Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

A very Happy Halloween to you all!!!!

I think it's a fun day. I love seeing the kids in their costumes.

This year, we aren't going trick or treating. Kiddo thinks he's to old for it. Instead we are going to my aunt and uncles. We don't get any kids over where we live. They live on Elm Street which is swamped each year. So...Kiddo wanted to dress up scary and pass out candy. That's what we are going to do over there.

I had thought I would buy us and aunt and uncle dinner, seeing as they were letting us hijack their house. But uncle said he was going to make some elk taco's. whooohoooo bonus!!!

The sky is filled with balloons this morning. It's the balloon regatta this weekend. Tomorrow I'm sure Gigantor and Kiddo are going to go out early and help people with their launches. They have done that before and ended up getting free rides. It's pretty cool, and they have tons of fun.

Then the street fair starts at 4 tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping Big Johns Texas BBQ booth is up here. He smokes all his meat, it's soooo yummie. And at about 6, they close down main street and let the balloon people come set up. Right at about dark they start blowing up their balloons, and till 9 they do the "balloon glow"

You can walk up and down main street and talk to them. They let kids climb in the baskets, and pull the fire thingie, some of them have trading cards. Just a fun time all around. After the glow is over it's like freezing out. You wouldn't think so much of it, but with the glow, all that gas/fire going off, the entire main street gets warmed up. Then they stop and the cold bites right into you.

Anyhow that is our plans for tonight and tomorrow. Oh and I can't forget to record all night on Sci Fi channel. Ghost Hunters halloween special is on. whoooohooooo I love the ghost hunters.

anyhow....have a wonderful and safe Halloween, and have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Humpity Hump Day

I know this picture isn't this good, but I got my nails done today. Thanksgiving nails. They are goldish, maroon, and dark green all metallic looking. Some are in criss crosses, some done as leaves and a couple flowers.

Not much has been going on. Nobody has been doing anything aweful to the kid. Gigantor has been fine at work and with his co workers. I've not done anything but go get my nails done. hehehehe

So.....I'll leave you with a halloween goodie, and a yummie meatloaf recipe.

This is the snarkiest skeleton that cuts you down, it's so dang funny. Go here for halloween fun.

We've made twice now this yummy bbq meatloaf. Try it it's good, it's even better in sandwiches a day or two later. hehehhee

2lb ground beef or turkey
1 cup favorite bbq sauce
1 onion finely diced
1 red (or yellow or orange) bell pepper finely diced
2 cloves garlic finely diced
1 to 2 tables spoons warchester sauce (however you spell it)
1 large egg
2 cups bread crumbs
favorite seasonings

Saute up onion and pepper and garlic and set aside to cool a bit.

In bowl mix bbq sauce, Warchester sauce, egg, and seasonings. When well mixed add onion mixture and stir.

In another bowl have ground burger ready and add bbq mix on top, stir with hands. Add in bread crumbs one cup at a time, to get the texture you desire.

Form in loaf on baking sheet, or press into a pyrex baking dish (that's how we do it, we don't do it loaf shaped) Put in 350 degree oven for about an hour. 10 minutes from being done, but a little bit of bbq sauce on the top for a glaze.

It is so dang good people, and my son who REFUSES to eat those type of veggies, just loves it.

Anywhooo....go...enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday *insert groan here*

Well....thank god we weren't as busy on Sunday as Saturday. We put a movie in Saturday night, at bedtime. Thought we would watch about a half hour of it, turn it off and go to bed.

Yup....we watched the entire 2 1/2 hour movie. hahahaahaha We then slept in a bit. Gigantor slept till 10:30 I couldn't believe it. In the 15 1/2 years being married to him, I think he's slept that late once and it's cuz we got home from the hospital at 5 in the morning after being up all night with our son. So, yeah that was bizare.

But he has been hurting (hurt his leg) and so tired, I just let him sleep.

We picked up a couple things, went to the store, and watched a tape we recorded and a movie with dinner. We were lazy for the day. He deserved it though.

We are waiting till the end of the day to see what happened with that kid at school. I was told if he had another strike against him he was going to the "trailers"

Let me explain that. There are some moveable "trailers" out behind the middle school and high school. They are the worst of the worst disciplinary cases. I mean you have to screw up bad and alot of it to go there. What happens is you are UN ENROLLED from middle school. And re enrolled in a disiplinary kind of school (still through the public school disctrict) But you have an entire different file, and I think the police dept is informed on who is in them and the parents.

