Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday thoughts

hmmmmm my thoughts on this Sunday. I feel really at peace. I haven't posted much this past week. To much stuff going on that I'm not going to get into at the moment. It's been a hugely emotional week to say the least. I didn't know that one person could cry that much, and there will be much more tears to come as things progress. But we aren't focusing on all that. We are trying to be happy and positive and full of joy.

Yesterday the kiddo had a complete and utter melt down. I had to be honest with him and tell him about his grandma and what to expect and what is coming. And he just shut down. He will shut down emotionally when he doesn't like something. So...yesterday it must have built all up. He was the child from the underworld yesterday. He kept picking fights with his daddy and with his best friend. He was saying some of the most awful things to his friend. I pulled him to one side twice asking him what was really going on with him and he kept yelling at me nothing, and would go be even more mean. I finally pulled him into my room, and said "WHAT IS WRONG" he goes "nothing"
me--something has to be wrong other than you just being a little cranky
him--no I'm fine it's just everyone else is being mean
me--no..your the one acting mean
him--(growls) no I am not
me--would you like treated this way by your friend
me--would you want to go spend time at your friends house if he treated you this way
him---(hanging head) no
me--why in the world do you want to hurt his feelings that bad over and over again??
him--I would want to die
me--right, so you would feel bad
him--no I really want to die RIGHT NOW
me--OMG why would you say that
him--*turning red fighting back tears*
me--so tell me what is really wrong!! is it about me and grandma??
him--*whisper* yes
me--OMG son I can't help you if you don't talk to me *I start crying*
him--*screaming and crying* DON'T CRY!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT WHEN YOU CRY!!!!
People, my precious little baby would not come talk to me about what was hurting him because it would hurt him more to make me cry. He has seen my crying most of the week, and he in no way wanted me hurting or crying more. I grabbed that kid like lightning and held him and held him and he kept saying over and over. don't cry mommy don't cry!! It broke my heart to shreds. My beautiful 8 year old man was bottling everything up and hurting others in his life just so he would not hurt me. God I felt to guilty. We talked and cried for a long time about how it's okay if mommy cries, cuz mommy feels much better after she cries. And that no matter if I cry or not, he should always come to me and talk about whatever is on his heart. After our cry and hugging, I told him he should go explain what is going on to his friend, and his friend loved him enough that he would understand. He didn't want me or daddy watching, so we were peaking out of the bedroom door. He walks out and calls his friend over and says. "I am soo so sorry about being such a creep today. My grandma is in the hospital, maybe dying, and I couldn't handle it" His friend (whom he has known since they were ummm a few hours old) Puts his hand on my kiddos shoulder and says. "It's okay, I know you must be sad, and I understand, and will always be your friend" then said friend hugs the kiddo real big. Okay, yes, that made me cry again. My child was an angel after that, so at peace and calm. He even got a phone call from his Auntie Alekx and his grandma so he felt much better.. I say it was perfect timing.

As of today, we went up and threw out about 5 bags of trash out of mom's house and brought home three boxes of stuff and 6 bags of stuff to put away and go through (some of it food) Then we got home and my lovely hubby is outside teaching the kiddo the very fine art of picking up dog poop. My lovely smart husband has decided that he can talk the kiddo into cleaning up dog poop every day for the cheap payoff of a quarter a day. The kiddo is acctually going for it. Let me challenge anyone to find someone to pick up dog poop for 3 giant dogs for a quarter a day. hehehehee I think we are getting the good end of this deal.

I do have to go now. Apparently the kiddo walked into a metal piece that was over hanging from the neighbors yard. Time to go clean his bloody head. ickkkkk

Hope you all had a good weekend. Much hugs to you all!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Okay I'm not doing a real post today, because I'm to upset, sad, pissed, depressed, and angry. I'll write more when my thoughts are pulled together. (yes it's all about mom)

Anyhow a real life long time friend got hooked up on the internet, and I turned her onto the blogs, and she started one of her own. You all should go check her out. She is a massive riot in real life, I can only imagine what she will be like on here. She's brand new on the internet so we will have to have patients and advice as she learns. But I encourage you all to go check her out and leave her a nice comment. Go see Dorko here

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I have nothing of any kind of interest today. Let me just start with mom is in the hospital in Texas. Alekx and the house elf were up all night. They got a couple hours sleep this morning, and are headed back to the hospital. We are now realizing she took a huge turn for the worse when she went to Texas. So...we are starting the paperwork trying to get her back in an assisted care nursing home in Phoenix. Her insurance won't cover Texas. So...wish us all luck there.

In other news. I'm eating "heaven in a bowl" cut up strawberries, fresh black berries and blueberries, a touch of sugar all mixed up in their own juices. mmmmmmm I love it plain, on yogurt, over ice cream. It's just dam good anywhere. And berries are so very good for you. Great little cancer fighters.

My son this morning, wakes up and is sitting on my bed getting dressed. He looks at the cat and goes. (in the sweetest, tiniest, little boy voice) oooOo I left you a stinky and he walks out of the room. Well this made me giggle. As I drop him off at school. He gets out of the suburban, and goes oh mommy?? I say yeah. He says "I left you a stinky" and he walks off. The little turkey butt. I don't know where the new phrase came from, because he used to proudly boast for all to hear I FARTED!!! Now it's this little innocent cute voice telling you he left you a stinky. LOL

This past weekend, we watched Catwoman, and Troy. I thought they were both very good. Sometimes I just like a fun movie. That was catwoman. But Troy was way good too. I want to see Taxi and Saw. See if they are any good.

