Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jury Duty

Well Gigantor got home from his excursion at about 3:30 yesterday. He does not have to go back, they didn't want him as a juror. hehehehee He's got the military mentality that people are guilty till proven innocent. It was an attempted murder case.

Thank you all for saying that it's the law his employer have to pay him for being gone. That's what I thought. But upon looking it up on the internet, and him getting a juror's handbook. There is NO FEDERAL MANDATE that requires an employer to pay their employee for jury duty. So instead my husband gets sent a check from the government for 40 bucks for going all the way down there. Yeah that will make ends meet. hehehehe

I think what really pissed me off, is his boss said he would pay him, then the day before jury duty, he "changed his mind" I think he looked it up online and found out that he didn't have to.

Gigantor did end up getting a ticket, but not for speeding. This town has absolutely no parking capabilities. And he got a 17 dollar parking ticket. The court said they would take care of parking tickets, as alot of people were going to be getting them. What the hell??? Why not just build a multi level parking garage in some of those empty lots they have sitting around on those two big streets. grrrrrrrrrrrrr So...anyway, that 17 dollar ticket may come back and bite us in the ass later, if the court didn't get it taken care of.

We have a double header of football tonight. He's got two games back to back. I'll be packing the blanket and hot cocoa, let me tell ya. It's been down in it's 20's at night here. Tomorrow we have the Fire Dept Christmas party. It's a pot luck. I usually go out of my way and make something nice, and this year, I'm not playing. hehehehee I'm making a big pot of baked beans of all things. Crock pot that is. And no I'm not using much effort. 3 cans bushes baked beans, one package of bacon cut into 1/2 inch pieces and cooked, one onion diced and a little brown sugar, let it sit in the crock pot all day. WaaaaLaaaa instant baked beans. hehehehehe

Well I'm gonna go back to my Avon-Slimwell shake. Their vanilla shakes are so gross when you mix them up, the smell is so bad, and the taste. *gag* that it's hard to drink them, so I made up the vanilla shake and threw 4 fresh strawberries in the blender, now it's not so bad.

I know I'm as boring as a rock today. Sorry about that.

Happy Hump Day everyone

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Husband not the sharpest tool in the shed. I swear to God I love him, but he ain't the fluffiest Q-tip in the box people.

About a month ago, he got a notice that he could be called up for Jury duty. And our closest court to have "jury duty" is 2 1/2 hours away. That's going 5 miles over the speed limit and only running into one of the two places along the way to pee. When he got that notice he could have written them and told them he is his job's only "on site emt" and he works for the fire dept. He would have been excused. But nOOoOOoOo the dork ass, just sat on the dam letter, until they summoned him. Then....oh God then.... when he gets the summons, I tell him to call up and tell them all that anyway, and see what they say. Well he calls them, but fuck!!!! He doesn't even mention the fire dept or being an emt, and they start yelling at him that he has to show up. I swear to god, what little brain he had wasn't even turned on for the past few months!!!!

So anyhow, then he talks to his boss, who says he would pay him for today, then yesterday said he changed his mind and isn't going to pay him. WTF????????? I need to check and see if it's the law that his employer pay him. I hate his employer, he's so unamerican and un christian, and a total major MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!

So this morning, Jury Duty day. We figure Gigantor needs to leave about 6. It says he should be there by 9:30, but to come early, cuz there isn't enough parking so you will have to park a ways away and walk. So...if he leaves by 6 then he would hit the outskirts of Flag by 8:30 (save there is not construction along the way) then he can drive all the way through the town to where the court house is by 9 and get inside in time. smart as dung husband, gets up at 5, then piss farts around till 6:30. So...I yell at him for going to be late, and that he will get fined for contempt of court. And he goes. I'll make it still, barely but I'll make it. grrrrrrrrrrrrr Around 7:10 he walks back in the fucking house!!!! He forgot all the paperwork they said he had to take with him!!!! OMG you dumb as fuck tard!!!! (that's what I wanted to scream) People I am sure there is NO WAY he will make it in time. So....we are either facing a contempt of court charge, or he is gonna speed and get a ticket, or both, and then I'm gonna be one raging demon BITCH!!!!!!!

