Friday, April 29, 2005

Cowboy Boots or Boats??

So, as I have mentioned before. I had a major surgery in Sept before I had my religious wedding in November. I had to be air vacced out of my small town, to the nearest big town, and undergo emergency surgery. My mother flew in the plane with me, and my husband got emergency leave from the Navy and flew into town to be with me for 10 days. (the red cross is great that way to help service men out when something happens to their family)

Anywhoooo my mother and I had been shopping in the summer for all my wedding stuff. We found all the decorations for the perfect western wedding. We even found the PERFECT western wedding dress. The only thing we didn't find was the perfect white boots. And we looked and looked. We had made plans to travel out of town for a day of shoe shopping. But when I got emergency surgery, and almost died, and they said no traveling except for home for quite a while. My mother decided to be the best mother of the bride you could get. She went to a ton of stores. Then she went to K-mart and found the most AMAZING white boots. She stumbles in my room with my husband, and starts shoving something on me feet. I wake up from my darvocet induced slumber and mumble "ouch what are you doing" She's grunting, going "I need to make sure these boots fit." Awwwww I was brought almost to tears. And yes the boots went right one, and I could wiggle my toes, and they fit on my legs fine. Mom throws them in the box, and stuffs them in a sack and goes "there that is done" all proud like.

I got to go home and start healing, and husband had to go back to the navy. We threw the boots in their sack into the bottom of my closet to be gotten out on wedding day. My husband came home on October 28th. Our wedding was scheduled for Saturday November 13th. Well....about November 11th. I'm sitting on the side of my bed, feeling a little icky (still recuperating) And I go "WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!!" I see the side of my boot box. Alekx runs in and goes "What?? what happened??" I'm like "The boot box better be wrong" Alekx pulls out the boot box. It says size 12. I wear a size 8. I start to panic. Alekx says "wait wait, the box is probably the wrong box, mom wouldn't fuck up that bad" We open the boot box. THEY WERE BOATS. THEY WERE MOTHER FUCKING SIZE 12 BOOTS!!!! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR LET ALONE WALK IN SIZE 12 BOOTS???? ON MY FLIPPIN WEDDING????!!!!!! Alekx and I just stare in horror. Mouths agape. I say "maybe if we stuff paper in the toes" Alekx runs to get paper. After about 2 sunday editions in each boot, I put them on. Well, they feel snugger, but I can't fricken walk. It felt like I had flippin big red clown shoes on. Okay, I've had it, I start crying. Alekx to the rescue. She jumps up and calls mom, and proceeds to yell at her, "what where you thinking" Mom was like "well they fit when I tried them on her" aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh

Alekx then runs down to the local walmart. No good, no white boots, we run to local western store, no white boots. Alekx then calls in sick to work, and calls my doctor to see what she has to do so I can travel. She gets everything ready and throws my cut up self in the front of her truck, and takes off for the nearest big town. Cuz you know, my wedding is less than a day away. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

We pull into the K-mart. Return the "boats" and look. They have white boots in size 12, 11, and 7. WTF??? So we go to the mall, stiffly walk around all the shoe stores, yes they have boots, no they don't have white boots. Look at some wedding shops. No white boots, not even the high heeled type. I start to think, maybe I have to wear slippers. (that would look real good with a western dress) And we stumble on this little designer shop. See the cutest pair or ankle length white boots, with all these frilly do dads. Put them on, and they fit perfect. Look at the price tag 226 flippin dollars!!!! Are they gold plated or what??? We walk out feeling totally deflated. There is no way any of us can afford that. Not after all the medical stuff, and Gigantor coming home from the Navy with no job lined up, and me out of work for 6 months to heal. I'm near tears again, and Alekx is even someone deflated. She's starting to go, "I'm sorry kiddo I tried" I'm sniffling "it's okay" We walk past a mens cowboy hat shop (MENS) and she goes "lets go in" I saw no point, it was all mens stuff. We go in anyway, and on the back wall in one corner is this tiny section of womens boots. I mean it's smaller than most bathrooms. We wonder back, just so we can say that we left no stone unturned. And on the shelf is one pair, ONE, or white boots. They have silver inlays. Gosh it would be perfect seeing as my dress has silver threads all through out the lace. But we couldn't dare to hope. Alekx says "lets just look" I sit on the bench complaining that I'm tried, and I hurt. Alekx picks them up, and starts laughing so hard. She then walks them over and goes "here put them on" the box said size 8 1/2 OMG OMG OMG OMG Yessssssssss!!!!!!! they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The clerks in the store thought we had lost it, we were all whooping and hollering, and hugging, and cussing out our mother. heheheheehe Best part. These boots were 42 bucks. We snatched them up, and headed home. We didn't get home till way way after dark.

But that is how much my sissy loves me!!!! That is how much she would do anything for me!!! And that is how much she shares in my pain, joy, laughter, and embarrassment!!!

This started out to be a funny post. But I think it ended up being more of a tribute of mine and Alekx's love and dedication.

Remind me to tell you how after I only spent 1200 bucks on my wedding total (clothes, halls, food, flowers, cake, pics the works) How I saved the house elf 3000 bucks on their wedding. hehehehehee I can throw a good wedding people, for virtually no money at all.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Anniversary That Everyone (Alekx) Forgot

Let's start by rewinding almost 6 years. August 21st, Alekx's wedding day. We are all giddy, and excited about her wedding. We are getting hair and nails done and all that foo foo stuff. And I make some silly comment about how her and I can remember each others anniversaries easy. Cuz mine is April 21st and hers will be August 21st. So...both "A" months and on the 21st. Of course we giggled up a storm.

Now fast forward almost a year. August 21st fell on a Friday one year later, and I was sure the house elf was going to take Alekx out on Friday, so I wanted to call and wish them a happy anniversary. I decided to call on the 20th, because I think earlier is better than later. Calling late ticks me off. Anywhooo....I call up Alekx about mid morning on the 20th. Ring ring....
B--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY A DAY EARLY (all cheerful and smiling)
A--(grumpy) thanks alot, but it's today
B--What's today?
A--(disgusted sigh) my anniversary
B--No it's not it's tomorrow, the 21st.
A--(very pissy now) No it's today, and it looks like everyone has forgotten, thanks a hell of a lot.
B--(starting to panic now) No it's the 21st, don't you remember two "a" months on the 21st??
A--(mad) What the hell are you talking about?
B--(still panicy) I'm sure it's the 21st, cuz we talked about bothing having them on the 21st
A--I never had that conversation with you. (must have been the pre wedding jitters, she didn't remember what we talked about) And it's my fricken Anniversary I should know
B--(really freakin out now) Go look at your marriage license, I'm sure it says the 21st
A--I did this morning after the house elf forgot, it's today. I gotta go


OMG I was freakin out. I never forget dates like that. How could I, but....I'm sure I was right. was her wedding, not mine. ahhhhhhhhhh I call mom, I call dad, I call friends asking all of them when her wedding was. Everyone says their calendar says the 21st. I then dig out my old calendar to see. It says the 21st also. I of course can't dig out the wedding invitation she sent me, because she never sent me one. this time I'm pretty sure that she got married on the 21st, but am panicking cuz she is convinced it's the 20th. Then I'm real panicked thinking they screwed up on her marriage license, and how the hell can you fix that.