Okay I had aimless rambling today. Sorry about that. I'm off to do some paperwork, and make some phone calls. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Gigantor the criminal????

Okay some days being a good samaritan just bites. hehehehe I have to tell you all what happened to Gigantor on last Friday.

He was going back to work at lunch time. He has learned how to beat the time clock by a few seconds or minutes so it doesn't count the last nine minutes he took. So...he wanted to get back so he only had a 50 minute lunch instead of 60 (guys and their quirks) As he is going around our circle (we live on a circle oval thingie) he goes around the second curve to see a child laying in the street bawling and spitting something red from his mouth. Gigantor being an e.m.t., dad, and just all around good guy, threw the truck in park and got out and ran to the kid. As he is checking the little guy out he hears a page go out on his radio. But...he ignored it. They have pages all day, and he has to work his day job unless it's a huge fire or wreck. So...he continued asking the kid what happened and looking him over. Cometo find out the little guy was riding on the back of his brother, standing on the bike pegs, and for some unknown reason decided to jump off. He landed on his hands and knees, and the red he was spitting out of his mouth was just those red, candy, fake teeth. So...gigantor see's he just has skinned hands and knees and he sends him home to get cleaned up and tell his parents about it. Gigantor jumps in his truck and starts back out to work. (he has to go down a highway for a ways to the industrial park) As he's driving he hears the ambulance crew say they were headed for 69 M***r*** which is where he just was. So he radio's dispatch and tells them what just happened. And that they could cancel. Dispatch never answered him, but they could have been busy or talking to someone else. And he heard the ambulance got cancelled so he wasn't to concerned. He looked at his watch and was excited that he could still make it back in time. Then he see's lights in his mirror. There is a cop pulling him over!!!! He pulls over thinking. hmmmm i wasn't speeding. The officer (Lt. V.) walks up without a ticket book or anything. (all the firefighters and officers know each other, small town and all) And he says Gigantor, we have a report that you just committed a hit and run. WHAT????? After the two of them talking, they figured out what happened. Apparently a lady looked out her window and seen a kid on the ground a man over him and a truck in the road. So she called 911 to tell them some man hit a kid. Then she see's man get in truck and leave. So...she calls 911 again and tells them he just committed a hit and run and gives them a description of the truck and license number. Now god forbid she step out on her porch and ask if everything was alright, or ask what happened. NooOoOO her dumb butt assumed things that she had no idea about. I know what the address is. I do want to go over there and confront her, but Gigantor told me I couldn't. I also wanted to push the police to go talk to her about filing a false report. But again Gigantor says no big deal. Like Lt. V. says she put 2 and 2 together and she got 12. Just thank God we live in a small town, and people will talk about things. If we were in a big city they would probably have arrested him till they straightened it all out. Stupid ass busy body women that want more drama then their pitiful soap opera filled lives give them. gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Maybe I should walk all three big dogs around and coax them to take a massive dump in her front yard. That would make me feel better at least. Maybe I can bribe some teenagers to t.p. her house or egg it or something. hehehehee

Gigantor says honey she was only trying to be a good samaritan also excuse the flip out of me. But if she was trying to be that good of a samaritan then she would have at least stuck her head out and seen what happened for real. I know I for one, if a child got hurt, would have been outside seeing if I could help.

Alas, Gigantor did not make it back to work on time. He actually got docked a half hour more. Sometimes doing the right thing can be so discouraging ya know. Good grief people. All in all it is pretty funny. I mean when he came home from work tonight, he flings open the door and announces. HONEY HAVE I GOT A BLOG STORY FOR YOU HEHEHEHE he's a pretty good guy. I'm a lucky lady.
Happy Monday everyone. Happy Presidents Day!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I sure Wish....

.....that this stomach bug would go away. Every time I think I feel better, I eat or drink something, and OMG the pain. But, hell, maybe it will make me lose weight. LOL

I saw another sign of those exercises starting to help my knees and back. baby steps baby steps. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I God is my witness....IF ONE MORE PIECE OF FOOD GETS SUCKED DOWN INTO MY VORTEX BRA!!! I'm gonna.....gonna....TAKE IT OFF AND FLAP AND SAG IN THE WIND FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS!!!!!! I can't eat anything, and I mean anything without it going down into my vortex bra. *sigh* I mean and it's not just food. For god sake!!!! You all know I sell Avon. favorite eyeshadow is their cream eyeshadows. They come in a tube that looks like a lipstick tube. All shades, you twist them up and paint them on. hehehehee So...I'm putting on makeup, and my beautiful "pistachio" green was towards the end of it's days. The last of it broke off and fell. I look all over the counter, and the ground and can't find it. I EVEN stuck my hand in my bra and didn't find it. So I figured it rolled off somewhere. I went about my day. That night when I got BRESTIES WERE GREEN!!!! For shit sake, I looked for it in my bra. But NOOoOoOOooO it has to hide when I'm trying to fish stuff out of there.

