Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is your Name Billy???

Just thought I would share some more pictures of the wildlife park. I have a few more to share. I will try to post a couple a day. But we know how well I can do. hehehehe shush you.
Anyhow..the past couple days have been a trial with the kiddo. He is going through some new fase of yelling at us and throwing fits. He's 9 for god sake. sheesh. Enough of that.

I have a friend who had her 2nd child on August 1st, coming intown over the weekend. It will be really nice to see her. I haven't seen her since May. You all should ask Alekx. This friend and I together, we were something else. We could get into the most mischief. We were quite the pair. I had lost contact with her for a few years, but we found each other again this past year. And it's been wonderful. We are so greatful to learn that neither of us have lost our sense of humor. I mean her message on her answering machine goes something like. ARRRRGGGGHHHH The pirates aren't in right now, leave a message. (in this growly voice) It cracks me up.

Anyhow, I will post more tomorrow. Happy hump day everyone.
big assed, fuzzy tailed bear HUGGGGSSS to you all!!!!!

Lookie here, it's the three billy goats gruff. They are acctually called Auoudad's Say that three time's fast. hehehee Posted by Picasa

He was so gentle just eating out of my hand. finally get a picture of me. hehehehe Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is that Matrix code or Zebra's I see??

Hi all, thanks for all the nice words about my ass. hehehehe And as for all the comments about possible baby gerbils. You all are wicked and evil (god I love that in a person) hehehehehe
Here are a couple zebra pictures I promised. The first one was of him waiting to see if I had food or not. There were a few about 3 year old stallions roaming around, then there was the herd with the babies and mares. The few young stallions were rather aggressive. They came right up sticking their heads in and demanding food. The second photo is of one right before he bit me. I guess I wasn't giving him food fast enough. They warn you that the zebra's are really aggressive and will bite you. Gigantor and I have owned horses for lots of years before. So..I wasn't scared of the biting, I knew how to handle it. We got to pet so many of them. It was great.

On a side note, keep Gigantor in your thoughts, and lifted up. The fire dept job he is trying for, the decision is almost in. They said they are giving it one more week for outside applications. If any paramedics apply they will have to let them test. If none do then Gigantor gets the job. Keep everything crossed for us please. If more outside applicants apply, lets hope and pray that the post office is way slow, or their stuff gets eaten in cyber space. hehehehehehe

Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday and the zebra's!!!! (didn't post them yesterday, cuz my local server had constipation)

This is right before he came over to get some food. Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of the zebra right before he bit me. hehehehe  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Ass Hurts

Oh my goodness, my ass still hurts. Stupid tailbone. Well....I've been a busy little (NOT) thing this weekend so far. Friday I did a bunch around the house. I picked up one of kiddo's friends after school and they played till about 6. His dad came to pick him up and we ended up visiting till like 8:30. I hadn't even made dinner yet. So...yup we ran and got a burger. It's just to dam late to try and cook at 9 at night. I remember when I was a kid and had horses, by the time we got done at the corrals, mom never made dinner till 9 or later, but I digress. I don't feel good, if I haven't eaten by 7 or 7:30 at the latest.

So...I have a hard time falling asleep again, cuz my tailbone is killing me. I finally get to sleep to get woken straight up in bed at 3 in the morning to the sound of the dog puking. Gigantor gets up and lets him out, and we go back to sleep. When Gigantor got up, he went outside and cleaned up the yard, filled in holes (diggin dogs) straightened things. All he has left to do out there, is sweep the porch and the driveway. I got up and with Gigantors help we washed all my windchimes. I collect windchimes, and have 62 windchimes hanging in my living room and bathroom. I collect them. Everyone says I have them put up so well, that they add to the house and not look tacky. Anyhow....they were dusty so we took them down and I sat on a stool in the shower, and washed them all off. We then got some lunch, and watched all our recorded shows from last night. We went to the store, got a few things (I needed some banana's-leg cramps) Gigantor needed some prunes (he got an infection in his intestines a year or so ago, and it was acting up again, so made him get prunes in hopes of cleaning him out) Came home and had kiddo read, and work on his book report. Then we dust mopped the ceilings through the entire house and the walls.

