Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Stuff

I got just stuff today. Not much, just stuff. LOL

Want to say HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY a day late, (although today is the real one)

I got Kiddo signed up for the summer reading program, they are gonna have lots of fun. Even having a little carnival thing on Monday. Then it's once a week, and they are studying animals this summer. That is one of kiddo's big interests. I'm hoping this will help with his reading.

He wants to do swimming lessons again. I'm thinking about it. But to do them and the reading one's I will have to sign him up for really early lessons. See if he's gonna wanna do that.

Gigantor worked for a few hours yesterday at the new job. He is still liking it. Everyday they work him hard, they ask " still want the job" Gigantor says, "Man you don't know what hard work is till you do the job I been doing the past 12 years. Out in all sorts of weather." This is like a dream for Gigantor. Same rate of pay, way way better benefits, and instead of working outside in 120 degree summers or in 18 degree winters, he will be in an air conditioned or heated truck. hehehehee Some people told him the drive will probably get to him, and he'll get real bored. Ummm could you tell me what job isn't repetitive??? All jobs you repeat stuff. So...he will be driving up to the north rim of the grand canyon dumping dumpsters at camp sights on Mondays. Then Tuesdays I think he goes out to the peabody coal mine. Wednesdays are his short days, he does a place called Tonalea, and round trip is only about 3 hours. Thursdays and Fridays he hits more places out on the reservation. So....we both figure that it's what you make of it. He can enjoy the drive and scenery every time, or he can bitch and moan. Anyone who knows my husband knows he doesn't bitch and moan, (unless it's just to me about me) hehehehee

OOOO we watched a few movies. Watched Dr. Doolittle 3. that was real cute. Nice movie to watch with your kids. We watched Just Like Heaven...that was really cute too. No academy award winner, but cute. Then we watched Hostel....can I just say ick. What a messed up movie. At least it had a good revenge ending, but *shudder*

As of that, I don't have anything else to tell or say. Guess I'm gonna go bang my head on the wall or something. Happy Tuesday!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


What the hell happened last night??? I stayed up and watched the late episode of ghost hunters. It comes on at 12. I had been amazingly tired all day. I lay down and 1. Nope, sleep isn't gonna happen. What the hell???? Gigantor gets up to let the pacing ass dog out at 4. Sleep still hasn't come. I ask him to make coffee before he leaves cuz god knows I'm gonna need it. I finally fell asleep about 5:52, and my alarm goes off at 6. I hit the snooze till 6:45, but still.

Anyhow, other than my insomnia problems, we have had a couple little things of good news.

Most of you know, that I have struggled with some health problems. And because of some of my health issues, my weight started to balloon out of control, and once it did, it caused more health issues. It was a horrible struggle. most of you remember I went out to Texas to stay with my sister last summer, to work on some of those, and one of them being the weight issue. Last May I had a checkup, and weighed a certain amount. After the summer was over I had lost 30lbs. (that was a checkup in late August). Well...I had to have my yearly checkup again this month. I was sorta sweating it. Wondering if I had stayed the same or gained. Cuz although I have tried to keep up with all the lifestyle changes, I was having a hard time exercising, because I kept getting hurt. Anwhooooo, I went in to the doc on Monday, and I had lost 35 more pounds. Whooooo fricken hoooooo. So a total of 65 in one year. I know it's not a ton, but at least it's coming off.

Okay now our second good news. Gigantor has worked in a steel yard for the last 12 years. The boss is a major ass. He has cut back the health ins so much, that it doesn't seem worth having. Over the years, he's taken off the vision, the dental, and made it a 2500 dollar deductible. Also he doesn't pay Gigantor the best. And...get this shit. The guys that work there that are of the same church as the boss, well they not only get better pay. But every year they get 2000 bucks that they can invest or whatever. The boss does it in cash, so nobody can come back and say he isn't providing retirement for everyone. Cuz we already checked into suing him for it. Gigantor is one of the best workers out there, and he didn't go to the same church, so he never got the so called "retirement" package.

