Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dropping by

Just dropping by, to let you all know we are doing okay. Been so busy, haven't had alot of time to grieve yet. It's coming, I can feel it. :) I've been so very busy this past week. I'll give you all a little break down.

We are having mom's services on Saturday. Alekx and the house elf are flying in with her little box. hehehehe My mom lived in this town for about 30 years. So...everyone I meet that knew here, have asked to come to the services. I've said yes of course. Then all of my friends, and relatives. If everyone comes that says they are coming, we are going to have way over 100 people there. I'm thinking maybe half of who said they would come will be there.

My best friend Roo (we stayed at her house when my mom was flown out last year) came up last Friday, she brought a bunch of craft supplies I needed and helped me literally work my ass off getting everything ready. is a little break down of goings on since last week.

Fought with the 4 wheeler dealership about the bill, got that straightened out.
Fought with the furniture company about the bill, got that straitened out as well.
Suburban broke down--got it fixed---$116 bucks (ahhhhhhhhh)
Took kiddo to doctor today he's way sick (180 bucks worth of medications)
Now for the memorial planning.
Called relatives
Called pastor
Went to newspaper,and radio station
Searched 5 places in town for the guest/visitor book (nobody had one)
Searched 3 for a printer for the little paper obituaries (announcements I guess)
Got pictures to my uncle to scan, blow up and print
Bought material for a purple shirt for me, and purple ties for the guys. (everyone is wearing something purple)
Bought little purple flowers for pins for guests.
Bought poster boards for memory boards.
Went to seamstress
Man who said he could do the announcements wanted 200 bucks for black ink on copy paper, wasn't sure I had much of a choice.
Went to uncles to get pictures, whined about printer guy, stayed 2 hours looking at uncles computer, and him and I made the announcements. Saved to disk.
This was all on Wednesday, she passed on Tuesday.
Thursday, called a friend, set her up to calling people for the luncheon after the service. (need people to bring food)
Dropped obituary off at newspaper.
Went by furniture shop, bed frame broke (the new one)
Went and ordered the big thing of flowers for the front table ($75)
Friday I vegged till my friend got in at 6 in the evening. She drove all over looking for the visitors book, finally went by a funeral home, and picked up a wonderful one, that is by Thomas Kincaid, has a cross on a hill at sunset. Made me cry. Also made me cry when she said she felt mom's presence so strong in my house. I think she's hanging out with me, making sure we are all okay.
That night, went through two suit cases of pictures for the memory board. There were 4 of us going through them. Roo found the only three surviving pictures of my parents wedding. Made me cry again.
Saturday, did some grocery shopping, some cleaning, then worked on the poster boards. I punched holes around the outside and wrapped purple fun fur on them.
Sunday, got up went to walmart, for dress shirts for the boys. Did some more grocery shopping, picked up my shirt and the ties. Came home and D helped me outline some butterflies on my shirt in gold fabric paint (D is Gigantors best friend member??) He helped me place photo's on the boards and get them taped in.
Bought some baskets for things for the service.
Monday, took Kiddo to school. Finshed my shirt (had to let the one side dry) started decorating a basket, put writing pins and pieces of paper in one for people to write down a memory or blessing and give to the family. Wrapped fun fur around the handle of another (took two days) embellished with flowers.
Bought paper, so uncle could print out the announcements. Nice card stock, cream color paper. Got the announcements.
Painted 4 picture frames.
Went to the christian book store and got two things that I won't say, cuz they are a surprise for Alekx.
Figured out how we wanted to embellish the little purple flowers for pins.
After dinner, proceeded to make 75 pins, OMGGGGGGGGGG I was up till 1 in the morning.
Kiddo woke up real sick so kept him home today. I got up and fastened the safety pins on all the flowers, and made some bows out of ribbons and put safety pins on them. Finished decorating the baskets, then folded the 125 announcements.
Met with the pastor and got the service all arranged.
Called uncle asked him to do eulogy.
Took Kiddo to doctor
Turned in prescriptions
Went by restaurant, and reserved it for 20 people on Friday night
Went and got suburban, now we are gonna eat and then go get the medicine.

