Thursday, September 30, 2004


I didn't write in my blog yesterday. What was there to really say about yesterday?? Not much. Almost kept the kid home from school. Both him and I are battling sinus stuff. It was rainy and dreary all day. And I kept him home from his soccer game last night. (so no exciting soccer adventures)

For some unknown reason my dogs decided yesterday was the piss me off day. You let them in, and they pace till you let them out. You get up put them out, and in 30 seconds they are scratching on the door to come in. You open the door and they stand there suprised to see you. You call them in, and they continue to stand there. So you shut the door, sit down. And hear scratch scratch. So you scream KNOCK IT OFF and scratching stops for about ummmm 15 seconds. Then you hear whining and scratch scratch, with an occasional shoulder block slamming into the door. You get up, open door, and again they look suprised to see you. grrrrrrrrrrr. You spend 2 minutes calling them making them come in... so they will quit. You sit back down to get busy. And they start pacing and whining at the door. So you get up cursing at dogs, let them out, scream STAY OFF THE DAM DOOR, and you slam door on them. 30 seconds scratch scratch. This time you open door with broom in hand, and start swinging. Anyone notice that dogs can dodge pretty fast??? You hit porch railing instead of dog, and break broom. Now your pissed. You go inside slam door. 30 seconds scratch scratch, whine, slam. I think they were out there taking bets on how long before I went insane. They were probably laughing and taking turns. Dumb ass dogs. Now today. Pictures of the perfect pets. So... I know they just decided to mess with me yesterday. I bet today it's the cats turn to mess with me. I better go find him and throw him out now. Before I find something interesting in my shoe. hehehehehehehe

Wonder if anything exciting will happen today??

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good Game

The Tigers had a good game last night.. We lost, but it was a really good game. We played the best team in the league. And at least we didn't get skunked.. Final score 3 to 1... And not only are these kids the best team in the league, but pretty crooked players. You could hear parents and coaches telling them to trip or push players if they need to... What is with that shit?? But, we may have lost, but our little troop of boogers had the ball in their endzone most of the game. And no wonder we didn't make any goals. Their goalie was as big as Andre the Giant. He was huge, just had to sit in the way of the goal to get the ball. Big like Mongo. hehehehehe

Now my son is not the most athletic of kids. He is more into fine motor skill things, than sports. But god bless him, he loves to play. So the coaches usually put him as a defender. That way not much running and he is a big boy so he can get into the crowd and kick that ball out. Well....last night he was put as a forward twice. And poor thing, you tell him to run and he has this jog that is slower than his walk. So...anywhooo my little turtle does his wog (walk/jog) down toward their goal, and the ball gets kicked to him. This is about the time that I realize the kid is on the other end of the field. So... as I scream and choke on the mouth full of sunflower seeds I have. (needing to be beat on the back by the dad seated next to me) My little guy kicks with all of his might. But by this time. Giagantor the goalie has belly flopped on the ball. Final outcome--- Cleat vs. side of Harvey the Hill Giants head... (thank god the officials didn't see or we woulda been fouled) So the Cave Troll goalie let out a howl of pain and chucked this ball all the way down to the other endzone. Dammit all anyway. One of the moms comes up... is jumping up and down... screaming I was cheering so hard for your son to make a goal!!! Oh my gosh wasn't that great??? As I am still pointing to my throat, turning blue, and trying to get this handful of sunflower seeds to spew forth. As I get the mass unclogged from my throat, and am able to breath again, and stop seeing the world spinning. I start screaming "YEAH SON, WTG, GOOD JOB" and everyone is looking at me, because now they are on their 3rd quarter break. hehehehe Needless to say I was very proud. I think that moment for him made up for him successfully blocking the other teams goal attempt with is face. The Tigers had made a line, to block the ball, from a corner kick the other team was doing. My poor guys face must have had the perfect target on it. Not only did they not make a goal, but the officials called a halt to play as the little guy drops to the ground howling and holding his face like it fell off. So as he is snuffling, and hugging his daddy... Everyone is cheering Yeahhhhhhhh nice block bud.. that prompted him to get back up and play. Nice way to use your head bud. Wonder what exciting things next game will bring.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Turn Signals

