Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stink Eye and Leaves

You all will not believe what happened to me yesterday. I was laughing so hard I might have snot bubbled. Captain Daddy was laughing so hard he almost piddled.

Captain Daddy and I were sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee and talking. He was copying down his schedule for me. Well I picked up this perfume sample I wanted to try. Now not the kind you rub on. This one was called a "liqui touch" It's a little bubble looks about as big as an m&m and it's in foil like the Dayquil pills come in. Well it had instructions to bend at the perforation and it would open a tiny hole and you could get the perfume out.

I'm staring at it intently. Probably a bit to close. And I bend the little thing down with a pop. And at that moment perfume comes rocketing out of there like a fricken bullet. My head jerks back, almost giving me whiplash. Captain Daddy jumps and yells "What the hell?" At which point my hand slams over my eye and I start screaming. My Eyeeeeee MY EYEEEEEEEEEE Then we both got laughing so hard it took quite a while to calm down.

That perfume went right in my dam eye. I washed it our right away, but it turned a purpelish red inside my eye, and it burned so dam bad. So I kept either rubbing it or putting the heal of my hand on it and pressing. And the weirdest/funniest part was. Every time I did that you got a big whiff of the perfume. hahahahaha hehehehehe hohohohohoho uh uh uh uh

So....this morning I'm driving home. To notice a bunch of the leaves have started to turn and fall off. I round one of the loop/corners of the circle I live on. And there is this older lady out sweeping the street. Yup, the street. She is sweeping the street and sidewalk in front of her house, and she is picking up the leaves. Is she insane????

Now, at my house. We let all the leaves fall off, then make one sorta half ass attempt to rake them up. Usually most of them are left to blow away or disinegrate in the ground. Not that we are lazy....wait....yes it is cuz we are lazy. hahahahahahahaha

I just thought it was quite funny to see her sweeping the street. When we still have leaves crammed in corners by our fence from like 4 years ago.

Oh well...I'm off to go eat some breakfast.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I need about 5 more hours of sleep.

Your Unique Costume is Jeeves the Headless Butler

Off with your head!

Gosh I need about 5 more hours of sleep. Oh well.... We were busy yesterday. Captain Daddy came down and washed all his bedding. Then informed me he would be back down today to wash his clothes.

We looked through some magazines and laughed about some stuff.

Gigantor got off about 4, and we went out and ran some errands. Then I dropped him off at the chiropractor, and went and got Kiddo from computer club. We finished delivering some avon books.

Gigantors mom started a bit of crap when we stopped there, and her and I almost got into it. I looked at Gigantor for support and he had his head down. Let me tell ya, I'm gonna kill that boy.

Then later that night his mom kept calling and he started wanting me to answer the phone and deal with her. Ummm no you ass hole it's your mother, you do it. I did it with mine, you do it with yours.

I've just been rather pissy about the whole inlaw situation. I've worked with Gigantor for 14 years, to help him not feel so "stepped on" or "manipulated" And the past week it's like when we were first married. They say jump and he doesn't even ask how high, he just starts leaping. Right at this point I don't think he would stand up to them if his life, mine or Kiddo's depended on it. Which of course is gonna make us have a very heated discussion. grrrrrrr

Kiddo is using his old mutant zombie mask from last year, for halloween this year. We said we would dress him up in his camo and his utility belt and his boonie hat. Then he could be a mutant zombie soldier. hehehehe

What are you or yours going as for halloween??? What is your costume from the little thing at the top??

Come on people tell me, I need some excitement. I'm the boring one remember?? I'm sitting here eating a bowl of left over green pea's for breakfast. I need something more!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

Okay I'm done being loony, at least for this 5 minutes. Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Flop

Wow for the first year ever I was highly dissapointed with the Pumpkin Festival. They have some local artists preform all day. Well they had some big gaps this year. It's been non stop all other years. They also have lots of craft booths each year. Ummmm not so much this year. Not near the activities they have had before.

The main reason I go is to look at all that stuff but also three main things. Big Johns texas bbq. (he has this giant smoker truck, and smokes his beef brisket), The cinnamon roasted almonds, and the funnel cakes. They didn't have any of the booths this year. They had one drink booth, and Navajo taco booths. That's it.

We did hear a bunch of the people, with the booths, were gonna show up to the balloon regatta next weekend though. So...that will be nice. Lets hope that's a better little thing to go to.

We did nothing else this weekend but some grocery shopping, some house cleaning and paid some bills.

Oh oh I did watch three movies. I would highly recommend all of them. We watched The Condemned (with stone cold steve austin) we were very surprised, it was really very very good. We watched Next with Nicholas Cage. That was very good too. And Kiddo picked out one called Twitches. That was a very cute movie.

