Friday, September 29, 2006

Cherry Cream YuMmMmMMMm

Well the coffee pot is still broke, and I haven't got to the store to get another one. But...I did find the bags so I could have some of my tea.

Busy busy today. Getting ready for a bbq tomorrow. I was gonna have two friends over, and somehow it has exploded. Now there are at least 10 adults and 4 kids coming. hehehehe I need to get busy, do all the prep work.

Wanted to share a recipe I found and tried last night,and it ROCKED!!!!!

Cherry Cream Pie

1 graham cracker pie crust

1 block of cream cheese softened at room temperature
1 cup of powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 can of cherry pie filling
1 tub of whip cream

Cream the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with an electric mixer. Spread into bottom of pie crust.
In small bowl, combine pie filling and whip cream, mix until creamy and smooth. Spread on top of cream cheese mixture.

That's it, and it is soooooo good.

I don't have anything else for today, to darn busy.

Have a good Friday and weekend all!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


THE FLIPPING COFFEE MAKER BROKE TODAY, IT WON'T MAKE ANY COFFEE, OR HEAT UP OR ANYTHING!!!! I think that is gonna be how my day goes...and that's bad enough to make someone go back to bed for the day.


update---I went to make hot tea instead, can't find the bag thingies to hold the tea leaves. I then decided maybe hot cocoa would be the better bet. Seeing as we have this giant can, and if any of you remember I'm the hot cocoa horder. They family found the can, must have replaced it to my hiding spot, cuz the son of a bitch is empty. I have no warm drink unless I want to microwave my water. grrrrrrrrr

To top it off the bread is moldy, no toast, no sandwich. MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Holy Fishing Trophy's Batman

I have mentioned before that back in Feb. Kiddo caught some pretty big bass for out here. We put him in a fishing contest. Sent in his picture with the fish, and the weight of the fish and what he used to catch them. Since Feb he was in first place for the 16 years and younger category. The contest was to end August 31st. First place for all those months, then some slimey little 12 year old entered his fish on August 27th. hehehehe What a bummer.

But it was okay, because top three placers got prizes. I knew he was going to get a prize.

They had the ceremony on a place on the lake that was either an 8 hour drive away, or one long bumpy small plane ride away, and they could only take Kiddo on the plane.

1. Kiddo has never been on a plane, and is afraid of heights.
2. I don't know the people going from Adam
3. Ain't no fucking way people I don't know are taking my kid on a plane without me or Gigantor.

So....the park service guy came over last night to bring his prize. He got a Mitchell rod and a top of the line Mitchell spinning reel. It was from Bass Pro Shop, and nothing there is cheap.

He also got a nice, heavy, glass trophy. It says 2006 Lake Powell Fishing Contest, has a bass engraved on it, then the weight of his fish, 2nd place and his name. We didn't expect the trophy. I mean the prize was amazing but to get the trophy was like WOW!!

So it was a nice evening.

Can I just say MY KID ROCKS!!!!!!!!! lmaoooooooo

Okay Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Like Pie in your Face

I was gonna post a whole week of fart questions that have been on my mind, but maybe a little later. Was just gonna fill you all in on the weekend.

We held that yard sale up at my mom's. We had so much stuff. We got rid of way over half of it. Make a couple hundred bucks. Which thank god we did, cuz kiddo broke his tooth, and Gigantors u-joint on his truck went out. We had to buy them this weekend no matter what. ugggghhhh

We had a good time doing it, even if it was a little chilly. And I'm one bargaining fool. I want rid of my stuff, so if someone comes up and offers me a buck for something I have priced at 2 or 2.50 I'll take it. Cuz I don't want to keep my stuff any longer. hehehehe

We then cleaned up and went to the bank, to drop off some avon, and took kiddo and big J up to the fall festival. The fall festival is put on by the helping hands school (the school for special needs children and adults) Everything that goes on there is for the kids and the school. So...they have a silent auction of their artwork, which I always bid on stuff, and the food booths, and few game booths. Amazingly enough the boys didn't want to do the game booths, they are rather young games, like bean bag toss and ring toss. I think the boys are growing up a little. But.....

They had this booth were they had some top city guys, newspaper editor, teachers, pastors, radio guy...All came and put their head through the hole and you could throw pies at them. 5 bucks for a pie. (the pie was chocolate pudding and whip cream) My friends paid 15 bucks for the special needs kids to go get my husband and get him to put his head in the hole. So...Gigantor will do anything, and I mean anything for children, elderly, and special needs. He put his head through the hole for about a good half hour as he got pelted over and over again with pies. His entire head was covered, and in his ears, down his neck all over the front and back of his shirt.

