Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ground hog Needs Glasses

Okay what exactly just happened. Here I was happy, giving Canadian Flake and Miranda a hard time about all the cold weather they had. While I was sitting pretty here in Arizona with close to 80 degree weather. Well....the wind blew a good 50mph plus yesterday. Then all of a sudden in the evening it stopped. About an hour later it started snowing!!!! It snowed till about 9 this morning. We have fricken 4 inches of snow on the ground. That flippen groundhog needs glasses, and mother nature can be one vindictive bitch. hehehehehe

On a side note, we had Captain daddy over for dinner last night. We were experimenting with a dish. It came out soooooooooooooo good. So...I thought I would give ya the recipe.


12 corn tortilla's cut into strips (approximate)
3 cups cooked chicken
1 cup diced onion
1 cup frozen corn thawed
1 can diced green chilies
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup salsa
1 1/2 cups cheese
(whatever seasoning you want)

In bowl combine chicken, onion, corn, chilies, sour cream, salsa, and cheese.

Spray 9X13 baking dish, lay out tortilla strips. Spoon one half of chicken mixture. Put another layer of tortilla strips. Spoon rest of chicken mixture. Cover and cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Uncover....sprinkle more cheese on top and cook an additional 15 minutes.

Let me just tell ya it was awesome. And you can add whatever you want. Black beans, some peppers, whatever.

Well...I'm off to get more coffee and curse the snow. Have a good humpity hump day today!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Do Giants Bounce?

The answer to that would be NoOoOOOoo they don't bounce. They fall really hard.

Let me explain. Gigantor drives his 4 wheeler to work every day. It does save us a ton on gas. Seeing as his is about 3 miles away. To get there without having to fight all the traffic, he cuts across the desert. He has a pretty nice path cut out for himself. Goes behind a bunch of businesses in what we call "the industrial park" And pulls up to the back of his work.

He said he learned an important lesson today. That the trail you use, may not always stay the same. I guess he was just tearing it up through the desert on the way home. That 4 wheeler is one of the big one's It's a 650. It can go 65mph really easy. I don't think he was going that fast. So far the safety gear he wears is boots, a jacket, gloves and his helmet.

I guess there is this hill he comes up over at a break neck speed. Then it has this nice curve at the base of it, well almost base. Which he banks on and throws sand all over the place and feels very manly doing it. hehehe (insert Tim Allen grunt here) On this particular day, the curve wasn't really there, it was more of a washed out drop off. he came up over the hill and started to bank for the curve, it was a sheer wall/drop.

Gigantor said, that the 4 wheeler went up the wall, and flew off, careening till it crashed. Good thing was that at the same time Gigantor flew off the 4 wheeler, soaring through the air like superman, but in the opposite direction of the 4 wheeler. As he landed he sorta tucked into a curved position. When he did that, he landed on a Ginormous Yucca plant, and his arms and legs wrapped around it and ripped that sucker right out of the ground. I gianormous yucca plant has nothing on a Gigantor Giant!!

He came home to tell me about his lovely little crash. As he is standing in the hallway telling me about it, he is picking yucca splinters out of his giant's butt. Hell he even dropped his drawers and started picking plant out of his jeans and buttocks. hehehehe.

On a serious note he did get a bit bruised and some splinters. But we are so very lucky he was going through the desert cuz we have very very deep sand here, breaks your fall rather nice. And he is soooooooo lucky that the 4 wheeler didn't fall on him. I've heard of so many accidents of people getting maimed even killed from their 4 wheeler falling on them.

Have a Good Tuesday everyone....may it be yucca plant free.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snotty Noses

I've been stuck with a horrible cold. Stayed in bed all day Friday. I haven't gone to the doctor because it's getting better with cold medicine, and I'm real runny and sneezie not alot a doc can do about that.

Yesterday we worked our asses off at my mom's old property (which is now mine) We worked on the yard real hard. 4 dumpster loads, and one truck load of stuff just out of the yard. Probably have a few more dumpster loads before we even do the rest of the inside. We are hoping with some good news we got on the cost to move our place that we can be up there by sometime this summer. We are so excited.

