Thursday, February 28, 2008

fun day

Oh my gosh I could have used this picture for the last post. hahahahaha to dam funny

It was an okay day. Of course I didn't sleep for the coughing. I think that's gonna take forever to get over. But it was a fun day.

I play games on a website called pogo. I was dinking around this morning and went into a game called Keno Pop. Well none of my friends were online, so I wasn't chatting, just playing and watching the chat screen.

When some lady named MissMindyDJ came in and started announcing that she DJ's for a online radio station called They play all sorts of music, from the oldest of old to the newest of new and all types.

Well....she does trivia questions, and if you answer then correct she will come to your pogo room for an hour and take requests.

So...someone in the room won her, and we all started listening to that radio site. It was so dam good people I'm telling ya. She was talking on the radio about all of us, and how much fun we were having, and playing all the songs we requested.

Then each hour, we made sure someone in our room kept winning her. We kept her there for 5 fricken hours.

I haven't had that much fun, and nice talking to people and good music in a very long time.

Yeah yeah I know I should have been doing something productive around the house, or working on other things. But dam, we all need a bit of fun once in a while eh???

On that note. I hope you all have a great Friday. Kiddo is off of school, three day weekend baby!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The House of coughs, snot, runs and gas that would kill an ogre

Clap on clap off THE CLAPPER!!!! That commercial was so dumb, but this picture is so funny.

We are all doing a bit better, even Captain Daddy, but we all have the horrid cough still. So much so that I'm averaging about 2 hours sleep a night. uggghhh

My sinus infection is for the most part cleared, now I just have the runny nose and burny eyes like you would with a cold, plus the dam cough.

All these antibiotics have given us the runs so bad. This whole house is running for the bathroom many times. 3 people, only two bathrooms, someone has to suck it up once in a while.

And OMG what the hell is with the gas. We all have the worst gas!!! Like rotten egg farts. And it's not just here and there, it's every couple minutes. Everyone!!! It's horrid. I need the place detoxed after us being in here sick for a couple weeks.

And to top it off. I ran out of dry dog food on Sunday. The place I get the expensive food from (Red Flannel) is closed on Sundays. So we ran to the grocery store and bought a 5lb bag of cheap stuff to hold me over till Monday. The dogs seemed to enjoy it, but OMGGGGGGGGGGGG Generic, cheap food + delicate dog tummies = The gas that would gag and ogre!!!

The only ones in this house without gas is the cat and the gerbil, and they are mocking us I tell you.

I mean it's been so bad, we have been eating lots of cheese (you all know I don't eat cheese, cuz then I can't poop for a week) in hopes to put a cork in things. Even the cheese isn't working.

Oh well, what ya gonna do?? Just try not to cough at the wrong times, don't sneeze and laughing is way out of the question. hehehehehe

Okay on that note, have a good rest of the Tuesday everyone and a good Wednesday.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!!!!

Can you all believe I'm alive??? Nope, me either.

I'm still not 100%. Still got a runny nose, and a bad cough, but the sinus infection is most the way cleared up.

On Friday I had to take Kiddo to the doctor, he had caught it. Then the fucking PA decided to scare the life out of us. She see's a pimple looking thing in my son's nose and decides to tell us it's MRSA

Ummmm WHAT!!!!!????? I finally get pissed and go, well why do you think it's mersa?? She goes, well it looks like a pimple in the nose, that's how it starts. I said, well what is the test to tell for sure. She says, we would have to lance it, but if we lance it and it is mersa then he will have it for sure then.

I said, well have you looked at my sons face??? hmmmm??? He is covered in acne his face, shoulders, back, head (under hair) all over. Don't you think it's more than likely it's just A MOTHER FUCKING PIMPLE??????

Yeah she didn't like me. My son started crying thinking he had mersa, we got some cream to put in his nose to be on the safe side, but needless to say I was highly pissed.

Why do people mess with me about my kid, and worse yet, do it when I feel like major ass cuz I'm so sick??? You would have thunk the city would have made a notice not to do that with me. hehehehehe

Captain Daddy ended up going to the doctor too. He's probably sicker than everybody, so we have been checking on him a couple times a day.

We didn't do much of anything this weekend again. Gigantor worked on one room of the house. This sick thing has put us at least 2 weeks behind on our schedule to get the place cleaned up and to be able to move it.

