Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ummm Yikes

Okay well we did some stuff last night, and it's hugely apparent we aren't gonna be ready by Saturday. Gigantor says we are moving it weather we are ready or not.

So....I guess we just have to wedge stuff in here or tie stuff down and pray nothing gets broke. uggghhhh

My house is such a disaster right now. I have boxes and newspaper and tools and dirt everywhere. Since all the packing stuff is everywhere, there has been no room to clean anything. uggghhhh

I might just be amazingly tired, and can't see the good right now. I'm ready for it to be all over and done with.

I did call the cable company and on Friday I'm gonna have cable moved up to that friends house, so we have our shows at least. And kiddo can watch his. Just maybe one tiny bit of normalsy in all the chaos.

I think what is bugging me most is kiddo's birthday is the 8th. I haven't even finished shopping for him. And we usually do a dinner with family and friends, and I can't do a dinner at the house I'm staying at. That's not right me to invite a ton of people over to someone elses house. Anyhow, I'm trying to explain to kiddo that his party might be a week or two late. I hope to god he understands.

I'm gonna try my hardest to get him to the movie this weekend for his birthday. They are gonna be showing Iron Man.

Okay I need to go eat and see if I can get a few more things packed up.

Have a good Tuesday everyone.

p.s. I'm gonna read blogs first too. hehhehehehe

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm exhausted

Oh lawdy lawdy people I am so dam tired it's not even funny. Feels like a pulled a dam groin muscle too. Just what I need on top of the pain in the knees.

Friday was hectic, lots of phone calls, went and got the kiddo and his friend. Got avon, went and picked up more boxes, and Gigantor had his friend D over. They went up town for hotdogs and boxes.

I had skinny K and Kiddo help me pull down windchimes. (Skinny K is almost 6 feet tall at 12.) So....they would pull them down and bring them to me, I was sitting on a stool, one leg in the tub one out, and shower head on, washing all the windchimes. D came back and started helping. (I have over 100 windchimes) We finished that and D and Gigantor loaded the axles in the back of his truck (he had taken the 8 wheels and checked them and got them aired up)

We made chili dogs, and after eating, Gigantor and I wrapped and packed every single windchime.

We went to bed, Gigantor worked this morning, then he greased the axles and made sure they were all rolling good.

I got up and started going through some stuff that is a nightmare in our room. Gigantor came in and helped, we have our room mostly done just needs packed up. I was stressing about how to pack and set down the gun safe (thought I would have to lay it on the floor) I was informed it's bolted in the wall. whooohooo no need to worry about it.

We worked in that room till after 5, then went up to some friends and had dinner (the friends who are letting us stay in their parents old house) Got home late, packed a box or two, and went to bed.

Sunday Gigantor got up and went up to the other lot and started working his butt off. He had to tear down a shed, and break up all the concrete under it, and pull an old gas line out.

I got up and a friend showed up (she's in her early 60's but a pistol still) And her and I hit it hard and got 5 boxes full of stuff wrapped and packed. All my decorative plates from two rooms, all my pictures off the walls, and all the stuff off the top of the cabinets that is breakable.

Then I went and wrote up all my avon and bagged it up.

Delivered some and me and Kiddo went up to get Gigantor and take him to lunch. We went back to the lot and ate, then a neighbor up the street came and helped with the back ho (gigantor borrowed the one from work) The neighbor leveled the spot where our trailer would go, as Gigantor dug out the sewer and water line. The neighbor and Gigantor cut off the line farther back so there is room for our trailer, and they cut off the gas line. Then they loaded all that concrete (in pieces) from the back of the yard, in the backho and moved it up by the dumpster.

Big J and Kiddo were filling in the holes where we pulled the trees out (big J will be living across the street from us when we move) Gigantor told them if they got both filled and leveled they would each get 5 bucks. Then he came and asked me for two 5's. The shit head. heheheheh

We came home and I packed another box, of the computer desk stuff. Gigantors cousin (who was raised as his brother) and his cousins real life brother (so another cousin) came down, (they were in town) And I really couldn't wait for them to leave. Not two of my favorite people in his family. uggghhhh

They didn't leave till after 6, and I had to send Gigantor down to the store to pick up a pack of meat (I forgot to set some out to thaw) and a gallon of milk. We finally ate around 8:30. We did watch the Stargate Ark of Truth movie though, enjoyed that.

Now I'm off to bed, and more packing tomorrow.

I'm so tired I could sleep a week.

Sorry for such a boring post.

Have a good Monday all, I feel like that bear in the picture. lmao

Friday, April 25, 2008

Screw you and the horse you rode in on you effing city bastards!!!!

Oh my god people. I would be able to move and be fine if I didn't have to put up with the fucking city bastards.

