Monday, December 31, 2007

Come on 2008, I can hardly wait!!!

I can hardly wait for 2008. I have had a rather bad 2007. It's not all been bad, but let me tell you it all hasn't been good either.

2007 saw the three of us sick, back to back to back. All Three of us, three times sick. That was January, and I was still recuperating from my fall on Christmas eve. Also Jan 17th was the first anniversary of my mothers death so it was a bad day, and sent me into a spiral of depression.

2007 two good friends lost their dad, one to a horrid accident and one to suicide.
2007 also had 4 other deaths of people we knew.

In March we had to put our old basset hound down. I was hard but the best thing possible. 2007 we also had to bury our poor Flutter. (parakeet)

2007 has not had my dad in the best of health. Blood clots, cardiologists, all sorts of stuff.

2007 was the year of surgeries and teeth, and surgeries because of teeth. Surgery for me, for Alekx for the house elf. Teeth problem for me and kiddo.

2007 One sister in law with her family moved back, and found out yesterday that one more is coming back. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now it wasn't all bad. I got to see Alekx and House Elf, we got a new dog, a new parakeet, Kiddo started middle school, and we are all still alive and kicking.

I would just really like to start the new year and hope that it goes better than last year. I'm not holding my breath though.

My wish for all of you this year. That if the year can't be perfect. That you all stay full of love, and hope, and stay alive and kicking when it's all said and done. That you all are happy with what you are given, and take the time to tell the one's you love that you love them.

And for all of you to keep on bloggin, cuz god knows I would go insane without reading all of you out there. You keep me going. I adore you all, and wish you all a very very.



Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm so cold my nipples won't behave.

Holy pointed nipples batman it's fricken cold here. Been dam cold all day, hell all weekend.

We took our Christmas decorations down today. We watched movies as we took them down. We watched The Nanny Diaries. It was pretty good. I was just ticked that with all the phone calls we got it took almost 4 fricken hours to watch that movie. Then we watched Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Zoom. I like both those movies.

The mother in law called to say they were doing a dinner tonight at the sister in law's. One of the sister in law is in town with her son, they are leaving tomorrow. And I just found out they are moving back in March. Okay somebody shoot me now. grrrrrrrrr

It actually wasn't a bad dinner, we all sat around the table making fun of the Nieces husband. hehehehe All the kids were outside on the trampoline freezing their tooshes off.

Came home and now I have a flipping soar throat. I think it was from all the wood smoke. But it's bugging the shit out of me, and I don't want to be sick.

We had to tackle the multi toed cat. Poor Bugsy. With all them extra toes, he has one nail that will grow around in a circle and grow into his foot. I had him in the vet before to get it cut out. They said it would probably grow back. Well it did, and we don't have any dam money to go to the vet. So...three times Gigantor tried to get him wrapped up last night, and that cat tried to kill everyone in the house.

Tonight we wrapped all but the one leg in a jacket, then Gigantor held his 17lb ass up by the scruff of the neck and in the other arm put his body in the jacket in a vice grip. I grabbed his paw and turned it over, and had to pinch parts back to get to that nail. He was so pissed and hurting. And Ick there was puss all over. I got it trimmed, and had to pull it out of his foot. And this huge piece came out, and then the smell hit me and I was almost sick. There was a huge hole in the pad of his foot, and puss and blood.

We let the kitty go and went and found the Bactine, and then had to re catch and wrap him so I could douse the thing in bactine. Last time when we went to the vet they gave us some antibiotics cuz it was infected. I'm hoping with the medicine and him licking it, that I won't have to go that far. But dam it was gross.

The things we do for pets we love.

Well keep me in your thought that I don't get sick from this sore throat. I have to much to do.

Have a good ummm Monday everyone!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh my Gosh

Holy cow, I said I would only be gone from posting for a couple days. hehehehehe guess that stretched out a bit.

I was so tired the day after Christmas, must have been to much running non stop for two weeks. I finally dragged my ass out of bed, and sat down to watch a movie with Kiddo, and fell asleep during the movie. I slept until Gigantor got home. I couldn't wake up to save my life. But I felt so much better the next day.

Yesterday, Captain Daddy came over, and we did a bunch of his shit. He showed up again today. The heater in his little travel trailer is broke, and the guy can't start to fix it till the 7th. We have offered him to come back down here, but he won't. Only so much I can do.

Kiddo and I have been building leggo's. He got a Naboo fighter and drone ship, a Y wing fighter, a big drone carrier and an Imperial Walker. They are hard as hell. lol

I got some goodies for Christmas. Gigantor got me some clothes (shirts and jammies) and an MP3 player. I've never used one so will have to figure it out. Captain Daddy got me a goblet that has a pewter dragon wrapped around it, and he got me a set of small pewter dragons and a dragon that sits on the computer. A friend got me a goofy reindeer and some books I wanted. Mother in Law got me a windchime. And Alekx and the house elf got us a video camera whoooohooooo baby!!!! hehehehhe

And Santa got me some movies. New Harry Potter, Pirates 3, three old one's Boogeyman (I had this one, but father in law lost it), Crank, and The Holiday.

