Saturday, July 30, 2005

Busy Days

Wow, busy days since Gigantor got here. We went and got him on Wed. night. His plane was delayed (of course) So we didn't get back to the house until after 9. Then we didn't eat dinner till almost 11. hehehehee It was great to see him, and to see how much kiddo missed and has been hugging all over him.

Thursday, we went to kiddo's swimming lessons, then to see mom, then off to get kiddo some school clothes and supplies. We came home and ate some lunch then had to get ready to go to water aerobics, and kiddo and gigantor were gonna swim. About 5 minutes into water aerobics and swimming, kiddo leans to far forward, and bangs his mouth on the side of the pool. He busts his front tooth. His permanent front tooth. Knocked the inside corner of it off, and shaved the back of it off. So...we jump out of aerobics, and call Alekx's dentist. He says if the nerve isn't showing (and pink or blood or red) then he should be okay. He also suggested since it was just a little jagged but not bugging him so much the next day, that we wait to see his own dentist when we get home.

Friday, get up and go see mom. Wait around for the dentist to call, to inform him that kiddo seemed okay, and we were waiting to go home to his own dentist. Made some phone calls, took care of some bills, and started packing some stuff up. We then went and got mom and went to an early dinner at a bbq place called Red Hot and Blue. It was really fun, and really good. We take mom back to the nursing home, and go to a late movie. We saw Sky High. OMG it was soooo good, just real fun, and funny. Wonderful kids movie. But us adults loved it too. We got out of the movie about 11:30 and the entire time kiddo is going *yawwwwwnnnn* "I'm so tired" So I told him to sleep in the care (about a 20 minute drive home) so he did.

Got up at 7 this morning. and we all went to the wildlife park again. Took tons of pictures. All the animals were really brave and somewhat aggressive this time. The deer and sheep and lama's were eating right out of our hands. Gigantor got pecked by an Ostrich. The zebra's were putting their heads in the car, and letting us pet them, and eating. We even got a few friendly nips by the zebra's. hehehehe We then had some HUGE antlered, European Red Deer, trying to get their heads and antlers in the car. We are shoving them back, and this one totally drools down the inside of the car door and all over me. ahhhhh deer goobers. hehehehehee It was classic. And this time we got to feed the giraffe's It was amazing. I was holding food in my hand for this young female, and she was very tentatively taking it, then backing off. Well then we came around to this big Male. His chest was taller than the durango. He was amazing. He was reaching down and eating out of my hand, then I was slowly moving my hand back in the car, and getting him to stick his entire head in the car so we could get pictures.

Gigantor's mom had given him a digital camera while I was gone. It's not great, it's a HP, and only 2X zoom, but we got some other cards for it, and were taking pictures, and we are gonna get a card reader, so if any of them come out, I will post some.

We then came home tonight, and packed up everything else except our last bathroom stuff, and two days of clothes.

Tomorrow we are going the museum of natural history in Dallas. Gonna take mom with us, then we are coming home to load the durango, and eat some dinner. We are all gonna go to bed early, cuz we want to be on the road about 4 in the morning Monday. We wanna try to make the trip in one day. We are looking at about 18 hours. Please keep us in your prayers and good vibes for the trip. I probably won't be posting until we are home, and unpacked.

Have a good rest of the weekend, and happy Monday!!!!

P.S. Nights are gOOooOoOOoOOod with Gigantor back with me!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005



4 HOURSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Two in one Day

OooOOO two posts in one day. Whatever will we do??? hehehehe I just had to tell you all about a conversation I had with my hubby a couple days ago. We were talking on the phone on his lunch break.

me--blah blah blah
G--Honey I gotta go back to work
me--I love you
G--I love you too
me--blah blah blah
G--Honey I really have to go back to work, I'm late
me--*sigh* okay fine
we hang up. 3 minutes later the phone rings.
G--*still yelling* I went out and started the truck, and it goes reeeaaarr reeeaarrr then turns over, then BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!
me--what the f**k???
G--I threw open the hood, and the mother effin battery exploded
G--yeah the top exploded right off the son of a bitch, now I gotta go get another battery after work.
He takes the suburban to work, then calls me after he goes and gets the other battery.
me--Hi honey
G--boy I'm lucky I have a truck left
me--why did you leave the keys in it? (I know, I'm real bright, not like anyone could have driven away with it since the battery was toast)
G--yeah I left them in it, and I forgot and left it turned on.
G--yeah it was pouring smoke out from under it when I got home
G--*sigh* I know, I'm a dork.
me--I love you anyway DORK ASS!!!
G--I love you too


Okay I was over at Kerry's blog and she posted a riddle, so I thought I would do the same. (different riddle though)

I am a box, inside a great treasure as bright as the sun I hold.
I have no lid, no hinges or key.
What am I???


