Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bad Day

Boy am I having a bad day. Oh man. I am the bitchiest person today. I wanted to post all day long, but couldn't think of one good thing to say. I have been snippish with every one I've talked too. The only person I didn't snap at today was my son. I have snapped at the dogs, at the cat, at my mom, and my husband. I don't even have a short fuse today. I have no fuse.

I'm hoping all this is either due to hormones or the weather. I mean I'm in Arizona for christ sake, I don't like waking up to fricken 20 degrees. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and it barely got up to 38 today. The fricken south rim, (which is warmer than the north, and we are between them both) the south rim of the grand canyon was at minus 4. MINUS 4!!!!!! IN ARIZONA!!!!!! crazy I tell you just crazy. But, I'm still voting on the hormone thing. I mean this is around the week before the time of the month, so it's feasable that's why I'm bitchy.

Notice how I didn't say I was a bitch. Being a bitch and being bitchy are two different things. I hate being bitchy. I love being a bitch, and I'm proud of it.
I admit to all of those. hehehehehe
Lets hope tomorrow see's better things. Take care everyone. Embrace the B.I.T.C.H. in you. hehehehehehheee

Monday, November 29, 2004

Here I Think

Oh my goodness. I think I am back. I am feeling a little better. I mean I have to be, there is nothing left inside me. Matter of fact I think I have turned myself completely inside out. Not a very sexy look, but at least I feel a little better. Was able to hold a tiny bit of food down.

I was sitting here thinking that my son just may have O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder) He probably gets it from me (shut up Alekx) I can be rather anal about somethings (I said shut up Alekx) But my son has these little quirks. Ever since he was a tiny thing. When he was 2 and 3 he could not walk through the living room without dumping the kitties scratching post over. He would just walk by--plonk--then walk off. You would set it up. His next trip through---plonk--and walk off again. of his little obsessions is with the afore mentioned interactive holiday decorations/toys. He walks in the house every day and does his rounds. He starts with the moose, turns it on and listens, then Santa, then mouse, then Rudolf, not to forget the frog. He can't seem to function or do anything else until he has done his rounds of these. I realize to other people it looks bizarre. Even to the hubby it sorta freaks him out. Me, I'm used to it by now. One of his little quirks. Oh well.

I have to tell you all about something I was thinking about today. Have you ever talked to people that you just feel stupid after talking to them (shut up Alekx) I mean after you talk to them you feel you have turned dumb? Not that they are smart and making you feel dumb, but that they are so horribly dense that you feel like every ounce of smart has been SUCKED right out of your person?? Well I know such a person. I will call her "the girl" not because she is young, she is 28, but because I know some 6 year olds more intelligent. Oh good lord, I feel like brain cells are committing suicide when I talk to her sometimes. Let me tell you about one of our more intelligent conversations. I call my mom and friends, and yes even her, and ask them to please not call me, I was going to lay down. I needed sleep, I had only had like 3 hours sleep in the past 4 days. Now you may ask why I didn't turn the phone off. Well, the hubby works a dangerous job, and has been injured at the job. And the child, being the klutz that he is, has gotten hurt at school a few times, and my mother is handicapped. So, I like to keep the phone accessible. Any how I call and ask everyone not to call me. I then crawl into bed and start drifting off to some of the best sleep ever. I even had a smile on my face as I was falling asleep. And the phone rings. I jump, just knowing it's an emergency. I mean nobody could be that cruel as to wake me up right?? RIGHT???
me-- hello
her-- ceaseless giggling
me--What the Fuck??
her--OMG I had to call and tell you this (still giggling)
me--dammit, I told you I needed sleep, you woke me up
her--but if I didn't tell you this now I would forget
me--this better be fucking important
her--the funniest thing in my life just happened
me--you called to tell me something funny?? (much anger in my voice)
her--(still giggling) well yeah I would have forgot if I waited
me--I'm going back to sleep
her--wait let me tell you what me and my husband did
me--silent (wishing she would just spontaneously combust and leave me alone)
her--my husband was in the bathroom, and I wanted him to bring me something, and I couldn't remember what it was called, so I was making this weird made up sign language, and he understood.
me--(thinking God please shoot me now) and silent
her-- tons of laughter from her and her husband heard, her husband so proud of himself for understanding, and laughing as hard as her
me--goodbye so and so
her--don't you think that was the funniest thing ever
me--silent but thinking(no the best thing every would be if I got out of this fricken bed, loaded the shot gun, drove to your place, knocked down your door, and pulled the trigge.....)
her--okay you sound tired go get some sleep
me--hand up phone, then I say go fuck yourself.

Now keep in mind that is probably the most intelligent conversation I have had with this person. And some people say to tell her off, or hang up on her. know...I'm not a cruel person by nature (dammit Alekx I said shut up!!!) So.. I put up with a lot of people's little shit. When the hubby came home, he was like "you didn't get any sleep" NOPE I was called by "HER" I told my hubby that when I talked to this person I felt as if my brain cells were leaking in a steady stream out of my left nostril. Which has started a little joke between me and my man. I was on the phone the other day, and he mouthed "who is it" I then plugged my left nostril, which made him laugh like the hearty giant that he is. Which made me laugh. When "her" and her husband were over one day. Gigantor walks in, see's them, and then walks by me with his finger plugging his left nostril. OMG I was laughing so hard. And I think what made it more funny is "her" started laughing and trying to imitate the gesture. the little league game, as my husband (the coach) walks up, she says "hey Gigantor" and holds her finger up plugging her left nostril. I had to go pick him up off the field for laughing so hard. She has no clue. Thank god.

As an afterthought I sure as hell hope she doesn't have her computer up and read this, which I'm sure she doesn't. But just in case. If you are smart enough to think I'm talking about you. Then you aren't "her" hehehehehe

Okay do I need to go to confession now??? (SHUT UP ALEKX)

Dead Again

Ughhhhhh I'm sick. Sick sick sick sick sick. I had a very sleepless night, with my stomach making noises only the backed up pipes make. I got up this morning, only to figure out that getting up made me feel worse. ugggghhhhhh I had it coming from both ends. You know the one, where you sit on the pot, with the trash can cradled between your legs. I don't know if it was something I ate. (which the whole family ate the same thing, and they aren't sick) or if it's a flu bug. But it better go away. I COMMAND YOU TO GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! Stupid stomach bug. I should go back to bed, but of course my addiction to my blog, and reading everyone else's is just to much. I had to get on. I just can't stand the withdraws when I don't check the blogs everyday. God, I need help.

I put up Christmas decorations this weekend. We have an extra shed uptown in my mom's yard. So the hubby had to go get all the boxes from up there. As he lugs them inside, he says, "you need to get rid of some of this shit" I guess secretly I agree with him. We have like 6 big t.v. size boxes full of Christmas decorations. But dangit I love my deco's hehehehe Usually I have every shelf, table, endtable, entertainment center, and wall decorated. I mean it looks like someone threw up Christmas in my house. But, this year, either I am lazy, or just to fricken tired. Because I didn't decorate as much as usual. I put up all my reindeers on one shelf. (I collect reindeer), and I put up the stuff on my entertainment center, (my nativity scene and angels and the like) And since my tree is in a corner, I only decorated the front and sides. hehehehe The hubby did some grumbling, because he had to lug back about 4 full boxes. Oh well, still looks festive in here. Just doesn't look like a Christmas factory exploded. I have a few favorite interactive things that I put out each year too. I have a countdown to Christmas thing that is so very cute. It's a snowman with a sack full of ornaments standing next to a Christmas tree. And every day starting Dec 1st. My son turns it on, and pokes one of the ornaments in the holes in the tree, and it will tell you how many more days until Christmas. It is so adorable. I also have a hip swinging Santa that sings "here come's Santa Clause" and dances. I have a blue and white moose that has a bell that sings a little ditty "I'm Mark the Moose, I'm on the Loose, spreading Christmas cheer" etc... I have a stuffed mouse that is sitting in a giant Santa hat that reads you the night before Christmas. I have a frog that croaks jingle bells. I have a stuffed Rudolf, that his nose lights up and he sings "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer" And my favorite out of all of these is something I have called "Santa and Dasher" Santa is sitting on Dashers back, and their heads move as they start to discuss the true meaning of Christmas. Dasher saying he doesn't know what it is. So, it starts music and they break into song. Dasher asking if it's about the presents, or baked goods so forth. And Santa telling him they are nice, but no, and then telling him the true meaning of Christmas. These things are so cute. I got them from Avon of course (told you I'm my own best customer) Oh well, I'm sure I bored you enough with my decorations. I think I'm gonna go pass out now. Hope I feel better tomorrow. Happy Monday everyone.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Back From The Dead