Okay for all you guys. There are some things that SHOULD NOT be done in front of your women. hehehehehee My lovely Gigantor is in Taekwondo. Just like the kiddo. Well the kiddo went to his class yesterday, and Gigantor went to his last night. Gigantor came home and told me how sore the inside and back of his thighs were. He went and got undressed into just his t-shirt and fruit of the looms. He again started complaining. I said, "what was that from, kicks??" He goes, "this one" and does this very high, front, snap kick, that is very quick. Then I started cracking up, and he goes..."what's your problem" and I'm just pointing to his tighty whities, and chocking out. "that was the most hilarious and gross thing I've ever seen." *i figured out that when you do those kind of kicks in your undies, things that move in ways that are bizarre and unnatural, should not be seen by women* heheheheee I told him that all the men should fight in their fruit of the looms so that their opponents would die laughing. I think the only thing that could have been funnier and grosser is if he did that kick in front of me, with no drawers on. I know I know...gross, and bad mental image. hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go see what kind of trouble I can cause today. Maybe try to duct tape and padlock my bra shut. I'm sure I would still find goodies in it though.

The kiddo has the next 4 days off. Tomorrow is something called a "teacher in service day" and then the weekend, and then what is it?? presidents day?? or pick or nose day??? or scratch your butt day??? Something. This school takes lots of weird day's off.

Happy Thursday everyone SURVIVOR,CSI, WITHOUT A TRACE AND E.R. tonight folks. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Comments and Stomach

First of all, stupid ass blogger is not letting me comment on anybodies blogs. Please know I am reading you all, and have plenty of snarky, off color comments I would send, but alas it's not letting me. I think it's conspiring against my snarkieness. hehehee

OMG my stomach, I have never had pain this bad in a long time. I was soooooo sick. Gigantor got sick on Friday and Saturday. I guess he gave it to me. Monday night, (yes that would be valentines people, the night of romance and wild monkey sex) after I ate dinner, I fell asleep on the couch. I never do that. And I woke up, and go. OMG I have to go to the bathroom. I was having the worst pains in my stomach. I ended up sitting on the toilet cradling the trash can between my hands on my lap, for over an hour. I went to bed and was in a fitful sleep all night. I even almost asked Gigantor to take me to the hospital, the pain was so bad. I made him go in to work late so he could take the kiddo to school. I couldn't have gotten out of bed to save my life. I kept the trash in front of the toilet, and a wet rag on the counter right there, cuz I had been so sick. I finally got up at 11. Got myself out of bed and dressed about 1. I even made it to go get the kids yesterday after school. Then I choked down some soup, and a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Well last night I was feeling alot better, just the pain in my tummy was still there, not as bad though. So, I'm in the bathroom on my throne, and Gigantor comes in to talk to me. Seems my boys always want to talk to me when I'm on the can. I decide to take the polish off my nails. I put the stuff on my cotton round and sit there scrubbing at my nails. After 3 or 4 minutes I realized that nothing is coming off. I'm whining to the hubby that this nail polish is kicking my butt, cuz it won't come off. *scrub scrub, grunt, scrub* Gigantor reaches down and off the floor picks up a bottle and says. "why don't you try the nail polish remover" I HAD BEEN SCRUBBING MY NAILS WITH A COTTON ROUND SOAKED WITH MY FACE TONER!!!! And fuck, it's not like the bottles even look similar. And they sure as hell don't smell the same. I was like "omg" and we started cracking up. So....I drop the soaked cotton thingie down to my left (where I usually keep the trash can), forgetting the trash is in front of me. So... here is the conversation from the rest of the time in there.
Gigantor---*laughing* your such a dork
me---*laughing* hush you (blowing nose, dropping dirty tissue down to my left)
him--*giggling* that was funny as hell, they don't even look alike
me--*gigglingback* hush I said, your not helping (soaking new cotton with nail polish remover) *scrub scrub scrub*
him---I wish I had a camera
me--*dropping cotton down to my left* Oh thank you so much I love you too.
him---ummmm honey??
me--*dropping a whipie I cleaned stuff up with down to my left* what
I hear a splat
me---Oh fuck there's no trash can there!!!!
him---*rolling in rumbling laughter* you've been throwing everything away for the past 10 minutes.
me--*laughing and embarrassed* why didn't you say something earlier??
him---*snorkle, snerkle, snark*
then he walks off. I can't believe he said I was mentally ill. hehehehe I know I'm a dork, but sheesh. I was sick, not in my right mind, or in my left for that matter. lmaooooo

okay cheesy inside joke inserted here for Alekx (ask her if you wanna know what it means)


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday, a day of rest???

NOT!!! Not for us anyway. Never seems to work that way.

Poor Alekx and the house elf. It seems as if mom has had a little bit of a relapse. She isn't doing as good as she was when she got out of the nursing home. I hope that with some rest it will improve quite a bit. I really hope Alekx can get some rest too. I think all this crap with mom is probably going to put an amazing strain on her and my relationship. I hope our love and bond are strong enough to endure, and make it through. I read an AMAZING book called "the four agreements" It's helped with my outlook on alot of things. I gave it to Alekx. It's not a big book, so I hope she takes even 5 minutes a day to read on it. My uncle recommended it to both of us. And I pray that we can keep the strong bond we have.

