Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hump Day

Well, I just don't know what to write about. Because I have been sad the past few days. Sad that daddy left, then read about Ginny at daily haps, and got so very sad.
I don't like to post to much when I'm sad. Makes me feel like I'm whining. and I'm not a whiner (shut up Alekx) hehehehehee

Okay as of my last post....two people got it right. So Aza, hun, you win the big boobie, or alekx's boobie whichever you want. And Olives you win the prize. hehehehe Yes folks it's true Alekx and I are related to the Red Baron. Boy...I hope Snoopy doesn't hate me now. *shudders at the thought*

Okay as you all know I talk about living in a house of boys. And as you can imagine there is lots of crude humor in a house of boys (kitten can relate with this I'm sure, and mom that's nuts too) So...anyhow on one of the nights that daddy was here. We found something. I had gotten the kiddo this little can of something called "Flarp--the noise putty" for christmas. It's about twice the size of a film canister, around and tall. We had all forgot about this, so it never got played with. So...gigantor opens it up. And this putty stuff sorta oozes out. Well... the thing says just to push it back in the can. Gigantor puts his finger on it to push it back in the canister. And the most obnoxious, grosses farting noise came from this thing. Which made all of us, daddy included, look up to see if it was Gigantor that actually farted. hehehehe. Well this can of flarp is almost impossible to get back in the can once it's unleashed. We had like a half hour of the most obscene farting noises in this house while it was being put back in the can. Of course this had everyone rolling with laughter. How a little 89 cent can of goo can get so much entertainment is a wonder to me. Now everyday has had the kiddo going and making flarp farts. hehehehee

Okay that was my most intelligent thought for the day, so now I'm gonna go.

Happy Hump day all!!!! May we all get a good hump out of it.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Daddy Went Home.....

I'm so very sad, my daddy had to go home today. The kiddo and I have been pushing him to live closer. I think he really felt it this trip. We were all sad to part ways this morning.

Oh before I forget....HAPPY EASTER A DAY LATE!!!!!!

I'm not gonna make this one a very long post, because I need to catch up on some reading of blogs. hehehehee

I do want to leave you with a touch of trivia though. From talking to daddy over the past week, we got talking about family history. Apparently we are related to someone famous. I will give you all his name and rank, and lets see if any of you know who he is. His well known name I mean. If you get it right I will give you a boobie prize (hehehehehe I said boobie) And Alekx you don't get a boobie prize if you get it right, cuz you already are a big boobie. hehehehehe

Okay on my fathers father's side we have a great great (lots of greats) uncle that was a Count in Germany and a captain in the German air force. Germans called him Reichtmeister. But his real name is Manfred Van Reichthoffen. Anybody know what his common famous name is??? There is one of Alekx's boobies up for grabs in this one. Or something like that. hehehehehe

Happy Monday all

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Guns and Good eats....

What could be better??? We went shooting yesterday. Gigantor and daddy took so many guns out there. OMG the back end of my suburban was so loaded down. We were out there from 10:30 in the morning till 4:30 in the afternoon. We had a fun time. But oh my goodness we were all so very tired. Then we went and rented some more movies. And came home to make dinner. We grilled some cheeseburgers, and grilled some asparagus, and made baked beans. (recipe's to follow) hehehehe

We watched a movie Without a was funny. Not a smart movie but funny and good.

Today I had to make some phone calls and work on making out checks to pay bills. uggghhhhh Gigantor had to go to work till about 2 this afternoon. So...daddy just sat at the table and visited with me while I did that. Then we went up to the post office and mailed stuff. Went to the store, to mom's go get a couple things, and delivered some Avon. Now we are having a dinner that I have worked my fingers to the bone trying to make.

We are ordering Chinese. hehehehe

Okay off to watch more movies and eat.

grill and add cheese. sheesh easy squeezy.

Grilled Asparagus. We like to put McCormick Teriyaki grilling sauce on them and grill them till they are tender.