We sat around and watched some tapes we recorded and watched a couple movies. The Invisible. It was okay, not great, but okay. We watched Grindhouse Planet Terror also. Now this was typical Tarantino movie---gory and stupid comedy, and totally unrealistic. But if you go into it knowing that, then you can enjoy yourself. It was okay.

Okay I'm gonna try to catch up with blogs some tonight and others tomorrow. Seeing as I think I might live now. hehehehe

Have a good Monday everyone!!!!

P.S. Isn't that Doodle picture the most adorable dam thing???

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Hell

I think I feel like the cat in this picture.

I just don't feel any better, matter of fact I feel worse. Uggghhh the coughing fits were so bad today I was crying.

Now kiddo is all stuffed up and coughing. If he still is in the morning, I'm keeping him home and taking him to the doctor.

I don't want him in the same hell I am in. gahhhhhhhh

I thought three and a half days on the antibiotics so far that I would feel at least a bit better. But I'm actually feeling worse. The no sleep is way catching up to me. I can only catch 15 or 20 minutes here or there, and that's heavily medicated with nyquil and cough syrup.

Okay enough bitching. If I don't feel any better I won't post for a couple days again, just go hibernate in the bedroom. Plus will probably be babying my baby.

Have a good sniffle and cough free Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

cough cough pee

That's the story of my life right now. Coughing so hard I piddle. gahhh I hate that. Well we aren't any better yet. And all the meds I'm on is making my tummy hell, so it's either piddle or run for the bathroom for other reasons.

I think I may have gotten 2 hours sleep last night. I would start coughing so hard, I finally tore or pulled something in my side/stomach area, so it felt like a knife stabbing me each time I coughed. And I would get in a coughing fit, and only way to stop, was to sit up, one leg off the bed, sorta bent in this weird possition. I would sleep like that off and on. 15 minutes here and there.

Our pastors wife called me today. She was really worried about us. This thing has hit everyone so dang hard. And she said one person in her family had it, she can't imagine both of us having it. And now to top things off, it looks as if Captain Daddy and Kiddo might be getting it.

But... come 6 tonight, my pastors wife called said she was outside with dinner. She had made some chicken enchilada soup and brought it in with chips, sour cream and cheese. How fricken nice is that????

Okay, well I'm gonna try to read some blogs. Can't promise I will make any sense if I comment.

Hope you all are doing well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

So sick

OMG we are so sick. Woke up feeling worse than the last few days combined.

Gigantor got off early, we went to the Urgent Care. Took almost 3 hours.

We both have sinus infections and on the verge of Bronchitis. Bronchial infections.

We both got inhalers, that should help with the cough, and how out of breath I am. I can't even walk to the bathroom from the living room without taking a break in between.

And we both got antibiotics. Gigantor got the z pack, I didn't (allergic) I got bactrim, 800 mil twice a day for 12 days. Yeah I have like zero sinus resistance and immunity, so they hit me hard.

My lungs act worse when I get stuff like this too, seems to be aftermath from the time I had valley fever so bad that I almost died.

Pray we get some sleep, and get well soon, and not give it to Kiddo.

I'll be lurking for a few days till I feel better.

have a good week all!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prayers for Libby

I just got word that one of our dear blogger friends Libby
Well she was talking to me last night and told me that her mom had passed away on Saturday. Please everyone keep Libby and her family in your prayers and thoughts. Drop by her blog and let her know you are thinking of her. She said she won't be blogging for a while which is totally understandable.
I just am asking for some pouring out of love that I know you are all capable of.
You all were so supportive of my sister and myself when we lost our mom.

She said that her mom was surrounded by family. Libby got to hold her hand till the end. She said she went very peaceful.

God Bless you Libby, you and your family. You will be in my thoughts and prayers my dear friend!!!

Your mother is flying free among the angels now, out of pain, and so happy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coughing sucks donkey dick!!!

Okay you all can probably guess from the title, that I'm sick and tired of coughing. hehehehe I still have that cold/cough whatever it is. I mean I don't feel real bad like I have a cold. Just a bit of drainage, but the dam cough is horrid. I'm coughing all the dam time, and hard coughing like your gonna throw up coughing. grrrrrr

I just love the pic of that kitty, she is melt in your mouth cute. (not that I would put her in my mouth, but you never know with this much cold medicine fogging my brain)

I tried to do the "pay it forward" thing on my last post. I even left it up a couple days. But only one person said they wanted a giftie from little old me. So...vanessa, make sure you send me your snail mail addy so I can get it out. That leaves 4 more people, come on!!! Nobody wants a trinket from me?? Maybe it will be a bottle of cold medicine. hahaha NO THEY CAN'T HAVE OUR COLD MEDICINE!!! my preciousssssss.

