Thursday, June 30, 2005

My right ass cheek hurts!!!

Oh my gosh, my right ass cheek hurts. I've been working hard, and I have this permanent pain down my right ass cheek into my right thigh. hehehehee Alekx has no sympathy for me either. So....I didn't tell her when she was jumping right out of her bathing suit. She figured it out though when I kept smiling at her like a looney. I just kept smilin, and she finally looked down while we were doing the jumping and figured out what was going on. I actually got her laughing, and seen her turn sorta red. Dorko knows, it's almost impossible to embarrass Alekx. hehehehe

Sorry I hadn't posted since Monday. Been busy busy busy. We did water aerobics on Tues morning and Tues night, plus went to see mom. We did them again yesterday morning, then we went to a movie at the dollar theater. Then went and took mom for a ride, got some taco's and went and ate in her room. We came home and dinked around, and had dinner and watched a movie. We watched Napoleon Dynamite. OMG what a train wreck. It was so horrible you just couldn't look away. ahhhhhh
Today we did water aerobics this morning, and we would do them tonight, but we have a meeting to go to at the nursing home. I guess medicade is going to do a talk to tell you how you can possible keep your property. And mom would just get all confused and not know what was said, so Alekx and I are going to go.

Well since I'm so boring today, and my ass hurts, and Gigantor isn't here to rub it out, I'm gonna go and read everyone else. LOL

OooOO none of you told me if you knew what Dealey Plaza was, so I'll give you one last chance before I tell you where it was I visited last weekend.

Come on, I know somebody has to know this. I would think Op, Kitten, and Olives would know it for sure.

Happy Thursday all.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Stayin Alive

I am still alive and kicken. Didn't have to visit the hospital yesterday or nothing. whooooooo flippin hoooooooooo!!!! I did go to the bbq. Kiddo didn't like the ribs, and I thought that strange. Till I tasted one, and was like hmmmm, there is a peculiar taste to it. Well...the brother ran out of "honey" bbq sauce, and wanted to make it sweet. So...he added a jar of caramel ice cream topping to smokey bbq sauce. I think that is just about all I have to say on that. hehehehehe

I feel so funky today. I'm not "yawnie tired" but I feel like I could sleep for a week. And everything hurts and is crampy. I don't know the deal. It's not cuz it's that time of the month, cuz that was last week. LOL I just feel weird.. (okay well weirder than usual)

Alekx was so tired from coming in from the lake last night, that we didn't get up in time to do aerobics this morning (6 fricken 30 people!! in the summer) So we took kiddo to swimming lessons. We had signed him up for level 1 again, but he was doing so well that they put him in the beginning class of level 2, then moved him to the advanced class of level 2. So...that was cool. I think we are gonna hit aerobics twice tomorrow. morning and night. Then do that again on Thursday. We went and hung out at Alekx's work for a few, then I drove home. I will have to drive back and get her later. Maybe I should take a nap. LOL

On Saturday, we drove into Dallas. (the brother drove us) and we went sightseeing. We visited the Dealy Plaza. Anybody know what that is??? It was rather surreal, and very quiet. Not a lot of people talking or making noise. You felt a great respect from people there. I'll reveal what that is, if none of you get it, tomorrow. We then went to eat at this burger joint called Dicks. The entire theme at Dicks is for the wait staff to be rude, and to give everyone a hard time. You sit down, and the waitress comes over leaning on the table, tearing your placemat for her order pad. Going "what do you want" sorta rude. Then they come around and tie giant bib's on everyone. They make hats with rude sayings on them, and put them on some peoples heads. Kiddo got one that said "Sand box pimp" it was too funny. They also will blow balloons up with helium and tie them in peoples hair. It was just really funny, and festive. It was a fun time. We were so pooped out on Saturday night, we barely had energy to get some dinner and feed the animals and go to bed. HEY maybe that's why I feel so tired. LOL

Okay I'm gonna go watch a cooking show that is looking good. hehehehe
Happy Monkey Monday everyone!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Well I made it to Sunday. But last time it was on a Sunday that I got hurt. And I was headed out to a bbq and the house Elf's brothers place. Guess where I'm going about noon thirty today?? That's right, we are going to try and bbq again. I am being so careful watching everywhere I walk, that I will probably walk into something high and poke an eye out or something. hehehehe Send "safe" vibes to me everyone. If I don't post tomorrow, then the curse is still here. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Still Here

One day down, two more to go. *peaks out from under covers* What unknown curses await me while they are gone???