Okay I'm so riled up, I may just go load the gun and visit his fuckity fuck fuck fuck of a boss.

Later Gators!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's all Over Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!

How can my long Thanksgiving weekend be all over all ready???? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want 5 more days off, then another 5 and so on and so forth.

I told you all what happened on Wed. Well Thurs. We cooked our tooshies off. We had a turkey, stuffing, candied yams, fresh rolls, poofoo salad, carrot raisin salad, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, two kinds of gravy, and a veggie tray with dips, and of course "kids wine" as kiddo calls it (sparkling apple cider).

We had the taekwondo master and his wife over for dinner, and they brought a fruit salad big enough to feed a small nation. Couple interesting things. His wife had never in her life tried deviled eggs. And she was so in love she must have eaten like 12. (I boil 2 dozen eggs, so that makes 4 dozen deviled eggs, and I had maybe 10 left over after dinner) She also adores candied yams, and had never had them before like that. She ate 2/3 of a pan that was 9 by 12 (big pan)

So....we all ate leftovers till tonight. We have polished off all the leftovers except the carrot raisin salad which I usually finish in a couple extra days. hehehehe

Friday, we worked on cleaning out the middle bedroom (the one my dad will stay in over Christmas) and we got a few Christmas decorations up.

Saturday, we got up and went to Walmart. I got all of kiddo's and my daddy's Christmas done. All I have to finish is a couple things for Gigantor, but me and kiddo will go back next week and do that. We came home and put up a few more decorations. Gigantor took kiddo out coyote hunting, and I caught a nap on the couch. heheheheh When they came home, my Avon order had come in, so I unloaded that, and we watched some t.v. during dinner.

Today, I got up and wrote up my Avon, while Gigantor put up the tree and put lights and garland on it. We had lunch, and I sacked up all my Avon, and got some stuff ready to mail (keep an eye out mom that's nuts for your books) Then we all finished putting the decorations on the tree. Now I just have to do a little fine tuning on the decorations around the house and we are decorated for Christmas. hehehehee

But let me tell ya, I want more days off. I am not looking forward to getting up early again. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day Eve

Wow I was finally able to get online after a day of hard labor. hehehehe

I was busy all day, and reflecting on how thankful I should be. I got woken up before 8 by the phone, I remembered to be thankful. As I put on my sock and it had a whole in the toe bigger than the one I put my foot through to put it on. I remembered to be thankful. As I almost broke my computer (don't ask) I was thankful. As I mixed and baked 5, count them 5 pumpkin pies. I was thankful. As I pulled out the cookie sheet with the first two pies on it, and went to move the pies from the cookie sheet to the trivets, and I burned the skin off my pinkie, cuz I can't fucking find the potholder. I WAS STILL THANKFUL Cuz there are people in the world that don't have pinkies to burn dammit!! (note to everyone. cookie sheet that's been in a 425 degree oven for a good long time, is HOT DAMMIT, DAM HOT!!!!)
As kiddo put medicine and an INCREDIBLES bandaid on my burn, and kissed it better, I was very very thankful. As I cut the tip of my finger nail off in the celery I was chopping and spent 15 minutes looking for it, so it wouldn't be in the stuffing. I was still thankful. When I read the back of the box wrong and cut up flippin 4 cups of celery and 4 cups of onions (crying the whole time) when it was only supposed to be 2 cups of each, I was still fricken thankful!!! When I finished the 5 pumpkin pies, and tried my hand at a pecan pie (that was a special request) And I pray I don't poison anyone with the attempt. I was still thankful. When I pulled out the head of cauliflower to cut up for the relish tray and realized it was moldy, I was thankful, that I had other stuff to use instead. When I cleaned out the fridge to fit everything in, and stuck my hand in a bag of OMG WHAT WAS THAT, BRAINS OR WHAT??? I was thankful, (for soap and hot water that is)