Anyhow, my hubby has been looking for another job hard for the past year or so. And he went and applied with the garbage people. It's not like it used to be, now everything is with high tech trucks, and you dump it in a building, and it gets trucked out, so you never have to even touch the trash. Anyway, back to the story. Well...they offered him the job. Same rate of pay he's getting now, with raises every year. Full insurance, including vision and dental, 401K, life insurance, and they will pay for his CDL and 100 a year for work boots.

Oh yeah, you dam skippy, we jumped at the job. He will be so much happier there too. No more crap from that ass.

But get this, when he went in and gave his two week notice. The first thing his boss did was tell him "I refuse to let you go over there" And Gigantor told him there was nothing he could do about it, it was for his family. Then the boss started threatening him. Can you believe it? Threatening!!!! So...Gigantor did offer to work part time for the boss, cuz in the winter, the hours will cut down with the waste company. And the boss keeps telling him. "Well I'm crunching number, don't go to work there yet" whatever he offers won't be near as good, or as stress free. Gigantor is convinced that he is trying to make him wait till the garbage place fills the position. What the ass doesn't understand is the position is filled, they just let Gigantor be nice and give his ass of a boss 2 weeks. hehehe Boy next Friday is gonna be so funny when he walks out of there with all his stuff. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see the boss's face hehehehehe

Okay that's all I got. Happy Thursday all.

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Kind of Tag

Instead of the same old quizzes we always see. I seen something a little different. I got it from Mike over at I'm not touching you. And what he did is give a letter, and you have to come up with 10 words that start with that letter, and a brief explanation of what that word means to you in your life.

If anyone would like to do this after. Just leave me a comment and ask me for a letter, and I'll give ya one. I'll try not to give anyone a Q,X, Y, or Z hehehehe

Okay here goes. The letter Mike gave me was the letter O. (ya little shit you, cuz O is sorta hard too. hehehehe)

1. Operation: I've had two major operations in my life, and almost lost my life with both. So...I guess those would both be a big thing in my life. Both of them abdominal oppererations by the way.

2. Office: I worked in an office for over 12 years. I was a bookkeeper/accountant. They fired me, cuz they didn't like independent women. It was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was so negative with life when I worked in that dam office. Now I love every minute of it.

3. Outside: One place I love to be. I love being outside. We often go to the mountain, and the lake. And once we have a better lot, we will spending most evenings outside on the porch. When I owned horses, I spent most my time outside at the corrals or riding my horses. I barely spent any time at home. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. I should be back in the wild west, having to be outside alot.

4. OH MY GOD!!!: something I seem to say alot of. You can catch me saying it at least once a day. And no I don't just say it during sex. hehehee Somebody does some boneheaded thing and I scream OH MY GOD!!! And knowing my family, boneheaded things happen all the dang time.

5. Ogres: Not only can Gigantor be a big ogre. But I love all things fantasy. From playing DnD for years, to reading and watching fantasy. Seems there is ogres somewhere in all fantasy. (not to mention the Orcs in Lord of the rings) hehehehe

6. Othello: A game my mother and I used to play against each other all the time. We would play it on the computer. She used to blame me for cheating on the computer, but that was impossible. hehehehee We got a board game of it, but for some reason it wasn't as fun if we had to turn all the pieces ourselves. Good times

7. Organization: Something I need a hell of a lot more of. hehehehe I'm not a very organized person in some things. Like my house. hehehe But in some things I'm organized to a fault. Organized to a point of being....