Last night we went over to the parent in laws for dinner. Gigantor's sister had come up for a visit. Some times we go over at scheduled time and dinner is only about half hour to an hour late. Other times we go over, supposed to eat at 6, and don't end up even eating till 9 or later. Last night was one of those times. It's those times, that I really hate my inlaws, and my husband for not giving me the keys so I can go home. Plus I didn't feel good, so I was a grump. I just sat in my corner and stayed there. LOL

I've got alot more I can vent about, but not gonna, just gonna go take it out on Gigantor instead. hehehehe Have a good Sunday all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old Drivers

Any of you who live in or have lived in a small town have probably experienced the "one" old driver that everyone has to look out for. And they all drive those old huge cars that drive like tanks.

We had a guy that drove a green old Mercury. This man was maybe 5 foot 2 and he wore one shoe that had a 5 inch wood platform. He had crooked legs. Now not only would you say, "uht oh here he comes" But people in the town would literally, flip a u-turn and run, or go down a different street to avoid this man. The police tried to work with him. He had no family or friends or church that would help him out by taking him places. The police told him that he could drive as long as during school it was in the middle of the day (less traffic) and during the summer it was early morning (less tourists). I kid you not this man would get into at least one accident a week. He never obeyed the stop lights or stop signs. He wouldn't even drive down the correct side of the road. It could be just you and him on the 4 lane main street, and he would cross all the lanes to drive dirrectly at you. Once he passed it seemed like the driving community made a selective sigh of relief.

Then appeared the crazy old lady. She drove a very old, very big white Chrysler. She would park in the front space at the grocery store, and if that space was taken up, she would park on the sidewalk. When she made her way into the store, with her little walker. She would take two to three steps, then stop for 30 to 40 seconds. It would take this poor woman a good 10 minutes to get into the store. You would think we would all feel rather sorry for her. Ummmmm NOoOOoo. She seemed to be the equivalent of little old green car man. Except the added thing about this lady is she Never Ever used her brakes. She jumped the curb at the post office and slammed into the building. Set her brake, got out checked her mail, and drove off as if nothing happened. She jumped the curb and drove into about 5 glass fronted businesses. Set her brake and got out, and would yell at the owner of the businesses, saying they didn't mark their parking spaces better. She would pull up to a parking space that had someone parked in front of her, and she would slam into them. Not just bump into them and seem shocked and back up. She would slam into them and push their car quiet a ways. Now this little old lady, had family in town. And taking her license away from her didn't work, she still drove. Impounding her car didn't work she would take her daughters out when she wasn't watching. The police finally had to threaten everyone with arrest. At which point little old lady threatened to sue the police and city. Quite a fiasco for a small town.

That little old lady is gone. But I seen the most bizarre thing today, and I just might be more afraid than I was of the other two. As I was coming home from taking Kiddo to school. I seen one of those street racing cars. Like from Fast and Furious movie. (That became a huge craze here after that movie, not the racing but owning the dang cars) Anyhow, behind the wheel of this car was a very short, very old woman. Who could barely see above the wheel. I pray to god that she was just driving a kid/grandkids car, and not seriously going to go "cruisin"

You all had any "regular" "crazy" "Old" drivers in your small town??

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yesterday was a holiday, so I guess today has to be my Monday. I didn't want to get up, then I put my shirt on backwards.

On the way to taking kiddo to school I tried washing the windows in the Suburban only to have them streak worse than when they were dirty, so I could barley see.

I get home to a call from kiddo that I need to call the school. Already? It's only 8:03? What the heck? grrrrrrrrrr

I put my oatmeal in the microwave for the 2 minutes that it says too, and the flippin thing explodes everywhere before the one minute mark. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT TWO MINUTES IF IT'S GONNA EXPLODE????????

And to top it off, I spilled hot coffee all over my hand and wrist, when I tried to pour me a cup. Apparently Gigantor didn't click the lid back into place so it flew off and coffee screamed out.

I think I'm gonna find a corner and not move today. hehehehe

Wish me luck.

