Monday, July 24, 2006


That's right, I growled. Hear me roar *rar* What a week we have had. uggghhh Just gotta roll with the punches though.

Our phone was a piece of crap, the 6 and 2 button barely worked and it would not keep a charge, so about a week ago we went and bought a new one. would start shutting off in mid calls. Just hanging up on people, and sometimes I couldn't get it to work. No dial tone, nothing. So...we go replace the phone, and guess what?? No dial tone, nothing. So Gigantor goes out and plugs the phone into the main box behind our house. Nope, nothing there either. Just fricken great. About a year ago it went out. And the entire line up to the main pole (4 houses away) and their little box on that pole were out. On Friday Gigantor went up to the phone company place and nobody was there but the door was unlocked so he left a note on their computer screen. Nobody bothered to contact us. So...we had to call the 800 number and couldn't get it fixed till this week. We asked why the note was ignored. And we were told that that place is supposed to be locked at all times, cuz it's only a substation. Well...they got in big trouble it was unlocked and nobody there. But you know what if they would have answered the dam note, nobody would have known. hehehehe

So...the guy is out today, doing work from main pole to my box, back and forth. Seeing as it's noon and we were promised they would be here at 8. I guess I'm just lucky they showed up the same day.

I got what I thought was a UTI last week, and the over the counter stuff. Well..I had a reaction to it. I was sicker than a dog. Then after I felt a little better. Kiddo got real sick for a couple days. uggghhh

Gigantor had to work this weekend. Not that big of a deal. But it ended up pissing me off, and us getting in a fight. I was promised he would be home between 9 and 10 saturday morning, (he goes in at 5) So...10 comes and goes, 11 comes and goes. No big deal, I thought he was just a little late. 12 comes and goes, I still wasn't angry yet. By 12:30 I was getting ticked that I hadn't even got a phone call. He came home a little after 1. No phone call or nothing. He had promised Kiddo he was gonna do a bunch of stuff with him, and he broke that promise without so much as a courtesy of a phone call. I understand having to work late, really I do. But when you promise people things, at least have enough fricken courtesy to call and explain why it isn't gonna happen. So...he had to walk on eggs the rest of the day, and hussle his butt to help get everything done he promised. I was not letting him out of a dam thing. I would have if he called, but dam.

So Sunday he had to work also, he says it's alot faster than Saturday, and he promises again that he will be home between 9 and 10. I told him I didn't believe him, cuz his concept of time is all fucked up. (this goes back for 14 years so don't think I'm just bitching about his misconstrued time on one day) So...Sunday. 10 comes and goes, 11 comes and goes. He got home about 11:30. But I let it slide, because he did try to call, but since we don't have a phone working it was the cell phone and he forgot to turn it off of silent when we came out of the movie the night before. So..when I looked there were 6 missed calls. He did try to call. He was off the hook for Sunday.

Well I'm gonna go make faces at the phone guy. Hope you all have a great Monday!!!

P.S. sorry this turned out to be a very boring post. You can wake up now and go read another blog. hehehe

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Humor in my House

Okay my mother in law is funny. Yes funny weird, but I mean funny ha ha this time.

She has been here for two and a half weeks. She stayed with us for a few days. She had kicked the renters out of their old house. And has been working on it. It looks as if she and the father in law may move back. At least in the winters. (they live in New Mexico) It's not a bad thing if they do. Seeing as most of Gigantor's sisters have moved away. They were the evil spawn creating all the problems with parents, and other of the siblings. It was horrid. Just sickening. But 4 of the 5 are moved away, and we have nothing to do with the 5th. And none of them keep in contact with us and we are fine with that. Anyhow. I'm getting off subject. mother in law has been here. And she has done a few things for me, since my back was out. She totally cleaned my kitchen. It looked so nice. And she did an amazing vacuum job. Got all the edges, and furniture. Well...the other day she was doing her laundry over here.

Well..She started to clean up the kitchen again. I was sitting at the table talking to her and doing avon stuff. I was watching her, sorta, out the corner of my eye. She was removing stuff off the counters and scrubbing them, and then doing the few dishes in the sink. Some bowls, glasses, and silverware. I vaguely remember her putting a box back under the sink. A box???

