Monday, June 13, 2005

Holy Evil Emu's Batman

We went to a wildlife park yesterday. Called Fossil Rim. You can get a bag of food and drive through this park, and the animals come up to your car and eat from you. You are supposed to drop the food on the ground, and they eat it. But some do stick their heads in the car, and some will try to take it from your hands. This was sooooo Amazing for me and kiddo, we truly LOVE animals (cuz they taste really good) no seriously, we do love them. So....we start out and Alekx is driving, and she stops at some ostrich's. They come running up and were eating the food kiddo dropped, well then they seemed a little to interested. Now I've been pecked by a chicken, and a duck and it fricken hurts. There is not a chance I wanted me or the kiddo pecked by the jackhammer size beak of an ostrich. So Alekx finally drives on, cuz this ostrich was sizing up the kiddo to see if his head would take one or two pecks to fully devour. hehehhee Alekx drives us by some Emu's. They are just shorter versions of the ostrich but with sharper claws, and sharper points on their beaks. This one Emu (he was satan people) came up with his red eyes, and kept getting his head in next to me, and looking like he wanted to peck the shit out of me. I'm yelling at kiddo to get to the other side of the car, cuz he had one in his window too, and I'm trying to yell at Alekx to drive, but she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. A pack of wild, rabid, demonic emu's trying to peck her sister and nephew to death. (shhhh don't tell, but I think Alekx is a minion of the underworld people) (she's out to do satan emu's will)

We saw and fed so many things. We saw Axis Deer, European Red Deer, Fallow Deer (so pretty), Silka deer, and Wildabeast. We saw, Waterbuck, Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, and Blesbok. We fed Addax, Arabian Oryx, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Aoudad, and Guanaco. The Blackbuck are so beautiful, the males are black with white all around their eyes, really cool. We saw Cranes and Turkeys, and Black Rhino's and Cheetah's. We drove by the Giraffe's and they all wanted to stay in the shade, one was eating, one laying down, and three standing in a line. We sat and got lots of pictures of them, and the herd of zebra's behind them. We thought they were all too hot, and done for the day, when out of the blue one of the zebra's ran right for our car. Then the whole herd came. They just swarmed around the car, sticking their heads in every window. Kiddo was throwing handfuls of food out, and they were nuzzling and letting us pet them. OMG it was the best of the best. Horses are probalby my favoritest animal in the whole wide world. (used to own horses) and to have the most magical of all horses, nuzzling you and letting you pet it was just amazing. It was so cool. I can't even describe what it meant. I'm still flying high from all of that.

As we were leaving Alekx stopped and tried calling over more ostrich's and emu's so they could eat me. I'm telling you people she's a minion, minion I say to the evil giant flightless birds.

Of course the gift shop was over priced, but what the hell it's only money right?? LOL And all kiddo's need stuff from the gift shop. hehehehe

That was our long, tiring, amazingly gratifying day yesterday.

OOoOOo the house elf's brother took us out to eat at a bbq joint called Red, Hot and Blue. It was pretty good. Service could have been better, but the food rocked. LOL

This morning got up early and went to water aerobics. This insane pool here has no stairs, just this steep as can be ramp to get in and out of the pool with. The in part wasn't to bad, but the out part, I could only pull with one arm (can't pull with left, against doc's orders, and elbow still to week) and I was taking baby steps from my ankle. All in all it was good, got my heart rate up, and didn't over do it on the sore joints or limbs. Can't wait till I'm healed and can hit it hard and heavy. LOL

Okay off to make me and kiddo some lunch.

Hugggssss to you all, have a great week.


Kitten said...

The people down the road have Emus. They call them "ornamental birds". And they are MEAN. SO your are right...beware!

Glad your feeling up to water must ne on the mend. Is gigantor calling you to come home yet????

I dont think I could be away from Ern that know


Alekx said...

The emu's told me to do it. I'm not a minion, it's just those damn bird voices in my head. I had no choice they control my every movement.

Cyen said... have been one busy lady..I thought my days were sometimes crazy..I so enjoy your blog and have Kerry to thank for letting me be here..ty to ya both..burifca..I promise not to eat the tomatoes..those green ones are good though..keep it real..shae.

Dorko said...

Opie says High!... er... Hi! and that he thinks BBQ'd EMU sounds real good.

I'm just happy you guys are mobile enough to be making good memories together! Especially liked the Zebra part. I know what that had to have been like for you Burfica.

Pryncess Kat said...

What an incredible experience! I wanna go! But, they have to take away the hot heat...I don't do hot heat...sugar melts in the heat! Now, if they can aircondition the park...I'll be a pettin' Zebras fool!

I'm thinking you may be right about your sis being a minion of evil emus. Only cuz I've been waiting for her to post something FOREVER....I don't do waiting well at all!

Ok, gotta go check your sis' blog for my daily disappointment.

papa said...

Wow ! That sounds like quite an adventure. (and they do taste good), Emus' especially ! They can be mean though. Not too long ago I was standing out in the open next to a buffalo, well about 15 feet away but there was nothing between us but air.
That was a little spooky.

Kerry said...

*hugs, hugs, hugs*

i love yeah!

MomThatsNuts said...

Emu schmEMU they taste just like chicken!! Throw em in the crock pot!! lol Glad you made water aerobics a priority,,,,you know you could just sleep there, have them bring your food and for Alexk, well I refuse to believe she is MINIONS, maybe the AXIS of evil,,,no wait, thats the Evil Troll King...


Miranda said...

Glad your having fun.

Way to go on the areobics. You go girl!!!! Your on your way.

Gama said...

Come again with those animal names my tonge got into a big knot lol!!!

Julie said...

Alekx had a great time at the drive through zoo, ha! that is so funny - my bro was once threw up on by a camel at a zoo, now that was funny!
I've been 'flogged by a rooster' and it hurts like hell, I can't imagine a bigger bird
glad you are doing so well and so active!

Azathoth said...

Alekx hears bird voices in her head. That may be the funniest thing I've heard in while.
Beware the evil Emu. They will show up at your house late at night. Those creaks you hear and try to tell yourself it's just the house settiling? Emu's. They are watching you. Be afraid.

~C~ said...

And here all this time I thought I had Satan living in a hamster castle in my living room! Sounds like you had an awesome day with sis & kiddo! Loved the zebra part, how very cool!

Pitch Black said...

Alekx? A minion of Satan? Well, that would explain why I've seen her lingering about every now and then when Satan invites me to his keggers.

Demon Emu sounds like a kickass name for a metal group. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever get around to forming one.

Pryncess Kat said...

Enough vacationing!! More posting!! I'm going into come the shakes.....

Kerry said...

catwoman here. when was the last time you saw batman? i wanna talk to him!!!

i miss you...*whines*

Phoenix5 said...

I'm BAAAAAaaaack! Muahahahahaaaaa!

Sorry.. things have been insane for me lately! Glad you had fun at the park! We have an animal parl like that one close to where we live. I won't drive my car through it as the baboons have been known to do some real damage! It is SOOO much fun to watch the baboons destroy someone else's car from the safety of the park bus! LMAO!

So sorry to hear about your fall! Glad to know you're mending fast!
I'll catch up further in IM soon!

Take care Burf! Get well soon!

Kitten said...

did u get the picture i sent you?????