I still have to check in on the lady about the food, and maybe buy some drinks. I have to majorly clean my house for all the company, and I have zero energy. Wish friend would come help with that. hehehehe I have to put the pictures in the frames when they dry. And fill out the front of the guest book. Then have to get the sanctuary ready on Friday. And get with our uncle cuz he would only do the eulogy if we got with him, and he made it from me and Alekx.

I'm so gonna need a vacation and sleep after all this. hehehehee

Anyhow I rambled, and I just wanted to check in. I hope you all are doing well, and I'll be back soon, and checking in regularly. Probably middle of next week. Thank you all my wonderful blogger family. I adore you all!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fly Free

May you fly with the angels now mom, ride all the horses your heart desires, run with the dogs, and fish with you mom and dad!!! May you be able to wear PURPLE everything every single day!!! May you run through fields full of vibrant and strange colors (mostly purple)!!! May you welcome us with open arms when it's our time to be called home!! Watch over us and kick us in the butt when we need it!! Know you are so much loved, and will be greatly missed. May you always have a smile on your face, and peace now in your heart and soul!!

Fly Free and Happy my beautiful spirited mother!!!

Rest in Peace mom

July 4, 1945---January 17, 2006

Tuesday is Monday

I had this witty, snarky post all thought out to do today. But...I received a phone call from Alekx last night. They took mom to the e.r. again. I had talked to mom the day before, and she was sick, and didn't sound well. Sounded like she could barely breath. I guess it got worse, and they took her in. Alekx had to go to work. She's training in a police dept job. Plus what good is she gonna do, but sit and stare at mom's medicated ass.

Anywhoo...I called the hospital this morning. She is in a e.r. room. Waiting for a bed upstairs. They are admitting her. The e.r. nurse told me it doesn't look good. Mom doesn't want intibated, and she is very out of it right now. But she is struggling to breath, and it's starting to take a toll on her heart. I asked if she was gonna get a bed today. And the e.r. nurse said, "yes hun, but realistically we have to look at if she is even gonna make it till then"

I can't call Alekx to get a more updated idea of what the hell is going on. She will be off at 3, then go see mom. The nurse took down my numbers, in case they had to call me if "something" happened. So...I'm trying to remain calm till I talk to Alekx, but let me tell ya, them butterflies in my tummy are working over time.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

Much love to you all!!! And hug your loved one's today for me please, hug them tight.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Realizing it's Friday the 13th today, I'm not even gonna try for a normal day. That would be like trying to swim up a water fall. hehehehe

Took the doggies to the vet last night--yes now I owe more money. Buster doggie got his stitches taken out. They were very impressed with his progress. And Buck doggers got his allergy shot, and some bumps checked out. I was worried about cancer. The vet said it wasn't obvious cancer, and with his age, do we really wanna run a bunch of tests, to which I stated NOOOOOOOOOO. So...we are just gonna watch them and keep documenting the new one's that sprout up. If he gets in pain we will address that with pain meds, but basically. Keep him comfortable for however much longer he has. This dog has lived longer than I thought he would. So...who knows.

Is it wrong that Kiddo has picked up the nick names we call the dogs?? I mean I understand him picking up us calling Buck--Roadblock. Or us calling Buster--Mama Dog (he's a boy) But, Kiddo comes in yesterday, and goes. "So...does shit head have an appointment too?" unfortunately that's what Gigantor and I call Dribbles most often. hehehehe I couldn't get real mad at Kiddo, cuz we do it all the time. But I did do the shocked yell of KIDDOOOOO, and laughed. And he all shocked was like, "oh no I'm sorry" in his innocent little voice. hehehehehe

Is it a bad thing that one of the goldfish is swimming in circles on his side, near the top of the tank??? hehehehe I swear those two fish are gonna outlive us all. I must have got the Koi kind or something. They are about 4 years old. I'm ready for them to float belly up so I can flush them.