After he got his head out, Kiddo and Big J were giving him crap, so he went up and hugged them and got them all covered. I had to send them all home to get showered and new clothes. They came back up and we all had a little something to eat. 37 fricken dollars for soda's and burgers. ahhhhhh But it was for charity.

Big J's parents took Kiddo for a while, and Gigantor and I ran about 5 more errands. Then we came home and I crashed on the couch. Gigantor went and got Kiddo and got the u-joints for his truck. Then he made and appearance at a bbq we were supposed to go too. I was so fricken tired though, and a little emotional from selling some of my mom's stuff. He said there were over 50 poeple at the bbq. I'm glad I didn't go. I was blah, and that was a big crowd I would have had to be polite and social in. Instead I slept for a couple hours on the couch.

Today we just cleaned up the house a bit and watched some tapes we recorded over the week. I also did some big avon orders.

Well...I'm gonna make it an early night.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Did you Ever??

Did you ever fart and it felt like razor blades coming out your butt????

I'm just askin.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Happened to my Week??

That's the million dollar question. I have no idea. hehehehe

Nothing else of interest happened on Monday but we did have our steaks.

Tuesday--Kiddo had an eye appointment after school (since we have ins now) Gigantor likes to go with us to that stuff. He had the afternoon off scheduled for 3 weeks. He was supposed to get off at 2, so we could run do some errands. (go to the church get tables for the yard sale, mails some packages, check Captain Daddy's heater) At 1:45 Gigantors boss told him he had to go on a run out of town. Apparently the guy who does the out of town runs, fucked up major bad. Apparently he refused to go back out of town and fix it. And...the other 4 people who ran said they didn't want to either. Gigantor being low man on the totem pole had to go. I was a little ticked. (not at Gigantor, wasn't his fault) So...we rescheduled eye appointment till next week.

Wednesday--They didn't have me drive any kids after the church thing this morning. Probably good, cuz my blood sugar took a plumet and I was sick. (slightly hypoglycemic) Gigantor surprised me, got off early, so we could run those other errands. Brought kiddo home and a molar he said was loose. Broke---son of a b****...... Thank god it's not hurting him and we have a dental appointment on the 2nd. We have to go out of town to a pediatric dentist. Captain Daddy had come over and visited most the day, so I didn't get shit done. And instead of doing dishes or anything, Gigantor and I both fell asleep on the couch. hehehehe

Thursday---It's just this morning, but not much has happened. Kiddo put on his new black pants, then sat under a blanket for a while. A blanket that the dogs lay on sometimes. I had to attack kiddo with the lint roller, used like 10 sheets, and he still looked like a big white puff ball. I have to print out some yard sale signs today, to go hang around town. Also we need to go pick up the tables. I hope it goes well. I have tons of toys and kitchen stuff. Maybe people will be thinking about christmas and get the toys.

Hope you all have had an exciting week.

Happy Thursday!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Manic Monday

I got that song stuck in my head. Just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday, that's my fun day, when I don't have to run day.

Okay enough of that. If the past two or three days are any indication of what's to come, then I won't be surprised if I get hit on the head with a falling meteor. hehehehe

Friday, Captain Daddy came down and visited and then took me to lunch. That was all well and good, but it just seemed like I was running the whole day and couldn't catch up.

Saturday, we delivered avon books, went to the post office and library, then went to get more stuff from mom's to go through. Of course we forgot the dam key, so we could only get stuff from the shed. Then we came home and went through all that stuff, and had some lunch. We grilled some burgers and watched Larry the Cable Guy--Health Inspector. That was funny.

Gigantor told me he needed more gas for the grill, so I told him not to forget to get it, cuz we were gonna grill steaks on Sunday.

Sunday Gigantor went up and basically unloaded mom's kitchen into some boxes, and came home with them. We had breakfast, then got busy going through all the stuff. Cleaning it up, pricing it, throwing away, or putting to one side for me and Alekx to go through. I have so much stuff for that dam yard sale and I don't have any tables. hehehe I need to get calling around. None of our friends have any, so I'm gonna have to call and see if I can borrow from the church.

Captain Daddy came to visit, and after he left, I couldn't get Gigantor's dumb butt off the playstation. He has a football game. Finally I blew a gasket that it was a school night and he better get them dam steaks grilled. So...he walks out, then comes in and goes, so what do you want for dinner? I'm like WTF?? He goes, I forgot to go get gas for the grill.