This weekend we will be taking all the christmas decorations down, and being tired again. lol

Okay I'm off to help build more leggo's.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to wish all of my blogger family a very Merry Christmas!!!!

I probably won't be around Monday or Tuesday, to much to do and to little time.

May you all have the bestest most loving Christmas!!!!

I hope it is full of tons of love and laughs for everyone!!!!

I hope the love, warmth and meaning of the season envelopes all of you!!!

I hope that it touches all of man kind and they could go on and feel that way every day!!!

But most off all I wish all my friends on here, peace, and comfort, and joy, and love!!!

I may be snarky but I do care about you all!!!!!

God Bless and Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Some Busy's and Pressies and early night

Okay so today wasn't so bad, still tired, but not as bad. I took Kiddo to school, he only had a half day. After I picked him up, we ate lunch together and I wrapped some pressies

Gigantor got off, and we went to walmart. Had to get Captain Daddy a couple things, and got stocking stuff, and regular stuff we needed.

Come home and made a couple plates with goodies and apple butter to take up to our friend D, and Gigantors parents. They are all leaving tomorrow for out of town. Then went to the Nieces and got my candles.

I got some things in the mail I wanna show you all.

A dear blogger buddy, Cookie Monster, well him and I have been talking on messenger for a few months. He found out my son loved military history, and he likes the history of WW2. Soooooo.... All the way from London, Cookie sent these for Kiddo for Christmas.

He sent us a Christmas pudding also, cuz I had never heard of or tried one before. And some Orange Hot cocoa, I can't wait to try it. Thank you so much Cookie!!!! Your the best!!!!

shhhhhhhhhh don't tell, I'm sending him a box right after christmas. I had to make something to go in it before I could send it.
Then I went to the post office today and had a package from Melodyann over at ShooFly blog. She put together a gift exchange. We all got names and you could only spend 5 bucks, but look at the awesomeness she sent me. Crossword puzzles and the cutest mini mechanical pens. And the most awesomest fuzzy socks!!!! Thank you so much Melodyann!!!!! I heart you!!!!!
I have recieved lots of cards from you blogger buddies, (not all of these in the pick are just from blogger buddies) but I would like you to see how I display the cards, cuz I love them so. I cover the inside of my front door, then they start bleeding over to the wall as you can see. Thank you all my blogger buddies!!!! I heart you all too!!!!! hehehehe
I'm gonna go get a shower and have my ass in bed before midnight tonight. You all just watch. hehehehe

Have a wonderful weekend everyone if I don't post again before Monday!!!!

I heart all of you!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Late one

Oh my gosh it's another late night. I got kiddo to school and read some blogs, then I started wrapping. I still have so much to do. I know you all hear me say that every day. But lets look at this for a moment.

--I grew up poor, so we didn't have alot of presents (hell I'm still poor and it's that way)
--Mom would wrap up every little thing so we had "tons" of pressies under the tree.
--I do the same thing.
--I've gone as far as to wrap batteries for things and put them in stockings.
--Take socks out of the package and wrap them one pair at a time.

That way it always seems like there is tons and tons of presents under the tree. I get lots of little stuff, or stuff that has other stuff with it, and I wrap everything individually.

2nd reason I'm doing so much!!! I WRAP FOR FRICKEN EVERYONE!!! I used to say I wrapped for everyone but myself, but this year after I wrapped some stuff for Captain Daddy he said it was my presents, so now I'm even wrapping my own.
Who I wrap for
--brother in law
--Gigantors parents
--2 very close (call them my sisters) friends.
--Other of Gigantors family he might have got a gift
--And co workers for secret santa or christmas parties
--Captain Daddy
--Captain daddy's stuff to kiddo
--Captain daddy's stuff to gigantor
--and apparently captain daddy's stuff to me.

Anyhow after wrapping Gigantor came home and we went to bank and delivered some avon. Went and got Kiddo and took him to the eye doctor. Delivered more Avon, went to the store, and cooked elk and deer steak. After dinner got up and made three batched of peanut butter bars. Got Gigantors apple butter and cards for his coworkers ready.

Here is where I need to ask for prayers or good wishes sent. At Kiddo's eye appointment. The doctor sent him out of the room to talk to us. Kiddo's eyes have changed so drastically in just one year, he's concerned about something. So far not that big a concern, but it could get bad in a hurry. He's suspecting he has a disease called Karataconus. Basically its a very thin cornea. So thin that he would need hard contact lenses to protect it, and if that didn't help it could go as far as a cornea transplant. Now all this is just suspicion right now, and in a year we may have to go for bigger, badder tests. And in a year it could prove to not be that. Just if you would send up a little prayer for the latter. I would hate for my baby 11 year old to...I mean... know what I mean.

