Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stupid Animals

I know I haven't posted in a while. Been busy you know. Taking care of house, school, work, and Avon stuff. Then we went to the fall festival on Saturday. Also took kiddo and a friend to the movies. Went and seen Disney's Valiant. It was cute.

Anywhooo I was gonna talk about my stupid animals. I don't know what's gotten into them, but they all have a case of the stupids. Must be something in the weather. Lets take the parakeets for instance. They can't seem to stay on their perches the past few days. Everything they try to do, they just fricken fall off. Right to the bottom of the cage. Now, Flutter, he does that on a regular basis anyway. But, Sassy, tries to climb over to the swing, and BAM right to the bottom, so she climbs back up and goes and pecks the shit out of Flutter. Like it was his fault, and all he was doing is singing to himself in the mirror.

Now the gerbils. Remember we got three little girl gerbils. Or at least I am still hoping. No babies yet, so yayyyyyyyyyyy. Anyhow, these little shits have decided they are professional wrestlers. They stand up on their hind legs and face off, and start doing this little boxing thing. Well, they move their bedding around till there are little hills in their cage. As they box, they then grab each other, and start rolling off these hills. Ass over teakettle. It's actually quite amusing. But I've never seen gerbils so animated before.

Now my cat Bugsy. Or should I say Gigantor's cat. We have a Russian Blue. He's beautiful, but he's a shit head. He has a ton of extra toes (32 in all) But he's a biter. He will nip you all the dam time, and if he gets mad, then just WHAM big old bite. Well here lately, I don't know what it is. Gigantor will be sitting on the couch with his shoes off, and just socks on. Bugsy will come walking out of the kitchen, and walk up to his foot and WHAM!!!! then run off. He has bitten a few good holes in Gigantor's toes lately. And we don't know why. I swear you can see him laughing as he runs off.

Now to one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. We have three dogs. A 10 year old bassett named Buck (affectionately called "roadblock" "speedbump" and "old man") a 6 year old bassett named Dribbles (just called "shit for brains" or "shit head") And a 10 year old pointer/greyhound mix named Buster. That has the worst anxiety. Separation and otherwise. Well....We keep t.v. trays here. We use them when we have people over, or when we want to eat and watch t.v. The kiddo loves to have one out and eat his breakfast while watching cartoons on the weekend. So...the t.v. try was still set up by the love seat. If I'm sitting at the table in the kitchen I can look directly at the front of the love seat. Then to the right of it is the hallway, then the front door. Well...I was sitting at the table doing my Avon order. And all the dogs were whining, cuz they heard "daddy" drive up. So....Gigantor opens the door. And Buster, decides to play one of his "oh my god, I'm scared of you" run away anxiety things. Well, he spins around, and dodges up under that t.v. tray. Well...Buster is tall, so instead of ducking, he hits his head on the t.v. tray, scares himself, pisses on the floor as he jumps, and starts running jumping like a gazelle, with this dam t.v. tray attached to his back. Every run/jump he took the t.v. tray went up in the air and forward, and landed back on his back. Scared himself so bad, he almost had a heart attack. Ran all the way into the kitchen, where I grabbed the t.v. tray. Then Buster succeeded in jamming himself behind the toilet to hide. He finally came back out after all the laughter died down. But he now jumps every time he walks by that evil, killer t.v. tray.

Okay now that I explained that. I have one dog licking the gerbil cage, so I'm gonna go throw them all out.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!!
P.S. Enjoy the pic.

This is a herd of Blesbok. They are endangered. Says they are from South Africa and both male and females have the antlers. I'm suspecting this one is preggers female. hehehehe Pretty things though. Posted by Picasa


ThreeOliveMartini said...

OMG i am pissing myself over the tv tray .. i can see it vividly in my head..

your dog.. takes the cake!

Opie Outlaw said...

Never a dull moment around your guys need to stop smoking that stuff.

I bout gerbils and gravy over rice..tell um it rabbit! ..or there is still the BBQ gerbils.


The Unknown said...

Love me?

The Unknown said...

Thank you for the love.

Kerry said...

i have a serious case of the stupids these days too! ahhhh! what is going on these days? *bangs her head*

Kim said...

Oh my, I wouldn't last five minutes in that crazy house... Oh, wait... I have these kids... Guess I would.

Jim said...

, its been ages since i visited Burfica,

and who do i see at the door!
dat blockhead OPIE

Alekx said...

I'd laugh about the dog and the TV Tray but I was so tired yesterday I think I did that with our TV tray here myself.
Like I said Zombie in my house

Kitten said...

LOL....I love friends dog just had 6 pups..trying to talk Ern into one..I wanna rubb their ears soooo bad!