Monday, March 30, 2009

What the heck???

Okay can somebody tell me how in gods name, in Arizona, the end of March, why it is SNOWING!!!!!!

Yup that's right, it was snowing last night. When it started snowing, I still had my cooler on. hahahahahaha

It got all warm again last week, was nice except the dam wind blew every day. Then last night, Gigantor went out once, and comes in going "Brrrr it feels like blizzard weather out there"

We laughed, cuz it's March, in Arizona. He opened the door later to let the dogs out, and it was fricken snowing!!!!

Rest of my weekend wasn't to bad. Saturday we were major busy again. I wrote out bills, kid played with a new friend. I'll call him Little D. We took him home and took Kiddo down to Skinny K's and we delivered my avon and books. We had so much to do took us over 2 hours.

We came home and just sat around talking for a bit, then went and got Kiddo, had some dinner and watched City of Ember. was a really good movie.

Sunday, we got up late, sorta lazed around. Started watching a tape in the bedroom, and was lazily getting dressed. Kiddo was over at Little D's house. Then we noticed that Captain Daddy had been sitting out here in the living room waiting for us to come out of the bedroom. *sigh* I lovers him, and he's over alot and I love that. But come on!!! Weekends are the only time I have with my hubby, and us three together. And where as I don't mind him over one of the three days hubby is off. He's been coming over all three, and staying most the day.

Gigantor and I just wanted a lazy day and maybe to even have some um um um in the bedroom, since the kid was gone. But no, my father was in the living room. grrrr

Oh well, he left about 4. And informed me he would be over today. He was supposed to make an appointment with the pediotrist over a month ago. But he has piddle farted around and now he says only reason he is coming over is so I can call and make him an appointment. grrrrr

Okay enough ranting.

After daddy left, we vegged on the couch, watched some t.v. and cuddled. Then Gigantor grilled some steaks. yummmmm

Okay I'm outa here, gonna go read blogs.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Running pant pant pant

OMG don't you just love that picture. I love that picture alot alot!!!

We have been busy for a couple of days. Wednesday night my dad called me. He had falled at work. He stepped off a curb at work and slipped and fell. He cut up and banged up his knee, and he hit his arm. He had his coat on. He said later it felt almost wet, so he thought he might have a spot of blood and need a bandaid. So he went up to the security room and got the lady there. Took his jacket off, and the entire lower arm of his shirt was covered in blood.

They took his shirt off, and he had a palm sized chunk of hide off, and just hanging there. She trimmed it up and doctored it up for him.

I doctored him up again on Thursday. I was dead ass tired on Thursday too. My back/hips are really bothering me. So they are making me legs and arms, burn and twitch when I lay down. Like they are spasaming and cramping. So...I'm having to constantly move them. Wed night I got 1/2 hour sleep, that was it. Thursday night I got about 3 hours sleep.

Got up early today (Friday) and made some lists for stores, and ate some eggs and toast. Put makeup and jewelry on. Went to my nail appointment. Gigantor took Daddy to walmart and walked real nice and slow with him. I had to text Gigantor and say, we had 10 minutes left and the nail lady had to leave and lockup so he better come get me. They weren't even out of walmart yet. *sigh*

So...nail lady (who is my friend and lives across the street) Took me with her, to go get her kid, then gas in her car, then Gigantor was finally home. Came in, it was almost 4.

I had a customer that lives out on the Rez that wanted her avon when she got off work at 5. So...I hurried my ass off unloading it, checking it in, writing it all up and bagging it all. And the dam idiot never showed up or called or anything. We called her work and left messages on her voice mail but nothing. grrrrrr

Captain Daddy bought us all an early dinner (quizno's) and we watched Bolt. That was good. Earlier Gigantor worked with peroxide and got the blood out of daddy's shirt. So it was saturated in spray and wash and put in the washer on cold.

So... Gigantor and Kiddo headed to the Silot class and me and daddy stayed. I was so tired, I just sorta grunted at him. He played with the dogs, and gathered his laundry after the boys came home, which was after 9. Then he went home.

And look at me now, still up at almost midnight, and dinking on blogs. Dammit.

Okay well I'm gonna go and read a few and get my ass in bed.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I don't know what to say

I saw this picture and it made me shudder. Me!! The one that pushes the bar all the time. I shuddered at this. hahahahaha That guy needs some serious help.

I have been inquiring to the kids about the "easy open pickle jar" thing. Neither of them have any idea what it means or why they keep saying it. One of lifes great mysteries I guess. hahahaha

Not dam thing of any interest has been going on here past couple day. I'm sure it's waiting for the weekend again. hahaha

Irritated that dam Obama's speech messed with my regular scheduled programs. The stupid ass.

