Thursday, June 29, 2006

Barely Movin

Just thought I would let you all know I'm still alive and breathin.

Monday night I threw my lower back/right hip out really really bad. I thought I could work it out myself on Tuesday, but I was in hell. Wed, I went to my chiropractor, and he worked on me quite a while, but I was still in spasam/pain hell. I got like 1 1/2 hours sleep last night, cuz every position hurt. So...I went again today. Everything is moving good, and is loose, but all the muscles are still tight and spasaming.

So...I'm in massive pain with no pain pills.

I will post more when I'm not clenching my teeth and praying for unconsciousness.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Is it Over??

OH Praise God the weekend is over!!!! We were so fricken busy. I don't think I got more than 1/2 hour to sit down on Saturday. And that sucks when you have foot, leg, knee, and back problems. LOL

Gigantor had to be to work at 5 a.m. on Saturday and go take his driving test for his CDL. Now Wed, he has to drive down to Flagstaff to get his license. He comes home at 8, we eat breakfast and take off. We had to deliver avon books, go to library, go the two grocery stores, go to post office, go find ink for the printer, and come home unload groceries. Take back off to deliver some avon, and take Kiddo and Big J to see X-Men 3. It was good. Then we had to go to some friends going away party, they are moving to GA. We were there till 9:30 in the backyard, standing around. Boy did I need pain meds when we got home. Everything was screaming.

Oh get this. I finally found printer ink. We used to have this office supply store here, well it merged with a book store (not to unusual) Then it merged with an Antelope Canyon tour company. (okay weirder things have happened in this small town.) Then it closed it's doors, and I couldn't get printer ink. I found it, I found where they moved. They have now merged with a convenience store/gas station. Only in this small tourist town could you find a gas/store/bookstore/tour company/office supplies in one small building with the same owner. hehehehe

Kiddo finished his mobile for the contest in the reading program. He stretched mine and Gigantors imaginations. Cuz we had to figure out how to draw/make a turtle, crab, shark, starfish, eel, clownfish, manta ray, octopus (it came out looking like a jelly fish so that's what it is.) he has all those hanging down, then the paper plate where it's hanging from has a boat on it and waves. Oh oh oh and hanging in the middle of it is a giant (tin foil) silver hook with a worm wrapped around it. I think it looks great. I hope he gets something for it. He worked hard.

OooOO and a word of advice that Kiddo wants me to pass on. Don't sneeze in the pile of glitter!!!!! You figure it out.

Okay well I know today that I am more boring than watching paint dry, or grass grow, so maybe I'll go sniff some paint and smoke some grass, and see what happens. hehehehe

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What the Hell is PooFoo??

Okay I've been asked by some...what the heck poofoo is. Lovingly named by one of our friends, poofoo has been a main staple at our house. It's a must for every big family or holiday dinner, and for summer potlucks. Let me break down this very complicated and intricate recipe for you all.

PooFoo---Take one tub of whip cream, mix in one small box of cherry jello, mix in one tub of cottage cheese, then mix in one can of drained pineapple chunks, and chill.

OMG the work of that, I'm panting just typing it. *wipes sweat from brow*

Okay okay I know you all are saying "smart ass" Well yes I am!! hehehe

Haven't been posting last couple days. One reason is the gawd fucking mother dammit window unit in our dining room went out. Now I have an evaporative cooler. But the cocksucker who think they know how to construct a place put it through the floor vents, so it doesn't cool the house worth shit all!!! It cools the house about as good as an oven turned on warm. So...after the first year of literal misery (even with ceiling fans), cuz it's 115 mother bunny humping degrees outside, we bought a window unit for the dining room. It would cool the dining, living, and kitchen pretty well. Then we were still miserable so we bought one for our bedroom and kiddo's bedroom. Well...I came home from the reading program on Tuesday and there was this major thunking noise in the house. Major hell, it sounded like someone was using a fuckflippin jackhammer in here. One whole wall of my house is shaking and pictures are on the floor. I realize it's the window unit, and I mess with it trying to figure out if a support broke and it's just off balance or what. Husband gets home. I'm sweating and cursing (who me??? nah, I would never curse) He does the full inspection, and says what I fear. That he thinks something in the motor has gone out, and it's just a matter of time before it all goes out. And in my eye probably shorts out and burns my house do a pile of ash.