I have construction going on behind my house. We have this chain link fence that encloses the area we live. We live on the back side, so the fence is behind us. For over a year, just a ways away, they have been building a "low income" (yeah right 140 thousand) housing development. I think it's ugly, all the houses are the same, and they have 3 feet of back yard before the brick walls, that enclose them. So....since the fall they have been digging this ditch along behind us, to build a canal they said, then they were gonna put up another brick wall, and start building some houses right behind us. ugggghhhhhh Their fence is going up about 4 feet from our fence. So...I have had all these workers hanging out at the back of the house, leaning up on the fence, alot. So...As Buster healed more, he's gotten more agitated at people being near his yard. So....when they get loud at 6 in the dam morning. I'm ornery, and I let the dogs outside. Which they run up silently to the back, then start barking like the dickens when they are about 2 inches from the workers. hehehehehe I hear "OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! THAT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!" Thankfully they are pretty good guys, or that Gigantor really scared them, when he talked to them (cuz he's a giant) cuz they have never been mean to, or teased the dogs. I'm waiting for my cat to stroll over and be the total shit that he is, and end up getting his dumb butt sealed in the brick wall. hehehehehe Only nice thing about that brick wall and housing, is it should make a good wind break. If any of you all have been to Arizona, you know what I mean by the wind. hehehehe

Well I'm gonna go finish eating my fat free peanut butter on wheat toast, and drinking my sugar free hot cocoa, which is only luke warm. hehehee

Have a happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Witchie Wednesday

That's right!!! I woke up a major witch!!! Well...I didn't wake up per say, I was slammed into consciousness by my very insensitive, pain in my ass husband. The fucktard. Now..I understand he has his last day of class today, and he has his final exam today, and his practicals. But for FUCK SAKE it was late start, and me and kiddo covet late start, for sleeping in that extra hour. We don't turn Kiddo's alarm on on late start, he just gets up about 7 or 7:30 and I set my alarm for 7 and crawl out of bed about 7:45. (We don't have to be to school till 9:15 on late start) On most days, kiddo's alarm goes off 6:45 and him and I get up then. So....Gigantor gets up at 6:30, runs in and turns Kiddo's alarm on. Why??? I dunno. Then comes back, and instead of his regular routine of taking his clothes to the living room and getting dressed so he doesn't disturb anyone. He turns on the fucking bathroom light, which shines right on my side of the bed. Proceeds to shave and shit (literally) hehehehe. Then I hear kiddo's alarm go off, and I start yelling at him. So...he runs in and tells kiddo. Ooops sorry, go back to bed, which of course did NOT FUCKING WORK!!!! Then he comes in, and goes. Oh...I decided to shower (he always showers at night, cuz he's so nasty from work) I'm like WTF??? I'm trying to sleep here. He goes "so" The mother fucker said SO to me???? He is so fricken dead!!! So...he goes ahead and showers. After his shower, I told him he better get the fuck out of the bedroom before I got one of the guns out of the safe and shot him. So...he takes his clothes and heads out to the living room, where kiddo was already up. And I settle in to get that extra hour of sleep, and....eeep eeeep eeeeeeeeppp my alarm goes off. GAWD DANG MOTHER BUNNY HUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is in so much trouble when he gets home. Of course I was nice and told him good luck and all that shit, cuz I didn't want him upset and to tank the last tests. But...when he gets home and tests are over. I'm gonna dig his eyes out with a spoon, and feed them to the gerbils. Muahhh hahhhh ahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (insert insane eye twitch here)

Okay I finally found that other recipe we tried at new years, so I'm gonna leave it here. Just two tips before I post it. Make sure you use the orange, it taste good, but not near as good without it. And..use large marshmallows, we used small (cuz I was out of large) and they just disintegrated. And remember when you cook to have fun. If you don't have all the ingredients, try it anyway with what you have. Make it your own. It's all good. hehehehe

Sweet Potato Balls

4 large sweet potatoes (we used three, and it was way more than enough, but the yam here are on steroids)
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 teaspoon orange zest
1/2 teaspoon ground or fresh grated nutmeg
2 cups shredded coconut, sweetened
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (we used a little more)
1 large marshmallow per potato ball

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Bake the potatoes until tender, then peel and mash them. (i just cut them in half and scooped the nummie nums out with a spoon.) Stir in the brown sugar, orange juice, zest and nutmeg. In a separate bowl, toss the coconut with the sugar and cinnamon. Press mashed potatoes, around each marshmallow, creating a 2 to 3 inch diameter ball. Roll the balls in the coconut mixture. Put on cookie sheet. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Watch carefully for the last few minutes of cooking. The expanding marshmallows can cause the potato balls to burst open.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Sorry for being a witch.