Well I'm rather boring today, so I'm off to fold more laundry, and to go scratch something. hehehehehe

Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A First

I just did something for the first time. I deleted a post I had put up here.

I usually leave them up, because I stand by what I say. I still do.

But I had vented pretty bad about my father in law. And I was dreading him coming back to town for the winter, he will be here this weekend. Where as every horrid thing I said, was the truth of how he is. I'm thinking maybe it would be best if I didn't have that post up.

Because I love my husband so very much, and I would hate for him to look on there and see that everyone knows about how horrid his father is.

My husband knows how he is, he just doesn't want it to reflect on him. That people think he is bad because his father is.

Thank you Hammer for your comment on the other, and I totally agree with you.

Anywhoooo Just wanted to explain myself.

I'm hoping I will have lots to talk about after this weekend. The Pumpkin Festival is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to going.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Night is for sleeping??? What???

Somebody needs to convince my dang son. OMG I left that last post, saying I was going to go, because I was yelling at my kid.

Well let me tell ya. I was sitting listening to Gigantor and Kiddo yell back and forth for a while. I finally had to go break it up. They are like two three year olds sometimes.

Well...Kiddo was all crying, "I'm scared, I don't wanna sleep alone. whaaaa" Well he claimed he was scared of a movie he had watched on cable. In reality, he had 5 days off, and he didn't want to sleep to go back to school. And he was playing his stupid bull crap. Now his bed time is between 9 and 10. And it was about 10 when he started that crap.

11 I'm in the shower, and he wonders in complaining that he feels sick to his stomach. Which is because he is so fricken tired. So he gets yelled at and made to go back to bed.

(now when my son went through some sleepless nights in the summer he was told he better keep his happy ass in the bed and just lay there, cuz Gigantor and I needed our sleep)

12 he starts hollaring for Gigantor. He was asleep this time, but he was so over tired, the entire "sleep walking" thing had kicked in.

1 he is tapping on my shoulder waking me up, just to inform me he couldn't sleep. At which point he got yelled at for even being up, and to stop fighting sleep, and to just lay in bed, even if he laid there all night, but not to bug us again.

2, tap tap tap on my shoulder, waking me back up. Apparantly he still can't sleep. More yelling insues and he has to go back to bed. He is now grounded for quite a few days.

3 tap tap tap. I hadn't even got back to sleep yet. Informing us he still can't sleep. At which point I lost me temper, shot up and tried to grab him, but he was quicker. I started saying all the horrid physical things I was gonna do to him, cuz I was to dam tired, and he was being a little fucker. I seriously lost my temper. That time Gigantor got up and put him back in bed, and had a talk with him.

4 Gigantors alarm goes off, I was just barely asleep. I kick his sorry ass out of bed, not even letting him use the snooze, cuz I woulda got a knife and killed my whole family if that alarm went off every 9 fucking minutes. Apparantly Kiddo called in Gigantor at about 4:10 saying he still couldn't sleep.

6 Gigantor leaves, kiddo gets up, I'm in a good snooze till about 8, cuz it was late start, but Kiddo decided he should play pretend and make the entire noised of a war as loud as he possibly could. Yeah he got in major trouble, more yelling, more grounding. I am so sick of that little shit being so insensitive that he plays that loud first thing in the morning. He's now getting major punished for not thinking about others.

Last night, he didn't even finish dinner. I guess when your that age and that tired, you feel pretty sick when you run out of gas. I was very mean. I made him do some chores, and I kept him up for a bit, bitching him out. Then I sent his ass to bed at 8. He was asleep before 9. He better pull his head out of his ass and get with it. Cuz yes I have insomnia alot. But I haven't had it in a few months, which has been nice. But when my sleep pattern gets way interrupted I seem to get it bad again. He's not gonna like me all cranky every day. hehehehe

I had a much more funny up beat post in my head. But honestly it's hard to be up beat and funny, when you are thinking that it would be wonderful if you could just kill everyone and sleep a good 22 hours a day in prison cell. hehehehehe

Yeah, I'm sleep deprived and I need some or I'm gonna crack more than I already have.

Hope you all are having a good, well rested Thursday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Parent teacher and a fun Halloween thingie

We had parent teacher conferences today. In Elementary school you made appointments and showed up at that time. All the teachers were there. Now in middle school. They set up all the teachers at tables in the gym. You show up and wait in line, and stand in line, and wait in line, and pass out in line. Just to see the teachers.

His grades weren't to bad. He had a C and the rest were B's. He would have had straight A's everyone said if he only would have turned in his homework. I wasn't aware he had that much homework. And I found out what he did do at home, he still sometimes wasn't turning in. So....yeah that got a big talking to with him. But it's all coming together.