I will defeat the dreaded curse of 2005!!!! I will dammit, I will!!!!
*hides back under covers*

Friday, June 24, 2005

All Alone

Alekx and the house elf went to the lake for the weekend again, left me and kiddo all alone. Do any of you think I will hurt myself this time??? How about the kiddo??? If we didn't have to eat, I wouldn't let us get out of bed the entire weekend. hehehehe

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm so Dull

Man I'm so dull this past few days. I'm so dull I couldn't cut butter. hehehehe Seems like all my snarkyness has moved right on over to Alekx.

I didn't feel good yesterday. I slept long, and got up and didn't do much of anything, and god was I emotional. I cried to Gigantor for over a half hour. I don't know what was wrong with me. I think that I had just been pushing myself so hard everyday. Pushing myself right to the breaking point. Then I think I finally crossed that line, and plunged head first into the breaking point. I got sorta sick, was hurting really bad, and couldn't stop crying. So...I just took most of yesterday to rejuvenate, and then I felt much better this morning. Off and running again. Guess that's a good thing.

And man, I'm craving beef. Maybe I need some protein or something, but I sure am craving it bad. And not the "buy my a hamburger" beef, but the big juicy steak or big hunk of roast kind of beef. ahhhhhhh now I'm hungry, gonna go eat my banana.

Okay I ate my banana and I still want a steak. hehehehehe

Kiddo finished his first session of swimming lessons today. Man he is doing so good, trying so hard. He is swimming a little ways by himself, and he can float on his back by himself. Auntie Alekx already has him signed up for more lessons starting on Monday. My baby is gonna know how to swim pretty decent by the time we get home. Still not sure if he will be able to ride a bike or not, but he will be able to swim. hehehee

I'm gonna be a hermit all weekend, I think. Alekx and the house elf are going diving at the lake again, and last time they went I got to take a trip to the hospital. So...I don't think I'm gonna move out of this house. hehehehe

Holy dull moments batman!!! I just sat here for 15 minutes and can't think of one other dam thing to write about. I guess that would be my cue to post this little boring as all get out post. Hope you all don't fall asleep or wanna go jump out of a basement window cuz I bored you so much.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Legs Hurt, and I'm Going to Hell

God my legs hurt. Hurt hurt hurtie hurt. I have really been pushing myself hard. Increasing how much I've been walking and upping the water aerobics each week. And my calves have decided they should be in a permanent cramp if I don't keep both my feet flat on the floor at all times. Makes sleeping hard to do, and walking, and dam near anything.
I'm eating banana's each day, and taking some vitamin that Alekx gave me that's supposed to help, but nothing yet. (she probably gave me some pill to make me pass gas more) She's got a cruel sense of humor. She's the type person that would shave a hamster just for shits and giggles. hehehehe

OOooO I have got to tell you all. It sounds like there is a flock of ducks in here every day and they are being tortured. Now we all know men are just gassy all the dam time. I mean, the kiddo farts about 100 times a day. His new thing is to go ahhhhhh (in a whisper) and then announce, "I just pooted" But the house elf, OMG he sounds like he is stepping on ducks. There is constant tortured sounds of "quack, wack, quack" that boys and girls are the sounds of his farts. I mean I thought it was funny as hell that Gigantor (for how big he is) sounds like a squeaky toy. Like when you blow up a balloon and hold the mouth piece out to the side to here it squeak, that is Gigantors. So when he come's out here, we will have squeaking, pooting and quacking ducks. I think I might check myself into a motel during that time. LOL You know this is a gassy house, because the two most favorite sounds the parrot makes is burping and farting, then she laughs afterwards. Just a ton of giggles a minute I tell ya. LOL