Any how, I have followed Gigantor around harping on him to get the things I asked him to do done. So...he's managed to get about half of them done for his self preservation. We have also done up three packages to be mailed tomorrow, helped the kiddo make out all his valentines for tomorrow, gone to the store, delivered some avon, went and got mom's med refills, and went to her house to pick up some things. We also decided to do our valentines dinner tonight since everyone will be tired tomorrow. Gigantor is cooking a turkey breast and some stuffing. I made a fruit dish and a pie. I think we will try to relax and watch extreme makeover home edition and Desperate Housewives.

OOoOoh to a comment KB made. I'm not in Taekwondo. Gigantor and the kiddo are in it. Just the Master has come over and helped come up with some exercises to help with my knees. He's a pretty good guy. We like him alot. And Gigantor and him work at the same steel yard during the day. hehehehe

OooOO my husband is gonna get a beating. LOL He will answer the phone (we are in different rooms) and the person on the other line will ask if it's a bad time to talk to me. And he will go, oh not really we were just getting ready to have sex. Then he will hand me the phone (and I don't know that he has said this to them) and the people are always apologetic to a point of being annoying. I never, for the past so many months, have figured out why people keep apologizing like this. Until today. I got it out of someone. I ask Gigantor about it, and he laughs and goes, yeah I do that all the time. OMG ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

We had to run down to walmart and get the kiddo new tennis shoes last night. His literally self destructed almost on the spot. I knew the shoe strings were getting bad, and there was a couple small slits in the side. Well in like two days, all the things that hold the shoestrings broke and the sides completely split out. So....Gigantor and the kiddo went down and got him some. (plus he was outgrowing his others) Gigantor found a 25 dollar pair for 12 bucks. yayyyyyyyy and the kiddo seemed to jump in size from a 3 to a 5. Holy cow.

Okay I'm gonna go enjoy the evening with the hubby.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

ah poo!!

I know that halloween was a few months ago. But you have to see what my friends father sent out. I was so shocked that it was from him. hehehehehe Then I was grossed out, then I could not stop laughing. I'm sure Kittens boys will love this one. click here

hehehehehe hahahahahah hohohohohohoh

Back among the living

I think I'm back among the living. I went back and read my last post, and boy how negative and cranky I was. I was sorta in a daze. After I wrote that, I was reading other blogs. And literally almost fell out of my chair a few times, because I kept dozing off. I finally went and laid back down. I slept till 2:30 then had to go get the kiddo. We ran some errands last night, and sorta vegged out. We went to bed and read a book for a while. Then I got to sleep in because Gigantor and the kiddo went to Taekwondo today. I feel so very much better for sleeping in.

Gigantor says he has stomach yuck today, so he hasn't done anything I asked him to get done this weekend. I told him that it meant he had to do it all tomorrow. He says yeah yeah I know. Which means I will be on his case again next weekend to get it all done again. Story of my life. That dam man can put things off for months and months. Then when you yell at him, he yells back saying he never knew you wanted it done. Is it just him??? Or is it something in the "male" gene that makes them do that??

Alekx and Mom made it to their home last night. When I called in the evening, mom was already sleeping. I talked to her this morning, and she's losing her voice and is just soooo tired, and a little confused. I don't think she has hallucinations, or dementia permenatly. I think it's because she is so very tired, and her life has been dumped on it's head.

The Taekwondo teacher came over on Thursday night again to give me a 2nd exercise to work on strengthening my knees. So now I have two of them I have to do each night. It's baby steps in improvement, but the point is I do feel better and see some improvement with doing them. On one of the exercises I have to bend my knees (as I'm laying on my back) then lift my feet to Gigantor's chest before doing the exercises. Since my knee's are so bad, and both are out. The first week or so, Gigantor had to help lift my feet up to his chest. I couldn't even do it from my knee's. Now I can lift them both myself. I know that doesn't sound like much, but my knees have been so bad I can barely get out of a chair bymeslf and barely walk. So to lift them on my own, and start getting easier to walk, is huge for me. I'm excited to keep going, and get better and better. The taekwondo master says that in a week or two, we will stop doing those exercises and he's gonna give me three more. Whoooohooooo They hurt, but I love that I'm trying, and seeing at least some results.

Well....I guess I better go and figure out what to do for dinner. I have no fricken idea. Gigantor want's to make a nice valentines dinner tomorrow, (since it's on Monday) and he has no idea what to make either. Neither do I. I think we have chicken we can bbq, another ham (ate one all last week) a turkey breast, and some baby back ribs. I dunno what I wanna do, or what I want to have with it. Any ideas???

Okay everyone. I hope you have a very lovely weekend.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Weathermen, are just glorified psychics

At least that's what I think. They honestly have no idea what in the hell they are talking about. Apparently there is a storm moving through Arizona. It was supposed to hit central Arizona hard. For days we have been told that it would be a slight chance of scattered rain showers up here. Even at 7:30 this morning it said, after it had been raining really really hard all night. It also said, snow level was nothing below 9000 feet, and then today nothing below 7000. We are at 4500 feet, and it's been snowing since 7. Stupid idiots. I'm even driving the kiddo to school. The guy who does the morning show on the radio was saying. OoOOo look it's snowing, and the temp is currently 31 degrees. Then on the next commercial break they play be prerecorded weather forecast. Which says---In Page today, slight chance of scattered showers and temps in the 50's. I wanted to just scream. Look out the fricken window dumb ass and revise the message!!!!!