Monday, July 25, 2005

Fuzzy Teeth

I have fuzzy teeth, I need to go brush.

I have a whole lot of nothin today. Not one of my better days.

I swallowed a cherry pit. Wonder if I'll be okay??

Kiddo has made me start an hourly countdown, he's tired of hearing the days.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

4 Days Left!!

4 days till Gigantor flys in!!! Yayyyy I can hardly wait. I just wanna spend hours sitting in his arms. But of course I will wait my turn. I will let him and the kiddo be first to get all their lovin in.

Past couple days I've been packing boxes. Since we have an extra bike and and extra person, and gonna have school clothes and supplies to take home. There would be no possible way we could fit everything in the back of Alekx's Durango. We barely fit it coming here. So...I packed 6, yup 6 big boxes. Playstation games, movies we brought, toys, bathroom stuff I didn't need for the last week, stuff we got here, and clothes we didn't need (plus some of the gazillion stuffed animals kiddo brought) I packed all those, and only found enough tape to tape half of them up. hehehehe I had the house elf's brother take me to a mailing place today. We picked the cheapest out of ups, fed ex, and DHL. They are going DHL and it still cost me 126 buckeroonies. I guess it could have been worse. I did pick the cheapest. I hope their service and quality isn't cheap though. That would really suck.

We then went to Wal-Mart, the brother had a shopping list, and I wanted to pick up some film I turned in. While there, we went to the school supplies. For such a big town, they had a shitty selection of supplies. I didn't even get him a new backpack. I told him if we couldn't find a cool one, he would have to use one of his old one's. He's okay with that. I'm glad I got him a very cool lunch box a couple months ago. Cuz all they have is stupid ass BRATZ or Batman. But we got a couple notebooks and folders, some colored (erasable) pencils, and some erasable pins, (he loves those things) And a very cool pencil sharpener. I'm gonna go back to look at the clothes, gonna go with Gigantor.

OoOoOOo guess what I found??? Pirates of the Caribbean folders. Kiddo got one that had the pirates and the ship on it. Mommy (that would be me) got one with the pirate "jack sparrow" in a white shirt that was most of the way undone, and it was a close up. OMG I'm melting here. LOL I really need my husband. But lusting and drooling on a folder will have to hold me over. hehehehe

Okay well the kiddo just tried erasing with the erasable color pencils, and I'll be dammed they work. hehehe He's gonna go draw and we are playing with his lava pencil sharpener.

Happy Saturday!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In the Bra, or Not in the Bra

That is the question. My vortex bra has not been on the attack since I have been here in Texas. No food, no bandaids, not pieces of cat food, no money, no small children running astray have been found in my bra. Is Texas a "non" vortex state??? I do think it is a "lets injure Burfica" state though. hehehehe My food was giving a gallent (sorry don't know how to spell that word) effort to find it's way into my bra today. I now have, wait let me count them, 8 spots on my shirt. That is just from lunch ladies and gents. 8 big reddish orangish spots on my boobies on my blue shirt. Of course I didn't change, that would take to much dam effort. And it would only mean my dinner would have to be that much messier to destroy the new shirt I put on. So...I choose to go around looking like I rolled in my food instead of ate it.

I wonder if when I get back to Arizona, if the suction of the bra will increase to make up for lost time. I would much rather suck in and carry around strange objects in my bra, than get hurt over and over again. hehehehe

Oh and did I mention I have cramps and am bitchy??? Well I do dammit. Alekx and the House Elf are gone to the lake again this weekend. Not only will I be extra careful so I don't get hurt, but I just may stay in bed all weekend. Wonder out long enough to feed the animals and my kid. hehehehe I will hopefully catch up on some sleep. Yeah yeah I know, I doubt it too, cuz I will sit in front of this dam computer most the night willing you all to blog and blog some more.