Gigantor and I aren't gonna make parent teacher conferences this year. Kiddo has had a half day on tuesday and has another on Thursday. Well...the confrences are in the afternoon with one day having evening one's. We screwed up the day, we thought it was thursday, but we missed them they were Tuesday. hahahaha Oh well, we had the meeting with his teachers not to long ago. I don't really care.

Anyhow I have nothing, not a dam thing more to talk about.

So...hope you all have a good hump day Wednesday.

And give a good shudder to that picture.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yup it's Monday

Wow, crazy weather here. I had Gigantor get the cooler up and running this past week, cuz it was dam hot. Almost in it's 90's Then yesterday. It dropped 30 degree's. Yup 30. And the wind. OMG we had sustained winds of 40mph, and the news said gusts between 65 and 70mph. It was crazy. We have this red sand all around here (being in the desert) and the sky was just red. It looked horrid. Gigantor had to run outside to get something and he was coughing and washing his eyes out when he came back in.

Today the wind isn't as bad, sustained of 15mph and gusts up to 30, but the high today is supposed to be 55.

We had a great spring break. Kiddo played with Skinny K alot, and I got to relax alot. hehehehe Gigantor worked on some of the skirting on Friday. Saturday he did a bit more, and he got me a hair appointment, cuz my hair was driving me nuts, so I went and got it cut.

He went to the dinner with a friend, I didn't go. Which was fine with me.

We watched movies on Sunday since the wind was so bad. We watched Role Models. That was funny as hell. We watched Airplane, cuz kiddo wanted to see it. Still as good as when I first saw it. We watched Twilight, cuz Gigantor got it for me. whoooohoooo And we watched 88 Minutes. I had never heard of this movie, but my sister told me about it, and she was right, it was excellent.

Okay let me leave you with some snippets of funny as hell conversations this past weekend.

Skinny K is one of the most accident prone children I have ever met. At a track meet they were in first place in the relay until he fell on his face in the last leg of the race. He's broken his toe in P.E. He cut himself to need stitches. He sprained and cracked his ankle doing gymnastics in P.E. and now he has a broken pinky from playing dodge ball in P.E. Let me tell ya I would take him out of P.E.

Anyhow, he comes over, and I'm giving him a hard time about being a klutz. He's doing this little embarrassed growl thingie.

He walks into Kiddo's room and I hear a major CRASH!!!

me--what was that??
Kiddo--it was Skinny K
Me--what happened??
Kiddo--he tripped and fell
Me--is he okay??
Skinny K--fine!!
me--what did he trip over??
Skinny K-- My feet!!
Me--Boy we are gonna have to wrap you in bubble wrap so you bounce.

Skinny K and Kiddo ---massive giggeling

These two boys call each other dumb dumb dugan all the time. I don't know why, they say they don't either, they just do it.

Gigantor and I were sitting on the couch watching t.v. and We hear them yelling DUMB DUMB DUGAN to each other. Then Kiddo runs out of his bedroom, through the living room into the kitchen.



both us parents looking at each other like "what the hell"

Both boys running back to Kiddo's room


Yeah I'm checking for drugs or to much sugar. hehehehe

The last one was last night. It was Kiddo's bed time, and he was in the front bathroom, had the door cracked so he could talk to us. I keep hearing this popping noise.

Me--what is that??

Kiddo--what is what??

Me--what is that popping noise??


Me--bullshit, I can hear it, and it's coming from you, what the hell is that popping noise??

Kiddo--The plunger


Kiddo and Gigantor----bawhahahahahahahhaa

Yup good times. Okay I'm going to read you all. Have a good Monday everyone and don't let anyone piss on you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Next Post

Wow I haven't posted since Tuesday.

Not much to say. Been sleeping in a bit since it's spring break. Kiddo and I watch a movie each afternoon.

The other afternoon he wanted to watch The Messengers, cuz Kristen Stewart was in it. And he wanted to see her in something else other than Twilight. Well he wasn't really scared on that.

He wants so much to watch scary movies, and he can take lots of them but there is a few of them I don't think he can handle. One of them being The Grudge. But he pissed and moaned until I said, "okay but if it gets to scary tell me and we will shut it off" Yeah...we maybe made it halfway through. Now he's going through wanting the bathroom light on again all night. My bad, I should have kept saying no. Oh well.