I smelled this familiar smell, but couldn't place it. It wasn't dish soap, it wasn't soft scrub, it wasn't the greased lightning. I just couldn't place it. So...she does those dished and dries them and puts them away. I don't think anything of it, and I go about my work.

After she left. I got thinking about it. And then I remembered I seen her put a box back under the sink. I go open the cabinet, and look in. There is a giant yellow arm and hammer box. But the giant yellow arm and hammer box is NOT baking soda. Which I think the mother in law thought it was. In fact, the giant yellow arm in hammer box, is indeed a big giant box of...dun dun dun.....Arm and Hammer Pet Fresh carpet deodorizer.

Then it hits me. OMG OMG OMG my mother in law just washed all my dishes and counters with carpet deodorizer!!!!!!!!!!!!! People were trying to eat off those dishes. I had to go in the cupboards and grab out all the dishes, not remembering how many it was, and re wash them and the counters.

She was trying to be so helpful...hehee and I had to re do the stuff...hehehe Ya just gotta laugh at that.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Dragon in the Stall

Green for Dragons. hehehehe

As most of you know Gigantor walks and talks in his sleep. Not near as bad as when he was a little boy. But still on a monthly basis. Weekly if he's really tired. Well.....Kiddo inherited it. Neither of them are violent. Pretty entertaining actually. I've made sure the doors are locked up good. Cuz I don't want them wandering out. Just one of those things you have to learn to live with.

Well...last night, kiddo had been in bed for about 3 hours. 2 of which he wasn't asleep, cuz he was complaining of a stomach ache. I told him if he went to sleep I bet it would settle his tummy. I get sick to my stomach if I'm over tired.

Anywhoooo. Gigantor and I are in the bedroom watching Untold Stories of the E.R. Watching this guy with an ice pick shoved in his ear to the hilt. Saying he put it there himself to stop the voices of the demons. And if he took it out the demons would get out, and he couldn't let the demons out at home or they would posses his children. So he had had it in his ear for 5 days before going to the e.r. He finally decided it was fine for demons to be loose in he hospital.

And while we are watching this with mouths agape, we hear dad, Dad, DaD, DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, just this massive screaming. I shout OMG He's screaming. Gigantor went running, slamming off of walls. Kiddo's room is at the complete other end of our house than our room. Gigantor goes skidding into his room, and this is the conversation.

K--I just wanted you to see it.
G--(realizing he's still asleep) see what bud?
K--The dragon (whispering and pointing)
G--Oh yeah?
K--see, he's roaming around eating hay.
K--Isn't he pretty
G--That is so awesome buddy
G--Is he here in your room bud??
K--*mumble mumble moan, smile*

Gigantor comes back in the bedroom smiling/laughing and going awwww. And tells me the story.

Okay I know, it's funny, but it's to dam cute too.

Only thing I don't like about this sleep walking thing. Well two things actually.

1. when he screams like that in the middle of the night we have a heart attack till we realize that some psycho isn't in the house chopping him to bits.

2. When he sneaks in the bedroom and puts his face within a 1/2 inch of yours and goes MOM. And you jump awake to face in your face. Your first reaction is to smack it. LOL

Okay Happy Thursday everyone.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Blue cuz it's Kiddo's favorite color, and since the humor in this post is at his expense. I'll make it blue for him.

You all remember "THE TALK" right??? The one where you wanna finally find out all about where babies come from??? My mother never gave me that talk, I had to find out from t.v. and friends...but I digress.

Anywhoo....I have been skirting around having this talk with the Kiddo. Basically cuz I DON'T WANNA (insert whinie voice here) Kiddo has known for a long time that babies come from mommies tummies. Hell he watches animal planet, I thought he would just "get it" ya know.