Then Gigantor came home and we had to run up to my appointment to get my foot taped, and to safeway (the war zone on holiday eve's) cuz I forgot cherry tomatoes. As Kiddo and I are sitting in the suburban waiting for Gigantor to come out of Safeway (it took 35 minutes for him to get two packs of tomatoes and wait in the fricken line from hell) Kiddo finally decides, after a half hour of me pushing him, to blow his nose (he hates to blow his nose, he says it's gross, but he would rather snuffle that shit back in his throat and swallow!!! ahhhhhhhh) Any how he blows his nose, and announces "OMG that feels so much better" Me, being the nice smart ass of a mom that I am, go "amazing huh??? you can hear the choir of angels singing in revelation" Then kiddo talks about, how he can now breath, and his headache has gone away. (DUH) He then proceeds in his best announcer on a commercial voice.
"Blowing your nose, the new cure for headaches, and stuffiness, and sinus pain!! Side effects may include......(long pause here for dramatic effect) getting boogers all over yourself, getting boogers in your mouth, and making your friends vomit from seeing your snotty kleenex."

Holy shit, I was laughing so hard, I think I popped a vein in my head or something. He sounded just like those guys on the drug commercials. Announcing it's abilities, then going really fast telling you it's side effects. Do you all think this is a sign of to much television??? Oh well... fuck it, it was worth it. hehehehe

On a side note. I do want to say. The highlight of my last two days, was that my very bestest friend came into town to see her dad for his birthday and I got to spend a little over a day with her. I haven't seen her since we stayed at her house when mom was in the hospital. Now that, and my Gigantor and my Kiddo is something I am soooooooo very thankful for. Roo, I love you more than you'll ever know. You are more than a friend, sexy girlfriend, you are MY ANGEL AND MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!

I am so thankful for all my blogger friends, and all my real life friends, and of course all my family. I am so very thankful for my father in heaven giving me this opportunity to be such a smart ass, and enjoy another year of being thankful.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Is It Friday Yet

What the hell just happened???? I mean last thing I remember is It was Friday and I was doing some Avon stuff. Then all of a sudden CHAOS, SCREAMING, HAIR ON FIRE, RUNNING AROUND, YELLING, PANTING, BOUNCING OFF OF WALLS...and the next thing I remember it was Monday morning and I was forcing medicine down kiddo's throat so he could go to school. To say my weekend was busy is a gross understatement. Let me share some of it.

Friday I was working on Avon stuff, so much so that I forgot to eat. I had a banana for breakfast. By the time my stomach was not gonna let me go any longer, I realized I had to go get kiddo. So...I went and picked up our friend D, and we went and got some food at a local fast food joint called RD's (best food you've ever eaten) We go pick up kiddo and eat, I even got kiddo a couple small kids cheeseburgers. We then go to the post office cuz I had to pick up some packages. Come home and work on kiddo's homework. He had a 12 page anger management thing to do with me. I only thought he was short tempered but not that bad, till I seen some of his thinking on these worksheets. I feel like such a bad mom that my son has a real problem with anger, and how to manage it. (insert insane mom wailing here) Gigantor comes home, and we take D back home. Then we hit Safeway and Bashas, and walk our asses all through both stores doing our thanksgiving shopping. But I was also wanting to get done, so we did it all in just over an hour. pant pant pant.