Baked Beans
1 big can Bush's baked beans
1/2 lb smoked bacon cut into pieces
1/2 sweet onion diced
little bit of brown sugar

I browned the bacon and onions together, drained about 3/4 of the way through cooking. Add can of beans and brown sugar and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. OMG it is sooooo good, and the smokey bacon does wonders with it.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday and the Shitty Rain

We woke up today to the worst possible rain storm.So we didn't get to go shooting today. We are going to have to wait till tomorrow maybe if the weather is better. So...we just stayed in and watched movies. Daddy went outside once and comes in and goes "it feels like snow weather" and believe it or not it started sleeting right after that. OOoOO get this everyone. My daddy was a drill instructor in the marine corp around the time of Vietnam. And ever since he's been in the marine corp and been a highway patrolman he hasn't slept much more than three hours a night. Give or take an hour or so. And on Friday we all didn't go to sleep until around midnight o'thirty and he was awake by 7 in the morning. Well we all got in bed after 1 in the morning last night. And Gigantor got up around 8. Kiddo was already up (of course he is in bed by 10 at the latest on weekends) and I woke up at 9:30 and asked Gigantor if daddy was up. He goes no not yet. I'm like OMG go check on him. (cuz lets face it folks, daddy is wonderful, but he's no spring chicken anymore, and he does have some health issues, and after all this crap with mom I'm a little paranoid) And Gigantor went and just stared in his doorway for a while. You can't startle daddy or touch him to wake him up (like shake his shoulder) cuz ever since he was in Vietnam, he will kill you if he gets startled awake. hehehehe Just something we always grew up with and know about so no biggie. Well....Gigantor comes back and goes, he's breathing good and rolled over. I was like wow. I don't EVER remember daddy sleeping that late. Well he got up a little after 10 people OMG for this man sleeping in is 6 or 7. hehehe So I come out and ask. "did you sleep good daddy?" He says oh my goodness yeah. He says he could just feel himself relaxing as he drove up here. I'm so glad that daddy feels being with us is relaxing and he can sleep and enjoy his vacation. Makes me one happy daughter. Bet you all can't tell exactly how much I love my daddy can you??? hehehehe

Okay, I'm still having a hard time commenting, but I'm trying to keep up with the reading. And Julie, you can't believe how happy I am your safe and back. And to Julies hubby. Yes Gigantor is that big EVERYWHERE (one lucky girl I am) hehehehe OMG did I just honestly tell you all that. thing on him is small and that's his butt. He's got a cowboys butt. You know, the no ass kind of butt. :)

OOOO and about those enchiladas you can make them spicy with the cheese or the enchilada sauce. But spicy just tears me up, so I make them mild and have plenty of stuff on hand for people to add.

Now for what we had for dinner today.

Corned beef and cabbage.

Corned beef
red potatoes
baby carrots
half a head of cabbage

wash and cut up about 6 potatoes put in crock pot. empty bag of baby carrots. put in corned beef and seasoning, and some water. Put crock pot on high. About an hour before cooking is done put in onion. About 15 minutes before cooking is done put in cabbage. All done. hehehhee

then we had Cornbread
Just Honey Cornbread from the box people. hehehehe

OooO and I made a cake. Daddy asked for one, so I made one. hehehhe

Okay off till monday. Good night all.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday with Dad

We had a rainy Saturday today. We stayed up late with dad visiting. Then had to get up early, cuz the exterminator showed up at 8.

So....any whooooo it's midnight o'thirty and I decided to just write a little note. I read you all last night, but blogger isn't letting me comment on everyone's blogs.

We went to Safeway last night to get groceries for us and while dad is here. Then we went to Walmart and Bashas today. Not only more groceries, but renting some movies, buying the Incredibles, getting Easter stuff, and getting ammunition to go out shooting tomorrow. We were gone most the day. Came home to just start cutting and chopping for stuff for dinner and a couple other dinners through the week.

