

He ended up buying us Chinese for dinner, and stayed till about 10 that night.

That was our whole Friday, waisted, we didn't get the stuff down town done we wanted too, and Gigantor didn't get to work under the house.

Saturday Gigantor got up early and went to work under the house. Ended up calling D over to give him a hand somewhere. And who shows up?? Captain Daddy. Grumpy as hell, cuz he didn't sleep well. So...he grumped and groaned and didn't do much of anything but sit here on the couch. D visited for a bit, and I had to actually kick them out, cuz we were going over to some other friends for dinner, that they invited us to a week previous.

They left, and we went to the friends, and had Prime Rib, potatoes, green beans, and chocolate lava cake for dessert. We visited till like fricken 11. Came home and I got sucked into a movie on Sci Fi so sat in bed watching it till 2, then went to sleep.

Planned on sleeping in, cuz we didn't need to go to Aunt and Uncles till 2 to work on taxes. Thought Captain Daddy would show up about noon or 1 to head over there. Nope....he showed up at 8:30. Gigantor had to actually get up out of bed. I slept one more hour. Still not enough. lol

So...we ended up sitting around out here, being quiet, cuz daddy fell asleep on the couch. Got to aunt and uncles, and he did daddy's taxes first, got him some good money back, then he did ours, and we are getting a nice chunk back. Now I should be able to buy the rest of the skirting for the house and get it and the fence all the way done so I can have a yard back.

Stayed and ate dinner there, aunt made sloppy joe's and salad. Came home about 7 and fricken captain daddy stayed for like another hour.

I thought to myself, oh man, long weekend, but he has to work for most the week, so a nice break. He said his schedule changed so he probably is coming over today and tomorrow morning. Then again on Thursday and Friday.

I love him to death, but sometimes I need more than one day break. hahahahahhaa Specially when he has the grumpies. I've been batteling the blues enough myself, don't need people on big downers hanging around.

Anyhow the wind is blowing about 35 mph with gusts up to 45. So I'm gonna go and pet the dogs, seeing as they are wrapped around my feet shaking cuz the wind is scary stuff I guess. hahahahhaa

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Short Post

Just a short post. We are set for dinners over this weekend. Captain Daddy came over today. Spent the ENTIRE day till 10 at night. That was a little much. But him and Gigantor had a good time today. Then he bought us all chinese for dinner.

Tomorrow night we are going to some friends house, who are cooking a nice late birthday dinner. Prime rib they said.

Sunday, uncle and aunt are gonna help us do our taxes (he has turbo tax) so we are going over at 2 and they are gonna cook a nice dinner for all of us.

That's a score, when I'm really broke till after payday. hahahahaha

couple things that have made me laugh real hard past couple days.

Foxy was on the couch doing her meerkat impersonation. She does that then will throw herself backwards on her back on someone and give them a look as if to say. Look at me I'm cute. So...she is doing it and throws herself backward, right off the dam couch. She wasn't hurt, but we laughed our asses off, she looked so embarrassed, and wouldn't look at us for a while.

Other day, Kiddo was hurrying through the living room and stubbed his toe on our very heavy wood scratching post. He starts hopping around in circles complaining how bad it hurt, and what does he do?? He stubs the big toe on the other foot on the same dam scratching post. hahahahahaha Yeah that's right, I laughed at him, and called him a dork.

Then this is the best, I laughed so dam hard. We have these big double doors that lead from the master bedroom to the master bath. Well...I always leave them open, I'm thinking of actually taking them down. But I do have the beaded curtains up, so it is a bit of a partition. I just don't like the doors shut.

Any how. Gigantor was ready to get in the shower and I asked him for something from my dresser. My dresser is right in front of the bathroom doors. So...he bends over to get it. He's Nekkid here people. And he stands up and yells what the hell!!!! And starts twisting and turning trying to figure it out. Well...OMG I'm laughing so hard picturing it.....when he bent over one of those beaded curtain strands like ummmm well ummm it went in the crack if you know what I mean. So...when he stood up it was stuck in his bum crack!!!! I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the bed, and he kept yelling at me to SHUT UP, IT WAS NOT STUCK.