8. Obsessive Compulsive: Yes I have a tendency to be a little Obsessive Compulsive. Don't we all though. Mine isn't to the point of having to turn the lights on and off 21 times each time I come through the door, or about washing my hands 54 times a day. But if you don't fold the towels or underwears the right way, I will go all "ogre" on your butt. hehehee You have to stack and do dishes the right way, do laundry the right way, and god help you if you touch my organized pile of chaos that I call my office. hehehehehe

9. Ostrich: You all remember I got attacked by those devil, demon, evil ostriches and emu's this summer. Gigantor is all with us teasing me. They won't hurt you honey, they don't bite, and this little shit (okay he was big) of an ostrich reaches out and pecks the shit out of Gigantor. Now I did laugh at that. They are the devil I tell ya. Flightless birds like penguins are so darn cute. Flightless birds like osrtiches are demons I tell ya!!!!

Lastly, the O word we all know and love!!!

10. Orgasm: Do I really need to say a whole lot about this one??? Even then I'm a very lucky girl and get more than a fair share. You can never have enough. Am I right girls or am I right??? hehehehe

If any of you wanna play along just leave me a comment, and I'll get you a letter. It's fun people, try it. hhehehehehee

Happy Monday all!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Black Hole of Undergarments

Okay, what the hell is going on with all my unmentionables???? Are they begging to be mentioned???

You all know I have the black hole/vortex bra, that just sucks things in at random. Like last night I had crumbs and even a flower petal, in my bra. What the hell????

But I think my bra's have been holding meetings in my underwear drawer. They are converting the masses I tell ya.

My stocking felt weird all day, and when I took it off. I realized I had one of those little plastic army guy guns on the inside of it. Which now did a massive imprint on my leg, and it was sore. How the hell did that little gun get in my underwear drawer and in my stocking none the less???

Oh and the biggest one, was my underwear (panties). I have no idea how this happened. I went to the bathroom mid morning, pulled down my drawers, and out falls a fruit loop. In the name of all that is holy, how the frick did a fruit loop end up in my underwear!!!!!!!!????????????? I mean kiddo had lucky charms for breakfast, and I had a bagel. Come to think of it, we haven't had fruit loops in the house for a couple months. How did a fruit loop end up in my underwear???

It's gonna be one of those great mysteries. Like how most the stuff that ends up in my bra gets there. I swear my unmentionables have struck this evil plan to take over the world by sucking it in one fruit loop at a time.

Have a good Thursday everyone, may your days be fruit loop free. hehehehee

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Track Meet

The 4th grade here had a track meet yesterday. All the elementary grades have one. So...we went to kiddo's track meet. Outside, in 95 degree weather, at 12:30. uggggghhhhhh

He ran the 50 meter dash, luckily it was the very first event, so after he ran, we watched two more races, then left. hehehehe He by far is not an athletic kid. He doesn't run fast, or catch well, or other things. But...I was proud of him, he kept right up with the pack. He got 6th (which there were only 6 runners in that heat) but he was right next to all the other kids. least he didn't get way passed up. I'm just very proud that he tried, and tried his hardest.

Not much else is going on. The gerbil porn is still in full swing. It's gotten so bad, that sometimes I'm embarrassed to look at them. hehehehe A week and three days till school is out. I'm almost as excited as Kiddo. I like when he's home. I'm a goof that way. I would never survive in one of those countries where school is all year long. hehehehe

Oh my gosh, I have to tell you, for mothers day. My son got me the funniest little thing. He got me this pillow for the couch. It's pink and purple. It says SUPER MONKEY on it, and has a monkeys face on the front. Very cute. But you turn it over and on the the monkeys butt!!!!!! There is a fuzzy little butt on my pillow. All I can say, is thank the heavens it's not a red assed baboon. hehehehe

Okay well I got a kick out of that.

I'm gonna go eat the rest of the last piece of cake sitting here. And then try to be productive. Not sure If I'll make that 2nd one, but I'm gonna try.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Weekend

Well....we survived the weekend. The party with the little kids was a hit. They bowled good games. I bowled so hard, that I pulled something in my hamstring and a tooshie muscle. But it was fun.

