Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Probably really won't get back to posting till next week.

Been enjoying the 2 week vacation to much. That and freezing.

Yeah got a part put in my heater, was supposed to fix it. Ummmm no it didn't fix it. Still blowing out cool air.

I was supposed to go get my nails done today, but felt like ass, so called and asked to reschedule.

I've been taking lots of pictures with the new camera. I will be posting some when I download them. I've taken a few of the gifties I got. Including the horrible gifties. hehehehehe

Okay that's what I'm leaving you with, and I'm gonna go read blogs myself.

Have a wonderful and very very safe New Years!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Great Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas!!! Ours was very nice. Captain Daddy came over and opened presents with us. Then we loaded up food and went over to the Aunt and Uncles. Ate till we were sore and then played some games.

We ended up playing one called Mad Gab. Oh My Gosh this game was so much dam fun. Look it up people, it was hilarious.

I made some relish trays for dinner over there, and Gigantor took pictures, said I had to post them, cuz they were so purty. I didn't try to make them purty but dammit I did. hahahaha

Also...Alekx and House Elf got us a new digital camera for Christmas. A Nikon Coolpix. So....I will take some pics of some of the stuff I got and post them. hehehe

Oh and I have to send out a big shout of of a THANK YOU SO MUCH BIDDIE YOU ROCK!!!!! She sent me a package all the way from Canada. It had a webkins for my son and a couple rudolph ornaments for me. OMG they so rock, as does she!!!!

Anyhow on to pictures.

This is the first one I made. Dill pickel spears, little sweet midgets, spanish olives, black olived, broccoli and some tomato's in the center for color.

Second one I made. Carrots, celery sticks, sugar snap peas, yellow and red bell peppers, cucumbers lined up and the rest of the tomato's. So dam purty.

Couple Pecan pies I made, yummmmm Haven't had pecan pie in over a year.
And a couple pumpkin pies I made. I made them with splenda so Captain daddy could eat some, and he didn't eat any dam pie. grrrrrr I also made deviled eggs and poofoo and candied yams but didn't take pictures of those. Aunt and Uncle had Turkey, stuffing, mashed potato's, green been casserol, and biscuits. So...yeah we had lots to eat.

Well that's about it for me tonight, been having to much fun watching movies, and just vegging.

On a side note, our heater is broke. Like blowing out all cool air. Had our electrician friend look at it, he said he thinks he knows what's wrong and will have to price the part, but ummm yeah he hasn't done that yet. I'm fricken freezing. Wish us luck to get it fixed in a timely manner.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve EVE!!!

First of all, that picture, I love it. Not only cuz it's funny. But because that calico looks just like Captain daddy's cat- Patches and that gray cat looks just like my Bugsy.

Yesterday wasn't to hectic thank good. I came out and dinked on the computer for a couple hours. Then captain daddy came over to do some laundry. Kiddo and I ate lunch, I had the rest of my Big Dam Burger, and Kiddo had left over Pizza. Daddy wasn't hungry.

I then started wrapping some of the last stuff I had (which is kiddo's stuff) He did good and stayed in his room, just asked to come out when he had to. I almost got all done with his, just a tiny bit more to do. It's the big stuff though. And santa stuff. I never told my son there was no santa. He probably believed longer than other children, but he figured it out, and he still loves the magic of santa and the meaning of it. So...We always have and always will have gifts from "santa". We are all good with that, cuz we know where they really came from.

I don't know what the deal with my husband is either. I asked him to do three small things this morning before work. Take two grocery sacks of stuff off the top shelf in the bedroom and bring them out to the living room in a box so I could wrap. To set a pack of meat out for dinner, and to put the last things in the dishwasher.

He told me before he left that he played on the computer, so I thought for sure he did the other stuff. Well not only did he not do it, but he also left the bologna out on the stove, and the side of my computer is off, and I don't know why. He even forgot to take some stuff he needed for work.

It's his Friday today too. He is now off till Monday, he gets paid for it too. SWEET!!! Then next week he has New years off and gets paid for it too. It will be totally nice to have him here helping me do pre work for cooking and do the cleaning the day before christmas (vacuum and straighten up is all I do) Most years he has never been here for that.