Now it's 7 and we are just now making dinner. Maybe we will go watch the two Laura Croft movies. They don't take much thought. hehehehe

OMG on a side note. I had mentioned how I got kiddo three gerbils. Three "female" gerbils. Well one of them is pinning the other two, and sorta humping their sides. I swear to god if I end up with a ton of baby gerbils I am gonna find someone with a snake. hehehee No...I'm gonna go throw them back at the pet shop. Every last stinking one. I had gerbils when I was a kid. My mom got me two males (pet shop promised they were males) We ended up with 32 gerbils and 6 cages in the living room, before we got them sorted out enough that they stopped having babies. I WILL NOT go through that again. Poor kiddo. I hope I don't have to break his heart and get rid of them. I hope the one is just feeling a little hormonal, and is just being randy. Everyone chant with me NO BABIES NO BABIES NO BABIES!!!! hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go make my hamburger helper with ground turkey.

I'll try and post zebra pictures tomorrow or monday. Happy weekend everyone!!!

P.S. spellcheck doesn't recognize tailbone, suggested word--Taliban

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fun with Giraffe's

here are three of my favorite Giraffe pictures from that fossil rim wildlife park we went to in Texas. The second time we went the giraffes were willing to come eat from you. The baby one was really a little wary, but he did take a couple bites from me. The adult one we went too, was very forward. He was diving right in to eat. They are oh so very very gentle. And I was backing my hand up into the car, onto my lap, and the adult one was putting his head right in the window and eating. AMAZING I tell ya. Kiddo loved it. We were almost all brought to tears it was so amazing. I will post a couple of my favorite zebra pictures later on. If you want more fun with animals, go read my post "shared stories" that I did yesterday. Hope you all enjoy these pictures.

This is the adult one that I kept moving my hand in and getting him to stick his head in our car. Amazing huh??? Posted by Picasa

This is the baby giraffee that was very warrily eating from us. I love how his little horns are crooked. hehehehe Posted by Picasa

this is the wildlife park we went too. Got this giraffe eating right out of my hand. Isn't he beautiful??? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Shared Stories

Thanks all for your encouraging words. I got about a 2 hour nap yesterday, and about 6 hours of sleep last night, and I feel like a new woman. hehehehe Any whoooooo I was visiting with D (gigantor's best friend) and he is a friend of mine also. We were talking about their hiking days, and he shared a so very funny story with me. That I want to share with you all. It's a little long, but well worth it. First some info. My hubby and D and a group of people called themselves the "dune members" they have been hiking in our surrounding desert on mesa's and across dunes since they were in junior high. They would go for 3 to 7 day hikes. They would carry their gear on their backs and they always had guns and knives. Being as there is coyote's and bobcats, and mountain lions around. So...anyhow, a group of teenage boys with knives, guns, and in camo. It's amazing they are still alive. hehehe But what good times they had. is this great tale about one of said hiking trips.

MAD WOODCHUCK (pssttt I'm gonna tell it like D did)

One day we were camped far out in the desert. After dismantling our carried gear and establishing territorial rights, we decided to play hide and seek. Now our version is slightly different than the norm. Every one hides, and one person counts. Those that hide have two ways to win, 1. make their way back to a safe point without getting tagged, or 2. reamain hidden beyond the time limit without being found. If someone gets tagged he has to switch sides and help look for those hiding.

I decided to slide, unseen, into a place no one would find me. I found a place where a huge slab of sandstone had fallen against a mesa and left a little opening. The squeeze in was so tight, that even letting out all my breath I still left skin on the sandstone. (D is massively thin) I slid in sure that nobody could tag me even if I was found. It then dropped downward, I skooched along in a laying position. I made it through a series of twists and turns to the end of this "cave"

Dark, completely alone, nobody could find me, I had this game in the bag I thought.

