Monday, February 27, 2006

One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days??? I was watching a commercial where the person woke up and was walking by a bulletin board and there was a smiley face on it. She grabs the smiley face and throws it in the trash. That's what kind of day I'm having.

I woke up with a major urge to kick the dog, push the kindergartners down, and throw the cat in the gerbil cage, all for shits and giggles. But alas...I did none of those. I did do a couple ornery things, but they were minor compared to what I wanted to do. hehehehe

I put scotch tape on the cats paws. I turned all the dogs ears inside out. And I made sure when I sneezed I did it by the gerbil cage so they would all jump.

I do have to go back to the school and pick the kiddo up. But...I better keep myself tucked inside the suburban. Or I might make some small children and parents cry, and I would laugh so evilly about it. muahhhhaaaahhhaaaahhaaaa

I'm thinking of going and grinding up some crackers and putting them in Gigantors side of the bed. But he sleeps so hard, I bet he wouldn't notice. So..that would just deflate me and ruin all the ornery fun I'm having today.

Well...I have to get going. Go check the mail. I may flick a booger on someone while I'm at the post office. hehehehe

Have a good/or not Monday everyone!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big News

Well we have big news.

I may have told you all that I had been pressuring my daddy to move up here closer to us. I've been pressuring him for the past 3 or 4 years. We wanted him to move, because he no longer had any family where he was, and as sad as it is, most of his friends had passed away. Also my father is now 65, and not in great health. Diabetic, and extremely high blood pressure. And I think his doctors are quacks, and don't have him on the proper medications. He won't monitor his blood pressure or blood sugar. And whenever he gets ticked, upset, or depressed, he eats the wrong way. I worry about my daddy. And he needs to be a much bigger part of Kiddo's life. That's the only Grand Kiddo he's getting.

So....last weekend he calls me and tells me how horrible things are going at work. How high his blood pressure is. How he might end up in the hospital. I said "don't make me put my foot down and come get you. Cuz I will while you are kicking and screaming. Because we need to take care of you and your health, I can't deal with another funeral right now" And daddy said "Well...I'm thinking about putting in my resignation soon" So..I say "good" Thinking that in the next month or two he will make up his mind, then put the letter in, and give at least 3 weeks to a month notice, cuz that's just how daddy is. In that time, I can get some money saved up to go get him and all his stuff, and his trailer (he lives in a 24 foot travel trailer) And we can have everything arranged. didn't quite happen that way. hehehee

Daddy calls me on Wednesday. Says "Kitten---I put my resignation in today" Here is where you pick me up off the floor cuz I fell out of my chair. I mean this is what we always wanted, but a little notice folks. hehehehe So...I say "oh good, so when do we need to come down" He says his last day is March 17th. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Spring break is the next week. So...we will be headed down the 22nd probably (Wednesday) and hopefully be able to head home on that Saturday so that Kiddo can get a day of rest before going back to school. It's a good 9 hour drive without hauling stuff.

Now daddy is going to have to stay here for a while, until we can find a place/lot to put his trailer, and get it all hooked up. That may take a few weeks. And daddy needs to find a part time/or full time job. He says he still wants to work some. So..maybe the new super walmart. hehehehe people greeter.

Now we are going to have to ask Gigantors boss, for yet again, another loan. Because I drained my dam savings paying for mom's funeral. And, we hadn't been able to replenish it enough. I have on credit card that has no room on it. So...we are going to have to get that loan just to have money for gas, and food for the quick trip. Alekx has a friend that will probably let us stay in his spare room while we are there, so I won't have to pay for a motel. Thank the gods!! hehehehe

Okay...well, I had a really bad day today. I was doing fine, and the boys went out bunny blasting and coyote hunting. Then I ate peanut butter till I felt sick, then went in the back/master bathroom and cried for an hour. I do cry every day still, but only for seconds or a minute or two. was alot. Hit me hard. I'm out here enjoying a wine cooler, blogging, watching the Ozzy Osbourn special on A and E. hehehehee