They have specific teachers and counselors, and CPS is called in. It's like one step above a juvenile detention place.

We were told if this kid had one more referal he was going into the "trailers". Can you imagine screwing up so bad in less than the first 9 weeks of school?? And you know his parents have been notified over and over again.

I told Gigantor that I didn't get that shit, because if I was called once, let alone twice....My kid would be so punished and not able to sit for a very long time. And he WOULD straighten his shit up. But it's apparent some of today's parents don't give a shit, might even be proud to have a "bad" kid.

So...just waiting till the end of the day to find out if he was sent there or not. I do know that Kiddo seemed "lighter" after talking to us and his teachers about it. I hope it helped him.

Alrighty I'm off to read you all.

Have a good Monday *insert groan here* everyone!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Man I'm Tired

Man I am tired today. We have had a very busy few days.

We went to parent teacher conferences on Thursday. Kiddo is doing really well. Except every single teacher said the same thing, in the past couple weeks, his grades have dropped and he comes to class very withdrawn and trying to make himself as small as possible.

That was a big red flag, so we all decided that something has to be bugging him, and making him act that way. Upon questioning later he finally told us.

I guess there is a kid at school, that keeps calling him, please god excuse my language, calling him a "faggot" a "effing N*gg*r" And then this kid is going around calling his friends and family "Effing Jews" "Useless Jews" "Disgusting Jews" and they all should be dead.

Well if anyone knows my kid they know how sensitive he is, and he hates when someone does that not only to him but to others he loves or likes.

I had a talk with the school. I mean kids can find the "N" word anywhere, but to talk that kind of hate about a religion (which we aren't even jewish) that is a taught kind of hate, and a not right kind of thing.

So...that was the end of our week.

Gigantor did end up working today, to make life easier on a bunch of his coworkers that the boss was punishing because he wouldn't work. He came home and we were going out to do all we planned. When the "boss" tracked him down made him go back out for about an hour. We were in the dam suburban so ended up sitting and waiting for him.

Then we delivered some avon, went up to the fall festival and got funnel cakes, cotton candy for the kid, and cinnamon roasted pecans, cashews and almonds. We went a few more places delivering avon books, and were supposed to go to two grocery stores. But we were so dam tired and it was almost 5 in the evening, we scrubbed it and came home.

We ate one piece of chicken, we were to dam full from the funnel cakes. And we fell asleep on the couch. Now I'm up dinking around till I can get the kid to sleep. I guess we are going grocery shopping tomorrow. ugggghhhhh

Well I think I'm gonna go have a cup of hot tea and go to bed.

Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Theme

My post has no theme today, just thoughts, and little goings on.

I love that picture, to cute, looks like he ate a lemon.

Parent teacher conferences tomorrow, Gigantor took the day off. That will be good, get it all done and out of the way. Kiddo has a half day, then Conferences are 1 till 4 in the gym. They set up tables with the teachers names above them and you walk around and sit at each one and talk to them.

I did get a little sick, not as bad as Gigantor, but I had nausea and bad stomach cramps on Monday night and Tuesday day.

Gigantor almost came to blows with his supervisor. His supervisor called on the day he was sick, and said, well since you didn't come to work, you have to work the weekend. Gigantor got back on Tuesday and asked him why, he said because other people would have to many hours. So....Gigantor went and looked at who was scheduled for the weekend. Guess who it was??? Yup the supervisor, that is salary so it doesn't matter what hours he works.

Well Gigantor confronted him, it got down to how in almost 3 years, this is the 2nd sick day Gigantor has every taken, and in 3 years, Gigantor has never told the boss no on any weekend. Even if we have plans, he makes me change them and he works. Well not this time. We have lots of plans, and Gigantor only has two weeks left there. So...him and the supervisor were yelling at each other, and the supervisor said he didn't care about Gigantor's plans they could fucking wait. His exact words. Which triggered my gentle giants temper. Not a good thing. Not at all.

