Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Busy and More Busy

Oh man what a busy 3 days, well 5 days for me. I am so sore today, so very very sore, and hurting.

I'm used to going out and about a day or maybe two a week. I went out and did lots of physical things for the past 5 days. Now I'm hurting. lol

Few things that happened in last 5 days. 2 doctor stuff for trailer for dad....getting his trailer re set up back on the pad....going to three stores....getting avon in....class for the boys....going to the movie....paying the house.....Kiddo's friend spending a night.....Big ass easter dinner on Sunday. I'm so tired, and sore.

We had a great easter, I hope you all did.

We watched some movies this weekend again. Went to Race to Witch Mountain. Oh my gosh it was soooooooo good!!!!!

We then watched a movie from netflix. Babylon A.D. With Vin Diesel. It was okay but not what we were expecting.

Then Kiddo got three movies for Easter. He got Tales of Desperoux (spelling) The Day the Earth Stood Still and Bedtime Stories. We watched Bedtime Stories last night. That was a very very good movie!!!!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a great Monday, and I'll be checking in soon.


Hammer said...

Sounds like a pretty good Holiday.

I hope insurance is going to pay for the trailer repair.

m.j. said...

that picture is too funny! Sounds like you had a busy but great Easter weekend!

Special K said...

That wore me out just reading it! Hee! I hope you get some recoop time now! I liked Bedtime Stories too! :)

Biddie said...

I think that I will check out Witch Mountain on line. I loved the original when I was a kid.
I have Desperaux and Bedtime Stories here, and I haven't seen either one. Instead, on Easter, we watched Bolt again. Lol. I just love that crazy dog and the pigeons!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Oh I want to see that movie too. I loved the original one.

Sounds like a very busy weekend.

Libby said...

burfica--wow! you do sound like it's been crazy! but it's been good, hasn't it? as long as the wind isnt blowing anymore, it's all good...

Burfica said...

Hammer--thanks, and yeah I do too

m.j.--that picture was cute

K--I might need a week to recoup.

Biddie--I love the hamster on that one.

Miranda--I loved the first two, and this one was really good too.

Libby--bite your tongue or it may come back. hahahahhaa

Muhd Imran said...

Sounds you and family had a very busy, but wonderful Easter!

More fun days ahead!