I'm gonna go get toastie, and watch a couple movies. Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Randomness

There is that randomness word again. hehehehee

Boy did we get up late today. Usually me and kiddo get up by 6:45, rush and get dressed, get him fed, do a couple chores, and are out the door by 7:40 at the latest to get him to school in time. We don't like mornings, so we do as little as possible in the morning, so we can sleep as late as possible. hehehehehe So...this morning I just kept hitting the snooze. Kiddo came in realized I was still in bed and crawled in next to me, while I kept hitting the snooze button. I finally decided to open my eyes with the next snooze press, and realized it was fricken 7:20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Boy we jumped up. I said okay lets hurry, but not kill ourselves. I'll write you a flippen note for being late if it comes down to that. We get dressed, he washes his face (suffering from acne at 9 flippen years old). We do our couple chores, then I have him grab poptarts and a drink. And guess what?? We left the house at 7:42. hehehehe I thought, okay, if I go 2 miles over the speed limit the whole way, we will make it fine. So we head up the hill to the top of the plateau. We have to drive to the other end of town for his school. Hit the first school zone that is at the top of the hill. And hit a long ass line of cars that's backed up about 2 city blocks. And realized. FUCK there was an accident at the light. grrrrrrrrrrrrr So...takes us about 10 minutes to get through the light. Everyone having to slow down and gawk at the flippin fender bender. Sheesh, knock it off asshats!!! Just fricken drive!!! I'm amazed there wasn't a couple more accidents right in front off all the police there for the first. Cuz everyone was driving like fucktards!!! But I made it. Pulled into the school to drop Kiddo off at 7:58. hehehehehehe

I love living in a small town. I guess our high school boys basketball team is going to play in the state championships on Friday. So...we all get a notice from the school yesterday. That school is going to be dismissed at 11:30 tomorrow. That way everyone that wants to travel to the championships can. hehehehe

I guess on Saturday...Gigantor and Kiddo are gonna go out in the boonies and go coyote hunting and do some bunny blasting. Hope they have fun blowing up the countryside. hehehehe

Oh I would like to thank Miranda for the visual of exploding hamsters. hehehehe Her comment in my last post made me scared that my gerbils are gonna go POP then I'm gonna have to get therapy for Kiddo for the next 20 years. hehehehe

Oh man....Last October I ordered address labels. Cuz I'm just to dam lazy to write my return address on all my mail. hehehehe I get them from this neat place, charges like 5 bucks for a set.. And there are a ton in a set, can't remember how many right now. But it's alot. Well, I had gotten some with flowers on them, and then some of the rudolf cartoon. For around Dec, and to put on Christmas cards. So I use about half of my rudolf labels, and thought I would save the rest for next year. And I was excited to start my flowers. When low and behold....every fricken place started sending me those free address labels. So...we now have 6 sheets of wildlife from the rocky mountain elk foundation, 2 sheets of wildlife from north american hunting club, 2 sheets from the V.F.W., 6 sheets of holiday one's from the disabled veterans, 2 sheets of baby animal ones from Ranger Rick, a booklet of flower one's from a book service. And now I have so many flippin labels, and keep getting more every couple months. I have no idea if I can use them all. hehehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go read your blogs, and see how snarky you all are today.

much huggggsssss

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday Randomness

Is Randomness a word??? If not, it is now, cuz I just used it. hehehehe

I tried to write a post every day since my last post...and I sat and stared at this screen. I had nothing. Nothing of any interest. God I'm boring. *sigh*

I hate getting up early after having extra days off. Hell I hate getting up early any day. hehehe

All three days of the weekend. Kiddo fought me about putting any clothes on. I swear to God if he could get away with it, he would wear only his underwear at all times. The child is gonna grow up and own a nudist colony or something.