We found out from the city that we have to move the electrical box. Okay the box is at the back of our lot. They want all the boxes moved to the front of the lot. No problem I would call them and let them move it. It is our responsibility to dig the trenches from the old box to the front of the lot, then again from the front of the lot to the back of the house. So...we have to dig trenches, then it is our responsability to buy all the conduit that needs layed okay. But if you want it moved shouldn't you be buying it?? Then we have to pay for a new box. What the fuck?? you want it done you pay for it ass holes. Then we have to pay a re hook up fee. I NEVER WANTED IT TURNED OFF IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU ARE THE ASS HATS THAT HAVE TO TURN IT OFF TO MOVE IT!!! Total cost, just over 1000 dollars, that's if we dig our own trenches.

I about died. I wanted to shoot someone in the face. I mean I had budgeted in about 2500 for the move. That was to cover cinder blocks, wood, some skirting, fencing (in the front) hook up fee's and permits to move it in. I budgeted that much, no more. All my credit cards are maxed. We are already up to about 2800 in costs, and now I need to do this. And we can't move in until it's done.

And we were just informed that in less than a year the electric company has plans to dig up the streets and re lay all new lines, so all that shit we will buy and have put in will be null and void. IN LESS THAN A MOTHER FUCKING YEAR!!!!!!

Gigantor has been talking to the guy, and he is going to talk to his supervisor. Seeing as we have never interrupted service, that it's been turned on all this time, and we even dug the trench from the old box to where the trailer would be. If we can just hook it up, and we go ahead and purchase the new box (not the new one but the new one we would have to purchase again in less than a year) If we purchase that and any conduit and have it all ready for them. The guy said it sounded good and he would try to work with us but he has to check with his boss.

I don't see as they will let us get away with it. It would be nice though.

Guess now is not the time to bring up about the cable to Gigantor.

I called the cable company cuz I really really don't wanna go 3 weeks without internet and my shows. What would I do without ghost hunters and my CSI's and survivor? ahhhhhhhh So I asked the cable company if we could hook up service at the house we would be staying at, then in three weeks do it up at our new lot. They said yes, but it's 60 dollars each and every time we switch it. Have to pay it up front.

Okay my mother in law didn't show up to help like she said she would, I have been making phone calls and hanging gobs of laundry. I have all the "low" stuff packed (cept dishes, doing those close to last) I have to wait for Gigantor to get home and reach the high stuff. I asked him to put some down on the love seat for me this morning, but he didn't. grrrrr That's okay I've had lots of other work to keep me busy, plus reading blogs.

Okay, last note then I'm going. Kiddo has pulled something in his lower back/hip area. I tried to get him into our chiropractor but they wouldn't return my call, now they are gone till Monday. It's been getting worse, he could barely move last night, and he already called me once from school near tears. I told him to talk to each teacher see if he can just sorta sit and not do anything, and we would get some more icy hot on it and some ibuprophen in him when he got home.

Keep him in your good wishes please people. 11 year olds should not have to hurt like that.

Also, pray to the anti city officials gods and see if we can get something worked out smoothly with the dam electric thing.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On a Run away Freight Train

Holy moly folks. We are on a run away freight train that isn't gonna stop now.

We got talking last night. We have about 2 to 3 weeks worth of work to do here at our house, and a good week worth of work to do up at the other lot. That would be not counting building the fences on both sides.

Well....Gigantor has to go out of town on the 10th. It's manditory, for work. We found out some of the stuff we need to get done with the city and utilities would take a good three weeks after we move our trailer in. We have to be out of our friends house by May 30th. That's when they come back.

So...we discussed how if it was at all possible we could move it up not this weekend but the next May 3rd.

So...we thought...lets see what people say. Guy out at Gigantors work that has set them up before said that's best weekend for him. Guy that said he would move it for free, says that's the only time he has actually.

Okay people I have to cram 3 weeks of stuff into a week and two days. I'm excited as hell, but also a bit nervous. We have called what family and friends we have so far. Guess who is helping?? My mother in law for one day. Nobody else seems to want or feel that we need the help. grrrrr

I think once I'm done posting I'm gonna go and put a prayer request down on our church's prayer chain and see if anyone can help.

Okay on that note, I'm gonna go get some sleep. Gigantor and I totally cleaned out and cleaned the back bathroom. Got three boxes packed of breakables. Kept the stuff we need to go with us to the other house out. I hate having to pack to move and then pack us bags and boxes to go stay somewhere for a few weeks.

Okay off to make that e-mail and to go to bed for me.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All I want to do is sleep

Loveeeeeeeeeeee this picture!!!!

Man all I want to do today is go back to bed and sleep. And honestly I would, But no matter how much I told captain daddy that I wanted to sleep he still insists on coming over today. Claims that he has no laundry. grrrrrr

Yesterday was my anniversary. 15 years married to Gigantor. He woke up and kissed me goodbye. Didn't tell me Happy Anniversary. This is a sore subject with me, because for about 4 or 5 years, he's blown off our anniversary. Then gets mad when I get upset. I told him last year if he did it again, he would be sleeping in the other room, cuz I will NOT BE TREATED THAT WAY!!!!! All morning with all the phone calls he didn't say a thing.

