Thursday, December 30, 2004

I love frogs

This is my pride and joy, my dart frogs, with my water lilly. Sorry about the glare. It's on my upper right arm. The top flower is all the way up on the tip of my shoulder, bottom of the flower is about an inch from my elbow. Posted by Hello

Birds of a Differnt Color

This is my second tattoo sorta a cross between a phoenix and a bird of paradise, it's on my right lower arm. Posted by Hello

My Baby

this is a picture of my very first tattoo. My baby dragon sucking his thumb. And yes I am almost flashing you my entire boobies. hehehehehee Isn't he adorable???? Posted by Hello

Lists and more Lists

Okay I'm gonna do the lists that are floating around. Steeling this one from Alekx.

Turkey Butt (from my dad, Alekx and I are turkey butt, she is chicken lips and I am tidey bowl breath)

What did you do in 2004 that you never did before??
Had a nervous breakdown. heheheheee ( I think I'm better now. twitch twitch)

Did you keep your new years resolutions?? Will you make more for 2005??
I don't make resolutions. I decide to do something and do it. I don't thing you vow in a drunken stupor on Dec 31st should rule your actions for the year. (although the drunken stupor could be really fun)

What places did you visit??
Sierra Vista (daddy lives there) The lake, the mountains, North rim of the grand canyon, and doctors offices multiple times.

Australia (I've wanted to go there since I was a little girl)
Hawaii (Gigantor's best friend owns property there)
The U.S. Virgin Islands (my friend went there to work as a nurse for a year, and Loved it)

What did you get really really really excited about???
My sister coming for a vacation (she got snowed out) My dad coming for Thanksgiving (his vacation got cancelled) And now going to go spend the summer in texas with Alekx and the house elf. Just me and the kiddo. To help get my health better.

What events merited celebration??
Every day we wake up happy and healthy. But I think our biggest highlight, was Gigantor, who was going permanatly blind (would have been in 5 years) gettind eye surgery that has him now glasses free for the first time since he was 5.

Did anyone close to you give birth??
I knew lots of people who had babies, but nobody really close to me.

Did anyone close to you die??
My grandpa. And lots of close friends parents and grandparents.

What do you wish you'd done more of??
Besides exercising? hehehehehe Going up on the mountain more. Going out to the lake more, and more crafts.

Brush my teeth (they feel fuzzy)
Watch a movie with the kiddo
And fart (still got those egg farts) hehehehe

Spin in circles repeatedly then walk a straight line hehehehee
Itch the very middle part of my back
can not, will not, won't not, never will not eat bugs

What do you wish you'd done less of??
Being grumpy about little things.

What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004??
financial stability and freedom to enjoy ourselves. Not spend alot, but be able to go to the movies once in a while or go bowling. That kind of thing

What did you want and get??
The love and support of most of my family and friends

What did you want and not get??
To find an old friend I had lost contact with

What did you do on your birthday and how old where you??
I turned 33. But since I slept on my 30th birthday I skipped it so I'm still only 29. LOL And we went to the lake that morning, then had chinese that night, then next day went to breakfast, and bowling. That's what I wanted for my birthday.

What one thing would have made your year immeasurable more satisfying??
To be able to see my family more

What was the best thing you bought??
Our bowling balls (god I love to bowl. I suck but I love it)

Who did you spend the most time on the phone with??
I would l0ve to say my sister or father, but my mother calls me at least 4 times a day, sometimes up to 10 so probably her.

Compaired to this time last year are you happier or sadder???
Happier with some aspects of my life, sadder with others. But over all very happy, each day you wake up breathing is a good day.

Thinner or fatter??
Probably fatter, although I don't know if that's possible anymore. LOL

Richer or Poorer??
Poorer for the getting in debt, but richer for clearing it most the way up. But very much richer for everything else in my life.

What were your favorite films of the year??
hmmmm Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
I Robot, Spider man 2, Princess Diaries 2, and Shrek 2, Alien vs. Predator, Van Helsing, and lots of others. I like movies. hehehehee

What was your favorite t.v. program??
Probably Lost--best new program. Also like the CSI's and cold case, and desperate housewives.

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2004???
I was the white trash, frumpy mother most the year. hehehehehee

Who were the best new people you met??
I don't think I met anyone new this past year. Not in person, but my new blogger family has to be the very best I've met.

Did you fall in love in 2004???
Every day I love my kiddo and Gigantor more and more. So...yes, always.

Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year???
I don't like to hate. But I despise my old boss for what he did to me and very much for what he did to my mother. Alot of problems that has stemmed since then was because of what he did. May he burn in hell.

What was your biggest achievement of the year???
I can't say I had any last year.

Your biggest failure??
To many to list

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2004??
It takes way to much energy and time to be angry (I'm talking the type of anger that goes along with hate) I will never turn into an angry, bitter, mean person that some people in my family have.

my feet.
my devotion and ability to love
my sense of humor

my face. (uggghhhh)
my depressed moods
my worrying all the time


fire--saw my dad catch fire in an explosiong, heard his death screams, he lived but it terrifies me, and my husband is a firefighter, so I have a heart attack every time he is out on a fire call.
Deep water--I'm not that great of a swimmer, and deep water scares me
Bugs--any bug, they are almost as bad as fire. *shiver*

morning and nightly hug and kiss from Gigantor and the kiddo
reading everyone's blogs
saying lots of I love you's to the hubby, kiddo, pets, family, friends
And a fourth one. My prayers

one beat the shit out of me
one didn't treat me like I was his everything
and one cheated with a friend

Unending Love and Understanding

going up on the mountain or anywhere else we can picnic, watch nature, walk, and see all sorts of animals
and going to the lake

Go to Australia
See my son grow up and find happiness
Meet some of my blogger family in person

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rain and Goodie Plates

HOLY FLASH FLOODS BATMAN!!!!! Our entire state is on flash flood warnings. They have even evacuated two towns in the state because of flooding. That big big storm that hit California is now hammering us. They even sent Gigantor home from work today. Now we live on the edge of Glen Canyon and the lake so all the water drains into them. was raining so hard and so fast it couldn't drain fast enough. The entire steel yard where he works was flooded. He came home soaked from the knee down, saying that was how deep the water they were trudging through was. Since he came home early, he took the suburban up to the shot to get new tires put on. That is what his Christmas bonus check went toward. We have only needed new tires for about a year and a half. I even have 2 fifteen dollar used tires on it, because I had two different blow outs. Anyhow, it's really weird to get that much rain here in Arizona. I mean it did rain here once. Remember Noah and the Ark?? I think we got 2 inches then. heheheheheeeee

Okay on to something else "GOODIE PLATES" Okay maybe I'm weird (hell we all know I'm weird) but I think if you give a goodie plate at the holidays it should be made up of mostly home made stuff. Am I right?? I mean if you make a basket or bowl, you can do fruits and nuts, and jams, and stuff like that. But...shouldn't plates show how much you cared and made stuff??? I mean when I did goodie plates it was always chocked full of stuff I slaved over. And maybe to make it purty, I would had a small handfull of whole nuts or those foil wrapped chocolates, but always full of home made stuff. Now we got 4 goodie plates this year. One just stuffed full of christmas cut out cookies, gingerbread men, and cherry cookies. 2nd one was little cakes--german chocolate cake made in muffin tins, with a spoonfull of the frosting on the top. 3rd one was 3 packs of venison steaks, and a pack of elk sausage. Not home made but just as impressive. The 4th one we got. I was highly offended. I was like WTF??? (not in front of the people of course) here is what was on that plate. 2 oranges, 2 apples, 1 banana,a hand full of pecans, 1 reeses cup, 2 baby ruths, 4 of those really really hard store bought cookies, and some mexican candy. They are like chewy jaw breakers but they are chili flavored. I would be totally embarrassed to give something like that. Now I have given fruit and nut baskets or bowels before. And I always make sure I add a thing of jam, or summer sausage, or cheese, or a nice bottle of wine something like that. And I would sure as hell make sure that there was at least one of everything fore everyone in the household. I know it's the thought that counts, but here is where I was really offended. These particular people have quite a bit of money. And.... get this. The husband works with Gigantor at the steel yard. And the week before Christmas the boss at the steel yard gives out (for free) boxes of oranges, apples, banana's, handfuls of candies, and containers of the store bought cookies. So the only thing this family paid for on these was the little mexican candies. I mean, I understand if you are extremely poor, and not well off. It would be an amazing gesture to share what you have been given. But when you can buy tons of shit, and you do that, it offends me. Why the hell bother you know?? I mean we aren't that well off either, but at least to give to people like that we made some apple butter from the apples on my mom's tree. Yes the apples were free, but I still had to cut, peel, cook, and can them. was an attempt.
Okay enough of that, I probably shouldn't have been offended but I was. (these are the kind of people that always expect a really good gift back). *sigh*

