Thursday, January 31, 2008

thursday Dammit

It's Thursday Dammit!!!! I thought it was Friday all dam day. I wanted it to be Friday so I could sleep in a couple hours tomorrow. grrrrr

I want me a hover dog!!!!! They would be cool. hehehehehe Instead I have "big lump on the floor dog" lmao

Honestly I have so much shit to do. Get the house cleaned up, go shopping, and get busy making stuff for Gigantor's birthday dinner. Was supposed to be just family so about 15 people, but he went and invited co workers too, so we are up to 20 some odd. I was gonna make one pan of each enchilada casserole thingie. Well...I called my mother in law and borrowed two more pans so I can do double of each.

I'm gonna be so dead afterword. He's doing the dam dishes. hehehehehe

Not much happened today. It was fricken freezing all day.

OMG Gigantor got me a Camouflage shirt, I loved it, my first ever. And we all go up on the mountain alot. And we washed it as per instructions. In cold water, hung it to dry. I put the thing on today, and the sleeves are all stretched out, about 4 times as big around as they were. But the length is about 4 or 5 inches shorter on the whole shirt. It's like a fricken belly shirt now. I am to dam fat to be wearing a belly shirt. It just looks gross. I'm gonna send it back to them with a nasty note.

They dam well worked Gigantor 12 hours today. He keeps telling his boss, that he is gonna need a nice raise, since he's covering three people's jobs. Well...the way they are working him is getting very old very fast. And I try to be patient and understanding, but after three months or more I've just had enough. I try real hard not to get mad at Gigantor, but fuck, enough is enough, hire more people dammit., I told him to tell his boss, that he is gonna need a massive raise, one that is enough to cover child support and alimony, if he keeps working that way. Boss only laughed at him. grrrrrr

Okay well that's all the boringness I have for a post. I'm gonna go to bed. I'm beat. Have a good Friday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A good Day

Hahahahahaha I hope those kitties had insurance!!!!!! That picture made me hork diet pepsi out my nose.

We had that meeting with the school today. I'm so dam excited and giddy over it. As most of you know, my son has a learning disability. He's been reading at least two years behind where he should be. His last testing in December put his reading testing at 7th grade level. My son is in 6th grade. OMG I'm so excited I can barely stand it. That means in one semester with his middle school reading teacher he has caught up about 2 grade levels. His math
is just slightly under grade level, and his spelling and writing are still very bad. But he has gotten alot of tools to help him along. We have a new "dragon writing program" that is one you talk out your papers and it writes them on the computer for you.

All of the teachers that were there said how much they love him, he's the most polite, well behaved, well mannered and lovable child in their classes. Well yeah he better have manners and behave himself or I'll whomp him!! hehehehe

My poor poor Gigantor. He got off work to go to the meeting. Then he had to go back to work. he worked till after 9. All the guys had to come in and pull a radiator out of one of the big trucks so it could be taken to the city to be fixed.

Although one of his co workers was so sweet. One of the workers wives brought the guys out KFC. So they got dinner. But with
my back and knees and walking into the school I was hurting so dam bad. Kiddo would have been lucky if I made pbnj sandwiches. Well Honey coworker (I call him honey coworker cuz about 3 times now I thought he was my husband and have called him honey) He had a couple tickets for the Navajo Taco dinner. So....Gigantor took a break and went and got me and Kiddo some Navajo taco's and brought them home. How sweet is that???

There is a picture of one for those of you who don't know. Fry bread, chili beans, meat, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sour cream. You choose or do it all. yummmmmmm

Okay I'm off to shower and go to bed.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My New Digs!!!

Hey all!!!! How do you like the new look??? Man I was so over due for one. I started my blog in 2004 and haven't changed it at all. I got so inspired by seeing other peoples. Then I was over at Mom thats Nuts blog and seen hers with a link to get free one's. I went and looked, and once I hit the dragon, that was it, it had to be mine!!!

I tried to do it today, but couldn't get my links to come up. I thank my lucky stars for Canadian Flake. OMG I love her so much. She sat for hours with me and helped me. She copied down all my links. She told me how to get the template up. Then she sent me my links and told me how to put them in one at a time, and how to get my awards back up.

I would have never changed the template if it wasn't for Flake, so thank you so much my friend!!!!!