In the dark silence I heard something besides me breathing. I was alone, and nobody could help me if they tried. My first thought was it was a huge rattle snake, but I soon realized it was a mammals breathing. It was so dark, and the size (small) of the chamber left but a few possibilities, a fox, coontailed cat, bobcat, woodchuck, porcupine, or badger. Anything else I thought of would be to large or small for this space. It's breathing was getting closer. I struggled to get my light, in a space no larger than a clothes hamper. Turning my head sideways I turned on my light. Much to my relief a huge woodchuck looked back at me. They aren't overly aggressive and a lot more cuddly than a porcupine. This woodchuck however, showed it's huge rat like fangs and charged me!! It made hellish noises that were amplified by the previous silence. It wove in and out of my light and line of sight. Soon I realized this was no bluff, it intended on winning this battle. Peace was not an option. I lay on my back, looking at my advesary, he no doubt had the advantage for I couldn't move let alone run.

It flew into my blind side, I could no longer see it, but hear it close in. Now I was inches from teeth used to sever small tree limbs.

My left hand thrust up to throw sand in it's eyes. In the process I hit the roof of the chamber and dislocated fingers. It worked a bit to well, the woodchuck, blinded continues it's charge. I batted it into the rocks, to shoo it away, now with three fingers bent backwards I was willing to give up. The woodchuck, however, now wanted blood. Even with the light, all I could see was dust, that now I was chocking on, and I started to crawl backwards. Trying to flee my advesary did little good, it was faster, and now it was aware of my sand and eye poking move. It countered with quick attacks jumping out of the dark and dust looking for flesh to sink it's teeth into. If it wasn't furious before, the small creature was now completely out of control. I drew my knife with one hand and held the light with the other. I did not wish to kill it, so I did short jabs to the snout. Which did little to improve it's temperament.

With both hands occupied in battle, I had to used my legs and chest to shimmy out of the tiny cave. Dust turned to mud in my mouth, nose and eyes. I was coughing and choking, and unable to breath. I continued my frantic defense agains the rabid, steroid infected, desert gerbil. As I made my turn between the stone and mesa I pulled something. People aren't designed to move that way, and not crawling backwards while fighting an enraged woodchuck. Cave debris and falling rocks had drawn blood from both me and the woodchuck. As I coughed, choked, with mud in my red eyes, three dislocated fingers, several cramps, bangs, bruises and bump on the head, I concluded that the rodent was definitely winning the first round. Those teeth couldn't get any closer without ripping open flesh, the "nearly blind rodent vs. man" title continued.

The closer we got to the top, the more of a frenzy and bloodlust took over. I had to hunch over to defend myself. The woodchuck countered with leaping full body attacks, that I had to defend from every second or two. The creature chuckled, squealed, screamed, between a symphony of hellish noises. Was this creature possessed by evil spirits of the underworld??? Even I no longer made human noises, for the battle was intense. I was trying to squeeze out of the opening backwards.

Unknown to me and the woodchuck our battle and drawn attention. All dune members had left their hide and seek game, to stare at this tiny opening in the rocks. Grunts, snorts, screams, chuckles, gaggles, screeches, and demonic echoes bellowed from a hole that was coughing out a dense cloud of dust. 10 minutes they wondered what was going on. Nothing like this has ever happened in the desert before. Nobody realized I was missing from the crowd, and a human in that size hole wasn't even considered, for it seemed impossible. The crowd knew that whatever evil hordes were within the earth intended to come out of that hole any second. 20 people waited with knives drawn and guns aimed, awaiting battle with the underworld demon.

When out of the dust a shape appeared. It was D!!! quickley yelling "DON'T SHOOT" as I raced by, leaping, running on all fours, crawling on my knees, with a few rolls thrown in for good measure, a flashlight in one hand and knife in the other. I pointed behind me choking/yelling. "IT'S AFTER ME" I continued running as the others stood dumbfounded.

The noise then burst out of the hole. Instead of hideous, bat winged demons with cast-iron pitch forks, as they expected, out popped a small rodent. Confused they dropped their guard and their weapons. The woodchuck snarled like never heard before, and charged. The faint hearted ran for their lives. Luckily it was a bluff charge this time. Weather it was fearfully outnumbered or tired of casting fear upon surface dwellers, it returned into the depths of the mesa never to be seen again.