Okay, yeah, I have had way to much. I need to go to dayquil rehab. lmao

Okay again if you wanna little giftie you gotta e-mail me your snail mail addy. VANESSA!!! I STILL NEED YOURS!!!!

If nobody does, then I will just pick some people that I already have their addy's. So there *sticks tongue out at you all*

We went to the matinée today. That was our valentines thingie to each other. We saw The Spiderwick Chronicles. OMGGGGGGGGGGG it was so good. I wanna go look up the books and get them now. hehehehe

Okay I'm way out there even for me today, so I'm gonna go. Probably take some more medicine. Take some before I cough myself out of this chair.


coughing sucks donkey dicks
little kittens melt in your mouth not in your hands
Golum and the big eye are trying to steel my cold meds
I need rehab
nobody wants to be stalked from me through snail mail
so I'm gonna stalk some poor innocent suckers anyway
Vanessa needs to send me her addy
and Spiderwich rocks baby!!!!

Have a good long weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just want to wish you all a very Happy Hearts Day!!!!! I adore you all.

I love that picture. I would be asking that guy the same thing if he was dancing anywhere near me. hehehehe

Remember folks, that's what one to many shots of booze looks like. hehehehehe

Okay I was over at Biddies blog, and she had a neat thing.

Pay it forward:

She is sending out gifts to the first so many people that comment. Only hitch is, you have to do it too. You have to announce this on your own blog, and send little gifties out.

So..if you have a blog, want to participate, and WILL do it also on your blog. Then in the comments tell me you want a giftie. I will send one to the first 5 people that want one, and comment that they do. Now remember I'm an avon lady, can probably guess what some of it might be. hehehehehe

Okay so lets recap
Name of the game is PAY IT FORWARD

Rules--First 5 people that want a giftie from little old me, and leave a comment saying you want one (remember you will have to give me your address). The only thing you lovelies have to do is, say so, put it on your blog, and be kind, and send me your addy.

Okay anywho...... Anyone doing anything special for valentines?? I think I might kill Gigantor, cuz I have a horrid cough today, I think he might have shared his cold. We shall see. hehehehehe

Have a wonderful Thursday all!!!!

I heart you all so much, so have a great hearts day!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weird Tuesday

OMG doesn't this pic of this dog just make you laugh till you fart???

I love that!!!!

Been a weird Tuesday, just the vibe of it maybe.

Started burning one of my new candles. Loved loved the scent in the jar, started burning it and it fricken stinks. Smells like rotten fruit. gaaaaaagggg But I paid for it so I don't wanna waist it, so I been burning it with the door open, hehehehehe

Hubby finished his normal work early, they usually find more stuff for him to do, but the boss said, ewww your sick go home. So he did. hehehehe

Foxy the wonder rat barker, decided to sit on the dam arm of the couch and stare at me all day doing this moanie talk to me thing. I kept getting up to let her out, and no that wasn't it. And she kept jumping on me, jumping off me, grrrr

The cat decided to throw up on my spot on the table.

The gerbil stared at me all day...grrrr

I found popcorn in my bra again, and a green pea, last time we had peas was 4 days ago. hmmmm

The Kiddo was eating some chips, and he pulled this long ass string that got on them from his bedroom, he pulled it out of his throat. *insert major gagging here*
Hubby got me a red rose without doing anything wrong.

Kiddo announced he was tired, and got himself all ready for bed and went without us yelling at him.

I blew my nose tonight and a piece of the meat we had from dinner came out. Where the hell did that come from??

It's been a weird ass day, like the planets are miss aligned or something.

We did watch two movies we got in from netflix. Watched Invasion with Nichole Kidman. It was pretty dam good. Another twist on Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It was better than I thought it would be. Also watched Heartbreak Kid. Now I am NOT a Ben Stiller fan, and I found him to be likeable in this movie. It was pretty good also. Since they were both good the next movies we get in will probably suck ass.

Okay well I'm done talking about my weird ass day. I'm off to go to bed. Maybe watch Nip Tuck. I don't know why but I really like that show.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bagged Monday

The hubs got a bit worse last night, and I got the sniffles even, so I took some Nyquil. Then I felt totally bagged all dam day. I was so drowsy and goofy it wasn't funny.

