Friday, February 27, 2009

Tired but wiping good.

Well that big old cosmic turd maybe flew right past us. hahahahhaa

Gigantor took the microwave to sears, and they went. OMG really?? and gave us a new one and a bit of a credit. I guess the price had gone down on them, so they credited us the difference.

Then I did get in to see the doctor the next day.

She kept me on the same pain meds, but upped the cymbalta so now I'm on the 60 instead of 30 mil. And she gave me some antibiotics to kick the rest of this sinus stuff out.

Today Gigantor was gone for the entire day. He is gonna be gone all day tomorrow too. Sorta ticks me off. I get really sick of the hunter safety course. I know he teaches, and volunteers for ever stinkin thing with it. But we had a long hard discussion about it this year, and well he WASN'T supposed to do all that. But it's like talking to a brick wall.

Well I should write a better and longer post, but I'm dead tired, and going to go read some blogs and go to bed.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DUCK cosmic turds incoming!!!

Oh man I think that cosmic turd is swirling it's way around back to us.

Yesterday I felt a bit worse than I did on Monday, but today I'm feeling tons better in the nose department. Still a bit burny and snuffly in that department. But!!! I have a headache that would kill an elephant. My head hurts so bad. I haven't had a migraine in a year or more. I don't think it's a migraine, sounds aren't bugging me. Moving doesn't make it worse, cuz I don't think it could be much worse. Light is bugging me yeah, but I'm not sick to my stomach. But Oh my holy crap it hurts so bad.

I had an appointment for the doctor this evening. They called me to say she called in sick. grrrrrr They are trying to get me in tomorrow, if she is better.

Oh and get this. Remember just a few months back our microwave of 15 years took a big dump, and we went and got a brand new one from sears. Well guess what happened yesterday?? Gigantor came home and goes, what the hell the lights on the microwave are off.

So...he opens the door and closes it, no lights, but every time the door closes it would kick on. So...we unpluged it and re pluged it in to see if it would clear it or something. Well...then it wouldn't work at all. grrrrrr

I really hate that, cuz since I can't stand much, all my food gets made in the microwave. I don't have anything set up except microwave stuff. I can probably find some cold cereal, it is kiddy cereal, and I can maybe scrounge up some peanut butter with bread.

Hubby took it with him to work and is gonna see if he can get a long lunch and go throw it at the sears guys. hahahahah We took out an extended warranty so they better just replace it. It's not even 6 months old.

Okay well I'm gonna go read blogs and see if I can't figure out how to get rid of this headache.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The house of sick and ewwwww

Oh man I'm sick. Sickity sick sick sick.

My son had a stuffy nose all week. Like an allergy attack that tried to move into something else. I kept him doped up on dayquil and still sent him to school.

Thursday Captain Daddy said he felt about the same way Kiddo did. Friday Daddy came over and he sounded horrid. I got up and it felt like I might be catching something.

Saturday I woke up feeling sick and even Gigantor didn't feel well, all stuffed and icky.

Sunday was torture, I am sure I have another sinus infection. Gigantor was still icky. By Sunday night he was almost over it. still there. I could go to the urgent care today or tomorrow and get some antibiotics. But I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday and I would really hate to pay for two doctors visits. So...I think I'm gonna be miserable and ride it out till Wednesday night when I have my appointment.

Wish me luck and wish me the very slim chance I can kick it out of my symptom without antibiotics. uggghhh

Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great Monday.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Such an Exciting Week.

Man what an exciting week so far. NOT!!! hahahahaha Guess my lazy weekend has moved right into my week.

Tuesday I didn't do crap, we were supposed to finally get out and deliver my avon books and stuff, and we didn't. hehehehe

We did watch a movie we got from netflix. Quarantine....I kinda really liked it except the end. I wish they would have explained what happened to the building and how the tape got out. Oh well

Yesterday I lazed around in the bedroom for a couple hours and watched some t.v. I was up and dressed, just didn't wonder out to the living room for a while.

Ended up watching Quarantine again with the Kiddo (I watched it first to see if it would be okay for him to watch) We had a late dinner of chili dogs and mac and cheese. Gigantor is teaching that hunter safety course again. Luckily March 4th is graduation so he won't have to do it anymore until sometime in april or june he has an instructors course which should only be one day.

Kiddo is fighting off a cold or something, he has had the worst stuffy nose. But other than that he says he feels fine. Just been trying to beat it off with Dayquil.

Tonight I have another chiropractors appointment, so I told Gigantor we are getting the books out no matter what. I'm so glad that he's off tomorrow. I don't know why but I've been over exhausted this week, so a bit more sleep will be nice.