If I was alone I'm sure it would have been my last day among the living. Thank goodness for friends!!! Anytime your in the desert and see a hole or crag in the rock, know that there is a wookchuck planning his revenge. Look out for woodchuck ambushes, there is no safe area from the Evil Woodchucks!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's not even 10 in the morning on Tuesday and here is my breakdown of the day.

Got up with virtually no sleep again, and have a headache.
Got kiddo to school, and almost got run over by a big ass yellow buss (he ran the stop sign)
Come home to find a jumping spider on the door and the fucker jumped on me (I hate bugs)
Let the dogs in to have Dribbles piss on the floor the minute she comes in--I beat her ass and threw her outside.
Knocked about 20 cans out of the cupboard trying to reach the box of poptarts--I refuse to pick them up, they are still on the floor.
Buck is laying behind me and has the worst gas--it's turning my stomach
Bills need to be paid, cuz I'm late with the house payment--not gonna do it, don't feel like it
Dishes are stacked in my sink screaming to be washed--I don't feel like that either.
Tried to take one nap, and phone wouldn't stop ringing.
Have read and commented on every single blog so far this morning.
wrote this stupid, boring ass post.
I'm gonna go try and take another nap, and ignore the phone.
I really need sleep, this insomnia thing is starting to kick my ass. 3 weeks of only an hour or so of sleep a night is about all my poor body can take. I'm off to try and catch at least an hour of sleep. Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005


I didn't really post today, cuz I'm just down right in an angry mood. I'm just ticked about everything. I've been snapping everyone's heads off. I think part of it could be from no sleep. I haven't been sleeping but maybe an hour a night. it be lack of sleep, hormones, weather, they cycle of the moon. I don't know. But that is why I didn't make much of a post, cuz I would probably end up ranting and raving.

Here's to strong coffee and better moods tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekend Woes

OMG what a weird start to my weekend. Yesterday was rather good, cuz Gigantor had this interview, (fire dept) and felt great about it, so he wanted to celebrate. So...he went and got us chinese. We were eating last night, and some how I snorted sweet and sour sauce up into my sinuses. OMG it was so painful. Plus now my throat and ear and sinuses hurt real bad. Even today they still hurt. So that makes me feel icky.

I took a pain pill last night---my tailbone has been hurting so bad, I've been in tears, and I can't get any sleep, it seems worse in bed. Anyhow I took a pain pill, and the stupid thing kicked my ass. I was so groggy this morning. Gigantor told me he would take kiddo shopping for pants, and for me to rest. This was at 9 in the morning. So...I think, let me lay down for an hour or so, then I will get up and work on my avon that just came in. My husband comes in from the store, and said I scared the crap out of him, cuz he couldn't get me to wake up. By the time he woke me up, he was in my face yelling my name and shaking me. I look at the clock and it's after noon. I felt so horrible for sleeping in that long. I got up and we had lunch and I started on my Avon.

And in my Avon they have shorted me so much stuff. This weekend just doesn't seem to be my weekend. I finally get done with Avon and decide that we will clean up a little, then watch a movie or something, then think about dinner. Only to look at my watch and realize it's fricken 5:30 already. Dammit, I slept most the fricken day away and now I'm pissed, and my avon is short, and my throat and ear hurt, and my sinuses hurt, and I now have a headache from hell.

I think I may go bang my head on the wall, and go back to bed and try not to get hurt anymore this weekend. hehehehehe

Hope you all are having a better weekend than this. huuugggggggssssssssss

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What is it??

Well Tuesday was hard. We drove up, and kiddo almost didn't want us to walk in with him. OMG not go in and see my baby safely into his classroom on the first day??? I almost had a heart attack. Then he decided we could go in. But he didn't want us to stay long, so we only got a few pictures. He then would not let me walk him in again. hehehhehe He's growing up. I know sometime soon, he's not gonna let me walk him into school. And I'm gonna be crushed when that day comes. whaaaaaaaa LOL