Okay well I'm off to drink more coffee and give a looksie at blogs. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

3 days left

Well how was everyone's weekend?? My last post was frantic about how much behind we were on Friday. But hubby did promise it would get all done and it did.

Saturday he woke me up before 9 (as per instructed) We got up and all of us had a bagel, then we went on to make 6 batches of fudge, which ended up making 10 pans of fudge. Thank god I bought the disposable pans. We made Dark chocolate with pecans, Dark with walnuts. Semi sweet with macadamia nuts, semi sweet plain. Milk chocolate with walnuts and Milk chocolate plain.

After making all the fudge it was about 1:30 and we decided to break for lunch. Did that, then Gigantor ran a couple errands. Down to deliver some avon, and to get something he needed, and then to post office. Then I had him run by the computer store. I've been having problems with things with graphics lagging and some will show up black screen but I have the noise. I got talking to a couple friends, and thinking. Maybe it's my video card.

So...he ran home and ran the computer in, and they said we had a prehistoric video card. hahahahaha So...we got a new one. Man this is so nice!! Everything plays on it.

Gigantor got home at almost 5. 5!!!!! And we still had shit to do. I found a recipe called Crispy Chocolate Mounds. But I don't like that name. I don't like "mounds" in a food name. So help me out. Do I re name them Crispy Peanut Clusters, or Peanut Cluster Crips??

They were so fricken easy and so good, it's should be illegal. Let me give you all the recipe.

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter chips
1 cup rice krispies
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup salted peanuts

In pan or double boiler melt the chocolate and peanut butter chips. Mix it with the other ingredients, stir well to completely cover. Then by spoonful make mounds on waxed paper on a cookie sheet. Put in refrigerator for about 15 minutes or until set. Should make about 2 dozen.

We didn't have enough fridge room so we stuck the cookie sheets outside for about 10 minutes. hehehehee They were so dam good.

Then Saturday night while Gigantor was making breakfast for dinner. Kiddo and I filled the little goodie bags with vanilla wafers and graham crackers.

Sunday got up at same time. Made one batch of the pumpkin dip, put it in the fridge. Pieced together the plates with fudge and Crisps. Wrapped them in plastic and put labels on them. Captain daddy showed up and I was putting pumpkin dip in bowls, found out we would have to make a second batch. Took a break and captain daddy got us lunch.

He went to a place called Dam Bar and Grill. Got Kiddo a cheese burger that was probably 1/2 lb of beef. Got all of us something called Big Dam Burger. This thing was so huge, the bread was oval shaped. It had lettuce, tomato, burger, cheese, hickory sauce, bacon and onion straws on it. 1 whole lb of beef!!!! We had to cut it in half and could barely eat one half, so yeah we have lunch for today too.

We then finished pumpkin dip, loaded the suburban and went out to do our delivering. It was about 4 in the afternoon when we started. Got held up at one friends house. Got to Gigantor's sisters, and she informes us that his parents are about 15 minutes out (they were almost there) We got in the suburban and I go DRIVE DRIVE GO, GET OUT OF HERE!!! I know I'm so mean.

We finished our delivering about 6:30. And I was dead tired. We had no idea what to do for dinner, usually we do a big family dinner on Sundays. OMG we were so tired. So we went by pizza hut and ordered three of those pizza mia things, and went and looked at a few christmas lights while they cooked. Came home, ate, and died. We were all in bed and passed out by 10:30.

I hope you all had a great weekend though, and are having an even better week.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Dead, I'm Really Dead

Okay lets see... sorry it's been a few days, let me update you a bit I guess. was still snowing at 9 in the morning. Took Kiddo and big J to school, went to the bank and went and got myself some breakfast.

Schools automated system calls to say that school would let out at noon and then be canceled for Thursday. Because of the snow. We don't have snow days, so they don't tack them in, so now we have to make up one day of school. It snowed all day, the little wet flakes. Then it really started coming down in big ass flakes and sticking. So...I made Kiddo run with me to do errands, before it got so bad I couldn't get in and out of the house.