As most of you know my son has a learning disability. He is way behind in reading, and he has a horrid time with writing. He has been tested numbers of times. And we have put him in special classes because of it.

At every single teachers table, they all told me that his comprehension is through the roof. He is so far above his grade level with comprehension. They have high hopes for him, and are helping him to build that. Also every single teacher said they loved having him in their class. Two teachers said he was their favorite student this year. Two other teachers talked about how amazing he was. And one teacher went on and on about how well mannered he was and how it's so nice to find parents with old fashioned beliefs in raising their kid right.

So, yeah we were beaming parents.

I would write more but I'm busy yelling at my son, cuz he's crying and not going to bed. And my husband is being a major ass hole, and making everything worse. So...I'm gonna leave you with a halloween fun thingie. Tell me what you all get.

You Are

A Happy Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin cheesecake.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Number 8 is the bestest estest number in the whole wide world!!!

Well the boys didn't get an elk. They didn't even see elk. They probably saw 100 deer and twice that many antilope. but no elk. Oh well, October is a bit early for elk, and Gigantor has over a month and a half more on his hunt. So....hopefully next month he can get one.

I had to tell you all about my night on Saturday. My mother in law had invited me to a charity dinner. I decided I would go. I was gonna buy a ticket at the door. And she tells me she bought me one. Then she informs me I have to pay her back. So...I gave her her 15 bucks back. Sorta irritated me. I was gonna buy my own ticket anyway. But don't go buy me one then tell me to pay you back. Crap!! How tacky.

Anyhow. We show up and my ticket number was 008. Now 8 is my favorite number, also my lucky number. Your ticket gets put in a drawing for door prizes. So...I was going, "I got a good number, I'm gonna get a door prize" sorta singing it, and she was laughing.

Well I didn't get a door prize, but she did. They were little grab bag prizes, so she got some baseball cards. hehehehe No big deal, I mean she has 30 grandchildren, she can give it to one.

When you walked in though they had a balloon raffle. You buy a balloon for 10 bucks and they give you ticket, if your ticket gets called you go pick something off the table. My mother in law bought a ticket with the money I paid her back. Then another friend bought a ticket and gave it to me. I said no that is yours. He goes, there is nothing I want. Then he says. Plus it's the number one ticket. I laughed, and the number on the ticket was 808. hehehehehe

They also had two silent auction tables. And a grand prize.

We had dinner...Squash soup, chicken ceasar salad, and chocolate mouse. It was all good.

Then they did the balloon raffle. Guess who's number was called first??? Yup!!!! Mine. hehehehee I was trying to get my mother in law to go up and get the "box" thing she wanted. But she kept saying no it was my ticket. So...I went up and got a cross I really liked. Ceramic, looks like wheat is making the cross, and a couple geese are flying through it. Then it has a nice saying about man and god on it.

Then my mother in laws number never got called, and she got so upset cuz she wanted this "box" thing. A local doctor makes these boxes. Well 1. it was ugly as hell, so I wouldn't have wanted it. and 2. The guy is a major jack ass, so I really wouldn't have wanted it. But she was a bit of a poop about it, and how she should have made me get the box. I was like...."I offered a few times, what more do you want."

Well then the first silent auction table closed. I had bid on a couple things. I didn't win the painting I bid on, but I did win the fishing package. There was a Gary Yamamoto fishing vest worth about 40 bucks and two big bags of Yamamoto grubs. Each 10 pack bag is worth about 6 bucks and there were 12 of the 10 pack bags in all. I won the whole thing, vest and grubs for 2 bucks. Whoooohooo, do I rock or what???

2nd silent auction table. I had bid on a painting, didn't win. I also bid on a pair of hand made, hand painted southwestern ornaments, done by local artists. I've seen them at a lot of craft fairs and the ornaments go for between 16 and 25 dollars for one. I won the two for 20 bucks.

So...I was excited. I had paid 37 dollars total (ticket and silent auctions) and was walking about with about 200 dollars worth of stuff.

Well then the grand prize drawing. It was this beautiful framed print by Terry Redlin. He's an amazing artist.

Guess who won??

Go ahead guess!!!

You will never guess!!!


I won the thing!!!!!! Wanna see it?? huh huh huh do ya??? Okay, you twisted my arm. It's called Harvest Moon Ball. Fitting since the charity dinner was called the Harvest Moon Dinner. hehehehe

I looked up the prices of this thing on the internet. And without a frame, it ranges from price of 175 to 800 dollars. Depending on what number print you have. I haven't looked up which one I have yet. But still. Can you all believe how fricken lucky I was that night??? I'm never lucky!!!!

Okay well I just wanted to share that all.