We took all his friends home but one, he came to our house for a while. Then I got busy finishing the stuff for the family bbq. Big J and Kiddo were helping me with balloons. We got one of those little helium tanks from walmart. So blew them up and tied them, and Big J put ribbon on them, and kiddo took them out and taped them up to decorate.

The bbq was nice, good company. Then Big J's parents took him and kiddo to the carnival. At about 11, we were so tired we wanted to go to bed, but Kiddo wasn't home yet. So...called their cell phone and said, either he needs to come home so we can go to bed, or you can keep him all night. About 5 minutes later, they brought him home. hehehehehe I think kiddo was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Sunday was looking like it was gonna be a little tough for me. The first mom's day since mom died. But daddy, Gigantor, and Kiddo spoiled me. It was nice. I got to sleep in, then a nice long shower, where nobody was in there bugging me (which is what usually happens) A leisurely lunch, and watched a movie, the lazed around as the guys all moved Captain Daddy and his hell kitty up to his place finally. Then a nice dinner, and cuddling with the hubby. Who can beat that.

I do have to leave you with something so funny that happened last night.

On Saturday, Big J and Kiddo, when they were taping up balloons decided to tape one each to their foreheads. So they had this helium balloon floating about a foot above their heads. They went that way for about 3 hours or so. Anyhow, when Kiddo gets way over tired he sleepwalks. And he'll talk to you, and seem awake. So...we are sitting in the living room about ready to go to bed. And Kiddo comes marching, I mean marching, out of his bedroom. His little head ducked, little glare on his face, little fists clenched. Like when he's gonna yell at ya about something. So...I thought he was going to come out and tell me that the t.v. was to loud. I look up as he stops in front of me, and go "What bud" and he starts rubbing his forehead, and says. "It's stuck" I go "What's stuck" and he starts rubbing again, and making this motion up from his forehead like he was trying to grab something. Like he was trying to grab a balloon. hehehehee I go "Nothing is stuck to your head bud" and he gets frantic and starts scratching at his head and almost fussing about how he can't get it unstuck. So...not wanting him to hurt himself. I move his hands and rub his head, and go "there mommy got it, not stuck no more" and he smiles this little dreamy smile and goes. "Kay, thanks mom," and goes back to bed. Gigantor follows him to make sure he makes it back in bed. And Gigantor's like "was that bad old balloon stuck to your head" and Kiddo goes. "Yup but mom got it" and drifts back off.

We laughed and laughed about that.

Okay so maybe you had to be there.

Anyhow, have a good Monday everyone!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006


PFFFFFFFffffffffff...... that is the sound that is gonna drive me insane. I mean right over the edge, into the deep end of the loony bin.

Now this sound is a slow exhale of air, not the type like a sigh, but a slow blowing noise. This is the noise my father makes, that I'm sure he's not aware of. I mean he does have his grumbling and his sighs, when he seems disgusted. But this is different. He breaths through his mouth anyway, cuz he has pretty much damaged his nose. So...always, and constantly, you hear he does this little, long, quiet blow. When he's been physically active, or he is pissed off at something he's trying to do it gets worse. Puff puff puff puff loud and repeatedly.

I know I should complain, he's really not bad to live with, but it's like one of those noises that get on your very last nerve, and it's constant.

Oh well... he's almost in his place. Matter of fact. I thought maybe he would move in this weekend, after Kiddo's party on Saturday and everything. We are having a bowling party with a few friends. But then that night we are gonna have a bbq with family and some friends. So...he gets a day of partying. Here is the thing though. Being that we have all that tomorrow. I have to work my ass off today. Getting presents wrapped, getting goodie bags done, cleaning house, going to the store to get the cake and stuff for the bbq, and doing a general prep of things I'm gonna have. (Like cutting up the fruit and veggies, so I'm not scrambling on Sat) knows all this. Even mentioned that he wanted to hang out and do it with us. And!!! And....he said he needed help moving him and the kitty up to the house, so it would take some time.