Okay gonna stop being so down and leave you with two goodies, I know long post again.

1st is a recipe

Southwest wraps

1 block cream cheese (softened)
1 cup sour cream
1 can diced olives
1 can green chillies
1/2 cup chopped green onions
(you can add salsa or pimento's or whatever you want)

With electric mixer, mix cream cheese and sour cream till smooth. dump in olives, chilies and green onions till smooth.

Spread on tortilla's leave 1/4 of tortilla at one end blank, roll up (it will squeeze to the blank end, if you don't leave it blank you have stuff squeeze all over)

Cut in inch and a half pieces. Good stuff

Then also a little you tube thingie. It says it's a drunk Reindeer, but I feel like this goofy now, but without the benefit of alcohol. hehehe

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!


What a busy busy day yesterday. Got Kiddo off to school, and then Captain daddy came over. He sat down and helped me wrap some gifts. He wrapped about 4 or 5 to my 15, but hey that's 4 or 5 less I have to do. hehehe

Went and got kiddo, checked mail, and had to bust ass home to meet up with a different computer guy that was helping load a writing program for kiddo.

He left, we got dinner, (was gonna finish canning the apple butter after). More problems with avon, so I start making phone calls again. It was supposed to be on on Monday. All sorts of people had Christmas stuff and secret santa stuff they needed for today. Apparently the truck out of California left a pallet there, now not a small one, but one with like 800 boxes on it. grrrrr They ended up expiditing it by UPS. So guaranteed by Wed. 8 at night I was starting to panic a bit.

We got up and started putting the apple butter in jars, then I started on grinding up graham crackers for more peanut butter bars. Then UPS showed up, so I was tearing into the avon to get all the secret santa stuff pulled and bagged. About 9:30, we put peanut butter bars on hold till today. Gigantor starts cooking the bake and serve cookies Kiddo needs for two school parties, and I work on the avon. When all was said and done it was about midnight.

We fell into bed. I was right to sleep. Then about 2, I get woken up to a weird noise. I listen, and I hear it again, and the whole bed shakes. Each time the noise is made the fricken bed jerks. I hear WOKICK!! WOKICK!!! WOKICK!!! Squeaky and all. Then my brain un fuzzed enough to realize that GIGANTOR HAD THE FLIPPIN HICKUPS IN HIS SLEEP!!! He was so dam rude, he didn't even have enough courtesy to wake up and be misserable through them. Neither I or the dog could sleep with WOKICK WOKICK WOKICK and the bed jerking. grrrrrrrrr

I hit him, I kicked him, I poked him with my nails, hell I even threw the dog at him. He would not wake up and he would not stop. ahhhhhhhhhhhh god help me. I finally put on my headphones and turned my music on to try and drown out the noise.

So...I'm up and tired. Just had some toast with apple butter, and having some coffee, before I get my ass in gear and do more wrapping.

Hope you all have a great and wonderful Thursday. Remember only 5 days until Christmas. ahahahahhaa

Gonna leave you with a little video, I don't know why, but I love this kid!!! Talented too, so that always helps.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What fuckity fuck day is it???

Oh my gosh, I was so busy today, I don't even know what day it is. grrrr and lol hehehehe

I took Captain Daddy to the doctor today. They are gonna take him off of the blood thinners. whooohoooo but put him on another medication. boooo hisssssss And I need to get him on Fos Free, I take that. And I need to get him measured and get compression hose for his legs.

Then he bought me lunch and after lunch we both fell asleep on the couch. hehehehe

He went home, and I peeled eggs, went and got kiddo and got mail.

I got a package from Cookie Monster, I'll have to put up photo's he sent some orange hot cocoa, and a christmas pudding and a couple books for Kiddo. They are about WW2 in britain and the Blitz. My son is very much into military and war history, I know he's gonna love them. Thank you so much Cookie Monster I so heart you. hehehehe

We busted a water valve outside so Gigantor was fixing that, so instead of him helping me, I was busy making the three dishes for his potluck party tomorrow. Southwest wraps...maybe I'll do that recipe later. A pasta salad thingie, and deviled eggs.

Then Captain Daddy came back down and we got chinese. We had a gift certificate, so it ended up costing us a dollar fifty. hehehehe. Then Gigantor and I peeled and cored and cooked and set up apples for another double batch of apple butter. I'm pooped now.

Okay gonna go but gonna leave you with a recipe, and a fun little thing to do.

Have a great Wednesday everyone, and remember ONLY 6 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!! *ducks lamp thrown at head*


1 1/4 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup butter--softened (1 1/2 sticks)
2 cups powdered sugar
3 cups graham cracker crumbs

3 cups chocolate chips
3/4 cup peanut butter

Grease 9x13 inch baking pan
Beat peanut butter and butter in large bowl until creamy. Beat in 1 cup powdered sugar. With spoon or hands work in remaining powdered sugar and graham cracker crumbs.
Press evenly into prepared baking pan.

