Friday, July 23, 2010

Boring Thursday

Can you believe that possition??? that is one of her favorite ways to sleep. Either on her back like that, or with her butt up on your leg, so her ass is in the air. Goofy ass dog.

Not much going on today. Gigantor and I stayed up way late/early last night, just talking. It was nice, but we didn't go to sleep till 3. Then we both got up before 8. Uggghhhh

He had my dad take him to the chiropractor to get his knee taped with the kenesio taping. it helps with the swelling.

We ate some lunch and I watched him sleep on the couch. Then we put in a dvd dad loaned us. It was a show on PBS called Carrier. It's about the lives on the air craft carrier the Nemits. It is 10 hour long shows. We got to number 3, and it was my turn to fall asleep on the couch.

I woke up with a start, to what I thought was my son screaming. OH FUCK!!!! And then my husband yelling. Well...come to find out he didn't scream that, what he screamed was OH BUG and my husband was yelling because. Kiddo was doing the dishes, up to his elbows in dish water, and this giant beetle came screaming out of the water and up his arm. Kiddo screamed OH BUG and started flailing around the kitchen like a mad man, and soapy water went every bunny humping where.

It was pretty funny though.

Had kiddo help us make the stuff for taco's and had them for dinner. Then just been dinking on line here. I do need to go to bed, my head hurts and tummy is upset from being so tired.

Till tomorrow people!!! Have a great Friday!!!!


Biddie said...

LOL. That is pretty funny :) Puddles is super cute. I have 5 dogs (don't tell I am only allowed 3) so you know that I love puppies.

Burfica said...

Biddie--we have the three dogs, but we got a cat and some birds. Or I would probably have more too. We keep saying we are only gonna have two when our oldest one's pass on, but yeah we keep ending up with three or more. lol

Jules said...

every bunny humping where... Oh Burf, i missed you!!

Paints a very funny picture.. I'd have done exactly the same thing sa kiddo if a giant bug was crawling on me!

Special K said...

Hee! Animal sleep positions crack me up! Sookie has the best ones though I LMAO when I find a little tail and butt sticking out from under the covers (MILO). Glad to see you back! :)