Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fun Weekend

OH what a fun couple of days it's been. Yesterday (Friday) Gigantor got sent home at lunch, because it had been raining all day. He can't work outside in the rain to well. He came home and we started running errands. Went to the bank, went to put payment on our couch, went to get a burger for lunch, went and got gas in the suburban, went to Bashas and spend 155 bucks on groceries, went to get kiddo, went and checked mail, went to walmart and got 115 bucks worth of stuff, came home and had to do the Avon order, made dinner, and died on the couch. heheheheeh

Today Kiddo and Gigantor went down to the sports complex, because they had something called Punt and Pass Saturday. All the kids that signed up to play NFL FLAG Football this season were invited. Well...Gigantor helped them out where they needed volunteers. Some people with the Arizona Cardinals football team were up here running the thing. When they came home, they were so excited. Gigantor had an Az Cards t-shirt, and a key chain, and a flop had that is black with the emblem on one side, then it's reversible and it's red camo on the other side with the emblem. Kiddo got, a back pack in black and red with Cards emblem, and a NFL FLAG football jersey black on one side, and then it's reversible and white on the other. He got a baseball cap with the card emblem, and a big emblem medallion on a string of big red beads (the beads were footballs) And a big poster of the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleading team. That daddy seemed much more excited about than Kiddo.

Then we went and picked up his friend K. We took them up to the Pumpkin Festival in the park. They had tons of carved pumpkins. They had the giant blow up obstacle courses and the blow up foam jousting arena. A giant giant giant bounce house, and a rock climb. They had some vendors with crafts, and more food booths than I have ever seen. We were starting to look around the park, and K ran up and asked if I would give him one more dollar so he could buy a marshmallow shooter. I said, "hold on K, lets walk all through the park first, then decide what we are gonna buy" So...I'm off looking at some crafts, and I turn around and K is putting something in a box, and all excited. I go, "what did you get?" he goes "a hermit crab" I think to myself OMG HIS MOTHER IS GONNA KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz I know I would be ticked if kiddo brought home another pet, and defiantly if it was a pet that I had to scrounge to find a habitat and the food, and everything. Oh I was sweating it so bad, the rest of the day. I could have rung his little neck. hehehehe

All the kids in the town wore their costumes. There was a costume contest, but we were too late for that. But they had trick or treating at all the vendors booths. The boys got a plastic bag about 1/4 full of candy and treats. They had tons and tons of live entertainment. I didn't know our community had so many talented musicians. Then they shot off a candy cannon about 7 times or so.

I ate a funnel cake for the very first time in my life. I didn't even know what one was till now. hehehehe

On the way out of the park, we got a funnel cake for everyone to share, a med size bag of fresh roasted cinnamon covered almonds, and a big bag of Kettle Korn. The boys got a snowie. We then went to K's house to drop off his stuff and see if he could come play. His mom came out, and said, well why don't you let kiddo stay here and have dinner, and we will all go up to the pumpkin lighting at 6 or so and I'll bring him home at 7. Okay that is cool!!! So...I then apologize a ton about the hermit crab. But K kept telling me his mom was gonna love it, and I didn't believe him. But...he knew best. His mom loved it. hehehehee

We came home, cleaned house, paid bills, roasted pinon's, then D came over, and we visited with him. Kiddo came home and we all ate some dinner and watched Unleashed. It was a pretty good movie. My favorite Jet Li movie is still THE ONE but it was still good.

Tomorrow we are cleaning pet cages, cleaning floors, carving a pumpkin, baking cookies for kiddo's Halloween party, cooking a nice big beef roast with veggies and trimmings, and gonna sit the family down and watch Haunted Mansion for Halloween. hehehehehee

I added a cute ass picture here. I was just in such a good mood that I added it cuz it makes me laugh.
Enjoy and have a good Sunday everyone.

If I don't post before then, please everyone have a happy and very very safe Halloween!!!

Just thought I would leave you with a picture of my most favorite birthday present I got. I know my birthday was a while back, but I just did something with the pictures. Notice the windchimes in the background (I collect those) And dragons on the shelf (I collect those also) Gigantor did good getting this oh so very cute zebra on a swing at that wild life park in Texas. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thing While I was Sick

Orange for Halloween!!!! I'll try not to make this post to awfully long with everything that has been going on.