Thursday---I did get to sleep in. Skinny K came over for most the day, it snowed and rained all day. My computer wasn't up for most the day. So...I wrapped. From the moment I got up, till after 5. I wrapped. And you know what. I'm not done. MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER. But you see, I wrap for my sister, her husband, a friend (ship those off) then I wrap for Gigantor's family, for another friend in town (found out her aunt and brother were gonna be here, so had to find them a little something and wrap it), For my aunt and uncle (going to dinner at their house), for my cousin and her husband (they will be in at aunt and uncles hours) For my dad, for Gigantor, for Kiddo. And Captain daddy comes over asking me to wrap his presents. And I'm done, he sticks a lable on it, and the fricken thing is for me. grrrrrrr

And it's not like we have a ton of money or presents. It's that, all my life, I break apart stuff (like if it comes in a set) and I wrap every single little piece, that way it looks like more presents and is more to open. So..yeah I got almost all of it done. A couple things for daddy, and just Gigantor and Kiddo to do, haven't done anything for them yet.

Today (Friday) Gigantor got up and took Kiddo to school, then he ran to exchange something at the game store, which wasn't open, said it would be at 9. So...he went and shipped a box, and got some disposable pans for all the fudge I wanna make. Then went back at almost 9:30 and they still weren't open. grrrrrrr

He was supposed to come home and wake me up, and then we run to walmart before kiddo got out of school for half day, that way we could make some of the goodies this afternoon.

Well he went and spent 40 minutes in the bathroom, and didn't come in to wake me up till I started yelling at him at about 10:15, about why he hadn 't woke me up. So...we had enough time for me to get dressed, get medicine in me and make a list. It was almost 12. Ran back to the game store. Went and got Kiddo, took his friend home. Ran to Taco Bell, grabbed some lunch and went home to eat it.

Went back out to Walmart, spent an hour and a half down there. The stupid ridey carts weren't charged right, so mine died in the first isle, so Kiddo pushed it the whole time. If I kept the button on to go forward it moved really easy. Did all our last minute shopping, plus more gift tags, and food for the pets. And I needed a few more things for goodie making.

Left there, and went and got gas, it was down to 1.77 a gallon. whoooohoooo Then went and delivered a few of my books and christmas cards, and went out to the feed store to get the dry dog food. Went to the post office, and came home. By the time we unloaded the walmart stuff it was 5:30. People came over to get their avon, and I guess Gigantor made arrangements for him and Kiddo to go to the sparring center. *insert evil eye glare here*

I was so dam pissed, cuz I told him we were over half a day behind this weekend, and he wasn't going anywhere unless I told him too, and he was gonna help me get shit done, so I'm not up all fricken night christmas eve. And he decided on his own to leave. At which point I got mad and yelled IF YOU GO ANYWHERE AT ALL THIS WEEKEND THAT I DON'T TELL YOU TOO, THEN YOUR NOT WELCOME TO COME BACK!!!!

He just goes. Yes dear. Then my fricken son started panicing. OMG are you getting a divorce, why can't dad come back here??? ahhhhhhhhhhh So...I had to calm his happy shit down. Dammit!!!!

Anyhow that is my week updated. I told Gigantor we were starting at about 8 in the morning getting the goodies done, and delivering goodie plates that evening along with my avon and books. He's like...Okay I promise we will get it done. But we will wait and see I guess. hhehehehe

I guess I'm better off than Skinny K's parents. They are going out of town tomorrow, cuz they haven't bought one single thing yet. hahahahahha And they have three kids. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay I'm gonna go and drink some pepsi (dammit that we are out of rum) And wait for Gigantor to get home with my kid so we can have some dinner.

Hope you all have a great weekend. And remember to stop and breath, cuz I'm not...I'm just hyperventilating. hahahahahaa

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dam Peanuts!!!!

That is what us, every animal, and our floor looks like around this time of year. hahahahaha

Those peanut things go everywhere, and you can't get them up. We were saving a box full and two garbage bag fulls, so I could use them when I shipped my pressies out. Gigantor packed the boxes so well, we only ended up using half a bag, but it seems the rest are strewn about the house. hahahahaha

OMG it's so fricken cold here.