Go to evening now
I call the house elf. ring ring
B--ummmm hi I was calling to say happy anniversary a day early
(you can hear Alekx slamming pots and pans in the background)
HE--Thanks, did you call Alekx today
B--yeah this morning
HE--(whispers) do you know what's wrong with her?
(you can just hear the anger coming off of Alekx even over the phone)
B--(I now tell him about our entire conversation that morning)
HE--No our anniversary is on the 21st
A--(from the background) (and very angry) OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT TO. ALL THE REST THE FAMILY FINE BUT NOT YOU.
(now both of them are arguing, and I'm trying to hang up saying that I don't need to be a part of this)
HE---Hold on sis
B--kay (wanting to crawl in a hole)
HE--(comes back messing with papers)
A--what are you doing?? I already looked there. (not only does she sound beyond angry, but hurt too)
B--(god kill me now) Does it say the 20th??
long pause......pause some more.....and still pausing
HE--Right here!!! Look!!! (slamming of pots, and stomping toward house elf) It says Saturday August 21ST!!!!!!!
dead silence now. Nothing moves.
I can hear her stomping off to the bedroom. You know the stomping your 5 year old does when they are ticked. I hear the bedroom door shut.
B--OMG I'm so sorry bro (giggling now)
HE--(full out laughing) oh shit I thought it was the guys that screwed anniversaries up
B--I don't know if she was more pissed when she thought everyone forgot, or if she's more pissed that she got proven wrong. (still giggling) ( I just love to giggle at my sisters discomfort at her own hands) hehehehehe
HE-- fuck i'm gonna have to make it extra special tomorrow now.
B--no shit, I'm gonna go tell everyone else in the family what just happened
HE--oh fuck (laughing) she never gonna live it down

And you know what?? This is proof that we will never let her live it down. hehehehehe

Okay just had to tell you all that. Wish me luck everyone. I have a meeting at the school today to discuss the kiddo's testing. (for dyslexia) I'm hoping every thing is fine.

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Word of the Day

Word of the day is LEGS!!!! Lets spread the word!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blog Wars and Funnies

Well I had every intention of getting on and writing about Alekx's 1st wedding anniversary, since she wrote about me calling her when I got married. And don't get me wrong, I have every intention of still writing about it. But on the phone last night we got talking about something that happened shortly after I was married, and we couldn't stop laughing. So.....I'm gonna tell you all about that today instead.

Okay let me set the scene a little. First of all, my mother cursed me and Alekx with big very round cabooses. Even though Alekx has lost weight she still has the big round caboose. When they say "baby's got back" that was about us three. The "I like big butts" song was also about us three. Anywhoo....also when I was first married I was still living with my mom, cuz Gigantor was still in the Navy over in Virginia. Alekx was also living with us, she was saving money to get into a house. Well, me and Gigantor got married in April of course, from a justice of the peace in Virginia. I came home and started planning a big religious ceremony (wedding) In Sept. I went in for emergency surgery. I almost died. The incision on my lower abdomen was so big it looks like they had tried to saw my legs off. That was the last of Sept, first of Oct I was in the hospital. Gigantor got out of the navy and was staying at mom's with me till he got work and we got an apartment. Our wedding ceremony was November 13th. Anyhow....I was not allowed to bend or lift anything more than 1/2lb for 6 months, then nothing over a pound for a year. I was even out of work for 6 months. So....this one beautiful Sunday afternoon. We lazed around in bed for a while, then decided to get up and get busy. Since we had no money we didn't pay rent, but we did house work, yard work and cooking. So we are in the back bedroom (my room) and Gigantor goes, "okay I'm gonna go work on the weeds in the back yard" and he went out. I decided to be nice and go cook lunch (of course I didn't tell him I was going to do that) I go up to the kitchen to cook some lunch, and my mom was headed back to the back bathroom to do some scrubbing. Well out of the blue, mom decides to be really nice since I can't bend over. And she goes into our room, and decides to clean out and organize the bottom of our closet. So there is mom all the way in the closet with just her "big round" tookus hanging out of the thing. And Gigantor comes back in and walks into the bedroom. All Gigantor see's is this "big round" tookus (remember all of us have this booty) Now flash to me in the kitchen, working over the stove. I hear this god awful scream, and I hear mom yell "I'M NOT YOUR WIFE" and I hear giant running footsteps. BAM BAM BAM BAM running down the hall. Gigantor bursts into the kitchen beat red, grabs me in a giant hug and starts going. "OH MY GOD I'M SORRY I'M SORRY, I'M SO SORRY HONEY OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY" I'm panicked now going "WHAT WHAT WHAT??" My mom wonders down the hall, and is now pointing at Gigantor and laughing so hard she is doubled over. Gigantor has gone and hid behind me, and is still whimpering about how sorry he is. I finally scream and these two and go "WILL SOMEBODY JUST TELL ME WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED??" Gigantor starts going "no No NO NONONONONONONO!!!!" My mother through bouts of laughter, says "I'm sorry it's to good to not tell, I have to tell her" By this time I'm starting to giggle for all the laughter and from the intense discomfort my loving husband is in. I'm giggling and go "what already" and my mother proceeds to tell me that Gigantor grabbed her ass while she was in the closet. Not just a pinch, or one hand sorta grope. But it was two hands both cheeks massive grab here people. He walked back in the bedroom and thought that "big round" tookus was his wife's. And he was gonna get the groove on. hehehehee

Okay just thinking about this is making me crack up all over again. Gigantor must be one tough man to live with any dignity after something like that. Although nobody in the family will let him forget he did it. hehehehee

Have any of you grabbed your mother in laws butts?? I don't mean on purpose cuz they were cute. I mean purely by accident. hehehe

Okay now that I got that funny out of me. I may post about Alekx's 1st anniversary tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Good Times

Gigantor and I were sitting talking about things he missed out on seeing about my mom since we were married. In the 12 years we have been married he has basically seen mom in the mental state she is now. He never knew mom when she wasn't bitter and pissed off at the entire world. He never knew her when she was in better shape physically and we did lots of thing together. He never knew the jokester she could be. And in the past 12 years, even I have forgotten alot of the ways she could be. My mother, after the divorce (when I was 5), turned into a very bitter and angry woman toward men. But she still thirsted for good times in life, she still had lots of fun with everything. She was an amazing jokester. But, alas, it is sad that my husband and son have never gotten to see that part of her. But, I try to remember. As we were sitting today I remembered some good, and funny times, and thought I might write about one.