Two weeks ago, I thought I was dying. He I was so sick. I've been needing a couple things for the house in a bad way. I need a new kitchen table. I want one with a leaf so I can make it smaller or bigger. Ours--the legs are rickety, and the leaf has some broken pieces so it doesn't sit straight. I also very big time needed another couch and love seat. Mine were so worn out. I had had them for 10 years, and I bought them used from my aunt that had them maybe 10 or 15 years. They were in great shape when I got them, but now... Now they are all flat, and the bottom falling out. I had foam padding in between the couch and cushions, and pillows on top and it was still so low to the ground. So....Friday, two weeks ago. Gigantor comes home for lunch. And goes, "honey, Bruces Easy Rent, had a bunch of couch and love seats outside" I'm like OOoh. He says "yeah they had all of them selling as is, and there were expensive one's and a couple that were only 349 for the set" I'm like "Dayummmmmm what's wrong with them" He goes.."well....umm....they are purple, one is dark purple and one is light purple" I'm gagging cuz I hate purple, but dam we needed another couch and love seat in a bad bad way. So...I say "lets go look anyway" So...we drive down there, and Gigantor points and goes "seee" I look, I take off my shades and look, I put them back on and look. Then I slap his arm and go "YOU DORK" And take of his shades, and say "they are black and brown DUMBASS" He goes "Oh shit, my shades made them look purple" well duh!! So...we get out and look, They are both suede sets. They were repo's that they couldn't sell for the past 3 months so they marked them down to 349 bucks for the set. The black one was nice only a couple dirty spots, but the cushions were a little flat. The brown set is a dark chocolate brown, and the love seat has a couple light spots like cleaner was splashed there. I was told how to fix that. Fucking A, a higher, newer, genuine suede couch and love seat set that is only a year old!!! I go in and start signing paper work baby. Best part is, we only have to pay 50 bucks a month, and they delived them. Better than the price is THEY AREN'T PURPLE!!!!

Tuesday a week ago, was kiddo's school play. Gigantor was in it. It was about Freedom and American hero's. So...he was in his heavy ass fire "bunkers" (the big yellow pants and coat they wear" He sweated his ass off on stage, but it was for the kids, so anything for them. After the play we went down to the Kawasaki place to pick up our new baby. Two months of hard labor and crunching the numbers to figure out we could afford it. We have always known we would get 4 wheelers eventually (one of our goals) And we came across and excellent sale. It's a 650 Kawasaki. And we really started looking into it, when gas started killing us. We got an extended cab truck and a suburban people. We wanted to get one street legal so Gigantor could drive it to and from work and the fire dept. And on the plus side, we can load it in the truck and take it up to the mountain and out to the lake. So...we come across a screaming sale and deal. We got the 4 wheeler, got it street legal, got saddle bags for it, and got two helmets for 49 bucks a month for the first two years. The good part of that just over a year we will have cleared up a bill that is 300 bucks a month, so we can easily put 200 a month on the 4 wheeler and still be saving money. The other plus is that every week we were getting 50 bucks in gas in Gigantors truck to squeeze by. We got gas this week in the 4 wheeler---nine dollar and fitty cents. Whoooo flippin hoooooo

On Wed of last week had to take two of the dogs to the vet. One check up and one allergy shot, for 75 bucks.

Thursday, we had parent teacher conferences. I won't get all the way into it. But lets just say I was ready to do battle with them. Kiddo was failing math and spelling, and it was their fault, cuz his regular teacher and special ed teacher (cuz he's behind in reading and timed work) never met and got on the same page. Poor kiddo was doing 4 to 5 hours of homework a night (4th grade people) And I was pissed the fuck off!!! Anyhow, met with them both at the same time. Got everyone on the same page. Told to disregard his report card it would be fixed next 9 weeks. Also given different class work and homework. Now only between 1/2 to 1 and a half hours of homework a night.

Weekend we cleaned house, put up Halloween decorations, and got the last part of his costume made (cape for darth vader) I just have to get some light sticks. He has black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, black cape, and a voice changing helmet. So he is gonna have a couple light sticks on his front and a couple on his back. He will be carrying a light saber and I'm gonna make him keep it turned on.

With how busy I was, it's no wonder that I could just not get well. I kept taking my meds. I finished my antibiotics on Monday, but I still don't feel all the way better. I can not for the life of me get rid of this cough. I take cold and cough thera flu, and then two thera flu cough strips and cough drops each night and it's iffy if I get any sleep cuz of the coughing.

I think I have updated you all for the past couple weeks. I really tried to keep it short. hehehehe

On a side note. My friend Phoenix over at Nest of the Phoenix --Said there is gonna be some big announcement soon. And everybody knows I have no patience so I keep bugging him about it. But he's not budging. Help a girl out would ya, and go over there and see if you can guess, like I have been doing.

Happy Hump Day All!!!

P.S. Spell check said for Kawasaki--should be Sausage


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well I am back among the living. Not that I'm feeling great yet, but I am living. hehehehe

I got lots to update you all on, just not gonna do it today. HA!!

Been doing some housework, watching a couple movies, getting Darth Vaders cape made before the 31st. And roasting pinons. That's been a recap of my weekend. lmao Gonna have some buffalo steaks tonight. yuummie yuummie yuummmmmm

I will try either tomorrow or the next day to get my happy ass on here and post about what happened during the week I was dying. hehehehe. Life doesn't wait for you when you sick. I was so fricken busy last week.

Hope you all have a great Sunday evening!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Cough cough cough cough cough cough, hack hack hack hack hack!!! Snarfle gurgle slurp!!! Must get more kleenex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'll post more soon. This is short. I'm sick!!! Sick sick sick sick sick. Did I mention I was sick. Went to the doctor on Saturday. Thera flu not working, dayquil not working, cough strips, cough drops, cough syrup not working, allergy meds really not working, antibiotics still haven't kicked in yet. Gonna go die in bed. Will write more when head doesn't hurt so much.