I'll have to post the quick easy recipe's for you all. Last night we had my variation of shepherds pie, and cottage cheese and pineapple. Tonight we had Alekx's healthy version of cheese enchiladas. And a close friend (three olives) gave me a recipe for black beans and rice to have with it. But then a friend was going to show up, and we didn't have any meat to go with dinner, so we grabbed some beef and salmon kabobs. OMG dinner was good. Anyhow. Know I'm checking in with your blogs while I can. And I will comment when I can. I just don't get on till real late, cuz I'm hangin with the pops.

Cheese enchiladas
White corn tortillas
1 can green enchiladas sauce
grated cheese
Quesadilla cheese (it's in this round kind of package, just slice it if you can't get slices)

To soften your tortillas spray with pam (instead of frying in oil) roll up the quesadilla cheese in them and layer in a pan. Pour a thin layer of enchilada sauce over top, and sprinkle grated cheese on. Put in oven till hot, and cheese is melty.
We like to serve them with fat free sour cream and green onions to top.

Black beans and Rice

Rice (we used brown rice)
can of black beans drained
minced onions

Add onions and garlic to rice and cook as instructed. When done cooking, fluff with fork, and stir in black beans to make them warm. It's mmmm mmmm good.

Have a good weekend all. We are gonna go shoot the crap out of some cans, and targets tomorrow. heheheheh

Friday, March 18, 2005

Broken Gigantor

What does it take to break a giant?? Well obviously it takes two huge forklifts (rated for 50,000lbs each) a few 500lb steel beams, and one massive dumb ass co worker. Okay so I'm sitting dinking around on the computer yesterday and get a call.
11:00a.m. ring ring
me- hello?
Gigantor--Hi honey
me--your calling ealry.
G--Don't freak out
me--Oh God what happened (he always says don't freak out before he breaks news to me)
G--I need to go up to the e.r.
me-- for who??? (he's an onsight e.m.t. also folks so he takes lots of people up to the e.r.)
G--for me
me--What Happened?!
G--I need x-rays
G--A beam fell on my hand
me--want me come get you??
G--no it's not bad, I'm fine.
me--okay let me know
G--yeah don't come up, I'll be in the waiting room a few hours I'm sure, and it's fine.
me and G--love you
So I waited 2:00p.m. ring ring
G--Hi babe
G--It's broke
me--what is?? the hand??
G--no just a finger
Me--want me come get you
G--no I'm going to drop my paperwork off at work and I'll be home
me--okay love you
G--love you
He gets home in a splint he has to wear for 4 weeks. And I ask him for the full story. Here it is. Him and said dumb ass coworker were transferring some heavy beams around on their forklifts. Coworker, was going to put his beams onto Gigantors forks on his forklift (I guess they do this all the time) So he has to move his forklift infront of the hubbies, lift the forks up higher than Gigantors and start tipping them to tip the stuff off. Well....Gigantor saw that one of the beams wasn't on right and was gonna miss his forks and go crashing down. So...gigantor tells coworker to stop. He does, he tells coworker to not move so he can fix the beam. Coworker leans back and relaxes. Gigantor climbs up on his forks and is wrestling around with this 500lb steel beam to get it positioned right. Out of the blue. Coworker decides to back up. ALL the steel beams come crashing down onto Gigantors forks. Thank God it was only his hand that got stuck under them. He said when it hit his hand, it was like his finger exploded. Big burst of blood. It just split that sucker right open and shaved a few chunks of skin off. So much so that he can't even get stitches, cuz there isn't enough skin to pull together. And from his first knuckle all the way to the tip of the finger is broken. They even had to drill into his fingernail for drainage, and he split the cuticle all the way back to the first knuckle. It was his left hand ring finger, and praise god he wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

I had to help him shower, and dry off, and get some clothes on this morning. Poor guy. I took the old bandage off, so he could shower and had to put a new bandage and re splint it last night. And the poor guy almost passed out. And he has a HUGE tolerance for pain. So that was hard to see it hurt him that much. But...the kook got up and went to work this morning. uuuggggggghhhhhh men. LOL

When we asked the slapfuck of a coworker why he backed up. He says, "Oh I forgot you didn't want me to move" Scary people that my snookums works in a dangerous steel yard around all sorts of machinery that can kill you, and he works with such brilliant people as that guy. make matters worse, that is actually one of the smarter guys he works with.

