Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Coherent Thought

I just have randomness again. hehehehe

The boys did excellent on their hunter safety course. Kiddo was actually a year to young, so he only gets a certificate of completion instead of a diploma. I really thought he wasn't gonna pass this year. But that was okay. hehehe But after Saturdays field day. I knew kiddo has found his niche. He took the hike and was very safe with his fire arm. He then went and shot a 243, a 50 cal black powder rifle. And then shot at clays with a 12 gauge, and 20 gauge and a 410. He shot two out of 3 clays with the 410. He's still a little small for the 12 and 20 gauge. He then went and shot a bow for the very first time, and was less than 1/2 inch from the bullseye with his first shot. Then they had there written test last night. Kiddo got an 88% whooooohoooooo Gigantor got 100%. I'm so proud *insert huge teethy mom grin here*

Okay here is where I sound heartless. My dog is pissing me the hell off. I'm so irritated with him. I know he is way way old, and on his last legs. But dammit, stop stinking, stop licking, stop limping, stop acting weird, and just chill the flip out. I know he can't, but had to get that out. Poor baby, having urinary problems a little, and no matter how much we wash or change his diet, he just stinks, and bad. I now need to clean my carpets, cuz the stink is in the house. And he licks his fricken foot like 24/7 I've had him checked at the vet multiple times. Nothing wrong with is foot, no other pain, that is manifesting with his licking, and nothing wrong with his tongue, he just licks. I constantly have a wet spot on the floor from his licking. I kick him out, when he keeps it up to much. Which isn't a bad thing. Cuz I think spring is here. We have been well up into our high 60's. Even wearing t-shirts with no coats now. And having to leave the door open a good part of the day.

This weekend we are going to have to trim the trees, at our place and at mom's. We also have to get mom's yard ready to put dad's travel trailer up on it. Looks like we have almost every thing else arranged for him moving up. We have time off, and a place to stay. I just need to find someone to run the sewer line for his little trailer.

Did you all know that if you choke on a hot tamale candy and it gets stuck in your sinus cavity, that it burns all fricken day??? ouch. hehehehe

Okay I've ran out of anything to say. I was gonna say anything of interest to say. But then I realized all I said probably wasn't interesting anyway. hehehehe

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!


Miranda said...

Awww...poor dog, mines getting old too, and omg her breath smells like ass.

THanks for the heads up on the tamali. lol....ow

Azathoth said...

Not a dog person, so my advice would probably not be welcome. Glad to hear the kiddo did good, bet he's as proud of himself as you are of him.

Rocky said...

Ouch on the hot tamale! That brings tears to my eyes thinking about that one.

Albert Clifford Slater said...

Breath smells like ass?? Funniest thing I've read today.

I know you mentioned this already, and this is old, but if your kid (exceptional as he is) is already doing well in hunter safety classes, would it have killed Cheney to enroll in one? Or would it have NOT nearly killed someone else?

Sandi said...

Sorry about the dog, and I can relate. I have an old cat and he refuses to use the litter box, if I don't let him out when he wants to go then I have a mess to deal with. Plus he pukes a lot!! Vet says there is not a problem with him though.
Didn't know about the tamali, but I did know that a peanut will eventually be sneezed out. :)

melodyann said...

Burf, I have an old dog who is driving me nuts too. He's jealous as all hell, won't let anyone near me. He's got about three teeth left, and he bites anyone who gets within a foot of me. He won't go outside unless I take him, he has cataracts and he can't fucking hear. If he can't find me in the house, he just sits and wails this monstrous horrible sound until I come get him.

But oh, Burf, he's my best friend and I can't bear to lose him....

Scott & Julia said...

I guess I'm still a naive Canadian city girl, because guns scare the shit out of me, even if they are just used for hunting. I'm in my 20s and I have never seen one .. and I don't ever have the desire to see one.

Alekx said...

damnit I made a snarky comment about hot tamales and it got lost and now I don't remember it

Casper has ass breath right now too
I think I need to get his teeth checked