Gigantor wanted his hair cut last night. We have clipper/shavers, and I just shave it down short. But he didn't want to wait for me. I had just signed online and was talking to my sister and a friend, and he threw a tantrum that he wanted his hair cut that very minute. I told him exactly where he could shove those clippers (turned on of course) He proceeded to march over all pissy and lean over the trash can and try to cut it himself. I keep hearing the clippers go, massive grunting, and some grumble cursing. I look over to see him actually tied in a knot, trying to contort his body enough to get the very back, while leaning his head way down in the can, and looking in the mirror at the same time. I watch this funny dance for about 5 minutes. Then I couldn't take it anymore. This guy looked like he had mange, he had tufts of hair everywhere, he couldn't get it even, and he couldn't even get the back. I then marched over and none to gently cut the rest of his hair, making it all even. I'm roughly wielding these clippers, grumbling something that resembled. Stupid ass men, can't ask nicely, or wait till your done, and go and get hair all over the floor. And a few other colorful things. I slam the clippers down in his hand and go HERE. In this very quiet, little boy voice he goes "thank you honey" and slunk off. *sigh* men, they are funny.

I will leave you all with that. Since it's been raining, I have tried to write this 4 times, and keep getting booted off the internet. Lets hope this time works. heheheheheeee

Monday, December 27, 2004

Hits and Misses

We survived the weekend. hehehehehehee
Still am not thinking to straight though.
Thought I would tell you some all of the hits and misses.
Hits-- His .22, camo, playstation 2 games, movies, and a couple toys. Biggest hits. Some plastic swords and guns his auntie Alekx and the house elf got him, his reptile and bug 3d puzzle things in eggs, and his mega blocks fire and ice--ice dragon with a huge boat, took him and daddy 2 days to put together.
Misses--Leappad book (come on mom that's learning stuff) and the gaudy orange and black (plastic supposed to look like leather) jacket, that Gigantor's mexican working buddy got him.

Hits--civil war book, tool set, and some clothes. Biggest hits--a 10 dollar Texas Holdem poker game, and the Denver Bronco's watch.
Misses--Nose hair trimmer (I keep getting them for him and he keeps breaking them) I hate hair out of the nose and ears. I'm gonna wax him if he doesn't keep better track of this one. hehehehehee

Hits--Waffle maker (hubby got) movies and jewelry(sister got) windchime, and dragon hand blown glass sculpture (mom got) 14 cup big mouth food processor(friend got) Biggest hit---The dragon fuzzy poster that kiddo got me (I like to color the fuzzy posters) and a poster with lots of dragons on it for my wall (that son got) and a sculpture he made in school with his picture on it.
Misses--The gloves he picked up for me from a gas station. I asked for new chenille gloves from walmart. You know the 3 dollar one's?? He got me a black pair of cheese fleece gloves when he got gas one day. Other big miss. The bowling bag he got me. We picked out bowling bags to order when we had money. I commented that I liked, tweety bird, eeyore, yellow, or light blue. He liked Denver Bronco's or black bag with flames on it. He got me. Black bag with flames on it. And insisted I said I really wanted that one. ugggghhhhhh

My mother
Hits--Floating Gem water fountain, her jewelry, and the Chia pet head
Misses-- The santa lamp I got her (she collects santa's, guess I got bad taste in jolly fat men) LOL

We had a nice quiet dinner, even if it was late, cuz I didn't time things right. So we ate at 7:30 instead of 6.

And Holy stinking butts batman. We have the worst egg farts in this house. Gigantor boiled up 20 eggs, so that makes 40 deviled eggs. We finished them on Sunday. heheheheheheheheeee That's alot of eggs. Now he is killing all his coworkers this week.

oOooOoOOoO very big honorable mentions. Gigantor's best friend got us the COOLEST I mean COOLEST gifts. He got the kiddo a rock that has a fossil of a sharks tooth in it. Then he got us KISS-OPOLY, as in the monopoly game of the group Kiss!!!!! OMG they were like my favorite. It's all questions on the cards about the group. I'm gonna kick major ass on this one.

Well off to bed for me. I am so off schedule with my sleep. I am awake almost all night and sleeping in. If I don't get back on schedule I'm gonna die when school starts again. ugggghhhhhhh

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Merry Christmas to all my blogger family!!!!!!!!! You don't know how much you have meant to this one woman here. I thank you all very much, and wish you the very best this holidays!!!!! May God (or whom ever you worship) bring you joy and peace and love this Christmas. I know he has blessed me with all of you!!! Again I say Merry Christmas!!!!! And Happy New Year!!!!

Now Something I wrote that is very special to me. And doing it in red for the blood of our Lord.


On this day you gave us your son
Nothing else, just that one.
You gave him to us with all your love
You sent him down from far above

You sent him down because you love us
You sent him down without a big fuss
You sent the wise men from far away
Bearing gifts, but not much to say

He went around with all your love
Speaking the word of you, above
Some people didn't like what he stood for
They sentenced him to death, he would live nevermore

They put a crown of thorns on his head
A tomb they made for his everlasting bed
They nailed him to the cross that day
They stuck a sword between his ribs a little ways

They raised the cross and waited for him to die
Their way of death was this, to crucify
He forgave the people before he died
You took him to heaven to be by your side

Your son died for all our sins
He died so we could start over again
Thank you for sending your son from far above
I know dear Lord you are someone I LOVE!!


Not much, but from my heart.

Many blessing to you all. All my love!!!!

Panicking yet???

Is anyone full of panic yet??? Tomorrow is Christmas eve. hehehehehehee
When my son's friend came to play yesterday I disappeared into the bedroom to wrap Gigantor's stuff. Since I wasn't in such a hurried rush as the night before, I was taking my time and some of the gifts looked real nice. But, as I got to the end of the pile you could tell I was getting tired. I wrapped a tube shaped object. I must have used 3 feet of paper, and just rolled and rolled and rolled. LOL Then just slapped the ends over and taped. So it looks really weird. hehehehehe
All I have left is santa's gifts, and put stuff in stockings. I do that all on Christmas Eve night anyway.

My mother called yesterday, and I had to call and get Gigantor out of work. Her stupid outside water line broke, and was spurting water all over. Well, he fixed it and put in a new pipe, and she was, of course, not happy. She can't ever be totally happy. I mean my husband took off work, and missed getting the hours we needed to make it (with the holiday and all) arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
She did call this morning saying she felt bad about him missing work, and that she was sorry. But still, she needs to not say the crap at the time. She makes us both upset.

Yesterday those two boys played with the wrapping paper tubes so much, that I hated the "chOnk" noise they were making. When Gigantor came home, they all three had a war in the living room with the tubes, then commenced to throwing them like spears. Finally mommy's very last nerve went "SNAP" and I started screaming that if they didn't stop I was gonna beat everyone with the broom. So, they stop for about 30 seconds, and then you keep hearing a stray "chOnk" I finally marched into the laundry room and came out with the broom. They all just laughed at me. hehehehehe guess I did look pretty funny. An insane woman on a rampage with a broom. I should have just hopped on that thing and flew away.

I'll leave you this morning with one more recipe. (I'll try to post once more today, seeing as I might not be able to for a couple days)


1 package (16oz) frozen broccoli, carrots, cauliflower combination
1 to 2 cans cream of mushroom soup
3/4 cup milk per can of soup
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
French's Fried Onions

In large bowl, combine vegetables, soup, milk, 1/2 of cheese and 1/2 can French's onions. Pour into baking dish. Bake, covered, at 350 for 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Arrange remaining onions in diagonal rows across top. Bake, uncovered, 5 minutes or until onions are golden brown.

sooo yummie, I like it better than the traditional green bean casserole. And it's great for pot lucks.

