Friday, March 30, 2007


I found this over on Aza's blog, thought I would give it a try.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday, month and day only. (mine is August 8th)

List three events that occurred that day. I'm actually gonna do a few more, cuz some where very interesting.
1585 - John Davis enters Cumberland Sound in quest for the Northwest Passage.
2. 1794 - Joseph Whidbey and George Vancouver lead an expedition to search for the Northwest Passage near Juneau, Alaska.
3. 1863 - American Civil War: Following his defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation to Confederate President Jefferson Davis (which is refused upon receipt).
4. 1876 - Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.
5. 1991 - John McCarthy, British Journalist held hostage in Lebanon for more than five years by Islamic Jihad, is released.

List 2 important Birthdays.
1919 - Dino De Laurentiis, Italian film producer
2. 1079 - Emperor Horikawa of Japan (d. 1107)

List one death
1991 - James Irwin, astronaut (b. 1930)

List a holiday or observance if any
China - Festival of Hungry Ghosts.

Thought that was fun, there was a ton of other interesting stuff. Jose Cruz the baseball player, same birthday. Some things I don't want associated with my birthday. Lots of Nixon stuff, and the starting of construction on a concentration camp. Those I can leave out. hehehe

If you want to do it feel free. Was fun. Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

UPDATE: We took him in and the vet looked at him and his gums were white!! Which means bleeding somewhere. Further examination revealed he had a HUGE tumor in his abdomen, and he was bleeding internally, his stomach was full of blood. He is definatly not suffering anymore, and in a better place.

Bucks not been eating well, thought it was the weather. Last night, refused to eat, which means no pain pills. Won't eat, won't drink, won't take pills. Can barely walk, muscles are quiting, won't respond to his name. This morning giving me the pleading eyes. We go in this afternoon to let him go. I'm sure my mom is waiting with open arms and he can run and romp now. We are all sad, even crying. He's 12, for a bassett, that's way past expectancy. Still doesn't make it any easier to let go.

Fly free with mom now Buck!!! We love you and will miss you!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Updates, and blogs you should be reading

Man what a busy week this week.

Monday--got my nails done, they are blue and pink with decals that make them look like easter eggs.

Tuesday--I had a good friend from out of town visit for a while. I took care of some crap for Captain Daddy. Picked Kiddo up cuz it was a half day, and we went to our parent teacher conference. Yes...yes...Kiddo is still getting all A's!!!! I'm so proud and excited for him.

Well I just wanted to mention some blogs that I read, and know and think more you should be reading. hehehehe So...hey...come on click on them, go read, leave a comment. Let people know they are not alone here in blog land. Of course there is always Dorko
I've known Dorko for a while now, since I was like, I dunno. 12 years old or so. She's a good person. Check her out.
Then...most of you lost her cuz she had to move, but there is Mom that's Nuts
She is as nutty as ever even if she had to leave her old blog sight, cuz of stupid blogger.

Here is a couple new one's, they are both friends I made in the past year, and both from Canada. But not only do they blog, but we all play in pogo together. Me, Alekx and them are all snark sisters on there I guess. hehhehee So go check out
Canadian Flake And check out Zippie Give them a nice friendly blogger hello, and give them snark and crap, they can take it. heheheh

Just wanted to update you all. We have a wedding this Saturday. Gigantors niece. And next week we have to go out of town one of the days, and get ready for Easter (guess inlaws are coming over) The week after we have appointments and meetings for special classes with Kiddo at school. I'm hoping the week after that it slows down around here. hehehehe.

Have a good hump day all!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mayonnaise Sandwich

Yup that's what I'm having for breakfast. Not really mayonnaise though. But miracle whip, between two pieces of bread. I know I know not a very good breakfast.

I didn't do good at all reading or keeping up with blogs last week. We were dinking around for spring break all week. Nothing exciting though.