Saturday night after the horizontal rain, it started snowing. We don't get much snow here. But it was snowing, then there was some thunder with the snow. Freaked me out, I've never heard of thunder with snow. It stayed for half of Sunday then melted off.

So...I had kiddo walk to school yesterday. It was a bit over cast, but was major cold. When he walked home, when he came in the door it was snowing again. It snowed until about 5 this morning, sticking. Only good thing was it was they teeny tiny flakes. is now melting off quite fast. Melting in our heat wave of 35 fricken degree's HAHAHHAHAA

The weather channel says it will probably start snowing again this afternoon/evening and snow all the way through tomorrow night. I wish it was next week, so all the kids could have a white christmas, and snow while they are out of school.

And let me tell ya with the problems I'm having with my knees and back, this snow is not helping. I can barely move. It takes all my strength to walk to the bathroom, and sleep has been near impossible, from all the pain. 5 Ibuprophen don't even touch the pain.

I called today to make an appointment with my doctor, to talk to her about how bad the pain has gotten, see if we can do something else. And I need more meds, we finally got the new insurance cards, so I'm gonna need to get the perscriptions in right away. Earliest appointment they had was January 26th. ahhhhhhhhhh dammit!!!!! So...I took it, so I wouldn't be waiting till fricken March.

I did talk to the "perscription nurse" told her I was gonna run out of meds before then. She said since I had an appointment on the books they would let me have more till then. Thank God!!!

I was so tired and hurting last night, Gigantor was gonna grill some steaks and it was snowing pretty bad, that I went, ummm.... lets order pizza. The guys never complain when I say that. hahahahaha

Okay that's enough of me bitching. Have a good static clingie Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I tried to be Crafty!!

We have had a busy busy weekend. I told you all about our exploits on Friday.
Well....Saturday we got up and ate some brunch and worked on just a few things around the house, floors and stuff.

Gigantor kept saying he was going to work on the fence or run to the store, but he never did either he just sat there. I finally screamed at him real hard, and he got up and worked on the dishwasher, cuz it was not working at all.

A neighbor came over to order some last minute gifts in Avon, then another customer came over and paid a bill and ordered some stuff. By then it was after 3, and we had some running around to do.

We went to a store (fricken thing was closed) then to the post office. Then to my aunts to pick up her avon order. Well she wanted us to come in and she was struggling with her tree. So Gigantor put it up, then uncle got off work, so Gigantor helped him put lights up outside. Then Aunt decided to buy us all pizza. We got home at almost 9. But it was fun.

Today we got up and I had Gigantor set me up a card table and I finished filling out my Christmas cards, and I did up my avon order, so I just have to put it in the computer tomorrow.

He worked on some dishes, and cleaning my "jars". He got them all cleaned and I went to work on them. We made a pumpkin dip that I got off a blog--Kay's Kitchen and we tried it. Dam it's good. So...we are gonna make a couple batches of that, and some fudge and pass it out next weekend as gifts, and these jars also. I said I was feeling crafty. Don't know how good I did, but I recycled too.

You all know I love to buy them candles from my neice. Well....I took a few medium and some large jars of those burned out candles and we cleaned them out really well. I then put on some decals form that Uppercase Living and then filled them with goodies and decorated the tops. They can reuse the jars too. I thought they turned out pretty good. So...I added some pictures.

These are of my work surface and of the jars I was going to be working on. I had all my stuff out there.

This is ove the jars after I put the decals on them. Left, is a candy, middle is a silver snowflake, right is green holy.

More of the one's with decals. Left is gold ornament, middle is red mitten, and right is a bright green stocking.

This is how the back of the jars looked after I finished decorating them. I had some different color schemes going on with the different decals on the front. I think they look so cute. But boy my thumb is sore from all the zipping of the twirlie ribbon.

This is the front of some of the jars. The medium jars have some ribbon like hard candies in them. The big jars have the wrapped soft pepermints. I am going to put in some of the hard ribbon like candy on top of the mints, the day we are handing them out. I didn't do it now, cuz I didn't want it all smelling and tasting like the pepermints. But I think with a goodie plate of fudge and pumpkin dip and a goodie bag with cookies to use in the dip, that this is a nice gift. All I spent money on was the candy. I had the jars from the candles for the past year, I had ribbon and bows, and the decals I traded her an Avon gift for them. About 10 bucks and I have 7 really nice gifts.