Until later I leave you with this thought
chOnk chOnk


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

3 More Days

Yep that's right 3 more days till Christmas. My son has been doing the happy dance all through the living room this morning. I got a call from his best friend this morning asking if he could come play. So...I guess I'm going to go pick him up at about noon thirty today. Tomorrow I think we are gonna bake some cookies. Gotta have those cookies for Santa. hehehehehehee

Man, I wrapped my ass off last night. I disappeared in the bedroom about 8:30. Then in a whirlwind I started, cutting, tearing, sticking, taping, writing, throwing, stuffing, cramming, sawing, and flinging. heheheheh It looked like Edward Scissor hands in there. Gigantor comes in once, and in all the flurry of little paper floating around, and cursing coming from the bottom of the pile, He just says. "OH MY" and leaves again. hehehehehee

The good news being I now have 5, count them 5, more weapons for the kiddo (wrapping paper tubes) Now him and his little friend can have a battle. LOL

The kiddo this year got a couple Playstation 2 games from santa. And from mom and dad, he got a new set of camouflage, a big pillow shaped like a tank, and his first small single shot .22 rifle. He also got some little things. I'm the queen of buying little things, so they have lots to unwrap. Like he got scooby doo 2, and another leappad book. A couple super hero's hot wheels collectables, as stuffed puppy, two of those water ball thingies, couple packs of yu-gi-oh cards, and a squishy toy frog, lizard, and snake.

Okay that's all I got for today. I'm still in the midst of that big brain fart. hehehehehe

Maybe a quick dessert recipe.

Cream Cheese Pie

1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust
1 Block Cream Cheese
1 Tub Whip Cream
1/2 cup sugar

Soften cream cheese at room temperature. In large bowl combine cream cheese, whip cream, and sugar. Use electric mixer to blend till smooth. Spoon into pie crust, and refrigerate.

Sometimes I used fruit to top it, but it's amazing just like that.

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random Thoughts

Being holiday time. I'm sorta jumbled. I still haven't gotten everything wrapped. And now I'm running out of time. I need to do the kiddo's after the hubby is home, so I can lock myself in the bedroom. Thing is, hubby gets home, we eat dinner, then we go to bed. Tired Tired. So, it may be one of Kittens famous Christmas eve wrapping marathons.
I think we are all gonna go driving around and go Christmas light looking tomorrow night. We have seen a few while we have driven around delivering avon stuff. Some of them are way cool. You can never have enough lights I say. hehehehehehee

I gotta tell ya, my son is a goof. He has picked up a new saying. Every time he hurts his butt. He will come out saying . OOoOOooOoOOo RIGHT ON THE BUNNNN YUNNNN!!!!! And, the precious little shit, has decided to make more comments about my hair style. Now remember he said I looked like Elvis, so I went and got it cut, in this very short spikey cut. Now he tells all his friends I style my hair by sticking my finger in the light socket.

My husband and son are having so much fun with the wrapping paper tubes this year too. I mean I really wasn't aware of much you could do with them except play swords, or light saber, or telescope. But they took one that got bent, and cut it up, and taped pieces on another one, so now my son has a grenade Launcher. Nothing says Christmas like a grenade launcher. hehehehehehe

I am half cheating half not on baking cookies this year. I am making the snicker doodles that my hubby loves. But I also bought some ready to bake sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

I think for pies this year, I'm not doing a bunch of pumpkin. I bought a frozen pie that was called razzle berry (yeah I know *gasp* frozen pie) It's mixture of three berries, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. I also am going to buy a chocolate cream pie. I think that should be more than enough. Although Gigantor begged and pleaded at the store that I would get a caramel apple pie for him to try. I finally gave in, cuz it's embarrassing to watch a giant cry in public. So, I told him we would have that a different day.

For the life of me, I'm doing a brain block with my Christmas dinner menu. All I got is ham, candied yams, poofoo, deviled eggs, and bread. Just doesn't seem like enough for Christmas dinner. I was thinking of maybe making the french onion soup to have before dinner.

Now I just thought for the hell of it. I would add an easy recipe once in a while. Like I have said before I love to cook. And I think we all need easy, quick and good recipe's. Please give me some if you have any. heheheheheh Always looking for a new one.


Lipton Onion Soup Mix
Cream of Mushroom soup
Diced Onion(optional)
Sliced Mushrooms (optional)

In bowl mix hamburger and Lipton Soup mix-roll into meatballs. (I use the frozen already made meat balls too) Cook meatballs in sauce pan. Add onions and mushrooms. When meatballs are fully cooked add cream of mushroom soup until fully covered. Turn heat to Med. Simmer for 30 minutes. Serve with potatoes. (mashed is good)

This is also really easy to do in the crock pot too. But I suggest that you cook the meatballs first.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Lights and Lists

Man that parade of Lights was amazing. Made up for the shitty Christmas parade this year. We used to have something called the "festival of lights" were people would decorate their boats down on the docks. You could go spend the entire day looking and seeing Santa, and getting cocoa and cookies. Then at night you park along lake shore drive, and the boats go down to the dam and back. Just wonderful. Well this year, the park service and the Aramark company, in all it's infinite wisdom, decided to close all concessions this winter so no festival. The city and citizens were in an uproar. So, they decided to do a parade down main street at night. You could decorate absolutely any vehicle and drive down. A bunch of the businesses on main street turned off all their outdoor lights for this too. Made it really cool. The fire trucks had lights on them. Motorcycles and 4 wheelers. Peoples trucks, and flatbed trailers, couple horse trailers. Then there was a few people that decorated their boats and drove them down main street (on a boat trailer of course) There was about 10 santa's in this one, and some candy throwing. There were even people passing out little toys on the sides of the streets. Here are my three favorites. a huge trailer done all in red white and blue lights, with some people dressed as soldiers looking at a Christmas tree, and on the side it said, "remembering our troops at Christmas" There was a giant Santa on skies with the reindeer pulling him, said "santa's dream" He was skiing around a small model of rainbow bridge. Then the one the kiddo loved the most, it was done on a boat and in front of it. Santa in the boat, and lighted up Dolphins pulling it. And the lead dolphin had a red nose, and they had it rigged so the dolphin cut outs moved and looked like they were jumping through water. Very cool. Anyhow, enough of that.

I am now steeling the idea of this list from Papa.
I am 33 years old.
I have dark brown hair (that I have found a few stray grey hairs in), I sometimes dye it a rich dark auburn
I have brown eyes
I am 5'5" (I know big difference from my sisters 6'1")
I won't tell my weight, cuz I'm trying to lose
I have one sister (alekx) who is 7 years older than me
My parents divorced when I was 5, I lived with my mom.
I didn't know my dad till I was 15 (and now we are amazingly close)
I have been married to Gigantor for 11 1/2 years
I have one son who is 8 yrs old
I have 3 dogs (Buck, Buster, and Dribbles)
I have one cat (Buggsy) Whom has had his picture in a magazine
We have 3 fish (which my son named, Jewels, Gems, and Fred)
We have 2 parakeets (son also named, Sassy(blue and purple and white) and Flutter (green, yellow, and blue))
I've known my husband since 2nd grade.
We used to have a parrot, dwarf hamsters, and 7 frogs.
We also had at one time, horses, goats, and chickens
I have lived near this lake most my life, and I'm not a good swimmer, and I'm deathly afraid of deep water.
But not as much as I'm afraid of bugs, I am terrified of bugs
I've done such jobs as, bussing tables, selling items at a church, cleaning motel rooms, carpet cleaning, security guarding, freight, cashier, and bookkeeping (over 11 years), and I now sell Avon. But my favorite job is wife and mother.
My son called me Honey for the first 2 1/2 years of his life
I love to bake and cook.
My favorite food to eat is Chinese, and bbq chicken.
My favorite beverage is Hot cocoa (but you didn't know that did you) and iced tea
My favorite color is sometimes blues, sometimes greens
My favorite season is Spring (I love to watch everything bloom)
I am a Leo
I've lived in the southwest all my life and I HATE turquoise
chocolate or vanilla---chocolate hands down
spicy or mild---mild
chicken or beef---beef hands down baby
Lemon or Lime--Lemon
Strawberries and cream, or peaches and cream---Strawberries, peaches are gross. hehehehee
Waffles or pancakes---waffles
Scrambled or fried---Scrambled
Bacon or sausage---Bacon
Okay there is the answer to a few things about me. I'm sorta out of ideas right now. Having myself a big old brain fart. hehehehehee
happy Monday everyone
And remember only 5 more days until Christmas.
5 that is 5 measly fricken days to get all the shit done!!!!!!!
run, hurry, fast, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Lake Powell