I just love the picture of that little kitty up there. hehehehee That's what I wanna do some days. I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALLAALLAA

I was so pissed off at the school today I could hardly see. I got up, took my son to school, had him there at 8 minutes till 8 and he walked in and I left. I got all the way home, and inside, to hear it just get announced on the radio that they were doing a "late start" today at school. Which means it wouldn't start till 9:30. WTF??? Well they have been doing that alot lately. Apparently we have to cater to all the Navajo children, and the idiot buss drivers can't drive one hour earlier. So...if it snows even one flake in town then they issue a late start cuz it has to be snowing tons on the reservation. Man I could do a book on a rant about how the city and school government caters to the reservation. I feel we should have school no matter what, if they can get here fine if not, not our problem. They wanna be a nation within a nation then they should have fences and their own dam schools. Okay I'm getting to far away from myself.

So anyhow, I called up the school, and yelled at them why didn't they put a sign out to say it would be a late start, and she goes, Oh I dunno. So...I said, you better open the dam doors cuz kids are waiting outside in 19 degree weather, and my son is one of them, if I find out you didn't I will contact come after your butts.

My son told me they opened the doors and he was allowed to go to the library and play on the computers till class started. So...that was good.

OOooo yummie dinner tonight. Elk tenderloin steaks, cornbread, mac and cheese, and green peas. whoooohoooo Cup of hot cocoa for desert.

Okay well I'm off. Wish me luck, we have a meeting with the school with Kiddo's IEP program tomorrow.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Funny Monday

OMG I got this video of this woman in my e-mail, and she is so fricken funny!!!!! Love her!!!!!

Nothing much happened today. Rain, snow, sleet, wind, trash cans zooming down the road.

I got online and checked blogs, I played around on you tube, and pogo. I checked blogs again. Then I decided it was gloomy and I went and took a 2 hour nap. hehehehehe

Now I'm half listening to/watching wrestling, and watching the hubby and dogs sleep. Guess I will go check blogs again see if anything is new, then I guess I will go sit in bed and wonder why I'm not tired. hahahahahaha

I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow and be tired as hell. Oh well, such is life.

Gonna grill up some elk steaks tomorrow and make some cornbread. God Kiddo loves cornbread. He wishes I would make it more often. We all get two pieces at dinner, then that leaves him two pieces to have in the morning for breakfast. hahahaha Such a cutie he is.

Okay all well enjoy the video of Mrs. Hughes!!! I think I'm slowly turning into her. Not as slow as I would like but still.

I didn't notice that it does cut off just a few seconds to early, so you miss the very end, but not much of that matters.

Anyhow, have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Need one more day

Holy moly I need one more day to the weekend.

I went to bed last night and I was so sick to my stomach, I was up a few times, sure I was gonna be blowing from both ends. I almost thought I had food poisoning again, and I'm not even sure what I actually had.

My stomach hurt all day today too.

Without me feeling well, I didn't do any cleaning on the house and I couldn't get Gigantor to do anything, he was a bump on a log big time.

I did kick him out of the house and made him go buy more rock salt, cuz it rained all fricken day, and now it's stopped so I'm sure it's gonna freeze in big sheets by morning. I'm not gonna skate down the steps and to the suburban, no way no how. hehehehehe

I need one more fricken day of the weekend to feel better and get some shit done. hehehehe

OMG Kiddo woke up like 4:30 and turned his t.v. on and stayed up. I was so irritated when I found out. But about 3 this afternoon, he hadn't been out of his room in a while, so we went in to check on him, and he was zonked on the bed. He stumbled out and laid on the loveseat to watch a movie with us, and he fell asleep for about another hour. Poor kid. lol

It snowed all last night too, and the rain all day today. uggghhhhh I'm ready for spring.

Gigantor made deer stew tonight. Slow cooked it all day. I prefer elk meat over deer, but it wasn't bad. With my tummy still hurting I had some soup instead. Then I had a nice cup of hot cocoa for desert. hahahaha Hopefully he left enough stew so I can have a small bowl full tomorrow.

I know I've had a boring ass post. I'm gonna go read a few blogs and head my happy ass to bed. Have a good Monday everyone!!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mid Weekend

OOoOo don't you feel special??? You get a bonus. I actually posted on the weekend. hehehehee

I was going to get on last night and post, but my internet was down.

I love this picture up here. Actually took me a while to find the cat in the pic, I know I'm slow. Then I realized that the table looked just like the one I just got rid of. hehehehe

Friday Gigantor and I watched a couple movies. The Dead Girl, don't bother, slow, icky, not much sense. And we watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. OMGGGGGGGGGGg that was so dam funny. One of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. And I didn't think I was going to like it.

I went to my mother in laws candle party tonight, and yeah of course I got some candles. I got three, but they are small one's so didn't spend much. I got one called Cozy Cabin that Gigantor liked, one called Grapefruit splash-has a wonderful citrus fresh smell, and one called Sprigs and Blooms-very flowery smell. yummmm.