Well this ticked me off. Because Sundays have always been the one night out of the week, that we have a really nice family meal, and all sit down and enjoy ourselves. Instead he had to run to subway to get us stupid ass sandwiches. Needless to say he was in really big trouble.

I'll post more about today if anything else happens. But lets just say.. It's 8:30 in the morning, and I've almost been rundown or crashed into about 5 times. I wonder if people just can't see that huge ass suburban I drive. I mean crap people, stay on your own side of the dam road!!!!

Well...hope you all have a good Monday, I'm off to get some coffee.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rolling Tumbleweeds

Down my street. Huge as car tumbleweeds. hehehehe It rained pretty nice for about 5 hours yesterday. Then today the wind is blowing with a vengeance. 25 mph regular with 40mph gusts. It was even a little chilly when we went outside this morning. But that is how the weather does here. up in the 90's one day, then BOOM it's fall and won't get over 60 something. It comes in with a vengeance and leaves just as fast.

I've decided that strawberry milkshake poptarts are one of gods greatest creations. hehehehe

I didn't get the camo nails. We did the colors, but couldn't do the patterns right. So...I opted for something just as odd for me. We went elegant. I never do that, I'm always wacky. hehehe So my nails are alternating with deep dark brown like chestnut, that's metallic, so it sorta shines with green or red hues when you move your fingers. And the other color is a bronze/gold metallic. Then on all of them I have these cream and gold flowers. Everyone is shocked I went so classy. Gotta keep them on their toes.

I ended up on the phone to the pharmacy twice and ins company fighting about my prescriptions. We just got our ins, and the prescription's are 12 for generic, and 40 for brand name. When I called and got the prices of my meds, the pharmacy said that one was 58 fricken dollars. I said no that's wrong, run it through the ins. They go we did, that's what the ins says, and they refused to re run it. So...I had to call the ins and get prices on everything, then I called the pharmacy back and was literally yelling like a banshee at them. Yes they fixed it. hehehehee I'm such a bitch.

OMG I was on the computer chatting with my friend and playing a game of gin. I take the last swig of my diet coke with splenda. And I don't know what happened I inhaled or exhaled or something, and it shot up my nose, to go out my nose. So...I fought it back, cuz I didn't want it spraying out my nose all over the computer and my new keyboard. Well in fighting it back, I guess I sucked coke right into my sinuses. Can i just say OUCHIE OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!! My ear started burning and plugged till this morning, and I had massive pain in my sinuses for hours.

Yes, you call can say it .....DORK ASS!!!

Have a good Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hump Day

Today was the day I drove more little heathens to school. Actually I didn't have that bad of kids today. I had three little boys plus my kiddo. They just played a number game all the way there. They thought it was pretty cool that I was playing with them.

Captain Daddy bought a new camera, so he brought it over this morning to have me help him with it. Let me tell ya. I'm dumb to stuff like that. I like to look, push the button and be done. So...I sat and messed with it, and figured out how to put the card in and to take the picture. hehehehe He's gonna have Gigantor look at it, and maybe he can tell us some details. Cuz daddy is like me, just point and shoot. lol

I've been wanting some coffee past couple mornings. But we don't have any creamer. We don't have any bread either. lmaooooooo It was growing green fuzzies. And I don't have money to go get them till Friday. I've been making sandwiches on tortilla's lol

I'm getting my nails done tomorrow. I'm gonna see if she can do hunters camo. It's hunting season after all in a big hunting community. And it's a month to early for my ghosties and bats for halloween.

I am totally clueless today. I had all this big idea for a post and got over here and went deeerrrrr ummmmmm

So...I'm gonna go. Get the kid, read a book, dink around in pogo. hehehehehe

Happy Hump day bloggers!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Talkin Trash

As most of you know Gigantor got a new job this past June. He was in the navy, firefighting and welding, then when he came home he got a job at a steel yard here. 12 years he worked in the steel yard. Welding, working the saw, punch, blaster, grinders, painter, forklifts. You name it he did it. 12 long years, with every day, hot or cold, rain or blistering heat outside. 12 years, with crap ass ins, no retirement (unless you were mormon which the boss was, and all mormons got 2000 bucks cash each year), only 2 weeks vacation after 12 years.

He had been looking for a new job for a couple years. Finally we found one that we couldn't pass up. But it's so dang scary to change careers at this point in your life. Cuz what if it didn't work?? Not like he could go back to the old one. We are 35, and starting a new career is scary business.

