Thursday, July 22, 2010

That's my Puddles

This is Puddles. She is a pure bred mini daschound. Her color is called Brindle Piebald. her brown has black striped in it for the brindle, and the white with spots is the piebald color.

Last summer I reconnected with a guy I used to go to school with. We were pretty good friends. He remembered Gigantor even. Him and his wife have a few mini weinies, and once in a while they let them breed, then sell the puppies. Just get a bit more money. He posted the baby pics up on facebook and I started teasing with him.
Me--If you ever have a runt you can't get rid of remember me.
Him--You would want a puppy??
Me--Who doesn't want puppies??
(Gigantor and I always said we would never have another puppy, we were beyond that, and would only adopt older dogs)
Him--Well which one is your favorite.
(well I picked a couple, one that looked alot like Puddles that was already sold, and then Puddles)
Him--do you think your husband can drive to Flagstaff to meet me and my wife.
Me--um sure.
That weekend, hubby and Captain daddy drove to Flagstaff.
my friend asked Gigantor for a penny, he gave it to him, he then passed over Puddles with her papers, and some puppy food. Then tried to give Hubby a 2nd puppy that we could sell so we could pay to get our suburban fixed. We refused cuz I knew I would fall in love and never sell the darn thing. hehehehe

That is how we got Puddles last September. She turned 1 in June.

We didn't realize we were missing something in our lives until we got her. She is something else. We named her Puddles cuz it looks like she ran through a mud puddle and splashed mud all over herself. Then we found out her love of water. She jumps in the tub at least 5 times a day to play. She puts both front feet in the dog drinking water to get a drink, and if she's hot, she does that then digs in the water, so it splashes all over the place. When kiddo was changing the dog water outside and made some mud with the hose and all, we found out her love for mud too. Those times her name becomes Muddles. hehehehe

Her and Foxy get along darn good and play even. But her best friend, oh my gosh. Skinny K's mom has a red/brown mini weinie dog named Cephus. he is 6 months older than her, and when I go over there I take the two babies (Puddles and Foxy) and when she comes over here she brings Cephus. Those two (Puddles and Cephus) just love each other, they are the best of friends.

Well I have probably bored you enough with my baby talk. hehehehe

I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!!


Crystal said...

What a cute puppy! (I thought maybe you named him Puddles before he was potty trained! Glad you clarified that!) :)

Coffeypot said...

Dogs will ALWAYS add something to your life. Great choice,too. Well worth a penny. :)

Burfica said...

Crystal--thank you she's adorable, and such a personality.

Coffey--Oh yeah I would be lost without my animals.

Jules said...

Really cute dog and I love your passion for your animals!

CrystalChick said...

Puddles is so adorable. Loved the story too. That's so cool.

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