Saturday we got up early to start attacking my pig sty. Every weekend we have had some big function in town or been up working at mom's place, and neglecting our place. Well...we are having company for Thanksgiving, so it was time to attack our sty. Not only were we cleaning, but I was trying to box up some stuff on shelves temporarily, so I can decorate for Christmas. We like to decorate the three days after Thanksgiving. So...I wanted to be prepared. We cleaned and packed and packed and cleaned without stopping till about noon. Then we drove up to the airport to get my daddy's ticket for Christmas. I walked my happy ass all the way in that airport to find out that they close between 11 and 5 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Drive over to a ladies house to pick up some books, that she wanted me too, to only find out she isn't home either. Drive to true value to realize I forgot the check book. double grrrrrrrrrrrrr come home and start working our asses off again. clean clean, scrub scrub, pack pack, pant pant. D shows up and sits and stares at us cleaning. HA 4:30 head back up town. Walk my happy ass back into the airport, and get daddy's ticket. Drive by ladies and pick up books. Go to true value, find the surge protector power strips I want, attempt to leave, have Gigantor decide he needs some PVC and joints to fix our laundry hamper. Go sit in suburban with D and Kiddo, wait for 40 minutes while Gigantor plays in the PVC. Go to post office. Come home, clean oven and stove top. Gigantor works on dinner. Then we all sat down to watch a couple movies. Kung Fu Hustle. let me tell you, I liked it much better on DVD than in the theater. In the theater it had subtitles and I spent the entire movie reading them to kiddo. On DVD you could pick it to be in english (insert angelic singing here) We enjoyed it much better, and it's funny as hell. Then we watch House of Wax. Amazingly enough this was a very very good movie. Only bad part in it was Paris-Crack Whore-Hilton. Thank god she got killed really gross like. hehehehe Other than that though it was a pleasant surprise of a movie. After D went home, we continued to work on part of the house.

Sunday we got up before 8. Isn't that a mortal sin to get up before 8 on a weekend??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh We started in on a few things we had to do, then we got a call from the airport. They forgot to charge us for part of daddy's ticket. I would have liked to say "TOUGH SHIT" But then I'm sure they wouldn't have let daddy fly. So..we took off up there to go pay that. Then we went and picked up Big J and went and got gas in the suburban, then went uptown to the theater. HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been waiting since the last movie for this one. Awesome, just awesome.

Movie got out at 3 and we ran to Safeway to get all the shit we forgot on Friday night. Came home and worked on dishes, put eggs and yams to boil on (made a sweet potato salad) got the baby back ribs on the grill. Then I made tons of phone calls for all the last minute Avon orders. Big J's mom came and got him. I finished the salad, snapped some asparagus and put it on to steam. Then dinner was done, and I realized we still haven't done the floors or cleaned the guest bathroom. grrrrrrrrrrrrr Sat down to eat dinner and watched the remake of the Poseidon Adventure. I can honestly say, it was good, not great, but I liked the first one way way better. Sat and stamped all the new Avon books I have to give out today. Got into bed about 11. Decided to let Gigantor sleep. Decided Nahhhhh at about 11:50 and woke him up and jumped his lazy bones. hehehehe

Now we are to this morning, where Kiddo woke up sick as a dog, and I pushed meds down him and took him to school anyway. They only have to go today and tomorrow. sheesh. Although I think I will make him stay home and not go to football practice tonight.

I am outa here, I need to go collect another order (I have to sit and visit with this old lady to get her to order, but she orders big so I do it) And deliver books, and try to get into that bathroom to scrub it.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!

(insert insane coocoo laugh here)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Witches Tit

OMG we went to that 7 o'clock game on Tuesday, and it was colder than a witches tit outside. ahhhhhhhhhhh They keep the sprinklers going during the day on the grass. So you get down there, and the grass is wet, and the ground is spongy and it's just fricken cold. We get down there, in sweaters, coats, scarf's (I need a hat) gloves and had a blanket, and a mug of hot cocoa, and I still shivered through most of it. On the bright side. We WON!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyy our first game ever we lost 40 to 6 uggghhhh 2nd game was 40 to 20 we lost. This game was 21 to 26 we won!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyy The boys are really getting better. Anyhow we are sitting there thinking it's cold, but the boys are braving it so maybe we are wimps, and a mom comes along and goes. "the radio said it's 37 degrees out" You know it just seemed so much colder once she told us the temp. I hate it when people do that. heheheh

Yesterday just sorta came and went in a fluff of feathers. Nothing much to report, other than I found a peanut in my bra. hehehehe

What is going on with the moon or planets. Cuz my fricken animals are just pissing me the hell off. After you go to bed, they whine or meow to be let out, you let them out then they scratch to be let in, then they pace pace pace all around the fricken house. Or if they are your fat ass, multi toed, retarded cat, they walk all over your chest, and when you throw him across the room he comes back and does it some more, and swipes at your face for good measure. I swear to god, I'm gonna shoot them all in the head.