We re arranged the Kiddo's bedroom over the weekend. It's much more open and clean looking now. Now he is just driving me nuts coming out all hours of the night, saying he isn't comfortable yet. Which after the 3rd or 4th time he's up, I end up yelling, that I'm not gonna change his room back in the middle of the night to to just deal with it and go to sleep.

Kiddo got up and got dressed for school at 2:00 a.m. this morning!!!! He was sure it was time to get up. So...then we gotta make sure he gets back in bed, then it takes him forever to fall back asleep. grrrrrrrrrrrr Makes for a grumpy day.

I have a nail appointment today (as long as she can make it in time). And the Kiddo and Gigantor have taekwondo today.

Tomorrow is a half day of school, and we have parent teacher conferences tomorrow. And a friend from out of town is supposed to come visit.

Thursday is a half day also. I'm sure there will be tons more to do during the week. Looks like we are going to have very busy hectic weeks till 2 weeks after Easter.

Okay I'm off to finish my sandwich and have some coffee. Happy Monday all!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OMG how much more boring can I be?? I have nothing. Spring break is happening, and nothing exciting. Took the kid to play at a friends.
Had lunch with Captain Daddy.
Still babying my back.
Another gerbil died.

Nothing, I really have nothing.

Although my dream about deadly snakes living under my house and coming out and striking at me all the time was rather disturbing. I woke up with my heart beating a million miles a minute.


Have a good rest of the week if I still have nothing.

Monday, March 19, 2007

300 ROCKED!!!!

On Friday we went to the 5 o clock movie and seen 300. Oh my goodness that movie so rocked!!! Like right after we saw it I was ready to see it again!! The boys, Kiddo and Big J, liked it so much, they talked about it the rest of the night and the next day!! I am definatly going to buy that movie when it come out on DVD.

In other news I pulled something in my back. My lower back hurts really really bad. And the flippin chiropractor is gone over spring break!!! The ass!!! So...I'm living off of ibuprophen and a hot pad. Last time I let it go, I ended up not walking and having to call him to my house. I'm praying it doesn't get that bad.

We worked our tails off all weekend. Gigantor took the boys out for a hike and shooting off rockets on Saturday morning. When he got home, we ate something and went outside. Started pulling weeds, and cleaning the yard and porch. Sweeping off about 3 inches worth of sand off the porch. Then we leveled out the whole yard. Stupid dogs dig huge foxholes in it. And I let the boys arrange all my ceramic yard animals and some big pots.

Yesterday, we did mountains of laundry, and swept the floors, and went back outside to work on some more weeds, and Gigantor cleaned up a bunch of old wood and hoses that we had behind the shed. He took put it all in his truck so he can dump it today. We also planted some seed balls that's supposed to make flowers for a butterfly garden and hummingbird garden. Then we scattered some grass seed. See if the dogs can leave it alone long enough to let it grow.

Well...I'm off to get the hotpad. Have a good Monday everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Holy Hemorrhaging Eyes Batman

Took Captain Daddy to the eye doctor today. He hasn't been in over 6 years. grrrrrrrrr

Now Captain Daddy is diabetic with high blood pressure, and when he moved up here. He had been going to this major quack where he lived. When he got up here I got him with a good doctor that actually put him in insulin. He's been struggling with blood sugar up in the 300's for at least 3 or 4 years. His blood sugar is now in normal range and he feels much better.

So...we go into the eye doctor, because he lets me know a couple months ago, that he can't see hardly at all even with his glasses.

The eye doctor does many exams, some extensive. What he found is Captain Daddy's pressure is way up in his left eye, like around 30. He also did a field vision test and it looks like Captain Daddy has the starts of glaucoma. He is having him back in two weeks to do a much more extensive test so we can find out for sure, and get the drops that stop the progression of it. When he checked his eyes a second time after dilating them, he said that they were hemorrhaging. ahhhhhhhh LOL

I'm really glad that Captain Daddy moved up here now. I seem to have forced him to get most his health issues worked out with a decent doctor, and now we are getting his eyes worked out, so that he won't go blind real soon like he would without keeping on top of it.