First of all. Here I am Kitten!!!! I missed you toooooooooooo!!!!! I know it's been a few days since my last post. Boy was I tired on Wednesday night. Thursday had us up early and cooking like mad men. My husband and I make quite a team in the kitchen together. We were supposed to have more company than just us and my mom. So we were going full tilt. (we had invited some people that were older and have no family) Just to have them all at the last minute, cancel and decide to be hermits. *sigh* Oh well, we tried, and we had us some good eats. Still eatin them too. hehehehehe

Thursday night I was feeling a little stuffy. The hubby and kiddo have been fighting off colds. I knew mine was from being over tired. I can get sick when I get over tired. Thursday night Gigantor signed up on the ambulance crew to get some holiday pay. hehehe Not to mention that he has a blast doing all his e.m.t. and firefighter stuff. They got a call out between 8 and 9 that some guy was having a heart attack. When they got there, they learned that the man was NOT having a heart attack. The man was, indeed, very drunk, and had passed out. And his very drunk friends proceeded to do full blown cpr on the idiot. Cracking some ribs and bruising the chest (as tends to happen when you push down the right force for proper cpr) So, they take the drunk idiot to the hospital, where he assaults a nurse, and rips his own iv out and leaves. Lets see about 9:45 another call comes out of some guy having difficulty breathing. Hubby leaves, not to come back till 2 in the morning. I always wait up for him, cuz I'm a worrier. When they get to house, it is the same drunk idiot. He says he can't breath and his chest hurts. Well, duh, numb nuts, your friends did cpr on your live ass!!! Hubby goes to take vitals. Drunk idiot tries to assault hubby. hmmmm lets think here, small drunk man decides to attack Gigantor. Hubby throws him to the ground in an arm lock. Idiot says, "okay sorry dude, I'm good." Hubby lets him up. Drunk idiot attacks other e.m.t. elbowing him in the ribs and punching him in the jaw. As cop enters he finds other e.m.t. is on drunk mans back with his arm wrapped around his throat, and Gigantor has him in a full nelson, squeezing other e.m.t. Police officer starts his little zapper and screams "MOVE" Gigantor and baby e.m.t. jump away, and officer gets to play with his tazer gun. hehehehehehe So...e.m.t.'s had to go press charges on Mr. Drunk.

So, Gigantor and I get into bed about 2 in the morning. He gets up at 6 and goes to walmart for the sales, only to find a big fat NOTHING. It was pitiful he said. He comes home and crawls back into bed with me. We slept till noon. hehehehe I'm so glad that my son is at an age he will watch cartoons or a movie and get himself some cereal so we can sleep in a little.

All the rest of the day Friday we were sorta lazy, we watched a movie The chronicles Of Riddick. And vegged. Cuz none of us felt very good. We slept in a little today. Me the most, Gigantor actually got up, and cleaned the birdie cage and vacuumed and put up the tree. (not decorated) We then watched Shrek 2 and put the lights and garland on the tree, and took down the thanksgiving deco's . We then watched A Cinderella Story, and brought in the other Christmas boxes of deco's. We all had dinner together, and watched Around The World In 80 Days. As you can tell, when it's boring, lazy days, we rent movies. hehehehe

Tomorrow Gigantor is going out coyote hunting for a few hours in the morning. We are gonna finish putting up Christmas decorations, and try to get back on a proper sleep pattern. hehehehe I may give the boys hair cuts too. They are looking scraggly.

So, sorry nothing much of interest has happened to be writing about. We were just all trying to feel better. We all pretty much do, but the wind is blowing about 35mph tonight and it supposed to start raining, maybe even snow tomorrow and Monday. We will see. Till tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I am so tired this evening. Pooped. Today was the day I do all the prep stuff so that I'm not slaving and foaming at the mouth trying to get everything done tomorrow before dinner. My mother wanted to come down and "help me" She is handicapped, (her back and legs) and has a hard time getting around. So...I went and picked her up at about 1. She said she was ready. I waited for over a half hour for her. She then said, "I'm tired, lets go get a burger" so we went and got lunch, and brought her and her dogs down here to the house. After lunch, I then commenced to chopping, seasoning, mixing, crying (onions), stirring, melting, boiling and grating. We made enough stuffing to stuff the 21lb turkey and have another pan of stuffing to cook. We boiled the eggs for deviled eggs. According to Gigantor "there isn't enough eggs in the world to have ENOUGH deviled eggs" Then I grated 3 lbs of carrots for the carrot raisin salad. Gigantor got home, brought the mail. Mom started going through the mail, and flung it all over the table. I then started the filling for pies. It ended up being enough for 5, yes that would be 5 pumpkin pies. Then mom was nice enough to buy us chinese food for dinner. After dinner we were pooped, but Gigantor still had to take mom home, and we have to do some cleaning up.

We have a pretty good dinner around the holidays. I always make what we are having tomorrow, but sometimes I make a bigger menu depending on how many people will be eating. So, we are having the turkey---21lbs
Stuffing--we make a dry western dressing, no mushrooms, oysters, or meat in it. More like a sage dressing, I love the crispy edges from the extra stuffing cooked
Crescent rolls--don't you just love the pilsbury boy??
Candied yams--A must
Carrot Raisin Salad-- one of my favs
Pink PooFoo--A friend named it, basically packet of cherry jello powder mixed with one tub of whip cream, add one tub of cottage cheese, and one can of pineapple chunks drained.
Cranberry Sauce---ick but mom and hubby like
Black Olives--kiddo loves to put them on all his fingers and have you eat them off
Giblet Gravy--hubby and mom love, hubby makes his mom's recipe. Smells good, but I hate the taste, so I have the gravy you get from the powder packet. LOL the mushroom gravy.
Oh and don't forget the Deviled eggs--God help me with the house full of egg farts later.
That is about it. If I have a bunch of people over. I also make a fruit salad, green bean casserole, and a veggie tray. I have an interesting twist on the green bean casserole though. I get pretty bored of that. So, I make something called a swiss vegetable medley. Mainly for pot luck dinners. You take a package of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot (frozen) mix with 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, some milk, some grated cheese, and half a can of frenches onions. Cook for an hour in a backing dish, then top with frenches onions and more cheese. It's yummalicious. hehehehe