As you can probably tell, I'm a little cranky today. hehehehee Lack of sleep will do that to you. On Wed night I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. It was horrible. Well last night all of us were dead. I mean the kiddo passed out. Gigantor passed out. Then I laid down and was gone (usually it takes me a half hour or more to fall asleep) Well about 20 minutes after I went comatose. The kiddo walks in, he had a night mare. So...get him back in bed, and I fall back asleep (took about 10 minutes) Almost to the minute, an hour later, the kiddo was up again, saying "isn't it time for school?" (it was 12:30) Convince him no, and put him back to bed. Takes me almost a half hour to go back to sleep. I'm in this deep sleep, and Gigantor "jumps" up and starts flinging things, saying. OMG I'm late for work. By this time I'm yelling. GO BACK TO SLEEP DAMMIT, IT'S 1:40 IN THE MORNING!!!!! He was convinced it was 11:40 and he was massively late. So..convince him to go back to bed. Now my blood pressure is up and I'm angry. Takes me till after 2 to go back to sleep. Gigantor jumping up one more time and waking me up....20 minutes to go back to sleep. Kiddo wondering back in the room asking where the spaceship landed at about 4 this morning. Gigantor finally getting up to go to work. And I fall asleep really good at 6:10 this morning, to have my alarm wake me up at 6:30. I know those two were doing it cuz they were so very very over tired too. And it's something they can't help with the whole sleepwalking and sleeptalking thing. But I swear to god, I hurt so bad this morning from lack of sleep. I feel like an elephant shit on me, then trampled me. Or trampled me then shit on me. Whichever. And not just one elephant but the entire fricken herd, and the entire time, I'm TRYING TO SLEEP

Well, Alekx and Mom had to stop in a little hole in the wall town called Santa Rosa last night. They didn't call me before they left this morning. I tried calling them, but Alekx's cell phone isn't getting a signal right now. They will probably try to call my cell later, which I can't find. (I think it's in the shirt pocket of Gigantor, on the front seat of his truck, out at work) So.....I will try each time I get off the computer. They were about 3 hours from Amarillo. Then Amarillo is about 6 hours from her home. But....with how much they have to stop with mom. It just might take them 16 hours or so. I guess mom was rather altered last night, and having hallucinations. I'm pretty sure it was because she is way way over tired herself. Alekx was almost freaking. Saying if she is gonna do that we have to put her in a home. Get a is probably temporary. For god sake, it's gonna take her a year or two to fully recover from all this shit. It's not gonna happen over night or even in a couple months. I know Alekx is upset because she doesn't want to put even the smallest part of her and the house elf's life on hold "because of mom" But fricken deal with it. It's her turn. I put alot of our stuff on hold for the past flippin 12 years. She's our mom. She made huge sacrifices for us through the years. The least we can do, is try to help her get better and get back out on her own. That means at least a year or two of help. Then if she absolutely can't. Then maybe it's time to look into other things. Okay well, I've bitched and been cranky enough for one day. I'm sure Alekx will be super mad, that I was bitchy about her on my blog. So...what else is new?? LOL I'm always doing something to make her or mom super mad. Story of my life. I really need to try and get a nap. Lets see it's 10 now, I can sleep till 2 then go get the kids. LOL God I wish. I can never seem to nap, I always wake up feeling like ass (or at least what lives in your ass) hehehehee I'll get to sleep in tomorrow, the boys have taekwondo in the morning. hehehehe

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Have a good weekend!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

baaaahhhhhh buuuuhhhhh baaaahhh

Hummmeeeennnaaaa hummmmeeeennnaaa hummmmeeeennnaaaa!!!
What an experience, I would not like to repeat. heheheee The past 5 days it feels like we got sucked into a whirlwind, spun and shook real good, and finally spit out on our butts. I think we are all numb from all the packing, taping, writing, wrapping, and loading. It will probably take a good 4000 hours of sleep to even get back to normal. (ha as if we are normal)

Alekx and mom are off to Texas this morning. Gigantor got up at 4:30 so he could go up there and help them do the final stuff and get on the road. I opted to let the kiddo sleep. It was way to early for him to be up, and be productive in school. So...him and I said all our goodbyes last night.

I will say, that I might have been too efficient in my packing. But we only had a couple days to work on it. So, me, Gigantor and our friend D were just packing and stuffing everywhere. When I say to efficient. Like Alekx called needing to borrow some towels for showering, cuz guess what?? I packed them all--they work great around electronics, and pictures. heheheee Mom had to wear the same outfit for 3 days, cuz I packed all her clothes. She wanted a different pair of shoes, (she only had a thin pair of flip flops when she was in the hospital. NOPE packed em all. She wanted some powder---packed, some new body wash---packed. Some paperwork off her table. HA HA PACKED!!!

I mean my mad packing let me explain what this one box contained, and it was a mild box. First you take a giant sponge bob pillow, put it in box. Then insert small t.v. Pack around t.v. with towels, and probably a few stay pairs of undies found their way in there. Add blanket wrapped vcr, a few more towels and rags, and stray articles of clothing. Top with GIANT STUFFED MONKEY (kiddo got her for christmas) Tape it up and only write t.v. and vcr on top of box. heheheheee

Okay I'm running out of shit to say. So I'm gonna leave you with the top ten most polite ways to tell someone their zipper is down.