And speaking of weird animal behavior. WHY THE FUCK DOES BUCK (old bassett) have to do the humping air thing whenever he goes outside?? The minute he walks out on the porch (which is usually when I open the door cuz someone is here) he starts doing the hump hump humpity hump thing. It's fricken embarrassing I tell you. All these people looking at my pervie dog.

I was driving kiddo to school this morning, thinking it was pretty dam chilly, and thinking I was just a wimp that early in the morning. When the radio announced it was 34 degree's out. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I was cold cold cold. hehehehehe

We got another football game tonight, but it's at 5 thank god. Football pictures are gonna be taken too. Wish us luck!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

God I'm Boring

Gads I am so boring today. Not a dam thing is really going on with me. Wanna know what's going on. I'm watching an infomercial, and eating my breakfast of a banana, and fat free ritz crackers with sugar free peanut butter and sugar free jelly on them. SeEeEEEeEe..... boring!!!

Yesterday from being so dang tired over the weekend. Both Kiddo and I woke up not feeling to well. He is feeling much better today, thank goodness. Me on the other hand...I had a wacked dream all night. I dreamt that someone was beating me up. All fricken night, and I was fighting them all night. I woke up so dam tired and exhausted. I'm sure there is some hidden meaning in that dream somewhere. But frankly I'm not sure if I give a dam. hehehehehe I just want some sleep people.

We have a football game at 7 tonight. What the hell???? 7 fricken o'clock for a bunch of little kids???? Insane I tell you. Plus it's cooled down to the 40's by then. Good grief. Thank god It's the only one at 7 this whole season. I guess the coach is gonna have pizza delivered for the kids after the game. And...the ass volunteered us to bring soda's. *sigh*

Seems as if my gerbils pervieness has passed. Until next month that is.


Okay see, told you I was boring. Gonna go finish my crackers.

Happy Tuesday all!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness it's the week so I can start recuperating from my weekend. hehehehehehe

Friday Kiddo didn't have any school. And I was basking in the fact that I could sleep in on Friday. But NoOoOoOoOo his little friend called early in the morning, telling Kiddo he was riding his bike over so he could play. They just informed me later. So....I had to jump up and hurry and get dressed. After Gigantor got off work we were gonna go deliver some avon books and run a couple errands before I had to go to a sales meeting. But when we stepped outside we realized that kiddo's friend had left the gate open, and my two old dogs were GONE. We spent 40 minutes driving around before we found the shit heads. Then it was time to boogy to my meeting.

Saturday we woke up early, and went and dug a pomegranate tree out of an abandoned lot (we asked the right people permission) Then we planted it in our yard. Then we went up to a craft fair called Christmas In November that is done every year. Got a couple little things. We then went over to mom's and worked on her yard, we have to get that looking better before people start complaining. But when we moved an outside table that was trashed, and found about a million cockroaches, and had to go on a poisoning spree. We got a little creeped out, and decided to go. hehehehe Took Kiddo to a birthday party, and delivered avon, and took Gigantors coveralls over to be sewn up. Then came home and ordered out for food. hehehehe chinese. There was no way I could cook after a day like that. Then we watched a movie.

Yesterday was almost as equally busy. I just wanna sleep all week if I could. heheheheh

We watched a movie with Kiddo---Dragons Metal Ages. It's a sequel to the Dragons Fire and Ice we watched last week. It was really really good. I hope they make another one.

We also watched Batman Begins. That was actually a very good movie. Goes all the way into where the first one with Michael Keaton would begin. I was impressed.

We can hardly wait till Saturday. Gonna go watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. whoooohooooo

Okay I'm gonna go eat some breakfast.
Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Overactive Sex Drive

And Nooooooo I'm not talking about me. Had you hoping huh?? hehehehe

Here's a questions. Do gerbils have a cycle. Like a once a month cycle like most other female animals do?? I would think so, and that could explain some urges, but if not, then hell, they are just wacked.