It came down to Gigantor backing down the supervisor, and everyone watching. The supervisor ran in the big bosses office. (whom Gigantor had already talked too) And came out, stomped over to Gigantor and told him some other guy was gonna work the weekend. hahahahaha I love that my honey finally stood up to him.

I understand why he didn't all the rest the time, I mean he has this amazing work ethic and will do almost anything you ask of him. But with only two weeks left he was tired of being taken advantage of. And the two things that made him really not back down. Is when the supervisor said "your plans can fucking wait" and he said "You won't have to work weekends in your new job so least you can do is work this one"

Ummm yeah that pissed a giant off. Considering that when hired my giant was told he would only have to work one weekend a month, and for almost three years we were lucky if he got even one weekend off a month.

Man we have been the house of burnt food lately.

That new oven/stove I got for my birthday, we had to learn that anything that cooks inside it has to be set 25 degree's higher and go for the cooktime. But stuff on the stove top have to be much lower and less time. Been taking us a while. Lots of burn grilled cheese and pancakes and stuff.

Then the new microwave, I guess they cook hotter, cuz I keep burning the popcorn, the pot pies, exploding hot dogs. Man....I hope I get them all figured out by Thanksgiving, cuz I love to cook for holidays, and I cook a ton, and not to be over braggy but I'm dam good at it. hahahah

Oh I guess last random thing, a while back I said I would give you the cheesey chicken recipe, and then I promply forgot. Well let me give it to you now, cuz it's easy.

Cheesey Chicken

boneless skinless chicken breast and or thighs
favorite seasoning
two cans cheddar cheese soup
one can broccoli cheese soup
one can milk
(fresh onion or broccoli if you want but not necessary)
Any kind of pasta

In a bowl mix the soups, seasonings, and milk, whisk well till blended. (add broccoli and onions if your doing that)
Put chicken in a baking dish, pour soup mixture over chicken. Cover and cook at 350 for at least 1 hour. If you uncover, make sure you put a cookie sheet under it cuz it will bubble over.
Make pasta, serve chicken and sauce over pasta.

There ya go, easy peasy, and my kid loves it too.

Okay I'm off to do god only knows what.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend of Massive Exhaustion

Oh my gosh we are exhausted this weekend. Friday, Kiddo had to be up to the high school at 4:30. His drum line was going to play in the football games half time. Gigantor went, and took video for me. It was 4:30 till 9, and I just can't do that much walking or standing.

Saturday, Gigantor got up at 7 and went outside and started working on that fence. Kiddo went out and helped him. About 8, Big J, (kiddo's friend) came over to help. And another friend of Gigantors came over for about an hour. At about noon Big J's dad came over and helped them. They got all the holes dug, and posts set in with cement.

When he hobbled in it was a bit after 4. He had been working non stop with just a 20 minute break for lunch.

I then reminded him we had to get our flu shots before the clinic closed, and he was supposed to go help with the V.F.W. thingie for an hour or so, and their thing was over at 5.

We ran up to the clinic, thought it wouldn't take long. Took till 4:55 to get our shots. We went zooming down to Walmart to help the V.F.W. And all we could really do is help them pack up, drive home and help unload.

We then delivered some avon stuff, forgot to get the mail, came home and realized it was after 7 and we hadn't had dinner yet. Made some dinner, and felt just so exhausted.

Gigantor and Kiddo got up about 7 again, but didn't go outside till 8. Big J and his dad said they would come over and help today, but they never showed.

Gigantor came in a couple times looking bad, said his breakfast was just sitting on the bottom of his stomach in a knot.

Him and Kiddo got all the cross slats up, just need to put the main slats on now. But they came in at about 4 again. I went to the back bathroom, and Kiddo ran back to tell me that "dad was throwing up"

Just fricken great. Whenever anyone gets sick like that in this house, I hose it down with lysol, make everyone wash hands a million times, don't let anyone touch each other, and I still get the crap. I throw up so violently it scares everyone, and I really really don't want to get it.

So...he says he feels a bit better, and we sit down to dinner. Kiddo and I had roast, and Gigantor had soup. About 1/3 of the way through his soup he pushed it away and fell asleep.

I left him to sleep, cuz he looked like it was what he needed, so I started thinking maybe he just got to exhausted and felt sick from it. But then he got up and he's been sick a few more times. So...ummm yeah I'm probably gonna get it. I'm really not happy.