On a side note, we already turned the cooler on. HOT HOT HOT. hehehehee

Hope you all had a good start to the week.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Long Weekend

What a very long weekend it was. I'm almost glad it's the week again. Friday the kids were out of school. Some personal day for the teachers. In the morning I had Kiddo's friend K over, for a couple hours. Then we had lunch, and Big J came over. We then left and went to the early movie---Bridge to Tarabithia. It wasn't what I expected, but it was still very good. You expect lots of fantasy from the previews, but it really doesn't have that much. But still a very good family film.

Saturday we worked up at the other lot again, then got cleaned up and went to the ADA dinner (American Deer Association) Now this association is a non profit thing. They work on donations. Basicly they work on the donations of this one night. All sorts of business men show up to this dinner, they have donated things or services. There are tons of raffles, and silent auctions and even live auctions. We were enjoying ourselves, real good food, (prime rib, green beans, baked potoato, roll, salad, and cake) But these auctions were insane. Local small town business men, that can go drink, use any money spent as a tax write off, and who are showing off in front of their fellow business men.

They had a couple cheesecakes up for auction. Granted the lady if famous around town for making them. But these things went at 175 bucks for one. Not a chance in hell people. The other live auction things were prints, paintings, a couple sculptures, and a set of house plans from my uncle (he's an architect) Some of these prints that you could probably buy for 50 bucks on the internet. Went for 750 or more. It was totally insane.

All we bought was some raffle tickets, that was it. hehehehe

Sunday we didn't do to much. Did mountains of laundry and dishes, and straightened up the house. But we watched a couple movies. Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrel. My husband said it was good, I actually fell asleep about 15 minutes into it, and woke up about 10 minutes from the end, and that was good for me. Then we watched Rent. I have always loved musicals, but to me, this one was only so so.

Now that I have completely put you to sleep, my work is done, and I'm gonna go eat a brownie. hehehe Have a good Monday all, may it be as warm and beautiful as mine. hehehehe

Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun With Names

I found this one Julie's blog at Vivid Intellect. Thought I would try it.

YOUR REAL NAME: Burfica (you all know I don't give out my name online)

YOUR GANGSTA NAME (1st 4 letters + izzle): Burizzle

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME (fave color + fave animal): Green Horse

SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name + childhood street): Ann Turquoise

YOUR STAR WARS NAME (last 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name + first 3 letters of mom's maiden name): Halstcup

YOUR SUPER HERO NAME (2nd fave color + fave drink): Blue Iced Tea

YOUR IRAQI NAME (2nd letter of your first name + 3rd letter of your last name + any letter of your middle name + 2nd letter of your mom's maiden name + 3rd letter of your dad's middle name + 1st letter of a siblings first name + last letter of your mom's middle name): Tlaulme

YOUR GOTH NAME (black + name of one of your pets): Black Dribbles

YOUR AMERICAN IDOL NAME (fave car + fave seafood): Viper Shrimp

NAME OF YOUR DREAM BAND (name of computer + printer): since my comp is made by my brother in law, I guess it's either Home Made Epson or we could do Mut Epson.

MOVIE STAR NAME (siblings middle name + mother in laws maiden name): Elaine Straub

YOUR ALTER EGO NAME (name of one of your childhood pets + popular brand of clothes when you were young): Droopy Jordache

YOUR LAWYER NAME (fave actors last name + fave hard liquor): Dooby Doo Malibu

YOUR HIP HOPE NAME (fave candy + fave fruit): Toffee Fay Pomegranite

That was fun. Feel free to do it if you like. I would love to see some of your answers.

Have a good Friday all!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Humpity Hump Day

I haven't posted in a few days, cuz not much to say. Been pretty boring.

Paid bills, grilled steaks, delivered avon, coughed into next week, watched a couple netflix movies. Not much.

