Saturday, March 11, 2006

Movie review, and sickies.

Well, we went and saw Eight Below at the theater on Thursday night. What a great movie. Although it did make me cry three times. And with me being in this emotional flux. I didn't handle that to well. And the movie, or the depression I felt from the movie haunted me most the day Friday.

I went and got my nails done Friday, they ROCK!!! I did two colors, light green and bright green and both of them have really bright green glitter in them. I alternated the colors, so light green on my thumb,bright green on the first finger, etc....then did the opposite for the other hand. Then we found shamrock decals, and put dark green outlined in light green on the bright green nails. And light green outlined in dark green on the light green nails. It was so simple, yet they ROCK I tell ya.

Picked Kiddo up from school on Friday, and he wasn't feeling to well. Coughing and snuffling. By last night he was running a pretty good sized fever. Doped him up, and said we would take him to the doctor this morning. Got up, and his temp was 95.9. And he wasn't snuffly, but had a small cough. Decided to just give him some meds and leave it alone.

We went ahead and all went to see The Shaggy Dog. OMG what a good funny, and good movie!!! Did I say it was good??? hehehehe

Got out of the movie and Kiddo wasn't feeling to well again. He isn't running a fever, but his cough is much worse, and he's all stuffy again. Gave him more meds, and trying to make him rest. Gonna dope him up again at night. He's got codeine cough syrup.

OMG and what the hell is going on with the weather. It's been in it's 70's here for about 3 weeks. Then out of the blue this winter storm blew in. News was saying it was the worst one they had seen in years. Flagstaff was expected to get 3 to 4 feet of snow in one night. And up here, where it hardly ever snows. It snowed all night last night, we woke up to 3 inches on the ground and it snowed most the day today. Never got out of it's 30's. The sky cleared up for a few hours, melted all the snow off. Now it's all cloudy and very very cold again. Bet it snows again tonight.

Well...that's all I've got for now. Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!


Alekx said...

my poor baby all sniffly and coughy
I just want to hug him and rock him but he seems to be to big a boy for that any more. Pout

IT SNOWED and you didn't tell me
well hrumph

Miranda said...

Awww....poor lil guy.

Snow? smirks...*coughs* I mean terrible for you. lol j/k.

BlueEyes said...

Hi there I just stop by to say hello... Nice page btw :-)
Check my blog when you get a chance.

MomThatsNuts said...

snow sucks. OK well that was fodder for Alekx and you to live on for a said SUCKS....heheheheeh


Azathoth said...

Nails sound pretty. Hope Kiddo gets better soon. My Babushka is sick and has graciously passed it on to me. Ug.