Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dr. Woundedface

I kid you not, that is the name of the doctor me and kiddo saw today. We had to go to the doctor, cuz we were much much worse today. It had settled into a major sinus infection for me. And a minor one for kiddo. Good to get it taken care of early on him I guess. Only bad thing is fate couldn't wait till next week, when our insurance was in effect??? (insert grumble here)

So...we were in the urgent care facility from 10 until almost 3 today. They were way short staffed and computers down. We had to wait, fricken forever. Then we seen this little short, native american woman, who was named Dr. Billy Jo Woundedface. I was to busy being angry and hurting to ask her what nationality exactly a name like that was. I'm curious to know. hehehehe

They wanted to do a strep test on kiddo, and he has a bad gag reflex like me. He didn't need a fricken strep test. He throat was a little sore from coughing so much, and he was coughing so much from all his dam drainage. Duh. So...I went off on the doctor, about them not knowing what the hell they are doing, cuz last time they gave him a strep test it took 4 swabs because they are all dumb asses, and I was pointing in her face. First doctor I had that didn't act overly scared. Maybe woundedface doesn't mean her family, maybe it means what they did to people. hehehehe

Any whoo, we are both on antibiotics, and now I'm going to bed, cuz I just hurt. Happy Wednesday to all!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Good And Bad

We've had a week and weekend full of goods and bads.

Good---my uti is basically gone
Bad--I now have a cold/sinus infection

Good--Kiddo and Gigantor went fishing yesterday (caught three)
Bad--Kiddo came home and now guess who also has a cold/sinus stuff

Good--Alekx and house elf went diving over the weekend for her birthday
Bad--Her dog had a heart attack and died while they were gone

Good--We didn't really need any groceries this weekend, just my allergy meds.
Bad--Store was out of my meds, won't have any for a week

Good--We had some benadryl and sudafed onhand
Bad--It doesn't really work for me, so I still feel like crap

Good--this weekend was rather mild weather wise. Not to hot, perfect time to get things done
Bad--when I'm sick and laying down resting, Gigantor won't do one dam thing. Not a one. Had to even yell at him to make me and kiddo some soup

Good--next weekend is a three day weekend
Bad--Gigantor has to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Good--My couch is so comfy, I may go lay down
Bad--not being able to wake up in time to go get the Kiddo from school

Good--I have the puffs plus kleenex with lotion in them, so no sore noses.
Bad--I only have part of a box left.

Good--I'm gonna go read all the blogs, and not do much but rest
Bad--I'm probably gonna fall asleep in front of the computer.

Have a good Monday everyone

Friday, August 25, 2006

Still not Regular

I'm still posting sporadically. grrrrrrrr

Let me just say, I started a new medication in June. And since then I've had to battle infections. I got a (whispers) "female" infection, if you ladies know what I mean. And I had never ever had one before. I got it so bad that it took three bouts of medication to clear it up. Only to find out that, underneath all that. I have had a UTI raging out of control. So now I'm on meds for that.

I am here to say that two months of infections wears on your body and is not good. Also two months without sex, really sucks eggs. I better get this shit cleared up soon. Then Gigantor better look out. hehehehehehe

I go play games on this game sight called pogo. Well I started playing tournaments in there. It's all free, and just for fun. I found a really nice group of people in there, a couple of them, I've become pretty good friends with. Well...just this past week I have decided I wanted to start running some tournaments. So...I am undergoing some training now. It's been fun so far.

I'm a little pissed off at my husbands boss. My husband and other guys have to work every 3rd weekend. Well...with his new boss the only holidays he gets off is Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. His other job he had most holidays off. So...anyhow so far, Gigantor had to work 4th of July, and that was my mom's b-day and I was having a very hard time with it. Then Gigantor had to work on my birthday. Well...his son of a bitch of a boss, has just scheduled him for labor day weekend too. What the fuck??? So...he told his boss that wasn't nice, and the boss is like, oh I'm sure you wife won't mind. I'm trying to get Gigantor to let me call his boss. hehehehe

That's about it for today. I'm looking forward to this weekend, cuz I honestly don't want to do shit. hehehehe Would be nice for once, cuz my weekends are so dam busy it's unbelievable.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


So much for posting more often, huh??? hehehehehe

I lived through Tuesday, and kiddo had a great day at school. So far he LOVES his teacher. First male teacher he's had. And he says school is exxcuuuuuleeeennnttttteeeehhhhh!!!