I could write about the time, her and her sister and a couple friends went out and got drunk, and got stopped by the cops, and then they crawled, (yes crawled) in the house giggling so hard they woke everyone up. Or the time (my uncle lived with us for a while) she took his jock strap (he refereed basketball games for the school) and kept redunking it in water and putting it back in the freezer all day long, so it was frozen in a huge layer of ice, and he had to put it on that way, because he was running late. Or the multiple water, and food fights we had, getting so loud, that sometimes neighbors would call the police. Or the time she kicked Alekx and my uncles butts with frozen loaves of bread. Or how we would clean the church kitchen and meeting place to the tunes of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. Or the time she held a slumber party for Alekx and talked to the entire block, and set up a strobe light and stereo out on the street, and let the kids party harty for a few hours. Or how her and her brother, held all the teen dances in the town for a few years. I could talk about any of those. But instead I'm gonna talk about one teeny tiny incident, that caused so much laughter I almost peed myself. A moment that is all mine. You all might not even find it funny, cuz maybe you would have had to been there to get it. But it was very very funny.

My mother was the office manager at the Napa store here in town for 26 years. I started working part time there when I was 16. I worked there till I was 18, then moved away, when I moved back, I started working there again, and worked 11 years till they let me go (something awful I won't go into now, cuz that's not what this post is about) So....anyhow.....the time of this post is when I was working there when I was about 17 or 18. My mother was such a jokester at work, her and all the guys would joke and sometimes even chase each other around the store. There was lots of laughter in there. They guys likes to throw tiny lit firecracker in the office, when we didn't realize it, and scare the doo doo out of us. My mom in turn was one of the BEST rubber band shooters around. She would get the sucker up under her left thumb nail, and pull back with her right first finger, and let it fly. It would hit it's target like a bee sting. Which would ensue lots of laughter from the other men in the store. I tried to learn how to shoot rubber bands like this. But for some reason I just could not. I would either shoot myself in the thumb or it would fall right in front of me. I was pathetic. (never good at sports) hehehehe Also I guess you should understand that even though mom was a huge jokester, she also was very professional at work. The really nice polyester pants and nice shirts and jackets all the way. (and mom was very modest. She may have worked with men, but she embarrassed easy with any raunchyness, or talk) So...anywhooo one day we are sitting there at work arguing about who is going to get on their hands and knees and look under these shelves for some stuff we couldn't find. She finally gets down on her hands and knees, and sorta has her ear to the ground so she can see under the shelf. So her tookus is sticking up in the air. Oh what a target. All the women in my family are large, as you can tell by how much weight Alekx has lost, and that's the reason I'm going to Texas is help with my health and weight. Anyhow what was I saying??? Oh yeah, mom's ass is in the air. And me being the cocky teenager I was, and just getting done fighting with her. I was having all sorts of thought about how I could smack her with a ruler on her butt, or kick her with my boot. And I was thoroughly enjoying the direction my thought were going. I'm all smirking to myself, and grinning. Then I get this dead pan serious look on my face as I continue to keep staring at my mom's caboose. I don't know what came over me, but I picked up a rubber band. (I can't shoot bands, remember?) and I place it under my left thumb nail. My breathing has quickened, and a bead of sweat on my brow. I pull back with my right finger, thinking that it would feel so good to shoot her with the rubber band, but I'll probably shoot my finger again. I let go with my right hand. And SSSSSSNNNNNAAAAAAPPPPPPPP right in the fricken ass. Full speed, bee sting velocity. And not on one cheek or the other, but right in the MOTHER PLUCKIN middle. Mom SHOOTS up to sit on her knees with both hands grabbing her ass. I'm thinking, "oh Holy Mary Mother of God I'm such a dead woman" I also start thinking "run stupid ass run" (cuz lets face it mom was a jokester, but she would also knock you into next week) But I couldn't run. I was frozen in place by the horror of it all, and by the sheer joy of finally getting her a good one. So....with a half smirk, half startled look I just sit there. Mom is still gripping her ass. She then whips around facing me. And I think "oh great here it comes, I'm a dead woman" She whispers really loud like. "OMG did my pants just rip"
People!!! That is all it took for my DAM of laughter to erupt. I started laughing and couldn't stop. Mom is shuffling over to me on her knees, going "no I'm serious did my pants just rip?" She goes all whispery, "look and tell me" and she procededs to turn around and stick her ass in the air again. This time I literally fell out of my chair laughing. She keeps going. "what?" "tell me if they ripped!" My MOTHER had thought that bee sting of a rubber band was her pants splitting right in the middle. As I laugh and side step around her, (while she is still on her knees and holding her ass with both hands) I finally get to the door so I can make a quick get away, and I confess that her pants did not rip, but that I shot her right in the ass with a rubberband. Then I ran. hehehehe Of course since she was on the ground she couldn't get up fast enough to ensue chase. Thank the lord. I was scared to go back in that office for the rest of the day. hehehe But it was worth it, it was soooo worth it. hehehe

Okay all I'm off to eat our Sunday dinner of corned beef. (since we stocked up when they were on sale) Happy Sunday everyone.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Blogging Day.....NOT!!!!!

I got on today full of excitement. As I do every day I'm going to sit down and read blogs. You all can't know how much I enjoy this. So...after about 3 blogs I was so majorly depressed I couldn't think to read any more till just this evening. In reading three blogs and their comments I had learned that 2 people have decided to quit blogging, and many others are contemplating the same thing. I also heard that someone I care for is getting a divorce. Breaks my heart that they are hurting. But at least she is still blogging.

I know that everyone has to make up their own minds if they are going to blog or not. And I respect their wishes. It just truly saddens me. So...maybe I should let you all know what my blog means to me, and then you can understand why I'm so sad.