Okay that's all the boring I can take, I'm gonna go read blogs.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lazy ass weekend

We had a lazy ass weekend. We didn't do shit. How was you all's weekend???

Friday, Gigantor and I were gonna do a few things together, but Captain Daddy showed up and stayed till evening.

Saturday we had a few plans too, but again, Captain Daddy showed up. Stayed most the day. So much for going to go do anything for valentines. Not that we were planning alot. But we were gonna go deliver avon and go for a drive. We ended up not doing either.

Sunday...You guessed it. Captain Daddy showed up. We just watched some tapes we had recorded.

Monday, Gigantor and kiddo had it off. We were gonna do a couple things, but for the most part be pretty much lazy again. And Captain Daddy showed up. Right about lunch time. He had Gigantor go help him out with some stuff, then he came back over here. Left at almost 5.

So...we didn't do crap for the weekend, what did you all do???

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Husband is fricken SUPERMAN!!!

First of all this may be my last post for the weekend, so I wanted to wish you all a happy Valentines Day with Ferrets. hehehehehehe

Anyhow, on to the hubs.

Yesterday, he got off work about noon to see what he could do about the heater. He rushed home and pulled out the "capacitor" A couple guys out at work said that might be it. He ran down town. First place didn't test them or cary any in stock. 2nd place said it could test it for 50 bucks, test would take 2 minutes, but he wouldn't test it till Friday, then it would take till the following Friday to get the part. Hubs basicly told him to go fuck himself.

Third place, nobody there. So hubs left a message on his machine and cell phone.

He came home and we had some lunch, then he put the capacitor back in and he hit it a few times with his pocket knife and tried the heater. Nope not that.

He then laid himself down on the floor and had his flashlight and proceeded to stare into the heater. (at least that's all it looked like he was doing to me) Now my husband has amazing patients with non living things. He can work on them for hours, but if it's living, he would rather kill or spank it than have patients. I'm the opposite. I'll throw the non living shit in the trash after about oh 30 seconds. hahahahaha

So...after about 40 minutes of staring, he screams MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!

I jump and yell, omg what did you get shocked???

He goes, "no, but do you remember that part we had replaced in December?"

me--oh fuck it didn't burn out did it.

him--no but something sure as hell did.


apparently there is this group of wires that leads from sensor to capacitor, to fan, to motor, to element, etc.....

him--one of the wires burnt all the way through.

He pulls them out, and sure enough one in the group is burned all the way through, but that's not all. All the wires in this ceramic connector thing are all burnt and corroded. He said we were very lucky the house didn't burn down.

So..he went to True Value and got some wires and connectors. 6.70 for the bunch. Then we held our breath. Why did we hold our breath you may ask. Well I'll tell you. BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE HAS NEVER BEEN KIND ENOUGH TO LET ANYTHING IN OUR LIVES BE AN EASY FIX!!!!

So...both him and I were ready to replace these and it still not work. That is just our luck. It's who we are. If it isn't gonna rape us out of all of our money, then it's gonna injure one of us so we have to spend all of our money at the hospital. Yeah nice luck huh??

But he replaces the wires. He turns on the heater, we hold our breath. And the BITCH TURNED ON!!!! whoooooohoooooooo It's been working ever since.

My husband is SUPER fricken MAN!!!!!!

Thank you all for the warm wishes, and nice words. I will be checking in through the weekend, but hubby has 4 days off, and after tomorrow Kiddo has 3 days off, so we will probably be doing some thing or other. hahahaha

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Dear God Help Me!!!!

Oh my gosh it's cold, it's so dam cold. Our heater finally took a major dump as we were sleeping last night. The element kept coming on, but the blower/fan motor won't work. So...we almost burnt the house down.

Usually it wouldn't be so bad, but it stormed here and more storms are supposed to hit this weekend.'s low 20's outside, and low 30's here in the house.

I called a friend and got one electric portable heater to sit here next to the computer, but i'm not sure if it's working. She wasn't sure it would work either, it was in storage on it's side. Oh yeah I just checked, it's warming up. It isn't one of those that blows the heat, just heats up and radiates out.

My mother in law is supposed to bring one or two more over also. She said it would be later, cuz she had to cook the father in law breakfast and he refused to wait for 10 minutes for her to bring them over.

Gigantor had to go to work. So...I left a message on the electricians phone, but he isn't off his other job till after 3.

Gigantor did text me told me he was getting off early so that he could try to fix it.