Well...he announces last night at about 9 that he wants to move him and the kitty up to his place today. TODAY!!! I got a little upset. So...later I confronted him. Asked him why today instead of this weekend??? Being that he knew how busy I was gonna be (plus I have avon coming in tonight, so have to pull, write up, total, and call to deliver) And he goes, well your gonna be to dam busy on Sat to help me. And I said, yeah and I'm to dam busy tomorrow too. I'm like dad, can't you help with the busy stuff instead of get mad about it, you knew we were doing all this stuff. And he goes, well what are you doing Sunday?? I said nothing that we are aware of (which he knew already) And he's like. Oh okay Sunday is good then.
Ohhhh how he can give ya headache sometimes. hehehehee

On a side note, I'll be glad to get rid of his little bitch of a cat. This cat will not learn a dam thing. We spray her or punish her and she's still a little shit. She's taken it upon herself, that less than 2 minutes after dad leaves to go do whatever dad does, and I have my back to the living room cuz I'm on the computer. She has been jumping up on the front of the bird cage and knocking it to the ground. I have about 20lbs of bird seed and a bunch of water all over the floor. Not to mention two parakeets that need therapy now. They are poor little nervous wrecks. And it just started happening past few days. I've about knocked her block off, and drenched her with water. For two days she stayed confined to their room. And what does she do a couple minutes ago??? Knock the flippin bird cage over again. Think dad would believe me, if he came home and she was beheaded, if I told him it was an accident?? Yeah I didn't think so either.

Well....have a happy weekend everyone!!!!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006


This post is blue, cuz it's your favorite color. Happy birthday my treasure!!!!!

May 8th, 1996 2:oo a.m. I'm woken up in my uncomfortable hospital bed, cuz my hips hurt. And it doesn't help that Gigantor is snoring on the floor, or that I have a device and gauze shoved up my hoo haa to help induce labor. (supposedly be slightly dilated by 8 in the morning, so they can start the i.v.)

2:30 get up and go pee, cuz my hips hurt so bad, feel a POP and start hurting massive bad. Wake up Gigantor, tell him my water broke.

2:35 nurse confirmes water broke, I'm in full blown labor, half way dilated, 100% effaced.

You know what that means folks??? That means I got NO FUCKING SLEEP!!!!! heehehhee

2:45 yell at nurses that they are all liars, and I do not get to sleep the night away to be in labor the next day.

5:00 a.m. start begging for pain meds. Am told I haven't progressed, say FUCK IT GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL. Told my head nurse, that other nurse is a dumb ass, and I'm almost all the way dilated so I can't have epidural. Beg for pain meds again. Receive a shot, that did nothing but make me tired.

7:00 a.m. mom arrives (I was in a hospital 2 1/2 hours away from our home, cuz I was so high risk)

7:05 start pushing

7:15 tell Gigantor I have to push

7:15 & 1/2 Gigantor runs straight behind nurses desk screaming that I have to push!!

7:16 nurses calm Gigantor down, tell him not to scare them by running at them again, or they might have to call security. hehehe *snicker*

7:18, nurse tells me to push if I want to...I inform her that I have been. hehehehe

7:50 Top O.B. nurse comes in and starts yelling at me to push harder and faster, Kiddo was in trouble, they needed him out NOW!!

7:51 doctor shows up in a flury, didn't even have time to park her broom. (Just kidding I loved my doctor)

7:55 Was pissed my child was in harm. Pushed so hard, broke metal support on stirrup, got calf cramp. Calf cramp so bad, stopped labor pains, sat up in bed, cussing out the entire room.

7:56, couldn't push without my leg supported, just didn't work

7:58 Gigantor and 3 nurses holding calf up, was so strong was pushing them to the floor.

8:10 bad, burning, ripping, God, I'm being torn in half pain. Decided I wasn't playing anymore, Refused with multiple curse words, that was not pushing anymore.