He said he was planning a sorta surprise and doing something nice after work, that's why he never mentioned it. I don't believe him. I think it was that a friend of ours called him and yelled at him that I was upset. The dumb ass. He did bring me a card and some flowers.

15 years I get a card and flowers. *sigh* Honestly it's not that bad. I would be perfectly happy with just a "happy anniversary honey" and a card. But it's always like it's an afterthought. He never buy's anything till long after I've been ticked off.

His anniversary gift. Well he claims he can't move any more stuff on that lot without a wheel barrow and he broke the handle on our wood handled one, so he wants to go buy a new one. Ummm nope I have a very old steel handled wheelbarrow, and he is getting a 10 dollar wheel for it. That's his gift.

Don't mess with me about holidays people. He should know that after 15 years.

On another note. Talked to the principal about what happened. He was way way not happy. He is starting a full blown investigation. He's even gonna get with the detective we talked to about the "bully coach" and get together with him. He said he wants to talk to kiddo. Not about what happened, but about how he felt when it all happened and after. Then he is doing an investigation, gonna call us everyday after what ever he found out.

He said if he finds out wrong doing (he knows there is, just has to word it like that) that he would put the reprimand or whatever was done in both of their files. That's what we asked to be done. And he is going to find out about the guy taking money out of Kiddo's wallet. Without parents or police or without asking him. And if it's illegal on school grounds then we are pressing charges.

So...keep us in your thoughts and stuff, that it all works out the way it's supposed too. And that no repercussions come down on Kiddo, cuz let me tell ya if they do, there just might be murder in my future.

Okay I'm off to eat some corn pops seeing as I don't have any popcorn. grrrrrrr

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Horribly Sad and Amazingly Happy

Wanna know how you can be Horribly Sad and Amazingly Happy at the same time??

You can head up to your lot to tear down your mothers house so you can move ours in soon. And the people that were gonna take it are there. Have been for two days, digging it out, getting axles on it, jacking it up. And you are there for about a half hour as they move it out and drive down the street with it.

It was the house I grew up in. Yes it was a trailer, but it was home. We had an apricot tree, apple tree (both dead) rose bushes, (tried to dig them up and save them) cherry tree (long dead) bouncing betties and mums (covered under tons of sand so no telling if they will come back, and a lilac bush (still there)

It housed most of my memories, good and bad, and every memory of my mom. Tons of memories of my son playing up there too.

Now this fenced in, full of flowers and trees and toys lot, looks like this.

Looks pretty bad right now huh??

No grass, no tree's, nothing happy looking about it. But I'm also so very happy. Because this means, I'm that much closer to moving my place up there, to fencing it back in and planting some fruit tree's of my own. To watching my son grow up there like my mother watched us. To plant grass, and watch the dogs run.

Gigantor went up today and stacked all those cinder blocks you see everywhere, he stacked them all over to the side. We actually found an old septic tank under there (the city hasn't used septic tanks in 40 years) We found tons of poles and posts, some cut off, but all with concrete in the ground, he dug those out. (some under the trailer) We took out tons of old roots that were under the trailer and as big as your leg.

This week we are calling all the utilities and have them stake out their lines so we know where we can and can't dig. We are also tearing down that old rusty shed and moving the nice shiny one back in that corner. He is going to be putting up new wood fences on both sides. And when our trailer is in there, some nice swinging chain link fences in the front off of each side.

We did find some interesting stuff under the trailer. Old dog toys. Monster spiders. A very old "bubble up" soda can. Does anyone remember bubble up??? A old Shasta Draft Root Beer can, the old steel one's. hehehee Was sorta fun. In all the hustle the kids of the people moving it broke one of my yard tables. It was round with a glass top. Guess that is a small price to pay for how many people they had there.

Only thing that sorta bugged me. We gave them the trailer for free. FREE PEOPLE!!! And not one of them came over and said thank you. Just drove off after they got it out of the lot.

Maybe the Navajo culture doesn't know how to say thank you. I dunno. But hey it's gone, and we are that much closer. We have exactly 5 weeks to be moved, inspected, set up, utilities on, fences and porches up, and moved in. We are on a deadline now people.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!!!

Wish me luck calling and setting up meetings with principal and superintendent tomorrow to put in formal complaints.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lucky we aren't in Jail

Okay people let me say right up front I'm not gonna post the whole story on here, because it's way long. But anyone who wants to know the entire thing, e-mail me and I'll e-mail you back with all the juicy details.