We came home and watched The Game Plan, now that was a pretty cute movie.

Tomorrow we need to clean some house, so it's mostly clean for the big guys birthday dinner next saturday. Still don't know all I'm gonna cook.

I'm doing some taco meat for taco's and burrito's, and a chicken enchilada casserole, that I make with tortilla chips instead of the tortilla's and I used cream of mushroom soup instead of sour cream. Then Alekx had made us some interesting cheese enchilada's once. You don't fry the corn tortilla's just heat them in a pan with pam, then put in some of that white quesso cheese, and roll them up. Then you put the green chilli sauce all over them, some shredded cheese and heat it all in the oven. So that is the only three dishes I have planned out. I have no idea what else to make. I'm at a loss. hehehe

So...if any of you have any ideas at all, please pass them on.

Okay, well I'm gonna go and do god only knows what, probably read blogs. Hope you all have a great Sunday!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weird ass toes, weather, colds, inlaws.

Okay I couldn't help it, that picture cracks me the hell up. I love the pictures like this.

The weather was so dam weird today. Woke up it was over 35, said it would be in it's 50's. Put on some lighter clothes, Kiddo only took a hoodie instead of big coat. The dogs were out playing in the sun shine. Then they started begging to come in. I open the door and it's cloud covered and snowing. WTF?? Then...about two hours later, sun is out and it goes up into it's 50's. Even cracked the windows when driving around up town. As I was taking Gigantor to his appointment, we left the house it was 48, 10 minutes later it was 31 and raining, and it hasn't stopped raining since.

Gigantor did need his toenail removed, at least half of it anyway. We are in the room, and he wants to show off, er...I mean be wait I mean he wants to sit up and watch, so they lift the head of the bed up. He's being all cocky...I mean confident and they start putting the numbing shots all around the base of his toe. Very slowly he starts pulling his arms from behind his head and sorta folds them in front of him. Then she starts cutting and pulling at the toenail. And he starts looking at a spot on the wall...and he has this grim/gonna be sick look on his face. You know the look when Buster farts, cuz those things will drop you dead from across the room, dam dog. Wait!!! where was I?? Oh yeah. So he's got the white clenched lips and arms held tight in front of him, and he ventures a look down, cuz she is now lifting the toenail off his foot. (and why the fuck did I watch all this?? it was sick as hell!!!!) And as she lifts it off, it gushes a bit of blood, and a strand of tissue is attached to it. That was almost his undoing.

I love my husband, he is an awesome E.M.T. He has helped with protruding bones and foreign objects out of people. But on me or himself, he's not to good. He can't handle me hurt, he has a hard time seeing to gross of stuff on him, and thank god we haven't had to find out how it will be with Kiddo yet. I may come across as fragile to some people, but boy that "mama bear" will come out in me, and I can handle pretty much anything.

Get this!! We see his mom outside of her house as we are headed to the clinic. So...he wants to stop and say hi and tell her where we are going. She then asks us to go get her a half gallon of milk afterwords. Ummmm NO and HELL NO, and KISS MY ASS YOU PSYCHO BITCH NO!!! I tell her no, and she goes, well it's not your toe you can go in and get it. I'm like I'm not going in, my knee and back is still hurt and I have a cold, and I want to get Gigantor home afterwords. She makes this big old stink. I tell her no, and we pull off. Now here is where I get angry as shit. Gigantor decides he can't let her down, and he goes to the store and gets her a fricken half gallon of milk and takes it back right before the appointment.

Okay, well she was outside already, she has two good cars, and feet, she doesn't work, and the store is less than 2 blocks from her house. FUCK NOOOOOO SHE CAN GO!!!! God that made me so dam mad.

Okay well I'm gonna go take some cold meds and maybe kick Gigantors toe in bed all night, just like he did to me when I had that done a couple years ago. ahahahahhahahahaha I know, I'm one cruel bitch!!!! Gotta love me, I'm da baby!!! hehehehe

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

what a fricken Diva!!!

Okay my rat dog has got to be the biggest diva ever. hehehe Foxy loves to climb up under the throw pillow on the couch, well she tunneled under it, then the blue neck pillow fell down on her, so she poked her head out. That's all that's out between these two. She was so kicked back, resting her head on the blue pillow, the other one holding her chin up. She was sleeping till I started taking pictures, then she woke up

She looks like she's snarling, cuz he lip was stuck up over her tooth, and she was such a diva she refused to lick, she made me fix it. lmao

On a side note I won a couple books on E-bay tonight. I got another Andy Griffiths book. What Buttasuar is this? got it for .99 And I got the third book in a sequel I have named Fire Star by Chris D'Lacey got it for .25 whooohoooo

I've almost got this cold kicked out. So...that is good news. Keep me in your thoughts.