My uncle gave us two tickets for the Deer Association Dinner again this year. I really really don't want to go. First of all, we would have to fork 20 bucks out for a kids ticket. Second, they have really low, hard and uncomfortable chairs. When I sit in them to long it seems to set me back a few weeks with the work I'm doing to make my legs better. And this is 4 to 6 hours. I'm sure I will be to the point of barely being able to walk out the door. I will be hurting so bad, I'm sure I won't enjoy myself. So...I don't wanna go, and I wanna say no.

I really need to yell at Gigantor cuz aunt and uncle are pushing me to go, and so is he now. I mean the food is good, not great but good. It's a salad, prime rib, baked potato, roll, and a piece of cake for desert. The girl scouts hand it out, so it always gets screwed up at least once.

You have to buy any drink but water, and there are tons of raffles and an auction and every year the hubs bugs the shit out of me to buy him 20 to 50 dollars worth of raffle tickets, and we win nothing. And I just don't want to deal with any of the shit this time. And I really don't want the pain. And I really really really don't want to be set that far back on my attempted recovery.

And AND there is a bbq the following weekend at aunt and uncles for the hunter safety instructors and spouses (no kids) and that will be uncomfortable enough, so I don't wanna do it two weeks in a row, and set myself that far back. If I had to choose one I would rather do the bbq.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me vent.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th!!

I just want to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day!!!! May your corned beef be tender and tasty.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rest of the weekend

The rest of my weekend was almost as busy as Friday was. Wow, what a whirlwind, but we had tons of fun.

Saturday, Gigantor went and ran to walmart and the grocery stores for me. Came home and I got up and helped him and Kiddo put stuff away. I finished up a touch of paperwork, and Captain Daddy came over.

At noon Skinny K and his mom came over. She brought their new weinie dog puppy, his name is Cephus. He is so dam adorable. He stayed to socialize with other dogs a bit, and people, oh man he was a riot. Skinny K's mom bought us all lunch. (taco bell) And we all sat and visited till almost 5. hahahaha It was a good time. The kids played for the most part. Gigantor did take them down town and to the lumber store to get more skirting, and to the feed store for a big bag of dog food, then made them help him unload the truck.

Gigantor got started on the frame work for the skirting. And he kept showing me a flyer were, the bbq he really wanted was on sale at sears for 299. I just kept going, uh huh whatever. Then he showed it to me, and it said if you bought it on Saturday, there would be no interest and no payments till April 2010. Dam skippy, I can pay that thing off before next year. So...since our current bbq was basicly hosed, I told him okay. God he was like a kid in a candy store, he was so excited. It's a nice one, gas grill, 4 burners, and two side burners for pots and stuff. My man, the caveman, the grill master. hahahaha

After skinny K, his mom, his puppy, and captain daddy left. D came over. We were a bit tired, but we were watching Alien Resurection (my kid had done an alien marathon, then predetor marathon, then the avp and avpR) D goes, "have you eaten" we said no, we were tired didn't know what to make. So...D bought pizza. whooohooo. I know I've been eating better and stuff, but two people bought us food on Saturday, I haven't cheated in a while, so that was a big old splurge day. hahahahaa

Sunday, Gigantor got up and worked a bit on the skirting again, then I got up. He informed me his mom was coming to dinner (she is leaving today back for new mexico) I'm like ummm okay. So...I made out some bills, and he cleaned the rest of the table off. Then we ate some lunch and took off to deliver the rest of my avon and my books.

We ended up stuck at one place, the lady wanted to visit, then we went by Captain Daddies, asked him to come to dinner too. Then another ladies we went by, she came out and cried, told me about almost losing her husband last month. It was a close scary call. Then she brought out her new puppy. It was a long haired weinie dog puppy. hahahaha so cute.

We finished all our running around and came home and started dinner. It was a nice dinner though, the visiting was nice and everything. We had Gigantor's famous bbq chicken leg quarters. (he skins them then boils them, then grills them and they come out soooooo gooey) We had potatoes cut up, put lipton onion mushroom soup on it, a bit of olive oil and then microwave till tender. Sooo good,has the flaver of the dried soup on them. We had green salad and lemon poppyseed muffins too.

After dinner, we were so tired, bed time was like 9. hahahahaha

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a good week. Spring break for us, so should be real nice.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Oh my hell, I am one tired, exhausted person tonight. I'm gonna give you all a list of what we did today, some of it I did, some Gigantor did, some we did together. But both of us was working all day.