Melt peanut butter and chocolate chips in sauce pan or double boiler. Spread over crust in pan. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Cut in one inch squares and enjoy. Store in refrigerator.

They are soooooooooooo good.

then to leave you with. Can't see the words on my blog, but that says that I am Blitzen.

You Are Blitzen

Always in good spirits, you're the reindeer who loves to party down with Santa.

Why You're Naughty: You're always blitzed on Christmas Eve, while flying!

Why You're Nice: You mix up a mean eggnog martini.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Couple things today

Oh my gosh the house smelled so good all day!!! Soooooooo good. I was quite busy doing some cards, (to hand out to in town and my customers), doing some little thank you gifts for some customers, and wrapping some other gifts. And doing the apple butter. I've had a few requests for this easy squeezie recipe. So.....

Apple Butter

10 cups peeled, cored, apples.
6 cups sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp ground cloves.

You can use paraffin in your jars, or not, I don't, I just use the canning jelly jars. It usually never last long enough to need the paraffin. A double batch does 12 8 oz jars.

Anywhoo. Cook the apples in a big pot, (just boil till soft) Put them in a blender to make nice and smooth.

Put apples in the slow cooker, add sugar , cinnamon, allspice and cloves. Stir well.

Cover and cook in the slow cooker for 17 hours, stir every once in a while. Take the lid off the last 2 hours of cooking.

Boil your jars, and fill them hot, set them to the side and they will pop/seal in 12 to 24 hours. Keep refrigerated after opening.

If you don't jar it at all, keep it in a plastic dish in the refrigerator, it will last a week or two. But usually doesn't last that long around here. hehehehe

Now just for shits and giggles I have to leave you with a video.

Not only does this explain how the dinosaurs really became extinct, but it also brings tons of giggles from 11 year old boys. And they play it over and over again.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!!

Randomness and busy weekend.

Well happy Monday to everyone!!! Isn't it sad when you are glad it's Monday so maybe you can get some rest??

The Suburban isn't running right still. It is running a bit better. We are hoping with a couple more doses of boost and heat (gas additives) that it will be running fine then. I've never gotten bad gas before (in the car people...sheesh) So this was a first for me.

My house smells soooooooooo good right now. Mixture of apples, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. Making some apple butter and it has to cook for 17 hours in the crock pot. But OMG the smell.

Okay now I'm gonna tell you all about my weekend. hehehee Just so you can see I was a busy little Burfica.

Saturday Gigantor got up and was to work at 6 a.m. After he got off he ran to walmart and got the stuff I needed for the candle party and he got stuff for his work pot luck on Wed.

I got me and Kiddo up and fed, and then I wrapped a couple gifts.

Helped Gigantor put stuff away, and then started cleaning up the house. We didn't have to do much, straighten the living room, do dishes, clean off the table.
1/4 of the table is my "desk" for avon, 1/4 of it is Gigantors junk pile, and I had wrapping and stuff all over it. Got everything but the floors done.

It's about noon at this time. Gigantor went up to help the Uncle start butchering his elk. The uncle wanted a calf, but ended up getting a cow, so it was much bigger than he thought. So he said if we help butcher he would give us some meat. Which is nice, seeing as all the money we spent on hunting and Gigantor got nothing.

Kiddo and I hung some laundry. Then I was peeling, coring and dicing apples, while he was putting dishes away. Well a heavy green bowl fell out of the cupboard and hit him on the head, then shattered all over the floor. I screamed OH SHIT, cuz it startled me, plus it hit his head. He started crying and appoligizing. He wasn't crying out of pain, he thought I would be so mad. I kept telling him it was okay, accidents happen, then I had to yell at him not to move, cuz he was barefoot. So I got that cleaned up.

I got my 10 cups of apples all done and in the fridge, and it was about 3, so me and Kiddo went over to uncles.

They were working on the 2nd quarter. They did the two front quarters first. Kiddo and I got put to work doing the hamburger. They had a big bowl of scrap, and we had an electric grinder and some cut up pork fat, and we got to work.

We ground up the hamburger then I got to work separating it and wrapping it in plastic wrap, to keep air out. Then you wrap it in butcher/freezer paper, and label and date it. I got 30 packages of elk burger off the front end. Then I helped wrap all the other meat. Steaks, roast, stew meat...etc....

Finished the front end and it was about 6 that evening. Cleaned up some and Uncle ordered some pizza. After pizza we got busy working on one of the hind quarters. gahhh we shouldn't have done that, cuz there is much more meat on the ass end of an elk. lol

We got home about 11 that night, and were so tired we just poured into bed. I'm not even sure if we fed the dogs. uggghhhh

Sunday, we set the alarm for 6. gahhh

Got up and did the floors, and made home made peanut butter bars with chocolate on top. I'll post that recipe soon. OMG soooo good. Then I cut up meat and cheese and made a tray of it.