You all know my kid can be a bonehead. But as most of you know reading here. He has been bullied since kindergarten. It's a constant battle with schools, and keeping his self esteem up with counselors and good teachers. Most of you know he's a very kind soul that wouldn't hurt anyone. And that he will be anyone's friend. All the adults he's ever met have said that and how well mannered he is.

Well let me give a quick recap of yesterday, and part of today.

Son comes out of school crying and with an ISS report (in school suspension)

He is accused of bullying and extortion. (what the mother fuckity fuck)

It also states that he repeatedly lied to the vice principal about the situation, and that it is not the first time he's been in trouble for being a bully. (WHAT?? FIRST I'VE HEARD OF IT) husband tell him to get his ass up to the school right away. (my knees are so bad I couldn't even walk in there, pisses me the hell off they are this bad)

Husband comes up, calm Kiddo down, and talk to him more.

Apparently a little shit named Eddie Sink (yes real names and I don't give a fuck) who has lied about kiddo in the past. 5 times to be exact. (he has some mental problems for real, and they are documented) This kid told people that Kiddo took 5 bucks from him so kiddo wouldn't kick his ass.

My son got accused of extortion, he got yelled at and intimidated by the vice principal and the bully coach at school. They went into his wallet and removed money. They continually called him a liar until he told them what they wanted to hear.

We went to the superintendant, we went to the police, we had calls in everywhere.
Incident report made with the police.

Vice principal called wanting to know how to make us "feel better" about the situation. Gigantor getting very angry at her, her being pissed, Gigantor saying, "I will be there 7:30 tomorrow morning you better be"

Kiddo worried, and sick all night long.

Meeting this morning.

Things are fixed, but fuck me running what a mess. Gonna be putting in a formal complaint on her and the bully coach about the way they handled things.

Hope you all had a better Thursday and hope you all have a good Friday!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How much trouble can an 11 year old get in before they quit being a dumb ass??

That's the million dollar question. Now much trouble can one be in before they smarten up??? I'm assuming by how he's doing that it can be A TONNNNNNNN MORE!!!!

He has been telling me he doesn't have homework, he got all his work done in class. Well he knows I check his grade on the computer each week. For three weeks I have been asking why he has an F in computer class. He says, he has done all the work, and he's not sure. So...I sent an e-mail to the teacher asking if she just hadn't posted the grades on the assignments online.

Well she called me. Apparently, he's had two assignments that's he had time for two weeks to do in class, and he did NOTHING!!! So...she told him to bring them home and do them with his writing program. They got shoved in his backpack and not mentioned again. Oh hell yeah he was in some major trouble. He worked for 3 hours last night on one, and over an hour tonight on the other. I was spittin mad.

It's been major temper issues with this kid for the past couple months. Stomping, slamming, throwing, clenching fist and teeth and shaking, and growling. (that growling thing is gonna be the death of him, cuz one of us is gonna kill him when he does the loud growl, grunt thing in our face) I know it's a stage, I mean I've been talking with the other mom's. But he may not live through this stage. Or have any possessions left once we are done punishing him all the way. hahahaha

There's been alot more stuff than just the school work here lately too. Lets see, not going to sleep, getting up 15 times or more after he's supposed to be asleep, pushing the dog off his lap in the car cuz he was mad at me, pulling the other dogs hair cuz he was angry. Yeah, I snapped at that. Won't tell you what I did, cuz I might go to jail. hahahahahahaa

Subject change. I'm taking all three dogs to the vet tomorrow. They all need major toenail clippings. We usually do them ourselves, but Buster's veins are right at the end, and I have no stop bleed sticks. Dribbles squirms, and Foxy bites at us when we do hers. So...I said fuck it we are gonna just take them to the vet. Buster needs a check up also. He's been having some problems.

Granted his 13 years old. And he's had both knees replaced in the back. He can barely walk now though, and his left front leg/shoulder is killing him. But he also has started this weird cough thing, and I think he's going blind. And he has been panting....ALOT. So...I want him checked.

Well...I have bored you all enough, I'm gonna go try to get some sleep. Bet you all 10 bucks the kid comes in the minute I turn the lights out. And I bet you 20 bucks, that no matter where you live you will hear me blowing my top. hehehehehe

Have a good Thursday all!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was tagged and I don't mean spray painted!!!!

Okay I was tagged by Crystalchick over at Mary says....

I guess I was tagged for something by her long time ago, and yeah well I forgot. So...she tagged me again, and I thought I would do this one at least. hehehehe

So here goes.

Six Unimportant Things

here are the rules.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you. (it's up there see)
2. Post these rules on your blog (right here see)
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself (down there see)
4. Tag six people to do this.

Ummm not gonna follow number 4 so much. But if you wall wanna do it, then please do and let me know so I can go read your unimportant stuff. hehehehe

Here we go.