As some of you may remember we got 3 gerbils back in August (pet shop said they were three females) But when we got home and they started acting weird. I was convinced there was a little boy gerbil in their midst. One of my three was a little horny boy. So...I looked up a gerbils gestational cycle and it said 21 days. So I waited... and I waited...and I prayed...and no babies (thank god) But they still seemed to be getting it on. So...I thought to myself "maybe they were to young last month" So...again, I waited..and waited... still no babies. So in the past three months watching these little creatures I have come to a conclusion. I OWN THE THREE MOST PERVERTED RODENTS IN THE WORLD. I'm telling you people, I got the perviest gerbils.

About once a month, for 4 or 5 days out of the month, it's like a girl on girl orgie in their cage. You will look up and one is chasing another, jumping on it's back and dry humping the hell out of it. One will be asleep, and another will come up and dry hump it's side, back, face, anything!!! Then they commit gang rape. Two will attack one, hold it down and both hump from both sides. Till the little victim is so fed up it bites one in the little gerbil hoohaa. Then a gerbil brawl ensues, then they are back to dry humping each other.

I swear about 4 or 5 days a month, my gerbil cage is completely XXX rated. You would think that for sure I would have a male in there. But it's not just one doing the humping. All three of them are going around banging each other.

I feel so dirty after an evening of watching this. I need to go shower now. *shudder*

Wish us luck, another football game tonight. Kiddo says he's ready to kill the quarterback!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

We all have tomorrow off for veterans day. If any of you gotta work then I say to you . Neiner neiner neiner. hehehehehehe

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Will Squish You Like A Bug


Okay I feel better now.

Along the squish like a bug lines. Kiddo had his first football game last night. He's never played football before, and they only had about 5 practices before his first game. (flag football league folks) Now Kiddo is built for football people. Picture a 9 year old boy, shaved head, almost 5 feet tall, and weighs 137 pounds. He is definatly his fathers son. Big BIG and HUGE!!!! Him and I are wearing the same size shoes almost. Any how back to football. All the kids are in and scrambling around. Nobody on our team has played football before. 9 out of the 10 kids on the other team have played for 3 years or more. (seems real fair huh??) Well our quarterback kept getting sacked (his flag pulled off) And when the other team snapped the ball, our kids just stood there (kiddo wasn't in to play yet) and then they tried to get the flag of the person the quarterback threw the ball too. But the QB had plenty of time to size up everyone and make a good throw.

Now enters Kiddo. He's standing there with a look like he would rather be somewhere else. The ball is snapped, kiddo charges straight for the QB and upsets the quarterback so bad he throws the ball to his DAD to his dad people!!!! I mean I would probably be intimidated if I seen that big hulk of a kid running at me too. I start cheering kiddo on, and go, "that's right son, you go get his flag every time!!!" Nobody told him to go after the QB, the coach just told him to go after the "guy with the ball" So....the other team had like 5 touchdowns and we had nothing. And then my baby Gigantor started charging their QB. Their QB then threw two interceptions, 3 incompletes, and threw the ball away a number of times. Kiddo STOPPED the other teams ball from going very far the rest of the game. Gave us a chance to run a couple touchdowns. For a child that has probably zero, not a little zero, but a big fat ZERO, athletic ability. I think we may have found his nitch.

We have another game tomorrow night, lets see what happens.

Oh and on a side note, he intimidated the other QB so much that they sent in a really big guy to be quarter back. hehehehe To bad it isn't tackle football. I'm sure kiddo would have most sacks of the season. lmaooooo

Happy Humpity Hump Day Everyone!!!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy weekend

I love the way this picture came out. When we were on the mountain picking pinons. We found this lone aspen tree all yellow in among the pines. And the sun was shining right on it. Sooooo pretty. Posted by Picasa

Man we had a busy weekend. Saturday we got woken up to the sound of hot air balloons. We went outside and they were going right over our house. Gigantor and Kiddo got up on the roof to see them better. They seen one shaped as rocky the squirrel. Then they noticed that the balloons were landing at the sports complex, which is just down the way and across a street from us. So...Gigantor and kiddo jumped on the 4 wheeler and went over there, and helped the people pack their balloons away. Had a good time, and got some pictures.