Have you ever insisted on something, and everyone keeps telling you your imagining things?? start thinking maybe your just bonkers??? Well...I kept telling everyone that two of the gerbils were getting majorly fat. Not just chubby, but like the Violet girl who turned into a blueberry on Willie Wonka fat!! And everyone kept telling me it was just that they were fluffy. I swear they have double chins. So....fat. So then I started doubting what I was seeing, and thinking maybe I had cracked. Gigantor was cleaning the gerbil cage this weekend, and he took the gerbils out to put them in a box. He walks in and goes, "hey honey?? Did you know that two of those gerbils are so fat they have a moon orbiting them??" Says it like it's some new discovery or something. I was so irritated that nobody believed me for the past couple weeks, and made me feel insane, then they decide it's something new they never heard of. These boys are gonna drive me to drink, I kid you not. hehehehee

Gigantors a major ASS!!!! Can we just clear that up now?? hehehe Sunday we decide to go out and play on the 4 wheeler. Good idea since we have owned it since September, and I still had never been on it. Hey I had never been on any 4 wheeler in my life. So...about flippin time. So...We go way out in the boonies. And Gigantor takes his little turn to show off. Standing up, and spinning circles going really fast, and he's doing that cheesey guy laugh, when they think they are so cute, and macho for showing off, when really they are ASSES!!!!!!! So..he has me get on behind him, and take me for a ride before he teaches me how to run the dam thing. I climb on, and my flipping feet don't even touch the running board (yes I'm short) I'm holding on to the metal rack in the back. And when he starts doing his shit,the ASS, (no he did not go slow like I asked) I realized that the elbow I hurt over the summer still didn't have enough strength to keep me from getting bucked off that son of a bitch. I'm getting pitched from seat to metal rack and back, and not being able to hold on very well. I decide to stop the shit. I wrap my arms around Gigantor , I mean the ASS, and grab on. Yes I grab on to his pectorals, grabbing skin and hair in my nails. And I holler, above the screaming like a girls sounds he was making, that he better pull the f**k over and let me learn how to drive. The ASS pulled over and was teaching me the basics, then he climbed on behind me. Of course I didn't go near as fast as he did, and his feet could touch. But why he had to keep head butting me with his helmet I will never know. I then went and got Kiddo and took him for a little ride. He didn't want to go very fast, and well...I am gonna be one of those mom's that just putters around on her 4 wheeler. No hurries, not stunts, no wheelies, no crashing and breaking my leg. heheheheheh Hey did I mention that Gigantor was a big Giant ASS???

Yesterday I had the day off, and should have been up doing a million things. Know what I did yesterday. I worked a little on the blanket I'm crocheting, and napped on and off on the couch. That's about all I did all dam day. I got up that evening and paid bills and did some stuff. But...Dam I was lazy. hehehehe

Now today...I need to go mail some packages, and deliver my avon books. And what am I doing. I'm fucking off writing in my blog, drinking coffee. hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go read what amazing words you all had to type today.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gods of Wind

Okay what the hell??? Where the hell did this wind come from??? I heard on the news last night we were supposed to get wind today. 40mph all day and 60mph gusts. And we all thought, yeah right. Cuz the weather guy never has it right. Woke up this morning, and this tumble weed the size of my suburban was blocking out gate. I have no idea where it came from. So...Kiddo and I had to wrestle that away to get out of our gate. Then the wind is blowing so hard that trash cans aren't just rolling down the street (and we have those big blue cans) they are being hurtled like projectiles. I had one slam into the house, and I thought a care had hit the house. On my drive home from dropping kiddo off at school. I seen 3 blown over fences. 1 blown over shed, and about a million roof shingles and boat tarp coverings blowing around. We also have the worst sand here. We have sand, not dirt. And it's not fine, beach like, sand. It's like big sugar granules sand. And it will blast you so hard, that it can draw blood. And my poor baby Gigantor has to work outside in it all.