I'm gonna go eat something and wait for my boys to get home.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Elk Hunts and Memories

This post may be long so if you stick with me, I will give you brownie points. Heck I'll even make your brownies. hehehehe

My husband wanted to go elk hunting again (he's brought home deer, but never an elk before) Luckily there was no one in his family to talk to about the hunt and what not. Cuz folks, his family is idiots, and they are on the border line of giving hunters bad names. Now my grandfather, and uncles and heck even my mom and aunts were hunters (uncles still are) and the have the top ethics in hunting, and skill. So...he talked to my uncle and put in for a great hunt. My uncle even called Old Pete Mestas and got where the cow elks were coming in and what time of day, and told him to expect Gigantor.

Last night, Kiddo gets tucked into bed at 8, cuz they are getting up early (first hunt kiddo will get to go on) And Gigantor ran around like a mad man trying to finish packing. I swear that man packed everything in the world for the next 4 days. My luck is he forgot his gun. hehehe

3:30 this morning the dam alarm goes off, and him and Kiddo give me big hugs and kisses and they are on their way. Hell yeah I went back to bed. hehehe

I have been on Gigantors case for months, begging him to stay focused and try to bring and elk home this first weekend. Now he has a very long hunt, usually they are only two weeks but his is two fricken months. But honestly people I don't have the money for gas and food and time off work for him to be going weekend after weekend to try and get his elk. So...he is trying to stay focused and get it this weekend.

I got a call, and this was a very fun, very cool part. I got a call from Gigantor and they were just leaving Seligman.

memory part.

Seligman is a very small town. It is right on route 66. It is where my grandparents lived. It is where my mother was born, raised and took us 3 or 4 times a year. Same with my uncles and aunts. It is also where Gigantors mom and family lived for a while. Now Seligman is so huge that my mothers graduating class had 19 people in it.

As you drove into Seligman, the railroad tracks are on your left. And the only business in town were on the main street. They consisted of a little hardware store (owned by the same family for 4 generations) a Dairy Cream (that was shut down when I started going for visits) a little Dinner, one gas station, The Black Cat salloon (which the town elders got shut down, because they didn't like the way the "younger" folk were acting after getting drunk every night) and a corner store, this thing's door was right in the corner.

I spent every summer with my grandparents there. Up until I was in high school. Then when my grandmother died when I was a senior I have never been back. My grandfather moved a few years after that to live with my uncle, and he passed away about 4 or 5 years ago.

Besides summers, my mother would take us for a long weekend about 4 times in the winter. I remember we always had to go to Saturday evening mass. My Grandfather thought that Sunday morning mass was to long. hehehe Seligman had two churches. Catholic and baptist. And you better have your butt planted in one each week or everyone knew about it. We would walk out my grandparents front door and down an alley in between houses right across the street. To me I was always appaled we never drove, but as I look back it was less than a block of gravel alley before we were at the church.

My grandmother was the Post master at the little post office there. It was so big it employed her and one other person, my aunt. hehehehe

I used to walk to the school playground, which consisted of one of those giant metal slides, and 4 swings. Not the new cage kind with bars, but the rubber tire strap and chains kind.

Everyone in Seligman knew everyone else. I could be walking along and fall and skin my knee pretty bad, cry a touch and get up walking. Less than 30 seconds later my Grandfather would screach up in the old red truck and hollar at me to get in, and look at my knee. (he never hugged to console you, different generation, you bucked up or you died) You would wonder later, how he knew you fell, then you found out that the old man on his porch saw you and phoned him up. Yelling at him for letting his little pup get hurt. hehehehe If my grandfather wouldn't have got in his truck and come and got me. Could you imagine the scandle that would have caused in among the "older" generation in that town??

Now that you know a bit about Seligman let me tell you what happened to Gigantor and Kiddo.

Gigantor drives into Seligman and him and Kiddo see. Black Cat gone, Corner store gone, Dairy Cream gone, and Dinner is gone. In it's place is THE ROAD KILL CAFE!!! whooohoooo (Kiddo has only wanted to eat at one since I got him a poster and t-shirt when he was 8) So...they stop to eat breakfast. Come to find out the family that owned the dinner, owns the cafe too. The Popes. I remember old Bob Pope. Unfortunately I didn't remember his wife Maryann or daughter Jannet.

Well....Maryann and Jannet where in there along with about 6 other locals. Maryann struck up a conversation with Gigantor. Asking him if they were passing through, and he says no, we are on an elk hunt. At which point all people sorta perked an ear. They then told him that the old meat shop had a shed in the back. All the locals had pitched in money, bought a shed and water system, so that hunters could hang and skin their catches free of charge, as long as they cleaned up after themselves.