Other night after he was in bed, he comes out, and goes. "Mom, dad, I know babies come from mothers stomachs, but how do they get in there???" I choke/snorted and sorta screamed in a panic "YOUR FATHER WILL EXPLAIN IT" At which point Gigantor gave me the "deer caught in the headlights" look. He told Kiddo he would explain it on another day cuz it was way past his bedtime.

Kiddo goes to bed, and I sorta punch Gigantor in the arm and tell him "Nice way trying to get out of it butthead." Good part about that is, that he was so shocked still he didn't realize that I had just completely pawned it off on him. hehehehee

So Gigantor just informes me last night that a couple days after that he went and had "THE TALK" with kiddo. Gigantor being an E.M.T. wanted to be thorough. He also wanted to make sure he explained everything so that Kiddo would get all the information and be able to deal with is.

Gigantor tells me that he is going into some major detail actually. And Kiddo keeps looking at him confused, then trying to walk away. He has to keep making him come back, as he continues to explain. After "THE TALK" Gigantor asks kiddo if he has any questions. And Kiddo is like ""

Now flash to the next morning. Kiddo is watching the cartoon Ed, Edd, and Eddy. And one of the boys goldfish has babies. And the boy is running around announcing the babies. Well....Kiddo spins around, with this stormy accusing look right at Gigantor, and screams. "SHEESH DAD, I ASKED THAT QUESTION BECAUSE I SEEN THIS CARTOON THE OTHER DAY, AND WANTED TO KNOW WHERE THE GOLDFISH BABIES CAME FROM ON HERE. I DIDN'T WANT ALL YOUR GROSS EXPLANATION OF STUFF WITH MOMS!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gigantor's jaw dropped and I ran into the other room horking coffee out of my nose, cuz I was laughing so hard. hehehehe

I guess what I'm trying to say, is if you have kids, make sure they are really ready and wanting "THE TALK" before forcing it on them and causing them to need therapy for the rest of their lives. hehehehehe

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Shenanigans

Just sitting here relaxing on a Saturday. The hub unit is still out doing the grocery shopping (he said he would since my back) He had seemed to be doing much better last night and most of today, as far as male specimens go. But of course he had to drop in for a little while and ruin the whole thing. ugggggggg you men.

The kiddo is good, he went to the library, then up to the mom in laws old house to mess around a while.

The mom in law is starting drive me crazy. She came back to kick out her renters, and to get the house in some sorta shape so she can put it on the market. For some reason she keeps wanting us to go over all the dam time. For what I say??? I'm not into just sitting there on a bench in one room (cuz there are no chairs) while she is off cleaning in another room (and me having to sit and not clean cuz of the dam back issue) I'm sure it's cuz she wants Gigantor to help her with a bunch of stuff. But....dammit, then just ask him to go over so he can get the shit done, and come home. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

She decided we should all have a bbq over at her place, cuz a sister and her husband that doesn't even talk to Gigantor are in town. I didn't want to. They want to leave by noon tomorrow, so said the only way they would do anything with us, is if "mom" took everyone to breakfast. And she told them we would go. Which she then told Gigantor who told me. Which pissed me off. Ask me, don't tell me. And they don't want to see their brother any way so why the fuck should we go.

Then she also decided she was gonna still do the bbq tomorrow night with a niece and her husband and us. Again she told us.
1. Sundays are our relax day, to veg
2. Kiddo is bored to tears over there, and so am I
3. If these people wanted to interact with Gigantor they would on other occasions.
4. mom in law does everything late, say we ask for bbq at 5. We will get there, then she will decide that 5 is the time to run to the store to buy everything for bbq. We end up eating between 9 and 10.
5. Gigantor is a major bitch when he doesn't get his Sunday evening veg/relax/decompose for the following week of work.
6. When Gigantor is a major bitch, I'm a mega bitch!!!!

