Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back, and Alive, But not Kicken.

We are back. And we are alive. And I feel half dead. hehehehe

Wednesday--Got up to 5 inches of snow on the ground and roads. Did 35mph with 4 wheel drive on for 50 miles. Was able to get up to 50mph for 70 miles. Dropped back down to 35 with 4 wheel on for another 68 miles or so. Then it was like "poof" no snow no ice no where. Made up some time the rest of the way. Got there in 9 hours. Got to dads, rested for a half hour or so. Immediately start packing up his trailer. Pack till about 6, then go eat. Felt like we were dying at about 8:30 was so tired. Tripped and fell down dad's steps, wrenched the back of left knee major bad. Drove all the way out to the guys place we were staying at, and he wasn't there. he was supposed to be there by 7. Waited around till 9. Yelled at Gigantor, "fuck it we are going to a motel, I'm dead ass tired" and went to leave. Guy showed up. Guy wanted to talk for another hour or so, and give tour of house. I Was rude, went and put kiddo to bed, and fell asleep on chair until Gigantor decided to come to bed. (we all slept in one room, me on the dinky bed, and Gigantor and Kiddo on the floor in sleeping bags).

Thursday--Woke up early, guy was gone to work. Took showers, went to dads. He had unpacked all that we packed. Said he was looking for something. Packed that back up. Went to breakfast. Went to bank, ins place, post office, Ace hardware, walmart, to wash suburban (all the mud from snow and ice roads), to grab lunch, back to dads. Ate, and started packing again. Friend of mine came over with son to chat for a few and say hi. Guy showed up, showed Gigantor what he had to do to unhook all utilities for the trailer (guy helped set it up). Took Guy out to dad's storage shed, went through lots of stuff. Decided it would all fit in suburban and tracker and trailer. Back to dads, more packing. Dad and Gigantor went to walmart for things forgot yesterday. Kiddo and me stayed, babied my sore knee. Boys back from walmart, bought bunji cords, started bunji ing cubbors shut that were packed up. Went to dinner, back to dads. Tore down table, made it and benches flush (travel trailer remember). Started stacking packed stuff neatly on top. 10:30 announce if we wait any longer I'll be to tired to drive those few miles out to guys place. Leave, get to guys, he's in bed. It's late. Get kiddo and ourselves in bed.

Friday--Get up drive to dads. Find all the stuff we packed on the table benches, in the living room, and bench storage opened and stuff scattered. Helped him find what he was looking for, re packed, put back together, moved boxes back. Found all cupboards un bunjied and gone through. Re packed and bunjied. Went to breakfast. Went back to dads. Loaded all 4 million cinder blockes he wanted to keep and transport up there. (my ass) Went to storage shed, went through everything. Loaded what he wanted to give to guy and trash up. Went out to guys, unloaded suburban, left him the 4 million cinder blocks to build a bbq pit he wanted too. Told dad, it would be cheaper to buy more cinder blocks then to haul the son of a bitches. Went back to storage shed, packed everything up in suburban. Went to dads. Loaded his tracker with 1/2 of storage shed stuff. Put a few things in front yard till in the morning. Dad and Gigantor went to get some lunch, while I iced me knee, and repacked the three cupboards dad unpacked just a few minutes before. Ate lunch. Went to visit the friend I had seen to see her house and other kid. Dad stayed, waited for propane guy to come take giant tank. Gone about an hour. Back to dads. Re packed cupboards for 5 thousandth time. Table and bench area big mess, dad went through everything again. Finally had had it. Yelled at dad to knock it off, nothing couldn't wait till when we got up here for one more day. Worked on defrosting fridge and freezer. Gigantor and dad back to walmart, for more stuff. Kiddo lugged in giant ice chest, and helped me bubble wrap dishes and pack in ice chest. Straightened bench seat/table area. Informed everyone when they got back, that it better be the last time I have to repack and bunjie the cupboards and straighten that area for hauling. Get suitcases out for him to pack some clothes for here. (he has to stay at my house for about a week or so till we get his trailer all hooked up, and utilities on). Went to dinner. Back and went through locked box we found in storage shed. Found grandma's coin and money collection that everyone thought was stolen. Found some canadian and us paper money dated from 1920 to 1933. Need to find out what that's worth. Found some confederate money. Found tons of coins. Mostly silver dollars. Most dating from 1881 to 1909. Decided to put box away and go back out to guys to get some sleep. Dad gets out his three lock boxes and starts going through them and reminiscing. Dad has door blocked off. Finally tell dad to let us out, so we can go to bed. Get out to guys at 11. Put Kiddo to bed. Visit for an hour or so. Go take showers, and get in bed about 1. Alarm goes off 4:30. Start packing all our stuff up. Leave guys at about 5:45. Get to dads, re pack some stuff. While I'm doing that, Gigantor starts unhooking utilities. Turn off sewer and water. I have to pee. Dad drives me to convenience store. After using potty and getting munchies for trip. Find out back of tracker is open. Gigantor was in it for tools, we drove up town with it open. Lost my pillows. Back to dads, Gigantor not finished yet. Broke crank on tongue of trailer. Have to use a screw driver and takes almost an hour to get that post thing up far enough to drive with it. Get everything locked up. Gigantor drives it for about 5 miles so I can get the feel of it. Pulls off. I drive it for the next 11 hours and 52 minutes. We pulled into my place at almost 9. Parked trailer on street, got pizza, ate, and went to bed. Got up today, and did a few things. Got the trailer unhooked, but not much else. I'm back in my arm brace, cuz fighting that trailer all day yesterday, hurt me. And I'm having a hard time with my knee. But all in all, it's all good.