1. I have a big gap in my front two top teeth. Not a gap, but a OMGGGGGG THAT'S HUGE!!! gap. My front two teeth are very large. Unfortunately I gave the teeth and gap to my son, but his sorta jut out a bit. Poor guy.

2. I'm on day two of the 10 days it takes to make Amish Friendship bread. My mother in law showed up with the started yesterday, so we are attempting it. So many dam days of just massaging the bag of starter. I feel like a pervert. hehehehe

3. I get a sick thrill when I have really rank gas. Let me explain. I live in a house of boys. Boys that find farting funny. Farting in any way shape or form. (hubby started this mess) They love to run up beside me, fart and run off giggling. So...when my poor tummy doesn't like something I ate, and I have the RANKEST gas ever. I love to sit in close quarters with them and get revenge. *insert really evil laugh here*

4. I have to have my husband lay "just so" in bed or I can't seem to fall asleep. He always jokes and asks me "if he is comfortable yet" hahahaha But in reality I get my best sleep when he's not in the bed at all. I've debated telling him to sleep in another room, when I get way over tired.

5. I'm a picker. I pick at things. Scabs, crusty eyes, hangnails. I pick them all till they are sore or bleeding. I even pick goobers out of my pets eyes. When my son was a baby I would pick his eyes and even clean his nose obsessively. He hates it when I try to go at his face with my nails. hehehehehe

6. Even though I've told everyone I'm fine with the fact I can't have any more children, and that my life is complete. I'm still very saddened that I could not have any more. (don't tell me adopt, cuz we have looked into it and tried for over 10 years, all the doors seem to shut, so we came to terms that it was never meant to be) And in being saddened I guess I'm still sorta angry at God about it all.

Okay that's it, that's my 6, very unimportant things. hehehehehe it...let me know!!

I'm outa here
Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Starting to get sick of moving.

I am so not a morning person, that would be me in that picture. But then again Kiddo isn't either. hahahahaha

I'm getting so tired of all the moving stuff, I hope it's over soon.

The guy showed up on Friday said he wanted that old trailer, and was going to go find wheels and axles to haul it, and be back on Sat and Sun to get it. Gigantor called him Saturday night after he didn't show up all day. The guy claims (I don't believe him though) that he looked for axles all day and couldn't find any, so isn't sure what to do, but wants us to hold it till next weekend. Gigantor said, well I'm not holding it long. I told Gigantor to call the guy on Wed, and if he hasn't found them to tell him well if you don't call me by Friday saying you are getting it Saturday then I'm starting to tear it down.

We need to get on top of this stuff. We can't be waiting any longer, or we are gonna run out of time.

We did get Captain Daddy's travel trailer moved on Saturday. A co worker came and helped Gigantor, they got it torn down moved and sat back up in about 4 hours. Then we all had some burgers and dogs over here at my house.

We have been visiting this weekend with my sister/friend (she is so close to me she is family, and came up to visit her parents for a few days so I get the bonus of stealing her once in a while) We haven't seen each other for over 2 years (right after mom died) So...I had been missing her big.

Sunday we got up and did some house work here, and I did avon (should have done it on Friday but we were so darn busy) Then went over to Gigantor's parents. She was doing a huge family lunch/dinner at 2. I say huge cuz they had all the family in town there--25 of us. But these stupid ass people can't cook for more than 4 or 6. One sister did bring a potato salad and it was HUGE. But we about polished it off. And then a cousins father in law brough a HUGE pasta salad, that only some of it got ate. (it wasn't very good) Another sister, did deviled eggs, 6 eggs that makes 12 deviled eggs for 25 of us. She did a celery platter with celery with peanut butter and cream cheese. About 3 stalks of celery cut into 3rds.

I just don't understand these people. I mean they grew up in a big family for shit sake. The mother in law made a ham. 1 ham that wasn't very big, we ran out of ham fast. Gigantor yelled at her early that she wouldn't have enough food, so she went and got two 10 piece buckets of chicken, and they had one piece left at the end. She did make baked beans but forgot to pull them out of the microwave till about 20 minutes into the meal. ugggghhhh

We brought desert. Instead of the typical, cake, cookies or brownies. We bought a huge box of ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars (30 of them) and a big box of 24 popsicles. So...yeah everyone horded around the ice cream like a flash. And it was GONE. But it was like the only thing we had enough of.

Well still keep us in your prayers/thoughts about the guy finding axles and taking that trailer, it would be easier all the way around.

I'm gonna go read some blogs till Captain Daddy gets here. He was being so ornery about moving he didn't call cable or phone company to transfer anything so now he wants me to call them. grrrrr

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lookie Lookie my new digs

Whooohoooo everyone check out my new digs!!!!!

I loved the dragon, I collect dragons. But it was soooo dark. I was looking for something a bit lighter so it didn't feel all depressing over here. Plus it's spring, I didn't need dark right now.