Tomorrow night about 5:15 I take Gigantor in for a procedure. He has to get his big toenail removed. It has been ingrown, bleeding, oozing and ouchie since Sept. But he wouldn't let me make him an appointment cuz of his "hunt" so finally I got him in.

If you all have any good, easy (and I mean easy) mexican casserole dishes or something, please give me the recipe. Gigantor wants mexican dinner for his birthday dinner on the 2nd. And I know of two dishes plus taco's, but he wants to invite a lot of poeple. uggghhhhh So...I need more ideas.

Okay I'm off to take more cold meds. Have a good Thursday all!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

uggghhhh and yummmmmm

Okay first the uggghhhh. I went to the chiropractor today and he did adjust everything again, and it's feeling a bit better.

I have had some drainage all day. By the time I got to the chiropractor I felt icky. I came home and took some dayquil. I think I am catching a dam cold now. ugggghhhh This shit better leave me alone soon.

Now onto the yummmmmmmm I made something new the other night, and OMG it was soooooooooo good.

Meatball subs

I took a half a bag of frozen meat balls and I warmed and browned them in the oven. I then put them in a sauce pan and put a big jar of plain spaghetti sauce over the top and simmered for a bit. I like onions but Kiddo doesn't. so we took some Aunt Hatties french rolls, and put a bit of mozzarella on the bottom and a bunch of onions if you wanted them. Then some meatballs and a bit of sauce but not to much, some more mozzarella, and put them under the broiler till it got all brown and bubbly. I think I found one of my new favorite sandwiches. hehehehe
It was so dam good. Hope you all feel like trying it, you'll be in for a treat.

I'm off to take some Nyquil and go to bed.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Forgot it was a holiday

I forgot it was a holiday today. Until Kiddo reminded me yesterday that he had no school today. ahahahahahah

Well my knee and back hurt all weekend, but I have another appointment tomorrow. I thought that taping was doing good, but then Saturday night it felt weird, almost burnie. I took it off, and uht oh. I had a reaction to the dam tape. I had blisters all over and taking the tape off took some of the blister skin off, so that it ripped off the top layer, so then it was bloody and oozie.

Now I'm treating that too.


We went to I am Legend on Saturday. It was good but not great. I mean they made the "monsters" so computer animated it was like being in an animated movie along with real life. That I didn't like.

We watched one my dad bought too. Good Luck Chuck, now that was funny as hell. hehehehe

Okay well on another note I was over at Canadian Flakes blog and she awarded me this. I feel so honored. Sometimes I don't feel like spreading love I just spread the eff word. hehehehe I'm gonna take a couple days to think then I will award it to some people.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Gigantor has to work, so he is pissy. hehehehehe Enjoy the extra day off if you got it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kicked my ass

Well I was hurting pretty bad last night. Back and knee, knee and back. blahhhh

I had some pain pills left over from that tooth surgery. I have a few percocet but didn't take those. I had some Tramadol. I took one of those. I got to sleep, but thing is with those, if I don't stay asleep I get really sick to my stomach. So...of course the kid was up three times, the husband fidgeted, and the dogs woke me up.

I did wake up once on my own, and my skin felt like it was on fire, so I made hubby turn the ceiling fan on. I know those are weird reactions to the meds, but dammit I want another one tonight. hehehehe

I got up and did go to the chiropractor, and he adjusted my lower back. Thing is it hurts worse a day or two after, cuz the muscles are protesting. So...I'm hurting a bit worse. I asked him about my knee and he took a look, and he said what I figured. The patella had slightly shifted, but since I have been dicking around not going in for over a month. He put some Kineseo taping on it (it's an old japanese form of taping) That should loosen the muscle that's holding it out. It should pop back in in a week or so.

So...all in all not bad, just very sore now.

I came home and ate some lunch and could tell that the long lasting effects of that pain pill were still bugging me. So I sat on the couch and actually crashed for over 2 hours. I guess someone had called and I answered, cuz my phone had been off the hook for over 4 hours, when we found it tonight. hehehehe

Well...I'm off to bed, I'm tired still, and have lots and lots to do tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Goodbye 17th, you won't be missed

whooooooooooohoooooooooooooo I made it through today. I wanna thank you all for all your kind thoughts and hugs. It helped tons. I had some emotions. I only cried once, and actually that was when I was driving home after taking Kiddo to school.