Tonight we went to Kiddo's Hunter Safety graduation. He got a special gift for having 100% attendance and being top scores on field day and his final exam. He got a gun club membership for a year. Gives us access to the gun range and discounts at the bait/tackle/gun/ammo store. hehehehe

Gigantor got signed up so he could become an instructor next year.

Tomorrow, not much on the agenda but to make some pasghetti. Then the kid is out of school on Friday. They said the teachers are taking a "Personal day" Whatever. hehehehe

I think I'm gonna take the family to the movie Friday evening. To go see Bridge to Tarabithia.

Okay well it's like midnight and I feel like collapsing. So...happy humping all.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stop Spinning I Wanna Get Off!!

Boy what a busy ass weekend. As you might remember I said that Gigantor would be gone on Saturday, so I had to take kiddo on field day. is a little recap of yesterday and today.

3 people up at 5 in the morning
1 husband left (loaded 4 wheeler cuz guys wanted to go play after the meeting)
1 Captain daddy showed up blurry eyed
1 kiddo, 1 mom, 1 Captain Daddy out to field day.
7:45 time we got to gun range
22 mother bunny humping degree's out
1 mom with no heavy winter coat
10 numb toes
45 minutes standing in line till they let you sign up for the field walk
2 in laws showed up
1 call from Gigantor at break in meeting
9:00 when demonstrations started
10:15 Kiddo's field walk started
243 the rifle kiddo carried on field walk
1 1/2 miles...length of field walk
1 hour for walk to be done
5 arrows shot to qualify on archery range
20 shots with the .22 on rifle range
38 degrees still at noon, and wind is blowing
1 Kiddo shooting 243 at bear target...missed Shooting 50 caliber black powder rifle at deer target...GOT THE GONG
1 mom forgot to wear hat, because it was so cold
1 sunburned face
3 giant blisters on face
1 phone call from Gigantor saying they left other town, after 6 that night
1 nap taken
2 tired people
1 Gigantor getting home with most of pants missing
1 angry mom finding out Gigantor did his superman impersonation again, ripping brand new camo pants.


3 stores gone too
40 avon books delivered
10 phone calls made
4 packages made up to mail
1 freezer defrosted
1 Kiddo's hair cut (pictures tomorrow)
1 gazillion checks made out to pay bills
15 bags of groceries sitting on kitchen floor waiting for the freezer to be plugged back in
4 incense sticks burnt (warm day + stinky dogs = disgusting house)
1 squeaky clean kiddo
3 T-bones grilled
2 tired feet, and sore face
1 sleepy mom.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ejection Seats

Soooo....after Gigantors little flight through the desert. He goes into the Kawasaki store yesterday, and slams his helmet on the counter. (the owners are good people we get along with well) And he demands in his giant voice I WANT A REFUND!!!!

Kawasaki Owner-- A refund, for what?
K.O.--Oh my gosh, why, what's wrong with it.

Owner proceeds to fall out of his chair laughing his butt off. Tells Gigantor that all 4 wheelers come standard with that feature, even his. hehehe

Gigantor has to go to a mandatory driving course, for work, out of town on Saturday. He will be gone all day. Saturday if field day for the kiddo's hunter safety course. I just thought I had to take Kiddo, and some lunch out. (captain daddy is coming along) But I find out (purely by accidently over hearing a conversation) That Kiddo is supposed to dress a certain way, and take his gun. I swear to god, I wish that man would have hit his head in the superman imitation. Maybe it would have knocked some sense into him.

On a side note, we watched a couple movies tonight. The Invincible Iron Man---it was cute, good one for the Kiddo. And The Protector with Tony Jaa--That was a pretty good move. 1. yummaliscious guy in it. 2. Lots of action. 3. Very skilled, kick ass martial arts 4. And not to bad of a story line.

Okay I'm going to go cough on someone. Have a good Friday all!!