We then went to the airport, and got info on the stuff I need for daddy coming up to visit. Then we went and picked up big J (remember him, he is pantyhose lad) And drove down to the horse corrals and looked at all the horses. Came across some friends, and let the boys pet their horse and goat. We then went to see Chicken Little. OMG what a good movie. This movie was great. I didn't know if they could make it that good, but it was.

When we came out of the movie, the police were starting to block off main street. It was almost time for the ball race. People purchase balls, that have a number on them, then they put all the balls in a cement truck and emptied it at the top of main street and let them roll down. The winning ball got the owner 2000 bucks. The rest of the money went to local charities for the holiday season. (don't you just love small town activities)

After the ball race we walked around the street fair they had set up. Seen lots of cool things, but I was good and didn't buy anything. We head over to the coke truck and got drinks and the boys got some cookies. Then we made a bee line for a little place called "Big Johns Texas BBQ" he comes to all the festivals and fairs. He smokes brisket. I don't know what he does, but it is sooooo tender and juicy. And they sell it either on the bun for $6 or in two tortillas for 6$ Then they have bbq sauce on the side you can add to it. We go sit on a bench that is right along our main street. (luckly we got a parking space right behind that) and we started eating.

It was getting dusk as we were eating, and bunch of trucks with trailers pulled up on main street and started unloading their balloons. 22 in total. Gigantor and the boys went over to help a guy who was unloading one right in front of us. Then as it got dark they blew up the balloons and it's called a balloon "glow" they stay for about 45 minutes to a half hour, just doing the flame thingie to keep the balloons inflated. We got tons of pictures, as soon as I download them I will start posting them. Then people can walk around looking at the balloons and going up talking to the people. And if you ask them, most of the people have cards (like trading cards) made up of their balloons with information about them printed on the back. The boys wandered up and down main street a couple times with friends, then Gigantor took them up and down collecting cards. I stayed so when they ran back, they could find me. But, where that bench was, I had a front row seat. Two balloons almost directly in front of me, and I could see all the way up and down the main street at the rest. I'm sure we had over 1000 people out looking around.

The balloons stopped their glow and packed up about 8. Gigantor was helping them pack up and I was over by the suburban talking to big J's parents that showed up to get him. In the mean time, kiddo forgets there is a curb from where the suburban is to get onto the sidewalk where the bench is. He walked right into the curb, and tripped and fell on his face. He made this sickening sound. I was sure he crushed his skull in on the pavement. He started screaming OOOOWWWWIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! And I ran over and tried to get him up and untangled from the curb and from under the bench where he landed. I am trying to lift up my 135lb child. All the time pissed off that Gigantor isn't there with us, so he could be helping and checking him out. I get Kiddo sat down on the bench and check him out, and then I flip around with flame shooting out of my eyes. And start yelling at Big J's dad and D (our friend) who just stood there staring at us and not helping. I was so pissed off. What kind of fuck head doesn't help when it sounds like a child has fallen and left brain matter on the ground??? Obviously those two fuck heads!!!!!!!! I turn to Goober (big J's mom) and say "I can't believe how insensitive those two fuck heads are" (meaning D and her husband) And worst part was, she agreed with me. Gigantor comes back after off playing with some of the balloon guys, instead of hanging out with his family, and I was pissed. I wouldn't even let him look over Kiddo. I pack me and kiddo in the suburban and we went home, and I got him ice and chocolate when we got home, that helps everything. hehehehee

Kiddo got a big big bruise on his shin, and he sprained his wrist and pinkie on his left hand, and he got bad bruises on the heals of his hands. YOu know how hard you have to hit to bruise the heel of your hands, that's not easy. Anyway.....that was our long ass, but fun Saturday (except the fall) (but hey he's as graceful as Gigantor so what can I say)

Yesterday we watched movies. We watched the new Amytiville Horror. It was real good I thought, the special effects have improved tons since the first movie. The book is still the scariest though. And I'm not sure if I liked that they changed Jodi into a little girl. In the book and first movie Jodi was a demonic pig with red eyes. But it all worked in this movie.
We watched Kingdom of Heaven. It was pretty good. The fighting seemed more accurate for the time period than alot of movies. And who doesn't lust errr ummm like Orlando Bloom??? hehehehe
We also watched one for kiddo called Dragons Fire and Ice. IT's a computer animated movie actually made after the mega blocks toys of the dragons series. (which he has) It was really quite a good and cute movie. I love dragons and they did them really well. And the story line was good. We are getting the Dragons Metal Ages next. It's a sequel.