On Wednesday, Captain daddy came over to do his laundry and we sat and visited, then he took me out to lunch and to go get the kiddo. It was a nice day.

On Thursday I got my nails done. Goober does a good job. But her and I get visiting and it should take 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and I was there from 8 till 1 hehehehee But they look good, they rock.

On Friday, another friend took me out for a late birthday lunch. That was real fun. Plus I got a pressie. hehehehe Then I ran a ton of errands and got really really hot.

Today Gigantor got up and got a nephew (that is a year or two younger than us) helped him move some stuff. I had sold Gigantor's parent's my mom's dishwasher, oven, washing machine, and queen size bed. So...they moved them over to the parents house. The parents haven't moved back yet. After that, we went and delivered avon books, went to the library, post office, and shopping at two stores. We came home and put stuff away, and Gigantor ran out again, to get gas, and go to walmart. We are dead today. hehehehe

Tomorrow we need to do laundry, dishes (they are so stacked up) clean the carpet (sick ass dogs) and clean pet cages. hehehe

I know this was a boring post. Just sorta updating you all.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday sadness

Yes it's Tuesday and it's the first day of school, which always makes me sad. heheheh Let me tell you all about my weekend. kay??

Saturday--Gigantor was a good giant husband. He came home from work, finished cleaning the house, ran to the store for the couple things he needed, and just took charge. We had baked beans, hotdogs and hamburgers, chips and dip and watermelon, and of course cake. Gigantor did a little joke, and did the number 29 on my candles, and had happy 29th written on it. I'm actually 35. But when I was turning 30 I was so depressed. I told everyone I was going to sleep through my birthday so I would be 29 forever. hehehehe

Sunday--Gigantor worked for a while, then he came home and did some more stuff. He pulled out the 13 foot high tumble weed from the front of the house (I had only been bugging him since it was a few inches high) And he used the 4wheeler and pulled out a dead tree we had. Then he said he had to run uptown,and what he did was buy us some steaks for dinner. He came home and did dishes, and cooked some dinner. He did, all my his giant lonesome. hehehe I think he realized how much trouble he was in after last Tuesday.

Monday--I woke up sick sick sick. I've had this burning back in my sinuses, but no drainage or stuffiness, so who the hell knows what it is. But I was also major sick to my stomach. It could have been we were over tired. We woke up to the dog making a weird noise, to find out that he had shit all over in our bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room leading up to the door. He was so sick. I know it wasn't his fault, but dam. 3 in the morning??? ahhhhhhh So...Gigantor said Fuck It and went into work at 3:30 heheheh He got off about 1 in the afternoon. Then we went to meet kiddo's teacher. I think kiddo's gonna like him. First man teacher he has had. Then we borrowed a friends carpet cleaner. Yes to work on our carpet, but mainly cuz of Captain Daddy. He got up in the middle of the night to potty, and in his little travel trailer you have to close a valve after done flushing, and he was to tired and didn't. By morning he had a flood, and his place is all carpet. So...we used the cleaner to go suck up all the water. Now this week we will have to get ours cleaned.

Tuesday--Today, sad day. We dropped kiddo off, and he walks in to the class and goes. Okay bye, and wouldn't let us go in with him. hehehehe whaaaaaaaa hic..

Okay I'm off to finish stuffing my face.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturdays, hubby's, and bbq's

Well it's Saturday. Last weekend before school starts. We are doing that bbq today. Looks like we will have about 15 people here. Gigantor did step it up. Me and kiddo picked up some stuff around the house yesterday. But Gigantor came in and picked up a bunch of stuff. Then after dinner he went to the store and got the stuff we still needed.

Since he worked today. I did get up and kiddo and I vacuumed and swept, and got the baked beans going in the crock pot. But when he gets home he is gonna mop, and cut up some fruit. And then take us all up town. I think he is finally realizing how much he hurt me this year. And he's trying to make up for it.

I haven't eaten any thing today, and dammmmmmmmm those beans smell good. I tweek my beans and everyone thinks I slave over them.