About 11 I went back to go potty, and my back (lower) popped as I bent over to lower the pants. No biggie, it's been popping alot lately. I stood up, and OMG sweet crispy jeebus!!!!! I almost couldn't walk, I definatly couldn't stand up straight. Once in a while (couple times a year) the lower back goes out from the degenerative disc disease. Well...surprise it picked today. I pissed and moaned and took 5 ibuprophen but it was spasming so bad that after a half hour I called the chiropractor. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning thank god.

I still have that crap pain with my knee. I need to stand up straight to walk with my knee cuz it makes me unsure on my feet, and with my back, I'm all hunched over. I could barely walk, I looked like I was 90. hehehehe

Did it stop me from going to the movie with my two men??? Hell no!!! I had been telling Gigantor and Kiddo I would scrounge up some money and we would go see AVPR And that we did. It was real good, as good as all the alien and predator movies. whooohoooo

Saturday I'm doing a bit more scrounging and we are going to go see I am Legend. Skinny K can go along with Kiddo this time.

Okay more proof that my son is a dork, he was born into a family of dorks and he is becoming a king dork himself.

My dad gave him a coat. It was called a photographers coat. This coat is tan and has about 30 pockets on the outside of it. All over the arms, the chest, lower, the back, it has about 4 pockets on the inside. He's been wearing it every day, and they have been calling him "pocket man" at school. It's all been fun.

Yesterday morning, here is the happenings in my house.

Kiddo--Mom....what the??? mom!!!
me-- what son??
M--What the hell??
He's spinning circles as he's struggling to zip up his coat.
M--What the hell do you mean it's messed up?? did you break it??
(can you see where he gets the yelling from??) teeeheee
he marches over still struggling with it, grunting and groaning.
M--son knock your shit off and show me!!
he shows me his zipper, and it's zipped up backwards and won't come down. I thought he had just twisted the zipper when he attached it. I get looking closer.
M--son how many pockets on your coat??
K--what?? like 30.
M--how many pockets do you see on your coat??
M---son!!! dammit!!!! how many pockets on the inside of your coat??
K--there should be four, but let me see. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG I HAVE MY COAT ON INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M--yes son your a dork
K--shhhhhhhhhhhh you never saw this, it did not happen, you were only having a bad dream!!!
M--nice try dork
Insert massive 11 year old boy giggles here. hehehehehe

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Feeling weird

As tomorrow (the 17th) quickly approaches. I'm feeling rather weird. Sorta sad, sorta anxious, sorta not wanting to be here, and not with it. I'm going to try to treat it like any other day, but as 1;20 az time approaches, I'm sure I will be holding my breath.

After two years, the events of that day and the time of the phone call, the exact words, the emotions, they are so vivid. After a call from my sister early in the morning, I called Gigantor, said, mom's not supposed to make it through the day. He was home in 5 minutes. We sat together, taking and making calls. We put in a movie to take our mind off of things we couldn't control. (Underworld) Exactly 23 minutes into the movie the phone rang. I paused, he picked up the phone, he said, "okay, and here she is" He then turned his entire body toward me and grabbed me. I knew, before I took the phone I knew. Alekx, was there, admist crying she says. "It's done, she's gone" I hung up and for the first time in my life. I sobbed the most anguishing grief. The body wracking sobs, the one's that tell you that THAT is what a heart tearing open and breaking feels like. He just held me, he cried with me, he wouldn't let go, that's what I needed.

God only knows how long I sobbed like that, but my entire body was spent, or so I thought. I'm thinking maybe Alekx went through the same thing, cuz right about the time I stopped the sobs and it was just tears, the phone rang again. She had called me back to tell he exactly how she went. Exactly who was with her. When she stopped breathing but her heart hadn't stopped, how she, alekx, leaned down and said, it's okay mom, both Burfica and I love you, and we will take care of each other, don't worry, then how her heart stopped. My sister got to hold her in her arms as she went. I'm so glad.

The tears are flowing freely again as I sit and write this. I haven't cried hard from missing her in a while. I was crying every day for a while, then a few days a week for the first year. About once a week for 6 months after that. Now I don't think of her every single day, and when I do think of her (still very often) I don't necessarily cry every time. I still miss her as much as the first day. I don't think that will ever change. Some days I just want my mommy. When I realize that I would never call on my in laws to help me when I'm sick, I want my mommy. When the eye doctor told me that my son may have a disease, I want my mommy. When the teachers tell me how much they like him and how smart he is, I want my mommy. When my husbands birthday comes around, or he does something great at work or at home, she would always call and praise him, his family could care less, at those times, I want my mommy. When I get so down I can barely pull myself back up again, I want my mommy. When thanksgiving and christmas roll around, I want my mommy. Every day of the rest of my life, I'm gonna want my mommy.