Oh my gosh, I almost got my ass knocked out by a "candy grenade" this morning.
Today is late start, which means the kids don't have to be to school till 9:30 in the morning, instead of 8. So...I'm in sitting on the side of the bed, watching the news, with my back to the door. And...WHAP!!!! something slams into the back of my head and neck, and stung, and made me see stars. I scream "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" And Kiddo is trying so hard not to giggle and he's saying "I'm so sorry mom, I'm so sorry" (he now says mom instead of mommy whaaaaaaaaa) And I scream "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT AND WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" He slinks in the room still fighting the giggles, they are coming out with little snorts and honks, but he's doing a pretty good job of seeming sympathetic. He crawls up behind me, and grabs the ammo. It was a roll of those little candies called "smarties" (well yeah they smart) And he goes, "where did the other one go?" I'm like "why the hell did you throw two of those at the back of my head?" He goes, "I was trying to toss them on the bed *honk* *snort*" I'm like, "TOSS??? you hurled those bad boys like you were throwing hand grenades over enemy lines!!!!" *SNORT* *HONK* He's shaking now trying to hold back the laughter. He goes, "mom (insert, are you stupid look here) they weren't grenades, they were sticks of dynamite!!!" I'm like "*snort* well that shit hurt." He goes "sorry, but HEY I killed the enemy!!!!" He walkes out snorting and honking, and now after the pain has worn off...I can't help but laugh about it. Who knows when we will ever find the other pack of those candies. After bouncing off of my think mellon they hurled themselves into the depth of my bedroom somewhere.

Hope you all had a happy valentines yesterday. And happy Windy Wednesday to you all!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Eagle

I'm so sorry I haven't posted more often. I'm dealing with alot of shit in my own head. But I did promise to post about the eagle, like Alekx wanted me too.

Let me lead you up to this.

Over 12 years ago, when I had my wedding (a had already been married for 6 months, by a J.P. but we wanted a religious wedding) Alekx and I wanted to do something nice for our mom. She had made lots of sacrifices through her life for us. To say she had not had an easy life was a major understatement. But she didn't complain. So....I got a friend to sing a song to her, dedicated from me and Alekx. We sat her down and sat in front of her. And the friend sang Eagle When She Flies, by Dolly Parton. For those of you who don't know this song. It basically says, that there is a woman who has gone through many trials in life. And the chorus says.

She's a sparrow when she's broken, but she's an eagle when she flies...

We thought this song described mom very well. So...that's why we had it sang to her, and she cried and cried.

Now fast forward.

When mom passed away, and I was sitting picking out music for her memorial. The first song I thought of was that one. Yes it told wonderful tails about the woman that she was. And now instead of saying she's and eagle when she flies about her strength it would mean now she's an eagle, soaring up above. We just thought it would fit so perfectly. And it had alot of meaning to all three of us. Alekx, myself and mom.

Now it was Alekx and my turn to cry and cry when that song was played.

That Sunday we drove up to a beautiful spot about 3 hours away called Oak Creek/Sedona area to scatter mom's ashes. She had many a fond memory there as a child. Alekx, house elf, myself, Gigantor, and Kiddo all gathered around with almost 20 other friends and family, that came along. And Alekx and I threw her in the creek, yelling "GOODBYE MOMMY, WE LOVE YOU" We were all cheering, it was a wonderful place she was in now. Then it all got quiet. As we all sat and thought. My uncle and his wife went off to sit and meditate and take in the scenery. My mother in law plopped down with Kiddo on the rocks and they took of their shoes and dangled their feet in the creek, just very quiet and just being with each other. Two of her friends walked off and just stared at the beautiful red, cathedral shaped, cliffs surrounding the area (as me uncle said, we should all be so lucky to have such a wonderful headstone) I sat and hugged another aunt and uncle just very quietly. Alekx and the house elf, stood and held hands and cried. Gigantor and a cousin and the cousins daughter were splashing from rock to rock across the creek to get pictures. When all of a sudden cousins daughter, started screaming "BURFICA!!!! LOOK!!!!" and she was pointing. Out of nowhere, I mean nowhere a BALD EAGLE came flying up the creek, just a few feet over the water. It got to where all of us where, and it started circling. It circled the area right above all of us, and slowly started going up in the sky. It's entire time circling and moving upward took about 15 minutes or so. Then when you could still see it plain as day, still a pretty big eagle, it POOFED. Not flew away, not flew up, just disappeared into thin air. Everyone that watched it saw the same exact thing. We all instantly were convinced that it was mom. She was the one soaring. And weather she was saying goodbye, or I'm watching you, or I love you. Either way, it was so very spiritual, and so very special to get that amazing gift. We all are very convinced it was mom. The symbolism is so amazing.