But you know what??? I'm gonna drag his dumb ass up there, and make him work his ass off all the following week. Because. BECAUSE!!!! he came in the house yelling about it and told me to tell his mom when she called that Tuesday would be better not tomorrow, and I said, "No you should have told her up there" He says "I didn't think about it" I said "Bullshit, you didn't want to confront her" He says, "I'm not telling her, just tell her when she calls."
I said "NO YOU FUCKTARD IT'S YOUR DAM MOTHER, PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTIES ON AND DEAL WITH THE SHIT!!!" So...he's gone finishing the shopping, and I hope he's irritable. hehehehehee

Okay usually I don't wish ill on my husband. I love him so very much. But his family has always been a major issue with us. Basically because almost all of them hate me, and have told me to my face that they can't love or like my son because he is mine. So...I could care less who's feeling are upset, or who's panties are in a bunch, as long as they leave me alone. But Gigantor, has been afraid of them for all his life (youngest of 9, in a bad home) That he still bows down. I have decided it's not my job to help him in this anymore, he has to help himself. 13 years, I'm not gonna baby him anymore. Call it mean, call it heartless, I call it tough love.

I'm off to play with the Kiddo, he's in a giggley mood, and he's a funny little dorkster. hehehehe

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not as Bad

Well yesterday wasn't near as bad as I thought it was gonna be, so that is good.

I got up and hobbled out to the car, and took Kiddo, Captain Daddy, and the mom in law to the parade. I got there early enough that I got one of the two only benches along main street. whooohoooo go me!!!!

After the parade, we came home and did lunch, and vegged for a while till Gigantor got home. Then we went and bought some chicken and tater salad and mac salad. I told Gigantor to pick up cup cakes or a cake, (I didn't have time or back to make one) Cuz I still wanted to celebrate the day with that. Of course Mr. Shit for Brains, didn't get either.

We then drove down to the motels around the golf course (where the fire works are lit off) and some had parking for 15 dollars, some for 7. We found one had parking for 4 dollars. Then Gigantor decided to drive down to the golf course, and we asked the people there if we could park. They club owners said "of course, set your chairs and tables up on the green, we just ask no alcohol unless you buy it from us" (they do have to make money I guess) So...we back into the best spot around, and walk down to the green. Set up our table, and chairs, and get ready to eat. And Mr. Shit for Brains strikes again. He forgot the bag with the plates and silverware and napkins in it. The bag that I handed him on the way out the door. The bag that he had been forgetting and I/me/myself, personally put it in his stupid ass hand (cuz I needed both hands for cane and stuff down the stairs) Well...Mr. Shit for Brains, just up and put the sack down on the back of the couch for no apparent reason, and came out to the suburban. I asked him if he had everything, he said yes. I asked particularly about the sack (cuz of his shit he was pulling earlier) and he said yes. Then we get there and the asshat doesn't have the sack. So...we had to walk some chairs back up to hold the parking place while he drove home to get it.

So...we eat later than we wanted, and all of us were way hungry. Then of course we couldn't have desert....(asscheese man) So we are drinking our soda's and watching kids rolling down the hills at the golf course. Kiddo did his few rolls, and mom in law rolled with him. Then a couple ladies were walking through the crowds selling the light stick necklace thingies, so we bought a couple for Kiddo. And him and Gigantor played frisbee with them in the dying light. Killed time till the 9:30 time on the clock before the stupid city decided it was probably dark enough to do fireworks. It was a nice show. Nice with Captain daddy, and mom in law there. Of course Mr. Shit for Brains slept through the fireworks.

Sometimes I just take a deep *sigh* at putting up with him.

On a side note, my back is doing better after Monday's appointment. Little better each day. Now it only hurts when I try to stand up and when I walk (but it kills) I have an appointment tomorrow. Wish me luck to maybe get it taken care of.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Hating the 4th

No I'm not hating the 4th because I'm anti american. I'm hating the 4th, because that is/was my mom's birthday. We always did a huge celebration the entire day for her birthday. We would get up and take her to the parade, and have breakfast while watching. We would take her to all the festivities at the park, get some navajo taco's or something for lunch. Then we would go home and cool down. Maybe go to the store or watch a movie. Then every year, mom wanted KFC and their cole slaw. She loved KFC cole slaw. So I would buy a meal, and make a cake, and we would go park to watch fire works, and have dinner and sing happy birthday and have cake.