Well now, this is a little different. I have been talking to a few of you about where I live. When I mention Lake Powell, nobody seems to have heard of it. So, I throw out things like Glen Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, and Glen Canyon Dam. Well....some of you have heard of it, and some of you haven't. So..I went looking up things on the internet. I found some beautiful stuff. And..since I learned how to do the links I thought I would let you all see, the absolute heaven I live in. First of all I am less than 1/2 mile from the shores of this. Here is Lake Powell
Now, after you have ooohhhh'd and awwww'd on that. I live in an entire area called Glen Canyon. Where are dam is is technically the start of the Grand Canyon. (I'm sure you all have heard of that) Here is Glen Canyon
Look down on that page, and there is a map. Find all the water on the map. THAT is all Lake Powell.
Here is a little more on the Lake
Then of course we have the Glen Canyon Dam, which makes our lake.
And last but not least. Beautiful Rainbow Bridge. When the lake levels were higher, you used to be able to drive your boats right under Rainbow Bridge. Now that the lake levels are down some, you have to hike around the base of a big rock(part of the canyon) to see it. When I was younger you could walk right up and touch it. they keep you back some. It's still so huge, and breathtaking. It's amazing. So, here is Rainbow Bridge

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the little bit of paradise I live in. I love it so much and wanted to share with the whole blogger community here. Cuz I've come to care about you all.

Later I'm gonna post about the amazing "Parade of Lights" tonight.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Blast from the Past

OoooOo the cd player in the suburban has basically taken a crap. So, the hubby pulled out an old tape *gasp* He puts it in this morning and I have been soooooo happy every since. LOL

I mean what could be better than some 80's hair band.

Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

okay just thought I would leave you with that.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Okay so I'm finally getting to answering those questions you all asked me. Here we go. hehehehe

Kitten: How did me and Gigantor meet?? Well....I have known him since 2nd grade. We almost dated in high school, but we would have broken up. He went in the Navy and I moved away for a while, and when I moved back he came home on leave for a week. We dated, he went back to Italy (in sept) In Dec he came out for a week, and we got engaged. In April I went to see him, and on the 3rd day there we went to the J.P. and got married. I came home, and 5 months later so did he. Matter of fact in another small town in Az, many years ago. His mother dated my Uncle and my mother was friends with his Aunt. hehehehehe small world.
2. Any more little gigantors?? I would love to, but can't. Before he got home from the Navy I had emergency surgery (almost died, bleeding internally for 3 days) and had a 30lb, yup 30lb--10in in diameter tumor removed. It ruptured one of my ovaries, and the other one was diseased with over a dozen cysts, some as big as 4 inches. They cleaned that up, after a year of healing, I started fertility drugs, after a year or more of that, I became preggers. We tried again for over 4 years on fertility stuff. Finally gave up, financially and emotionally it was to much. So...we have pets hehehehehehehe
3. 3 odd socks?? That's cuz there is a monster that lives in the dryer and eats and regurgitates them up at random. hehehehe

Annonymous (who I think is Olive)
1. Dorky friend?? Us dorks flock together, maybe it's so we can take the focus off each other once in a while. hehehehe
2. if I could meet anyone from blog world who would it be and why?? I would love to meet everyone. Big coffee and cookie party. hehehehe But mostly I know we have talked on the phone and stuff, but I would like to meet you face to face my dear friend. :)
3. Do I think I will ever get my package from you?? Yup, spring of 2012 lmaooooooo

1. Where did the name Burfica come from?? Well papa I used to play DnD (dungeons and dragons) and she was my all time favorite character I played. My license plates on my suburban also say Burfica. hehehehehehe
2. Who was the last person I wanted to slap silly?? a couple of them, A drunk indian, and a mom at the elementary school.
3. Why?? The drunk indian walked uninvited into my handicapped mothers house to try and get money for more booze. Then wouldn't leave her alone for about a week (he lived next door, cops called and everything) And the mom at the school for not greeting her little angel with smiles and hugs, but with a jerk of the arm and screaming "HURRY UP, I CAN'T STAND YOU" Again I say STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BREED!!!!!

1. Do I make money selling Avon?? Yes and no. hehehehe Like I said, I'm my own best customer. Usually at Christmas I make around 200 to 400 in profit each campaign. But all year in 2004 has been tight so the most profit I've made is about 100 in a shot, usually around 75 or so. It will pick up I'm sure.
2. Whole day to myself what would I do?? Couple hours of water aerobics (love it) a massage, rent a fancy motel room, good lunch, watch a movie without interruptions, and sleep for 12 hours str8 heheheheh
3. Favorite Christmas Carol??? One on the Reba Christmas c.d. called The Friendly Beasts. About the animals of the manger singing about Jesus. Got different stars singing as the animals.

1. Avon, Mary Kay, or Jafra?? Avon of course, and not just cuz I sell it. I used to wear Mary Kay, and avon is wayyyyyyy better.
2. where did I make love for the first time?? Had sex for the first time on a sofa in the guys garage. Made love (with Gigantor) front seat of my truck at the horse corrals, front seat of truck and the school parking lot (we were out of school (21) and it was night), on a blanket under the stars, the shower, my bed (4 times) and that's in the 3 days he had left on leave. LOL
3. how many kids?? Just the one. Gigantor wanted 5, and I wanted 3, but we only get one. But have 3 dogs, a cat, fish, and parakeets. used to have dwarf hamsters and frogs. LOL

1. if I could date any super hero who?? Wolverine from the X-men OMG finger lickin good. hehehehe
2. why do foods that are bad for you taste good, and foods that are good for you taste like ass?? Cuz the bad for you foods are made of the good parts. and the good for you stuff is made out of the sphinkter holes of everything. hehehehe Gross.
3. Aretha Franklin--Respect---jibber jabber at the end?? I think she just got shocked by the microphone. LOL

1. shut up
2. shut up
3. shut up again
just kidding
1. Why did I try to kill you with the phone?? cuz you were the mean big sis, pushed me off the swings (many times) off the fence (many times) off the porch(more than that) and out of trees. Then blamed it on me when mom was around. hehehehehe You were evil and must be destroyed!!!!!!
2. Favorite creature in the whole world and why?? Besides Gigantor?? That would have to be grey seals, and you know why.
3. How come I made it snow when you tried to come visit?? Cuz I was pretending to be Storm from X-men. hehehehehe Hubby is hot for her, so I had the entire get up on and everything. lmao

Okay I'm off for tonight, I will talk more later. Half day of school tomorrow, and I still have brownies for the Christmas party to make. LOL


Okay I may have figured out the link thing with Alekx talking me through it. Everyone go look down on the side, and see my links. heheheheheh

Oh fuck I just noticed I forgot Gama!!!! Sorry Gama, I'll get you added quickly. hehehehehe

Now we are going to test if I can do a sucessful link on this thing. Hang in there with me people. hehehehehe

check this out

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A note

Just a small note. Since I am to dumb to figure out how to do links or anything that remotely resembles intelligence on this thing. Only thing I can do is post. I did want to steer you all to a really cool blog. She cracks me up. Go look up her posts about hitting the deer, and hunting the mouse. I laughed so hard I pee'd my pants (almost) hehehehehehe

Go check her out, she's a riot.


Red for Christmas.......
Okay first. I will answer all the questions in a blog post probably tomorrow, so if you haven't asked yet, please ask away.

I thought I would share a cute idea with you all. It works great if you need alot of little gifts. I made it for my son's 1st grade Christmas party.

You get little bags. I like the Christmas themed ziplock baggies. In each bag you put, one pack of hot cocoa, one hersheys kiss, one hersheys hug, one candy cane, and a few small marshmellows. Then you add this card (printers work great for this)

Take one cup of steaming wate or milk, and add magic snowman powder.
Add a hug and a kiss.
Stir with magic stick.
Top with snowman dumplings (although I wanted to put droppings hehehehe)

Another cute idea:

mix some quaker oats with some silver and or white glitter.
Put in a little saran wrap and tie up.
Have children throw it our or sprinkle it in the front of the house on Christmas eve
They love to go out and see how much the reindeer ate.
It's very cute.