So, he calls our local True Value who can't have one till Friday fucking night, if they are lucky. Our first one was an 8000 btu, and I asked to price the bigger one's. True value said their 8000 was 170 bucks and the 10,000 was 245 bucks. So...on a whim we call Wal-mart. And OMG they had a 10,000 on their shelf for 194 dollars. YES, GOD IS GOOD, THE ANGELS SING DOWN UPON US, AND ALL CREATURES BE PRAISED!!!!! Can you tell I can't stand that heat, and need my fricken cooler??? Gigantor worked on it from 6:30 that night till 11. Poor guy. It was a monster too. It's almost as big as my dining room. hehehehe But that bitch works her tail off. It cools so well, and it's quiet, and the best part. It's remote control. heheheheh

Okay I could make this longer with a list of things a 10 year old boy shouldn't do, but I guess I will spare you till another post. hehehehe

A note for UnMartha. Hun, I keep commenting on your blog, but you have the "owner needs to approve comments before they show up" thingie enabled, so you haven't been getting my comments.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is it Summer or Not??

I wanna know if it's summer or not??? We have had a couple days where it's barely got to 90 for about an hour during the day (whoooohooooo) Most days it's over 100 for a good 8 to 10 hours. But I'm just confused. Arizona doesn't do this wacky with deciding to be hot. It's always hot, and keeps getting hotter from may till end of August. But this year, It's like it can't make up it's mind.

I babysat a couple kids yesterday. A friend of Kiddo's and that friends younger sister (not Big J and little Pixie, couple other kids) And the little sister, was just being a shit. Then I got really lucky. Right after eating lunch, she fell asleep (she's 7) She fell asleep till about 5, right after her mom got here. hehehehe whooohoooo Cuz Kiddo and the friend play together real well, so I didn't have to worry about them.

Gigantor took Kiddo and Big J down to the carnival tonight. I used to go with them. But, honestly it's not my cup of tea. So...I just let the boys all go and play.

I didn't do much for Captain Daddy or Gigantor for tomorrow. Kiddo wants to make them a card. And I have a small batteryless flashlight and visor clip that says #1Dad on it for each of them. So...I'm doing a nice dinner I guess. Ham, and mashed tatoes and red eye gravy, poofoo, and deviled eggs, and probably a cake. Hope they are happy with that. Better than a stick in the eye is what I say. hehehehe

Kiddo is trying to hit the reading hard, and I'm trying to help him. We joined the summer reading program, and every day we sit down and read. He has some books he can read to me. Then some of the little harder one's I read mostly, but save a small amount every couple pages for him to read. He's gone through 32 books in the past two weeks, and just checked out 20 more. I'm proud he's trying to work on it. Hope it will help him with next year.

Okay well I'm gonna go mess with putting up some new links on my sidebar, and over the next week or two, gonna talk to you all about some of the blogs I read that I don't think enough of you read. hehehehe


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogs worth reading

Hey all....I thought I would do a little something different this post. Lately I have found some new blogs. Some from serfing, and some from clicking on other peoples comments. I haven't linked them yet, but I think they are all worth a read. Go check them out.

Vicki over at Daily Haps II --- she took up blogging after her sister who bloged fell victim to that awful cancer stuff. It's about her trials and she tries to help raise her sisters kids. Check her out.

Next is UnMartha --- her adventures with food just crack me up. Like reading about how her strawberry pie, became soup. Or how her mother in law said she served "abortion" for desert.

Now miss Ella --who lives in New South Wales and loves Prison Break almost as much as me. She just started her blog, so give her a holler.

And we can't forget Jess at Twenty Somthings ---when I first read her, she was yelling at her evil twin. She keeps me in stitches. I'm sure you will find her just as snarky as me. hehehehee

We can't by pass The Lemonade Diaries --- Maybe even more snarky or smart assy than me. (Is that possible?) I've found her to be very refreshing, like a nice spring acid rain. hehehehee (I say that with the most love possible)

And last but not least we have Don't Know how You do it --- and every day mom, (maybe more than normal) who is blogging about life with the kids. (always entertainment there)

Now everyone go check them out. I mean it, go, now. Don't make me come find you and drag you by your nose hairs!!!!