Alekx is right, I probably am gonna burn in hell for all the thoughts I have over the young male swim instructors. I mean I don't want to have sex with them or anything, (cuz they are to young, and I'm to tired to teach someone right again) I just want them to all swarm around me, in nothing but their bathing suits, and rub my back, and rub my feet, paint my nails, and clean my house. Ya know. I don't want much, just every woman's fantasy. LOL oOOOooOo they could let me rub my hands over their rock hard abs once in a while too. I would very much enjoy that. hehehehee

I have been missing Gigantor all. It's not about missing sex. (although that would be nice) I just miss hugging and squeezing, and cuddling, and sleeping next to him. We go to the movies and Alekx and house elf give each other kisses, and cuddle, and I feel really really home sick. I am working my butt off here, and enjoying myself, but I really can't wait to go home.

Anywhoo, lunch time for me and the kiddo. Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Holy Evil Emu's Batman

We went to a wildlife park yesterday. Called Fossil Rim. You can get a bag of food and drive through this park, and the animals come up to your car and eat from you. You are supposed to drop the food on the ground, and they eat it. But some do stick their heads in the car, and some will try to take it from your hands. This was sooooo Amazing for me and kiddo, we truly LOVE animals (cuz they taste really good) no seriously, we do love them. So....we start out and Alekx is driving, and she stops at some ostrich's. They come running up and were eating the food kiddo dropped, well then they seemed a little to interested. Now I've been pecked by a chicken, and a duck and it fricken hurts. There is not a chance I wanted me or the kiddo pecked by the jackhammer size beak of an ostrich. So Alekx finally drives on, cuz this ostrich was sizing up the kiddo to see if his head would take one or two pecks to fully devour. hehehhee Alekx drives us by some Emu's. They are just shorter versions of the ostrich but with sharper claws, and sharper points on their beaks. This one Emu (he was satan people) came up with his red eyes, and kept getting his head in next to me, and looking like he wanted to peck the shit out of me. I'm yelling at kiddo to get to the other side of the car, cuz he had one in his window too, and I'm trying to yell at Alekx to drive, but she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. A pack of wild, rabid, demonic emu's trying to peck her sister and nephew to death. (shhhh don't tell, but I think Alekx is a minion of the underworld people) (she's out to do satan emu's will)

We saw and fed so many things. We saw Axis Deer, European Red Deer, Fallow Deer (so pretty), Silka deer, and Wildabeast. We saw, Waterbuck, Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, and Blesbok. We fed Addax, Arabian Oryx, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Aoudad, and Guanaco. The Blackbuck are so beautiful, the males are black with white all around their eyes, really cool. We saw Cranes and Turkeys, and Black Rhino's and Cheetah's. We drove by the Giraffe's and they all wanted to stay in the shade, one was eating, one laying down, and three standing in a line. We sat and got lots of pictures of them, and the herd of zebra's behind them. We thought they were all too hot, and done for the day, when out of the blue one of the zebra's ran right for our car. Then the whole herd came. They just swarmed around the car, sticking their heads in every window. Kiddo was throwing handfuls of food out, and they were nuzzling and letting us pet them. OMG it was the best of the best. Horses are probalby my favoritest animal in the whole wide world. (used to own horses) and to have the most magical of all horses, nuzzling you and letting you pet it was just amazing. It was so cool. I can't even describe what it meant. I'm still flying high from all of that.

As we were leaving Alekx stopped and tried calling over more ostrich's and emu's so they could eat me. I'm telling you people she's a minion, minion I say to the evil giant flightless birds.

Of course the gift shop was over priced, but what the hell it's only money right?? LOL And all kiddo's need stuff from the gift shop. hehehehe

That was our long, tiring, amazingly gratifying day yesterday.

OOoOOo the house elf's brother took us out to eat at a bbq joint called Red, Hot and Blue. It was pretty good. Service could have been better, but the food rocked. LOL

This morning got up early and went to water aerobics. This insane pool here has no stairs, just this steep as can be ramp to get in and out of the pool with. The in part wasn't to bad, but the out part, I could only pull with one arm (can't pull with left, against doc's orders, and elbow still to week) and I was taking baby steps from my ankle. All in all it was good, got my heart rate up, and didn't over do it on the sore joints or limbs. Can't wait till I'm healed and can hit it hard and heavy. LOL

Okay off to make me and kiddo some lunch.