Just a couple cute things.
Happy hump day all
If you haven't asked me questions, go down to the next post and ask me already. hehehehehehehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

okay already

Okay pink kitty has us all on a craze, so I better jump on the boat if I wanna play. lol

A) first recomend to me

1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

B) ask me any three questions, ask me anything you want

C)Go to your blog, if you have one, copy and paste this, and allow everyone to ask you anything.

My Son

My son, what can I say about my son. He is a sweetie, ha has a halo with little devil horns poking through. Let me tell you about something that cracked me up today. I probably should have punished him, but it's hard to punish a child while you are laughing.

This morning we were missing Dribbles (female bassett hound) We couldn't find her anywhere. We searched the entire house, kiddo's room (her favorite spot), under the Christmas tree in the corner (2nd favorite spot), and in my closet (her spa retreat) No Dribbles. So...we go outside and he is walking the yard and calling her, thinking maybe she went under the house to stay warm. No Dribbles. I tell him we have to go to school. He gets in the suburban and is sorta crying all the way up to school. "mom what if she got out, what if she's dead, what if she's lost, what if what if what if..... and cry cry cry" I tell him it will be okay I will go look for her.

On the way back home, I drove all the streets, in case she did get out someway. I come home and walk the yard calling her, I go inside and continue calling her. No Dribbles. I contemplated what to do, drive more, call Gigantor to help me, say good riddance. None of those seemed like a good idea. I decided to call the pound and ask them to keep and eye out for her. I then walk into my bedroom, and see something weird poking out from under the bed and a blanket that is on the floor. I then recognize it as a foot. I say "DRIBBLES!!!!" and she jumps up as if to say "what???" I coulda killed her just laying there as we called and called her, and the kid was so upset.

I get the kiddo from school and his first question was to ask if I found Dribbles. I said yes, he asked where, I told him. Here's where it gets good. This little angelic son of mine, Goes OH THAT LITTLE SHIT!!!!! I yell his name with the middle name, (you know your in trouble when the middle name gets yelled) and he goes OH man sorry mommy, and I'm trying to tell him how bad and wrong that was, and I'm cracking up.

I mean I have no idea where he could have picked that up from *flutters lashes innocently* I remember when I was in high school if I cursed around my mother she would backhand me. Now we are having to watch what our 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds are saying. When he was in preschool he picked up the F word from another kid. We had to have a talk about that one.

Oh well it was a good laugh at the time being. Out of the mouths of babe's right?? LOL


Yesterday I would have rather dug my own eye out with a rusty spoon then been in the passenger seat while my husband was driving. Now, he's not the greatest driver anyway, (who is) but he is a pretty good driver. I mean he is one of the best Engineers on the fire dept, and he drives a forklift out at work a lot. He usually is a pretty okay driver. But for some reason yesterday, he was horrible. I thought I was going to die, or someone else. And, he's humming and driving along as if nothing is wrong. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I mean he couldn't use the fricken turn signal to save his life (or mine for that matter) and he kept cutting people off. I think if not for me yelling at him, he would have driven right through the two red lights. All the while, he's humming Christmas songs, acting like he doesn't have a care in the world. Then we decide to grab a burger from McDonalds, cuz he was already late getting back from lunch. (we were mailing off all our packages) On our way to McDonalds from the post office. (lets see about 8 blocks at the most, then around a curve and down a hill) There were two illegal U-turns, no signals, a left turn in a right turn only spot, almost running over a pedestrian who was crossing the street, and a partridge in a pear tree. As we pull into the parking lot, he hits their speed bump so hard that I shoot up in the seat smacking my head into the roof. I am also wearing my seatbelt folks, so I hit my head, and break a collar bone, and squeeze my uterus right on out of my body. arrrgggghhhhhhh At least it felt like that. I yell at him and he goes, oh sorry honey, and continues to hum. We make our order, and as he is headed back for the speed bump I am hurrying getting myself braced, and grab the food, and just manage to grab the drink as it is shooting out of the drink holder. But....I did not grab....the plastic cup we keep in there to hold sunflower seed shells when we decide to eat sunflower seeds in the suburban. is airborne and little shells fly all over the dam place. Man, we finally made it home, but I think my twitch is back. hehehehehehee

I guess he sorta made up for it though. I am very contented today, after a very "good" night in bed. If you know what I mean. hehehehehehee

Monday, December 13, 2004


A few highlights of my weekend.

getting my Christmas shopping done.
Waking up to the kiddo snuggled up next to you (he crawled in my bed at 6 cuz hubby was coyote hunting)
Frosted Flakes
Watching a movie all together
Getting some wrapping done
Sleeping in
Paying bills, and still having a tiny bit of money
Getting all the stuff to be shipped wrapped and boxed up
Hubby working on the yard, (filling in holes the dogs had dug)
Kiddo wanting to hug me every time he walked by
Watching another movie together
Cooking a beef roast so tender it fell apart when poked with a fork
The Survivor Finale (and Chris winning instead of those dreaded bitches)
Hubby putting up the new ceiling fan so I wasn't over hot last night. (our bedroom is always a furnace)
Getting comments on the weird posts I left that made me just laugh and laugh

Happy Monday!!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Humanity

Save a horse ride a cowboy!!!!

Save a mountain, go down on a skier!!!!

Save a Whistle, blow a ref!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Bug

Some days your the windshield, some days your the bug.

This evening, I'm the Bug!!



I don't have much today, and I'm not on long. I need to get the rest of the pressies I am mailing out all wrapped. Gonna get everything in the mail by Monday.

I went to walmart last night to finish getting a couple things for Gigantor. I am now completely done with all my shopping. I even got stuff to put in the stockings. hehehehee

Gigantor went out Coyote hunting again today. They called quite a few in their hunting area, but could never get clear enough for a clean shot. The kiddo found out his daddy went hunting and was very pissed that he didn't take him. So...I need to get the kiddo some very warm camoflage and let him go next time.

Well I guess I should go wrap some pressies. I have a ton of boxes stacked up in my dining room kitchen area. I need to get all that out of the way. I hate living that boxed in. hehehehehee

Have a good Saturday

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cookie face and Thank you!!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions for what to do for dinner. I loved Gama's idea of Boston Market, cuz I've never been to one, but alas our small little town doesn't have anything like that. I liked Alekx's idea of tacos, but no taco shells and I wasn't driving my lazy ass to the store to get any. I then thought of maybe ordering Chinese (my favorite) But, Gigantor came home, and grunted, "I am man, I'm grilling steaks" So...problem solved. hehehehehe

Have any of you noticed that children can do absolutely nothing, but if you gaze at them you will smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside?? My son has a knack for this. Today, after school, we were taking my mom's mail to her house, and a package she got. We also needed to pick up the box of pressies she had for Alekx and the house elf so that I could wrap everything and get it in the mail. Well, we pulled up to moms, and I just sent the kiddo in. He's done this chore many a time for me. And he always comes out with some little goodie. A soda, a couple oreo's (grandma keep oreo's on hand for just this reason), some cheeto's, something everytime. Well he comes out with the box of pressies and one of those blue walmart sacks, and says "I got a cookie" in the cutest little voice. I'm like okay (thinking oreo) and he digs in this walmart bag and pulls out this chocolate chip cookie that must have been as big as his head. I kid you not, this thing was huge. He had to two fist it, and his hands are almost as big as mine. So...he's giggling all excited. (which made me smile) and he starts eating. He then has chocolate chip cookie face. I guess kids don't know how to eat a cookie on the edges after the first bite, cuz they just keep going for the middle. The edges fold up around their cute little cheeks and leave the chocolate trail from the edge of their mouth outward. Well with said cookie, he had one about 2 inches long on each side. He was so contented eating his cookie on the way home. I was just so enamored by watching his cute little face. I'm still all aglow with warm fuzzies. He finishes last bite, burps loudly (being the boy he is) and goes, "oh my gosh I am soooo full" LOL
The cute little shit. I say little shit, because as we get home, and I'm still grinning, he jumps out of the suburban slams the door, looks in it, (cuz I was still gathering up stuff to cary in) and screams "I FARTED AND LOCKED IT IN THERE WITH YOU!!" Yup, that would be my boy. Just like his giant of a father.
Gotta love em.