Hope to catch up with you all soon.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back on Saturday

I think we got everything ready to go except the suit cases. Then we are leaving early tomorrow morning, and we won't be home till Saturday.

I took the suburban in for a safety check yesterday. And they found a HUGE leak in the rear axle. I had to have that fixed and the rear brakes replaced, because the leak ruined them. So....that was about 350 bucks. ouch.

But anyway I hear, that there is going to be a big storm coming through in the next couple days. I hope it stays clear for us driving.

Just keep us all in your good wishes and prayers traveling.

I'll be back Saturday, and post soon with some of the many adventures. (yeah right, like my life is that exciting)

Have a good week, and weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Countdown to Driving Hell

First of all....HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY ALL!!!!!

2nd...Kiddo is doing tons better. He went back to school on Thursday and today, now he has a week off for spring break. Little shit.

My tailbone is ready to pop out my ass, let me tell ya. I finally got an appointment with the chiro on Thursday, and he sure had to work for his money. He told me my lower back/tailbone and both hips were way out. And he worked my tail off (hehehe pun intended) And I was so sore, I could barely walk. Came home and put ice on it. But it didn't hurt as bad, just sore from all the work. has been like torture. And I know sometimes it feels a little worse before it gets better. So...I have another appointment on Monday. I sure as hell hope he fixes it before the big drive/move, cuz then I'll be in ass hell!!!!

We are headed to Captain Daddies on Wed (9 hours away) He was gonna have a friend haul his big ass travel trailer up here. And we were gonna hook up a small trailer and haul all his storage shed stuff up. And Gigantor was going to drive dad's little Tracker. I've hauled a very full horse trailer before, full of horses, and then furniture. Moving me then Alekx. So... the small trailer wouldn't bug me at all to haul. Well...Captain Daddy called tonight, and guess what??? The guy had surgery and can't haul the travel trailer. This is the same guy that would know how to unhook it from all the park hookups (he has it hooked up like a regular mobile home) and who would help us set it back up. So...what to do now, what to do. All we can think of, is.. I called and made an appointment to get the suburban checked out, full safety check for hauling. And for hauling heavy stuff. Got that set up for Monday. And now we are going down, gonna have to find someone to unhook everything. And I'm gonna hook that son of a bitch up to my massive big assed suburban. I got the 3/4 ton suburban so it should be fine. But....that means we have to leave the stuff in his storage shed for a couple or three months, till him and Gigantor can go back down and get it. And it also means that instead of hauling a nice small trailer, that I would be confident with. I have to haul a big assed 8 foot by 20 foot travel trailer. I can't drive daddy's tracker, it's so small, and with my knees and ankles and it's a stick, so it would cause so much pain. So...I'm stuck hauling the bitch. (no I don't mean me). And I'll probably be alone except for Kiddo, cuz Gigantor and Daddy will be in the Tracker. That makes me a little nervous too. Cuz if something goes wrong. 1..I don't want to kill the kid, and 2..I don't have anyone there to tell me what to do. I'll probably be fine, I'll just give myself an ulcer till we get home. hehehehe

