Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long Time

I haven't posted in a long time. I appoligize for that. Been a busy and icky week. Kid called me from school on monday he was in so much pain.

Took him to the doctor, he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.

Lots of calls back and forth with dad's insurance and my insurance on a medical thing.

Friday, woke up coughing, Gigantor sick as a dog. Gigantor caught what kiddo had, and he refuses to go to the doctor, he might go tomorrow when he has to work a 10 hour day feeling like crap. hehehehehe

I am a bit snuffly, but I got that dam dry cough again. The one I had for 5 weeks straight last summer. I think I'm fighting it off, or at least I'm hoping.

But I'm very wary, cuz I have never not gotten sick when everyone else in the house is. I'm expecting to get it. And end up at the doctors again. ugggghhhh

Well...I'm gonna go, took some meds early and they are kicking in, so I want to go try to get some sleep.

Hope you all have a good monday.


Hammer said...

Damn spring and summer colds really suck.

Get well soon.

~Just me again~ said...

Hate those too. Though if it would quit frikkin snowing over here, we'd probably all be healthy.

Christine said...

My little monster just missed a week of school due to a rumptured ear drum. That was real fun.

I hope everyone gets over all this crud soon.

Libby said...

burfy--christine said a rumptured ear drum! LOL!! does that mean it's on her ass??...oh hell, i'm sorry everybody!
burfica, take care of yourself, and i hate that damn cough!! maybe you need those tessalon perles again?

Jules said...

OMG, I guess that explains why you haven't been around lately!! Feel better, Family!!!!!

Muhd Imran said...

Tough when everyone in the family is sick, especially the kids.

Hope all will be well soon and happy goings-on will return to the household again. Take care and plenty of rests.

Biddie said...

I hope that you are feeling better. I haven't posted much either.
That was a very sweet letter that you wrote for your Hubby :)

cookie monster said...

At leaqst you don't have Swine Flu.... do you???

~SugarBear~ said...

Hope you're feeling better!

CrystalChick said...

Hope you and your family are feeling better now. I have to go catch up on FB too!!

Have a good week. Thinking of you. :)