Oh and since I forgot before. This is for Kitten and ChickenFlicken


heheheheheh Honestly you two, happy happy birthday. May you get great birthday sex whenever you want. (cuz kitten is still green around the gills)


Have you all ever tired these?? Cuties--California Clementines. Oh my goodness they are little orange, sweet, orbes of heavenly goodness. Now I'm not the biggest orange fan, and tangerines are to sour for me. But...these are little delights of heaven. They are about the size of a golf ball. Some a bit smaller, some a bit bigger. They have the thinnest skin, and are so easy to peel. And....they have NO seeds. And they are much sweeter and juicier than tangerines or mandarin oranges. OOooOOooo what delight to my day they bring. hehehehehee
Sometimes it's the little things ya know??

Everyone, I'm sorry if I have seemed down in my last few posts. I'm battling a bout with depression. But not to worry. I will emerge the victor!!!! hehehehehe

I have had the worst cramps the past couple days. Not even Midol is helping. Did the hot pack, did the ice pack, did the midol, did the massage thing. Nothing is helping. Now the cramps are in the front and in my back. I wish it would just hurry up. LOL

The fire dept here is being run by idiots. hehehehehe The hubby went to the Christmas party last night. They gave out awards. They gave him his 5 years of service certificate and pin. ummmmm Hello?? Dumb asses?? You gave him his five year certificate and pin 2 years ago!!!! Get your head out of your asses and look it up in your records. jerks!! Then the reason I sent the kiddo was to see Santa. Well the Santa they had was this old guy that weighed about 110lbs For God sake, use a pillow dummies. The kids know Santa is supposed to be fat by December. *sigh*

I was digging around in the "vortex" bra looking for chicken flickens remote. Although I didn't find her remote. I did find a few other treasures--or not. hehehehe
I found a pinion nut--a lucky charm marshmallow (my son was eating lucky charms not I)--a couple pieces of bird seed--a piece of scotch tape (stuck to the under side of my boob)-- a partial strand of the tinsel stuff from the garland on the tree--the lead tip to the pencil my son broke--and a small bird feather. So..nothing to awfully strange this time. Just the usual day to day finds. hehehehee I'm still waiting to find precious gems, money, or even that new s.u.v. I want in there. One day maybe. hehehehee

Okay I was on Pink Kitties blog. And she had this sight where you do a question thing and it tells you what type of drink you are. She had a martini posted. I did the thing, and it said I was a "Vampire's vengeance" can any bartender out there tell me what the hell this drink is?? It was in a martini glass in the picture. But it was more on the red side. I have no idea what this is, and was wondering if anyone knew.

My Avon order comes in tonight. Should have all my last Christmas pressies in it, so I can wrap and send everyone's stuff out. Also tonight is Thursday. That is this families big night of t.v. We may not watch much any other time, but Thursday is it. hehehehe Survivor, C.S.I., Without a Trace, This so Called Life, and E.R.

Anyone have any ideas I can do for dinner??? I'm at a loss. I haven't even put any meat out to thaw yet. hehehee I need to figure something out, or we will all have grilled cheese. Wait!!! Crap!!! I think I'm out of bread. hehehehe okay ideas people. Please. LOL

Happy Thursday everyone. Thank you all for being such good blogger buddies. I treasure you all. :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bits and Pieces

I just got bits and pieces of stuff today. A few little things that have happened in the past few days. Lets start with. I am NOT going to the fire dept Christmas party tonight. I know my hubby wanted me to go, but I'm not. I finally told him to go and take the kiddo, because they are going to have Santa, and the dumb ass city this year didn't have Santa. But, here is my reasoning. (not that I'm reasonable or anything) I've not been in the best of health for about the past 6 months or so. (not physically or emotionally) And I haven't been in the biggest of holiday spirits. ( I usually oooze holiday, ask Alekx) But..I am still doing holiday things here at the house for the sake of the family, and it does make my heart feel good. But...I do not want to go to a four hour fricken party with these people. You know the kind---the one's you don't see but once a year at this party and they talk as if you are their long lost sibling. (fake bastards) Or the other end of the spectrum, the other group that huddles together, and talks in whispers, then laughs so hard they drown everyone else out. It's like fricken high school again, with these clicks and fake people. And THANK GOD they don't allow booze at this party anymore. That one laugh loud group would always be the ones that get so drunk they literally fall out of their chairs, then you have more laughter. Well...they would always bring their children too. I mean what an example, get that drunk in front of your kids. Then the fuckers would drive themselves home. Disgusting to see the towns supposed "rescue personal" getting like this. I mean they know what can happen, they scrape the bodies up. And I always hated having my kid around them too. So..this year, I just don't want to play the part. I don't want to buy into the fake, not have a good time, force the smiles anyway. I'm not going to this party, cuz I don't really feel like it. Hell, I'm not even going to my Avon Christmas party for much of the same reasons. I just want to stay at home and celebrate the holidays with my family. None of these people really care about me, and I don't want to go pretend to care about them. I'm letting the hubby take the kiddo for the purpose of seeing Santa and that's it.

Okay enough of that.

Monday night, my irritability at my husband came to a head and things got better. We were sitting on the couch and eating some leftover, home made clam chowder, and hubby made some of those "flakey layers" biscuits. Well, we are eating, and I ask hubby to butter me a biscuit. He says sure and does. He hands it to me with the top stuck back on. So... I go to pick the top off. (we all know how obsessive compulsive I am by now) and when I pick it up, it's only one of those little layers. I look at him and go "why did you break the biscuit this way?" he says "sorry" I go, "you broke this biscuit all wrong, you're supposed to break it in the fricken middle" he goes, again, "sorry" I then look at him, and with a voice much like Linda Blair. I say "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" he looks at me with the wounded puppy look and says "sorry???" Then I start laughing and can't stop. I just thought of me being so mad and thinking something was wrong with him over a fricken biscuit. OMG how pathetic I am. So, he starts laughing, and we both laughed for about 10 minutes, when I think about it still I laugh. I mean I was saying the what the hell is wrong with you so accusing. Like if I had caught him torturing small fuzzy creatures. That tone of voice. But it was about a stupid biscuit. lmao

Have you ever heard the term "fall over laughing" I have seen a few people do this. The hubby comes home the other day laughing himself. He says he told a joke out at work and this guy went to fall on his knees he was laughing so hard. And the guy drops to knee's, only knee's fall into empty 5 gallon bucket, which then tips guy over and his head went into another 5 gallon bucket. This brought much laughter from all the steel workers. hehehehehe So...I ask hubby what the joke was. Brace yourselves it's raunchy.
Q: What does 80 year old pussy taste like??
A: Depends

Okay I know gross. hehehehe But you have to remember this is a steel yard. So, then next day he comes in, and goes, well...I tried to hurt this guy again. I said "oh great, another joke" he goes "yup"
Hubby: Ever been neck deep in pussy??
Guy: ewwww no
Hubby: What are you an ass hole baby??

Last night hubby and I went and finished all the Christmas shopping for everyone (except him, I have to go to the store one of these days and finish his) And we come home and decide just to make some frozen pizza for dinner. So...I'm on the phone at the table, and he is at the refrigerator (the table is clear across my big kitchen from the refrigerator) I hear this noise and look up, and Gigantor is sprawled on the floor next to the table, on his side, like a swimmer doing the side stroke, his arm above his head and everything. I go "what did you do?" he goes "nothing" and sits up on the floor. I say (stiffling a laugh) "did you just fall down" He turns red and goes "of course not" all three dogs are around him by now, wagging tails and kissing him as if to say "you okay dad, huh huh" I am laughing a lot now, and go " OMG you just fell down" He's like "No, I'm down here so I can pet the dogs" I lost it then, I was laughing so hard. He finally told me the story. He squatted down to get something in the fridge, and when he went to stand up, he lost his balance, and was putting his hand on the floor to boost him up (which happens a lot here, so I can see that) only when he put his hand on the floor he put it on one of those dreaded stray dryer sheets, and just slipped right across the dang floor. Man my sides still hurt from laughing.

Okay, I know I was all over the place today, but that's sorta my mental state today. Maybe I have that adult A.D.D. LOL Like I need anything else. hehehehe

Happy hump day everyone.