We are gonna have such a busy weekend before we have to leave on Wednesday morning. What I hate most about that dam drive is how long it takes, and I have to drive through (not around but through) phoenix metropolitan area, and Tucson (remember I'm from a very small town, 5 whole stop lights) And on the way back, it's probably gonna take much longer than the 9 hours because of the hauling. But this weekend, we have to completely clean my house for Captain Daddy and his patches to stay here till we get his place hooked up. We have to clean the suburban out for the trip. We have to go up to mom's , and take down a fence, get her two outdoor water pipes capped off (leaks) and get the back mowed and her truck moved, so Daddies trailer can go in there. We have to do some shopping, I'm out of everything. We have to go get a couple tranqualizers from the vet for little Patches. We have to clean the pet carrier. We have to clean our own yard. And we have to set up the guy who is pet watching with instructions and keys.

Anyway, I gave myself a headache talking about all that. And my ass aches, so I'm gonna go.

OooO one last little tidbit of info. Warm diet pepsi with lime, burns as bad as real coke when it comes out of your nose. hehehehehe

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a Week

Man what a week I'm having. We all are having. Kiddo kept getting sicker and sicker over the weekend. We took him to the doctor on Monday. He has bronchitis and a respiratory infection. So...he stayed out of school Monday and Tuesday. I thought we would go back to school today. But he woke up really snuffly, and coughing pretty bad. So..I decided to keep him home one more day, and to get more antibiotics in him.

Last night was the weirdest night. I didn't sleep at all. I layed there and layed there, listening to my music, so I wouldn't hear the three dogs, one cat, and husband all snoring. Hubbies alarm went off at 4. I sat there wondering if I would get any sleep at all. So....I jumped his bones, sent him off with a good morning. In hopes I would tire myself out enough to get some sleep. I actually didn't fall asleep till almost 6:30 Then I woke up at 8. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

We have alot to do this weekend, to get all ready for Captian Daddy getting here next week. Wish us luck and good travels. hehehehe

I'm off to go sit on the couch and see if I can squeeze a nap out. hehehehe

Happy hump day all!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Movie review, and sickies.

Well, we went and saw Eight Below at the theater on Thursday night. What a great movie. Although it did make me cry three times. And with me being in this emotional flux. I didn't handle that to well. And the movie, or the depression I felt from the movie haunted me most the day Friday.

I went and got my nails done Friday, they ROCK!!! I did two colors, light green and bright green and both of them have really bright green glitter in them. I alternated the colors, so light green on my thumb,bright green on the first finger, etc....then did the opposite for the other hand. Then we found shamrock decals, and put dark green outlined in light green on the bright green nails. And light green outlined in dark green on the light green nails. It was so simple, yet they ROCK I tell ya.

Picked Kiddo up from school on Friday, and he wasn't feeling to well. Coughing and snuffling. By last night he was running a pretty good sized fever. Doped him up, and said we would take him to the doctor this morning. Got up, and his temp was 95.9. And he wasn't snuffly, but had a small cough. Decided to just give him some meds and leave it alone.

We went ahead and all went to see The Shaggy Dog. OMG what a good funny, and good movie!!! Did I say it was good??? hehehehe

Got out of the movie and Kiddo wasn't feeling to well again. He isn't running a fever, but his cough is much worse, and he's all stuffy again. Gave him more meds, and trying to make him rest. Gonna dope him up again at night. He's got codeine cough syrup.

OMG and what the hell is going on with the weather. It's been in it's 70's here for about 3 weeks. Then out of the blue this winter storm blew in. News was saying it was the worst one they had seen in years. Flagstaff was expected to get 3 to 4 feet of snow in one night. And up here, where it hardly ever snows. It snowed all night last night, we woke up to 3 inches on the ground and it snowed most the day today. Never got out of it's 30's. The sky cleared up for a few hours, melted all the snow off. Now it's all cloudy and very very cold again. Bet it snows again tonight.

Well...that's all I've got for now. Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Not really, but I can't see right now so does that count??? My fucking left eye. grrrrrrrr On Sunday it was burning a little. On Monday I got an eyelash in it, and it burned all day. So bad, that I made Gigantor go get me some eye drops at about 10 that night. Those soothed it. Well...Tuesday was better, and Wednesday my eye was fine. Today, it's burning so bad, I can't fricken see out of it. Everything is fuzzy out of it. I don't know what the hell is going on with it, but it's pissing me the hell off.