Monday, January 09, 2006


We had a weekend of movies here. I got three movies in on Netflix, and we went to the matinee on Saturday. The movies we got in where--The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It was a rather disturbing movie, but I bet if they used a little more money they could have potrayed the movie better. We watched--Stealth. Now that was a good movie. Wasn't exactly what I expected from the previews, just a little different, but very good. We also got a Japanese Anime for the kiddo called Steamboy. This was actually a very good little movie. I was bummed that I got so tired and fell asleep for about a half hour of it. hehehee At least I didn't snore and bug Kiddo and Gigantor. We went to the matinee and watched Chronicles of Narnia. OMG...what can I say??? This movie was so dang good. I liked it alot. Now I want to read the books. Gigantor and I are arguing about one thing. He thinks the woman that played the White Witch was the same woman that played the Borg queen in Star Trek First Contact. I think the Borg queen was the woman that played in Stephen Kings Sleepwalkers. Without digging out the movie, do any of you know??? hehehehehe I swear I'm gonna have to try to find that First Contact movie so we can see who is right. marked the first day of school. Kiddo was not happy to say the least. He hates getting up early. Frankly so do I. And...I get real sick of all the parents that complain and say they can't wait till school starts again, cuz their kids are driving them nuts. I love having my kid home. I love doing things with him. I had a hard enough time getting him, and all to soon, he isn't gonna wanna spend any time with me. So....why shouldn't I cherish every moment??

Gigantor is in classes the next three days. They are having an E.M.T. refresher course, that he has to take every 2 years.'s 8 hours for the next three days. Only problem I have with it is. I don't know what to do about the Buster dog. He's supposed to go in and get his stitches out from his surgery. He can NOT jump, and he is way way to heavy for me to lift him in the dam suburban. With Gigantor in class, he can't help me. I've been on the search for someone to go be a grunt for me, and do the doggie lifting. So far, no luck.

I just finished making out my bills, so I'm gonna go weep now. Get another cup of coffee to keep me awake, and weep. hehehehehe

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Boredom Coma

God I'm so boring, I've put myself in a boredom coma. ugggghhhhh Hurry get the paddles!!! Charging!!! CLEAR!!!!

I think I'm sorta holding my breath, waiting for something bad to happen since it's turned 2006. 2005 had so much crap, that I was praying for it to be over. Now I don't know if this year is gonna be better, or, god forbid, worse. So...any whooooo since I'm more boring than watching paint dry, at least you can get a high from the paint fumes. I'm gonna leave you all with a new recipe I tried on New Years eve dinner. OMG it was sooooo good, and we had it with prime rib. So you had savory, and a bit of sweet.

Roasted Onions

6 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup honey
1/2 bunch fresh thyme (we didn't have any thyme so I left it out and it was still amazing)
Salt and pepper
4 red or sweet onions, halved (we halved them but next time I'm gonna wedge or slice them, will be easier to eat)

Preheat the oven to 350 degree's F.

Combine the butter, vinegar, honey, thyme, salt and pepper in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a simmer an cook for 1 minute to reduce slightly. Place the onions, cut sides up, in a single layer on a baking pan. Drizzle the butter-vinegar mixture over and roast until soft and slightly caramelized, about 45 minutes.