Well....I have to pee, so I'm off for now. Enjoy the aspen picture at the top.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cannibal Pumpkin

This is probably my favorite pumpkin that was carved at the pumpkin festival. I think it's great. hehehehee Posted by Picasa

I just love that pumpkin.

Well I didn't get my nails done today. Goober didn't feel well, so I have an appointment for in the morning. yayyyyyyyy

I'm making Gigantor work so hard for dinner tonight. When I say work so hard, I mean drive to the pizza place to pick it up. hehehehe

My bra is hard at work again. I've been finding the most bizarre things in there lately. Why can't I find something really worth while like money or gems, or a krispy kreme donut??? NoOOOooO just bizaro stuff, among the regular stuff. Like what I eat every single day. Kiddo was throwing around this plastic bouncy ball the other day and it made a basket in my bra. Boy did he giggle. Gigantor was shooting the marshmallow shooter at Kiddo and he shot it at him by my bed. I was in the bathroom doing my hair. The marshmallow wizzed past kiddo, hit the mirror and bounced into my bra. Oui!!!

Anyhow, that's all that is of any interest today, and not that it is any interesting. hehehee I'm gonna go bang my head on the wall, and decide if I'm gonna take a short nap or not. Probably not, cuz then I'll be cranky. heheheh

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Me Again

Holy cow, I'm posting again this week. What is wrong with me? hehehehehe Man what a busy week. I told you all about the pumpkin fest last weekend. Well....Monday we go trick or treating. Tues...deliver some avon, make a bunch of phone calls, get kiddo hurry and do homework, and get him to football practice. Today I got my hair cut and football practice. Thurs...I have a chiropractors appointment, a nail appointment (time to get the bats and ghost off and something for Halloween put on) get kiddo, rush through homework, and football practice. Fri...we have football practice, more avon stuff, and Gigantor wants to go out coyote hunting in the evening. Plus some friends coming into town so visiting. Sat....I need to go to the airport and get the info to get my dad's ticket for Christmas, take kiddo and big J to the matinee (Chicken Little) looks hilarious, watch the ball race down main street, (you can purchase a plastic ball, about softball size, and they are putting them in a cement truck and launching them down our main street which is on a hill, winner gets 1/2 the money from it, and local food banks and charities get the other half), then they are having a street fair and a balloon glow all down main street. We are having the hot air balloon regatta in town this weekend, and they do a glow at night. 50 some odd balloon and baskets set up on main street and you can climb around in them, and talk to the people and pull the thing to do the fire thingie (don't know the technical term) and it's all sorts of fun. I'll need a week to rest after all this. LOL

Short and sweet again today. I will leave you all with another fun thing. Go try Hangman

Happy Wed everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cat Bowling

Well trick or treating was a success. We went to a slightly richer part of town. hehehehe All the good stuff is over there. Kiddo went as Darth Vader, and he went with J--who was a girl, and he went with little M who was Sully from Monsters Inc. Half way through J's high heels started hurting his feet. hehehe Half way through Kiddo's helmet, the eyes got foggy from his breathing, and when the sun went down since it was a shaded helmet he couldn't see. So...he too, it off and just went as a jedi instead. I was mad at his teacher. Most teachers didn't give homework last night. She loaded them down, big page of math, spelling and reading. I was ticked. Anyhow someone sent me something in the e-mail last night. It was so fun. Gigantor could only get a 66. I got a score of 110. Lets see if you can beat it. Have fun with CAT BOWLING!!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Got football practice tonight. hehehehe