I know, rather boring tonight. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May you truly be safe and happy this holiday. Make sure you give all your loved ones, friends and family, extra hugs and kisses so they know how important they are. And give all the little fuzzy creatures and extra scratch and treat. God Bless everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Oh my goodness I feel so guilty it has my tummy all in knots. Now I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have been doing this the past what?? 10 years or so. So anyhow. I have always made the pies. Homemade pie crust. I was raised with a mother that used to make award winning pies, and she learned from her mother. Well, if you did not do the pie crust just right you were put on the rack in the torture chambers. I was very very proud of myself, because I had perfected this crust. As Gigantor says "it's better than you mom's and grandma's combined" That has always made me very proud. Well, this year, I have been hurting from some problems. I have thrown out both my knees, and my back.'s quite difficult to even stand, let alone cook an entire dinner to accommodate a 21lb turkey. I mean I make all sorts of stuff. I even went as far as to cut some things out of the menu, just so it would be easier. But...I would have never EVER messed with the process of making pumpkin pies. I was actually dreading it a little though, because I can't seem to get them just right unless I am standing up, laboring over them. And...with my knees and back, I can't stand for any prolonged periods of time. So, Gigantor comes home tonight, looks at how tired I was, and says "I'll be right back" He drives to Bashas (local grocery store) and picks up 4 Marie Callander deep dish frozen pie crusts. He goes "here this is to make this holiday much easier on you" Now you may think that is stupid. But I was so touched I started crying. Then I told him to take them back and never speak of it again. He's like "no honey your using them" I said (in a whisper) "I can't" He says "why not?" I mean, after having this passed down through generations, how can he not know that it is a mortal, I mean Mortal, like one of the SEVEN deadly sins, and I CAN BURN IN HELL FOR USING FROZEN PIE CRUST??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So... Gigantor stomps his size 14 giant foot down (causing small tremors to run through the house) and he booms "YOU ARE USING ALL FOUR OF THESE DAM PIE CRUSTS!!! YOU ARE TIRED, HURTING AND OVERWORKED!!! YOU WILL USE THEM AND NOT FEEL GUILTY!!! AND, IF THEY TURN OUT TASTING LIKE SHIT WE WILL BE ALL THE WISER FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!!" God I love that man. And, if I don't have a nervous breakdown when I try to fill those dam crusts with the delectable pumpkin filling. Then we will take this adventurous step as a family dammit. hehehehehe I think he deserves sex for just caring enough to try and make my life easier. Now I can't seem to stop smiling. He loves me, he really really loves me. :)

Now I can't leave without telling you what else Gigantor did. We have had trouble with this light above our kitchen sink. We have had our friend (the electrician) out to replace the socket that holds the bulb twice. So, about 2 months ago this light stops working again. Gigantor replaces light bulb, light still doesn't work. Gigantor then spends the next two months hemming and hawwing and finally calling the Electrician to come replace the socket again. Electrician shows up tonight, with new socket in tow. Climbs step ladder, unscrews bulb, shakes bulb and asks did you change the bulb. Gigantor says yes, that's a new bulb and light still didn't work. Electrician says, did you then check this bulb to make sure it was okay. Gigantor says no, it was new, why. Electrician shakes bulb. chinga chinga chinga. Gigantor sheepishly looks around corner at me in living room to see if I have heard any of this. I smile at the big dork and wink. He looks at Electrician and says OMG, he walks in and gets another new bulb. Electrician screws in new bulb, light works. yayyyyyyyy Gigantor is a very red giant. Electrician is smiling trying to supress the laughs I see coming on. I, on the other hand, and rolling around with full belly laughter going on. Saying, OMG we have been without *laugh* a light for two *giggle* months, because *snort* you didn't check to *uncontrollable laughter* see if the bulb was *hickupping laughing* was broken?? Electrician is now doubled over with shoulders shaking in a silent laugh saying he is trying not to embarrass the big giant. Gigantor then says in his big booming voice "You may NOT put this in your blog" he says "they know how much of a dork I am already, they don't need to know this" Yeah right, as if I would listen to that. hehehehehehehe

Fork, Boobs, and Ice

First of all. I try to maime myself with envelopes yesterday. ugggghhhh. I went and got the kiddo from school, just to find out that the allergy attack he was having has moved into a cold. I sent him to school today anyway, because they were having parties today. OOoOOOo I am so proud of him too. He started, last week, to swallow pills. No more chewables, or liquid here. He is a "big boy" now.

Last night Gigantor had to work late. He didn't get home untill 7. That is 14 hours, outside, in the rain, in a steel yard. My poor poor tired giant. I think his boss is secretly trying to kill him. So, since he came home so late we just had leftovers last night. (I love leftover night, just pop it in the microwave, and waaa laaa instant dinner) Well...while we are eating. I very ingeniously poked myself in the eye with my fork. Now I ask you, How in the hell can someone poke themselves in the eye with their fork on accident?? I had my fork in my hand, and I guess reached up to itch myself, and POKE. Thank got it wasn't a hard or deep poke. When I jerked back there was no great POP and my eyeball on the fork, so I guess that's a good thing. Also, I was not bleeding.'s hell rinsing bbq sauce out of your fricken eye.

So then it's bedtime. And ladies?? Have you ever had your boobs just seem to get in the way??? I mean, sometimes they stick out there, and just seem to be in the way. As I am discarding the "vortex" bra, I have no idea how I do it, but I try to scrape my entire nipple off with my thumb nail. I want instant replay to figure out how that happened. As I slap my hand on my chest, and start whimpering and rolling around on the bed. My husband (being the gentleman he is) starts doing the "Oooo let me kiss it better, let me kiss it better" So, I do what any else of you would do, I punt him in the groin. Then tell him to leave me the hell alone and call and ambulance, cuz I'm dying. So after we both writh around in pain for a while, he gets up all serious, and forces me to remove my hand. Making me see that blood is, in fact, NOT spurting across the room. Since I was convinced I had tried to kill myself, cuz death would only hurt that bad. hehehehe I mean my boobs seem to always get in the way. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Why can't they just be happy and stay down around my waist where they are supposed to be?? Somebody please tell me you have the same problem, cuz I just re read over this, and OMG I need to be commited in a home (YEAH VACATION).

After raining here for 2 days and 3 nights straight, we woke up to the world being covered in ice. Not the nice white and frosty kind of ice. But, the clear as glass, slick as snot on the kitchen floor kind of ice. My son goes charging out the door this morning, and I hear "thump-a-dump" and him going "whoa, sorta slick" So... as I'm walking out, herding the dogs out, I say "icey bud" and watch the dog slip right the hell off the side of the porch. I start laughing, then realize, FUCK, I have to go down the porch next. I had two options, baby steps which I did, and looked dorky. Or sit down and tabogon down the porch. We then do the shuffle slide thing all the way to the suburban. You all know when you open the doors of a car when they are icey, you hear that crunching breaking noise?? Well apparantly, if they ice has formed when the water is dripping, you have little ice bullets when you finally force the car door open. And ice bullets hurt when hurled at you. They pelted my face, and one got trapped in the vortex bra. So we get in, and drive to school. When I got home, I noticed that gigantor had forgotten to take the big ass blue trash can out to the street. So, I am hauling it out, slidding along. The ice on the handles of the can melt, and now my hands are all wet. Not even thinking I then grabbed the metal gate. The metal, cold, icy gate with wet hands. hmmmmm after taking a couple layers of skin off, I decide to go inside and sulk. So I pull my green fuzzy shirt down over my hands, because they are sore. From having the skin from my palms left on the fricken gate. And I grab onto the porch railing, which is still wet, and get my fricken shirt stuck to it. I have spots of green fuzzies (from my shirt) in patches on the arm rail all the way up the porch. Ah well. It's gotta get better right?? RIGHT???

Happy Tuesday everyone. I may post later after my coffee, and I have a better outlook, and all the fricken ice melts.

Monday, November 22, 2004

God's Humor is Back

Just wanted to update you all. God is back with the humor/funny stick and he's beating the crap out of us. hehehehehe There is a saying "she fell out of the funny tree, and hit every branch on the way down" Well, my family must have fallen out of the goofy/dork tree and hit every branch. Not only that, but the tree is like the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter. And it's knocking the tar out of us.