Oh yeah and that shitty little electronic countdown thing I have announced early this morning ONLY 17 DAYS UNTILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Short Circuit

We got some snow on Saturday night. Just a little. Melted off as soon as the sun came up. It snowed again last night too. Again, by mid day it had melted off. This year has been wetter than the past 5 or 6 combined. Which is a good thing. We have been in an awful 7 year drought. I just hope it snows each year for Christmas for all the kids. It's rare here. So, I love a snow on Christmas eve, and for it to stick so the kids can play. But then it should be nice and melt off before the first of the new year. hehehehehehe

Something is going on with my husband. I'm not sure what. I think he might be short circuiting or something. Last night after I had been so very irritable all day, I decided I needed to be nicer. Gigantor told me he was going to do something. Last night about 10 I asked him (very nicely) if he did it. He said no. So I asked (again very nicely) why not. He whips around and screams BECAUSE I DIDN'T SO F***ING CHILL!!!! Okay instantly I saw red, and wanted nothing more than to get up and poke his eyes out and rip the skin off his face. But, I refrained. Hell, I didn't even say anything nasty back. (which is in my nature to do) I thought--maybe he had got to much of me bitching at him all day. So...I blew it off. Today I get up and head to the coffee pot to make my big 32oz mug of coffee. And notice that he left his big bottle of creamer on the counter (remember he goes to work at 5) So I think it must be empty, and I pick it up to throw it away. No--the thing is full--not even opened yet. I'm like hmmmm wonder what he was thinking, as I put it back in the fridge. I then went about my busy as all crap day. I had to go through all these boxes. Since I start my Christmas shopping in July. I had gifts in all sorts of boxes, and I needed to get them sorted out as to what goes to who. So that I can start wrapping, and mail the stuff that needs mailed. Gigantor comes home at lunch to help me move a couple of the heavy boxes. He walks in a puts his coat on the table under a box that I was putting some glass frames and other stuff, I had to put away. Why he put his coat on the table I have no idea. He helps with the boxes, and I heat him up a burrito, and we have a salad, and him salad and burrito for lunch. As he is thinking about leaving, he gets up and yanks his coat to get it out from under this box. Yanks---instead of lifting the box. The box goes flying, hits the floor upside down, and you hear glass shatter all over the kitchen. I scream MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR???? You know what he says??? He goes, I didn't mean to, it was an accident. Now that excuse is okay say the first million times it's used. But for the love of Pete if I hear that excuse in some of the situations that happen around my house anymore, I will hurt somebody. I mean, yes, our family is more accident prone than most. But, dammit. I didn't mean to, and it was an accident don't belong in some situations. Because if you really didn't mean to, then you wouldn't have done it!!!! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh
Some instances these excuses should not be used.

When you stick a fork in a plugged in toaster cuz your pop tart is stuck.
When you walk backwards and stomp in the middle of the dog. (don't walk backwards then dummie)
When you vacuum a "fringed" blanket. (never run the vacuum over fringe that's like learned when your an infant for god sake)
When you are throwing a ball in the house
When you reach into the oven (which your wife has turned to 200 degrees heating jars for canning) and you grab a jar with you bare hands to help
When you hurtle a box of breakables through the air because you were to dam lazy to pick it up.

I swear when you use the excuses of I didn't mean to and it was an accident with stuff like that. Makes me want to attack someone with knitting needles. I mean, it's not rocket science people. These are things that if they are done, are not fricken accidents. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Okay maybe I need some chocolate.
But also what makes a man think you won't get him back later when you are alone, when he places a whoopee cushion in your chair when you have company over??? Why are they surprised when the counter attack comes later??

Any how back to lunch time. So after we clean up glass. (and I didn't get madder than the first initial yell at him) I am sitting by the computer in the living room doing some stuff for my Avon, and Gigantor says "I'll put the salad stuff away" I thought well how sweet. Then he gathers the trash and asks me if I'll put a new bag in. I say sure, we say our "I love you's" and he goes back to work. After about 10 minutes or so, I get up to put the trash bag in. I notice the fricken refrigerator is open. Now not the tiny crack, it didn't swing all the way shut open. But... the door gaping all the way open open. As I grumble and walk over, not only is the door open, but all the salad stuff is still on the counter. I swear to God, he is seriously short circuiting. I'm scared to let him drive, and work, and walk, even get out of bed. He might hurt himself. LOL But if he does, he will always tell me---I didn't mean too---It was an accident.
What can a wife do??

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Survived the Weekend

Well I guess I have survived this weekend. Lets see. On Friday night, Gigantor made the best dinner. I mean the best. He grilled up some awesome steaks, and did stuffing and string beans. He did all this just to be nice. And I developed a migrain right at dinner time. So...every fricken bite made my head want to explode, and about 10 bites into the meal I pushed it away, and said, "I think I'm gonna be sick" Poor Gigantor thought it was him. My poor poor baby giant thought he made me sick. LOL I took some medication and went to bed.

Saturday found us getting up early so we could be uptown for the Christmas parade. The motorcycle club in town puts on a Toys-for-Tot's parade every year. How irritatingly pittiful it was this year. I mean this parade for our small town is huge. Usually every organization enters, and there are bunches of santas, and floats, and exhibits, dancing, music, animals, the works. But...nobody did any p.r. this year. So as we were sitting there (and less than 1/4 of the people showed up to watch) we then realized the parade had started. They had fire trucks, the boy scouts on the back of a big truck, some old lady dancers, 20 members of the school marching band, 5 horses, and the motorcycles. No floats, no animals, no santas nothing. WTF??? It was hugely dissapointing. All the poor kids watching this parade. As soon as the last motorcycle passed, it was deadly quiet on the street, and you hear one little kid say "so when is the parade going to start" my feelings exactly kid.

After the parade we all went as a family, and one of the kiddo's friends to go see one of the best movies this Christmas season I think. The Polar Express. I had never read this book, or even heard the story, but I was very impressed with the movie. Next year I want to book us all tickets on the Polar Express. There is a place here in Arizona. That does a train ride (half hour) to a little lighted up village. They read the book on the way and serve cocoa and cookies. Then at the village, Santa gets on the train, and listens to all the children, and gives them all a silver Sleigh Bell. I so bad want to take the kiddo before he stops believing. If none of you have seen the movie. It's a must see.

Saturday night, Gigantor and I were cooking and blending apples. I got the best, I mean THE BEST apple butter recipe from three olives. So we got all the blended up apples, sugar, and spices put in the crock pot. We decided to use the tart apples off my mom's tree and make a batch for Christmas Gifts.

Today, we watched a movie together, then put the apple butter in jars. Then Gigantor scraped the bottom of the crock pot with a spattula and got enough apple butter to put on a piece of bread. So of course we shared, because we all had to taste test. OMG it is soooo good. So..I go potty after that, and I come out, and Gigantor is leaned over the crock pot with torn pieces of bread in both hands, and he is rubbing every last inch of the pot with the bread and shoving it in his mouth. I just started laughing, he looked so cute. We then decided to make some home made clam chowder. Yummmmmmm I give him this tiny spoon full for a taste test, and he grabs this ladle and says " I need a bigger taste to make sure it's all right" Dork. LOL

Even though we had a pretty good, but busy weekend. I think he knew it was my most irritable day of the month, and he decided to be "jerk of the week". Boy he just kept baiting me. Was pissing me off. I finally was sitting there, and I think to myself. I would love to pick up this fork and stab him as hard as I can with it over and over again. You know, use the fork so it won't kill him, but will hurt him, and make him stop bugging me. hehehehehee

Okay I think I need my p.m.s. pills, and to maybe go to bed.