10. The cucumber has left the salad
9. Quasimodo needs to go back to the tower and tend to his bells.
8. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.
7. Paging Mr. Johnson.......Paging Mr. Johnson
6. Elvis is leaving the building
5. The Buick is not all the way in the garage.
4. Our next guest is someone who needs NO introduction
3. You've got a security breach at Los Pantalones.
2. Men may be from Mars......but I can see something that rhymes with Venus.
and the number one way to say your zippers is down
1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts.

Badumdum. hehehehe
Happy Thursday everyone.

P.S. Go over to Alekx's blog at Nitrogen Narcosis, she's on my sidebar. I'm starting to take bets about the championship fight she is talking about on her blogs. Let me know who you favor. hehehehee

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More t-shirts

Well Alekx and mom got in about 7:30 last night. It was good to see them. We had some dinner, then they left, and eveyone fell into bed. Alekx called me this morning to ask me to bring up some towels to mom's. Seems in my mad packing rush, I packed every last one. hehehehee I was using them for supporting t.v.'s, pictures, knick nacks. Oh well. They are taking mom to a couple different doctors this morning, then going to call me after that so we can meet up. I let the kiddo stay home from school today. He has been way way over tired, and was having an awful allergy attack. Plus this is the last he gets to see of grandma for a few months.

Well since I have nothing really. I'm going to leave you with some more t-shirt sayings I found.
-People like you are the reason people like me need medication
-My parents said I could be anything, so I became an asshole
-your lips keep moving ...but all I hear is "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..."
-Warning--I have gas and I know how to use it
-I scare my own family
-The only mark I've made in life is in my underwear
-Let's Play Carpenter! First we get hammered, then I nail you.
-Not Perfect, but so close it scares me.
- Keep watching. Maybe I'll do a trick
-5 out of 4 people have a problem with fractions.
-SAVE THE TREES wipe your ass with an owl
-My imaginary friend, thinks you have serious mental problems!!
-Why be difficult? A little more effort and you'd REALLY be a complete Jerk
-Keep America Beautiful, Put a bag over your head.

And why not some bumper stickers that we have owned over the years.
_So many Men so Little Time
- My keys are on the front seat next to the Rottwieler
- Unless your a hemorrhoid, get off my ass
-very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes
-warning, nose goblins under seat
-highly medicated for your safety
-people like you are why people like me are medicated
-Word of the day is Legs....Spread the word

And the one number one bumpersticker that Gigantor has seen and wants to get is

Okay that's all the words of wisdom I've got for today. Off to take towels uptown and to start some packing thingies. hehehehe

Monday, February 07, 2005

Brain dead Monday

Okay I have a brain dead Monday going here. We packed our asses off on Saturday. We had me and Gigantor and our friend D. D and I packed all of mom's wind chimes. (her and I both collect wind chimes and hang them inside) I used a 20 foot by 3 foot roll of bubble wrap packing them dam things. Some where so delicate that each little piece had to be done in bubble wrap, then the whole thing. Then we went over again on Sunday and packed the last of the clothes, bedding and towels in suitcases. We also did the last load of laundry, and straightened up some stuff. Packed a couple more boxes. Then we came home and watched the superbowl. I like to watch the commercials, but what a bust this year. Most of them were boring. My favorite one was when the soldiers were walking in the airport terminal, and everyone started clapping and standing up for them. Made me almost cry. That is how we should treat them all the time.

Anywhoo. I don't have much today, so I was gonna leave ya with a couple funny things I found. I was looking in a magazine called "things you never knew existed" It had a t-shirt section, so I'm gonna leave you with some of the t-shirt stuff.
-three squirrels in a tree and one drops an acorn saying is "it's all fun and games till someone loses a nut"
-three stick figures roasting hot dogs around a fire, one is missing his dog "it's all fun and games till someone loses a wiener"
-Therapy is Expensive, Beer is Cheap, what to do?? What to do??
-The last thing I want to do is hurt you....but it's still on the list.
-I AM NOT INFANTILE you stinky butt poopy head
-I'm retired, but I work part time as a pain in the ass!!
-no job, no money, no car, BUT I'M IN A BAND!!!
-I'm multi-talented: I can talk and piss you off at the same time
-When I snap you'll be the first to go
- back of a harley shirt "if you can read this the bitch fell off"
-back of another harley shirt "I'm the BITCH that fell off"
-ROCK IS DEAD long live paper and scissors
-Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast??
-This is not a beer gut, it's a protective covering for my rock hard abs!!
-I'm trying to see things from your point of view, but I can't stick my head that far up my ass
-Join the ARMY visit exotic places, meet interesting people, then kill them
-I'm so old I can laugh, cough, sneeze, fart and pee all at the same time
-Heaven doesn't want me and hell is afraid I'll take over.
-To err is human, to blame it someone else shows management potential
-On the journey of life I chose the psycho path
-My anger management class PISSES ME OFF
-No one is ever old enough to know better
-I live in my own little world, but it's ok....they know me here
-I'm right 98% of the time. Who gives a crap about the other 3%

Okay I'll leave you all with those. I have more, but they can wait till another time. hehehehee

It will be nice to see Alekx and mom tonight, they should be getting in tonight. So, I'm cooking up a ham, and some mashed taters, and red eye gravy and some bbq asparagus. (mmmmm) Okay happy Monday everyone.