Gigantor says, GREAT, I can also do it at my wives grandfathers place, but I don't know where that is. They ask who he was. He tells them, and I swear he said the entire place all turned their chairs around to him and Kiddo. They then gave him directions on how to get there. He tells them who his mom is, which gets everyone laughing and talking about old times.

Maryann then asks what granddaughter he is married to. And he tells her, and introduces her to my mothers only grandson. She asks how my mom was, and he had to tell her that she had died. I kid you not, he said that Maryann almost passed out clutching her chest and a couple other people started crying.

He said they ended up staying for over 2 hours, just talking about who all lived there and what was going on.

Gigantor then told them that he had to get back out to Old Pete Mestas's place so that they could find a camp site and talk about where he seen the elk.

Everyone asked where he was thinking of going, and he pulled out his maps and showed them. They go.."not much bull elk there" Gigantor says, it's okay I have a cow tag. All of them go "oh my gosh you should have your elk by tonight or tomorrow morning then."

As he is leaving, Maryann stops him. She says. Well Bob Pope (husband) is off guiding a hunt for elk right now, but they should have their elk by morning, cuz that's how good he is. She says, "if you don't have your elk by Sat night, come back. Bob will take you out and make sure you get your elk"

OMGGGGGGGGGGg people!!! I forgot exactly how a small, american town should really be. Where the elders are still responsible for most the laws in town. Where they don't need a police officer, cuz you will get "taken care of" if you do wrong. Where everyone loves and knows everyone else.

My town I live in now is small, only 5 stoplights, and alot of small town happenings. But I forgot exactly how much I loved the really really small town. This town only has about 300 people in it. And when they found out who my husband was and who he was married too. They took him right in, and are gonna make sure he is taken care of right. Now that is the true heart of America people.

Have a great Friday all!!!!

Brownies for everyone who read the whole thing!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


First a quick update on me. I'm doing pretty good. Eating a bit more and a bit more solid. I couldn't figure out why I was hurting so bad on the cheeks and gums, thought I had a ton of sores in my mouth, got depressed. Some of the swelling went down, and we found out that it is stitches. My cheek is stitched to my gums in places to seal up the wound for healing. Ouch. And a stitch did come out tonight, so it's feeling some better. yayyyyyyyy

Okay, the reason I haven't been posting, is I have been (along with Gigantor) going to war with the school.

Now last Thursday I had surgery. I had informed the school, and also told them who was watching my kid. Also, nobody and I mean NOBODY in that school is allowed to keep my child after school unless I am called first.

So...Thursday, Kiddo doesn't get all his work done in art class (MOTHER BUNNY HUMPING ART CLASS PEOPLE!!!) And the Cock Crunching Cunt Cow of a teacher decides he has to stay after school. He tells her he can't cuz of my surgery, to which point Ms. Cuntcow says she doesn't care he better. kid didn't, he went home with Mrs. K, like he was supposed to.

Now it's Friday, I'm still in massive pain, and we get the mail, and there is something from her in the mail. It's a notice that my son has "after school detention" on Tuesday for not going in after class. ummmm No, and not only No, but Ms. Cuntcow I will show you 5 ways to HELL NO!!!!!

So...Tuesday we call Mr. B (the principal) we go way above everyones head. And we explain what happened and Mr. B says. Oh Hell No!! That she never called me, and that is the rule, and that she did it on Thursday, which was a no no, so that my son would definatly not have detention. He called Kiddo in and asked him why he didn't get the work done. Kiddo told him that she sat him with the three kids that have been bullying him all year. Now this school is supposed to have a ZERO TOLLERANCE FOR BULLYING and so far, this teacher has made my son seem more like the one at fault than the three doing the bullying. So we are going to go to war again.

Now...we thought the detention thing was done. But last night Kiddo tells us that Mr. Muff Mangling Mini Meat (the detention teacher) told him he would have detention on Wednesday since he didn't show up on Tuesday. Kiddo told him about the talk with Mr. B and Mr Minimeat said he didn't care he better be in detention or get suspended.

SWEET CRISPY JEEBUS what is wrong with these fuckers??? Don't they know that I just got out of surgery. And when I am in pain I am mean. Now not just ornery mean, but make grown men cower for their lives and run for their mommies mean!!! And add pissed off to that mean and you have a nuclear explosion you don't wanna see.

Gigantor wouldn't let me go confront Ms. Cuntcow, and Mr. Minimeat (since he still had to drive me) (dam meds) So..he called Mr. B. Mr. B said WHAT??? and said he would fix it. Cuz Kiddo did not have detention and that was bull crap.