I told him OMG I am so blogging about this!!! His words were OH FUCK!!!!

Yeah that's my giant. hahahahaha

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February 3rd

Today on February 3rd. Lets see what happened today.

--Gigantor's actual birthday was today.
--He's 38
--I got up early with the Kiddo instead of sleeping in
--I would have rather slept in
--our friend D came over and visited with me for a couple hours
--Foxy jumped up on me when I wasn't expecting it and she scratched me all up as she fell off.
--I trimmed Foxys nails
--I found out I don't like pizza bites/rolls/pocket thingies
--I like totino's frozen pizza's
--can't stand the pizza bites
--The salad I had for lunch had a soggy mushroom in it
--I didn't find out till it was in my mouth
--I couldn't finish my salad
--We watched Tropic Thunder tonight
--I was not thrilled
--Nor did I laugh very much
--I did 75 butterflies yesterday
--I don't have weights or a machine, but did the movements tensing my muscles as I did
--75 butterflies at the first go is way to many
--my arms, chest and back are very sore
--I've upped my leg step exercises to 30 on each foot
--Few more days I will up the leg press thingies to 6 instead of 5.
--My son is not only learning Taekwondo but he is now in classes for Kuntao and Silat
--D teaches those classes
--Kiddo is doing really good. Silat and Kuntao are a very much more agressive and dangerous form of fighting
--We know with Kiddo's gentle nature that he would not use them for wrong
--D thinks Kiddo will be good enough to be an instructor if he keeps up with it
--D has been doing all this for 20 plus years
--Silat is pronounced sea lot It's Indonesian fighting

On that note I'm gonna go shower and cuddle with my honey.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

So Much Thanks

I just wanted to thank you all so very much. All the comments left were so nice, and made me feel so loved.

I did pretty good this weekend.

Friday I went and got my nails done. I wasn't going to but Gigantor made me. Said it's one of the few times I get out and have fun. He's right I should keep going. I got them black with a ton of red glitter and red sparkelie heart decals on them. Very cool looking.

I will say I didn't fidget from pain near as much as usual when I get them done. That was a plus.

My avon order came in Friday afternoon so I got that done. My mother in law came over and scrubbed the guest bath and vacuumed the living room. That was cool I guess.

Saturday I got up and cut up a bunch of stuff. We were doing Gigantor's birthday dinner that night. His birthday is actually the 3rd, but I wanted to do it on a weekend. We had pasta and I did a crock pot full of meat balls and a big pan full of meat sauce with lots of veggies in it. Then garlic bread, and I made a HUGE green salad. I always make plenty of food, but I almost didn't have enough this time around.

Part of it I'm sure is some of Gigantor's sisters brought extra kids (not related) without telling me. I found that very rude. Then one of his sisters that never EVER cooks enough food. Her and her son scooped up so much food it would have fed three people each. Shocked the heck out of us.

Since I worked on the dinner on Saturday I didn't do any arm exercises. And since people didn't go home till midnight I didn't do my leg one's either. That was my one day off for the week.

Sunday we all slept in some. Got up and watched a couple programs we recorded. At a bit of a wonderful dip. Had some left over salad. And then settled in and watched the super bowl. Oh my gosh what an amazing game. I am bummed that with only 1.56 left on the clock the cardinals lost. But only by 3 points, and they sure as heck brought it and proved they were good enough to be there. I was very proud of my cardinals.

I did my exercises and we went to bed rather early. After Kiddo went to school I actually fell back asleep today and slept way way in. I'm so bad. I feel so guilty when I do that. Probably because my mother was the beast of beasts if you slept past 7:30 ever. Oh she would make you feel so dam guilty and yell at you tons. And still this many years later, I have to fight to not feel guilty when I sleep in past 8 or 9.