8:10 and 10 seconds, Mom leaned forward, screamed HIS HEAD IS HALFWAY OUT, NOW STOP YOUR SHIT AND PUSH DAMMMMMMIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!! (if anyone knew my mom, she was very introverted, and would never ever do something like that, she stood in the background.)

8:10 and 11 seconds, pushed and screamed hard enough, I could have birthed an Abrams tank.

8:16 Kiddo all the way out, with cord around neck. Not blue yet, because I moved so fast doctor said.

8:16 and 2 seconds Kiddo put up on my stomach and doctor yelling at nurses not to take him, it was our miracle, we got the first few minutes.

8:16 and 3 seconds kiddo stopped crying and just looked at me and Gigantor as we cried all the tears of joy, that all the months, years of heartache brought us.

That ladies and gentleman was the best experience of my life. It was so important to me and Gigantor, that 10 years later, we remember ever pain, every joy, every single detail down to the second. I could tell you when I drank and what I drank, what I ate. My mother, who wanted to be there, but didn't want to intrude on our happiness. I remember her backing into a corner after he came out. So... quiet, just watching. Gigantor walking Kiddo over to her to put him in her arms. Her say, oh no no no no you guy, it's all for you. Gigantor sorta dumping kiddo in her arms and walking off. I remember her going to a corner, and crying and cooing to him, then telling him how very much he has been wanted, and how loved he would be. I sit here typing this, bawling my eyes out, for I miss her so.

I remember Alekx and captain Daddy finally showing up. (they had to drive almost 7 hours) I remember everyone wanting Captain daddy, to go see the baby as he came in. And him saying---I can't go see the baby, till I go check on MY BABY and him marching to my room. I think it's one of the three time's I've ever seen my dad cry. That time in joy, and when his mom and my mom died, in sadness.

I am so blessed, no matter what struggles we may go through with Kiddo, he is an amazing gift, that I will treasure for all time.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Wore the Wrong Boots for This

Gosh, somedays don't you feel you are trudging through a shit swamp??? hehehehehe
That's how it's been for a while now. And let me tell ya it stinks. LOL
Just a little updating. My wonderful son *said with clenched teeth* got a letter (not a note) but a letter sent home from his teacher. Seems, he isn't doing what he's supposed to in class. He isn't doing his work, he isn't asking for certain things he is supposed to bring home. He is refusing to do his writing assignments when he has 2 hours to work on them. He is turning in blank pages. And he is refusing to answer questions asked directly to him, which is really disrespectful. She has said, that next little incident, he goes to the stop room. (which is the severest punishment, save suspension). I'm ready to knock his fricken block off. I swear to all that is holy, we have talked and threatened, and taken stuff away, till we are exhausted. I'm at such a loss.
On a good note...I have a side job. You all know I sell Avon. Well it hasn't been the most, shall we say, profitable thing to be doing lately. So...our friend D. Who we have played DnD with, and he did tons of DnD campaigns when he was younger. He draws, and writes his ideas down. I have pushed him for years to get his "monsters" published. I didn't know it, but he has written a ton of short stories. He asked me if he could hire me to type them up and print them out. He said he would hire me for 8 bucks an hour. I thought that was pretty good. Well...I got a folder with 5 of his stories in it. He said each was only 14 pages long. Well..he has an introduction, and then 14 pages of front and back hand written. So...about 29 to 30 pages long in reality. And...he is the worst speller, has horrible hand writing, doesn't punctuate, and isn't very descriptive. So...guess who has been fixing and embellishing all his stories?? ugggghhh my head hurts. hehehehehe

Okay on that note. We are going to experiment with dinner tonight, I'll let you all know how it turned out. But I did want to leave you with a new recipe we got and tried the other night. It rocks!!!! So....goood!!!!!!!!!! (we doubled the recipe, cuz it wasn't enough, I will write what we did)

Honey Nut Chicken

6 oz honey roasted nuts (we did cashews)
1 cup plain bread crumbs
1 tablespoon grill seasoning
3 eggs
a splash of milk or half and half
1/3 cup flour
3 tablespoons veg oil
6 boneless, skinless chicken breast (use your fav chicken people

Preheat oven to 350 F

Put nuts, bread crumbs and grill seasoning in food processor and pulse to combine, pour into plate or pie plate.