I have had struggles in my life. Alot of physical, and emotional struggles. I don't like to dwell on them, cuz that's where this part comes in. I can suffer from depression. I've been on some meds before, but they never helped. (the one's I tried) So...I have instilled tools to help with it. Humor!! Humor is a big part of dealing with all the crap that life can dish out. I came to the conclusion that getting upset just won't help a situation. So, I laugh at most things in my life. As you can see if you go read some of my old posts. Or in my comments on your blogs. But....About 2 years ago, it got way to much for me. Way to much. I hated everything, and my health went way down hill. There wasn't much humor in "my" life. The only thing that kept me going was the love of family and friends. Even my internet friends. That's something that has always provided me such huge strength. Out of no where I started a journal. A hand written journal. I wrote every day. I wrote about what pissed me off. I ranted, I raved, I cried. Then I wrote 2 things that happened in the news that day. (even if it was something so insignificant as the weather report) Then I wrote at least (sometimes more) five things that I was grateful for. It could have been something huge, like a life saved, or something small like the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Then to end it all, I said a prayer. Wrote down a flippin prayer. I would ask God to help me with all the struggles I was going through (that was the toughest, cuz I am not the kind of person that asks for help) Then asked him to help with struggles that family was going through. I kept that written journal until I started this blog. I went back and read it. I found how absolutely screwed up I was. I found how I grew, and got my love of everything in life back, and yes got my humor back. I found where, now, I realize some situations were toxic for me. And once I was out of them, things were so much better. My journal was the best $1.69 therapy a person could buy.

Now I don't write in that journal anymore. Because I write in this blog. I can have a day so full of laughs, and write it down. Or I can have the fear of losing my mom, and hating that she put us through that. And I can vent it all. Like my heading says. A place for my rants, my dreams, and my thoughts. This blog has continued the amazing therapy that my journal was. But this blog has been better. Why??? Because I have found friends, and they come and laugh with me. And they cry with me. And they fricken hold me up if I have to yell at the world. And they yell with me!!! By God they yell with me!!! And you know what?? They don't judge me. If they don't agree with me, they either say it nicely, or they don't say it. Cuz, that my beautiful people is what friendship is about. You all may treasure your comments, and your blog. You may even treasure it more than I treasure mine. But even with these words, you will never know how much I treasure each and every single comment, and who it comes from.

Where this blog is therapy to help me stay sane in my world. The comments are the thing that makes all of the struggles worth it. To know your not alone. To know at least someone out there cares.

That is why I was saddened to the prospect of losing some of those friends. At the reality that some are hurting. At the knowledge of knowing, what this blog means to me, and being scared that if theirs meant that much to them, then they would be hurting as I would be if I stopped blogging.

Okay I think I said what I needed to say, to help end the depression. I dug so deep in my psyche that my nose is bleeding. hehehehee

I'm sorry for such the serious post. But as I said. My therapy, and I needed that.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thanks and help

Thank you all for all your good wishes for a happy anniversary. Gigantor brought me lunch today and I got flowers delivered. I am taking him to the movie and probably dinner. We will probably keep the celebration going through the weekend. hehehehe I had some of you ask. We have been married 12 years. Whoooohooooo

I want to thank Melencholy girl for writing us such a wonderful poem over on her blog. I love ya doll!!!!

Blogger has been acting up. I can get on anyone's blog but my own. I finally got on here, and am just praying this post will go through.

Now I need some help my lovely blogger family. I have been surfing the waves of the web, and for the life of me can't find what I'm looking for. My son's b-day is soon. And he has rented some games here at the local movie store. I could have them order these games but they told me they were 75 bucks for them to order them. Screw that, I know they don't cost that much. So....I can't find them online. I need some help to see if any of you can help me find them. (I'm such a computer retard) Anywhoooo... the games are for the Playstation 2 They are the Army Men games. Army Men Air Attack, Army Men Sarges Hero's, Army Men Sarges War. and any other army men one's they have out there. Please my lovelies. Hook a mama up. hehehehe

Okay I'm off to get the kiddo, and his glasses are ready at the glasses place. Then home to get ready for my big date. Love ya all!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

OH efin NO

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thursday is my 12th anniversary!!!! I had basicly forgot!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh I have got nothing!!!!! Why can't I stop using exclamation points????!!!!!!!

If I can find a someone to watch the kiddo I will take Gigantor to the movie maybe!!!!!! Sahara is here!!!!!

Any other ideas, other than sex (that's a given) ????!!!!!!

Arizona, Beach front Property

I do not know what to post about today. I could tell you about how tired both me and Gigantor was last night. Or about how my child was eating non stop since after school. Or...about the 60mph yup 60mph winds we got in northern Arizona yesterday. It like re did the landscape. Everything got freshly sand blasted. The news said that some of Arizona got "hurricane force" winds. WTF??? We aren't next to the ocean, how can we get "hurricane force" winds?? Scary stuff people. See all the sheep off the rez blowing past you.

Anywhoo... On that note I was gonna leave you with some fun stuff about Arizona

Dumb laws in Arizona (still on the books)
Hunting camels is prohibited.
Any misdemeanors committed while wearing a red mask is considered a felony
There is a possible 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus
Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs
It is unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water
You may not have more than two dildo's in a house
In Glendale---cars may not be driven in reverse
In Globe---cards may not be played in the street with a Native American
In Hayden---if you bother the cotton tails or bullfrogs you will be fined
Maricopa County--No more than 6 girls may live in one house
Mohave County--A decree declares that anyone caught stealing soap must wash himself with it until it is all used up
Nogalas--An ordinance prohibits the wearing of suspenders
Prescott--No one is permitted to ride their horse up the stairs of the county court house
Tucson---Women may not wear pants

You know your in Arizona when
-You no longer associate bridges (or rivers) with water (they have water in them?_
-You can say 110 degrees without fainting (and you have survived 129 degree weather)
-You eat hot chilies to cool your mouth off (ucky but true)
-You can make INSTANT sun tea (it's very convenient)
-You learn that a seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron (got the seat belt marks on both hips forever now)
-The temp drops below 95, you feel a bit chilly (shiver)
-You discover that in July, it takes only 2 fingers to drive your car (and even those are blistered)
-You discover you can get a sunburn through your car window (do this every year)
-You notice the best parking space is determined by shade and not distance (amen)
-Hot water now comes out of both taps (yeah it's gross)
-It's noon in July, kids are out of school, and not one person is out in the streets (cuz they are smart)
-You actually burn your hand opening the car door (do this every year too, had to even have it bandaged once it was so bad)
-YOu instantly break a sweat when you step outside your door at 7:30 a.m. before work (always sweating in the summer)
-No one would dream of putting vinyl upholstery in a car or not having air conditioning (that waffle pattern on the upholstery permanently melted into the back of your legs
-Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is "what if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and cook to death?" (yup was always my fear)
-You realize that asphalt has a liquid state (and it will suck you into it's depths)

That's just a little about where I live.