Okay I need to go, I need to get some water (still warding off that kidney infection) Happy Humping Hump day everyone!!!!


Monday, July 18, 2005


It's Moanday not Monday. hehehehe Moaning and groaning is present. Poor kiddo is trying to fight off a summer cold. He was swimming this morning and even told his instructor "I don't feel so well" Then he told me he was "really really tired" He's 9, he doesn't admit not feeling well or tiredness. Poor thing.

I made it through another weekend without hurting myself. yayyyyyyyy Alekx and the house elf leave next weekend again to the lake, so who knows. I may do one last big whammie before heading home. hehehehe Gosh I hope not. I'm gonna tape my ass to a chair the entire time they are gone and not move. Not let kiddo move either.

What's with the food network??? I watch it every day, for lack of anything else. And there are only so many cartoons I can take. Well they keep showing the same programs, over and over and over. I'm beginning to wonder if they have all run out of recipe's. That would suck.

Ladies?? Do any of you get the "blahs" right before you start your period?? I'm so blah, like tired but not, don't feel good but not. You know?? Just blah. No energy and stuff. oOOOoOo I just thought, bonus. At least the curse is this week, and not next week when I get to see Gigantor again. hehehehee Speaking of which.

Happy Moanday everyone!!! May you all not be blah :p

Friday, July 15, 2005

Lazy Friday

We have had a lazy day today. You need one of those every once in a while. To bad Alekx had to go to work. neiner neiner neiner. hehehehe I woke up about 9 but stayed around being lazy, and lightly dozing till 11. I haven't done that at all this summer. Even when I got really really hurt. I got up early. Kiddo slept in till about 8 which is really late for a 9 year old. He then wondered around in his tighty whiteys till around noon. When he then got dressed (very reluctantly) cuz I told him it was lunch time. We have done nothing of importance today. Watched t.v., played with some toys, hugged and kissed, and he told me some jokes. That has been our big big day.

Alekx wants us to go to the grocery store with her. I HATE grocery shopping, but I guess I should really go and be nice.

OMG I wanted to go buy the new Harry Potter book this weekend. My husband called me and says. "you are NOT allowed to buy anything for yourself other than hygiene products till you get home" Dammit all anyway. Now not only do I have to wait till I get home, but now I know what my fricken birthday present is. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay I'm gonna leave you with the joke kiddo made up today. Amazingly enough this one was cute and funny. (most of his are weird and make no sense) here goes. What happened when the donut got ran over by a car??? It got "creamed" hehehehehee (insert little boy giggles here)


Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wormy Things

Okay so you all know that I have had the grand tour of the inside of Texas's medical facilities since I have been here. Ambulance, two hospitals, 2 different clinics. Well...I had to visit a doctor yet again yesterday. ahhhhhhhhh Only it was not me this time. It was the kiddo. Let me give you the dish.

About a week after we got here and started swimming I noticed a red sore like thing on the back of his neck at his hair line. At first I thought OMG IT'S RINGWORM!!! Alekx says "no ringworm is round" I'm thinking well maybe not always. So...I decide to keep an eye on it. I mean it was the only spot he had, and when he would not be swimming for a few days it dried up alot. Well...then it came back worse after he got his hair cut again, so I thought maybe razor burn (we shave his head) After three weeks of this thing, I'm starting to get a little panicked. I'm thinking it's ringworm or infantigo (don't know how to spell that right people, bear with me) So I decide if it doesn't go away I will take him into the doctor when we get home.

Yesterday, we are driving to swimming lessons and kiddo goes "Aunt Alekx, I got a weird bump" I'm like "what are you talking about". He says " I got this red, flat like bump on my leg" I thought that sounded weird, so I made him show me. AHHHHHHH (this is where you run away) It was perfectly round with the broken skin and the white swirls in the middle. Looked exactly like the ring worm I got once in a while when I was a kid. So...we get him into the doctor. YUP!! ringworm. He gives us a prescription for a cream, and says he probably got it from our pets. I DON'T FRICKEN THINK SO!!! We have had pets all our life. I then mention the pool, and he says. Oh well he probably got it from the public pool, that is where most people contract it. GREAT!! We all go swimming and exercising in that pool, and there is nasty ringworm floating around. *shudder*