Anyhow, he was out at the steel yard the other day, and some of the people still working there, were real snotty and going. "You still like your trashy job?? Bet your sorry you left here!!" har de har har har. This is my husbands response. And excuse the language, after all he was in the navy then at a steel yard. He says "Hell yeah I still like it mother fucker, this is the smartest thing I've ever done, and I'll laugh at your sorry ass each time I drive by here"

So thought we would look at the break down of the old and new job.

old--made 14.50 and hour plus over time, had to beg every year or two for a raise of 15 cents.
new--makes 14.50 an hour plus over time, guaranteed raise every year at review, at least .25 up to 1.00

old--worked rain or shine, outside in all weather
new--work rain or shine, inside heated or a/c'd truck

old--paid for your own work gloves, safety glasses, pens, pencils, tools, measuring tapes, and work boots.
new--they supply your gloves, glasses, pens, pencils, tools, measuring tapes and if you turn in a receipt, they pay you back for boots

old--you purchased your own work clothes, coats, hats, shirts, pants.
new--you purchase your pants, he's received 8 short sleeve work shirts, two vests, one reversible, insulated coat, and two hats

old--in 12 years only extra's he got was a lightweight jacket with emblem, a pocket knife (cheesey one) and a sweat shirt with company logo
new--in three months, he's gotten 4 t-shirts, that have snarky saying, and company logo, 2 very nice t-shirts with company logo, and one polo shirt with company logo, some shades, and multiple nice pens.

old--wanted him to go out of town for training on his own dime (he didn't do it)
new--paid his time, gas, food and for his CDL he had to go out of town for

0ld--no retirement plan
new--401K and they meet you 100% by 5 years

old--work 1 year get 1 week vacation, work 2 years get 2 weeks vacation, work 15 years, get 3 weeks
new--already have 5 days vacation, after jan get 2 weeks vacation, after 5 years get 3 weeks.

old--had medical ins, 2500 deductible, 45 dollar co pay, didn't cover non preferred providers
new--ins 250 deductible, 35 co pay, covers 90% preferred and 70% for non preferred providers

old--no dental, or eyeglass coverage
new--full dental and eye coverage

old--Got yelled at for eating on "his" time
new--they have a fridge, and the boss supplies, yes I said supplies, fresh fruit and veggies and energy bars, and gatorade for everyone.

old--Christmas party consisted of the employees only getting some little ceasars pizza and a handful of candy or nuts
new--Chirstmas party is for employee and spouses, and boss takes you out to one of the expensive restaurant/bars for 100plus dollar night.

old--if they got a bonus at christmas, it was like 1 or 2 percent of wages.
new--they get 50 safety bux every month for no accidents. There is a websight to buy stuff with your safety bux. You can get computers, tools, jewelry. For only 50 to 100 buxs you can get digital camera's or small t.v. dvd player for the car. All sorts of good stuff.

old--hated the boss, and didn't like alot of co workers
new--loves his boss, and gets along wonderfully with all the co workers

old--any kind of interaction especially fun was discouraged
new--has had our drive line zip tied, gigantor shrink wrapped the bosses truck, Other guy has placed co workers trash cans in their tree's. Just all joking and fun.

old--was all stressed out and unhappy, and started brining it home to me and the kid
new--is so happy and less stress, and the house is full of fun and laughter every day again.

oh and this last one is pretty cool
old--only got paid for what you worked no matter what
new--in winter when hours and work cut down, as long as you do your job even if it only takes 28 hours a week, you will get paid for a 40 hour week no matter what.

So...boys and girls. I wanna rub that in the faces of the idiots who keep giving him shit about moving to another job. hehehehehe

I know, another long boring one, but so what. lmao
Have a good Monday everyone.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Killer Monkey Butt

I was brutally attacked by my "monkey butt" pillow today. It leaped off the back of the couch and threw itself at me, tripping me to falling on the couch, where I then took a nap. hehehehe Only problem is, I feel asleep without a pillow behind my head, cuz it was tangled at my feet. And my head laid back on the couch, and I was doing that flip top head thing. And I got a major crick in my neck now.


Wednesdays are late start at the school. School doesn't start till 9:30. So in years past that meant an extra hour or two to sleep in. But this year kiddo and I are doing the childrens wed morning worship. One of the churches here (doesn't matter which one) started this. You take your kid in at 8, and they sing songs, have a story (from the bible) eat breakfast, and sing more songs, then go to school. They needed volunteers. So..I am the greeter, help with crowd control, work serving breakfast, and I drive anywhere from 3 to 7 heathens to school.