I got me this big mug full of coffee this morning. Now I'm having to pee every 20 minutes. hehehehe I got offline to make some phone calls, and pay a few bills. As I am paying the car insurance bill. I lick the envelope, and I don't know how, but I got a paper cut from the side of cheek all the way to the edge of my upper lip. OMG ouch. So, I go to the bathroom (to go poddy again) and look at this blood line on my face. Then start cursing how the insurance companies aren't just after your pocket book, but they are causing bodily harm. I go back to paying my bills, (car tags) still grumbling, and I lick the envelope (being very careful not to cut my cheek again) and I fricken paper cut my tongue. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

So, I go to shut the door after the dogs go out. And as I am swinging the door shut, the cat decides to go out. I accidentally squish his tail in the door (not hard, it didn't shut all the way) I hear this weird noise and open the door again quickly. The cat is glaring at me, then proceeds to beat the crap out of one of the dogs, which makes her fall off the porch. She yelps and goes and bites one of the other dogs. (not hard, they play fight, but she was pissed this time) So.. I hurry and call the old man (old bassett), Buck in. And tell the others they have a time out and can't come in. I then slammed the door in all their faces. I guess I should go let them all back in. Dorks.

Again I say. Happy Monday all. hehehheee

Different Kind of Storm

Well the storm did hit, but it was a massive rain storm, not the almighty's sense of humor again. hehehehe It's been raining here since 10 o'clock Saturday night, and is still raining. Gosh I know we need the rain, but it sure makes my knees sore, and makes the poor old man (our old bassett hound) hurt. So, him and me both got pain pills last night.

This weekend was very interesting around here. Friday I got the kiddo early from school. About noon I got him. It was a treat. When his auntie Alekx was gonna be here he was going to get off two half days this past week. So...since she didn't come, we still let him have on off. Then we went and rented him a video game for the weekend. He got Shrek 2, looks cute. Friday night we ran to one of the stores, (as mentioned in my last blog) trying to beat the Saturday crowd for Thanksgiving shopping. Got our 21lb turkey for free. yayyyyyyyyyy

Saturday Gigantor had to work till about 11 in the morning. He comes home and goes. "why are you still in your pajamas we have stuff to do?" At which I say, " I was waiting for you so we could shower together (wink wink)." At which time he just sighed and went "whatever" Okay, so I will admit, every day is full of "shits and giggles" around here. Just some days have more of one than the other. ha ha ha ha Guess Saturday leaned more away from the giggles side. I made it up to him in the shower though. Then I had to haul his butt out to another store anyway. Finish up my Thanksgiving shopping. We came home exhausted and rather blah. So we sat down and cut veggies together and made a salad, then I made some french onion soup (like the one at TGI Fridays, with the giant cruton and melty cheese on top) My friend Pett, gave me the easiest and bestest recipe. So we had nice soup and salad and a movie Saturday night. So nothing exciting on Saturday, unless you count boys burping and wondering around the house in their underwear exciting. I think it was a primitive bonding ritual between father and son.

Sunday had me waking up to the smell of cooking chicken. (In the morning) I go "what are you doing" Gigantor says "cooking chicken" I'm like well duh but why?? He says he is gonna bbq it later for dinner. (we like to cook ours first, so it's easier to bbq) I'm like it's raining, he says "so" Okay whatever he wants. He is, of course, a bbq God. I have to admit, he has done some of the best recipes on the bbq. He loves to grill. And he was bound and determined that (as he put it) "dam rain cloud" will keep him from bbq ing. He did make the bestest, yummiest chicken. And not much exciting happened on Sunday either. Although Gigantor did start jumping up and down in the kitchen.
me: why are you doing that??
him: I have to sneeze
me: and jumping up and down helps with this?
him: I don't know, but it seemed to be the thing to do
me: well good luck with that
him: thanks
me: don't put a hole through the floor
him: ahhhhhhhhhhh CHOOOOOOOOOO (in a whisper) oh my god
me: what?
him: don't walk in here
me: why not?
him: (muffled cuz he was in the laundry room) because I said so
me: what the hell??
Then he came out with the mop and started mopping.
I don't know how I should react to this, or what else I should say. except ewwwwwwww.
Sorry if I over stepped that invisible boundary of what you shouldn't say in a blog. LOL
Have a good Monday everyone.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Eye of the Storm???

I'm trying to decide if we are in the eye of the storm. Not a bunch happened last night or this morning. Rather spooky when all is calm around here. Cuz we know we are the butt of most of Gods jokes in this family. We are proof he has a sense of humor. LOL So, when it's all calm, he's just winding up for another go. Ah well, like I say, keeps life interesting.

Last night Gigantor came home so tired, his poor knuckles were dragging the ground (more than usual that is) And he was making moaning noises instead of grunts. Poor giant, had a long day. And I made it worse. He gets home and I start the hurry hurry, get your shoes changed we are leaving. And I thought I saw the look of "if I put my hands on either side of her head and squeeze it will pop" fly across his face for just a small second. So, I rush over, give him a kiss, and grope him a couple times (funny how that always makes their energy come back) and say lets go. So we headed out to the store, to do shopping for us and my mother. Then to the gas station (I was on fumes) and to mom's to give her her stuff, then back home to make some dinner. I pushed us so hard and fast that we had dinner and had eaten, and put everything away before 8. He didn't get home till almost 5:30. So, we were booking. But then I didn't know what to do with myself for being all done so early. I did what any other of you would do. I got on the internet. LOL
Gigantor, he fell asleep on the couch in his fruit of the looms and socks. When Gigantor is really over tired and falls asleep it's interesting around here. Every since he was a kid, (and he passed it to the kiddo) whenever he gets over tired he walks in his sleep, and does weird things. Now, we have had him tested. It's a form of night terrors, just not violent. So, anyhow, this used to freak me out when we were first married, and I used to take care of it. Now I just let it run it's course unless he is putting himself or someone else in danger. I make sure that neither him nor my son can get outside. (that's what scares me most) But we have had some very interesting things happen. Like he will spring up and start moving stuff on his dresser, talking about getting something welded right. Or he will get up and rearrange something (not sure why) One time he hit me in the face, (on accident people) He thought he was in the softball game and catching a pop fly and he dived for it, and backhanded me. Another time, he flipped me over in bed, spanked me 3 or 4 times and screamed "STOP THROWING ROCKS" Now those two incidents I actually Kicked, with my feet, him out of bed. And he wakes up and says, "what did you do that for" So we laugh about it later. Now don't get me wrong, I like to be spanked in bed as much as the next girl, but not when I'm in a dead sleep dreaming of eating chocolate. hehehehehehe
But the one last night. He springs up from the couch, in just his tighty whities, and runs over to one of the dogs. He starts rubbing his hand on the dog, and talking about vitals not being very stable (The glazed look told me he was still asleep) So.. calmly I'm going. "honey, back to bed, honey lets go" And he yells "I can't stop the bleeding" and picks up this poor dog, (who was giving me the "help me" look) And starts saying we need to get him in the ambulance. End result. Dog gets put on couch to sleep, husband is back in bed, and I get to tell you about it in my blog. hehehehehe Just wish I could train him to do house work in these episodes. *sigh*

Now my son isn't as bad, he will just either talk in his sleep, or once in a while walk into our room mumbling, and we steer him back to bed. But the other night, he gets up from bed, walks in the bathroom and flings open the shower curtain. Starts looking around, then starts looking under the sink, and going "where is he" Gigantor gets up and goes "where is who bud?" and the kid says "#5" (any of you every seen the cartoon Kids Next Door?) If not just ask me. So, we laughed and got him back in bed. We are hoping his sleep walking won't be as bad as Gigantors.
Hope this didn't scare anyone. We find it quite amusing ourselves. Lots of blackmail material later. hehehehehe But I will tell you one thing. I am never throwing rocks again.