I will say something that I hope I don't jinx it. But at night every time I moved my legs in bed it would feel like a knife was stabbing up under my knee caps. And whenever I got out of a chair. But past 2 days it hasn't. I'm hoping I'm getting ahead of the pain with some of the meds. I mean yeah they still hurt, as does my back, hips, ankles and legs in general, but to not have that stabbing pain and to actually get a bit of sleep. That's a huge plus I'm sure. I haven't really slept in months. So....lets hope I didn't just jinx that. hahahaha

Okay I'm off to read some blogs. Have a good Groundhog day everyone. And I truly appreciate you all!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spilling my Guts

Be warned this is probably gonna be a long book here.
I decided to spill all. Some of you might not even care to read it, and that is fine, it is more for me and healing for me. It's some things about me that I have hidden since I've had this blog. Shocking I know cuz I seem to put it all out there.

I'm having real issues with my health. Let me just lay some ground work to what I'm getting too. (this is the long part)

I was a skinny scrawny kid till I hit middle school, then after puberty I got a bit chunky. But I hiked, and rode horses, and ran and played. I thought I was fat in high school, but when I look back and at pics, I would kill for that body again. Even after high school, I rode the horses, I bucked hay, I worked out with weights and aerobics. I was in some dam good shape. But I was never "thin" my look good/feel good weight was between 180 and 210. And I was alot of muscle too.

When I moved back up here, I had moved to take care of my mom. I was still very active, but didn't have the gym here, so I put on a bit of weight. I got married, still very active, could go on hikes and everything.

Then I had my first surgery where they removed that 30lb tumor. It took me over a year to heal and tons of hormone pills, and I put on more weight. Then I went on fertility drugs for a year, because we very much wanted a baby. Got pregnant, lost some weight, had the baby and never lost any after he was born. Back on the hormone medication (this is so I won't get more tumors) A couple years later I went in for a routine surgery to remove my gal bladder, and the surgeon cut my artery so they had to cut me open. Lets just say it was a nightmare surgery and healing. Took so long. And yup you guessed it, more weight.

By this time my mom's health really started going down hill, so we were taking care of her more and more. Which meant less time for me to work out, less time to go hiking (we didn't feel right leaving unless we had someone to check on her) Less time for me in general. And....I put on more weight. I ended up going on blood pressure meds not to long after that. He said they were mainly from stress, but yes my weight did contribute.

Each year, my health got worse, and I gained a bit more weight. After my mom went in the hospital and to Texas, I made arrangements to go there for the summer. Took my kid. The point was, that my sister had gym equipment in her house, and a pool nearby that did water aerobics and I could work my butt off, and get a jump start on the weight loss.

As a bunch of you know. 4th day there I fell, got taken away in an ambulance. I dislocated my elbow, bruised up my knee, and we thought major sprained my ankle, now we know that it sorta broke. And I walked on it with a cane anyway. 5 days later I put myself in the water aerobics anyway. I did lose weight, not as much as I wanted cuz I couldn't use the gym machines, but in 5 months I lost 65lbs, it was a big jump start for me.

I came home and was keeping up exercising. (we don't have access to a pool or gym equipment here) so I did the best I could. Christmas eve I fell again. That hurt my spirits bad. As I was recouping from it, about ready to start exercising again, well my mom died. That threw me into a major tail spin, for at least 6 months. At least I didn't gain weight in that 6 months.

In the summer I hurt my back so bad that the chiropractor thought I might have broke it. Ended up I didn't, but I couldn't walk but a few feet and with a cane for 4 months. Yeah I gained some weight. After those holidays, my entire family got sick back to back for three months. We were sick then well for 4 or 5 days then sick again. It was horrid.

That spring I requested some new hormone meds. And then I went through a year of recurring urinary tract infections and yeast infections. I was miserable, I was sick feeling, I hurt so bad, and I could NOT exercise with that, and yeah I put on more weight.