I love the cactus just like here in Arizona!!!

That dog in the pic up above has the darndest expression. hahahahah

I didn't have a bunch go on today, except that. Went and got a couple things to make dinner with and went to the Chiropractor. I hope he can make my back feel better and the meds the doc gave me make my knees feel better, then I should be able to walk good again. yayyyyyyyyyyyy

Oh my gosh, as I sit here ready to sign off. Gigantor just got a phone call. We may not have to tear down my mom's old house. A man just called from the reservation (they like to take old trailers out there to use as sheep camps) Well, he wants it. We were gonna give him a week to move it. Cuz we need to get dad out of there first. He wants it this weekend. He will move it and take it and then we don't have to spend 4 weeks tearing it down. Oh my gosh people send good vibes and prayers, we so need this, we need it bad!!!! Everything is falling into place the way it should be, and we really need it to right now. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I'm so giddie I'm gonna flip.

Okay breath, it might fall through, but we will see.

Alright Gigantor is done cooking the bacon for our bacon cheeseburger meatloaf we are making. I need to go help him finish up.

Have a great evening and wonderful Friday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Better day than yesterday, no sucking of the universe.

hahahahaha I think I've owned that cat. You say all sorts of things that would make your mama blush when your cat does that.

Today was a bit better. I felt a bit rested, and my knees hurt but not as bad as the past 4 days.

I did some paperwork, and then read blogs, I was so dam busy. hehehehehe

I did see an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, when I was at the post office.

We watched Water Horse--Legend of the Deep tonight. It was a great family movie. We all loved it. We all want a water horse now too. hehehehe

We made chicken enchilada soup tonight. It was a bit spicy for me and kiddo but we put some chips and sour cream in it, helped. But I should be burning going to the bathroom tomorrow. It's so good though. I'll leave ya with the recipe.


One whole chicken or we used some chicken cutlets cooked and cut or shred up.

2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
2 cans Rotelle Tomatos with diced green chili's in them
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
2 cans chedder cheese soup
2 cans nacho cheese soup
1 28oz can of green chili enchilada sauce

Just add it all together and yummmmoooooo.

We put tortilla chips on the bottom of our bowl, you can serve with cheese or sour cream, whatever you like. Hope you enjoy if you try it.

Okay I'm off to bed, getting my hair cut tomorrow morning.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Mondays suck like the suckiest of suck!!!

Do you all get the idea that Mondays suck??? hahahahaha

It's not that it was a real bad day. I was just dead ass tired, and I was hurting so bad from the weekend. I wasn't sure I could get up and get the kid to school. But I did.

Then I had a whole giant bowl of NOTHING go on today. I spent my day, rechecking e-mail to see if anyone loved me, and checking twitter to see if anyone loved me. It was official. Nobody loved me today. hahahahaha

I love that picture. I would love a plug in kitty if it made the house smell good. Not like the cat pee smell one would expect from a plug in kitty. hehehehe

I have a person that has been a friend of mine forever. Some of you will remember how much she helped me when my mom was in the hospital and then getting everything done for her memorial. Well she bit the bullet and is attempting to do a blog. We were walking through some getting started things. She has like a one tiny paragraph post and got a pic up. Pretty good for a start.

I'll see if she keeps blogging if I'm gonna turn all you all maniacs loose on her. hahahahaha

Okay I'm off to bed, I'm so boring, I think I sucked the suckiest suck right out of the universe.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another busy weekend

Well I got some pics of my nails I had done on Friday. I know they aren't the best pics. For some reason we cant' get the light right now.

Just real springy looking and I have pink flowers on the blue nails and purple flowers on the pink nails, and a coupld swimming frogs thrown in there for good measure.

So....get my nails done and I'm almost late getting the kid. Get him and check the mail. We did get captain daddy's stuff turned into the campground for a lot there, and we got the very last lot.

Saturday Gigantor got up and worked on straightening up the living room. I got up and started hanging about 5 loads of laundry worth, then we went to washing. Did about 8 or more loads, cuz we did sheets and towels and all the good stuff.

We then decided we had to run some errands, it was about 2 in the afternoon (oh yeah we went through all the clothes in our closets too, got a big donation pile) So..I'm filling out a list of things we have to do, and one of my fricken finger nails that I just had done, up and pops off. Just pops right off. I call my nail lady and tell her and she tells me to come right up, so I did.

Got a new nail put on. Then went to post office, to drop of a prescription, to ups store, to Bashas to deliver avon and pick up eggs, bacon and fresh green beans. Then went to Gigantor's sisters to deliver avon and pick up a pair of Kiddo's pants they hemmed. Went to sonic got big drinks. Came home to put the cold groceries away. Gigantor walked down to the Kawasaki place to pick up the 4 wheeler (had new tires put on--360 bucks worth) He went and got gas and came home. Then we called captain daddy to ask about taking him to do the deposit on the lot. And he was fuming mad. I guess I had mentioned we should all go to the movie. I mentioned it like on Wed. And captain daddy threw a fit that there was nothing he wanted to see, so I dropped it. Well he was mad that I didn't call and we didn't go to the movie. For fuck sake.