So anyhow, that is the just of the eagle story.

I'll try to post better. Just having alot of my own struggles right now.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Giants Birthday

Friday was Gigantor's birthday. He told me not to do anything for him, because of all the stuff we had to do past couple weeks. So...I planned a surprise thing on Saturday at my aunt and uncles. But on Friday, I bought him a cheesecake sampler, and took him and a friend to dinner. (we had a gift certificate there) I told him I didn't have a chance to get any presents, or money after all the stuff with mom's funeral and things. And that I might be able to get him something for Valentines. In the mean time I had two cakes sitting over at my aunt and uncles. And a box full of gifts waiting to be hidden in the suburban.

On Saturday I sent him to the store for milk, and Kiddo and I scrambled to get everything hidden in the suburban. Then when he got home we took Kiddo and a friend to the movie--Hoodwinked. It was good, but we must have been exhausted, cuz me and Gigantor both fell asleep for about the last half hour. hehehehe

I told him some story about having to take some paperwork concerning mom over to my uncles. And we walked in to balloons and banners. It was great. Then we had bbq Elk Burgers. yummie yumm yumm yumm We had a few friends show up. Then we did presents and cake. And the guys all played Texas Hold Em Poker, and us girls went in the living room and visited. I yawned and wondered what time it was, and then realized it was about 11:30 ahhhhhhhhhh LOL

Today we went to church and then went and dropped off our tax stuff. Also watched the rigged super bowl. Don't get me started. I wasn't for either team. I'm not that big into football. I like to watch super bowl for the commercials. But it was obvious to even me that the officials were paid off. opinion, nobody needs to yell at me about it. And in the mood I'm in, if you do. I'll retaliate in a very not nice way. hehehehehe

Well....Alekx wanted me all to tell you the eagle story, so I will try to post that this week. Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quick Note

Just a quick note to let you all know we are still alive and kicking. This past weekend went really well. It was beautiful!!!! The memorial was so beautiful, and we had lots of laughs and lots of tears. We had all sorts of family there, and alot of people from town. The Church holds about 180 people and it was over half full. About 2/3's full. It was so nice to see all those who remembered mom fondly. Sunday went wonderfully too. We found an amazingly beautiful place to scatter mom. Hopefully Alekx will share the picture of the place with you all.

Alekx and the house elf left on Tuesday afternoon. So...yesterday was Gigantor's first day back at work and Kiddo's first day back at school. And me...well...I cried alot yesterday. Some of it hit me. I miss my mom, and I'm not looking forward to the coming year without her to talk to and council me.

Friday is Gigantor's birthday. I hadn't even thought about it with everything going on. He told me not to worry about it since we spent so much money over the past couple weeks. Of course I can't just forget about it. So...I told him maybe later in the month, and in reality, I'm planning something for Saturday. hehehehe I will take his friend D and Kiddo to walmart tomorrow and we will pick out a gift. Then my aunt and uncle said we could come over and have a bbq (elk steaks) on Saturday. So...I'm not gonna tell Gigantor. I'm just gonna tell him that I have to go sign some paperwork concerning mom, and we go up there, and SURPRISE!!!! Hopefully. hehehehe

Anyhow, I still have lots of thank you notes to make. So...I'm gonna go check blogs while I eat breakfast, then I'm off.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!