Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Shit Don't Faint!!!

Yes it really is me. I know you can't believe it. heheheh

I said I was going to take last summer off. Well things got away from me. I really did have to concentrate about me. I'm still having to do that a bit. But I think things are getting better.

Quick, and short run down.

Last summer, went to three funerals, got tired of people dying.
Went to our 20 year class reunion. I was always an outcast/nerd in school. I sat at the table with all the rest from that "click" and guess who had the rowdiest and funnest table around? Everyone laughing and having a good time. Yup it was our table. Pissed off the "popular" group that still hasn't let go of high school. I loved every minute of it.

I did water aerobics all dam summer last year. Worked my butt off, didn't lose a dam pound. Didn't even seem to tone up. It was so depressing, I could barely stand it.

Our suburban broke down, got it running again, but no a/c, and it was jerking all over the place. We poured over 500 bucks into the dam thing. This spring a guy from work got it to quit jerking, but we still have no a/c. In Arizona, IN THE SUMMER!!!! I try not to go anywhere till the sun goes down.

In Sept, we signed up with a debt settlement group. We were and still are just drowning. Hopefully in another year I can actually pay groceries and pay bills.

My sister if you remember her, she came out for Thanksgiving. It was kinda bittersweet. First holiday she spent with us since mom died. And then in January her divorce was final, and she moved into a house of her own. I'm not gonna say much more, not my place, hers if she comes back.

I struggled all through the winter with my health. I continued to see the doc every month. In March and April we started getting info from the insurance so I could move forward with lap band or gastric bypass (need lots of other stuff first) But....

In Feb, Gigantor's knee started hurting him way worse than it ever had. We put my surgery on hold, because he is the mobile one, the one working and taking care of this family. We started concentrating on his knee.

Just this morning my giant hubby went in for surgery. He is home and doing much better. He had a very HUGE tear in his meniscus. They sent home pictures of it, and ick. Poor baby.

My son graduated from 8th grade in May. Yup he is going to be in highschool this August. He has been a big help with me and now with gigantor being all crippled up.

He actually got a job this summer. He was/is working at his uncles taxedermy shop. Some people think ick, but we all think it's pretty cool, and what a neat skill to learn. Maybe he can stuff Captain Daddy when it's his time. hahahaha (sorry family joke)

Okay, I'm going to go, see if anyone drops by. I will try to get back at this. I'm slowly reading on some of you and commenting. Seems I have a lot of blogs to erase, cuz people have disappeared.


Muhd Imran said...

Don't erase me! I just got back too after a month of hiatus from blogging.

Hope things will even better soon for you and your hubby.

Take care!

mandy said...

Welcome back! I'm still here, but I closed the main blog and I'm just starting a different one....stop on by some time, I'll be posting my first post later on today :)

Burfica said...

Oh my gosh it's so good to see you guys. I'll be checking in with people. It's been a long time, and I've missed it.

Crystal said...

Wow - when I saw this blog updated in my reader I almost forgot what blog it was! Glad you're still around! :)

Burfica said...

crystal--man it has been so long, and I feel so bad, but I needed the time. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Used*to*be*me said...

Dooooood. Welcome back! I thought it was spam in my feed! Glad to see ya!

Burfica said...

Utbm--I'm more a spaz than spam. hahahaha Gonna make a go at it again. Been happy to be back.

Jules said...

WOW, Baby Girl!!! Have you ever been through hell and back this year. I'l glad you're back, you've been terribly missed!! MWAH!!!!

~Just me again~ said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! Welcome back, man I have alot to catch up on. Im still here...just started again after a few months break....gonna go read the rest now!

Hope you're all doing better now, guess I'll find out eh? ;)