So...I call him back and get a bit mad that he couldn't pick up the dam phone and call, instead he waited around getting madder and madder. So...I told him that, and he of course he changed the subject. I said Fuck dad it's not like we went without you, cuz we didn't go either. So he calmed down.

Today, we got up did a bit more work, then Gigantor and Captain Daddy and Kiddo all went to walmart. Got two pair of jeans for kiddo, (he has ripped out all but one pair of pants) and got him a pair of shorts, and picked up some new pillows.

Came home and we made a nice brunch, ate with dad and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. That was so dam cute. Then we watched Calamity Jane. I had never seen it, another good movie. Then Dad and Gigantor wanted to watch Hell to Eternity. I watched parts of it, but they did. By that time it was after 6, and we had to get dinner going.

That was our busy weekend. Looks like Captain Daddy has three days off next weekend so we can go ahead and move his trailer down to that lot in the campground. Then we can start tearing crap apart at the other place. whooohooooo

Okay well I hope you all had a good weekend, and have a great Monday!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

The List of Shit!!!

I love that kitty picture!!!!

What is the list of shit you may ask. Well it's the list my husband is on. Yup, he's on my shit list.

You all know I love my husband, to a fault I might add. But like any boneheaded man, he can be a complete irritating idiot. Now I have no intentions of getting rid of him. Stabbing him with a fork repeatedly maybe, but not getting rid of him. (besides after 15 years I figure it causes him more pain if I keep him around)

Now he's not on my list for the three irritating things he has done for 15 years and I have yelled at him about almost every day. Like putting his baseball caps on the back of the couch, or his belt on the coffee table or his socks on the kitchen table. No...I've just resigned myself to keep yelling about that.

He's not on it for not doing what's asked of him, until I have to blow a fricken gasket and my head spins around, and then he does it.

He's not even on my list, for me giving him two dates a month in advance to get off early to go to a couple things we had to, and him never telling his effing boss and not getting the time off. No...he's close to being on the list for that, but really he isn't.

Why my husband is on my list and why he is a HOT STEAMING BOWL OF FUCK!!!

Is because after I woke him up last night. (if you all know what I mean) and I was most accommodating I might add. Well then he gets up this morning, and fills the entire house full of yummie breakfast smells. And he makes chorizo and egg burrito's. And me and the kid were like OooO yumm as we were waking up. Then get what the Fucktard did??? He took every last one with him to give the guys out at work. He didn't even make sure we had a burrito or even a scrap of egg to eat. And the house smelled all good.

So....I call the King of Dorkasses on the cell phone to yell at him about it. To tell him how much it upset me. Did he appoligize, did he grovel, did he rush out and get us some breakfast, did he show remorse. Hell to the fuck no!!!! He fucking laughed. He laughed and laughed.

He is sooooo very much a dead man when I see him again. (not dead as in can't breath anymore, but probably as in he wish he couldn't breath anymore)

Anyhow, I'm off to get my nails done.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday is nothing day

I got nothing today, not a dam thing.

I might have outdone myself with the cuss o meter. hahahahaha

Should I feel ashamed that I scored higher than all the rest ya'll??? Well I don't. hahahahaha

I love that pic. Hope I don't need saved by CPR cat.

I called the two places in town that will take Captain Daddy's travel trailer. The one he wants. Well I drove by there on Friday and the park was EMPTY. So...I went by yesterday to get an application and it was fricken FULL!!!! They have to spaces left. I snatched up an application. Gonna have Gigantor take captain daddy to go get the "police dept, criminal record print out" That the park needs. God I hope they don't rent them out before we can turn in the application today. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

It's cuz it's a fricken tourist town, and people come here in droves to work the lake for the season. If we can't get him in somewhere, I don't know what to do, cuz the season doesn't end till October. I guess we could put him on waiting list. And hope that someone up and leaves soon.

Well I read most blogs already and I'm off to finish reading.
I've been on that website Twitter. I love it, but I only have 4 friends whaaaaaaaaa Nobody loves me. hahahaha You all should join and update.

Okay, enough of me having nothing, I'm off to drink more coffee and work on that application.

Have a good Thursday all!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Fuck you say!!!!!

Holy fuck I'm a cusser!!! Did you guys realize that??? I had no clue!!!

I saw this on another blog. The main page says the average percentage of cussing on a page is 8%. That is average. Now look at what I am.

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou

Okay on a side note. I went to the doctor tonight.

I had my annual scheduled. Luckily they didn't have to do that icky pap smear thing. I'm good for one more year.