Beat eggs and milk, pour into plate or pie plate.

Put flour on plate.

Dust both sides of chicken with flour. Dip the chicken into the egg, and then coat with nutty breading.

Heat nonstick skillet, put oil in it to coat bottom. Brown chicken pieces about 3 to 4 minutes each side, until golden and crispy looking. Transfer chicken to baking dish and cook in oven till juices run clear and they are cooked through. About 15 minutes.

Hope you all try it, it rocked!!! We served with bbq succotash.
That is red bell pepper, and onion slightly sauted, then add can of black beans drained and rinsed, then frozen corn, once corn is heated add a little bbq sauce to coat. That rocked too. It had how much of each thing to add, but like my family likes onions more than peppers. So we did how ever much we wanted.

Have a good Thursday everyone. And someone please volunteer to come straighten my child out. hehehehee

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Facts about me

I'm 5'4" tall
I always wanted to be taller than my sister who is 6'2".
In the least I wanted to be taller than my mom who was 5'8".
I never reached my goal in height.
I was supposed to be a boy.
I was so sick when I was three, they had plans to check me in the hospital for me to die.
I have brown hair, and brown eyes.
I have old man bushy eyebrows if I don't trim/wax them.
I was in college level math and reading classes when I was in middle school.
I can't remember any of that math now.
I can barely add without my 10 key calculator.
I always wanted to be married and have 3 kids.
I don't like clowns.
I have a paralyzing, puke, pee, crap, and passout all at the same time fear toward bugs.
I'm scared of deep water.
I almost drown when I was 6.
I watched my father get caught in an explosion.
Watched him run with is legs on fire.
Watched the paramedics try to cut his melted clothes off.
I was 4.
I don't like fire.
I have massive anxiety every time Gigantor goes to a fire.
I keep it hidden from him.
I don't like seafood/fish, unless it's shellfish
I don't like brussel sprouts, or artichokes.
I LOVE almost all the other vegetables.
I don't like fuzzy fruit--apricots, peaches, kiwi
I LOVE all other fruit.
I don't like canned fruit or vegetables.
I used to own horses, 7 total here and there.
I only spent 300 dollars total for all 7 horses.
Never owned more than 3 at a time.
I used to train horses for a job.
I was molested by my friends uncle when I was 9.
I told my mother and she did nothing.
I was date raped at 15.
I never told my mother.
I loved my husband since I was 14, but never dated him till I was 21.
I love love love chocolate.
I hate spicy food.
I tried suicide three times in high school.
I hate the heat, and I live in Arizona.
I slept with my husband on the first date.
I've always wanted to go to Australia.
I've had two major surgeries, and almost died on both.
I had to start taking hormone pills when I was 22.
I will have to take them the rest of my life.
I only have one ovary left.
I've never broken a bone.
I've dislocated my knee, hip and elbow.
I've been in an ambulance as a passenger 4 times.
When I was 9 our car got hit by a deer, not us hit a deer, but a deer ran across the rode and stuck it's head through the drivers side window.
I've been in three accidents, including the hit and run deer.
All the accidents were before I was 10.
I think I'm a good cook.
I never learned any crafts from my mother. I taught myself a few.
I don't like to have hanky panky, unless the lights are off.
I find it a burden to wear makeup.
My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road.
If I go to cold stone creamery, I get chocolate ice cream with brownie, cherries, and macadamia nuts.
I love fantasy.
I collect dragons and wind chimes.
I suffer from insomnia.
I'm interested in mortuary shows.
I love all my blogger buddies.

Okay I think that's enough drivel about me. I'm gonna go do something. I don't know what yet, but I'm sure it will be something.