Got Kiddo to school
Went to bank
Went to help parents load their truck so they can leave.
Gigantor rubbed my leg (helps with the lymphadema)
Got dressed, discussed our day, ate some lunch
Watched the episode of ghost hunters while eating lunch let Gigantor grab a nap
Yelled at Gigantor about still not having a hand rail for the steps
Bitched that I wanted a ramp and he never did it
He went outside and measured and asked me to come outside
We came up with a plan for a ramp, a platform, and an over hang, that we can eventually put latice on to put nice vining flowers on.
Came in and drew up the plans and what materials we would need for it.
Decided to finish skirting and fence first. Should start ramp in about 2 or 3 weekends.
Went to post office.
Went and picked up my avon.
Went down to elementary school, where gigantors sister works to get a paper she printed out for us.
Went to pick up kiddo
Went and got gas in the suburban
Went out to the bridge by the dam to see the work Gigantor's been working on.
Came home and unloaded suburban
Wrote up avon
Pulled avon
bagged up avon
Stamped two campaigns worth of books
Re did one cuz was wrong date
Realized 2nd time was also wrong date.
Said fuck it.
Put fishing stuff that was in living room away.
Made gigantor pack up some stuff that's been in the living room for his work yard sale.
Got two boxes of returns out that I hadn't done up or sealed to mail
Got those done
Made up the package for my sister, and one for a friend
All packages ready to go.
Listened to two disks of kiddo's audio book he's listening too. (Eclipse in the twilight series)
Then boys went to class, I opted to stay in this time.
Still have to make lists for the three grocery stores
Have to shop
Deliver avon and books
But skirting and start getting it up.

That is how today and the rest of our weekend looks. I think I'm gonna pass out now. hahahaha

Thank god next week is spring break.

Have a good weekend all!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We got spirit yes we do...We got spirit how bout you??

This week is spirit week at kiddo's school. He has had spirit weeks before, but never told me till the week was half over, then didn't know what the days were. I think he dressed up two days in the 3 spirit weeks so far.

Well last friday he brought a little paper home that said what each day would be, and said he wanted to do them.

Monday was pajama day and he went in his sweats and a big baggy t-shirt.

Tuesday was green day. He had to wear one of his dad's t-shirt, cuz he doesn't have any t-shirts that aren't black. hahahaha

Wednesday was formal day, he wore one of his dad's black dress shirts and a tie.

Thursday is Red and Black day (school colors) he wore his dad's red polo shirt and black jeans.

Friday is Hawaiian day. He has a shirt his grandpa gave him that is sorta silky and looks sorta hawaiian so he will be wearing that.

He has next week off of school. It's spring break.
Then the week after that he has two half days for parent teacher confrences.

Then the poor kid doesn't have another day off until the end of May.

I need to get in gear and figure out what I'm gonna buy him for his birthday in May, cuz he will be 13. The big teenager!! achhhhh

Well I'm gonna go read and catch up on blogs.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That's how my week is so far. HUH???

We were in the upper 70's for over two weeks, hadn't had to run the heater at all. Was running ceiling fans and a couple of the window a/c units to keep it cool in here. Was running all them on Sunday. Woke up yesterday and OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSS it's cold cold cold. Had to walk around and turn all the fans off and turn the heat up. It got to only 56 yesterday. That's a 20 degree drop.

Today it's only supposed to be 52. All the trees were starting to bud leaves out and now it's in the lower 30's upper 20's at night. Poor things are gonna go into shock. Supposed to be that chilly all week long.

I've been taking that higher dosage of the cymbalta, and I think it's working for me. But I am having two of the side effects. I'm having sever dry mouth, like to the point your throat sorta hurts. I can drink till water is spurting out my ears and I still have dry mouth.

And the other one I'm having is constipation. uggghhhh I need to up eating my fiber. If I can't get that under control, I will have to talk to my doctor.

I was so dang tired yesterday and don't know why. I woke up early with the kiddo and felt fine. About an hour before noon, I got really tired. I was actually falling asleep in front of the computer. So...I got off the computer and grabbed a snack and drank something cold, and was watching a cool crafting thing on t.v. 40 minutes later I woke up in my chair with an aweful crick in my back.

I barely stayed awake long enough for the kid to get home, and I sat down in the couch and put a micro bead pillow behind my head so I wouldn't get a crick in my neck. And I fell right asleep. My dad showed up and I woke up.

He sat down to visit and I was actually slurring my words at him. Have you ever been tired enough that it physically hurt??? That's how I felt yesterday. So...I proceeded to fall asleep with dad sitting here. My husband got home and I opened one eye seen he was here and fell back asleep. I slept for about an hour and a half, and I got up and was able to function the rest of the night at least.

Today I'm not feeling as tired it doesn't seem. We shall see.

Well that is my random crap. hahahahaha

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


First of all. Oh my Gosh that picture cracks me up to the point of farting. hahahahaha

I'm sorry I've neglected the blog for almost a week now. I have been reading every body elses and commenting. I've just been neglecting mine.