But my blood pressure was through the roof. 185 over 105. Now I take medication for my blood pressure, but that's what it's been since Feb. Gigantor and the doc think it's because I've been in so much pain from my knees.

Her and I discussed taking pain meds alot. I'm so scared to take them because of all the crap with my mom. She got hooked she would get them from two or three docs and pharmacy's she over did them. That and the smoking helped lead to her death.

I know that I could get hooked easy. I almost did after both of my surgeries. So...I cried to the doc for a while said I didn't want to do that, I could not put my family through the hell I went through with mom.

She prescribed me a non narcotic one--Tramadol. She said she has seen me in pain so much that it's time to see how my body reacts out of pain, so we have to aggressively address the pain issue, so I can become more mobile and lose some weight.

Anyhow that was the just of my appointment.

Wish me luck tomorrow Captain Daddy will be here, and I need to talk to him about the two trailer parks to move his travel trailer too, so we can go forward with the move. I'm hoping for this one that has an indoor pool open all year, so we can go use it too. Maybe I could do some of my water aerobics stuff.

We will see which one he wants me to pick an application up from though.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. And tell me what you got on the cuss o meter.

Nacho's from hell and Questions from Miss Ann

Just wanted to show you what Gigantor got me for lunch last Friday. Aren't those just nacho's from hell. The container was like big as your head. I couldn't even put a dent in them. hahahaha

Okay I got asked some questions by Miss Ann
So...I'm gonna put them down here and the answers. She says ONE thing in alot of the questions and I don't know if I could answer them with one thing. So...we will see how it goes. Here goes.

She asked
If you could give ONE piece of advice to the next generation, and KNOW that it would be followed faithfully, what would it be?

My one piece of advice is to watch the mistakes of those before you, acknowledge them and try everything within your power not to make the same mistakes. Weather it be in government and how things were messed up. In organized religion, how they belittle others, and are more of a business than a true faith or religion. Or even just with your parents. If you can recognize their mistakes and make a point not to make the same one's, then hopefully the next generation will turn out better than the last. To many people don't take accountability or learn from mistakes. It's all someone else's doing or problem not theirs. So...if everyone in the next generation, watched and listened and learned and tried not to repeat, then the world would be a much better place.

2. What is the scariest dream you've ever had?

I have lots of dreams, and most of them very vivid. I have had my share of nightmares. This person leaving, that person dying, this person hurt, inlaws getting custody of my kids. ahhhhhhh

But in all honesty I do have one dream that was the scariest thing to me, so scary I woke up couldn't move from the fear and was praying as hard as I could.

I had a dream about pure, raw EVIL. It's very hard to explain, but a guy/person/being that was just the pure essence of EVIL was chasing me. My family kept trying to get me to run to them, and I wouldn't, I didn't want it following me to my loved one's. I would run, I would make it chase me, I would lose them forever if it just saved them from the fear and horror of this thing. But my family feeling as desperate to protect me as I was them, they chased me down. And the EVIL went after them. Because it knew it would hurt me the worst. It caught my son, and was going to torture him in front of me. Torture him till it turned him EVIL or until he died. I struggled and struggled to free my son. My husband helped. My husband fell in death to this thing, begging me to get our son out. I woke up with a scream on my lips when this thing was holding each of us by the throat trying to tear our hearts out.

As soon as I woke up, I couldn't move, my heart was beating so fast, I was crying, and I was scared for my son. The only prayer I could think of was. I wash my son in the blood of Jesus, nothing that is not from him or by him or of him may touch him. I said it over and over and got louder until I could make myself move, and I ran/runwaddled to my sons room as fast as I could, and I cried, watching him sleep. I still murmured the prayer. I went back to my room, stroking the hair on my husbands head, murmuring the prayer over him also. Then I went to all the doors and windows in the house, saying the prayer over where we lived.

I've not had a dream about EVIL since. It really is hard to explain, it was everything you fear and pray to never see or be near that was this EVIL. It was crippling.

Think, for a moment, of your friends and family. This is a two part question. 1) Is there ONE thing that a friend could do to you that you would consider to be unforgivable? 2) Would you consider that same thing unforgivable if a family member did it?

This one is pretty straight forward. I have forgiven tons from friends and family, so I have a couple really "unforgivable" things. If a friend cheated on my with my husband. Or if family did it. (almost happened to Alekx by a relative(we don't consider her family, there is a difference between family and relatives and family doesn't have to be related)) That is unforgivable to me.

Also if they hurt or touched my child in an inappropriate manner. You better look the fuck out, cuz I will rip off your head and shit down your neck!!!!! You WILL NOT HURT MY CHILD IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.

yeah so a crime against my child is the biggest unforgivable thing I think.

Okay so there are my answers. Go see Miss Ann tell her how much I sucked at my answers. hahahahahaha

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!