Kiddo didn't feel good first thing this morning either. Dammit.

Captain daddy showed up about 1:30 and was giving me some stuff to mail. Then he fell asleep on the couch, I was watching a program and fell asleep in my computer chair. When the phone rang and woke me up I had a hell of a crick in my neck. ahhhhh

Gigantor went to hunter safety class tonight. He's an instructor this year, Uncle is the head of the whole thing. They are teaching one of the classes together, and Uncle is going to be gone, so Gigantor has a ton to do.

I love that pic of the cats up there. hehehehehehe

I'm gonna go have a tiny bit of ice cream and go to bed. Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I lubs my uncle.

Well what a weekend. It was busy and fun.

Saturday, Gigantor worked. He also worked on the porch and yard. He came home from work, and we worked on the bedroom. We were working our butts off, then I had to say. OMG it was almost 7, we had to clean up and do dinner.

We watched a movie, it sucked. hehehe

Today Gigantor went outside and got everything off the porch. We just need to sweep. We are getting everything cleaned up to be that much closer to moving. He came in and we got some lunch and watched a program. He then informed me that he was sick. He's been sick for about 3 days, but hid it from me. I was a bit pissed. I hate having stuff like that sprung on me. grrrr

So...he whined, and napped, and acted like the big baby that all you men do when your sick. Then he loaded all the trash from the yard in the truck and went and put it in our dumpster at the other lot. And he ran to the store.

We went to dinner at Aunt and Uncles house tonight. He had a new stew recipe and had make elk stew and cornbread. OH MY GOSHHHHH it was soooooo good. We had gone to the store and got some ice cream for desert. We picked up Neapolitan and one called Fiesta. Fiesta was chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon ice cream. Yummmmmmm

We got home about 9:30. It was a good time.

I know I've gotten tagged a couple times, I'm gonna try to do them this week.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday and Nails

Got my nails done today. Hearts for Valentines of course. Couple pictures to show them to ya.

So after I had my nails done today, I went out to Gigantor's work and picked him up and we ran some errands. Then we went and had some lunch. I took him back to work, cuz he was supposed to be done, but was going to change the plugs and wires in his truck. Well....they put him back to work and he worked till 5. uggghhhh

I went and picked up Kiddo and his cousin T. T is about 4 months older than Kiddo, so they team up well. I brought them home and they played some video games, and Transformers Risk, then they started putting a leggo together.

Gigantor came home and took them up to D's dojo. They were working out hard, and having fun sparring. Then Kiddo and T were sparring and miss judged punched and punched each other right in the nose. No blood, but they both had to sit down for a few. Then T got up and started sparring with Gigantor and Gigantor threw a punch and T went right through the window butt first. ahhhhhhhh So they are sparring again, and Gigantor pops him in the nose on accident and bloodied him up. Poor T, he's not gonna want to come back over here again. Nah, he said he was fine.

So...we are all sitting around talking and watching the boys work on the leggo's and they start talking about one of Kiddo's teachers. Ms. Social Studies. And he was saying how she had such a nice butt. And Gigantor smiled and said, yes she does. And Kiddo goes, (omg this cracked me up so hard) he says, she is so hot, you can fry eggs on that thing!!!! I was laughing so dang hard I think I peed. lol

Okay I'm off to go to bed or something.

Have a good weekend all!!!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Funnies

I don't have any funnies, but the video that I'm putting on the bottom is funny. It's another one from that Anjelah Johnson. Not the same as the last one. So make sure you check her out. She cracks me up.

I'm not near as cranky today. I think the crankies have left me. hehehe

Kiddo kept hold of his wallet, and Gigantor has only been an asshole a couple times. Like most men. hehehehe

I did nothing but hang out with some friends online today. Not a dam thing else. I did go help Gigantor return some ramps to the Kawasaki place and go to the post office, and the store. But other than that, nothing.

We watched a couple movies tonight. Boogeyman 2. I liked the first one, it was more supernatural. But this 2nd one was more hack and slash. Then we watched that Sunshine. It was good, but sorta bleek and depressing.

Kiddo's cousin T is spending the night tomorrow. Called up and asked if he could. I'm getting him after school tomorrow. I'm sure they wanna play Kiddo's new Risk game. I got him Transformers Risk for Christmas.

I also get my nails done tomorrow, that is always something to cheer me up. I'll take some pictures. Gonna be valentine theme.