Happy Monday oh crap I mean Tuesday all.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What a Day

Man what a Saturday. We were so busy today. Gigantor got up at 6:30 cuz he felt horrible and he got dressed to go to the doctor as soon as they opened. I woke up and called Captain Daddy, who was all sorts of pissy because he hadn't slept in about 30 hours and his ear was plugged (his ear gets compacted with wax, but he will not go to the doctor and get it cleaned out and he can't do it at home) I gave Captain daddy some suggestions on cleaning it, and asked if he wanted help and he was cranky in saying no.

We then took Kiddo to a birthday party, then went and delivered avon and books. Did some grocery shopping, picked up kiddo, and went to the inlaws. Came home, and one of Kiddo's friends came over. Called Captain Daddy, who was mad I hadn't called two hours earlier. Asked him about going to the movie, got told that he really wanted to see it but he didn't want to go if his ear was plugged. Again asked if he wanted help, was told no.

Went to see Ghost Rider. OMGGGGGGG I loved this movie it was soooo good. I hope they make another. hehehehehe

Went by Captain Daddies to give him some stuff to help with his ears and to offer help again. Very crankily said he didn't want it this time. So...I'm done trying, and if he's cranky later, I'm gonna yell at him.

Delivered some more Avon, and took Kiddo's friend home. Came home and D came over to watch a movie. Made some dinner and watched a movie.

10:00 pm realized we were out of dry dog food, had to run to the store and get some. ugggghhhh

That was my Saturday, now I wanna fall into bed and sleep.

On a side note, when we came out of Ghost Rider, everyone was all exciting saying what vehicle/animal they wanted if they were a ghost rider. We had motorcycles, 4 wheelers, horses, dragons, until mine elicited the most laughter because I said I wanted to have a Flaming Care Bear!!! Upon which Gigantor says, well aren't all care bears flaming?? hehehehehe

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sometimes sticky sweet isn't good.

I opened my cabinet to get my peanut butter out this morning. And everything in the cabinet was stuck. Apparently Gigantor thought it would be a good idea to turn the honey bottle upside down so it could drain to the tip. A honey bottle that already had this loose fitting pop on lid, not a tight fitting screw on lid. So...everything in the cabinet is stuck down in a nice layer of honey.

Did I clean it?? Hell noooo I left it for his dumb butt to clean up. Yup that's the type wife I am, that's how I roll.

In the mail box yesterday was a package that Alekx and House Elf had sent us. OMGGGGGGG They made this dvd of our mom's memorial. Set it to the most appropriate songs. It pans in and out on the pictures, it even scrolls, so you feel more like it's a movie than looking at pictures. It's absolutely amazing!!!!!! And yes I cried. hehehe But those two are amazing in how they made this. Words can't even describe how good it is, or how it made me feel.

On a side note, I have a wacky friend up in Canada (actually alot of wacky friends in Canada*snickers at Miranda*) Anywhoo, she has been coming buy and enjoying reading blogs. She has finally decided to jump in and venture into blog land. Could you all go see her and give her a shout out please. Cuz she's one big Canadian Flake

Have a good Thursday all!!!

P.S. When you are eating peanut butter toast with thick peanut butter, and it's all stuck to the top of your mouth, and you take a big slurp of coffee to help dislodge it. DON'T Open your mouth and work your tongue like a dog does with peanut butter on the roof of their mouths. Cuz if you do...that dam hot, sticky, peanut buttery, crumbie coffee dribbles out all over your chin and shirt. And you look oh so smart and sexy when that happens.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Valentines Day!!!!

Even if you don't believe in it, it's still a good time to give those you love and care about a little extra lovin. And it's a good excuse for sex. hehehehehehe

We were flat broke this year. Payday isn't till Friday. hehehhee We had gotten kiddo a little bear and the movie Open Season. But we decided our present would be to go see a very romantic movie this weekend----Ghost Rider. hehehehe


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hill Billy Butt

So far this week can kiss my white, hairy, american hillbilly butt!!! LOL I've not had the greatest start to the week.

Found out Monday morning that Gigantor's grandma died over the weekend. Well...sad yes, but come on the woman was 96 and in very bad shape. Found out mid Monday morning that a good friend of the family...big friend to my mom, around her age died over the weekend. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE, STOP CROAKING!!!