I'm sure that explains alot about me now. hehehehehe

Happy Hump day everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I was in the middle of writing a post earlier. And a popup came up and deleted everything. dammit and double dammit. So....since blogger isn't letting me comment on some blogs I am going to try and write a post again.

I just watched the election of the new pope. I actually got rather choked up. I don't know why, but I did. We now have Pope Benedict the 16th.

Gigantor is off working at the fire dept today. He should have went into work. But...there was a full call out last night at about 1 in the morning. There was a motorhome fully engulfed in flames on the highway. He didn't come home till almost 5, then took a shower. He is supposed to be to work shortly after 5. He's like "honey I am so tired" I said "so sleep" so he did, then called into work. Then he found out the fire dept needed an extra person to work a 12 hour shift today. So...he decided to go do that and get paid for the day anyway. And it's something he loves to do.

On to the movie trivia in my last post. I can NOT believe that none of you knew that quote was from the second Porky's movie. Porky's and Porky's Two The Next Day. Were probably two of the best comedies every written. I mean lots of naked men and women, and crude humor. What could be better. But dam that Porky's Three Porky's Revenge. That was horrible. icky ewwwwwwww stupid movie.
And yes Alekx had it write. That zombie scene was in Porky's Two, The Next Day. and the zombies name was Steve. So funny. I literally fell off the couch the first time I saw those movies, I was laughing so hard. I have had to watch them numbers of times for all the things I have missed while laughing. And you know what?? They are just as funny the 100th time as they were the 1st.

Well everyone. I have to pee, and the dog is driving me nuts. So...I'm gonna go kick his ass outside, then go potty. Have a happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Movie Trivia

Just wanted to do a quick post this weekend. First of all, the bad day moves into the weekend for Gigantor. He had 3 calls out on the ambulance last night, and there was a call for a search for three missing kids. Aaaannnnddddd...he was chopping down weeds with this really heavy duty weed eater my daddy gave us. (all in all it was an old one) and it starts smoking and basically blows up on him. Lets see what tomorrow brings. hehehehe

Now that leads me to the title of my post. Movie trivia. I have a little scene from one of the two all time greatest comedy movies ever. Lets see who can get this.

In which movie did a zombie sing "the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle in my snooouuuttt" ??

If you know that, then what was that zombies name???

Lets see if any of you twisted individuals are as twisted as me and can get those answers. hahahahahahaha hehehehehehehe hohohohohoho uh uh uh uh

Friday, April 15, 2005

Gigantor a Target???

I don't know what it is today for Gigantor. Bad karma day, bad hair day, planets out of alignment, sun spots, full moon, no moon, who the hell knows. But poor Gigantor has had one of the worst days.

It started this morning. He goes to step on the back tire of his truck so he can get some trash out of the back of the truck. All of us have done that right?? So as he steps up, his toe bumps the stem, and it splits the tire right there, and pssssshhhhhhhhhhh flat tire. So he has to change it, and is now a half hour late to work. Gets into work (at the steel yard) and over his radio the fire dept has 3 calls. Two major wrecks. One t-bone on the highway, one head on on the highway. And it has a full call out for a fire. He usually doesn't leave his regular job to go on calls, he lets people that can do it go. But the dispatch called him personally and asked him to go. So he had to go play with the jaws of life, tear apart a mini van, transport patients, go to another crash, stabilize patients, transport, get called back, drive the attack truck, go pump water, then finally get back out to work to start on the one job that has to be done today no matter what (he is running one of the big saws and has a gazillion pieces for a billboard sign to cut) It's getting trucked out tonight. So...he calls at lunch and asks if he can go get us a burger and come home and eat so that he can relax. I said sure. As he is pulling into come home, I'm headed out the door. He says, "oh man what now" The school had called me. Kiddo broke his glasses. And not just a lens pop out break, or an ear piece you can tape up break. But it was on the nose piece attached around the lenses, shatter the inside part of the frame, got to pay for new frames kind of break. Kiddo told us that a bug flew on his glasses at lunch recess. Well kiddo doesn't like bugs, matter of fact he's rather scared of them. So he takes them off, by holding each side like he's supposed too. And he slams them down over his knee. You know like you do when you want to break a stick?? And SNAP grrrrr But you can't be to mad at him. I mean he's just a little kid. this time, I'm cracking up. What else can you do when a day goes like this?? I mean really what else can you do?? this time the burgers and fries Gigantor had bought us were really cold and icky and the kiddo wanted a burger too. After going to the eye glass place I decide we should just go get another one. So...we go order more and this time order milk shakes. (cuz they make everything right in the world don't you know) Well kiddo wants a drink of daddy's oreo milk shake. After he takes a drink, he then decides to blow bubbles in it, and goes. OOO I think I got some popcorn in it. Then he sneezed right on the milk shake as he was looking into it. I swear Gigantor looked like he either wanted to kill everyone, or that he just wanted to cry. So...I decide to go back and get him another milk shake, and what do I do?? I spill mine. lmfaoooooooo

In the long run Gigantor ended up spending 3 hours at lunch. And I told him he should just screw the rest of the day, that he should go get that tire fixed then come home and hide from the rest of the world. But he decided he had to go get all those pieces cut. I'm a little worried that an entire stack of angle iron might fall on his head, or that he chop someone's arm off in the saw. I mean that is just the kind of day that is happening here. I'm almost scared to see what happens next. hehehehe

I was gonna get on and post a funny story that happened a long time ago with my mom. But I just had to tell you all about our day. I will tell you all the story this weekend probably. Have a happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Intelligent Posts??? AS IF!!!!

As I was digging in my bra I got to thinking about food. (probably because that's what I usually find in my bra on a daily basis) I was trying to think of what to have for dinner. Then I remembered we had leftover spaghetti. Or sghetti, or pasghetti, how ever you call it in your house. We say pasghetti most of the time. Then that got me to thinking about the weird things some people say for some foods. I have always been told that when I was a kid I could not say "hamburger" I said it hand a gurber. Then I thought of the three things that my son always say different. And let me tell you, if you said it different from him, he would get so very ticked off. Yogurt was yogret, milk was nilp, and marshmellows were SSSmarshmellows. No exceptions. hehehe My mother and a friend of mine for the life of them can NOT say pumpkin, they say punkin. I don't know why, but that one has always annoyed me.

OOoO I bet spell check is gonna have a field day with this one. hehehehe

I have nothing else except air in my head, so this is as good as it gets people.