Okay so that's about it for me. Enjoy the video!!!! And have a good Friday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

not much to report

I'm still very cranky, and I don't know why. It's not near my period. My family keeps doing stupid shit that's pissing me off. lol

Like Kiddo lost his wallet, we tore his room apart on the weekend, couldn't find it. Had him look at school. Yesterday someone turned it into lost and found at the school and he was major happy. What does he tell me this morning before school. MOM I CAN'T FIND MY WALLET!!! God I was so dam mad, that I almost went nuclear.

Yes he found it.

Two days in a row I've called Gigantor up and bitched him out and hung up on him. Both days he deserved it, but not for me to be cranky all day.

I'm not gonna post much of anything else, cuz it will just be a major bitch fest.

Hope you all had a good Wednesday and have a good Thursday everyone!!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Boring and Bitchy

Man what a boring me today. And a very bitchy me today. hehehe

Here is my boring day.

Got up, late start
read blogs
played on pogo
did avon orders
fell asleep in my chair
did more avon orders
went pee
fell asleep on the throne
got some lunch
Captain Daddy came over
Visited with him
Got irritated at the dog cuz she wouldn't leave me alone
Went and got kiddo
got the mail
did some sorting of paperwork
took another avon call
sent Gigantor for chicken
watched the Ghost Hunters International I recorded
Watched Monk and Psych I recorded
Got on and played some pogo
Yelled at the kid
Yelled at the dogs
Yelled at the husband
Now I'm gonna go shower and go to bed
cuz I keep falling asleep

That's me, boring and bitchy. Tune in tomorrow and meet bloated and itchy. heheheheeh

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekends over

Well the weekend is at a close, and it was a busy weekend.

We got the house all clean and ended up having alot more food than we needed. Cuz a few people had to cancel coming at the last minute. Some friends, her grandpa that lived in town died, so I understand that. But some of Gigantors family said they would come then made different plans.

Oh well, less in laws for me to deal with.

He got some good gifties. I got him some movies and a cd. My sister and the house elf got him a MP3 player. His mom and dad got him a very old ww2 book. And my aunt and uncle got him some fishing stuff. His friend D got him some Clive Cussler books. And a co worker got him some spark plugs and wires, cuz Gigantor keeps bitching he needs to change those, so that was sorta funny.

Today, Gigantor slept in till 11. Which was sorta funny, cuz last time he did that was before we ever had Kiddo. He's totally a morning person and doesn't sleep in long.

Then we got up and made our famous super bowl dip, that we have even when it's not super bowl, but it's so good we have never shared it with anyone. heheheheh

Anyhow you brown up a tube of Jimmy Dean sausage, melt a brick of velveeta, add the sausage, add one can of Rotell diced tomatoes with green chili's, then you add some sweetened condensed milk till it's thinner and smoother. Gigantor likes it with Frito's scoops, but I like it with white corn tortilla chips. Soooo dam good.

So we had dip and watched a movie then watched the superbowl. I usually watch it for the commercials, and this year was no different. Although I did doze off a couple times. ugggghhhh

Then we had some leftovers and fiddled around with a few things. Now I'm posting and going to bed. I'm beat.

His sister did call us to tell us tomorrow was a late start day at school, cuz it snowed a bit here, which means the reservation dictates how we do stuff again. grrrrrr

Anyhow, hope you all have a great Monday!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday and I'm Fricken Tired

Good Gravy I'm tired!!!!!

I slept pretty good last night, but woke up tired as hell. After I took Kiddo to school, I did a bunch of avon paper work. Then I sat on the puter reading blogs. My mother in law came over and brought me some pans to use for tomorrow.

Then Captain Daddy came over for a while. I went and got Kiddo, came home and cleaned up the table. Then my avon came in so had to do that. Gigantor went to Walmart. We ate dinner and after dinner, did some prep work, cut up all the veggies we would need for tomorrow. And cleaned off a couple counters.

Just need to do floors and dishes tomorrow for the cleaning part. But I have to make two cakes first thing. Take the chicken off two whole chickens, and mix up the meat, and cook the hamburger meat. Then I can wait till about 4 to assemble my casseroles and put in the oven by 5. Every thing seems to be going along okay. I know we will be busy as hell, but it will be good.

Okay gonna leave you with a video. This girl is funny funny. She used to be a professional cheer leader, and she is so funny that someone taped her then put her on Mad t.v. I have a couple video's of her, but gonna put them on at different times. So....enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!