Then it was 9:30, went to Uncles. He made us some eggs, then we finished up the last quarter of the elk. He put me to work doing all the wrapping, then I did the hamburger with Kiddo and more wrapping. He said I was so quick wrapping and did such a good job, that I just got designated to do that. LOL

We ate the leftover pizza, then Gigantor helped him load the elk in the freezer. Uncle took out some deer he still had in there and a good 1/4 of the elk and put it in an ice chest and gave it to us. whoooohooooooo!!!!!

But I did make and wrap 58 packages of elk burger, and wrapped 30 packages of steak, 9 or 10 roasts, some tips, and tenderloins. Man I was dreaming of plastic wrap and wrapping meat. hehehehe

We came home at 1 and finished a cookie tray and the peanut butter bar tray and made some punch.

Then Gigantor took a nap on the couch, and people showed up. Had a nice candle party. The people that came ordered enough that I got 30 dollars off my order. I ordered 5 big candles. Now those candles are usually 15 bucks or some a bit smaller are 12 each. After all my discounts, I got the 5 for 42 dollars. That is not bad at all. whoooohooooo

We then cleaned up after everyone left, and Gigantor made a rock on pork tenderloin. We watched some t.v. then got up and cooked all those apples. Then put them in the food processer, and realized that we needed a good double batch. So I went to peeling, coring and cutting again. I only had enough for 8 cups instead of 10, but we went with it.

Got the apple butter all ready to go, and then cleaned up the kitchen and stuff. Turned the apple butter on and went to bed. gahhhh I was tired.

Today is a massive amounts of coffee day.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a good Monday, this post is so long, I'm gonna stop it here.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's late and I'm goofy as hell

Okay it's late night blogging here and I'm goofy as hell. I can't even think straight.

The lady did come to get me so I could get my nails done. Thought I would add a couple pictures of it.

This is picture number one!!!
This is picture number two!!!
Gigantor did get the suburban fixed. Well fixed enough to drive. We put in a new fuel filter and some gas additives and good junk. It's running better but the check engine light is still on. Could be cuz it's still sputtering a bit till we get all that junk out of it.

We went to the parade of lights tonight. It was a bit dissapointing, but it was still fun. I mean they didn't have many things in it and only a couple were creative.

I have to do a ton of shit next couple days. I have to totally clean up the kitchen and living room (which is a disaster). Cuz I'm having a candle party on Sunday. Gigantor has to work, then he's running to the store when he gets off. I need stuff for the party and stuff for his holiday pot luck. I then have to make the stuff for the party (just a desert thingie and come meat and cheese and crackers) But I also wanted to peel and core the gazillion apples I have. Get them cooked and chopped up and in the crock pot for apple butter. But apparently Gigantor promised the uncle we would go up at noon and stay all day to help butcher the elk. grrrrrrrr

I am so tired I'm not sure what I just typed. All I can think about right now is how nice it would be to have an orgasm, not that I want sex, to tired, just the orgasm. And I keep thinking about how nice a bowl of apple jacks would be in the morning.

I'm going to bed!!! Have a good weekend everyone.

Cosmic Turd is back

That cosmic turd that was shitting on my head for so long is back. I swear...I dunno how to make it go away.

We went in and the principal isn't there till Monday. But we did talk to the band teacher, got a few things straightened out. Going to go back on Monday and talk to her and the principal and get it all straightened out.

The concert went well, and Kiddo had tons of fun, so that is all good. He looked so dam cute!! hehehehe

On the way to the concert my suburan was acting weird. Coughing and sputtering. After the concert it was doing it worse, almost died on us a couple times.

Started it this morning to warm up and it was doing it real bad. It kept revving itself to right that, and it seemed to be running okay. On the way up to drop Kiddo off at school, the service engine light came on. After I dropped him off, it coughed and lurched and tried to die the entire way home. I brought it home and just parked it.

Gigantor and the mechanic from his work thinks it could be one of three things. I'll put them in order of what I wish they are.
1. The fuel filter, we are hoping for not an inline one, but even inline is better than the alternatives. Cost a bit and is a bitch to put in, but is doable.
2. The fuel pump. Cost quite a bit and is a major bitch to put in. lol But still doable
3. The internal computer. Cost way to much, impossible to buy and put in, will just take the suburban, stick some antlers on it, and pretend it's a fucking elk and shoot at the thing. Cuz that's all it will be good for then.

But no matter what it is. I have no money, and to break down right before Christmas?? WTF???

So...anyhow, I hope Gigantor can get it fixed tonight. In the mean time, I'm calling around scrambling. Trying to find rides to and from places. Trying to find someone to get my kid after school. Of course Gigantor's parents have two cars but god forbid they should loan us one for a day or two. grrrrrr

And to put the icing on the cake. I guess our thermostat in the house has to remind us every so often that it is going out as well. The thermometer says it's 62 degree's in here, yet I had to turn the heat up to 86 before I could get it to kick on.