I'm not gonna run the oven again like I did last time. I went from having a 150 dollar electric bill to a 373 dollar one. ahhhhhhhhhhh

Wish me luck and that the parakeets don't die in the cold.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Busy ass weekend

Wow we had a busy weekend. I'm really feeling it today. Suffering is more like it. uggghhhh

Now let me say. I love my captain daddy. Love him. But sometimes enough is enough. He came over on Thursday for a few hours, yup I said few hours. And visited, then said he might come over on Friday. I'm like, ummm okay, well you know Gigantor is off right, and he wanted to work on fixing the floor. (the floor collapsed by the heater vent in the bedroom, so he has to get under the house and cut all the insulation away and build frames and put up braces)

So...captain daddy said yeah, I just wanted him to cut my hair and I take a shower and do a load or two of laundry.

I figure okay, he will show up more toward the afternoon and then be gone by evening. Ummm no, he showed up at 8:30 and then didn't want to cut his hair till it was warmer, and didn't want to put his laundry in till after his shower. For crap sake.

He ended up buying us Chinese for dinner, and stayed till about 10 that night.

That was our whole Friday, waisted, we didn't get the stuff down town done we wanted too, and Gigantor didn't get to work under the house.

Saturday Gigantor got up early and went to work under the house. Ended up calling D over to give him a hand somewhere. And who shows up?? Captain Daddy. Grumpy as hell, cuz he didn't sleep well. So...he grumped and groaned and didn't do much of anything but sit here on the couch. D visited for a bit, and I had to actually kick them out, cuz we were going over to some other friends for dinner, that they invited us to a week previous.

They left, and we went to the friends, and had Prime Rib, potatoes, green beans, and chocolate lava cake for dessert. We visited till like fricken 11. Came home and I got sucked into a movie on Sci Fi so sat in bed watching it till 2, then went to sleep.

Planned on sleeping in, cuz we didn't need to go to Aunt and Uncles till 2 to work on taxes. Thought Captain Daddy would show up about noon or 1 to head over there. Nope....he showed up at 8:30. Gigantor had to actually get up out of bed. I slept one more hour. Still not enough. lol

So...we ended up sitting around out here, being quiet, cuz daddy fell asleep on the couch. Got to aunt and uncles, and he did daddy's taxes first, got him some good money back, then he did ours, and we are getting a nice chunk back. Now I should be able to buy the rest of the skirting for the house and get it and the fence all the way done so I can have a yard back.

Stayed and ate dinner there, aunt made sloppy joe's and salad. Came home about 7 and fricken captain daddy stayed for like another hour.

I thought to myself, oh man, long weekend, but he has to work for most the week, so a nice break. He said his schedule changed so he probably is coming over today and tomorrow morning. Then again on Thursday and Friday.

I love him to death, but sometimes I need more than one day break. hahahahahhaa Specially when he has the grumpies. I've been batteling the blues enough myself, don't need people on big downers hanging around.

Anyhow the wind is blowing about 35 mph with gusts up to 45. So I'm gonna go and pet the dogs, seeing as they are wrapped around my feet shaking cuz the wind is scary stuff I guess. hahahahhaa

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Short Post

Just a short post. We are set for dinners over this weekend. Captain Daddy came over today. Spent the ENTIRE day till 10 at night. That was a little much. But him and Gigantor had a good time today. Then he bought us all chinese for dinner.

Tomorrow night we are going to some friends house, who are cooking a nice late birthday dinner. Prime rib they said.

Sunday, uncle and aunt are gonna help us do our taxes (he has turbo tax) so we are going over at 2 and they are gonna cook a nice dinner for all of us.

That's a score, when I'm really broke till after payday. hahahahaha

couple things that have made me laugh real hard past couple days.

Foxy was on the couch doing her meerkat impersonation. She does that then will throw herself backwards on her back on someone and give them a look as if to say. Look at me I'm cute. So...she is doing it and throws herself backward, right off the dam couch. She wasn't hurt, but we laughed our asses off, she looked so embarrassed, and wouldn't look at us for a while.

Other day, Kiddo was hurrying through the living room and stubbed his toe on our very heavy wood scratching post. He starts hopping around in circles complaining how bad it hurt, and what does he do?? He stubs the big toe on the other foot on the same dam scratching post. hahahahahaha Yeah that's right, I laughed at him, and called him a dork.

Then this is the best, I laughed so dam hard. We have these big double doors that lead from the master bedroom to the master bath. Well...I always leave them open, I'm thinking of actually taking them down. But I do have the beaded curtains up, so it is a bit of a partition. I just don't like the doors shut.