I take the prescription of cream to the pharmacy. They said my copay is 60 fricken dollars, and it cost almost 100 without the insurance. AHHHHHHHHHHHH So...we ask them to call the doctor and get another cream. I call back and the pharmacist, says "there is the same exact cream you can use, same strength and everything, and it's over the counter." I'm like "how much is that" he says "14.99 with a dollar of coupon" Whoooooohooooo So we run down there to get it, and guess what the cream is. It's Lotrimin. You know the athletes foot cream. Says it works on jock itch and ringworm too. The mother flubbin doctor wanted me to spend 100 bucks on a fancy name of lotrimin. AAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my sissy, but dammit I am so tired of visiting all the doctors offices and pharmacies. LOL

I'm off to scratch my butt or whatever. hehehehe Happy Thursday all!!!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Brain Cramp

I guess I'm having a brain cramp. I have sat here and sat here, and dammit I have nothing to talk about. So this is gonna be one of those posts where I have a whole lot of nothin to say. hehehehe

I think I'm way way homesick today. Even the countdown tool isn't helping me and kiddo today. I have loved my time here in Texas, and it has helped me get a jump start on alot of things. But I desperately long to be in my own bed, next to my hubby, sleeping in. Seeing my pets, and friends. Going to the lake. Just grilling everything under the sun. LOL

I am gonna miss this high speed internet though. I'm gonna go home and have to wait and wait and wait for all my pages to come up. hehehee

We are talking about maybe going to the dollar theater tomorrow. It's 50 cents all day long on Tuesdays. whooohoooo what a find huh??? I think it's a nice few hours to spend, and not to expensive. And if you go during the week and during the day, it's not that busy. Everybody is at work.

I will try to come up with something intelligent to say, if not at least something snarky. Sorry about the, so boring you slipped into a coma, post.

Happy Monday everyone


Friday, July 08, 2005

Have you ever??

Washed your hair, put the deep conditioning on it, that you should leave in for 10 minutes, then forget to rinse??? As if that's not bad enough, not only do you not realize it before you get out of the shower. But you dry your hair, and not realize it, (now your towel is all goopy) Then you sit on the bed and run a comb through your hair and thing to yourself (boy that conditioner is working well, it's so easy to comb through my hair) You put your comb down not looking at it, but now it's all goopy too. You put your shirt on, and get the back bottom edge all goopy cuz you ran it over your hair. You lean back in a chair and get the back of it all goopy. People look at you weird. And the only time you finally realize it, is when you reach up to scratch your dam itchy as hell scalp!!!!!!! Then you are like WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IN MY HAIR???? It takes you a while of rubbing and sniffing to realize you DIDN'T RINSE THE FRICKEN DEEP CONDITIONER OUT OF YOUR FRICKEN HAIR!!!!!

Well have you all ever done that??? Or is it just me???

Happy Friday everyone!!! Have a good weekend


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Baggy Leg Holes

I got baggy leg holes, and slipping straps. hehehehehehee I am literally falling out of my bathing suit.

I got a new bathing suit in May. One that fit perfectly. I got it just for doing water aerobics this summer. Well...I guess I'm determined to get better after my fall, and to work my butt off. Because...I put my suit on yesterday morning, and the straps were falling down. I was like "oh man it's a month old and all stretched out already. dammit!!" And Alekx is like, no I think it's cuz your losing weight. Well...I go to aerobics and as we are jogging in the water, the legs of the bathing suit were bugging me, so I reached down to feel. Each time I went up the legs of the bathing suit went up, and when I went down, they then went way down like and inch or more, and the butt of my bathing suit felt a little baggy. So...I was really thinking the thing had stretched out.

So...I get home and start to change, and I am pulling up my underwear. Well they just kept pulling up and up. I'm like dam they are above my pants (they have never been that high) then I realize that the leg holes are really baggy. So..then I was so excited that I called kiddo in to show him, I even dropped my drawers in front of Alekx to show her. I thought, "maybe I am losing some weight" Either that or Alekx is going out at night and buying exact duplicates of my clothes in a size bigger, to mess with my head. I wouldn't put it past her, we all know what a big stinker she can be. hehehehe

We were watching Boogeyman last night. Man we were all jumping. Alekx even screamed out a couple f words LOL The house elf and I were hiding behind a pillow looking over it. And at this one great big suspensful part, that we know something really scary is gonna happen, Alekx's rotty lets out the biggest loudest longest FART that I have heard in a long time. Right after he farts, the bird does this laughing. We were all rolling, then we ran out of the living room cuz the dog tried to kill us. hehehehe

We are off to the dollar theater to watch Kung Fu Hustle, see if it's any good.