And it's snowing hailing here. Can't make up it's mind, so it's doing both. Now as I don't mind either. But it's all blue skys around this one cloud, and it's been dumping on us for over an hour now. lol And I wish it would be clear till Gigantor can get the suburban fixed.

Okay that's my pissy Friday. Hope you all have a better one. hehehehe

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not a happy Camper

I'm not really a happy camper today. I've been fighting with the school for the past few days. Let me try to give you the short version.

Stupid ass band teacher is failing Kiddo because he can't do the tests. She is supposed to make special compensations for his disabilities but she won't. Talked to her a few times about it. Then she said he could play one instrument, I bought all the stuff, then she wouldn't let him play it. He doesn't like what he's playing now.

Then they are having a Christmas concert tomorrow night.
1. She told the kids they all had to get black pants, white shirt, tie, and a santa hat. If they didn't have these they wouldn't be allowed to play in the concert.

I had black pants for him, but they don't fit. I don't have money to go get more. He doesn't own a white shirt. This family doesn't do white. It would just get ruined first time we wore it. I ended up calling the principal. He said Kiddo would get to play no matter what. Band teacher was pissed. They went and bought him a black pair of pants. I borrowed a white shirt. They said they would provide santa hat.

2. She has been marking 2 points off of his grade every day that he doesn't bring a santa hat in.

Oh hell no!!! they said they would provide one, why is she taking points off his grade.

3. She just barely gave them a paper today saying that they had practice after school, wanted them to walk 4 blocks up hill carrying their instruments (a fucking tuba people) Then the paper said if they didn't have their hats and other stuff at practice, they couldn't play in the concert.

OH hell no!!!!! again!!!!!! She tried telling Kiddo he couldn't play in the concert because I didn't bring him a hat. Ummm you are supposed to fucking provide it.

4. She tried telling my son that he couldn't play in the concert because he didn't have his mouthpiece today, he misplaced it in another class. And not that he needs it. Seeing as the tuba he has has a broken valve and won't even play. He keeps telling her and she keeps saying he is lying.

OH FUCK ME NO!!!! She is going to fucking listen, and since it won't play, she is going to let me bring up the beat up piece of shit he has at home for practice that she gave him. At least it will play and he can play in the concert.

5. She is still trying to get him stopped from playing in the concert.

We are meeting with the principal tomorrow, and gonna demand to talk to her. The concert stuff, his grade and bringing a different tuba is going to be all worked out. GOING TO BE!!!! Then I am switching his music class for next semester.

She won't work with me, he's fucking out of her class. I know all his friends are in band, but he is hating it so bad, cuz she won't get the fuck off his back about stuff that he can't do or that isn't his fault.

I'm putting him in a "general music" class. They study all types of music. Classical, native american, african, all sorts and they get to try all the different instruments. I think he will like that alot better, then next year in 7th grade he will be allowed to join guitar like he really wants too.

Sorry not a good post, but I have been ticked off.

Hope you all have a good Thursday. I'm off to get some stuff done, and go to the concert. Enjoy everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


What the fuck is that???? This video is something else. As I watched it I first said, WTF!!! Then I said. Those poor kids have way to much time on their hands!!! But then I said, well I guess it's better than binge drinking at a party!!! Then I said, wow, they really do sound like the sugar plum fairy song. Then I spit coffee all over the place, cuz I was watching the girl in the lower left corner. Her face will make you pee yourself laughing.

I can only hope I will be as proud as their parents are I'm sure. hehehehe

Have a good Wednesday all, Maybe I'll come back and post about the past two days here at home.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever sneezed and bit your tongue??

Have you ever watched your husband fall asleep on the couch and throw little paper balls at his open mouth??

Have you ever shut the dogs head in the door real hard, then yelled at her for being in the way??

Have you ever done it to your kid??

Have you ever accidentally sat on the dog that is burrowed under the covers??

Have you ever eaten three pounds of fruit in one day??

Have you ever coughed real hard and food you ate two hours ago fly out your mouth??

Have you ever driven all the way up town with your tongue out and not realized it??

Have you ever been going to pick up your kid, and he's not in the usual spot cuz he walked out to meet you and make it easier, and you drive right by him???

Have you ever bought on sale 98% lean ground beef in a big 10lb tube???

(it's obscene looking)

Have you ever been sniffing pillows to see if they need washed, and realized that you sniffed the butt of the monkey butt pillow??

Have you ever told anyone all the embarrassing things you did in one day??? either, and definatly not did it all today!!!!!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Avon Meeting Goodies.

Wanted to show you all the goodies I got at the avon party on Friday night.
This is a little Ms. Albie. You get a big one in the spring if you make presidents club. Then you get this little one that goes under a glass dome at christmas time.