We spooned the sauce over the onions twice during cooking and after serving.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness the holidays are basically over. Now it's just the rest of the week to catch up on sleep and paperwork. hehehe We were so busy this holiday season. I really wouldn't change it, but I'm glad it doesn't last another month. Lets see if I can recap the last two weeks.
2--trips to the airport
6--trips to walmart
10--trips to the grocery store
3--trips to the vet
2--trips to the barber shop
1--night of christmas light looking
eleventy million--pieces of tape put on packages
4--christmas parties
10--goodie plates delivered
3--giant meals cooked (christmas, new years, and the day gigantors parents invaded)
1--King Kong movie watched
15--dvd's or rented movies we watched
1--sister in law jumping down my shit in the middle of the grocery store (HATE HER)
2--parent in laws coming for a big dinner (basically we cooked thanksgiving all over again)
3--times Gigantor started snapping my head off, from stress of his family (DID I SAY I HATE THEM??)
1--time I put Gigantor in his place..telling him he could go live with them if he didn't pull his head out of his ass and realize who his real "family" and who his "relatives" are.
0--times he did it again
lots--of apologies we got from him
1--night of whoopie squeezed into all the excitement
1--very happy household over all over the holidays.
It was so special to have Captain Daddy here. We love him so much and can't wait till he decides to move up here.

I do have to tell you all this. One Christmas, quite a few years ago. My lovely gentle giant of a husband got me hair clippers for Christmas. His reasoning was that I would be happy to have them to cut his hair, cuz it would save us money in the long run. get his dumb butt back I bought him a crock pot I really wanted for our anniversary. It didn't quite make it through his thick scull. Cuz for my birthday, he got me the micro rod and reel he wanted, but he made Kiddo give it to me, so I wouldn't yell at him. That's okay, cuz for his birthday I paid for my next tattoo. Said he would like how my arm looked better with it. Well...he seemed to get it that time. For many years after that, he made sure that if the gift was for me...he really got something I wanted. And some suprises that made me cry with joy. Well....I think he totally forgot how much of a jerk he was that year in the past. Because a few days before Christmas he asks if he can give me one of my gifts early, cuz it would make my life so much easier while everyone was here. I'm like "okay sure" He gave me a storage container set that is going to store some of his stuff, in a cupboard I don't even get into. I raised my eyebrow and said " you better think about this, and get a clue before Christmas buddy" he laughed it off. On Christmas eve I sent him to the store to get batteries for "his" digital camera. The one his mother gave him. The one that they don't let us forget is "gigantors"
So...for Christmas guess what I get??? I get a battery charger for "Gigantors" digital camera. What in the fuckity fuck fuck fuck???? Did the man just up and forget about what he pulled a few years back??? I'm sure he didn't cuz I tell enough people about it. I was so mad, I said. You better expect nice throw pillows for my couch for your birthday in Feb, ass hole. My dad just laughed and laughed. Gigantor couldn't figure out why I was upset. He goes, well in the long run we will save money. OMG he must think all I care about is that. And if he really wanted to save me money then he would quit buying the 4 dollar energy drinks he's addicted to, every other day. Then to top this shit off. We had some returns, a game for kiddo, one small thing given to Gigantor (11 dollar item) and some stuff for me. 101 bucks in returns. That should mean that kiddo get a different game, which he did, and I get something. Which I couldn't find the movie I wanted, and I was gonna head over to get socks and undies of all things. When Gigantor comes and tells us. "okay the money on the card is all spent" WTF???? I go look, and he has gotten an answering machine cuz ours broke, okay no problem. But he also go 50 dollar rifle mount for the fucking 4-wheeler. He goes, "well since we had to return the 4-wheeler bag I got, I got this" I'm like "the bag was only 11 fucking dollars" He just walked out. He made sure that before I could talk to him about it, he went and installed the dam thing, and threw the packaging away, so that I couldn't make him return it. I fucking insensitive can you get??? So...his parents gave us a check for 65 bucks. 25 for me and gigantor each and 15 for kiddo. To get anything we wanted they said. So...he starts talking about the 45 dollar tire repair system for the 4 wheeler he wanted. Then my daddy gave me some money, cuz he couldn't find pressies. He told me specifically it was for me. But I got everyone lunch twice, and paid for us to go to the movie. So...I blew a gasket at Gigantor the other day. Two days later, I think he got a clue, cuz he came up and apologized and said that after kiddo gets the 15, the rest of the money is mine to get something for myself, cuz he was a jerk. I was like "yeah you were." hehehehe He also got me a very cute eeyore yard statue. So...he may get sex in 2006 yet.

Okay I rambled enough. I got a couple recipe's to post that we tried on new years. Hopefully soon.