Okay has any one noticed how a little thing like turn signals can start a heated discussion?? I was driving my son to school this morning and grumbling about all the idiots out there that the dmv has deemed to be good enough drives to make them legal... And the more I drive the more that turn signals piss me off. Not the turn signal persay....But the idiots who can't properly use them. I think it all comes down to common sense and common courtesy. If people would stop thinking they are better than everybody else, and that their shit don't stink. Maybe they would be polite enough to inform us other drivers of when they are gonna turn. Although the other one's that piss me off, are the morons that turn on their signal to switch lanes, then leave the dam thing on all through town... What the fuck is with that??? From the time you hit your blinker, and move over lanes, you forgot?? No!!! Wrong!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think both categories of people should be ripped out of their vehicles, flogged, arrested, and their license and cars be taken away. I know it's a big rant, and seems rather harsh for just the misuse of turn signals... Your probably saying there are much worse things a driver could do... Like red light running, speeding through school zones, and drunk driving. Well if I feel this way about turn signals you don't even want to get me started on the other. I really think there should be much tougher testing for getting the right to drive. Stupid people just piss me off. We all need to go back to horse and carriage, and trains. hehehehee That would solve a lot of problems. Make life simpler. Okay enough of one rant for a day. Let me know what little stupidity with driving pisses you off.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


I have been cutting, pealing and slicing apples for a few weeks now. My mother has this apple tree, and they are very tart apples. Usually she gives them away for deer bate... but this year we decided to be productive and cut them up and freeze them. Well, actually I'm doing it. But still. I have 6 bags frozen so far, and am only 1/3 of the way through the apples. ugggghhhh These things seem to be taking me forever. I would rather say forget it... but then I feel like I'm wasting. So tomorrow I'm gonna be on apple patrol again. hehehehehe

I got my computer back today. I hate that stupid spyware popup stuff. I had over 1000 infected files with that. The computer is running so much faster and smoother now. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Back on the apple subject. I wasn't eating them, but I wonder if when I go to get ready for bed if I will find apple in my bra?? It's like the Bermuda triangle of over the shoulder boulder holders. hehehehe Who knows maybe more bizarre stuff with start being found in there. Like I dunno. Leggos, or hot wheels, car keys, or downed airplanes. Maybe I need to take me and my bra on the road. I could be a major league catcher if they only threw food. hehehehehe
Okay I'm getting weirder than usual.... so I 'm gonna go. And hope I haven't scared to many people. LOL

Friday, September 24, 2004


As I sit here digging popcorn out of my bra, I'm pondering if I have forgotten how to eat. Why is it that everything I eat ends up in my bra??? Last night we had green peas with dinner, and yes that's right I was digging them out of my bra.... Has my mouth stopped working??? Are my motor skills those of a two year old again,...Where I can't get food up to my mouth??? What in the heck is wrong with me??? It's a constant anymore. I always have food in my bra.... Am I storing it like a squirrel stores nuts. (although I don't think they store their nuts in their bra) It can be rather embarrassing if we are anywhere but home too. What is the correct etiquette when you drop food in your bra when you are at a restaurant or over at someone's house eating dinner??? Do you leave it in there (hoping it doesn't make a bulge) till you can go to the bathroom and get it??? Or do you put your hand down your shirt and fish it out?? And if you fish it out, what is the correct etiquette there?? At home I would just eat whatever fell. hehehehe But it public, do you eat it, do you put it on your place or do you chuck it at the back of the head of the guy across the room??? And if I happen to wear a high necked shirt then of course the food falls on my chest, making a rather unsightly mark on my shirt. (must be why I wear dark colors when we go out) But...even with a high necked shirt, when we come home and it's time to undress... it never fails... I have food in my bra. Is this a joke of the universe on me?? I don't know. Does anyone else have these problems. (pretty sure not) And any suggestions?? Of course I could just not wear the bra... but I could almost guarantee you that when I went to put on a clean one... alas I would find food in it before donning it.... Sigh.. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004