You get this necklace at Christmas time for being presidents club too. You can sorta see my thumb in the pic. hehehehe
All us avon ladies got a Believe pin for being good sellers. There is a CZ to dot the I.
I wish you all could smell this basket, this was in the gift exchange. The pine cones were soaked in cinnamon something and OMG it smells soooo good.
Then I got these in the gift exchange too. It's a set of 4 place mats and a table runner. To bad the camera didn't do them justice, cuz they are all outlined in gold.
Got this little goodie, it holds a little brick of papers (notepad) and has a big green pen with a christmas tree in it.
Seeeee the pen lights up when you write. OOO excuse my fork in the picture it was dinner time. hehehehe
Then we got a tiny box of rather expensive truffles. yummmmmmm
Okay well that is about it for my post. Gigantor got home just now from hunting, and no elk. dammit all anyway.

I will check in with you all.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Okay I will spare you all from more christmas pictures of my place. hehehehe

But I was scanning you tube. For like 2 hours. hehehe I got hooked. And I found something that I probably watched about 40 times. I may have seizures later from starting at it. But I want to share.

Miranda talked me through how to load a you tube video on blogger, so I'm going to try it. I hope you all like it. I have quite a few you tube things that pertain to christmas that I saved. So maybe I'll start boring you all with those.

I would post about the avon party, but I am so dam tired, I can't tonight.

So...we will see if this posts, and then you can burn your eyes out to it also. hehehe

Have a good Weekend everyone!!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Number 3 has a tree!!!

Well I'm back with more pictures. These should be the last for a day or two, who knows. I'll tell you about them then about my day.

This is my tree, not the best picture, the lighting and little cheap camera doesn't do it justice. I don't know if you can see all the windchimes hanging in the background. Told you I collect them. hehehe

Here is our angel on top of our tree. Not a great picture, she is white and blue and fiber optic.
This is one of the two hand painted southwestern ornaments I won at that charity dinner. I like this one. The other one is purple with a Kokopeli dancer on it. I think it's on the back of the tree though I couldn't find it to take a pic.
Just a wider view of one of the shelfs I have been taking the pics of. My nativity, Rudolphs and stuff. The clock that has a glares is snowmen and it plays a christmas carol every hour.
Another wide view of my other wall. Got three wreaths, and our stockings. As you can see I have deer for Gigantor, Marine corps for Captain Daddy, wolves for kiddo, and me?? Well I get the plane old green one. I don't rate a themed one I guess. hehehehe The painting on the wall is that one I won at the charity dinner.

I'm glad you all have stuck with me through all the pictures. I sure am enjoying that thing.

Gigantor got off tonight. That sounded gross didn't it?? I mean he left for his hunt. His last weekend to go elk hunting. He is going with my uncle. Will be gone till Sunday night. Let me tell ya, I will be glad when this weekend is over. I am so sick of him going, and just leaving everything in a tizzy. And honestly he's been so dam useless since first of October when the hunt opened. I can't get him to do shit. Now after the hunt maybe he will focus on crap that needs done.

I guess I'm down this time him leaving. I'm so dam tired, and I have an avon meeting/party tomorrow. I have to make food for, and take a gift, and lug some stuff around, and my back is bugging me. Kiddo can't go to the thing (no kids allowed) Usually I would say screw it. But they give tons of freebies away at Christmas. I tried a couple friends to see if they would watch him and nobody is gonna be in town. I guess I'm gonna attempt to leave him home alone. I do during the day, but I never have at night/evening yet. I'm sure he will be okay.

Gigantor talked to his mother, and she wants to come bug me on the weekend, and honestly I just want her to stay away!!! I just want it to be me and kiddo and kick back, watch some t.v., putz around the house. I hate when people try to disturb my laziness. hehehe

okay I'm off. Gonna watch a couple movies with Kiddo. The Elf Bowling movie and Live Free or Die Hard movie. hehehe See!!! Gigantor misses out when he's gone. hehehehehe

Have a good Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Pictures #2

First I wanna say Happy Birthday to Captain Daddy!!!! I took some more pics of the decorations at the house. Wanted to put them up. I'm having a blast with this little camera.

Got my computer fixed last night. He did a few things too it, then gave me a list of crap to download, for updates, and charged me 90 bucks. grrrrrrrr I guess it's better than having a broke ass computer though.

This is my adorable countdown to christmas thing. You put all these little ornaments in the snowmans bag. Then you turn it on and it says "each day place an ornament in this tree to know how many days till christmas." it says "I love the holidays and only (insert number) days left until christmas." Kiddo puts an ornament in every day. Let me tell ya when it hits about day 9 or 10 and you haven't gotten shit done you need to get done, you are ready to chuck the thing out the door. But I still love it.
This is a few more reindeers. That rudolph sings the song. The blue and white moose is "mark the moose" he sings a song, rings his bell, and dances. Of to the right of him is an old fashioned wood santa music box, and a santa on dashers back that sings a song.
This was that cute polar bear I was talking about yesterday.
This little cute penguin lights up with fiber optics all around his bad self and his ornaments on his christmas tree.
This is my little Chris Mouse. He says the Night before Christmas story, in the cutest little voice.