Happy Humpity Hump Day to all!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Innocent Eye Flutters

Well...things aren't near as crappy. Just life I guess, sometimes you fly on clouds, sometimes you wade through the shit swamps. If I had a choice I would bounce on a trampoline through life. hehehehehee

Well...update on my stupid printer ink. Go to the office supply store that had to order it, and WHAT IN THE SAM HELL?????????? The place is emptied out. They closed their doors. How the hell am I supposed to get ink now without going on the internet and using my credit card???? How the hell does not one single computer supply place or walmart have ink for my computer. What really pisses me off. Is walmart sells the dam printers but won't supply the mother bunny humping ink!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I'm done ranting today.

Some days Spaghetti O's with meatballs really hit the spot you know?? hehehehe

We went to the reading program at the library today. I try to volunteer each summer I'm here. Last times I volunteered we had between 150 and 200 kids. ahhhhhhh This time the new librarian split the ages up better, and extended it to all summer instead of just 4 weeks, and we only had about 35 kids. Now that I can handle. hehehehe

Not much else going on except trying not to melt in the heat (otter pops are one of the worlds best inventions)

The dogs are still stinking, gerbils still staring, cat still annoying, and birds still chirping. hehehehe

I just got about 20lbs of mail in, so gonna go check all that out. (snail mail not e-mail) Happy Tuesday everyone.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One of those days, or few days.

Ever wake up and wanna kick the dog??? Just cuz your having a crappy day?? I've been having a crappy few days. Nothing major, just irritating crap. Made me a little moody. So...what better place to share than my blog. hehehehe

*Massive insomnia, going on three weeks. CRAP!
*Gigantor ruined some pants before the new job told him they had coveralls on hand for them. CRAP!
*Dog has had skunk gas for a week. CRAP!
*Found out Gigantors old boss cut off our insurance before Gigantor was finished working there. CRAP!
*Dog puked on the floor. CRAP!
*Found out my 5 prescriptions are close to 100 each a month. CRAP!
*That is the generic of each medication. CRAP!
*My printer ran out of ink. CRAP!
*No body in town has ink, only store that can order it, won't for a week. CRAP!
*The other dog snuffled cotton from the cotton wood tree's up his nose, and sneezed for 5 hours. CRAP!
*I majorly need to do dishes, I am out of clean plates, forks, and knives. CRAP!
*The internet was down from 10 last night till 4 this afternoon, some transformer in Phoenix exploded. CRAP!
*I needed to enter my avon order last night or no later than 10 this morning. CRAP!
*Computer came up, and rushed to get order entered, and avon sight was down for maintenance. CRAP!
*It's major hot here. CRAP!
*The local pool isn't open on weekends. CRAP!
*I have house insurance and car insurance due the same week. CRAP!
*The wind has been blowing for 2 days, and we hate the wind. CRAP!
*When I say blow, I mean knock over small structures like sheds. CRAP!
and last but not least.
*The gerbils are still staring at me, right this minute even. CRAPITY CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!

Okay I feel better now. I'm gonna go get my nails done tomorrow. Captain daddy said he would come down and sit with Kiddo, maybe watch a movie.

I think I'm gonna get them done in red white and blue flames. Cuz the next appointment won't be till after the 4th.

Have a good middle of the week everyone!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Staring gerbils creep me out.

My gerbils are at it again. Engaging me in staring contests. You know what?? Not only do they creep me out, but they win. hehehehe

I've got just randomness today. Is that a word?? It is now. hehehe

Gigantor officially doesn't work in the steel yard anymore. whooooo fricken hooooo

Our cable was out 6 hours yesterday, and again from 7 in the morning till 6:30 tonight. They said they were doing upgrades. We shall see. It better be so dam clear I think I'm in the show.