Hugggssss to you all, have a great week.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Funky Friday

I don't know why, but today has seemed funky. Just way way laid back, I haven't been outside, but it seems as if everything is in limbo. Of course that could be all the pain meds talking. hehehehe

Alekx has been helping me get dressed everyday. It's just now starting to where I can tie my shoes, and get my pants on and off. The hardest part is doing the pants, and fastening my dumb bra. I didn't know how much you used and elbow and thumb till this happened. LOL

She also will help me get stuff ready, and I take a shower, then she helps me after word. Well today I slept in so I didn't get up in enough time to get a shower before she left for work. So...I had to have kiddo help me. It's rather humbling to have to have your 9 year old son fasten your bra cuz you can't. LOL Lets hope he doesn't get sucked in. Stupid vortex bra anyway. See what kind of goodies get trapped in it when I go to the movie tonight. hehehehe

Maybe I'll come home with a zebra or giraffe after the wildlife park. My luck only their snotters or poopers. uggghhhh I hate it when I gross myself out.

Something weird since I've been in Texas. When I was home I would crawl into bed and watch about a half hour of t.v. then go to bed. And I always I mean ALWAYS dreamed. I've been here, and I get in bed, have t.v. on, and wake up an hour later with the t.v. still on, so I turn it off, and I don't even fricken dream. I don't even remember being asleep. It's weird.

oOooOOO we watched Texas Chainsaw massacre last night (I had never seen it) Now I'm all freaked out of driving through the tiny po dunk towns in Texas. hell NO LOL That is some weird ass shit, and the case is still open. So old leather face is still out there. ewwwwwwwww ick gag

Okay on that note. I'm gonna go pretend to do something useful. LOL
Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Doing better

Well I am doing somewhat better. My ankle is still really sore. Hobbling around with a cane a little bit. My elbow is sore, but my thumb and wrist are what's the worst feeling along with my ankle right now.

I went to a regular doctor yesterday for a follow up. She took that cast like brace off of me, and oh my gosh. I was having some sort of reaction to it. I had this rash, and some blisters on my wrist and hand. She said to keep it off. She got me this brace that goes over my thumb and down the inside of my wrist, and it just velcro's on. She also put me in an arm sling. Told me it would probably be a week or longer I would wear that. Then told me I had to see an orthapedist.

The orthapedist squeezed me in today. He moved my elbow around and checked out my thumb and wrist. He said, I could take the sling off, but just not to straighten my elbow all the way, and not to push up with that arm. So no heavy stuff. He told me to keep wearing the thumb and wrist brace as long as it makes things feel better. He just thought they were bruised deep and on the bone, and sprained. He is gonna see me in 10 days, to recheck everything.

Here is the really good news. He says if I'm gentle on my ankle, and not moving my left arm, I can go ahead and start my water aerobics on Monday. yayyyyyyyyyyy I was so looking forward to that. So now we get to do them. I even bought a new bathing suit and was gonna be pissed if I didn't get to use it. LOL

So...any how just a little update, and I'm sorta typing with two hands right now. So things are looking up. LOL

Looks like we are all going to go see Madagascar tomorrow night, and maybe go out to dinner. Then on Sunday we are going to this wildlife park, that you can drive through and the giraffes and stuff stick their heads right in the car, way cool.

Happy Thursday everyone

Much huuuggggssss your way.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Can anyone say OUCH?????


#1--excuse the typo's i'm typing one handed.