This pic is actually something my mother in law gave me that I like. Just think the little girl feeding the birdie is so sweet

This was my very first angel decoration I got after I was married. She is originally a music box. You can wind her up. But all those innards have long since fell out. Gigantor wanted me to throw her away and I refused. She doesn't need a music box to still look beautiful.

And here are just a few more of my many reindeer. I love this laying down one, she is so sweet.

I hope you guys enjoy sharing these as much as I enjoy showing them. I have just a few more I will upload this week. Then if any of you are interested. I actually have some pictures of my muts and of my monkey butt pillow. hehehehehe

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Whooohooo I made some pics work.

Yayyyyyyyyy I'm so happy, I took a few pictures with a new little digital camera that Captain Daddy got me, and although the pics are rather grainy, I was able to download them onto blogger. hehehehe

Just wanted to share some of my Christmas decorations with ya. This by no means is all of them.

This first one is my singing penguins. They sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" and sway they hips. Behind them, the back of the santa, he's really a remote control, you squeeze his hand and the lights on the tree will turn on or off.

This is my nativity scene that I just LOVE. I had always wanted a nice one, not the cheesey one piece one's. I actually found this one at a hardware store on clearance. The little reindeer laying down in the front is actually my very first reindeer. Gigantor got it for our first Christmas together. It's the thing that started my reindeer obsession/craze/collecting. heheheh

This is a little lighted cabin, and a tree with deer that was my mom's. She just loved this, so weather it went with my decore or not, it went up. hehehe

This is part of my "rudolph" collection. I have a few more, but as you can see I have Rudolph, Clarise, Yukon, Santa, Fred? (the snowman) and the bumble. I also have a snowbaby on rudolph, and a cherished teddy looking at rudolph through the mirror. The polar bear in the back is so cute, you can't see it, but a tiny snow man kid is on his back riding him.

This is just a few more of my reindeer. I have more pictures but blogger wouldn't let me load more than 5. hehehe

Thanks for sticking with me with this. I have tons more, and it was probably boring, but I was so excited to get the pictures up on blogger. hehehehe

In other news, I burnt my finger. On the stupid popcorn bag. I have a fricken blister. hehehehe

Okay I'm off to read blogs and eat more popcorn.

Have a good Tuesday all!!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend!! Very productive....

On Friday night we finished decorating the tree. Captain Daddy was down for a while, but he went home cuz he wasn't feeling well. Saturday he felt like crap and stayed in bed.

Saturday Gigantor went to work till almost noon. I did get to sleep in. Then we had a breakfast for lunch and watched a t.v. program. Right after we went to the new General Dollar store that opened up. I found a frame, a little goodie for Kiddo, and a gift for the Avon Christmas party. It's an animated tree that sings rocking around the christmas tree. It was only 5 dollars which was the gift limit.

We grabbed some cup cakes from walmart, and came home and cleaned up a bit of stuff. Then we went to the In Laws for dinner. They wanted everyone up at his parents for dinner and to decorate their tree. We got there and one niece and her daughter were there. Nobody else was coming. Kiddo and the other little one decorated the tree. Mother in law made some spaghetti. (ummm that is not one of the recipe's of hers I want)

It was not good people, it was okay I guess, but not good.

Now I have a hard time with tomato sauces. I have to neutralize the acid in the tomato's or it kills me. And I can't stand Prego spaghetti sauce. We use Ragu, of course we really add to it.

She did a jar of Prego and one of Ragu, and she did garlic, but cooked it so hot and long it was burnt and bitter. She cooked some onions so long and hot they disintegrated. Then she boiled the sauce, not simmered, but boiled the sauce for about 40 minutes. She boiled the noodles for over 30 minutes then let them sit in the hot water for another good 15. Ummm we ate more when we came home. hehehehe

Sunday, we got up and had biscuits and gravy for lunch. hehehehe

We then got very busy. We got all the Christmas decorations up in the house. I got a Christmas news letter written out and pictures set up to mail in the cards. We were going to vacuum and then hang lights outside, but we ended up working on the vacuum for over an hour. We finally got it working again. But that means we didn't get lights up outside.

Gigantor has got to do a few things before Thursday. He is going hunting again. He is going to get the lights up, and get the bird cage cleaned, the cooler shut down, and get me some stuff set up for while he will be gone.

Also Captain Daddy's birthday is Wednesday. He said he wanted my spaghetti, cuz he hasn't had "good" spaghetti in over a year he says. So...I'm gonna make a big old pot of the good stuff. hehehehe

Okay I'm off to go read, and then go shower and go to bed. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and have a great Monday!!!