Okay so yesterday as we are navigating our way through the traffic, of "crazy mom's in pj's and curlers" (this is after school people) We see "something" on a bike. We see this something from behind. It's in jeans and a t-shirt. It had the brightest blonde hair. It's hair was down to under the shoulders (we saw it from behind people) And it was the curliest hair you had ever seen. It also had very very shiny hair. So....I think outloud, "hmmmmm wonder if that is a guy or a girl" Kiddo says, matter of factly "mommy that's a girl, can't you tell?? the hair, and all feminine looking from behind" I'm like "alrighty then" So we drive by said thing, and we both crane our heads to look. OMG OMG it was a guy, a very gruff, bearded, masculine looking guy from the front!!! What the hell??? At the exact same time kiddo and I go "Omg it's a guy, ewwwwwwwwwwwww" Then we died into fits of giggles. Kiddo goes, "gees I thought for sure it was a girl" I said "if it was, then it was one UGLY girl" And that made him giggle for about an hour.

Then at the stoplight, as we are stopped, we see a teenage girl walking across in the crosswalk. She is wearing the tightest, brightest orange, mini skirt dress. it has spaghetti straps, is skin tight, and is so short you can see the bottom of her tush. And let me tell ya, this little girl, was not so little if you get my meaning, and should not have been wearing that. (gag) I am sitting there in anger, thinking "I would never let my teenager buy something like that, let alone walk in public in it" When kiddo just out of the blue goes "gaaaawwwwwddddd didn't she look in the mirror before she left her house, that is grosser than a booger flicked at you" I proceeded to hork my water out my nose, I was laughing so hard. My 9 year old boy.....such insight he has.

I'm sure since school has started again, there will be many more interesting tales.

Happy Thursday everyone. May your day be filled with laughter.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Be warned!!!!

Be Warned!!!! I'm gonna be so depressed and sad tomorrow. School starts tomorrow. I hate having my baby go back to school. I have cried every single year. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa He never cries. He's good, just me. I'm a blubbering idiot. hehehehehehe

We went to "meet your teacher day" today. She was really cool. We noticed lots of cool things around the classroom. We also noticed that he is going to have tons of people he knows in his class this year. Last year, he had NOBODY he knew in his class. This year he has two of his closest friends, and about 5 or 6 other "good" friends in his class this year. He also has 2 kids he doesn't get along with. But I think with all his friends, they won't be a problem.

OMG I have to tell you something kiddo said that was sooooo very cute. He was watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie. He didn't know I was behind him watching and listening. He loves to talk to himself or play pretend during movies. And it's at the part where Harry is flying around on the Hippogriff. Kiddo is afraid of heights, and he goes "oh flying high in the air--not good, and flying without seats, seatbelts and free peanuts--REALLY NOT GOOD"

I start laughing, and he's like "why are you watching me" I'm all "free peanuts???"

It was the funniest thing. I have no idea where he got it from, we have never flown. I'm sure it was t.v. or something. But it was classic. Okay okay maybe you had to be there to get the full funny of it.

Okay I need to go find me dog, I haven't seen her all day. I think she's hiding under the house. Cuz she crapped in the hallway and all over Gigantor's work boots during the night. He didn't find it till after he let her out to potty this morning. But I think she knows if she shows her face, he's gonna rip it off. hehehehehe

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!! Wish me luck tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I'm sitting here 2 in the morning, very depressed. I was reading blogs and noticed I've been tagged. Three Olives tagged me. I'm depressed because Gigantor is tearing our bed apart (the bed frame broke ( and no it wasn't from to much wild sex, I think it was from a little boy bouncing on the bed for years) and he got a new bedframe and was putting it up, and found a hole in the floor. Yup a hole where one of the braces in the middle of the bed frame goes. He has to jerry rig it so we can sleep. So...of all things, he found a garden hoe head that was broken off, and he is putting that under the brace until he can get out to work on Monday. He says if he goes under the trailer to fix the hole, he has to pull a bunch of insulation out, and if he doesn't get it all back right, bugs will start coming in there. (Az and all it's nasty spiders) So...we discussed it, and I think he is just gonna get some 1/8th inch plate (works at a steel yard remember) and put it under the braces. He thinks that that might almost last dam near forever. The bedroom is to small to move the bed anywhere else. I am just scared about the floor breaking down, (but he doesn't think it will do that) or about monster bugs getting in and going to eat my face off. Now Gigantor is massively pissed, cuz he says he now see's exactly what kind of cheap ass shit they used to build this place. Cuz it shouldn't have done that.