Okay on a side note. I know someone else brought this up. But why does bloggers spellcheck not recognize the word blog. And why in the hell does it not recognize "fart" It says I spell that wrong every time, and it has no substitute. IDIOTS!! LOL

Friday, February 04, 2005

Potties and Phone calls

If you don't like toilet talk, you might want to pass this posting by. hehehehee

Okay I must have drunk a ton of water lately. I can't seem to get far from the toilet....and thank god nobody is calling me while I am on. I have really upped my water intake though. So...I go potty earlier. As I'm walking out of the bathroom, the phone rings, it's mom. I sit on the foot of the bed and talk to her. Then I have to go potty again. WTF?? I mean and it's not just tinkle tinkle. It's like a flood gate opened. So...I come out here to get on the computer, and I open this window to start a post. And...I have to pee so bad I'm in pain. So...back to the potty. This is how my entire morning has gone. I've been on that throne more than in my chair, or anywhere else. I'm dreading leaving the house for the hour and a half to pick up the kiddo and do my errands. I might have to pee real bad. Maybe I should take a tin can along. hehehehee

So...Alekx calls me this morning. She had been on the road since 3:45 Texas time, so about 4 to 5 hours before she called me. She had to tell me what kind of torture it was for her to go pee along the way. I guess, as she told me, Texas doesn't believe in enclosed rest area restrooms. They have the four walls, then those four beams and a big open space before the roof sets on the tops of the beams. And...she told me that Texas believes in stainless steel toilets in their rest area's. Arizona has either porcelain or the fiberglass. So...poor old Alekx (hehehe I said old alekx) has been having to sit on those seats, (that aren't in an enclosed building) in 28 degree weather. hehehehe I'm starting to take bets on which of us think she got a "ring" pattern freeze dried to her ass. hehehe She said they were so cold they were almost painful (I don't know why that brings a grin to my face) I can just imagine her shivering herself right off the seats. hehehehehe Plunk on the floor bare butted. Okay my mind is going in a lot of different bathroom humor directions.

OOoO she just called me again at lunch time. She is now hitting the hilly part around El Paso. She says those are the only mountains in the entire state of Texas (guuuggggg) So....her phone kept cutting in and out. And she dropped me twice. We had to keep calling each other back. So....last call I hear this. We are talking away, then.
B--Alekx you there
A--hold on losing connection
B--you still there??
then click. hehehehheee I could not stop laughing at her cutting up cussing. It was the funniest thing.
She did want me to tell you all about how she was waxing her eyebrow, and the knife with the wax slipped and now she has a bald spot in the middle of her eyebrow. Hehehehee I'm picturing this eyebrow cut right in half. I guess I will get to see it on Monday. I'm gonna let her tell the whole horrid story. lmao

I'm off to pee yet again.

as Alekx would say HA...Y.....RID...AY....EV...Y...NE!!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My day as a Nutcase er...I mean in a Nutshell