I know he's pretty sick, because he called his boss to say he wasn't coming in tomorrow. Gigantor has done that once in over 2 years being there.

So...ummm yeah that is our weekend breakdown. Pray I don't get it, it's so scary. ahhhhhhhhhh

Okay have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Don't ya just love cute, fuzzy, fluffy bunny butts??? hehehehehe

That is my dad's pet name for my son. Bunny Butt. lol

Okay gonna talk about my dog today. I didn't post about this earlier, it happened back when I was sick a few weeks ago.

We had a little issue with my pointer mix. My 13 year old dog. My old man.

Buster, he has had two surgeries on his back legs, so walks very stiff, he's losing teeth, he's going blind, and his ummm what's it called? The flap that closes off his air way or esophagus, well that flap isn't closing all the way anymore. So...he aspirates water sometimes, and we have to beat his lungs, and it makes him short of breath so he pants alot, and does get over heated easy. But as long as he's not in pain and can eat and walk, then he is gonna stick around. Yes we have to give him lots of meds, pain meds and joint meds.

Anyhow...back when I was getting over being sick. I was sitting on the couch in here in the living room. I heard Buster get up in the bedroom. Heard his collar, and him shake his head. Then I heard FWUMP. I thought to myself that one of the baskets of laundry fell over. (I had about 6 piled up in a pile in there, haven't folded since I was sick)

I wait for a minute or two and didn't hear the dog. I called him, didn't hear him. I thought, man maybe the basket fell over and trapped him in there, but I should hear him moving around.

I hollared "BUSTER YOU OKAY??" And I lean forward. I see my dog, collapsed, on his side, he had pee'd all over, and wasn't moving.

I thought he had fricken dropped dead. I get massive adrenaline rush and I look closer and see his side moving up and down, but he is not.

I call Gigantor screaming at him to get home, the dog collapsed and peed all over himself. I'm no where near strong enough to lift this dog, and with my leg/health issues, I couldn't even get on my knees by him.

But I go rushing in there anyway, calling his name. He lifts his head, rather confused, and looks at me like "what??" I go. "omg are you okay baby??" I asked him if he could get up, and he still looks confused. He finally stood up, walked into the living room and layed down on the dog bed in there. I follow him, crying. Cuz it upset me so bad.

Gigantor gets home like 5 seconds later, and Buster gets up and greets him, and walks outside for a few, then back inside.

I was so upset, and confused for a minute. All we could figure out was he had either a heart attack or a seizure. We thought stroke, but the heart attack or seizure would make him pee all over like that.

It was a weekend. Gigantor wanted to call the vet, which this vet here (the only one) Charges so much it would have been an almost 200 dollar emergency call.

I said, no he looks okay and all the vet will say is to keep an eye on him. So...on Monday I called them anyway and asked them about it. They said with his breathing problems, he probably got over heated or not enough oxygen and did have a seizure. And yes, all they told me was to keep an eye on him. They said he would start having more, and eventually it probably wouldn't be the pain in his legs, but his breathing problems, and or his seizures that will finally do him in.

Man I was so scared people, but my big old man hasn't had any problems since. We have been lucky.

If you all have an old doggers, or heck even a young one, or even any pet. Give them an extra I love ya pet from us today.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally cooling down some.

Hahahaha I have that same thought once in a while. "Stoopid Gravity" hahahaha

It was a busy but not weekend.

Friday night my sister in law and niece had a candle/uppercase living party. We went down there. Gigantor stayed out in the taxidermy shop with the brother in law, and Kiddo played with his cousins. I bought some embellishments from uppercase living. I'm gonna recycle. After I burn one of those candles, I've been cleaning the candle jar real good. Then I'm gonna put one of the "sticker" things on them, and load them with candy or other goodies, and put ribbon on them and give them away for Christmas. hehehehe

I did buy 3 small candles. I will probably have my own party in mid November. That way I can get some free stuffs.

Saturday I was sleeping in cuz Gigantor had to work. Captain Daddy called said he was coming over, so I got up. Gigantor got home, and we were gonna do stuff with captain daddy till the matinee at 4. He got mad we decided to go to the movies (don't ask, if my mom or dad isn't misserable or pissed they aren't happy) So he left. We watched a couple programs then went to the matinee. Saw Igor. It was cute, I could have waited for the dvd, but the boys enjoyed it (Kiddo and his cousin) And we hadn't been to the movie in over three months.