On another note. My daddy will be in today for 10 days. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so if I don't post or comment as much please know it's just cuz I am enjoying the pops. hehehehee

OoOOOO and blogger wasn't letting me comment at all yesterday. So just know I still wuv ya all.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks day everybody. And to keep you entertained click here

Everybody have a truly green day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pics of my new Nails

And this one is probably the best pic of them. See some are flames, and some are tye dye and some are flowers. Posted by Hello

A picture of all the nails. I know the crap ass camera doesn't do them justice. Posted by Hello

I know they aren't the greatest pictures but here are pictures of the nails I had done. Pretty cool I think  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

If I Only Had a Brain......

.....if I only had a brain, maybe I could figure out how to do everything I'm trying to do. Maybe I could come up with a better insult to dumb ass drivers than "nice move assclown, or fuckwit, or slapfuck" I swear there must have been a memo sent to most drivers today about how they should find me and try and run me off the road. The whole family woke up feeling like we were going to catch a cold again. So...cold pills have been distributed like candy here today. I was doing so much paperwork, I lost my place twice. hehehehe And in all the bustle I forgot to do some avon orders and I forgot to call the bank and transfer funds. Hope I can remember tomorrow before anything bounces. I also forgot to call and schedule a haircut. I'm looking like a mangy mutt, and I can't do a thing with my hair. I guess I could paint my face white and wear it all hanging in my face and go totally goth. But I might scare small children that way.

Well the toxic cloud has finally cleared our house, and the men in the biohazard suits have packed up and left. Life is back to pretty much normal gassy outputs. It was bad, you even seen bubble trails from the goldfishies butts. hehehehe

Okay I really have nothing much more to say, so I'm rambling here. I do want to leave you with a recipe. I saw something on the food network in the 30 minute meals, and we couldn't find some of the stuff. So we tweeked it. OMG it was so fricken good.

Mozzarella Chicken with tomatoes

3-4 cloves of garlic minced
1 sweet onion cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1/2 lb SMOKED bacon cut into 1 inch chunks
1 28oz can of diced tomatoes
6 to 8 chicken cutlets. (you can use chicken breast and cut them in half to make them thinner ie--cutlets)
Mozzarella cheese grated or sliced

Cook bacon till it's not quite done, drain and add to a sauce pan with onions, garlic and a touch of butter. Start cooking them over medium to med high heat. While they are cooking, sprinkle chicken with olive oil, salt and pepper, and grill (or you can cook them on the stove top, but grilling is such a nice touch) till done. When onion mixture is done, add can of tomatoes (do not drain) Simmer for about 10 minutes. In pyrex baking dish put small layer of sauce down, and then layer chicken cutlets in pan. Put the rest of the sauce on top of chicken. Sprinkle cheese all over the top (as thick as you like) then put pan under the broiler for about 5 to 10 minutes until cheese is brown and bubbly.

It could have only been better if we had some crusty bread like french bread to go with it. We also had steamed broccoli and cauliflower with it. You can tweek it like you like. add or subtract garlic or onions (it's very very garlicy with 4 cloves) and you could mess around with different cheeses.

Okay on to hump day tomorrow. Hope we all can comment tomorrow.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Weapons of Mass Destruction.....

.....or should I say Chemical warfare?? I think that is what has broken out at my house over the weekend. OMG It's so gross I'm gonna have to get one of those official breathing mask thingies. (that would be the proper military term folks) hehehehe
I guess movie house popcorn, and then pizza for dinner, then corned beef and cabbage can issue it's revenge. My husband can't seem to take one single step without tootin. Then the kiddo. He is going around leaving stink bombs all over the place. Now the dogs didn't eat any of that, but I swear they have the green cloud waifting up from there tooshies. And that son of an alley cat shit head of a cat of mine climbed up on the back of the couch and was sitting his butt on my shoulder (like he does every day) and I hear pppffffffttttt FOR ALL THINGS THAT'S HOLY!!! DO NOT FART WITHIN A HALF INCH OF MY FACE DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! I shot out of that dam couch and threw the cat's ass outside. Then of course this morning, I had the smallest one. But it chased, me and the dogs right out of the fricken house. Pretty funny to see us all run outside on to the porch, gasping for air. I think the U.S. military should call my family. Pay us some big bucks and just feed us pizza and corned beef and we can clear any 3 mile area in a matter of minutes. hehehehehe