I wish Alekx and us could be together for this day. I pray all the strength and peace go to her, I'll take it all for both of us. She has given so much. I would hope she doesn't hurt this much, but god I know she does. We both want our mommy.

Thanks for sticking with me. Hard day, hard post.

Hug your loved one's today, tell them you love them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sentimental nails and Fun with Police

Well here is a couple pictures of how I got my nails done this month. I was being sentimental.

As most of you know my mom died on Jan 17th 2006, so the 2nd anniversary of it is just in a couple days. So...I've been struggling the blues.

Well my mom loved the color purple. Loved it to the point of being disgusting. I'm not the biggest fan of purple. I mean I like it, but it's not my favorite by any means. But I got my nails done in three shades of purple, and they she did the little swooshie lines in them. Pretty cool. mom had always said, "oh maybe I should get a tiny butterfly tatoo'd on my hand" Whenever she seen mine and Alekx's tattoo's she would say something like that. So..on my thumbs and ring fingers I have very small white butterfly decals.

Okay now on to the next topic. The one I like to call "Fun with Police" hehehehe

Yesterday, I was sitting, eating my popcorn and reading blogs. I hear a very loud and long knock at the door. The dogs go ape shit. I get up and crack the door and there is a blue wall in front of me. I'm like "hold on let me grab the dog"

I grab Busters collar, and I open the door, and there was two officers that I recognize (one is this guy that I kid you not, he is bigger than Gigantor, he makes him looks small, he is the one I called the wall)

So...I open the door and officer Wall, slams his head close to my face and goes "ARE YOU OKAY?"

Me--yeah I'm fine thank you
Me--Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
Me--Okay but why?
Me--That is weird, there is no one laying in my front yard is there?
Me--Gosh I hope it's not a house close buy or on another street (that starts with same letter as mine).
officer shorty (who was a good 6 foot or so tall) radio's in to check the address, and we hear the dispatcher say my address again.
Me--yeah I'm fine, I'm just sorry you had to come out here like that
Me--yeah but I was fine and because of some prank you had to come check on me, instead of being somewhere you are really needed.
Wall looked shocked at this, and says in a much softer voice
W--wow, thank you, you get it.

Yup people I get it. I know what the police go through, and I'm thankful for them. Two police officers, screaming down to my house, with ambulance on standby just in case something is wrong. Officer Wall coming in to face the hounds of hell, while Officer Shorty was cowering behind the gate. hehehehe Now that was funny. My dogs are just old and loud, well except for rat dog, she is just noisy.

I hope they find who made that prank call, and I hope he gets in trouble. hehehe Maybe officer Wall can squash him like a roach.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My album

Hammer did a post about how to make your own album. It was pretty fun, check mine out. Then below it I'll tell you how to do it.

Here's how it goes. You are about to have your own band's CD cover. Follow these directions Go to......
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together.

Wanna know what's really cool. The third picture on the one I did, this waterfall, was of Oak Creek. Oak Creek is in Arizona. Oak Creek is also where we scattered my mom's ashes. She died in Jan of 2006, and the anniversary is fast approaching, and I've been fighting the blues. I think maybe it's a sign, even if it's not, it sure made me smile.

Have fun doing it if you choose, and let me know so I can come see who you are and what your album is named. hehehehehe

Have a good Monday Everyone!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

How I love a monkey butt!!!

Okay, well for a long time you all have heard me talk about my monkey butt pillow. And most of you have posed the questions "WHAT THE HELL IS A MONKEY BUTT PILLOW???"

As I told you, it was a pillow my son got me for my birthday last year. He was so proud and he used his own money, and he laughed and laughed.

People couldn't believe I had a pillow with a monkeys butt on it. But as you can see, it has not only his face, but his butt as well.

On occasion the monkey butt pillow takes on a life of it's own.

It will leap off the couch and attack the rat dog. Or it will seem to be sitting in my computer chair, ass up when I come out in the morning. It's also been known to bounch it's butt off of Gigantor's face on occasion.

I guess all in all, the kiddo did a great job of getting me a gift. I mean honestly how could anyone have this much fun or stuff to talk about without a monkey butt pillow??

Now you all need to go out and get a "Butt pillow" of your own. Go on!!! I double dog dare you!!!!!


Have a good Sat and Sun all!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ahhhhhhhhhh I got tagged by Miranda and Susan. They told me I had to write 7 weird things about myself.