The next spring I made the doctor take me off those meds. I then pulled my back out again that summer. I got healed, and thought, okay this is my year to get back in shape. I'm still walking, so I will just up that a bit and start my exercise tapes. Then my tooth broke and I had to go in for surgery. After I healed most of the way, I got an aweful aweful pain in my right knee. I was having a bit of a hard time walking. By Feb, the other knee started hurting just as bad.

I told the doctor about the pain and she gave me some pain meds. Tramadol....they are non narcotics, and I was just taking one on the weekends and one day during the week. Just at night. It seemed to be helping. Then I went through two bouts of this weird coughing sickness. I coughed day and night for 5 weeks straight. I couldn't take my pain meds when I was doing that cuz they would make me sick.

After I got well, the pain was way to much to catch up too. I was taking a pain pill every night. And again I gained more weight.

There is a point you hit where you can't lose weight unless you exercise, and you can't exercise unless you lose weight. Also if you hit a certain size, and can't really move, your body stores whatever it eats, even if it's healthy. Your metabolism just quits. That is the point I was/am at. My knees got worse and worse. I also felt like I had jelly legs. So...not only the pain but it felt like I was going to fall each time I tried to walk.

My weight makes it near impossible also. I get breathless just going in to the bathroom. I'm scared to go out of the house by myself, I'm not sure my legs will let me get back in myself. I've stopped driving cuz it's to hard to get in and out of the suburban without help, and I'm sure with my knees my reaction time on the pedals won't be what it used to be.

I was sinking into dispair from all the past few years, and curent sittuation. My sister finally noticed and told me I needed to talk to the doctor about my feelings as well as the pain.

I don't up pain meds on my own. I'm scared to death of them. My mother died from smoking and her pain med abuse. I like pain meds to much, so I know I could get addicted to them quite easy. So...I'm scared and extra careful. But...people I can't fricken move.

I went into the doctor. is one of the hardest parts for me to confess out to the world. I never have before. Their mechanical scale goes up to 350lbs. I'm off that scale. Their electronic scale goes to 400lbs I'm off that scale too. We estimate that I am about 450lbs. I'm 5'5" tall, that's alot of weight.

I have high blood pressure, that isn't even controlled with meds right now. She said from the pain and dehydration it was 200 over 112. Scared the crap out of me. I suffer from degenerative disc disease. Which yes I know is hereditary, but the weight doesn't help and my lower back and hips are in constant pain. I suffer from lower leg lymphadema. My lower legs are about as big as my thighs, and heavy and achy and gross. And my knees. We think it's arthritis, cuz it makes gross gross grating noises when I move. And now because of all of this and because of my fat ass, I can't fricken move. I am so scared to be the lady cut out of her house. Or to die.

I'm not bed ridden, but I'm sure that would be the next step. The doctor went ahead and told me to take two of those pills at night. And after I broke down and sobbed to her, she put me on cymbalta. She is going to see me in one month, and moniter me very close.

Gigantor and my sister have been helping tons. My sister calls or texts me throughout the day and reminds me to drink water, and to do some arm exercises in my chair.

We have started some leg exercises each night here at home. I lay on my back on the bed, and Gigantor will pick up my heals. I will make the walking motion. 20 steps so actually 40 cuz it's 20 on each side. I'm ready to up it 5. (I've only been doing them a week) And then he puts my feet on his upper chest (His taekwondo master told us to do this one) And I bend my knees back to my chest as far as I can and I push, and he pushes back, so it's resistance. We do it for a count of 10 then I push him all the way up. We repeat that 5 times. I'm not quite ready to up that yet, but hopefully in another week.

Please all, pray for me. I'm scared, and I'm still way to down in the dumbs to be fired up enough. I'm really hoping the pain meds make me feel better enough so I can move and that the cymbalta makes me feel better enough so I WANT to move.

I just wanted to lay it out there to you, cuz I'm probably gonna be using the blog once in a while to vent or whine or talk about my sucess or failures for the day.

If you have read this far I give you brownie, cuz I'm not eating any more of them right now. hahahahaha

Bless you all

Have a good weekend if I don't talk to you before then!!!