On Saturday, after we went to the afternoon movie, Robots, (it was really good, but the Incredibles was better) I went over to a friends house. She has just finished going to school to do nails. And she was going to do mine. Lucky she has a son (that we tease her son and kiddo are twins born to different mothers) and she lives across the street from mom's house. So...Gigantor was working on mom's yard. And the kids were playing. And we were doing nails and having a good time. She does those new gel nails. I had never had those (and I LOVE them) I have had acrylic before, and if you have ever had those then you know how thick and heavy they can be. And I actually have pretty strong nails that I grow out and paint quite often. But to get these with the designs that never chip, and don't have to re polish every 3 days or so. They feel like my real nails too. They are very very cool. We tried to take some pictures of them with the digital camera. Only to be mocked by that cheap ass piece of doo doo calling itself a camera. They came out some what fuzzy. I might try to post them anyway, see if you can get the general idea.

Okay now that I have bored your panties into a wad. (OoOoOOO what a thrill) I will leave you all so you may pick your butts, and hate your Mondays till your hearts content. hehehehee

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dentist Trip

OMG let me start by saying that BLOGGER SUCKS MAJOR DONKEY DICK!!!!! I wrote a post this morning, and it kept saying no data found. Then it would NOT let me comment on any blogs!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh But it seems like it might be working now. We shall see. If it's working then it must be done blowing the ass.

I took the kiddo to Flagstaff to the dentist yesterday (2 1/2 hours away) We made it just in time. His appt was at 3:30 we got there at 3:29 and 45 seconds. hehehehe His appt took about an hour and 10 minutes. But this guy is the best pediatric dentist in the world, I swear. So...he said nothing was wrong, and to come back for cleaning in 6 months. Whoooohooooo finally a bit of good news this year. Then we went to the petsmart and got the dogs all new collars and matching leashes and some treats. We went and ate at sonic. We ordered 2 big things of our favorite drinks and poured them into our 64oz refill mugs. And I always get the fountain cherry coke. So...I'm pouring it into my mug. And the bottom with the syrup looks brown, I'm like what the hell?? It was a mother humping CHOCOLATE COKE talk about gag me right out of the fricken car. So...Gigantor goes into the sonic and says. Ummm switch this please. And they tried to tell him we ordered a chocolate coke. Okay, people, don't piss the giant off. lmaoooo
Then I swear every single semi and truck hauling a trailer decided that we needed to be in a wreck. I just thank God that the thing that gives us anti lock brakes is broken. Some times you need to lock those babies up. And yesterday was the fricken day. I have a suburban, and it could survive a lot. But I think the semi would win in a 75 mph collision. Then it took us almost 3 1/2 hours to get home because every fricken emergency vehicle in the state it seemed, was going on some sort of call. So every 5 miles or so, we are pulling over to the right and slowing down. FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO GET HOME HERE??? HAVE AN EMERGENCY AT A DIFFERENT TIME!!!! Sheesh the nerve of some people. We did not get home till 10 fricken o clock!!!! And at 10:05 I realized the kiddo had homework. So I had to get my very not a morning person butt up at 6 this morning. And wake the grumper than me about getting up in the mornings kiddo up. And we had to do homework. And it's so fricken warm here today, I feel like I'm burning. Although that could be the fever. The cold the kiddo had has caught me. hehehehe I got the door open and all the ceiling fans on, and at night I just wonder around the house in just my bra cuz I'm to hot.