We go to pick kiddo up from school today, and guess what? That's right, he didn't come out of school. OMG I was so mad, I think I gave Gigantor 3rd degree burns with my eyes. We found him, and he took it upon himself to finish the work in art. Well he had to go for his backpack, and we said, okay hurry, we are waiting. Well...he didn't come out for a long time again.

He then comes out crying. Cuz another teacher stopped him because Mr. fucking pissing me off minimeat kept him on the detention sheet. At which point, I said. THAT IS MOTHER FUCKING IT!!!!!!!!!!! and I drove over to where Mr. B was standing, and I very politely introduced myself, and I very not politely ripped him a very new very big ass hole. At which point he was 1. appalled by what I said, and 2. so nice and apologetic that I almost felt bad for tearing him apart (I said, almost, what more do you want from me??) He guaranteed us that it would be completely straightened out that night and not to worry tomorrow. At which point I said, very quietly. "There better be nothing to worry about tomorrow, cuz you would hate to see me angry" At which point he did the very noticeable swallow, and said, I swear ma'am.

Hehehehehehe I love scaring grown men.

That's been my week so far. Gigantor and Kiddo leave for hunting on Friday and come home Monday night. I hope I can take care of everything, including myself while they are gone.

Have a good Thursday all!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Boy.. what a few days. hehehe I'm way dizzy, don't know if it's the meds or what. get to hear me ramble. lmao

The surgery went okay, actually only took about an hour. But me trying to come out of the anesthesia and get my blood ox level up took quite a while. We headed home from Flag at about 2:30. I got pretty sick.

Normally it's a 2 1/2 hour drive. We didn't get home till after 6. It's okay, we made it.

I spent the first couple days just doped up and sleeping.

I haven't been able to open my mouth very far, or close it all the way, so chewing was out of the question.

The swelling is going down now, and I'm able to chew the softest of food right now. Hopefully it will be all back to normal when Kiddo and Gigantor leave for hunting on Friday.

Know what I miss eating most?? MEAT I am such a carnivor, and haven't had any meat since Wed. grrrrrrrrrr

Anywhooo I must got take more antibiotic (they have me on 4 pills a day, 500mil pills, that's alot) And rinse my mouth with warm salt water.

Have a good Monday all!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

post surgery update

hi all fica is doing good and home from the hospital.
will let you all know more tomorrow.

thank you for your concern

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Holy Crap

Well I called the dentist yesterday about that break. Guess what???

I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

They are going to call me in just a few today, and do most the pre op over the phone. Then if I need any lab work I will have to go down early tomorrow. But surgery is scheduled for 10 in the morning tomorrow.

Now...I've been coughing all night, and either I'm having an allergy attack or I feel a cold coming on. I've been taking lots of dayquil, cuz I don't wanna have to postpone this surgery. I wanna get it done. He will give me antibiotics, so if it's something worse I should be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Anywhooo....wish me luck, pray for me, keep me in your thoughts. I'm gonna go under tomorrow. Not sure when I'll be back.

Have a good Wednesday all!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Well we are back. We have to take kiddo back to get a couple fillings. We made the appointment for when my pre op is. Hopefully it will all work out. But we have to pay almost 200 bucks for his fillings (the part the ins won't pay).

We did go get some books. All for Kiddo. We had a good lunch, and we went to petsmart, got the dog a couple sweaters, a new collar and leash, and a couple toys. Plus we did end up getting another parakeet.

She is a dusty blue and grey and white. We have no idea what to name her. We have gone through, tweety, and peri (for perwinkle, sorta her color) We don't know what to name her. hehehehe Give me ideas people!!!

Captain Daddy was a pain in the ass for most of the day. He was all grumpy and pissy for like the first 4 hours or so. Finally let me know why. And it was nothing that anybody, not even him could control, yet he decided to be an ass. And make the rest of us suffer. grrrrrrr He woke up with his blood sugar sort of high. He couldn't help that, and neither could we. But he did his silent treatment, then disgusted sigh thing every little while. For four fricken hours. He told me not to worry about anything on the trip, seeing as we didn't have money and he had a bunch. Well...thank god I took some money. I'm just saying. I hate grumpy old men, and I wish he would just stay far away from me if he is gonna be hating the world. Cuz I have enough issues without trying to deal with his.

Okay fuck, that was enough of a rant.

oh oh oh on a side note. On the way home, I was drinking a coffee, and I had a chocolate bar (cuz Gigantor was getting way tired driving, and I was way way tired, so I was trying to wake up to drive) anywhoo I broke more of that tooth. Now half of it is down under the gum line. I'm so freaked out to eat any more. And the fuckers can't get me in any earlier than Nov 8th. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay...I'm gonna go gum some bread, hope not to break more of it.