Sunday I tried sleeping in again. Gigantor went to work then came home and got a list and went to walmart. I was sleeping. And fricken Captain Daddy showed up again. So...I got up.

Gigantor came home and we got some lunch, then he went and helped my uncle load some furniture. They unloaded a freezer and he gave us the food. It was 2 bags of frozen veggies. 2 bags of chicken nuggets and fish sticks, one box of eggo's, couple things of fish, and about 20 bags of either frozen blueberries, cherries, strawberries, or blackberries. Gigantor didn't know what to do with it, I told him I would figure something out, wasn't gonna let it go to waste.

He got home and 3, and I was upset, because the rat dog kept getting out of the dam yard, and we couldn't figure out where. When he got home, he walked around the back and found out the neighbors fence, about 40 feet of it was blown down.

This is the fence we were gonna replace, they bought the material, well most of it, and we would do the work. Gigantor had been putting skirting on, and in the next couple weeks was going to make a temp fence so the dogs had small yard, then tear down there fence and put the new one up. we had no choice. So..him and Kiddo and Kiddo's friend Big J went out and got the temp fence put up and things squared away. Gigantor says he's gonna get the old fence torn down in the evenings after work, then he can just work on the new one over the weekend.

Now it's Monday and I need to go pay bills, but I'm gonna go read blogs first.

Have a good Monday everyone. Maybe I will post my cheesey chicken recipe later (had that for dinner last night)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ode to a Microwave

Hahhahahaha Orange is contajus. lmaoooooooooooo dear loyal microwave, how we will miss you. You have served us good for 16 years. You cost over 400 dollars when my grandfather got you for us before our wedding. And now, models bigger than you cost only 150. hahahaha

You were dirty more than clean yet you never complained. You became the much needed shelf for "crap in general" that we needed in the kitchen.

And you always heated our food just right.

Please don't take it personal when Gigantor cussed you out when you died. Just because it was in the middle of making his pot pie for lunch. A pot pie we couldn't cook in the over cuz it would have taken over 30 minutes in there. And please don't feel bad when he called you a "heavy bitch" when he threw you in the trash.

May you enjoy eternity in microwave heaven.

hahahahahaha Yup our microwave died yesterday.

Not like most our appliances--which when they die usually go out very dramatic, with sparks and loud noises and sometimes explosions. No, it just dinged and died.

We were lucky though, because they opened a sears appliance store here. Where as sears was probably a bit more expensive than Walmart, I'm broke and I have a sears card, so they got our business. hahahahah

My sister tried telling us to wait till Christmas. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We have became a very dependant family on the microwave. I was not going to wait for that long. Plus I don't know how I could live with a 12 year old without one. hahahahaha

Okay that was my exciting day yesterday.

Hope you all have a great Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WTF are you Effin kidding me???

Okay I thought having a WTF picture would be good with today's post.

Monday night I had to do a big What the fuck are you fucking kidding me?? To the t.v.

When we go to bed I usually flick through the channels once as my pills kick in then I go to sleep. Monday night Gigantor got in the shower late, so I was flicking through the channels waiting for him.

I get on one of the 5 gazillion espn channels, and I see something.

Something that makes me hollar WTF!!!! Then saying, well it's a spoof, it has to be. And watching in horror as I find out not only is it not a spoof, but it is DAM REAL!!!

And there are idiots on the crowd, and two sweaty competitors, and a fricken referee, and OMG COMMENTATORS THAT ARE TRYING TO SOUND SERIOUS!!!!


Wanna know what it was I found????

I mean hopscotch is more of a major sport than this is!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

okay wanna know??? do you????

It was.....IT WAS!!!!!


what is rps you say???

RPS IS!!!!!!!!!!

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is just something that really irks the hell out of me. I might not be major athletic, but come one!!! How can you call that a sport???

Okay well have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Mondays are Blechie!!

Yup, Mondays are Blechie!! I would rather it still be the weekend. hahaha Wouldn't we all??

We were like steady busy this weekend, but we didn't kill ourselves like some weekends. Need to let my man have some down time. He works so dang hard.