OooOoO I gotta tell you all this. We stop at this little trading post, store, kinda place named Cameron. It's like almost half way between here and Flagstaff. We stop there to go potty of course. Well the kiddo found the softest (about the size of a beanie baby) stuffed horse. A blue one, cuz all good horses should be blue don't you know. And he asked if he could get it. So...we spend the 3 bucks and let him have it. He goes----"i'm gonna name him clippity clop" And little old clippty clop has this tag that says squeeze my middle. Well I'm squeezing away and nothing is happening. So...kiddo squeezes and says "oh mommy it's back here by his ass" Yes my innocent little boy said ass. So after we finish laughing and trying to scold as we are laughing. (not possible folks, if you crack that smile then it's impossible to scold them) Well the little thing you squeeze makes it do this little twinkling ( I said twinkling not tinkling) noise, that sounds like a magic spell cast on cartoons. So...kiddo's thing was to walk into the dentist and announce to every one there that "CLIPPITY CLOP HAS MAGIC FARTS!!!" Then he proceeds to show everyone clippity clops butt and press the button. Yes, yes, yes. I'm used to all the looks people can give me about my special child. hehehehee Keeps life interesting. I don't care if we are the subject of their gazes and whispers behind their hands. Better us than some other poor schmo.

Tomorrow is Friday!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

So that was our boring trip yesterday.
Lets see if blogger will let me post this.

Oh and Aza, stop holding your breath, your heads gonna pop off hun.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Buster and Stuff

This is how my pointer Buster eats a bone. He has to have his hind end ready to spring. Cuz goodness knows he has to have a quick get away if anyone comes near him. It's sorta cute until he is in this position for over 10 or 15 minutes while eating on the bone. You know that just has to hurt. And you see his legs all shaking, and he can barely walk afterwords. All I can say is DORK DOG!! Posted by Hello
Well that is my dork dog. Or at least one of them. hehehehe
The kiddo started doing a little better today, so I sent him to school. We are supposed to go to Flagstaff tomorrow for him to go to the dentist. I hope he is feeling alot better today.. It's so hard to get in to see this dentist. But he's amazing with the kids.

I was over at Alekx's blog (at nitrogen narcosis--over there on my side bar) and she was talking about how cool it is to read about these little goodies people are getting from "secret pals" She mentioned that we should all do something like that. And she even volunteered *gasp--alekx--volunteer???* to set it up. So...if anybody is interested please click on her link on my side bar and leave a comment, or better yet her her e-mail me button and send her an e-mail about it. I think it would be tons of fun. hehehehee

Okay as you all can tell... I have nothing of interest to talk about today. Past few days my brain has been sucked right out of my head. (not that there was much to suck out) Who knows maybe I can come up with something, witty, or snarky, or just down right laugh your pants off funny soon. hehehee But don't hold your breath people, you might pass out.

Happy Tuesday, may be all enjoy a hump on our way to hump day. hehehehehe

Monday, March 07, 2005

My Poor baby

my poor poor baby, just look at what his daddy did to him over the weekend. Apparently Gigantor and the kiddo wanted to go out and do some paint balling. The kiddo had never been before, so Gigantor was taking shots at him to show him how much it DIDN'T hurt. My poor poor little man, who is also staying home today because he is sooooo....sick. Fever, cough, stuffy nose. Okay hope this helps start your Monday off well. hehehehe Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Peeeeeeeee ewwwwwwwww!!!!

Okay this link my son and hubby just love. Only the boys. I'm sure Kittens boys will get a huge kick out of this. If your brave enough click here.

Happy Saturday!!! hehehehehe (it's an evil hehehee folks)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Check this out

I have found the ugliest, gaudiest, scariest slippers ever!!!!