What a day. What a day I say it again. *sigh* not a sad sigh, but one of "Thank God it's time for bed and the day is over" sigh
7:55 up to pee 5 minutes before alarm goes, off--feel jipped out of 5 more minutes sleep.
8:00 receive phone call (which son brought to me while on toilet) from electric company trying to track down my mom cuz they are going to turn off her electricity.
8-8:10 Explain that I had talked to electric company last week when I got back, and they said no problem, about payment, and would not shut off electricity.
8:11 receive call from mother, saying if she has to stay for 2-6 weeks more she needs some things (of course all the shit she needed sent I had already packed up for the move)
8:25 hang up with mom and receive call from the mother of the two children I watch after school. (she usually brings them down here for me to drop off on late start Wednesdays) she woke up late and was taking children to school herself.
8:35 legs have fallen asleep, because I have had so many phone calls, that I'm still on the toilet.
8:35 1/2 tear off toilet paper to wipe so I can get up
8:36 Phone rings. Electric company again, asking more questions.
8:41 finally get off of toilet
8:43 complain that there is a hole in my sock (was finally trying to get dressed)
8:50 another call from electric company finally everything has been straightened out.
8:56 call from Alekx saying it was nice we wouldn't have to worry about getting mom this weekend
9:10 should have left for school at 9 but was running late from all the phone calls. aaaaaaahhhhhhh
9:40 pull back up to house after dropping kiddo off
9:41 get call from someone asking about mom talked for about 20 minutes
10:01 got on computer to start reading blogs
10:40 receive call from Alekx saying that mom still might get out on Monday
10:41 talk to house elf on computer saying same thing
10:45 call mom ask her what the hell is going on, she said that she does have a staph infection, but if the wounds are infected then she has to stay on an iv, but if they are closed she can go with oral antibiotics
10:50 call back Alekx freaking, she says have to call me back, because customers are in there, continue reading blogs, and checking e-mail.
11:55 Alekx calls says she is definatly getting out on Monday ahhhhhhhhhh
11:55 1/2 realize they don't have the credit card needed for renting the u-haul
11:56 have small aneurysm
12:00 Gigantor calls asking if I need anything of him from lunch. Me--"get your ass home and help me" hehehehe
12:02 call mom saying "well I guess I don't have to send you that stuff, and which credit card should I over night to you" Mom---"what, nobody told me I could go yet"
12:05 call Alekx ask "what the hell"??
12:06 Gigantor gets home
12:10 Alekx calls, says she called nursing home back and yes mom is getting out on Monday
12:11 do up an envelope to over night
12;12 trip down the stairs on the way out
12:20 sit in post office line for 15 minutes to over night one stupid envelope that ends up costing 14 mother humping bucks!~!!!!
12:45 pull into McDonalds and get some lunch
1:20 get back home, crack up at Alekx's blog, then realized---wait, that's MY life!!!!
1:30-2 eat my oh so healthy lunch
2:20 leave for the school to get one of the 20 parking places they have so I can wait for the kids, and not be in the mess of 100 plus parents driving around last minute looking for a parking place
2:21 pick up my book to read---fall asleep
3:05 kiddo scares me awake with a big BOO and slaps window, I jump, lose place in book, and get angry all at the same time
3:10 still can't find the two kids I pick up
3:11 find the little girl
3:15 see the boy running past me, holler his name, he tells me he's going to a friends. ummmm I don't fricken think so buddy get your butt in the car. Now boy is mad at me
3:20 pull over to side of the road, threaten to spank boys ass if he keeps wrapping the shoestring thingie he has around his neck and tightening it.
3:25 scream at boy and kiddo for smacking the tar out of girl
3:30 pull into driveway, fuming at kids already
3:35 turn into satan because they are hitting each other instead of starting homework
3:40 all children nicely doing homework, trying to put the small fires my evil eyes started, out
4:10 everyone is done with homework
4:15 mom calls, talks to me for about 10 minutes, then wants to talk to kiddo.
4:20 praying kids dad will miraculously get off early and come get them.
4:30 give up on praying and kick kids out of house to play outside
4:45 kids come in being terrors, set them up with play dough to make Gigantor a birthday present
4:46 realize FUCK Gigantor's birthday is TOMORROW and I forgot. That is so not me people. I never forget. I felt like dog vomit, I felt so bad.
4:50 take huge avon order from my little old lady
5:15 kick kids back outside, try to clean up play dough mess
5:25 call D, Gigantor's best friend, ask him to come over tomorrow for dinner and cake
5:30 search cupboards for cake mix
5:35 franticly search checkbook for money for nice dinner Gigantor would love
5:45 get on computer to post the avon order I received
5:58 keep yelling at kids to turn knob on door harder that it's indeed not locked. Finally scream something hysterical and unintelligible. Kids father opens door and walks in.
5:59 dying of embarrassment
6:05 wave goodbye to kids and dad.
6:06 get call from Gigantor he just now got off work and went to feed mom's animals
6:30 heat up leftovers, get pissy about the state of the union address being on instead of LOST, watch a recorded program.
7:30 Gigantor asks if we really have to finish packing this weekend or was I kidding.
7:40 Gigantor asleep on couch, me ready for bed myself.
Now it's 9:45 and I'm going to go shower and go to bed. Tomorrow's another day people.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I've been Tagged!!!!

No not the graffiti tagging. But Gama tagged me on the music tag thing. So here we go.

Random Top 10 cd's

1. Cross of Change--Enigma
2. Weathered---Creed
3. Chrome---Trace Adkins
4. Back in Black---AC/DC
5. Big One's---Aerosmith
6. Fallen---Evenescence
7. Devil Without a Cause---Kid Rock
8. Unleashed---Toby Keith
9. Horse of a Different Color---Big and Rich
10. A** Hole---Gene Simmons

What is the total amount of music files on your computer???
I think there is music files somewhere, but if there is, I don't know how to find them, so I have no clue. hehehehe

The last cd you bought is??
A**Hole by Gene Simmons

What is the last song you listened to before this message???
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy!!!!

Write down 5 songs you listen to alot, or mean alot to you

1. There coming to take me away (to the funny farm)
2. Some Beach---Blake Shelton
3. Holy Water---Big and Rich
4. Lets put the X in Sex!!!---KISS
5. In the name of God--Enigma

And I have no idea who to pass this to. I Would say Alekx for one. (bet she doesn't do it) heheheheee And if anyone else is interested, go for it. hehehehe

Thanks Gama, that was fun.


I have nothing of interest to talk about today. I mean nothing. I mean I could tell you all about some stuff, but then you would need a small electrical shock to get you out of the boredom coma I put you in.
Things I could talk about but won't because they even bore me.
How tired I am
On the phone most of the day
The paperwork I've been doing
My mom getting out of the nursing home on Monday
The Giant Goldfish in it's bowl
My smelly dogs
My hurting knees
My exercises
The kiddo's attitude
My dirty dishes
The ice outside
All the water I've been drinking
My dry skin
The Giant crumbs I found in my sheets last night
Choking on a Grape
How many trips I took to the bathroom yesterday
My burnt popcorn
and last but not least
The popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth.

Seeeeeeeeeeee.....nothing of any great interest. Pretty dam boring around here. Although one entire baby back rib bone got sucked into the vortex bra last night. That's probably the most excitement I had all day. hehehehe

Okay if I wake up more, maybe I will come back and tell you all how graceful Gigantor is. My lovely hill giant is so graceful that when he was a teenager, he stepped on his OWN thumb at a dead run. Try to figure out how he did that one people. heheheheheee