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gone and Thanks

I'm posting tonight, because I'm going to be gone tomorrow. Kiddo has a dentist appointment in Flagstaff. We will be leaving at 7 in the morning. Get there between 9:30 and 10 and his appointment is at 10:30. We usually don't get done there till about noon or later. Then we will go to lunch, and to the used bookstore (Bookmans) and to Petsmart, and where ever else Captain Daddy wants to go. Then we will head home. We should be home by 8 at the latest.

Foxy is doing better today. She was not doing so good on Friday. I had to call the vet. She was shaking and panting, and almost looking like she was having a seizure. I called the vet, then started feeding her asprin every 4 hours. She didn't eat for two days. Today, she was all jumpy, and sitting up and ears up, and ate. So...much better.

We went to a bbq up at my uncles tonight. He made baby back ribs, and tater tots and corn, and we brought some baked beans. It was nice, my cousin was in town with her husband, and it was his birthday.

Now on to more important stuff. Since I won't be online tomorrow. I want to wish all my Canadian friends a very

I adore you all and hope you have a great one!!!!

Have a wonderful, thanksgiving Monday all!!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Foxy and Sonic

Well Foxy is doing good after her surgery. She is freezing though. I don't have a doggy sweater yet. Can't get one here, was waiting till I go to Flag on Monday. So...I keep putting blankets over her when she lays down. She's keeping her little ears flat against her head there. I think that's a touch of pain. I'm sure they will be standing up again soon.

Gigantor ended up working almost 13 hours yesterday. And since both me and Kiddo were dead tired we decided to just do Sonic for dinner. We got our new Sonic in town in June. Every single time we go there, they screw up the order. One month, hell even two of messing up, getting used to things...okay. But it's October people. Get how they did this.

First of all I always make a list, so he can just read it off.

Gigantor goes up and this is exactly what he orders.

1 number 1 meal with no veggies on it. Just cheese, mayo and mustard. With a large chili cheese fry and a med lemonade.

1 number 2 meal with everything, with sonic size chili cheese tots and a 44 oz Strawberry Limeade

1 number 6 with sonic size chili cheese fries and a 44 oz cherry coke.

This is what the girl repeated back.

I have 1 number 1 with no cheese and pickles only and a large cheese tot, and a med limeade

I have 1 number 2 with no cheese and no mustard, a large french fry and a 44 oz cherry lemonade

I have 1 number 6 with no cheese, a large chili cheese tot and a 44 oz diet Dr. Pepper.

Gigantor, into the intercom, says, HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT RESEMBLE A THING I JUST SAID??? At which point the little girl got all flustered, and said she repeated back exactly what he said.

Gigantor then gets out of the truck and storms into the sonic. Yelling at them, that either their intercoms don't work, which he doubts, or they all have their heads firmly up their ass. He then hands her the list, and says, now tell me how that resembles what you said?? She looks at it and goes. OooOoo I didn't understand. Well no fuck sweetheart.. So he leaves her the list.

She comes out twice, two fucking times to verify something on the list. People I wrote it just like he said it.

Then the meal comes out. Here is what we had. Because before giving them the money, we have learned to check the food.

We had

1 number one meal with no cheese and lettuce only, large cheese tots, and a med limeade

1 number 2 meal, with onions and lettuce only, a large chili cheese fry and a 44 oz cherry lemonade slushie.

and 1 number 6 meal, with a large chili cheese fry with jalepeno's and a 44 oz Diet Vanilla Coke.

Gigantor blows a gasket and demands the manager. Whom he then proceeds to rip apart. The manager goes in and gets the list, then Gigantor throws him the receipt. And the manager looks at them both and litteraly said. WHAT THE FUCK?? He went in, and in less than 10 minutes, we had the correct meal out. We also had the incorrect meal. Gigantor goes to pay (he took 40 dollars with him) it was 23 bucks and some change. Now count that people. Gigantor came back with 36 dollars even.

OMG this sonic is such dumb asses.

Okay I'm gonna go indulge myself and read you all. heheheheh

have a good Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'm sorta gross I guess.

You Are 48% Gross

You're more than a little gross, but probably no more gross than the average person.
Maybe it's time to drop some of those disgusting habits that could eventually embarrass you!

Just thought I would get a 2nd opinion on how gross I was. hehehehehe

Took Foxy in today, she got fixed this morning. They called and said she did great, I can pick her up after 2:30.

Gigantor went into work at 3 this morning. It's almost noon and he's still not off. grrrrr Poor guy

I slept a total of about 2 hours last night.

Kiddo said he didn't fall asleep till 2:30 in the morning.

I'm guessing me and Kiddo are gonna be hard to live with today. ehheheheehe

Have a good Thursday all!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Man I'm as boring as a wart. I have nothing today. Not a dam thing.