Hmmmmm that takes some thinking, because 1. I tell you all everything anyway, and 2. I'm all weird. hehehehe

So...lets try.

1. I collect dragons. Not just any dragons, cuz they have to have specific things. A dragon must have wings to be a dragon. There fore Asian dragons are not dragons they are just flying snakes or lizards. A dragon must also have 4 legs. If it only has two plus the wings then it's a big bat, not a dragon. The Dragon in the movie Eragon is like the type I collect. Some much cuter, some more regal, some more vicious looking, but that kind of dragon. I haven't bought a dragon in years, I've gotten a few gifts. But before Kiddo came along, Gigantor and I have spent a healthy chunk in our dragons.

2. I love all genre of movies, love them all. But I think one of my very favorites is horror movies. I even like some hack and slash movies. I don't know why, just always liked them. At christmas time I ask for horror movies. hehehehe Last year I got Boogeyman, and See no Evil. I also love stuff like Darkness Falls and the Nightmare on Elm street movies. Can hardly wait till netflix sends me the remake of Halloween.

3. I used to own, ride, train and show horses. I actually have tons of trophys packed away. Not no sissy english riding either, I rode western and I rode hard. hehehehe Let me show you some types of the horses I have owned. These are not my pictures, but one's I found on the net. Buck I had for years and had to put him down when he was in his 20's. I won quite a bit of trophy's with him. He was a buckskin I had a beautiful black horse names Whispering Star. I won tons of reigning competition on him. I also had a Missouri Fox trotter for a while, he tried to kill me....twice. I raised a colt that was a Strawberry Roan Paint. I also had a mare that had a Paso Fino colt. He was so stubborn, thick thick neck and round barrel body, hard to ride.

4. I own a gazillion pets, and wouldn't change that for anything, but I'm obsessive about lint rollering myself. I don't like all the pet hair on me. I should take out stock in the lint roller company I use so much of it. hehehehe

5. One of the major accidents I had on that horse that tried to kill me twice. It resulted in my sister and aunt doing Artificial Respiration on me, and me being taken away in an ambulance. Quite a while later, my hip was bugging me, and upon lots of ex rays, they found where I had broke a chunk out of it from that accident. But the chunk was still attached and it was growing. Like I was growing a third leg. They broke that off, and said it would either float, or my body would absorb it. Thank goodness I don't have three legs, all I need is more weird shit.

6. I'm obsessed with cleanliness. Not my house, hell no, it's a mess. But with personal/hygiene kind of stuff. I can't stink. If I think I stink I will go take a long shower, scrubbing the crap out of myself. My husband jokes and says that if he gave me a Brillo pad in the shower I would be happy. And you gotta double check each line, bend, fold, wrinkle, crevice. It better be clean dammit. I think it comes from knowing a large girl (much larger than me) and her B.O. was so bad it was gagging. And when you talked to her about her hygiene routine, it was appalling, and I never never wanna smell or look like that.

Okay last one.

7. Sometimes I hold my own boobs. hehehehe Now let me explain. When I'm really tired, and sitting up in bed watching a bit of t.v. I don't know where to put my hands. I will interlock my fingers in front of me on my chest, and before you know it. My hands are under each boob just holding them up. Well... sometimes airing that area out feels good, so now it's become a dam habit. hehehehe

Okay there are my 7 weird things. I don't even know who to tag. But if you would like to do it, let me know and I will come read and be snarky.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

As confused as ever

Okay so the internet is obviously not fixed all the way. Neither is the cell service. It was all going good, even the e-mail thing was fixed.

Then 9 last night both went down again. The internet and the cell service. Two completely different companies. I'm just glad they are both up again today. If they go down again tonight, boy is shit gonna hit the fan with the companies. There is no reason for that.

We have had the wonkiest weather here. It rained non stop from Thursday till Monday at nine in the morning. At which point it started snowing. Snowed all day Monday. Then it froze and froze hard. Was clear yesterday, but the ice was solid. Then last night it snowed again, covered all the ice. Nice huh? Today it is sunny, gonna see if it melts or freezes solid again.

My knee has been bugging me so dang bad. For over a month it has felt like someone is stabbing me with a knife right under the knee cap. It feels like it's slightly out (dislocated) again. I've done that to this one particular knee a few times. I just want it to pop really hard. Every time I try to get it to pop it just makes this grinding noise and feel. ugggghhh The pain has gotten so bad it's hard to walk, it hurts to sit, and it's misery when I try to go to bed. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go in I guess.

But I'm gonna take Gigantor in for his procedure first. He's been waiting since September, cuz my surgery had to come first. So now is his turn. Maybe a bit after that I can afford to get in.