I'm gonna take Kiddo and his friend Big J to the movies tonight. We are gonna watch Eight Below. It looks cute. I'm taking Gigantor too. But I don't thing it counts, cuz I think he will probably sleep through it. He is so solar powered it's not even funny. It's irritating is what it is. So...not only will it be night, but it will be in a dark theater. I'm gonna have to sit there the entire movie and elbow him for snoring. I hate spending money to take someone to the theater to sleep. I guess I shouldn't bitch to much though, cuz last movie we all went too. Both Gigantor and I fell asleep. It was Hoodwinked. I couldn't keep my flippen eyes open, and that's not usually like me.

Let me confess something to you all. If I don't get sex from my husband soon, I'm gonna STAB him in the eye with a pencil. I'm one frustrated mama let me tell ya. Stupid ass man keeps saying he's to tired, even when I work my ass off and get him in bed by fricken 9. He keeps saying that, then we he tries to get frisky it's always that time of the month for me. The son of a goat!!!!! But I am getting pissed off. Cuz since my mom died (jan 17th) He's put out twice!!! YEP THAT'S ONLY TWO TIMES, AND THAT'S DAM NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Okay done with my rant. I'm gonna go spank the dogs and kick the kids. Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Note to self, don't forget to record survivor, csi and without a trace. hehehehehe

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No Coherent Thought

I just have randomness again. hehehehe

The boys did excellent on their hunter safety course. Kiddo was actually a year to young, so he only gets a certificate of completion instead of a diploma. I really thought he wasn't gonna pass this year. But that was okay. hehehe But after Saturdays field day. I knew kiddo has found his niche. He took the hike and was very safe with his fire arm. He then went and shot a 243, a 50 cal black powder rifle. And then shot at clays with a 12 gauge, and 20 gauge and a 410. He shot two out of 3 clays with the 410. He's still a little small for the 12 and 20 gauge. He then went and shot a bow for the very first time, and was less than 1/2 inch from the bullseye with his first shot. Then they had there written test last night. Kiddo got an 88% whooooohoooooo Gigantor got 100%. I'm so proud *insert huge teethy mom grin here*

Okay here is where I sound heartless. My dog is pissing me the hell off. I'm so irritated with him. I know he is way way old, and on his last legs. But dammit, stop stinking, stop licking, stop limping, stop acting weird, and just chill the flip out. I know he can't, but had to get that out. Poor baby, having urinary problems a little, and no matter how much we wash or change his diet, he just stinks, and bad. I now need to clean my carpets, cuz the stink is in the house. And he licks his fricken foot like 24/7 I've had him checked at the vet multiple times. Nothing wrong with is foot, no other pain, that is manifesting with his licking, and nothing wrong with his tongue, he just licks. I constantly have a wet spot on the floor from his licking. I kick him out, when he keeps it up to much. Which isn't a bad thing. Cuz I think spring is here. We have been well up into our high 60's. Even wearing t-shirts with no coats now. And having to leave the door open a good part of the day.

This weekend we are going to have to trim the trees, at our place and at mom's. We also have to get mom's yard ready to put dad's travel trailer up on it. Looks like we have almost every thing else arranged for him moving up. We have time off, and a place to stay. I just need to find someone to run the sewer line for his little trailer.

Did you all know that if you choke on a hot tamale candy and it gets stuck in your sinus cavity, that it burns all fricken day??? ouch. hehehehe

Okay I've ran out of anything to say. I was gonna say anything of interest to say. But then I realized all I said probably wasn't interesting anyway. hehehehe

Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Hi there. hehehehe For any of you who might want to know. I was talking with my friend Kerry last night (who has also lost her mom), and we were talking about the many emotions and feelings one goes through. We came up with this idea (I won't say good idea yet or not) of starting a blog where people who have lost their mothers can go and vent, rage, yell, cry, and get comfort. I know I am going through tons of emotions, and not sure how to deal with them all. I know I need some counseling too. Possibly from my preacher. But...I'm also a person that NEEDS to show outer strength. But...I'm afraid in this instance, that if I keep it all bottled in. I may end up in the hospital.

So...any whoooo back on track. We decided to start a blog, where we could go write, and rant.

I just wanted to let you all know in case you want to drop by. Or if any of you have lost your mothers and would like to come and be part of it. Please let me or Kerry know and we will send you an invite. I will be sending you one Alekx, as soon as I know what e-mail you want it too. hehehehe

Okay so here is the link for anyone that wishes to see. Motherless Daughters

Have a good Friday everyone!!!