Happy weekend all

Ooo side note, you all wondered how this morning went compared to yesterday. Pretty boring. I only got shown two kleenexes wondering if they looked okay. Both Gigantor and the kid are fighting back colds. OooOo the life of a mom is never dull. lmao

Friday, November 19, 2004

My hubby--GIGANTOR

Well yes in deedie, my hubby did take care of dinner last night. No messing up the kitchen though. He went to a little mom and pops fast food joint, that's been here in this town for decades. Got me their famous Mushroom swiss burger. OMG I love mushrooms, and onions for that matter (sweet mayan or vidallia onions are the bomb) I eat them cooked or raw, they are on my list of top 20 foods. Yes, I know, fast food is not good for you. But, he did good, and kept me from cooking. hehehehe

And for the record, my son did run up to me when he was ready for bed, yelled "I brushed my teeth!! SEE!!!" and exhaled really hard in my face. I told him, "oOoooOoO don't do that" upon which time he started giggling and proceeded to do it 5 or 6 more times. The first couple times I cringed, but then it was ticking me off. He's a mini gigantor, so it's rather hard to push him off me. He can almost overpower me already and he's only 8. So, the next few times, every time he opened his mouth, I stuck my dirty napkin in it. hehehehee I was laughing and he was ticked off. After we stopped him from crying, and yelling "mommy is mean" And after I stopped laughing at him. We hugged and kissed, and tucked in for bed. To only have him up in a couple hours throwing up. I didn't know if it was a bug, or he ate to much, or his food didn't digest, or (god forbid) because I stuck my napkin in his mouth. I'm suffering massive feelings of guilt all day. He only got sick once last night, so I still took him to school this morning. I know---I'm a bad mommy----I should have let him stay home and fart at the dogs. But I figured that if he came in and had fits of giggles because he woke my up by putting a fake bug on my chest, (scaring the crap out of me) then he could get his little tooshie to school.

Oh how I hate it when Gigantor is late for work. Now I set my alarm for 6 and hit the snooze till 7 (I hate mornings) then me and the kiddo get up, get ready and head out to school. The hubby's job, has him at work by 5. So, he sets his alarm for 4 or 4:30. When we were married just about 2 1/2 years he tells me. "After the baby is born, you need to get up and make me a good breakfast every morning" SKKKKKRRRREEEEAAAAACCCCCHHHH!!!!! Stop right there buddy!! Upon which I say " excuse the (blankity blank blank blank) out of me??? Your arms and legs aren't broke, you get up at 4 (enter dirty words) in the (another dirty word) god (
dirty word) ed morning and make your own (more ear burning words) breakfast." We have been married 11 1/2 years now, and he has never again asked me to get up early with him. hehehehee So...anyhow...this morning he didn't even crawl out of bed until (ummmm) 5:50. Which means the angry Cave Troll was late for work. Which also means the angry Cave Troll is really really pissy. So...this is the sounds from the living room and kitchen this morning as my son and I try to catch that last hour of oooooh so precious sleep. Gigantor's size 14, steel toe work boot clad feet, stomping from living room to kitchen over and over again. Cuz apparently giants can't think straight when they are late, and they keep forgetting what they were doing. Gigantor then decided he had to blow his nose, for 15 minutes. I guess the schnoze was plugged, but it sounded like the mating call of a dinosaur. I'm surprised the entire neighborhood wasn't awake after that. He then stomps his way to the bedroom, and in a thunderous voice I hear FE FI FO FUM, I'M GONNA F***ING KILL SOMEONE!! He is coming in to give me a kiss goodbye. In the attempt to stomp over to me, he trips over the dog, falling on the bed and me. At which time I spring straight up in bed (from having a giant land on my bladder) and we crack our heads together. now, not only did I miss out on my last little bit of sleep, but I have a headache, and I've now peed the bed because my bladder was squashed, and now I have to take the poor dog to the vet because he is about the thickness of shoe leather, and is whimpering on the floor. Gigantor then mumbles something that sounds like Love you, goodbye, and stomps out, knocking over the trash can (which he leaves for me to pick up) and slamming the front door so hard that a picture falls off the wall. Apparently I did fall back asleep, (I must have passed out from that concussion he gave me) because I woke up to that bug on my chest. I'm sure a day at the steel yard, getting all that physical labor to work his rage out will have me a nice cuddly giant again this evening. Poor guy. Poor poor dog. hehehehee

It's only morning. Wonder what other interesting stuff is gonna happen today. Once a day starts out this way, it just seems to get worse, (or better for the blog) as the day progresses.
Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not very Funny Today

I don't feel very funny today. Don't know why. I was gonna post yesterday, but I was so upset at these piss ant people that have to go post nasty comments on other peoples blogs. Grow up you Sheep Fuckers. Okay having said that. Lets get onto other subjects.
Anyone go read Alekx's blog today?? OMG I laughed so hard I was crying and almost peed my pants. She sure can cheer a sissy up. hehehehee

I do have to say how proud I am of my son real quick. He is doing the Jump For Heart. Put on by the American Heart Association. This thing is where they go out and get contributions to the cause. Then they jump rope for an hour (misses don't count) and send their money in. Now you have to understand. My son is a major klutz (coming from me and his father, he's doomed) He also is not very athletic. So...for him to volunteer to do something that is not only physical but takes a little bit of finesse, and grace, is a big thing. I just hope he doesn't break his leg. But this is what my little pumpkin said. He said mom I have to do this, it's important. And if I do this, maybe I can save someones Heart. I know, I know, makes you go awwwww and get a little misty eyed. So....the little tyke is very very excited about helping other people. I mean what more could a mother ask for??

Now something special about my hubby. It's the little things that count sometimes right?? Well, he works in this steel yard, as you all know. He works outside, no matter what the weather for a 10 to 13 hour day. He usually takes his lunch. Today, he shows up out of the blue, with lunch. Granted it was one of those convenience store monster hot dogs. But he remembered to slather them with onions. So he comes in with this hot dog and drink, sits and eats with me. Then tells me not to worry about dinner, he's gonna take care of it. Now of course my first instinct was to say. "okay what the hell did you do" But on occasion he's been known to be a big teddy bear. So, to you Giagantor---good job, and your ploy to get sex later has worked. hehehehehe

Now just for those of you who might want to know. There are a few things that I never ever ever want stuck in my face again (but always seems to get put there) And when I say stuck in my face, I mean, right up to your nose right in front of your eyes, and the person usually comes from behind you so you don't see them coming.
1. The bug that my son has whacked over and over with the flyswatter and wants you to check and see if it's still alive (I'm deathly afraid of bugs)
2. My husbands feet
3. My sons mouth, asking me to smell his breath, and him exhaling before you can react
4. A snotty kleenex opened and asking if that looks normal
5. for that matter--- A booger on the end of a two year olds finger asking you to "see, see"
6. White stuff, plucked off the side bars of the bird cage, and asked by your son "what's this"
7. for that matter---Anything your son shoves in your face and says "smell this, tell me what it is"

And if you are laying in bed or on the couch with your eyes shut, you do not want to open them too.
*the dogs face
*the dogs butt
*the cats butt
*your sons butt
*and for all that, especially not your husbands butt.

Yes, sneezes, butts, bodily functions. We all need professional help. Then again, at least we are entertaining and laugh a lot.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Answers to Kitten.

I read my comments on the last posting I did, and my lovely new friend Kitten had a few questions. She was asking about what is it with me and hot cocoa. Well, if I can refer you back to a couple postings. Go read "The Weekend" posted on October 18th, 2nd paragraph. Then the one after that titled "Hot Cocoa Fetish" posted on October 22nd. This should pretty much explain what it is with me and hot cocoa. hehehehee She also asked what brand hot cocoa I like. Ummmmm anything chocolate. hehehehee Do I like marshmellows? YES Whip cream?? YES YES Plain?? YES With milk or water, I like it all. OOoOoOOoO that creamy, chocolaty, warm taste of heaven they call hot cocoa. I am starting to agree with Alekx though. I just may need professional help. But then....I needed professional help before I got a hot cocoa fetish. muh hahahahahaa

Okay it is late, and I have a craving for a big mug of cocoa, but I'm gonna refrain, cuz I will never get to sleep. But.... guess what I'm having for breakfast??