My old man dog (Bassett hound that will be 12 in May) all of a sudden couldn't walk. Now this is Buck, I got him when he was 4 1/2, he had been severely neglected the first 4 years of his life. I was told by the vet that Bassetts live to be 8 to 10 years old, and with how bad his treatment was it would be a gift to get 8 years out of him. My old man will be 12 in May. So...yeah he's lived a lot longer than we expected.

Anywhooooo when he was 8 he developed arthritis in his front shoulder, but we put him on a joint formula and this dog has done wonderful!! Yesterday, he couldn't walk, couldn't put any weight on his paw. Just flopped down and stayed where ever he landed. We rushed him into the vet. The vet says it's his arthritis, that has gotten much much worse, and his cup that holds the ball to his joint is jagged and disintegrating. And a piece of it probably came off and is floating between the ball and cup, and causing excruciating pain. He gave him a heavy duty pain shot, and some massive heavy duty pain pills for a week. If they work, we will put him on a pain pill regimen for the rest of his life. (cuz pain pills do destroy the kidneys) If it doesn't work, we can try one more shot. If that doesn't work, there is nothing to do. Short of extensive x-rays and surgery. Now I love my dog, but come on. He's 12....I can't see spending up to 1000 dollars that maybe give him a few more months, and he die of old age anyway. I always said as long as I could keep him out of pain and suffering I would, but once he starts, that's it, I'll do what I have to.

Anywhooo...after finding out about two deaths, then about how we are starting the last journey with our old man. Monday just sucked major dirty, unwipped ass!!!!!

On a side note, this goes out to all you celebrities out there.
WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE DO SOME STUPID BONEHEADED THING, SO THAT THEY WILL GET THE DRUG ADDICT SLUT ANNA NICHOLE SLIT ER I MEAN SMITH OFF MY DAM T.V.??? I swear I think I caught an std, and got a contact high just watching this dam on going coverage. SHUT THE FUCK UP MEDIA!!!!!!!!!

Okay that's my rant. Have a good Tuesday all!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm alive, Kiddo's alive, I can hardly believe it!!! What a rough few days!!! Fevers, stuffy noses, coughing attacks, headaches, so much medicine there was lots of puking from to much.

Anywhooo today looked wonderful, and then kiddo got a bad bad earache. I thought "oh crap" But after a bunch of ibuprophen it finally went away. I think he will be good to go for school tomorrow.

Him and Gigantor have class tomorrow night. They are taking Hunter Safety class again this year. Last year Kiddo took it but couldn't graduate, he wasn't old enough. But he did pass. They are taking it again this year, cuz Gigantor said he would take Kiddo on his elk hunt this fall. whoooohoooo

Couple little side notes here now.

Mom that's nuts....Alekx said her blog did the same thing, you have to go do the e-mail verification, and then it should pull the blog up under the new blogger.

Also...for any of you who remember my sister Alekx, she is back to blogging after taking a year off. Any of you who haven't had the pleasure to meet her are missing out. Go check out Alekx at Nitrogen Narcosis

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Oh and for those of you up north and on the east coast, we have had lovely weather, Almost in the 70's and not below 40 at night. neiner neiner neiner. hehehehehe

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poor Kid

First of all as you see. Alekx, my sister, got my blog sorta back. I just have her links now. So...please be patient as I try to find all your links and get back to reading you. If you could be so kind as to leave a message so I could click on your name and follow you that way, so I can re add everyone.

My poor kid. He woke up crying and begging to get a shot or something, his throat hurt so bad. He was trying to check it with a mirror and flashlight, but the poor thing didn't know what he was looking for. Well...I felt worse too, so I took us both to the doctor. Everyone thought he had strep, but I did not. I didn't see any redness or puss pockets in his throat when I looked.

Come to find out, he had a fever, achey all over, sore throat but after a swab it proved to not be strep. He has a highly contagious viral flu. uggghhhhh I told you we needed hazmat suits. They sent him home with no medicine, cuz nothing for the flu. Told to give him some dayquil for his stuffyness and cough, and to give him ibuprophen or tylenol for his fever. If he isn't better by Saturday, I need to take him back. The flu up here kills people. So...if he's no better, he has to get a barrage of tests including chest x-rays and the like.