Anyhow, enough pissing and moaning. I got tagged remember.

Three Olives asked

5 things I miss from childhood

1. Sitting in the Hole (not the one in the floor people) My father was a highway patrolman, and would work long hours, so we rarely got to spend time with him. He would come home and sit in his chair, and cross one leg up on the other. (ankle up on his knee) And I would climb in his lap, and sit in the "hole" facing out and watch t.v. with him, or share his dinner with him. I would sit there till I fell asleep. Every time he came home and sat down there, I would run up and go "sit in the hole daddy, sit in the hole" And he ALWAYS obliged me.

2. Going for rides with my grandpa. He had this old old old red pickup truck. We would go visit my grandparents, and grandpa would always tell me to get in the truck. Me and only me (I'm sure he did it with my sister too, he liked to make us feel special) And we would go for a ride, down all the back streets, there were only about 200 people in this town. On all the old country roads. And one of my favorite places to go for a ride was out to the dump. He always had to take a couple loads of stuff out there, when I came to visit (I'm sure it was cuz I loved to go) and it was quite a drive and we would go bouncing along on the old dirt road, just looking at all the wildlife on the way. And grandpa would always take me to the Dairy Cream they had there, for an ice cream after word.

3. I miss seeing my mom laugh and kid around and actually enjoy life. She did so much of that when I was a kid, then she became so angry and bitter at the entire world. It's hard to remember the good times when they were so very long ago.

4. Having overnights with my Aunt Marlyn. She was a 6th grade science teacher. I actually had her for science when I was in 6th grade. But ever since I was about 6 or 7 it was a routine to stay at her house for at least one of the weekend nights. Sometimes two. We would bake cookies, and she's the one that taught me how to play chess. She had one of the really old Avon chess boards, it had giant pieces that were all perfume bottles. I used to sniff every one. hehehehe And he had the coolest bath toys. She never ever yelled at me, and was always a hoot. Come to think of it, I don't think she owned a t.v., but there was never a lack of entertainment.

5. My Innocence. It was stolen from me in more ways than one. But I'm not going to go into that tonight. I know it's made me who I am, and for that I am happy. But I would put that in this category.

Gigantor is almost done with the bed, and I'm really beat. I am gonna go sleep and probably have nightmares about falling through the floor, or giant spiders. hehehehehe

Happy Sunday morning everyone.

Oh yeah before I forget, I'm supposed to tag people so lets see. Ummmmm I tag, Dorko....Opie....Princess Kat....Mom that's nuts.....and Gama Oh hell and one more Phoenix5.

Can't wait to see your answers.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Need some Sleep

Okay okay okay I'm done whining. I didn't think I was whining, just having a major moment. hehehehee I need some sleep. Let me tell ya. Been busy trying to get the house back in order after coming home. One husband, 8 pets and one house should not be left alone for 2 months. Cuz no matter how many times they say they are keeping it clean and doing extra. It's just a BIG FAT LIE people!!!!!! Yesterday we went to Flagstaff to the dentist for kiddo. He was due for a cleaning, and wanted the doc to look at his broken tooth, and his silver tooth, cuz it was bugging him. Also wanted to get him a custom built mouth guard (for football and taekwondo)

Here is my breakdown of the trip.