Did you all call food weird names??? What were they??

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More of the Same

I don't know what's wrong with me. I have no theme, or any specific thing to talk about. It's been all random ness lately. hehehehe So...I'm again throwing random things out there.

Let me start by saying that some of ya'lls comments on my last post just cracked me the hell up. I was laughing so hard I was peeing and crying. LOL

Yesterday I didn't get on the computer at all. Not even for a second. I had a friend come into town that I hadn't seen in 10 years. We have kept in contact through letters and e-mail and phone calls. But we hadn't been able to sit down and visit or talk in 10 years. When I lived with Alekx when I was in my 19-21 stage. She was always with us. You all know how Alekx and I can be, she was the same degree of kookiness and scariness as us. hehehehe It was awesome. I got to see her little 3 year old and she is preggers again. It was like we hadn't had a 10 year lapse. I am still all aglow and happy about it.

OMG my poor itty bitty baby boy. He was watching star wars return of the jedi movie. He watched about half before bed last night and the other half before late start today. So...he is watching it, and I was leaned over the tub washing my hair, (cuz I didn't have time before we left for a full shower) And he starts screaming and crying like his dog had died or something. I'm like OMG kiddo what's wrong??? He runs in WHAAAAAAAAAAA cough cough AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
THEY KI KI KILLED SOME E E E E EWOK EWOKS!!! So I am trying to comfort my baby while explaining that it was fake, he screams he knows but it's still sad. (true) He finally stops crying some. And I'm getting my shoes on and I hear in this deadly, growly voice. i hate you guys, if I ever see you I will kill you, you should be tortured and torn apart and eaten by bugs. I hate you I hate you I hate you. I scream out of the bedroom. WHAT THE HELL??? and he yells I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU MOMMY I'M TALKING TO THE GUYS THAT KILLED THE EWOKS.
OMG such drama in my house this morning. It's hard to bounce back from an emotional Ewok disaster.

oOoOooOoO have any of you tried that new Lime Coke??? I don't like coke usually, I'm a pepsi person. And I hate any of the drinks with vanilla in them, and I hate the lemon coke and lemon pepsi. And I only like a cherry coke or cherry pepsi if it's old fashioned with the cherry syrup and cherries in it. Well I tried this Lime Coke. yum A dee yum A dee YUMMMMM!!!

And what about Green Peas??? Aren't they the most wonderful, decadent, funny little veggies?? They are so yummie, they are good alone, with onions, on salads, in alfredo's. I would put green peas with almost anything if I could (I said almost people) Don't get me wrong. I love my green beans, and carrots, and squash, and corn. But there is just something about trying to get green peas on a fork that makes one smile. hehehehe

Okay I'm done rambling. And I'm done thinking and using my brain. I'm going to go eat my 4 crackers and cheese and veg. hehehehehe
Happy Humpity Hump Hump Hump day all!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Boring Monday

I have nothing today. Not a dam thing. Nothing nothing nothing. hehehehee

Lets see my weekend. Lazy lazy lazy. We ran to a couple stores, watched a couple movies, did some house work, did avon, and had sex and more sex. And oh yeah did I say wild monkey sex??? hehehehe But other than that we were so dam lazy.

Nothing exciting has happened this morning either. It was cold, now it's warm. That's about it. LOL I do go play games on pogo, and entered a tournament. Well 2 of them actually. Got to the semi finals in both. Other day got to the finals in one. But as you can see I have such an interesting life right at the moment.

ah hell, maybe I'll have more sex tonight. Seems there is nothing else to do. hehehehee

Happy Monday everyone.

P.S. I found popcorn in my bra today.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Random Friday AGAIN

It's always random with me on Fridays. hehehee

First of all, the suburban is fixed. To the tune of 80 bucks. We took it in to have it put on the scope, because we thought it was the oxygen sensor. (200 dollar part people, not counting labor) The guy said it could be one of 7 sensors, but to maybe change the spark plugs first and see if that does it. We were like well we just changed them like 2 weeks ago. But decided to see anyway. Gigantor got new more expensive spark plugs (4.00 a plug) (he wanted the Bosch Platinum plus 4's but I don't have 8.99 a plug to spend) So he puts them in and Suburban runs great. At least we got a refund on the old plugs. The parts people said two of them were broke and one was bad.

My poor kiddo. I kept him home from school on Wed, cuz of his cold symptoms. On Wednesday night he started crying and saying his ear hurt (right one) Now my kid never does this. In his almost 9 years, he's had ONE ear infection. So..then he starts throwing up. I thought oh great, massive ear infection. He wakes up Thursday and seems perfect. In the time he got dressed and started eating so he could go to school, he started coughing. Then he goes "mommy my ear is starting to hurt again, and now my left one is hurting too" FUCK So...I take him into the doctor and end up getting 3 prescriptions. On the bright side, there is not ear infection and there is no sinus infection. But I couldn't get the congestion under control, so they gave me some heavy duty decongestant. And 2 ear drops. His ear canal on the left and right is irritated to the point of raw skin. And his ear drum on his right is so irritated it's almost and open sore. Then...get this... they tell me he needs another hep b shot. I'm like "WHAT" "he doesn't need any shots till he's 11" I'm a parent that keeps those up to date people. They then proceed to tell me that, because of their screw up, he got his one month early when he was 6 months old, so it makes it void. And the nurse is standing there holding the shot in her hand, and kiddo is almost crying cuz I promised him no shots this visit. So...something inside of me snapped. I stand up, back this nurse into the hallway and start yelling. Gigantor and kiddo just stand behind me all quite till I was done then they walk out right behind me. They know when to not mess with mama bear when she is pissed. So here is what I yell YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU IGNORANT ASSES CAN'T FUCKING COUNT TO 6 PROPERLY, AND THEN CAN'T FIGURE OUT THAT IT'S WRONG UNTIL THE CHILD IS ALMOST 9 FUCKING YEARS OLD???? YOU MAY NOT GIVE MY CHILD A SHOT TODAY!! I TOLD HIM NO SHOTS TODAY!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME WAIT 2 1/2 FUCKING HOURS TO SEE A DOCTOR FOR FIVE FUCKING MINUTES THEN TELL ME YOU SCREWED UP ABOUT MY CHILD'S HEALTH!!!!!! The nurse says "you have every right to refuse it, but it's law to get your child their imunizations" OMG people wrong thing to say. Now I'm pointing at her chest, and she has a crowd of nurses and 3 doctors in the hallway watching I AM NOT ILLEGAL!!! I GOT HIM HIS SHOTS!! YOUR ILLEGAL!! AND IF YOU WANT TO PUSH IT I WILL TAKE ALL YOU STUPID ASSES TO COURT!!! I WILL GET MY CHILD THAT SHOT, BUT NOT TODAY!!! I WILL GET HIM THE SHOT WHEN HE IS FEELING BETTER AND I CAN PREPARE HIM SO HE ISN'T HYSTERICAL!!!! I start to walk off then whip around, and the nurse is cowering in a corner still holding that dumb shot. I say IF YOU TRY TO CHARGE ME FOR THAT FUCKING SHOT, OR THE NEXT ONE YOU GIVE HIM BECAUSE OF YOUR SCREW UP, THEN I WILL SHOVE THE FUCKING NEEDLE IN YOUR EYE!!!!! and I walked out. Gigantor and kiddo followed me, and we got in the suburban, and kiddo does this surprised whistle noise and Gigantor goes DAYUM honey. And they all start laughing. I can be pushed and pushed and pushed and never say anything, but then I just snap. You don't want to be around me when I just snap. And you definitely don't want to be screwing with my child or husband when I decide to snap. I'm not saying I'm some bad ass or anything, (that would be Alekx) but I can blow a gasket from time to time.