Kiddo had to announce to the sales person on the phone that he just "pooted" and had been pooting all day. When he found out it was a sales person and not daddy, at least he was a little embarrassed. (for about 6.3 seconds)

My son runs out of the back room, where he is watching star wars, and farts right next to me. it's been going on all day. I think I'm gonna super glue his butt cheeks together.

I worked for almost an hour typing up one of those stories I've been working on. Almost a fricken hour, then looked up from the paper, and realized I had my fingers one key over to the right. ahhhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrr gurgleeeeeee faint!!!

I deleted it all cussing, and put it away, to disgusted to work on it again.

The gerbils are staring at me again. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Wonder if they can swim, cuz I'm about to dump them in the fish tank.

My son is now carrying around the "monkey butt" pillow he got me. He's squeezing it and farting, then telling me it's monkey farts.

Between the dogs, cat, husband, kid and fricken monkey I bet there is a green cloud emanating from this house.

Okay I'm gonna go see if I can find a snippet of chocolate in this house, cuz I'm craving.

Then I'm gonna go hide.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Waiting for the Train

I'm waiting for that train to run us over and send our life crashing down again. Seems everything is going good, way too good for us.

You all know Gigantor got a new job. One we have desperately been needing. He's been needing to get out of his old job for a while now. We were gonna take this new one even though it was a cut in pay, because the benefits were so much better. Plus it would relieve alot of stress on Gigantor. Well...then they offered him same amount of money he's making at his old job. So that was like a major stress reliever.

You also know he was going to take a route that had him driving long drives every day. Well this was a little worry for us. Because he would have to be on the road by 5 every morning even in the winter. And, we know he could do it, but Gigantor isn't the best at long drives over and over. And the resorts would be closed in the winter so it would cut his hours way way back in the winter. We were worrying a little about money but thought that he could get a part time job in the winter. So...we were still doing okay. Also we would have to adjust, cuz with him on the road, he couldn't show up for any of Kiddo's functions anymore. But that is something we would deal with.

Now rewind a couple weeks. There is this guy that works for the company, been there over 15 years. He was going to retire the end of August. Well....all the garbage men here drive way to fast anyway, like they own the road. Sorta ticks us locals off. This guy, John, was doing his pickups, he drives a front loader (so he dumps dumpsters) And he took this corner by the middle school, claims his load shifted and the entire garbage truck tipped over. Gigantor went on the call with the fire dept. Police, investigators, everyone, says there is no way the truck would have tipped over unless he was going way to fast around that corner. These trucks are made to support these loads, plus they have mechanics in them that levels the loads out periodically. Real high tech stuff I guess. Anywhoo....this John, says there is no way he was going to fast. Everyone one, even witnesses say yes he was, way to fast. Which unfortunately, alot of the drivers do. Remember, they own the road. hehehe

So...there is a meeting last night. And all the big bosses were there. District and corporate. And they were going over the accident. And they kept asking John, if there was any way that he might have been going just a tiny bit to fast. They said later that all they wanted was for him to take a little bit of responsibility for what happened. They weren't gonna fire him. So...John stands up, throws his chair, and screams I DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING SHIT, YOU CAN SHOVE THIS JOB!!! and he walked out.

So...after meeting, boss walks up to Gigantor and says. There is another guy we are trying to hire, he already has the mine certifications and everything (that Gigantor would have to get to do that long road trip route)And boss says, but I won't offer him that route if you really want it. He says you have a choice of that one or Johns. Johns route is in town. You don't go into work till 6, and if your kid has a function, you go park your truck out on the street in front of the school, and go watch it, you just take the time off you were in there. Also...being that it will be less hours. We want to make you head of building maintenance also. So that you can get all sorts of hours all year long. Rebuilding the fence, and doing maintenance on the buildings, after your route is run.

Okay since all this wonderful stuff is happening, and everything is falling into place for the better. We are seriously waiting for the world to come crashing down. Cuz if any of you keep up with this blog. You know that good luck and fortune just isn't in our cards. hehehehe We are the butt of most of gods and the universes jokes.

I want to jump for joy, but being that we are waiting for things to crash down, I would probably break my leg or something. hehehehe

Keep your fingers, legs, eyes crossed for us. Lets hope this is gonna all turn out good.

Happy Thursday all!!!!!