If you disagree don't yell at me, it's my blog. hehehehee


Ugggghhhhh I'm sick. Sick sick sick!! Sick sick sickedie sick sick sick!! Did I mention I was sick?? Gawd, I'm catching a cold or a sinus infection or something, but I feel like I got run over. You know like that road kill bunny on the road that has been run over so many times that the only way you know it was a bunny is the little tuft of hair left. That would be what I feel like. And to top it off. I feel myself starting to slip into some depression. I was doing so well with all of this stuff concerning mom, but the other day it just got to be to much. I mean the fact of losing my mom, now looking like we are going to lose everything she worked her life for. Also having a meeting at the school, because for the past three years nobody can tell you why your son is behind in reading and writing. And finally after three years they decide he is probably dyslexic (which you have been begging them to test for since he first fell behind) Also Gigantor has been the biggest BITCH lately. He must think it's yell at me month, and I'm about to beat his shit up!!! And now getting sick. I just wanna play ostrich and go stick my head under the covers and not come out till it's all over.
Okay since I'm doing such a woe is me post. I am gonna stop and leave you with a funny that my daddy sent me.

1. You wake up face down on the pavement
2. You call suicide prevention and they put you on hold.
3. You put your bra on backwards and it fits better.
4. You see a 60 minute news team waiting in your office.
5. Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles.
6. Your son tells you he wished Anita Bryant would mind her own business.
7. You want to put on the clothes you wore home from the party last night--and there aren't any.
8. You turn on the news and they are showing emergency routes out of the city.
9. Your twin sister forgets your birthday
10. You wake up to discover your waterbed broke and then realize you don't have a waterbed.
11. Your horn goes off accidently and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hells Angels on the freeway.
12. Your spouse wakes up feeling amorous and you have a headache
13. You walk to work and then find out your dress was stuck in the back of your pantyhose.

Okay there we go, now everyone have a good Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tim's answers

Okay here are the rules for this thing. I'll offer to interview the next 3 (or so) people to respond to this post that will follow these rules.
1. Leave me (Burfica) a comment saying "interview me"
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions here, they will be different from the one's below.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in your post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them 5 questions.

My questions and answers from Tim

1. How exactly is Burfica pronounced? Okay well Bur is like brrrr it's cold and fica is ( f--ick--uh) Burfica!!
2. You and all your loved one's crash on a deserted island. There is plenty of food and everything you'd ever need. It's basically paradise. Except no t.v., internet, or any kind of electricity. You have a functioning cell phone, do you call for help, or spend some time living in paradise? Explain your answer. I would call a close friend and tell her to only send someone once in a while to make sure we are all okay. And I would ask her to find the legal rights of the island so I could make a claim and make that bad boy mine. hehehee And to explain. I have no problem what so ever living in the boonies or away from civilization. Except I would like to be checked on in case somebody needs medical assistance. But once that island was mine, I would set up a home on one side a resort on the other, get rich and have my own staff, so I would never need anyone to check on me again. ehehehehehe
3. You just lived one day as kiddo. What does mommy need to do better?? She needs to stop being such a cranky butt in the mornings. She needs to obviously find gastric humor more amusing. And she seriously needs to stop doing all the paperwork she is always doing and play with me more when I ask her to. People, I dote on my only child (my miracle) but I am guilty of doing alot of paperwork stuff and saying. "maybe later bud" more often than I should.
4. God appears to you in a vision. He tells you he doesn't exist. Is he lying?? No...he is testing my faith. Or it is Satan making an appearance as God to turn you away from him.
5. What childhood memory would you say has the most profound effect on the development of your character as an adult?? I would have to say it was my parents very ugly divorce. Both were to blame, but my mother never made it a secret how much she hated dad (and all men) and how much of a loser he was, and how bitter and angry she was. It took me till I was 15 before I knew my dad, and he is one of the three most important men in my life. I love him so very much. How that effected my character was, that I had to make a conscious decision in life not to repeat that. Not to be bitter, or hateful or angry, when that is what I grew up around. And a huge decision to make my marriage work, no matter the obstacles that come along.

Okay Tim there you go. A little long winded but the answers. hehehehee
Happy hump day everyone (teee heee heee I said hump)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Have you ever......

Woke up in a good mood, but everything everyone did made you yell? Then your day got worse, and you are just so dam cranky you are even pissing yourself off??
That would be me today.