I thought long and hard about if I should say anything about the comments that Saby has been leaving on my blog past couple entries. First comment I was blowing off. But Kitten and Alekx jumped up real quick, as did some others. I was still sorta blowing it off. But then he came back and commented on the last entry. Saying he was just trying to be funny, and I should take it that way. Let me just say this one thing. If you have never talked to a person, or commented to them or struck up any kind of dialogue with them, then I DON'T think it's funny to go on and call them names. Like dumb and healthy (he said it meant fat) and fatty and other things. I think that is NOT funny, that is rude. You don't know me. How do you know that that doesn't hurt a person real bad. It's one thing to tease with them without calling names. Its another to come across as hateful and rude. If that wasn't your intention then fine. Maybe you don't know how to express yourself very well. But I do think you should make it clear that you didn't mean to hurt feelings without calling names. If you can't or don't know how to make amends without calling rude names, then that is your problem/fault, not mine.
And it doesn't upset me to bad, because I don't know this person, it would be more hurtful from someone I know. I wish you all the best Saby, maybe you can figure it all out someday.

Happy Friday all I'm off to an Avon meeting, and good sex after. hehehehe
(just thought I would dump that in there and make you all either go get some yourself or jealous.) hehehehe

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hate Mail

Wow, thanks Kitten and Alekx for being quick to jump to my defense. That was so sweet. But let me tell ya. I blew it off. Like shit on my shoe. It's stinks and is gross, but you scrape it off and trod on. hehehee By the way I have had cases of hemorrhoids that are more irritating. hahahahha Out of curiosity I clicked on that persons name. Then saw they had 9 yes 9 blogs. WTF??? So...anyhow I clicked on them. No I didn't comment. It's gotta have content I wanna comment on to comment. I'm torn on this one whether it's pitiful or obsessed. I dunno. You make the call. Just trodding on.

Well we got the suburban checked out. They suggested we change the spark plugs again before having them test more. I guess there are 7 sensors that could be wrong, but it would cost a fortune to have each one checked. As it was, for that little thing and getting the new spark plugs, we got nicely screwed out of 70 bucks. But they were so nice when they screwed us. I mean lots of pillow talk and back rubs, that I didn't walk away bitter. hehehehe So....Gigantor changes the spark plugs again, and it runs much much better, but the check engine light is still on. MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER!!!!! With our luck it's the oxygen sensor. (stupid 200 dollar part not to count labor) But as long as it's running good, I don't think I'm gonna worry about it right now.

I kept the kiddo home today. All that wind and little sleep, he had a bad bad allergy attack turn into a nasty cold. Poor thing. So..he's been laying down doped up most of the day. You know my little man is sick if he lays down before 8 or 9 at night.

How humbling is this??? Yesterday I got in a fight with a bagel and the fricken bagel won!!!! I was trying to get a bagel out of the bag for breakfast. It was stuck, yup stuck. It was a fricken HUGE bagel. It was actually to big for that sack, but to save my life it would not unstick and come out of the gawd darn sack!!! I couldn't get any room around it to put a finger, or turn it on it's side to come out. So I got my finger stuck through the hole and I';m pulling and tugging and pulling and tugging (grunting some too) and the MONSTER TRUCK TIRE SIZED BAGEL would not come out of the sack. Finally the little fucker broke into about 8 pieces and came out. Now I should have thrown it away and just got another one. But no EVIL bagel was gonna win this fight dammit!!!!! I ate the son of a bitch!! In all it's 8 pieces. I insanely took the time to peanut butter and jelly all 8 pieces than I ate it!!!!! Take that you bagel from hell!!!!!

Okay I'm gonna go bang my head on the wall for a while and start the day over. hehehehe

Happy hump day everyone!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Busy Weekend

Oh my goodness what a busy busy weekend. Let me start by saying that the wind better stop blowing or I'm gonna hurt someone bad. It has been blowing non stop since Tuesday. Now, Giganotor hates (HATES) the wind, and he works outside in it all day. So..he's the biggest bitch when he comes home each night. Not to mention the havoc it's playing on mine and kiddo's allergies.

The stupid Cave Giant broke my suburban too. grrrrrrrrrrr About 3 weeks ago he changed the oil and filters and spark plugs in the vehicles. Well, the suburban had been skipping ever since. He told me that maybe one of the spark plug wires was loose. So he goes out and mucks with it. And says nothing is loose. Well, I didn't drive it all weekend, he did. He comes in yesterday, and goes. "ummm honey ummm we need to get the suburban looked at." I'm like WHAT??? He said that the check engine light was flashing, and the emergency brake handle broke off into his hand. After questioning him more. I learned he yanked on it when the brake wasn't engaged. So now I can't set the brake till that is fixed. Well...I thought with the check engine light on, that maybe he just knocked something loose. So...I get in it this morning. And it was running so rough and skipping so bad that I felt I was sitting on a Harley. hehehehee Kiddo and I bounced up and down with the rough ride all the way to school. I'm afraid it's gonna kaput on me. grrrrrrrr

We worked out butts off this weekend. I did up a very big Avon order and called around so I could deliver, and I paid bills so I could mail them off this morning. We also cleaned up and set out all my yard statues. Hooked up the cooler (gigantor did that) he had to go buy a new pump and hose for it. Got all the weeds pulled (cept for right out front of the house), filled in the 14 holes that were big as small vw's in our yard (stupid dogs) Some of the neighbors fence was trying to fall down they dug so much, fixed a fence, did some grocery shopping, and dug trench/moat like things around the tree's so that water could set in there instead of flooding the yard. Only thing we didn't get done was to totally clean off the porch and sweep all the dirt the wind has blown onto it.