I know it's not "Awesome" but for me, I think it's rather crafty.

Okay I'm off, Have a great Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Boy oh Boy my Hoochie Coo Hurts!!!!

Well not exactly my hoochie coo, but the groin muscles right up at the top of my thighs.

I bet that one needs some explaining huh?? Okay I'll get there.

We got up this morning, knowing we had a shit load of shitty shit to do. Gigantor is off on Fridays member???

So...get kiddo to school, then Gigantor goes and checks on the medical insurance cuz we still haven't gotten cards, and I only have 3 weeks left of all my pills. Ummm yeah I need to get in and get some meds pretty dam quick.

So...I get up and get all the stuff out to start wrapping the stuff I have to mail. Gigantor went in the kitchen and made us some bacon, cut up and put in scrambled eggs. Nice good protein packed breakfast to give us energy, and I was on my 2nd refil mug full of coffee. hahahaha

We watched a tape while I wrapped. And I wrapped my friend Roo's stuff (mail it to her in phoenix) and wrapped Alekx and the House Elf's stuff. Got it boxed up. And man my legs were cramping, I was having to hold them in weird possitions. And I've been having so many problems past few months, it just hurt.

Then we took off and went to True Value. The U.P.S. store closed here, so only place intown to send off U.P.S. stuff is true value. So...I'm sitting in the suburban while Gigantor is in mailing the boxes off. And I'm watching the old guy ringing the red cross bell.

And he's standing there ringing slowly. Then all of a sudden he starts pacing a little and rining a bit more quickly. I giggled to myself and thought. I bet he has to pee. Then he started pacing real hard, and putting one leg crossing the other, and holding onto the pole with the red pot on it, and boy that bell was going a million miles and hour. I'm thinking OMG this old guy is gonna crap or pee his pants. Well the door opens, it was Gigantor, and this guy picks up the pole and red pot, and basicly runs Gigantor over to get inside, and he drops it off, then I can see him through the glass store front. You can see his red santa hat, go like 100 gazillion miles an hour to the back. This old as a fart guy was running as fast as he could. Gigantor gets in the car, and I go. Yup, had to pee. He looked at me perplexed, then asked me if I seen the guy run him over. hahahahhaa

We then went to a place called Gabcor Games and bought some magic cards for stocking stuffers, and to give two of our friends for christmas.

We went to the school to make sure my son was staying after school to catch up on homework. They said yes, and I was like oh good, we can go to walmart. It was 2:15 and I knew it would take us a while, and kiddo was supposed to be in homework till 4:30.

We go to walmart and I get on a ridey cart, and we had to go all over that dam store to find the stuff I needed. I did get some good stuff though. But my groin muscles started hurting. Cuz with my weight, the lymphadema, and my knees, it's more cumphy to sit all sprawled out like a guy. Well in them ridey carts you have to have your legs all together real nice. And OMG those muscles hurt doing that for the 2 hours we were there.

Oh man half way through the store the Kiddo calls on the cell phone to tell us he's done with his homework. We are like, ummm well tough, your gonna have to sit on the bench out front of the school till we get there, about a half hour. And yup it took us a half hour to get up there. hahahaha Poor kid.

We then ran home for potty breaks, and unloading, then back out to circle K for drinks, and to the post office and down to Gigantor's sisters to drop off some sewing.

Man I am tired, and my hoochie coo muscles hurt like hell.

I need to work them out more I guess. hahahahahahaha

Hope you all have a good weekend, and get your hoochie coo muscles pulled too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What the Hell??? Moments

Oh man I've had alot of What the Hell??? moments lately.

First Blogger won't let me comment, it's a wonder it did this post. I have gone and left the same comment 3 or 4 times on a blog and it won't post it. WHAT THE HELL???