7 when we got up
8:30 when we left the house
96 dollars worth of gas bought
20 minutes at the gas station pumping gas and buying drinks
3 breakfast jacks purchased
10 before we got out of town
1 potty break
5 tour busses
3 rain storms
2 1/2 hours to get to Flagstaff
20 minutes to drive through town to petsmart
1.5 gallons of pet spray bought (for odors and stains on the carpet and couch) (smells real bad after two months in the summer with Gigantor not hooking up the a/c IN ARIZONA FOR GOD SAKE)
1 promise made to kiddo back in January remembered
1 Clive Cussler book got at Bookmans
15 minutes to drive to other pet store
3 gerbils purchased (that was the promise, dam that childs memory)
10 minutes to dentist
5 minutes waiting for kiddo to see him
3 chapters of Harry Potter read while waiting for kiddo
1 time kiddo threw up during the mold casting for his mouth guard
5 more times kiddo refused to open his mouth for another molding
1 conference with dentist
0 mouth guards purchased
1 other appointment made for sept to fix his broken tooth
1 crying child (cuz he threw up, and is scared of the dentist now)
190 dollars spent for the dentist that day
180 dollar estimate for next visit
5 for 5.95 arbys sandwiches purchased
1 Mighty kids meal purchased
4 bottles of water drank
3 bottles of gatorade
1 energy drink
1 giant orange juice
1 cardboard box, seatbelted in the backseat (gerbils people)
5:30 when we left Flagstaff
1 potty break
1 GIANT I MEAN FRICKEN HUGE black black black rain and lightning storm we drove into
1/2 foot visibility
20 cars pulled off the side of the road with flashers on
3 scared people in the suburban pulling off the side of the road
4 prayers said
10 lightning strikes on the ground all around us mass of cars (we are talking close close people) (If I reached my arm out I could have touched it)
1 terrified child crying and screaming
1 scared mommy
1 brave Gigantor
40 minute wait on side of the road
10 foot visibility when we headed on our way
25 mph max for 30 miles
45 mph for the remaining 25 miles
1 inviting house seen
3 exhausted people
5 hours good sleep

Okay that was my day. That rain/lightning storm scared the crap out of me. I've seen tons of them living here, but never in my entire life had I seen anything like that.
Glad we are home safe. I now have a bleeding thumb from one of the fricken little hamsters. hehehehee
Happy rest of Thursday everyone, and Happy Friday tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Nobody missed me???? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I was gone for all that time without posting and nobody missed me. Dam the luck. Well...I just got my computer back. It decided to die on me. But alas I don't have time to post much, we have to get dinner, and showers, and leave to go out of town tomorrow to the dentist. Hope they can fix kiddo's broken tooth right up. I won't be back till late, so hopefully I will be able to post on Thursday, and maybe read and catch up with everyone. I've missed you all.

OOoOoOoOo On a side note. Texas has got to be a "non vortex" zone. Cuz the bra works just fine again now that I'm home.

Till Thursday....but we know you won't miss me. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cough cough

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fun With Beaver

I've got nothing today. I'm just still way tired, and hot and sticky, and hurting. So...I found THIS and thought you could play with yourslef for a while. You gotta use the arrow keys. Took me forever to figure it out. hehehhee Tell me how many you can get. I can't get past 4.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm Back

I'm home!!!!! We are all home safe and sound. We left at 4 in the morning Texas time, which is 2 in the morning Arizona time. We pulled in at my house at about 9 something at night Arizona time. A very very long day indeed. We unloaded the car, got pizza, and went to bed. Alekx left out of here about 10 this morning. We then went and ran a gazzilion errands. We went to the bank, home (forgot something) walmart, post office, eye doctor (kiddo's glasses came in while we were gone) the MVD (need a paper to fill something out), the chiropractors office, to go get a drink, walmart (to pick up pictures), and grocery store (we needed some food) came home and unloaded everything, and unpacked most of our stuff. Now Gigantor took the kiddo back up to get his glasses, and the bread and salad we forgot to get at the grocery store.

I love my hubby to death, but I walked into the dirtiest, stinkiest pig sty I have seen in a very long time. I'm gonna be one busy person trying to get this house all cleaned back up.

And what the F**K??? Leave Texas and when we get in Arizona, it's more humid here than it was in Texas all summer. It's monsoon season here, but gaaawwwwddd it's sticky as hell!!!!

OooOOo We have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, then doc appointments on Friday (need to catch him up on everything that happened this summer) And kiddo has an appointment with his dentist next Wednesday. Another trip we got to make uuuuggggghhhhhh And I promised he could get a gerbil or hamster. Dammit all anyway!!! Okay I need to go cut up some food for dinner. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!!