But this year the 4th is bothering me. I don't want to play. I would rather stay in bed all day. I am missing her something horrible. Of course, since I am a mom, and want my son to enjoy the 4th, I will not stay in bed. I will suck it up and put on a happy face, even if I don't feel that way. And I will just cry later on my own.

Okay enough of that. uggghhhh My back is actually a little better, and not because I let it rest. No, it was getting much much worse on Friday and Saturday. By Sunday I had been crying from the pain. If any of you know me. I do NOT cry when I'm in pain unless it's dire dire dire pain. So...we called the chiropractor, and he actually did a house call yesterday. Thank god. He got my mid back to stop hurting completely, and actually got it so where I could move a little better. I'm still using my cane, but it's not near as bad as it was. I go in again this afternoon. Wish me luck, and lets hope it takes good care of it today.

I found this fun little quiz thing over at Miranda's blog. So...I'm gonna do that, and if you would like to, feel free. It was a little different, so that is cool.

#1. The book nearest me, page 18 line 4.........Mummies Made in Egypt-Aliki (kiddo's book we are reading) Fluids from the corpse dripped into a container as the body dried out.

#2. Stretch out left arm, what do you touch.....The couch, my cane and my monkey butt pillow

#3. Last thing watched on Television....Animal Cops--Houston

#4. Without looking, what time is it....10:20a.m.

#5. What actual time is it....10:41 a.m.

#6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear.....the t.v. on animal planet, kiddo playing medal of honor in the other room, and the parakeets singing.

#7. When did you last step outside....Thursday, to go to the doctor, not since, because I couldn't move.

#8. Before this survey what did you look breakfast and my e-mail. heheheh

#9. What are you wearing..... an off purple color pants, sage green sleevless shirt, multi color watch, and curves tennies.

#10. Did you dream last night....Of course, I dream every night. I think I dreamt of being on a island, and living in a cave. hehehe

#11. When did you last laugh....last night watching a comedy

#12. What is on the walls in the room..... besides dust??? hmmmm I have some shelves with dragon figurines hung up, and some unicorn and dragon pictures. A coat rack and a hat holder, and Gigantors Billy Big Mouth Bass above the door.

#13. Seen anything weird lately....Come on, we are talking about me and my family, when don't I see anything weird? hehehe

#14. What do you think of this quiz....It's cool cuz it's not the usual thing.

#15. What is the last film you the theater, X-men 3 here at home we watched Big mamma's house 2 and 40 year old virgin.

#16. If you became a multi millionaire what would you buy....I would pay families homes and cars off. Then buy us a big ranch with a little pond lake on it, and a boat. (all the animals that go on a ranch)

#17. Tell me something we don't know....I have a pretty big gap between my two front upper teeth.

#18. If you could change one thing about the world what would you do....Lots of people said to feed the hungry. I don't think that is what I would do. I think I would take away all hate. Hate of animals, hate of other people, hate of self. Take away absolutely all the hate. It's time for people to get the fuck over themselves.

#19. Do you like to dance....I used to love it. Did alot of country dancing 2-stepping and what not. But the only time Gigantor will dance with me is if he's drunk, and he used to go out all the time dancing. So...I refuse to dance with him unless he's sober, so we never go dancing.

#20. George Bush....One--I think he was better than the other evils that could have been. Two--weather I like him or not, he was voted in, so GET THE FUCK OVER IT PEOPLE!!!! (if you love america, you'll respect the choices that we fought so hard to be able to make)

#21. Imagine your first child is a girl.....she would be nekkid then cuz I have all boy stuff. h ehehe

#22. Imagine your first child is a boy....already there.

#23. Would you consider living abroad....I wouldn't mind Australia. Gigantor lived in Italy and loved it.

#24. What will God say to you when you reach the pearly gates....Nothing, he's just gonna double over in laughter, and point. Maybe do a little "neiner neiner neiner" heheheh

#25. 3 people who will do this quiz....I dunno. if ya wanna, then do it.

Even though I'm irritable about the 4th. I really hope you all have a great one. Please stay safe, don't drink and drive and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!