We won another game last night!!!! 3 to 1 !!! The kids are doing great. Of course no coaches again, so it was my husband. Our teams shirts are green.... and one of the dads has gone down to walmart and bought the green halloween hair spray. He sprayed it on their hair for the first two games. Now the kids are convinced that it gives them power, and that's why they are winning. That dad now says he has to go stock up on this stuff for the rest of the season. heheheheh
It's hard to tell all the little guys apart with green shirts, white socks, and green hair. I just said it looks like a troop of boogers running up and down the field. So now when I call anyone a little snot. hehhehehehee

On another note. I am so addicted to pogo. Is anyone else addicted to it. I go and play games alot. Usually there are other friends online so we go play and chat. But I'll be danged if I can't get enough of dinking with online games. ahhhhhhhhhhh

I hope my computer survives this weekend. I got something going on with it. And being as I'm so addicted to it. I'm gonna take it in to a place here in town. I could send it to my sister and brother-in-law.... But oh my goodness that would mean a few weeks without my computer. I think I would go insane. hehehehehe So, we are taking it into a shop on friday night for one last ditch effort to fix it...before I have to send it away. If I have to send it away...the u.p.s. driver may be tugging the box out of my hands while I'm hugging it and crying NoOOoOoOoOOoo.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

So Proud

I am so proud of my son right now (puffs chest) He is 8 and on a soccer team ...the Tigers... GO TIGERS!!!!!!!! They had their first game last night and won 3 to zip. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy They were so worked up. And what made it better is that they won against a team that plays pretty dirty. Which gets me on to something that really irritates me. Why in the sam hill do parents think it's okay and right to teach these little kids dirty sportsmanship??? Can anybody tell me where the logic is in that??? Makes me so mad. It's worse than road rage. I just wanna go throttle these parents. Tell them..."knock it off you dumb ass, this is supposed to be fun and educational for the kids!!"

I also have to give a big yayyyyyyyyy to my husband (puffs chest again) He doesn't coach soccer because he doesn't know much about it. But he always I mean always helps out. Well for some reason on our team the two coaches are always gone. So.... who is the one parent that steps up?? That's right... my husband. He does so much for kids.... really a great man, husband and father....And he expects nothing in return. He coaches baseball and then helps out like this in soccer, and he never ever gets a thank you from anyone. I guess just knowing he helped teach the kids, and they had fun is enough for him. Really an amazing man. I am so lucky.

Okay enough sappyness for today... I'm sure I will do it again soon. hehehehehe We have another soccer game tonight. Wish us luck. I am off to go uptown. Post office. Hope I don't run into that same guy again. hehehehehe might run him over this time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dumb Driver

I have to know.... why some people think they deserve to be able to drive??? What has happened to common courtesy?? What has happened to obeying the traffic laws?? And those who do get caught breaking the law all of a sudden hate cops and say the police are out to get them... and don't they have anything better to do. It's like Dumb Ass learn to fricken drive!!!!!!
Take for instance.. today. I got to the drive up mail boxes, outside of the post office mind you. You have to pull in this narrow windy lane to pull up to them. There is some vehicular retard sitting in his car writing on the back of his postcards. He then puts the car in park and runs accross the parking lot into the post office. Now I would have backed out by now (although my urge was to run over his stupid parked car) but as I said it's a narrow windy roadway. So... no backing out. This guy comes back with stamps in his hand, then stamps his postcards and leaves them. In the mean time this drive up mail box lane now has cars 4 deep in it. Where is the fricken common sense anymore. And God forbid anyone should have common courtesy. That is just unheard of in this day and age. Okay enough of my rant. I'm gonna go run over some cars, see if I feel better.

First Try

Not sure if I'm doing this right. I'm trying to create my own blog.
For those of you who know Burfica then you know who I am. If you don't know Burfica then you don't know me... ?????..... If you know Burfica then most of you know what "Don't eat the tomatoes" means. If you don't know what it means and you know Burfica you can ask me. If you don't..... Then you are left in the air wondering.
Once I figure out how to make a profile I will. So far I'm not even sure this is gonna show up or not. My friend (better known as Pett) showed me this sight and said if she could do it so could I (grumble grumble) not so easy to us computer retards. hehehehehe
Pett.... if you read this. Little help here. LOL For the life of me I see nothing that says profile. Which since I can't see it, means it it probably right in front of my face. If I figure out that this has worked. I will be back. If not.... my message is lost in space. To boldly go where no message has gone before. Happy journeys little message.