See ya all Monday. Hope your weekends were wonderfull

Oh and by the way----Only 19 fricken more days till Christmas. My son put his ornament in his countdown tree, and it said that, and I wanted to throw the dam thing across the room. I'm so far behind this year, I don't need a reminder that I'm going to suck ass, and not get everything done in time. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay happy pills here I come. hehehehehehe

Friday, December 03, 2004

Another Poem

I just woke up from some wonderful sleep. I have been tired all week. about 9:30 this morning I decided to go back to bed. I don't think I have crawled back in bed during the day in a few years. I don't even do it when I'm sick. I slept till after noon. Oh my gosh. I think I feel very refreshed. I'm right inbetween that state of feeling great, and maybe feeling ucky. LOL

Okay since my mind is still fuzzy from waking up, and I need to get some food. I thought I would give you another poem from my high school days. (blush)


I saw him there running in the night
His black mane flapping and his body so white
There was no blemish there was no flaw
I just stood and looked in awe

He ran with a lengthy stride
It just made me feel alive
He didn't stumble he didn't fall
The pounding of his hooves made a thundering call

I gave a whistle he came my way
For we both knew it would soon be day
I felt so happy I felt so alive
But I still knew he couldn't be mine

As the sun rose I saw it in his eyes
As he ran away he gave out a mighty cry
I did not shed a tear for I knew deep down
That with each night he'd come round


I know sorta corny. The only thing I loved other than sunsets in this world when I was a teenager was my horses. So...I have a couple or so poems written about them. I feel cheesey about putting this in instead of about telling you about my day. But..I was sleeping, so nothing has really happened yet. Maybe later. hehehehehe Always and adventure here. :)

Happy Friday

Thursday, December 02, 2004


This is the picture of Gigantor that Alekx made. Looks just like the yummaliscios giant. Cept he has blonde hair not grey. hehehehe Posted by Hello


Okay I have one of the super hero's done. (Gigantor) actually Alekx made it. She walked me through downloading the stuff to get pictures on my blog, and after 2 hours last night I still couldn't get the stupid thing up. I am going to try again. So bear with me kitten. The hero's are coming. hehehehehehe

Okay I have decided that I HAVE to get my hair cut. My hair is usually like 1/2 inch long, in this sassy cute little spikey hair cut. But, because I have been busy, couldn't afford it, and not being able to get ahold of my lady that cuts my hair. It has gotten long. I mean it's about 6 inches or more. The bangs are almost down to my chin. It's shoulder length almost. But, it's at that ugly stage. You know the one. Where it looks too long, and it's not long enough to be cute.'s ugly. Well, I have parted it on the side to keep it out of my eyes. (and I hate my forehead, so parted on the side it still sorta hides my forehead) My son is hugging me and kissing me, yesterday evening. And he pulls away, and goes, Ooo I messed up your hair. He proceeds to start fixing it. He steps back, goes, "THERE it's Elvis" and then starts shaking his hips and in his deepest voice says "Thank you, Thank you very much" and points with both hands and winks at me. I go "whaaaaauuuuttt??" he says you look like Elvis. Then every time he walked by me last night he did his little Elvis impersonation. So....THAT IS IT...I am going to get my hair cut today. Out of all the celebrities I could look like, I resemble Elvis. aaaacccccckkkkdkkk *gag* LOL

Okay now we all know my son has a touch of O.C.D. (or at least I think he does, just like me) Don't we all have some of it??? hehehehe But...and God help me if he every has chance to see this when he's older. He has the funnies little bathroom habits. He will use my bathroom (master bath) and hates if anyone see's him, but sometimes you can come around the corner and see his little legs swinging while he is on the throne, and he is singing to himself. But...if he uses the front bathroom. He has to have the door open if he is going #1 and if it's #2 he calls one or more of the dogs in, and locks them in the bathroom with him. Poor puppies. The usual dog he calls in is Buster (our pointer). Buster loves the kid, and even though he hates being locked in the smelly bathroom with him, he will do it every time. Yesterday, I beat him to my bathroom. As I was settling in on my padded throne, I hear him calling "Buuuusssttteeeeeerrr" then I hear him call "Driiiibbbbllleeesss" (our girl bassett hound) you then hear him shut the front bathroom door. Now this front bathroom is pretty small. Small sink, toilet next to it, and on other wall is tub and shower. get both those dogs in there with him, was rather cramped I am sure. And what happens??? The phone starts ringing. I decide i'm going to ignore it. Since I am on my throne holding court. But you hear this stomping, and door slamming, and dogs yelping. You then hear kiddo yelling "MOVE DOGS" and then you hear him trip and fall, and one of the dogs yelp loudly. You hear him run, and grab the phone and before he says hello, he does a few of the OooOOoooo uuuuuhhhhhhh OoOOOOOO uhhhhhhh heavy breathing in the phone. I'm screaming "say hello before they think your a pervert" He goes "hello" and it was his Auntie Alekx who couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it made her day to have a young good looking guy breath heavy at her. hehehehee Then of course after the phone call, and court was over. He asked me what a "pervert" was. Know what I told him??? I said "Ask Daddy when he gets home" hehehehehehe I'm so mean. LOL

I will go try to download that picture again. Happy Thursday everyone. :)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bad Color

Okay that green was a very bad color. I should go edit, it, but I may be to lazy. Sorry everyone for hurting your eyes. hehehehehehe


I was very very inspired by going and reading Gama's blog. The poetry is wonderful. Made me go find my old book of poety and maybe share a little with you all. Now I am not near as talented as Gama. And you have to remember that all this poetry I wrote was in the 80's and early 90's when I was much younger. But...I was sitting here thinking and I wanted to share. The one I'm going to share now was actually published in a book (more encyclopedia like) of poetry. (so maybe I can say I'm a published poet. hehehehehehe) When I was so down in spirits in my high school years, there is always one thing that reminded me of how much of a gift my life was, and that was sunsets. So, I would go ride my horses and watch the sun set, and always feel better. This is a poem about how grateful I am for that.


With each sunset I see
A future just for me.
The sunset holds many things
In the colors sparkling like diamond rings.

It holds a beauty we all know
A certain beauty God wants to show
As the colors roll across the sky
You know another day has gone by

You want to reach out and touch it
To touch God just a little bit
Then you realize a sunset is something rare
But you can still touch God if only by prayer

You turn to God and say
Thank you for a sunset everyday
You know he must love you
To make something so beautiful, so true....


well remember I wrote that back in high school in the 80's. LOL I may share some more if I become inspired to show how lame I was in some instances. :)


I was sitting here drinking my 32oz mug of coffee (that doesn't have enough creamer cuz I ran out) and eating my indulgence of three double stuff oreos. Listening to Christmas music on the radio station on my yahoo messenger. And thinking to myself how embarrassed about my two posts writing how sick I was and how bitchy I was. So...I apologize for that. I was also thinking about all the blogs I go visit multiple times on a daily basis. I was thinking about all the neat people I have met through blogger, I feel like I know you all. And I was thinking of some of the things written in there. Reading and remembering all the things my sister--Alekx--has been through and accomplished, made me stop and think of some of the things I am very grateful for. I'm gonna list just a few, because dam if blogger doesn't have enough space to hold them all. Some may seem as very small, but some are very big. Never less I am grateful for everyone of them.

A husband who loves me--I mean every last stinkin inch grumpy, happy, ugly, or beautiful inch of me.
Arizona Sunsets--none better in the world
Living near a lake--what fun in the summer
The ability to see, hear, walk, talk, and love
Good warm coffee
Floppy eared dogs
Any dog for that matter
Purring cats
The ability to do for myself
My son--this has to be number one--I wasn't supposed to be able to have him.
A childs smile
The ability to cry--at least I have emotions and a heart
Parakeets that sing to the sun in the morning
The sacrifices my mother made--she would feed an entire family with one can of tuna fish, and I know she went hungry many a night so Alekx and I could eat.
Friends--They warm every inch of my heart
Christmas Music
Prayer Chains
Loving to bake
Being able to afford the stuff so I can bake
Owning my own home--not a house as you would think (we live in a mobile home) but we have more square footage than some houses, and at less than 1/3 of the cost.
Owning two vehicles
A Hug
Bubble baths
Scented shower gels, lotions, body sprays. hehehehehe (that's the Avon lady in me)
The ability to smile and something every day
The privilege of being an American--that's right I said privilege, not right. I'm very grateful for what opportunities that brings
Not being successful when I attempted suicide when I was younger (three times as a teenager)
Harry Potter
Oh and did I say the Love of my husband and the gift of getting to love him back. hehehehee

Okay that's enough, I could go on forever.

Kitten had mentioned a few words that made her boys laugh non stop. Well...I also have experience here. There are a few words that elicit gaggles of giggles from a truck load or house load of 8 year old boys.
Lets see where to start
conundrum--don't know why but makes them laugh every time
Cornucopia--they laugh and walk around repeating it
Fart--pretty self explanatory
Weiner or Nards--again self explanatory
Hurl--gets more laughs if added with the word Chunks
Smoochie--not only do they laugh they run too
Stench--not stink but stench
And I think the biggest mistake I made was telling my friend (in front of the boys) about a real lake named Lake Titicaca. OMG they laugh and laugh, and have to tell everyone at school the next day. And ask you about it everyday for weeks. Yes folks there is a real lake named Lake Titicaca. Just a few things that crack 8 year old boys up. It's off to lunch for me. hehehehee Happy hump day everyone (groooaaaannnn don't say that to 8 year olds either)