I am feeling much better about life today. We will just file that Monday (yesterday) in the "never to be called to the surface, bad days" file in my head. hehehehehee

I am actually on here with a serious warning for all of you who were going to eat a salad. I didn't realize how dangerous vegetables could be when put together as a salad. Not knowing what to have for lunch, I made myself a salad. Lettuce, cabbage, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, and cucumbers. Got out my favorite dressing, Creamy Poppyseed. Has anyone ever tried this dressing. It is soooo good. So I sit down with my bottle of dressing and my salad. As I take the cap off the dressing it flies into the trash. So, I pour the dressing onto my salad and go to fish out the cap. And I bend down to fish out the cap, somehow, I stuck my head in my bowl of salad. ugggghhhh So I get my head out of my salad, (nice dressing in my hair) I decide. "oh screw it" and proceed to eat my salad (figuring on washing my hair later) As I am eating, I stab at a baby carrot, just to have it JUMP out of my bowl and down my shirt. I need an entire shower. I fish the carrot out, and yes, I eat it. hehehehehe Then as I am putting my fork down, I smack the side of the bowl. Flip the salad out of the bowl all over the couch. I lean over the side of the couch to pick up the salad (this time putting it in the trash) and what do I do?? I stick my fricken head back in the salad bowl. I swear to God, I lost all brains on this lunch adventure.
So, among curse words, I throw away spilled salad, clean up couch, and make me another salad. On which I choke on the first bite of sugar snap pea. When I finally cough it back up to my throat a stupid ass pee shoots up my nose. Which I don't want to snort back and swallow, so I get a kleenex and blow my nose. I don't even want to think about that part. I just may have grossed myself out. (and that is hard to do) So, I finish eating after that and run out of the house to go pick up my kid from school. And when I was parked in the parking lot talking to a couple other moms. It was then that I realized. I FORGOT TO WASH MY FRICKEN HAIR!!!!! I'm talking to mom's with this creamy Poppyseed dressing all in my hair. OMG Now I regularly do dorky things, and make a fool of myself. Doesn't seem to phase me much anymore. But, let me tell ya, today I was quite embarrassed. I still am when I think about it. Okay I'm gonna go crawl in a hole with my hot cocoa tin. Till tomorrow.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Shitty Weekend/ Heck Shitty Month

I'm down in the dumps today. I have tried to keep my chin up over this past month. With my knees hurting, then my back going out. With the suburban breaking down twice. With the oven trying to burn the house down, then needing repaired. With the bill collectors on my ass, and with my dad having to call and tell me his boss cancelled his vacation over Thanksgiving. My dad was gonna come spend about 10 days with us. But his stupid ass boss was not willing to pay anyone overtime for him to come up. And this last month with my mom going in the hospital, and us having to take care of her. I have been doing rather well keeping my chin up. But this weekend just puts the Cherry on the top of the Sunday. My sister was headed out for a week long visit, and because of the shitty weather, she had to abort the trip. So...that left us all down in the dumps, then my husbands starter on his truck went kaput. What the hell??? Does someone have it out for us this fall?? Good grief give me a break. I'm now walking around all tense wondering what the hell else is going to happen. I'm sure my husbands boss isn't happy with him. He has had to miss either one whole day or a half day each week for the past 4 weeks, just to get the vehicles repaired.
Okay I'm rather down in the dumps, and not having a very good blog. So...I promise to go take a nap and roll out of bed on the other side this time, and have a better outlook on things. Till next time. Gonna go check out that blogshares, my blogger friend Kitten told me about. See what's on there.

Friday, November 12, 2004


First let me get something out of the way. PRAISE THE GOOD LORD THEY FOUND SCOTT PETTERSON GUILTY!!! Guilty guilty guilty---the bastard is guilty. Thank goodness there wasn't another O.J. (creep) And the high priced lawyers didn't work this time (creep) And the dam bastard is gonna pay (creep creep creep) The jury found him guilty of first degree murder of his wife, Laci, and of second degree murder of his unborn son, Connor. They say that it is a mandatory life sentence or the death penalty. Let the creep fry. I'll bring the matches.

Okay now on to why I named this post "Dork" My family is made up of dorks. Not to be confused with nerds. Nerds being, the coke bottle glasses, high water pants, button down the front shirts, skinny as a bean pole, pocket protector wearing individuals. Dorks being those of us that do dumb things on a regular basis. Actually it seems as if dumb things hunt us out and just happen to us at random. I'm sure if you have been reading my blog there has probably been many times you have said "omg dorks" And you know what, you wouldn't be wrong. hehehehehe is the motto's in my family. "DARE TO BE DORKIE" and "EMBRACE YOUR DORKINESS". So let me tell you what dorkie thing I did today. Usually my hair is cut to 1/4-1/2 inch long. But I haven't been able to afford a hair cut. the moment my hair is about 4 to 5 inches long. Well, when I am sitting watching t.v. I have a habit of taking a lock of my hair and twirling it into this tight little twist then letting go. Well...I do it in the same spot over and over. And, today as I was thinking that my head was getting sore right there. I sneezed. That's right I sneezed. And I heard this gross ripping sound. As I stopped the blood flow, wiped the tears from my eyes, and threw away the lock of hair. I thought to myself DORK. Okay do you realize how hard it is to tell someone of my very dorky adventure instead of continually talking about my husband and sons?? hehehehehe That will have to go in my next list of don't do's LOL

Off to clean up the house. Have a happy Friday all.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day around here. First thing this morning my husband got a massive migraine, so I made him take some meds and go back to bed. He finally got up and went to work about 8. Only 2 1/2 hours late. hehehehe My son didn't have school today, in observance of veterans day. So, we dinked around quite a bit. Then it got real warm here. I realized it was to warm, when he came marching out of the bedroom wearing nothing but his underwear. He then sprawled out all over the couch, put his arm up and his forehead, and goes. "Whew it sure is hot, it's so hot I'm a baked potato" So we opened some doors and windows. It didn't help that I had the oven on since 2:30 this afternoon either. I decided to make a big turkey breast for dinner. Thought I would be nice since the hubby's head was hurting.

We washed our curtains and blinds yesterday, was just putting them back up today. This is a job I hate to do. I had actually forgotten that I had white blinds. I thought they were this off white/grey color. And the curtains. I forgot they were bright mix of colors on a cream colored background. I realized they had alot of colors, but I could have sworn the background was brown, or close to black. I know, I know. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww Well, I don't do curtains very often. LOL Then in putting them all back together, we realized one of the curtain rods was stuck open. We couldn't get it to go any smaller. Gigantor (my husband) wrestled with this thing for over an hour. It was pretty funny watching this little aluminum rod kicking his butt. Curtain rod--1 Gigantor--0 I told him to forget about it we would get a new one. He walked off grumbling and took the curtain rod to his tool box, to try and get a victory tomorrow.

Which leads me to why I call my husband Gigantor. I realize that some of you may not realize just how big the hill giant is. Let me elaborate a little. I have had big grown men say they are afraid if he got really pissed off, that one hit from him would kill a person. My husband is 6'1" and weighs 280lbs (and he's not fat) My hubby works in a steel yard and is a volunteer firefighter/e.m.t. His shoe size is a 14. His ring size is a 15. He can crush a melon by squeezing with one hand (a gift he discovered one day in my face--not funny to me-- tons of giggles for him and my son) And this man can dead lift a weight of 400 to 500lbs. This man is just big, big, huge, gigantic. And he has a heart to match that. I'm a lucky woman. So...with this man being so big, you can see why I get such a kick out of when he gracefully falls up or down the stairs, and when the little flimsy curtain rod kicks his butt.