We got our new cell phones in on Friday. I've been texting away. hahahaha If you all want to text me or a text from me, let me know. I'm getting good at this crap.

Saturday I slept in a tiny bit, and Gigantor got up and ran the vacuum, then played Diablo expansion set. hahahahah we all have been dinking with that.

I got up and we did gobs of laundry and dishes. Watched a show we recorded. Then Gigantor and Kiddo went outside, finished putting the finishing touches on the skirting on this side of the house, and filling it all in with the mounds of dirt we have in the yard.

We ate some dinner and watched Iron Man!!!

Sunday I slept in a bit while the boys did more Diablo. We cleaned the bird cage, straightened the living room, and Gigantor did some repair work in the bathroom that has been needing done. Last night we watched Witless Protection. I missed the end cuz someone came by for avon and we had to get it finished so Kiddo could go to bed.

Oh get this. My rat dog, Foxy, well she loves to climb under the covers with me. I will only let her under the comforter cuz I don't want sand and hair in the sheets. But her favorite time of the day is when Gigantor gets up and when he leaves he comes in to say goodbye to me, and holds the cover up so she squirts in next to me and sleeps. She will sleep for hours that way if I would stay in bed.

She doesn't want in with both of us, just with me.

So...on the weekend, Gigantor is trying to sleep in a bit. And by 6 in the morning, she has decided it's time for him to move. So she gets up and starts bouncing on him. So...I put her under the cover, and she gets mad, and squirts out the bottom. Just to come back 15 minutes later and lay on his chest making little moanie/growlie noises. Basicly telling him to move he's in her spot.

She actually sucessfully kicked him out of bed by 7 on Saturday, and she was so happy to be sleeping with me. On Sunday I wouldn't let her do it, so I put her under with both of us and kept my hand on her for a few, and she snuggled up to me. She let Gigantor still sleep in bed as long as he didn't try to snuggle. lmao

She has never done that before. We were laughing so dang hard about it this weekend.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a good weekend.

and have a great Monday. hahahahaha

Friday, October 03, 2008

Stupid ass blogger

OMG blogger is pissing me off. It won't let me comment half the time then took two days to let me get a post up. grrrrr

On another note, that picture cracks me the hell up. hahahahaha

Not much to report, been rather boring around here.

My floor is covered in bird seed. Apparently there was a hole in the trash bag and Gigantor set it on my computer chair, and it went all over the chair and the floor. He didn't clean it up, but put the vacuum out and asked the kid too. Kiddo vacuumed the chair, but it's all over the floor. I refuse to vacuum it, gonna make the stupid stoooopid man. hahahaha

Kiddo has been walking to school with his friend across the street, and walking home. A couple times walking home the friend couldn't be found so kiddo did it by himself, but he has walked to school by himself for the first time yesterday. I was proud of him. I know seems stupid, but it's a big event for us.

Gigantor and I are getting new cell phones, should be in today, getting a new plan too, so I can fricken text without charge every time. I will be able to text any verizon customer for free, and 500 other texts a month. I've been wanting to for a long time, but now I'm getting a cool ass phone with a keyboard and all.

Well like I said I'm pretty boring today, so I'm gonna go heat up some lunch. I have some left over green beans. hehehehe We make a huge pot of them when they are fresh, yummmmmm

Have a good Friday and or weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lookie what I did

Check out what I did. I went to a party last weekend. One with the lady that sells those decals, and she had a craft for people to do. She had glass blocks, decals, lights and ribbon, and we made this block. Then we got to bring it home. whoooohoooo

Gigantor says that's all I need is more decorations. hahahaha Seeing as I decorate out the bum for each holiday.

But he has conveniently lost one box of my Halloween decorations. I can't find them, and he says neither can he. Guess what he's gonna be doing each evening?? Yup, going through the shed. hahahahah

I don't think there is enough coffee in the world today. I took a pain pill last night, which they make me very very tired. And the dogs, the cat, the husband kept waking me up. I have the worst headache. Oh well, I'm sure it will go away soon enough. hehehehe

Well this is short today, I have to go put in some orders on some stuff while the guys aren't here. Yup I'm already in the throws of Christmas shopping. I don't have money to wait till last minute, so I have to try and get some stuff here and there.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!