Kiddo is playing a game till I take him to school for late start.

Coffee is heating up.

Captain daddy is coming over for the next 3 days he said, so I won't get shit done.

Foxy is going in to get fixed tomorrow.

One of Gigantor's co workers quit last night, so that means 12 hour days, till the boss gets off his ass and hires someone else.

I've still be struggling to pull myself out of depression.

I just don't have any thing.

Like I said, I'm "wart" boring. hehehehe

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm a Bonehead

Yup I'm a bonehead.

Yesterday I called and got the earliest appointment for my surgery. I don't go and have my pre op till Oct 29th. Then my surgery is Nov. 8th. I have to wait over a month, because the o.r. is booked. They were gonna do it at a little surgical center, but once reading about my other health issues. They are gonna do it at the hospital. I don't know if I should be relieved that they are being real safe. Or if I should be worried, that they are taking all these extra precautions.

Any how here is my boneheaded move. I got really tired yesterday. I think a bit from mental/emotional stress from my surgery. And my tooth was hurting some yesterday. So...I go up to get the Kiddo. I'm sitting in the parking lot at 3, and I'm falling asleep waiting for him. I keep nodding awake, and realize most the kids are out already. kiddo.

Then it dawns on me. It's fricken Monday!!! I told him last week he could join computer club, which is on Mondays after school. ahhhhhhhh He isn't gonna be out till 4:30. DAMMIT!!! I didn't want to drive back up in an hour.

I barely made it home I was so tired. I came in and sat on the couch and fell asleep instantly. Luckily Gigantor got off of work at 4:15 so I made him go get Kiddo.

My tooth was bugging me so bad last night I actually took a pain pill. (I don't like to do that, they scare me. Just knowing how addicted my mom was, and how much she abused them) and the pain pill didn't make me drowsy per say, but it made me sick to my stomach. So...I went to bed. But I got hot, so I turned the cooler in the bedroom on. Froze out Gigantor. But the pain pill made me icky to my tummy, hot, and didn't take the pain away. Then this morning when I got up, I was real sick to my stomach and dizzy. It seems to have worn off now.

I called up the dentist begging for an earlier appointment, and that is when I found out the hospital can't do it till Nov. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay, enough of me pratteling on.

Have a good Tuesday all!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Boys are so Graceful

My weekend was busy. Full of avon order coming in, family bbq, delivering avon and books, going to stores, doing some cleaning, and bill paying, and putting up Halloween decorations.

But I do have to tell you all, my boys are so dam graceful, they make me bust a gut.

Kiddo and Gigantor went on a hike on Sunday morning. (they are getting ready for hunting, so they are hiking long ways, and carrying packs and guns to get used to it) They come home and the little rat dog is just stuck to Kiddo's leg. Sniffing up a storm. I go..gees son what did you kneel in?? He goes, nothing, I did no kneeling. I said, well you have something on your leg that has her interested. He says. Well I did fall on my face a few times.

He just says it matter of factly. Not like he was embarrassed, or it was a goofball thing to do. Just well, I fell a few times. lmaoooooo My son, the ballerina. hehehhee

Then Gigantor was getting my Halloween decorations out of the shed. He comes in and I ask "Where is the goblin house"

G--fuck if I know
M--It was with the other stuff

He grumbles and goes back out. He comes back in with another armload of decorations.

M--you still didn't bring in my goblin house
G--*grumbeling curse words* I don't know where the stupid thing is, it's not out there, I've searched the shed, you must have thrown it away.
M--*raising an eyebro*
G--You did right (in a more timid voice)
M--*pointing to the door*

He went out to look again. He is gone for like 10 minutes or so. He finally comes back in. He looks like he was caught in an explosion or something. His shirt is torn, he has cobwebs and dust on his head, he's red faced, and he's shaking. his defense, he is carrying my goblin house.

I ask, what the hell happened to you. He only grumbled. It took me a couple hours to get it out of him.

Apparantly, he saw the goblin house, way off in a corner, behind some stuff. He reaches up, on one foot, on tip toe to reach it. Well his foot came out from under him, and he dived in the corner head first, with his feet up in the air, and his arms caught.

YEAH, HELL YEAH I was rolling on the floor laughing by now.

But apparently he had spent a good 5 minutes or more trying to kick out of that position (imagine him in a head stand doing the frog kick) (okay now that you can't stop laughing) And I guess he was hollering for one of us to help him. Yeah, well the shed is at the very back of the house, and Kiddo and I had t.v. turned way up watching something. I guess Dribbles was licking him the whole time he's doing the frantic frog kick. He finally knocked some stuff down, and got flipped over most the way to get out.

Yup....Graceful I tell ya.

Have a good Monday everyone!!!