Okay so maybe not one of my more entertaining postings today, but still not dull around here.
And I need to go, the hubby just dropped a pot on his toe, multiple cuss words streaming out of the kitchen. (I am NOT kissing it better)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Important Things

I learned a few important things yesterday. The number one thing being. Do not, I repeat DO NOT take a heavy duty pain pill with your high blood pressure pill. Not a good combination. Okay so I was a little dizzier than usual, and it felt like I was floating (like that time at the Poison concert back in the 80's---but that's another story) , and my fingers were tingling a little. But when I really got scared was when I started seeing white and cloudy spots in my field of vision. Then I knew I had to go lay down. Although most everyone wanted me to go to the hospital. I said no, and went and layed down and waited for my hubby to come home and check on me. His orders (as the e.m.t. he is) was to NEVER do that again, and to space the pills at least 3 hours apart. His comment (as that dear husband of mine) was why the hell did you do that you dork??

Something I learned from my son yesterday, which might be important to save some of your lives. Is apparently one should not sneeze and fart at the same time. As he says "It almost killed me mom" I guess when you do that combination you tend to bite your tongue, and he says your ass (well he said butt--cuz he's only 8) hurts real bad, and you have to run and go to the bathroom afterward. So, since this particular combination of bodily functions at the same time, will almost "kill" an 8 year old instead of send him into fits of giggles. I think it should be avoided at all costs.

I also learned that, although my husband is an awesome cook. Some days he should never be allowed to go in the kitchen. The first thing being, he tells me the burner isn't on, so I go and get some spices out to spice up the meat for our spaghetti sauce. Where as, I almost light my shirt on fire from leaning over and finding out, OUCH yes the burner is not only on it's flaming hot. I proceed to give him the "rolling eyes glare" he shrugs and goes "oh sorry I forgot I turned it on." I walk in later to find my favorite spoon (heavy duty plastic) is sitting on the edge of the pot. The pot that is on top of the flaming hot burner. The spoon now has a big melted gouge in the handle. grrrrrr I hate it that they can't take the dam spoons out of the pot. This time the glare is accompanied by a yelling at. He stomps in the kitchen (just like my 8 year old) pouting (again like the boy) and says " I didn't do it on purpose" (and we wonder where our children get the dumb excuses) Then he throws the spoon in the sink, splashing spaghetti sauce all over the wall. Which he kindly leaves for me to clean up. Then it all turns a little funny. He hollers, dinners ready, and as we all head into the kitchen, he is trying to dish out spaghetti sauce with a slotted spoon. I proceed to crack up and say, "your gonna be here a while" he then gets aggravated and puts that spoon down, and is now trying to dish up the sauce with the pasta spoon. You know, the funny shaped one with the spikes on it, and the holes in the bottom. That just sent everyone into fits of laughter. He is a good cook, really. Just not the brightest match in the stack. hehehehee

Never a dull moment at my house, never a dull moment. I will definatly earn all these laugh lines I'm getting. hehehehehee
Happy Veterans Day everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Opinion

Okay this one is a rant. If you don't want to read a rant, then maybe skip this post. I left my opinion in one of my postings, and had a hell of a comment back. Granted everyone is entitled to their opinions. That's what soldiers have been dying for, for hundreds of years, is our freedoms. But, let me make a few things clear, and let me address a few reasons why this comment upset me. First of all, look at the name at the top of the blog. BURFICA that would be me. Second look at the title DON'T EAT THE TOMATOES that would be my blog. My blog, my opinions, my stories, my life, my antics and rants on this page. I'm entitled to that, if you don't like it....piss off. hehehehehe Not everyone has the same opinions, that's what makes this such a wonderful, diverse world. I respect the right of everyone to have their own opinions. But.... and here it comes. I stated my opinion (as I have the right to do) in one paragraph of a post about the biggest election in a long time. This opinion is mine. I don't push it on anyone, I don't force you to read this. I respect you may have a different opinion, fine. the comments of this one particular post. I got this long ass comment. From... well you know who you are (polysci) Ooops is that name dropping. Oh well. I respect that you have the right to your opinion. But dammit, that was fucking long. If you have another comment that long go get your own blog and post till your little hearts content. So...the length of this thing was slightly upsetting. (probably wouldn't be if it had something of interest to read in it) What else was interesting is basically this person called me an idiot for having my own opinion and my right to vote as I wish. The idiot actually thinks I voted the way I did cuz I didn't like someone's wife. Maybe you dumb ass, but I look up the facts, and vote how I feel right. I didn't go into all that, because, again, this is my blog, my opinion, and I can post it any dam way I want. This very intelligent person (that's sarcasm dumb ass) couldn't seem to stress an educated opinion of their own, they kept quoting other people. There were so many quotes in there. I agree with alekx ( Isn't that illegal or something?? No opinion or quote of your own, but copy everyone else's. hmmmm almost as intelligent as if a person voted cuz they didn't like the other guys wife. If it's not illegal, it should be. At least in my blog. Against the Burfica blog laws. hehehehee
Okay my real point is. The election is over. So...polysci listen up I'm only gonna say this once in case you didn't get it every night on the news since then. JOHN KERRY LOST, BUSH IS STILL THE PRESIDENT. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. God and leave my blog alone go get your own to sit and plagerise on everyone else. It will be yours, and your right to say whatever you want, and I promise not to go there and leave a book worth of useless comments, because something is over and done with. Hell I promise not to go there at all. hehehehe
Okay rant over, on to more happy things like I usually do in my posts next time.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday at my house

Hmmmm what can I say about Monday at my house. Usually it isn't so bad. I woke up to my back actually feeling a little better. The pain pills are starting to work good. It has been raining since last night. Supposed to rain through tomorrow, then clear up and maybe rain again on Friday. More moisture than we have had in over 7 years. Been nice.

My husband must have had a complete meltdown this morning. He gets up at 4 in the morning and leaves for work before my son and I are even awake. He always comes in and gives me a kiss and says I'll call you at lunch time. That's our routine. So this morning I wake up to my son going, "Is daddy home" I'm like "no he's at work" Then my son says "what's in the microwave" hmmm I wonder. So I come out to find my husband (who left for work over 2 hours ago) has left his hot cocoa in the microwave. Okay whatever. My son and I then find two pieces of made cinnamon toast sitting on the oven. I'm starting to wonder now if someone snatched up my husband before he could have his very nutritious breakfast. hehehehehe But that is not all, it got more bizarre. I found a flashlight turned on sitting on the couch. I found all the papers he wanted to take to work sitting where he left them. So...I start thinking, maybe he was way over tired, and just forgot everything. Then I saw it, there on the counter, his fire dept radio. Anyone who ever has known my husband, knows that this radio is surgically attached to his hip. He won't even take it off here at home. It stays on his hip, only time it is off is when he's in the shower, (then it's on the shelf next to the shower) and when he's sleeping (then it is within 4 inches of his head all night) So to see it on the kitchen counter, not attached to my husband was almost a spooky thing. That is when I began to seriously contemplate the fact that he might have gotten abducted by aliens. But alas no, he came home at lunch time. I asked him what happened, and he looked at me with this vacant look (you know the one, blank stare, line of drool out of corner of mouth, and slight hum from the hamster wheel turning in his head). But he was full of piss and vinegar. Not the "I'm pissed off at you piss and vinegar" but the "I'm in such a mood, I'm gonna tease you till your head explodes piss and vinegar". Usually when he is in one of these moods, I'm cranky, so it doesn't work. Or when I'm in one of those moods he is tired, so it still doesn't work. But...Today both of us were in a piss and vinegar mood. We were bantering back and forth so hard, that neither of us could stop laughing. Oh, the good times. he tripped and fell down the stairs on his way out back to work. I almost fell out of my chair and spilled lemonade all down the front of me. Wonder what this evening will bring, because we are both pretty much in the same mood.