Okay I think I caught up on all of your blogs. So...I'm off to make some popcorn.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What the hell????

Okay I think I'm back. My internet and my cell phone service went down on Saturday.

Apparently when Arizona gets storms, the entire state shuts the hell down. I guess a internet transformer went down in Flagstaff (140 miles south) and it took them 4 days to fix it.

And a cell tower in Flag went down on Saturday morning. We just now got service back today too.

I will try to go around and catch up on blogs a bit later. I have to call tech service, cuz where as I'm back on line, it won't let me send any e-mails. It keeps erroring out on me. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hope you all had a better weekend and start to the week than that.

Back soon!!!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

ouch and some relief

Well thank you all for telling me to go to the doc.

Of course I didn't. lol

It turns out to be something like a cyst/boil thing. It popped itself earlier. Drained puss and blood. Nice huh??

I made sure it was cleaned good and everything is doing well.

On another note, I'm sad that Kiddo's vacation is almost over. I love having him home. And I really hate getting up early. hehehehehe

Kiddo got his new glasses the other day. They are such a drastic change that he says everything looks slanted, and he's having a hard time getting used to them, but he sure can see better.

We watched a movie called Stardust today. I thought it was really good, I liked it alot. I'll be keeping an eye out for it to come on sale on Netflix cuz I'm gonna get it.

The husband hasn't done any more yelling since the last time I took him down for it. But he has done a couple eye rolls. One more slap upside the head should take care of that. hehehehe

Okay all I'm off to go do something like hang laundry or something. I really need to be more productive sometimes (been sitting around watching movies with the kid or playing games with him)

Have a good Weekend all!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sprouting Heads

I think I'm sprouting a second head. That or something is very wrong with me. (shut up alekx)

Maybe it was the last trip the aliens took me on. I dunno

But I have this mole that my mother always called my beauty mark. It's on the left side of my face, just up above my lip on that side.

Well it started getting sore just two days ago. Then it started getting big. And I thought. Oh great I'm getting a pimple under my mole. Well I have had those before, they hurt for a couple days, then they get a head and pop (or I pop them) all is said and done.

Well this thing is now fucking huge. It's HUGE I tell you. Like the size of a large grape or something. And it's way purple. Like This kind of purple I mean big time purple and big time huge.

It hurts sooooooooo bad. It's hot to the touch, I can even feel it against my gum, it's so big it's pushing in on my lip there.

Does the mother humper have a head??? Hell the fuckity fuck no!!!! It's just getting bigger and purplerer. (is that a word?? fuck it it is now!!)

I'm afraid if it doesn't go down by tomorrow I may need to go in on the weekend and see if the doctor will lance it or something. It's about to take over my face. (probably be an improvement (hush alekx))

Hell maybe I have leprosy. gaaaahhhh

Hope you all have a leper and boil free Friday!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jan 2nd and the Fuckers gonna die already.

I swear that man of mine wishes to die in 2008. He wishes me to kill him. And at this rate I'm gonna fulfill his stupid ass wish.

We had a wonderful New Years Eve night. Just quiet with us. Talked about all the stuff we were gonna do on new years day since he was off.

Only two things he had to do was clear off his side of the table (cuz we were going to go up to his parents and pick up a new table there) And run the vacuum. I always sleep later than he does, so he would run the vacuum so it would wake me up and I would get up and motivated too. Plus there was a gazillion pounds of dog hair on the carpet.

I woke up a couple times to him and Kiddo arguing, and kept asking if he had done the table or vacuum, and he kept saying no. I finally wake up at about 10. Pulled my ass out of bed, and asked why he didn't wake me up.

He then started screaming at me. I was like, whoooaaaa there butt head!!! I said, well did you vacuum or do the table, at which he started screaming I WAS BUSY ALL FUCKING MORNING, AND I DIDN'T DO EVERY FUCKING THING YOU ASKED SO GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK!!!

I have no idea what the hell started that, but let me tell you I put a stop to it real dam fast. You do not start screaming at me, and not when your in the wrong in the first place.

Oh and his real busy shit all morning, was from 7:30 till 10:30, he had loaded a game on the computer and took a shit. That was it.

He started in screaming at me again tonight. I'm telling ya, he has a death wish.

I'm so pissed off, I'm marching back to the bathroom and gonna squeeze the shit out of that toothpaste tube, right in the middle, where it pisses him off to no end. hehehehehe That should teach him a lesson.

Hope you all had a better Wed, and have a very wonderful Thursday.

Oh oh and go visit Alekx's blog at nitrogen narcosis, and visit the new person she's plugging on there. hehehehhe