I empty about 3 big cans of bushes beans in the crock pot. Add a little brown sugar, then cook up a lb of bacon that is cut into chunks, and add it, then lightly cook some diced sweet onion and add it. (we like big chunks) then turn the crock pot on low and let it all cook during the day. hehehehe

Well we are having my dad, some friends, my aunt and uncle, and a cousin and her fiance. I haven't seen my cousin in probably 4 years or more. And I've never met her fiance. She is about 10 years younger than me, and her fiance is about 10 years older than me. LOL

Well...I'm off for now. Hubby gonna be home soon, and I wanna get a few things done. All in all the day is turning out good so far.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shock Of Shocks

Are you all in shock that I'm posting two days in a row??? hehehehe

I think I'm done being full of self pitty about my birthday. Gigantor got severely yelled at. But what can I say he was a major ass about the whole day. I think I was a little more sensitive about it being my first birthday without my mom. I thought he would be a good guy about it. But that is where I went wrong. Thinking he would do something without being told. LOL

He went to the store for something, so I thought he might pick up a cake or flowers or something to make it up to me. Nope, he got himself some chip dip.

So...the man is in some big ass trouble. We are supposed to have a little bbq here for my birthday on Saturday, but I bet I do all the work, and he sleeps through it.

Okay not gonna start on this again.

I gotta tell you all, I just read the funniest dam book. It was called THE DAY MY BUTT WENT PSYCHO by Andy Griffiths.

Oh my goodness people, it was so dam funny, and just fun to read. If you ever want anything light that just cracks you up over and over again. Try it out.

Okay I'm gonna go play a game or something, then kick the husband and go snuggle with the dog. LOL

Happy Hump Day all!!!! (you all know who won't be getting any)

*insert evil laugh here*

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I was gonna post all about the weekend, how busy it was, and how kiddo had won some awards. How proud of a mom I was and that shit.

But....I just can't seem to get happy today. Woke up to Gigantor wanting me to clean the disaster he made in the kitchen, with stuck on food that he forgot about, and dishes from one end to the other (not stacked like I fight about). And to him wanting me to work on laundry. Not a happy birthday or nothing from him.

Also talked to my sister today, and she forgot for over an hour until I reminded her.

Called Gigantor about something. Not a single happy birthday but more of him wanting me to do stuff.

Usually on birthdays and anniversaries, he calls every couple hours just to say love you and put you in a good mood. Instead he comes home and yelled at me about being to sensitive.

I'm full of blahs now today, so I'm gonna go back to bed, and say FUCK YOU!!!! To Gigantor and anyone else that wants me to do anything today.

Hope your day is better.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


OMG I am back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I lost my blog for a while. Every time I tried to get it, it would be a white screen. I thought it was just me, until some of you lovely blogger buddies told me it was happening to you too. (on my blog) I e-mailed blogger repeatedly, cuz I couldn't figure it out. Of course they were so very helpful in NEVER replying to an e-mail!!!!

Luckily my lovely blogger friend Miranda, said maybe I should copy and paste my template into another blog. I mean couldn't hurt it much worse than NOT BEING THERE ANYMORE!!! So before I did that I republished everything, just on a whim you know, and low and behold it worked. yayyyyyyy kuddo's for the computer retard named me.

I won't bore you with all the goings on of the past couple weeks, just try to sorta pick up here.

We went to walmart tonight. Kiddo had an amazing growth spurt. So amazing that not a single thing for school fits, and not one single pair of shoes fit!!!! He was invited a bunch of places and had no dam shoes, cuz I had to wait till payday. What did his lovely mother do. Well I made him put on my old stretched out tennies that I was holding onto for going to the beach. They were to small, but fit better than his old shoes. poor kid was in pink and purple tennies. hehehehe I'm so mean.

So...anyhow, we go to walmart and I buy him some new tennies. Fricken size 8 1/2 mens. HE'S ONLY 10 FOR CRAP SAKE!!! Then I got him three new shirts. All but a couple of his summer shirts are hosed. They have holes and big stains. So I got him 3, and he has some new shorts to start school with.

My mother in law is going to purchase some of the big appliances of my mom's so I'm waiting for that money (should be a month) then I'm gonna go get him all new shirts and pants, seeing as NOT A DAM THING FITS ANYMORE!!!!

Can you believe he's 10 and wears mens large shirts???? Or that his pants are 36 waist??? I'm growing another giant here people.

Well...I'm gonna go make sure this post worked and I can still get the blog up, then I will try to update more, and go read you all again. I'm so dang behind. hehehee

I have missed you all dearly!!!!!