This morning the main lady sent my son off with his friends in another car, and said I didn't have to drive this morning. Then comes running out, one of her drivers left. I had the privilege of taking the "special" group. *insert groan here* I'm not to sure if I will be asked to drive again. I had two hyper active boys, that played war the entire time very loudly. One girl that was older than the rest that cried, and kept trying to open the door while we were moving, till I threatened to pull over and beat the snot out of her. (I know not good to do when it's not your own kid) a set of twin girls that sung the loudest songs they could. And one very special 5 year old pain in the I mean boy. He started out by yelling at me that I didn't know how to do his seat belt right, and I should not have any kids of my own, cuz they will die. I crushed down the urge to stick him under my tire and back up. He then started saying how much he didn't like me, cuz he wasn't allowed to have any sugar, and my seats in the suburban look like sugar. (they are tan leather?? whatever...) the stop light, I threw it into park, whipped around, put my finger in his face, and said if he didn't shut up I was gonna duct tape his mouth shut.

All in all, if I turned the radio up loud enough it was a pretty quiet ride after that.

Okay that was my Wed. How was your hump day???

p.s. got me some humping done early this morning hehehehee smirk

pps and no it was not by myself. lmao

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crazy Hummingbird

As alot of you know, I have this hummingbird family living in my tree. They are beautiful black chinned hummingbirds. I've been feeding this family for about 5 years now. I put the feeder outside my kitchen window, which is right across from the tree. You can see them dodge from it to the tree all the time. On some occasions if your outside or have the window open, you can hear them fighting with each other. They have a very distinct squawk. I don't know if I would call it a chirp. I have watched the babies grow up through each summer. They have been an amazing thrill to us. And make us feel at peace.

I had two very small one's come this year, and watched them grow bigger and have their own babies. In the summer we usually have to refill the feeder every week to every two weeks. Them little suckers drink alot of sugar water when they are busy. hehehehe

This past weekend it was so funny. Gigantor was starting dishes, and I was at the table doing bills. Both of which can see the window. When I look up, and the little girl hummingbird is tapping her beak on the window. Hovering, going tap tap tap tap. Very insistent. We thought she was tapping at a little suncatcher I had on the window. Then she came and did it again. So...I told Gigantor to switch their food. He says "they have food". But I made him bring it in, and we looked and the feeder was moldy. (the sun can do that) So...we go about cleaning the feeder. (we bring it in through the window) and he left the window open. Well...the third time the little girl tried to fly in the kitchen I made him close the window while we were scrubbing the mold out (what I wouldn't have given for a nipple brush right about then.) We get it clean and refill it, to the little girl going tap tap tap on the window. We hang it back outside, and three little guys came over and immediately started eating.

I've known of dogs and cats, to tell you when they are hungry. But that was a first for us. For the hummingbird to be so demanding. hehehehe

Just thought I would share that wonderful interaction with wildlife.

On side notes---Gigantor is now major sick, probably brochitus.

Kiddo is way way sad, his beloved Crocodile Hunter went to his maker today.

Rest in Peace Steve Irwin, may your heaven be filled with all the animals you love. I pray strength for Terry, and Bindy and baby Bob.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stupid Friday

I was all sorts of pissed off yesterday. I woke up, completely convinced it was Friday. I was so happy that there would be a three day weekend, and maybe I could sleep in and get some rest from this stupid sinus infection. (I haven't been sleeping but a couple hours a night, stupid cough).

Anyhow...I was convinced it was Friday, and I convinced kiddo it was Friday and that after school, he then had three wonderful days off.

I come home from dropping him off at school, and I start gathering some stuff that I had to do one Friday, before the weekend. I call Gigantor and yell at him about where his fricken check is (cuz he gets it on Thursday night) and that he better not forget the dam thing tonight, we need it for the weekend. He said, "ummm okay" real confused like.

I made some other phone calls, then I realized. OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG DAMMIT It's fricken THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say I was ticked off all day after that.

Side notes------Blueberry pop tarts right after eggs with lots of pepper, not a good combination.
-------kiddo walking out talking to you with mouth full of spaghetti then sneezing, will result in little pieces of pasta spraying out his nose.
-------I got the two other books that were after that wonderful one I read THE DAY MY BUTT WENT PSYCHO. Now I have to read ZOMBIE BUTTS FROM URANUS and BUTT WARS THE FINAL CONFLICT.

Have a good weekend everyone. And yes, I'm pretty sure today is Friday. hehehe