Happy Wednesday everyone

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


.....I smashed my thumb after water aerobics today. Ouch!!! I was trying to get out of the car, and it was slick cuz it was raining real hard. and I don't know how I did it, but I smashed my thumb in the hinge part of the car door. Made me almost pee my pants. hehehehe

One of Alekx's dogs, Casper, (yes he's white) is doing something odd all of a sudden. He always follows you around like he's being helpful. But here lately he has been following all the women around, then the minute we sit down, his nose shoves in our hoochi coo's. Just started it the last couple days. I'm in the bathroom peeing, and he shoved open the door and tried to do it. I chased him out of the bathroom. He does it to both me and Alekx. This past weekend our cousin and her husband came for a visit and he was doing it to her also. Dork dog. hehehehe

Yesterday was mom's birthday. She turned 60. We have to be thankful, cuz just a few months ago we never thought she would make it here. One blessed day at a time. We went and did a tiny party in the morning, with my cousins. Got her cupcakes and she opened 3 presents. Then we took her out to eat, and gave her the rest of her presents. She sure had a good time. Even though it's really hard to get her in the vehicle and get the wheel chair loaded up, and squish us in the back seat. It is still worth it to let her have some fun and not feel so cooped up.

I may be camped out in the bathtub though. The weather has been clouding up and even doing some raining. But people in this area have been talking about how it's time for some tornadoes. OH HELL NO....I'm gonna be living in the bathtub. hehehehehe

Okay I ran out of what to say, so I'm going to go see what you all have to say. hehehehe


Friday, July 01, 2005


31 days.... that's the magic number. Apparently 31 days is how long a little 9 year old boy can handle being away from his daddy and his home. Cuz after 31 days. The poor little boy has a major major melt down. I don't mean the, crying, oh I miss everyone I want to go home kind of meltdown. I mean the screaming at the top of his lungs I HATE IT HERE, I HATE EVERYONE HERE, I HATE YOU FOR NOT TAKING ME HOME, I WANT TO GO TO DADDY, I WANT TO GO HOME, TAKE ME HOME NOW kind of screaming. Along with this screaming come's massive crying. Not just water works, but the crying so hard they are choking, and sobbing uncontrollably kind of crying. Then came the whimpering. In among the crying and screaming, he started whimpering, how he didn't feel good, he wanted daddy so he would feel better. Then came the we had screaming, crying, whimpering and puking going on. By this time I was crying, feeling his pain. Then he curled up on the bed in a fetal position and started begging me to let him go home, and just sobbing. All I could do is grab him and hold him tight, and make him hug me back real tight. I told him anytime, ANYTIME, he felt that homesick, he come to me and hug me so tight, and we would get through it together. Then we started a countdown. Gigantor will be flying here on the 27th. So...I told him we were over half way there. Only 27 more days, and he asked me to tell him each day how many more till he see's daddy. My poor baby was breaking my heart today. He is still rather icky feeling. He made me promise I would stay up with the t.v. on in my room till he was asleep. Our rooms are right next to each other. Actually the head of our beds would touch if there wasn't a wall there.

Anyhow, that was my exciting day. I will see how this weekend goes. Alekx and the house elf are gone again. No injuries would be nice. hehehehee My cousin (whom I haven't seen in about 25 years or more) is driving down with her husband, and will be here tomorrow sometime. I'm looking forward to that. They are coming to see us and mom for her birthday. It's on the 4th.

OOOOoOoO and a few of you finally did know that Dealey Plaza was where JFK got assassinated. It was an amazing place to visit. It had a very surreal feeling. Almost spooky. And everyone visiting was very very quiet, even the children. A piece of American history even if it wasn't a good thing.

Well all I need to go to bed, it's after midnight. Have a good weekend all, I will try to post this weekend.