Alekx and the house elf went diving at the lake this past weekend. Me and kiddo stayed at their house. Visited mom, and ate and sight seeing with the house elf's brother and mother (they live down the street and around the corner). Sunday we were gonna go to a bbq at their house and go see mom. Kiddo gets in the car, I walk around the back to get in to drive. Apparently, there is a foot grabbing inch and a half ledge in the concrete. And...of course my foot hit it just right. I twisted my ankle (bad people) (left ankle) hit my right knee, and put my left arm out to break my fall. KABOOOOOMMMM!!!!! Right on my stomach, face down on the concrete. My first thought was "god, I hope nobody saw that" My second thought was "god I hope somebody saw that, cuz I can't get up" I tried to push myself up, only to realize that my ankle was bad, my knee hurt, and my arm was in massive pain. Not like sprained my wrist kind of pain, but like I BROKE MY FUCKING ARM AND CAN'T MOVE IT kind of pain. Thank the lord half the neighborhood was across the street for some reason. They called an ambulance, and went and got house elfs brother. Only thing I don't understand is they called for help, but not one of them came over to check on me. Ass holes. Oh well was nice they called for help. Poor kiddo was scared out of his fricken mind. Praise god house elfs brother was there and took care of him. I got to see the nice inside of Keller's ambulance, and meet two very nice emt's hehehehe Got to the hospital, and got x-rays. I was very sick to my stomach, and the doc says that happens with breaks or other severe bone injuries. (oh great) Doc comes in and goes "good news, your wrist isn't broke, but look at this" shows me the x-ray of my elbow. (feel free to gag here, we all did) my elbow was SEVERELY dislocated. The ball of the joint was out of the socket competely and up on top of it. (here's were all the fun stuff starts) He says we have to put a shot of anesthetic in the elbow joint and get it back in. Then leaves to get the specialist. I then make brother take kiddo out, cuz he didn't have to see that. They bring in this 5 inch long syringe full of stuff and inject it into my elbow joint. OMGGGGGGt hurt so bad. They then had a nurse help hold me, one doc hold my upper arm and the specialist start the torture. let me tell ya people I almost pissed myself. I was moaning and going ooooh ooooh ouch ouch nooooo ouch. Lots of pulling and bending and three pops and one massive SNAP!!!! later. I could move my arm, and I didn't realize I was crying till the doc wiped my eyes. Then the water works really started. I was in a place I didn't know, without my husband, scared my kid beyond reason, and I'm in the hospital. I felt stupid, embarrassed and like a failure. I ended up getting a cast like thing. It's hard and fiberglass, but I can unwrap it for showers.

I can not stress enough how grateful I am to the house elfs brother. I've met the man twice. He stayed at the hospital for 6 hours with me, he left once and took kiddo to get something to eat cuz we missed lunch, he did lots of hugs and reassurance to the boy. He helped me in and out of the car, brought me back, and went and got his mom and the bbq to feed us dinner. They stayed till late till they knew Alekx and the house elf were a few minutes away.

I am so grateful for Alekx and the house elf too. They were so tired when they got in, and they got kiddo in bed and had to both help me up (cuz by this time my ankle was majorly effed up) She has been getting me dressed and helping me to the bathroom and such. She did all the phone calls about the insurance, and set me up with another doctors appt. She took some days off work to help. Yesterday was pure hell, I could barely walk, not to mention the pain in my arm. Today, I'm walking a little better.

Here is what else really sucks. Those water aerobics I really wanted to do. Were supposed to start yesterday. All the other stuff I was gonna work on now has to be postponed. BITES THE BIG ONE!!!!

So thats what has been going on. If I don't post and comment alot, it's cuz this one handed typing sucks ass. took me almost two hours to type this.

Happy whatever day it is!!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Here at last

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Well we made it. We are in Texas. Man, three states, two sunburns, one dinosaur museum, one shitty ass service motel, 5 fast food joints, two slaughter houses, one herd of antelope, multiple cows, horses, and squished armadillos and raccoons later. We are finally here.

The trip was long long. But real nice, because I had never seen any of the scenery before. it's odd to go over a bridge and have water in the river or creek. hehehehe Az just doesn't have water like that.

I got two fans in my room going. A giant floor fan that is about to make me deaf on Med, and a little oscillating fan. I'm gonna have a hard time getting used to the humidity. But I think I can do it. Already talked to Gigantor a couple times. We miss each other of course.

Well....I''m way to tired to be witty or snarky, so I am gonna go take some medicine and go to bed. Talk to you all soon. Thanks for all your support.

Happy humping on hump day without me. hehehehee