Any how. Gigantor was ready to get in the shower and I asked him for something from my dresser. My dresser is right in front of the bathroom doors. So...he bends over to get it. He's Nekkid here people. And he stands up and yells what the hell!!!! And starts twisting and turning trying to figure it out. Well...OMG I'm laughing so hard picturing it.....when he bent over one of those beaded curtain strands like ummmm well ummm it went in the crack if you know what I mean. So...when he stood up it was stuck in his bum crack!!!! I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the bed, and he kept yelling at me to SHUT UP, IT WAS NOT STUCK.

I told him OMG I am so blogging about this!!! His words were OH FUCK!!!!

Yeah that's my giant. hahahahaha

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February 3rd

Today on February 3rd. Lets see what happened today.

--Gigantor's actual birthday was today.
--He's 38
--I got up early with the Kiddo instead of sleeping in
--I would have rather slept in
--our friend D came over and visited with me for a couple hours
--Foxy jumped up on me when I wasn't expecting it and she scratched me all up as she fell off.
--I trimmed Foxys nails
--I found out I don't like pizza bites/rolls/pocket thingies
--I like totino's frozen pizza's
--can't stand the pizza bites
--The salad I had for lunch had a soggy mushroom in it
--I didn't find out till it was in my mouth
--I couldn't finish my salad
--We watched Tropic Thunder tonight
--I was not thrilled
--Nor did I laugh very much
--I did 75 butterflies yesterday
--I don't have weights or a machine, but did the movements tensing my muscles as I did
--75 butterflies at the first go is way to many
--my arms, chest and back are very sore
--I've upped my leg step exercises to 30 on each foot
--Few more days I will up the leg press thingies to 6 instead of 5.
--My son is not only learning Taekwondo but he is now in classes for Kuntao and Silat
--D teaches those classes
--Kiddo is doing really good. Silat and Kuntao are a very much more agressive and dangerous form of fighting
--We know with Kiddo's gentle nature that he would not use them for wrong
--D thinks Kiddo will be good enough to be an instructor if he keeps up with it
--D has been doing all this for 20 plus years
--Silat is pronounced sea lot It's Indonesian fighting

On that note I'm gonna go shower and cuddle with my honey.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

So Much Thanks

I just wanted to thank you all so very much. All the comments left were so nice, and made me feel so loved.

I did pretty good this weekend.

Friday I went and got my nails done. I wasn't going to but Gigantor made me. Said it's one of the few times I get out and have fun. He's right I should keep going. I got them black with a ton of red glitter and red sparkelie heart decals on them. Very cool looking.

I will say I didn't fidget from pain near as much as usual when I get them done. That was a plus.

My avon order came in Friday afternoon so I got that done. My mother in law came over and scrubbed the guest bath and vacuumed the living room. That was cool I guess.

Saturday I got up and cut up a bunch of stuff. We were doing Gigantor's birthday dinner that night. His birthday is actually the 3rd, but I wanted to do it on a weekend. We had pasta and I did a crock pot full of meat balls and a big pan full of meat sauce with lots of veggies in it. Then garlic bread, and I made a HUGE green salad. I always make plenty of food, but I almost didn't have enough this time around.

Part of it I'm sure is some of Gigantor's sisters brought extra kids (not related) without telling me. I found that very rude. Then one of his sisters that never EVER cooks enough food. Her and her son scooped up so much food it would have fed three people each. Shocked the heck out of us.

Since I worked on the dinner on Saturday I didn't do any arm exercises. And since people didn't go home till midnight I didn't do my leg one's either. That was my one day off for the week.

Sunday we all slept in some. Got up and watched a couple programs we recorded. At a bit of a wonderful dip. Had some left over salad. And then settled in and watched the super bowl. Oh my gosh what an amazing game. I am bummed that with only 1.56 left on the clock the cardinals lost. But only by 3 points, and they sure as heck brought it and proved they were good enough to be there. I was very proud of my cardinals.

I did my exercises and we went to bed rather early. After Kiddo went to school I actually fell back asleep today and slept way way in. I'm so bad. I feel so guilty when I do that. Probably because my mother was the beast of beasts if you slept past 7:30 ever. Oh she would make you feel so dam guilty and yell at you tons. And still this many years later, I have to fight to not feel guilty when I sleep in past 8 or 9.

I will say something that I hope I don't jinx it. But at night every time I moved my legs in bed it would feel like a knife was stabbing up under my knee caps. And whenever I got out of a chair. But past 2 days it hasn't. I'm hoping I'm getting ahead of the pain with some of the meds. I mean yeah they still hurt, as does my back, hips, ankles and legs in general, but to not have that stabbing pain and to actually get a bit of sleep. That's a huge plus I'm sure. I haven't really slept in months. So....lets hope I didn't just jinx that. hahahaha

Okay I'm off to read some blogs. Have a good Groundhog day everyone. And I truly appreciate you all!!!!