I on the other hand have a sinus infection. I am to keep taking the dayquil and to take the antibiotic he gave me. ugggghhhh

I'm gonna try to read as many blogs as I can find. Have a good, germ free Thursday all!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The house of Germs

Man this must be the house of germs. I can't figure out what is going around. Poor kiddo has been sick twice since Christmas. He's needed heavy duty antibiotics both times. Now he his down with it again. I gave him some medicine and was gonna throw him out at school, and he started throwing up. Gonna dope him up good today and see if I can kick it out of him.

Gigantor has also been sick twice since Christmas, seems to get it a few days after Kiddo. I'm just waiting to see if he does again.

Now I have had problems with coughing, throat and sinuses for three days. Been doping the hell out of myself trying to kick it out and avoid going to the doctor. What the hell????

I'm gonna go make us all bathe in a vat of antibacterial goo, and hose down the house with lysol and clorox. Then I'm gonna put everyone in hazmat suits. Wish me luck. hehehehe


I have no idea what happened to my blog. I was adding some people to my links and it did this. ahhhhhhhh If anyone knows how to help me out and fix it please???? I lost all my links and everything. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, February 05, 2007

bbq's, colts, and ads...oh my

Well....I didn't scare the crap out of myself anymore. But was rather busy.

Friday a did a bunch of cleaning and shopping for Gigantor's birthday bbq on Saturday. I cooked up some good grub, and we had a good time. One down point, my father was being a major ass. And since the world obviously revolves around him, and he can't be put out to do anything. He expected Gigantor to go to his house and do something, and both me and Gigantor forgot. So...instead of calling or still going about his day. He got all pissy and waited around his house all day. Then instead of coming to the bbq. He was a major ass to both of us and went shopping instead. Then he was still someone of a major ass hole on Sunday. I swear if he's gonna keep that shit up, he's gonna be one lonely man. Because I will not a repeat of the guilt shit, and thinking they are the center of the earth that my mom used to do. That man will find himself on his own completely.

Okay end of that rant. Other than that a very nice bbq, and Gigantor got what he wanted and then some.

We watched the Superbowl. YAYYYYYY COLTS!!!!!!! Now I don't say that because I'm a big football fan, or because I'm a big colts fan. I watch maybe two games a year including the superbowl. But hey, I'm a girl, I pick teams I like the way girls do. If it's an animal I'll always cheer for it. If it's two animals I pick the cuter one. hehehehehee

I usually love the super bowl for the ads. I was highly dissapointed this year. Most of them sucked eggs. And isn't if funny that Pepsi didn't do one single add this year? I found it odd. Here are my three favorites.
1. The dog that got splashed with mud and pretended to be the budweiser dalmatian.
2. The taco bell commercial with the lions.
3. The bud light commercial of the guy picking up the hitch hikers.

But again, no pepsi commercial and no clydsdale commercial...I was let down.

Okay I'm off to eat stale birthday cake, and read what all you lovelies have been up to. Happy Monday all!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Holy Racing Hearts Batman

I just succeeded in scaring the shit cookies out of myself. I'm sitting here in the cold. (The heater has been running for over 3 hours straight and the thermometer says it's still only 60 in here) Anywhooo, sitting here eating my nutritious breakfast of fat free popcorn. And I see smoke out of the corner of my eye.

Now picture my chubby but jumping up, heart racing, sure that my fricken house is on fire, and I gotta get all the dam pets and my big butt out!!! As I jump out of the computer chair so fast it flings across the room slamming into the bookcase, and I scream something that rhymes with "OH TRUCK"!!! It is then that I see, and remember......I lit a stupid flippin incense stick this morning. The trail/poofs of smoke were coming from the stupid thing.

So...after I went and changed my pants, calmed the birds down, (their cage is on the bookcase the chair slammed into) and had the dogs eat all the popcorn that was thrown all over the living room. I went and lit another stick just to keep the good times rollin.

Well....other than that, hell including that, it's a pretty normal day at the Dork central house today. hehehhee

Have a good Thursday all!!!

Update: Blogger made me switch to the new version, it wouldn't let me access anyone elses blogs until I did. grrrrrrrrrrr blogger.