Why you may ask. Well because I was a big pile of boring all dam week. I didn't do shit that was exciting. My family didn't do anything particularly side splitting funny. So...there was nothing much to say.

I appreciate all you peoples concern about my cat. But all my animals have been acting somewhat off. I'm pretty sure it's the drastic change in the weather. I do watch my animals like a hawk, they are my babies. I've had all sorts ever since I was a baby. I mean hell, I learned to give the dogs and cats shots before I was out of elementary school. I was giving my horses their own shots since I was 13. Yeah we are cheap, we would give a 10 dollar shot ourselves rather than go to the vet and pay 50 bucks for the same thing. hahahahhaa

I'm irritated with a few kids/families that were in D's martial arts class. That's the silat and Kuntao. Cuz D tells them up front that it's a "sparring center" and it's full contact. He has all the right insurance, he won't let them unless they have proper safety equipment, and he has all the pads and helmets and stuff. Well some parents have let their kids go, and paid for it, fully understanding what it was. Then their grandmothers go to watch and next thing you know the kid has dropped out of class, cuz dear old granny doesn't like that it's full contact.

I think that irritates me most, because. First of all, I'm the fricken parent, and if I want my kid in that class, I don't care if your their grandparent, you aren't gonna dictate how I raise my kid.

Well anyhow, D really wanted me to go watch the class. So...I went last night. I enjoyed the tar out of myself. D asks me if I wanna pull Kiddo after seeing how violent it was. I said. Are you kidding, I used to spank him harder than that. hahahahahaha

It was rough, and he hurt a bit, but it was teaching him key skills too. He was learning how to take proper take downs, and how to get out of certain situations, and he was doing pretty dang good.

Today Gigantor and Kiddo went over to help Uncle tear up all the tile in his kitchen dining room area. They got all the tile up and the floor sanded and primed for putting more down. Uncle said that they probably got 4 times as much done with Gigantors help than he thought they would get done. Gigantor and Kiddo only helped for about 5 hours too. I think that's nice they can all do the "male" bonding thing though.

Kiddo's friend skinny K broke his pinky yesterday. Poor kid. They were playing dodge ball at school, and he went to catch the ball. (which should have been a proper dodge ball, but was a volley ball instead) and he missed and it hit his pinky and broke the thing in three places. He's in this huge looking splint, brace thing for 4 weeks, then they re xray it. He is an accident prone kid, but dang, that hurts. hehehehe

Well...I rambled on long enough about basicly nothing, so I'm gonna go check everyone elses blog.

Man that picture just makes me laugh!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

More things about the weekend

Well Gigantor left on Saturday at 5:30 in the morning. He actually wanted me to get up with him. HA as if!! He ran home and noon and helped out with a little thing, then went back. He got home at almost 6 that evening. We ate some dinner and watched Martian Child. It was pretty darn good.

Then Sunday got up and I went to a nail appointment. I made Gigantor go to walmart. hahahahhaa Then we went and delivered avon and avon books, and grabbed some meat to make dinner. Came home and watched Chaos. It wasn't to bad either. Had Wesley Sniped and Jason Stathom in it. Yummie yum yum.

Made some dinner and watched Igor with the kid. That's a cute movie.

My legs have been acting up really bad all weekend. Almost got no sleep, and Saturday they hurt really bad, and was major shakey. Hard to walk anywhere. Yesterday was even worse, and today is pretty dang bad too. Not sure what is up with that.

My cat, what a dam dork. Okay...Saturday Gigantor thought one of the dogs peed on the floor at the foot of our bed, he moved in closer to find, that the cat had leaned over the side of the bed during the night and puked. It was all down the comforter, and on the floor. grrrrrrr

Well it must have done something to that dorks head. My cat is 10 years old. His food dish is on the back of the table, cuz the dogs would eat all his food. So...since like birth, he jumps on a chair then on the table and eats, then gets down. Well past few days/nights he has gotten up on the table eaten, then backed up and fallen right off the dang table. Not once, not even twice, but about 6 times. The dumb ass. hahahaha

And last night he decided that his tail was the source of all evil and he must kill it. This cat has never done that. But boy last night he was trying to eat it off. Making very painful noises as he would bite the crap out of it, which would piss him off, so he would attack it even harder.

Then he was laying on the couch, took a nice long bath, and was going to sleep. We turned the ceiling fan off, and out of the blue, he had to stare at it, spinning his head until it stopped moving, they he sorta just passed out.

I'm thinking maybe he has found a secret stash of cat nip somewhere. Stupid ass cat. hahahahaha

Okay on that note, have a good Monday everyone!!!