Last night my son had a concert (he's in percussion) I got dressed nice, put on makeup, jewelry, perfume, took pain meds so I could do the walk with my knees and legs and back. Then....I got major sick to my stomach. I thought I caught what he had. I had to bail and make Gigantor just go alone. I laid down for a bit and it went away. WHAT THE HELL??? I wanted to go real bad, but didn't want to have the uncontrollable puking that goes with what he had. But it seems it was that thing when I get over tired and get rather sick. grrrrr

My rat dog, hates the neighbor lady. The sweet, young, shy, raising her 11 year old sister, has a new baby, neighbor lady. Foxy will hit the door begging to go out, then bark and growl non stop at her. And this poor lady...her dryer is outside, and with the baby, does laundry every day. Then gets verbally assaulted by my dam dog. WHAT THE HELL???

Then....we will call the dog in, or go spank her when we yell at her, and she will run it and jump on the couch, flop on her back shaking, looking all guilty, and if you even look at her, she pisses. WHAT THE HELL????

It's so bad, it's made this sweet young thing (the neighbor lady not the dog) cry a couple times. She thinks we hate her, and we have to keep saying, no, it's our dumb ass dog that has attitude. Poor neighbor lady.

My dishwasher is making a god aweful noise. Like a wash machine when it's off ballance. And right before Christmas too. WHAT THE HELL???

Every time my dad has come over in the past 4 weeks, he has been wearing the same t-shirt. WHAT THE HELL??? I'm hoping he's washing it somewhere in between. Seeing as he does laundry here, and he's wearing it each time he comes's making me wonder. I'm trying to decide if the t-shirt was grey to begin with. But if I think about it to much *shudder*

Okay something that really bugs me, I don't know why, but I HATE it.

You know those little dance groups that are the old old old ladies??? The one's that think they look so cute??? Dress up in little tiny mini skirt shit??? Dance around with no timing??? Always wear red??? WHAT THE MOTHER HUMPING HELL????

I'm sorry, I mean I love seeing older people getting out and doing all sorts of stuff. But these women just piss me off. They wear mini skirts, and try to look sexy, and they dance saying they have been practicing all year, and not a single one of them is doing the same dam dance. They can barely lift their feet, they wear really high heels WHAT THE HELL??? Someone is gonna break a hip I swear.

Okay I'm gonna go have more coffee, and cuss at blogger more.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

December Tornado

Man we were so busy this weekend, that it felt like a tornado whipped through here.

Friday, Gigantor was off, we got up and I got all my out of country packages/cards ready to go. I balanced both check books, and did up some deposits. We then went and got money from Captain Daddy to get him some muscle relaxant stuff cuz he threw out his back. We went to the bank, post office, store, to get something to eat, to pick up avon, to get the kid, to get gas, to post office again, then home.

I wrote up my avon and got it all ready. Got kiddo ready so he could go to a church christmas party with skinny K's mom. And got ourselves ready for Gigantor's company party. We went to the party, and I got a text saying Kiddo was throwing up. We came home and he threw up every hour on the hour the entire night. My little heathen is allergic to churches or something. hehehehehe

Saturday we got up early to go have breakfast with Captain Daddy cuz his birthday was Friday and he turned 68. He wouldn't answer his phone, he showed up here when we were out looking for him. Finally we found him and he said how about lunch later. So...i went to my hair appointment, then we went and paid some bills and to the post office. Asked Captain Daddy about lunch and he wanted to try for Breakfast on Sunday instead. uggghhh

So...went and delivered my avon and delivered books, then went to Walmart and Bashas. Come home to make some hot dogs for dinner, and our friend D showed up, so had him for dinner, then both me and Gigantor kept falling asleep on the couch, so D left.

As we went to bed we caught a 2nd wind and was up till like 2 in the morning. uggghhh. Got up at 7 and went to breakfast with Captain Daddy, had a nice time.

Came home and cleaned the rest of the living room and got all my christmas decorations up. Gigantor ran back to the store, and I made out bills. Then Big J's mom came over and we played in my makeup, so she could find the type she wanted/needed from avon.

I made out a few cards, and Gigantor grilled some steaks. We ate dinner and watched the wonderfully boring as stinky ass movie Cyclops. hahahahahaha

Now just waiting for the kid to shower and dogs to eat, I think I'm going to bed early.

I hope you all had a great weekend. And have a good Monday.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Lookie what I got, lookie lookie.