Well, boring or bizarre, that is a typical Monday at my house. hehehehehe

Sunday, November 07, 2004

ummmmm alrighty then

It's been a few days. On Thursday night my husband had a couple fire calls. And I sat up and watched an old classic (the original Nightmare on Elm Street) I guess I did something that threw my lower back out. (not an unusual occurrence) But...I wasn't aware I threw it out till Friday morning. It was rather hard to walk on Friday I did such a good job of throwing it out. The chiropractor isn't in on Fridays either. Saturday was much worse. I was walking all bent over (well shuffling more than walking) and boy was I in pain. I've been doing the ice/heat/pain pill thing. It was just a tiny bit better today. Hope I can get into the chiroprator tomorrow.

My husband is a super hero. We have company coming in over the next couple weeks. He really cleaned up some places that needed it bad. Now all that has to be cleaned well is the kitchen, and bathroom. He is a pretty good guy. I think I'll keep him. hehehehee OOooO he bbq'd the best baby back ribs tonight too. He can be a pretty dam good cook.

OoOoooOoO I have another addiction (other than the hot cocoa) I can't seem to get enough pomegranate. They are probably my most favoritest fruit. hehehehe And I found out that they have over 5 times the vitamin C than oranges do. yummmmm always this time of the year my fingers are stained a purple, (from picking the seeds) and I get little spots of red and purple all over my face/hands/clothes/neck from the seeds exploding when you try to pick them out, but they don't want to come out. My husband thinks this is a great joke. To not tell me that I have exploded pomegranate seed all over me, and he lets me go out into public. I'll be talking to other people, or talking to mom's picking up their kids, and when I get home I realize I have all these deep reddish/purplish dots all over my face and neck. He gets a great laugh out of it. I guess it is quite funny. There isn't much else I can do in front of this town to humiliate myself. I've pretty much done it all. hehehehehe Oh well...maybe I'm the towns plucky comic relief. At least I'm good at something.

I've got me some Avon work to do tomorrow. Guess I should go get started. Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Wicked Witch

As I sit and think about the election, and the results yesterday. One song keeps coming to mind. DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE WICKED WITCH, THE EVIL WITCH, DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD. Come on everyone and sing along. hehehehe I'm not sure who is more of a witch. Kerry and Edwards, or Kerry's self serving wife. God, I disliked them so very much that it made me feel almost violent every time I seen then. I could never imagine our great country run by such traitors. Okay that out of the way. I'm good, I'm happy, I'm doing the happy chair dance in front of my computer.

The other day we got a call saying we won a daily drawing at the grocery store, (which isn't unusual, this town has lots of drawings) and that we won 2 rooms of carpet cleaning. My first question was "Is this Kirby vacuums"? Cuz I don't want to be sold anything. So...the lady on the phone says, no this isn't Kirby, and we "will NOT" try to sell you anything, it's just free carpet cleaning. So, I say okay, and set up an appointment for last night. They come over, and the fuckers are Kirby, and start their 3 hours long sales pitch trying to sell us a fucking vacuum for 2000 bucks. So, I let them do their schpiel. Then I let them clean my carpets, then we told them that the lady on the phone misrepresented them, we aren't buying anything, they can leave us paperwork, or not, but we would be contacting the better business bureau, because they lied on the phone, and goodbye. So....of course they were angry, but hey got my carpets shampoo'd for free. hehehehehe

A sad note on last night. I was trying a new recipe in the crock pot. Sweet and sour chicken. And I added the rice, but then the stupid Kirby people were here so long that the rice over cooked, and it was mushy. More, like pudding then good food. Ick. Now we have an entire crock pot full of this. I pushed some on my husband to take to work for his lunch. Then I told him to take extra and share with his co workers. We will see. I think it would have been really good if it wasn't over cooked.

So, anyhow. I'm getting this house all gussied up for when I have company in a couple weeks, and for the jewelry show I'm gonna host. Much fun. I hope...wish me luck. Curtains and windows next, then bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

I'm off in my speed buggy to take my mom to the doctor. Everyone have a good day, and sleep well knowing the witch isn't over us all circling on his broomstick cackling.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Things that go bump in the night, the oven, the truck, and my head

Okay I haven't blogged in about a week. Mostly because all the things that happened would have created a very negative and bitchy entry. So...anyhow...I may have a better outlook on things now. Remember I told you about the light at the end of the tunnel. Well...I was was a convoy coming to run our asses over again and again. hehehehehe

Saturday we went up to the Fall Festival. It's run by the Helping Hands school. (for mentally disabled children and adults) So...the kids go and buy tickets and play games and win little prizes. Like little toys or candy. And...the student of helping hands do art work. They do paintings, and photography. Then they sell it at a silent auction. I won three pieces of art at the auction in July. I bid on 7 this last time, but didn't win any. Some of these things get up to 50 or 60 bucks. But I never go over 20. I could get really carried away. Then the students get half the money they piece goes for and the school gets the other half. It was lots of fun. But...we didn't get home till almost 7 that night. Just to put something in the oven to warm up. Upon closing the oven my husband saw a flash then sparks. We open the oven to see that the element had burned through and was still burning. He turned the oven off....just to realize that it wouldn't shut off. The light stayed on and the element continued to burn. Getting hotter and hotter, and starting to have small flames. So, my husband starts to move the stove out so he can unplug it. (my stove sits at an angle in a corner part of the house) The oven gets stuck and won't move....the heat is getting hotter...element stillburning...small flames getting bigger. My husband (GIGANTOR), with a big grunt, picks the darn thing straight up and backs up to get it away from the wall so we can unplug it. Stove unplugged, no fire. yayyyyyyyyyy Now if it was me, and it wouldn't have moved out so I could unplug it. I would be calling my husbands colleagues at the fire dept. LOL So...since sat we have been cooking on an electric burner and in the crock pot. Guy came to look at it on Monday...ordering parts...can't fix till this weekend.

Sunday was trick or treating. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes. There were tons of cheerleaders, princesses, lady bugs, power rangers, spider mans, and the serial killer from the movie scream. Okay and I have to ask, when did Freddy Krueger become a great child's costume. I seen probably 10 Freddies. When that movie first came out in the 80's is scared the shit out of me. I will say my son's was pretty original. I didn't see one other ninja....and the little girl going as "dirty laundry" was pretty original too. the end of Halloween night my suburban starts making noises like a haunted house would make. All the people we were with was joking about it. As I broke out in a cold sweat wondering what else could go wrong. The noise got worse and worse. Husband took it to two shops on Monday, only to find out that our alternator was shot. Luckily we were able to get it fixed that day. 170 bucks later. (ouch)

So lets see...oven and suburban... that should equal two semi's in the convoy running me over. Anyone know how many semi's are in a convoy?? I want to know how much else to expect. LOL

Anyone watch the election coverage last night. I was up till 1 in the morning, biting my nails and praying. Now we have to wait on stupid Ohio. My husband and I were talking about what the news was saying. And if a certain canidate would concede, because the other one has 4 million more in the popular vote, then my husband and I would maybe, I mean maybe, have an ounce of respect for him. But, since he has been talking out of both sides of his mouth this entire campaign, and we think he will screw this country over and over again. We don't think he really cares about America or it's people, so he probably won't. As you can see I'm very passionate about this election.

Okay enough. I'm going to go eat some peanut butter. hehehehhehee Wonder if that will end up in my bra?? Not much has been lost down my bra lately. I think it's laying in wait for some big items. Note to self, when bra starts sucking things into the vortex again....walk through expensive jewelry store, or bank. hehehehehe If only.. right??