Interesting finds in my bra this weekend----crumbs of course, a feather, a cocoa Krispie (I was not eating them my son was), a candy sprinkle (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOBODY IN MY HOUSE HAD ANYTHING WITH CANDY SPRINKLES ON IT!!! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM???), a piece of packing tape, and a small key. Now this one I'm curious of. I have no idea what it's too. It looks like a lock box key, so I've been going around sticking it in every key hole I can find. Hoping to find buried treasure or something.

Okay I'm gonna go make a bagel and yell at the wind some more. Happy Monday everyone!!!!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Random Friday

All I've got today is random stuff. Hope you all don't mind. First of all Julie, I got that flarp stuff at Walmart. So...yeah I'm sure almost anywhere has it.

Man my Dogs are in so much trouble today. They have to spend the entire day outside, and maybe part of tonight. I have had the kiddo's Easter basket in the same place since Easter. Sitting there, on a shelf, not to high, so he can get into it and play with stuff or eat his candy.'s been there almost a week. And one of those bark fuckers got into his basket and ate his chocolate bunny. The one, as he says, he was waiting to "savor" this weekend. Not only did I find the wrapper to the chocolate bunny, but I found the little fuzzy chick that chirps in your hand. Stranded in the middle of the living room, covered in chocolate drool!!! (it was a stuffed animal people) Those dogs are lucky they ran outside when I started yelling. Cuz I was ready to kick some butt. I hope whoever ate it has horrible tummy cramps!!!!

Okay we had parent teacher conferences yesterday. He is doing pretty good. I'm surprised with all the school he missed. He missed 9 days and tardy 2 with all this stuff with mom going on. His reading is still way below, but they are starting testing on the 4th to find out if he's dyslexic. His writing has way way improved. His spelling still sucks. He got a D in that. But most everything jumped from the 60 to 70 percent range to being in 86 up to 100 percent range. I think that is awesome. He did get one I (incomplete) That was in Art. Probably cuz he missed so much school. Besides I don't like his art teacher she is major flake. They have never been able to do anything but draw in her class. What happened to crafts that are art??? The work with clay, ceramics, shrink art, stained glass?? I mean when I was his age I had already made numbers of pencil holders and bowls and pots, and hanging things for my mom. All we get is drawings. guuuuggghhhh

OMG I have to tell you all about Wednesday. Kiddo comes running out the the suburban after school, and announces. "MOM I GOT IN A HUGE FIGHT TODAY" I'm like WHAT???? So...let me tell you all how this happened and what happened. My son has been the target of bullying since kindergarten. In Kinder and first grade he would get choked, punched, and pushed off playground equipment. I was always up at the school rattling heads. In 2nd grade he got severely bullied by a kid in his class. I finally had to threaten the school with a lawyer before they took care of it all the way. And this year just a month or so ago, he got beat up by two kids right out front of the office windows. Apparently none of those fuckwits saw anything. Thank god his little friend jumped in and helped him and they all ran away and told me. I then went in search for the little shits so I could beat them, but they were gone. So..I proceeded to go in the school and demand to talk to the principal and vice principal. Well..everything had seemed to be taken care of, and going good. Now my son is huge like his daddy. He is going to be a Gigantor when he grows up too. So...I had had it. I tell the kiddo. I say "honey you are big and stong, next time someone come's up and tries to beat you up or hurt you. I want you to knock the fuck out of them" After he scolded me for saying a "bad word" he told me that he didn't want to cuz he would get in trouble. With me and dad, with school, and with his taekwondo teacher (cuz he was told to never use it to fight (meaning beating someone up)) So...I sit him down with daddy and taekwondo teacher and say. Son, I will not be mad at you and you will not get in trouble with me, for defending yourself. You have to stick up for yourself, and if that means beating someone up who started a fight with you, then so be it. I said, Yes you probably will get in some trouble at school. But not with me and daddy. And Master Clark says, "right you need to defend yourself" So..Master Clark and daddy go about teaching the kiddo some moves. He was told by all of us that he better NOT start a fight, but by god he should finish it!!!

So...Wednesday. This kid B was chasing the kiddo's friend T. And kiddo runs up and yells BACK OFF I know taekwondo, and B goes okay okay backing off. At which point a 4th grader (my son is in 3rd) Runs up and punches the kiddo in the stomach then jumps on his back. Kiddo like lost it. He was so pissed, and tired of getting beat up on. He finally snapped. Kiddo elbows this guy in the stomach. Then the bully grabs kiddo's hood and shirt from behind and starts punching him in the kidneys. Kiddo grabs this kids wrist. (wraps his two hands around his forearm) and kiddo DROPS this move is to get out of an assailants grip and to try and break their wrist. (thank god he didn't bread his wrist) And the bully hollars and kicks kiddo in the head and stomach. Almost broke kiddo's glasses. Well my angel lost it then, and started doing thrust punches with the really strong KIAAAAA yell. And kiddo was doing snap kicks. And this huge crowd had gathered and was cheering the 4th grader on. Well...Mr. bully tried to run away. (which kiddo should have let him go and went and told an adult) But kiddo had turned into an angry man, and chased him down, and proceeded to beat the tar out of this 4th grade bully. this time a teachers aid, seen the commotion and came over and had to pull the kiddo off of this kid. She then took them both to their teachers, who in turn took them to the vice principal. They both have to go to the "stop room" at lunch recess and afternoon recess today. (it's sorta like a time out room where you have to study hard and talk about what you did wrong) On the bright side though. Kiddo's teacher adores him, and she was ticked that a 4th grader accosted the baby. So...she didn't let them blame anything on kiddo. Other than that he WAS indeed fighting. So..he didn't get as harsh a punishment. Also...this 4th grader came up to kiddo yesterday and apologized. And kiddo was such a good man, he said he was sorry for beating him up. hehehehee
So...all the family reassured him that he was not in trouble, and that we were indeed proud of him, and to tell him again, that if at all possible he should NOT fight, he should get the heck out of there. Kiddo says. "I had had it. I'm tired of getting picked on. Nobody is gonna do it anymore"

You go kiddo *proud smiles*

My daddy says hopefully next bully or two that he beats up will UN mark him as a target, cuz they will know not to mess with him. Gosh I hope so.

Anywhoooo that was my exciting couple days.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!