Miranda gave me an award. Apparently she gave it to me a long time ago, but I missed it. hehehehehe I'm not sure if I'm supposed to pass it on or not, but I think you all make me happy enough to piddle. So you must give me happy feet. hehehehehe

In other news why do my rat dog and cat have to torment each other.

When I got Foxy, the cat was not happy, not at all. They have had a hate hate relationship ever since.

They don't attack each other cuz they know I will beat their butts.

But the cat will be up on the couch with me. The big three cushioned couch, that has plenty of room. And Foxy has to jump up and lay right on top of him. Sit on him, and tramp all over him. I spank her and throw him down, but by that time the cat got pissed and left.

Then Foxy will be in under the comforter on the bed (one of her favorite places to sleep) and the cat will jump on the bed, sniff all over it till he finds her, and stand right on top of her. She starts growling and wiggling, and he just stands there with all his weight. I spank him and throw him down, but by that time the dog has jumped down.

Sigh....that must be what it's like to have multiple children huh???

Okay well before I leave you, one last question.

You ever had a sharp fart??? You know the one's that feel like it has spikes on it, hurts your bungholio?? Gigantor says they are farts with corners. hahahaha
Okay now that I got that visual in your head I will leave you all for the day.

And don't deny it, we all fart, it's a fact and I know you probably have had a spikey one at some time in your life. Makes me laughing thinking of everyone who will deny it. hahahahahahaa

Okay have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Great Monkey Bread Experiment

Okay I had some of you ask what monkey bread was, and others wonder what the hell I was talking about.

Let me sorta set the stage here.

I saw Paula Deen doing a kids cooking show and they made Monkey bread.

4 cans of canned buscuits, cut them in half roll them into balls
1/2 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons cinnamon mixed put on a plate. Roll balls around in the mixture till coated.
Drop balls down into a greased bundt pan
On stove melt
3/4 cup butter and 1 cup brown sugar. Let boil for one minute, pour all over top of buscuit balls.
Cook in 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Let cool 10 minutes, then invert onto plate, and eat warm.

Sounds pretty easy right??? RIGHT????

Well unless you are a dumb ass dork like me. First, I thought I had one of those regular old metal bundt pans. Ummmm wrong!!!!

What I had was a ceramic bundt pan. A ceramic one that is only about half the height of the metal one.

Did that make me think twice about how much shit I crammed in it??? Well it should have.

Did I stop to think about how much canned biscuits increase in size?? Well I should have!!!!

So...I proceed to squish the 4 cans of canned biscuits in this much to short bundt pan. Maybe I should have actually thought twice that they were up to the tippy top of the pan before baking. Ummm but no, that would take some brains.

Maybe I should have thought twice when all the yummy brown sugar/butter mixture was having a hard time pouring on the top cuz it was so full. Well I didn't. What I did was use a steak knife to squish biscuits out of the way, so the yummy mixture could soak all the way to the bottom.

Feeling very pleased and proud of myself we stuck the concoction in the oven. Thank god for some reason Gigantor decided it would be a good idea to put the bundt pan on top of a cookie sheet.

35 minutes, timmer goes DING!!! Open the oven and we all say. OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????

Ummm well all the biscuits had majorly expanded in size (like they are supposed too) And remember I had them crammed to the tippy top. They were all still stuck together, but this monkey bread thing looked like it had tenticles. They were stretching out all over the place. It had risen a good 4 inches up above the pan and stretched out reaching for salvation in all dirrections. And all the one's that were on the "outside" of the pan were hard. They were monkey bread rocks. hahahaha

Gigantor pulls it out of the oven, him and kiddo look at me. I shrug and go.....oooops. lmao it was so funny. We really should have remembered to get a picture.

Well we took a machete and hacked off the tenticles, and threw them at our enemies. then we inverted it on a plate, and the part that was in the pan was perfect. Oooey and goooey and hot and sticky. It's an amazing cinnamon sticky bun experience. You just pull it apart and eat. And that's what we did.

Lesson learned. Unless I get a big metal bundt pan, I will only be using 2 cans of canned biscuits in this one at a time. hahahahahahhaa

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!!!!