Let me just say first that blogger is pissing me the hell off. I can't post on anybodies blog, and I can't even get some of them open. my new blogger friend Russell, sure go ahead and link me. I've been trying all morning to get over to your blog, but dam blogger is constipated again.

So...anyhow I woke up in a pretty good mood, even though I was way tired, so as I was getting dressed, I sorta dozed off for a few minutes sitting up. hehehehe So..I holler at the kiddo and ask him if he can get himself something to eat. Usually he gets cereal. But, NOoOoOOOOOOooooOo his auntie Alekx got him addicted to toasted bagels with peanut butter. He wants them morning noon and night. He knows how to use the toaster and make his own toast, so I told him to make his bagel. As he's toasting, I was getting dressed. Now folks, most people to toast a bagel and spread peanut butter, takes what, maybe a minute?? For an 8 year old, say 5 minutes. My lovely boy took 25, yes I said 25 fricken minutes to put peanut butter on his toasted bagel. I'm scrambling to get my shoes on so we aren't late, and I start the yelling. "Hurry Up!!!! What Took So Dam Long??" He's singing a little tune, sitting down in front of cartoons and slowly munching. He would take a bite, chew, swallow, then just sit and watch t.v. unless you told him to take another bite. Even turning the t.v. off made no change, he still stared at it between bites. So...this is what I was sounding like. "eat son" "Hurry Up" "COME ON SON EAT" "HURRY UP I SAID" "EAT DAMMIT STOP STARING AT THAT DAM T.V. IT'S OFF!!!!!!!!" Finally he finished eating, and I just then realized he didn't have his shoes on. (we usually leave the house at about 7:35 to get up to the school in enough time for 3 to 5 minutes before the first bell) It's now 7:35, and I yell "GET YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS ON AND HURRY UP ABOUT IT" He puts one sock on, then takes a break. I'm yelling at him more. He loosens the laces of his shoe, then gets up and goes to his bedroom. Me---"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GET YOUR SHOES ON" He was just looking around. uuugggghhhhh after breaks between putting each sock on, loosening each shoes laces and putting shoes on, then break before tying them. It took 10 fricken minutes to get his shoes on. By this time my hair is standing straight up and I'm starting to pull it out by the roots. I yell at him that he is gonna have to get a tardy slip now, and he goes "stop yelling at me, when you yell I go slower" OMG!!! So instead of the popping his little head off and mounting it on the wall, I start yelling at the dogs. I guess the dogs had the same "not listen to mom" disease the boy woke up with. (I put them outside when we are gone, because one has separation anxiety and chews everything you own into tiny bits, one knocks over every trash can and rummages through it, and the other pees on the floor) apparently none of them wanted to get up and go outside. This has only been the routine for the past 10 mother bunny humping years!!! So we proceed to yell at them and chase them around the house to get them outside. We get in the suburban and head for school at 7:51 gggggrrrrrrrr After speeding and running a couple yellow/red lights that I should have stopped at. (you know the one's that turn yellow when your half a block away but you accelerate anyway) hehehehe I get him there right after the first bell, and he has about a minute left to run in and get sat down before the tardy bell. whew!! I come home and decide to toast me a bagel. And of course my bagel breaks in half, so I'm having to unplug the toaster, I try dumping it upside down, but the bagel half won't come out. I try springing it up with the leaver, but no. So...yes I am digging in my dam toaster with the knife. Thank god I unplugged it. So I get my peanut butter on, and drop the dam thing face down on the floor. double grrrrrrrrrr Clean that up and think I will sit down and read and respond to blogs, and gosh dangit blogger won't fricken let me!!!!!! maybe I should go back to bed and try to start the day over again. hehehehehe

On a silly note. Last night after Gigantors shower, I thought I saw a fuzzy on the front of his upper arm, and I grabbed and yanked to toss it down. hehehhee Ooops it was a little tuft of armpit hair. I think I made my poor giant pee his pants. hehehehe

Okay I'll leave you all with that visual, I need to go pee. Happy Tuesday everyone.