Love to you all!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Wow Since Monday

Wow Monday was the last day I posted. I would say time flys when your having fun, but I think I missed the fun part. hehehehe I've been sorta busy, had some fun, but, mostly busy.

Kiddo and Big J had forgone underwear man and pantyhose lad for now. They are now FART MAN AND BELCH BOY!!!! I do think this is more fitting, and possibly could keep Big J from being beat up at school. I think if he went around calling himself "panty hose lad" for to much longer, he was gonna get the tar knocked out of him. hehehehe

Tuesday I went and got my nails done. Got those gel nails. Goober did them in halloween stuff. I have jack-o-lanterns with glow in the dark eyes and mouth, and bats with glow eyes, and glowing ghosties. hehehehehee They are cool.

I don't have a whole lot more to say. I don't feel good, I think I caught another cold. So...I'm gonna leave you with more t-shirts I found.

1. Because I don't Care doesn't mean I don't Understand
2. Your cell phone makes you twice as annoying!!
3. I have multiple personalities and none of them like you
4. I never get lost, people always tell me where to go
5. The difference between genius and Stupidity is that genius has it's limits
6. It matters not whether you win or matters whether I win or lose
7. Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot
8. Who are you and why are you reading my shirt
9. I'm not bossy, I just know what you should be doing
10. I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute if it
11. Obey Gravity---it's the law
12. I'm lost--but I'm making good time
14. I'm not anti-social, I'm just not real friendly
15. 333 I'm only half evil
16. I'm confused wait....maybe I'm not
17. CHOCOLATE the cat nip of the female world
18. It sounded better in my head
19. Will someone PLEASE steal my identity?
20. Hear it let's for dyslexia
21. Yet, despite the look on my face, your still talking
22. SCHIZOPHRENIA beats drinking alone
23. Have you seen my marbles?
24. Do you know the muffin man?
25. I hate the fact that people don't salute me.
26. What is the speed of dark??

Have a good weekend everyone!!! I'm gonna go try and kick this colds butt before it kicks mine.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend update

Well we decided to go pinon picking again on Saturday. This time we didn't go to the Kaibab, we went the other direction. We went out by Navajo Mountain. There were tons of tree's out there. We picked up Gigantors friend D, and kiddo's friend Big J. When Big J comes out of his house, he screams "I'M WEARING PANTYHOSE" apparently his dad told him about how some hunters will wear pantyhose to help keep them warm. So....Big J went and asked his mom if he could wear her pantyhose. She gave him a pair of red leotards. But he kept calling them panty hose. So... we start our 50 mile drive to our destination. And Gigantor is driving, i'm in the front seat, and D is behind me. The kiddo and Big J are in the third seat. They are playing pretend and keeping a pretty good chatty pace, and us adults were having a rather loud rambunctious conversation also. Well...a lull in the conversation happened. About two seconds after the silence we hear kiddo scream "IT'S THE ADVENTURES OF UNDERWEARS MAN AND PANTY HOSE LAD!!!" I horked orange juice out of my nose, and started cracking up so bad I almost peed my pants. Gigantor goes "WHAT THE HELL??" and started laughing so hard he almost drove us off the road. And D was laughing so hard I think he cracked a rib. Kiddo and Big J innocently go "what??" OMG OMG OMG it was so funny. So then the boys caught on that it was funny, and started their giggling.

The directions the Navajo gentleman that works with Gigantor were great. Turn left at Navajo Mountain, and go around 15 miles give or take and turn right at the big windmill. And there are tree's everywhere. Well...he was dead on, it was perfect. Let me just say that yes we were all covered in sap, and it was hard work, but we have over 10lbs of pinons now. Now I just have to wash them up and cook them.

We built a fire, cuz 1. it was chilly and 2. we needed to cook lunch. Hot
dogs and smores again. hehehehee I'm sitting close to the fire, D on my right, Gigantor and Kiddo on my left, and Big J right across from me. I was holding the marshmallow bag passing them out, and my sappy hand/arm was stuck to my shirt, but I didn't realize that. After everyone is armed with little white puffs of sugary heaven. I decide to put the bag back on the table, which is to my left and sorta behind me. As I start to put the bag away, I realized my shirt was stuck to my hand. How I realized that, is I pulled it all the way up and almost off my head. I just sorta innocently go, OooOps. And I look up and Big J's eyes are about as big as the marshmallows. I'm like "did I flash you Big J??" he nods his head yes. I go "my stomach or full boob" and everyone is giggling by now. And Big J goes "I got the double wammie!!" Well we all started laughing to the point of peeing our pants again. Then D and Gigantor say, "dam we should have sat across from you" hehehehe

The place we were at, is all sandy, like our town. And we don't have ordinary sand. It's not soft like beach sand, it's not fine like dirt. It's really very grainy, sorta like salt. And it's bright red. This sand is soo deep that it's easy to get stuck and when you walk around it covers your entire foot, sometimes coming up to your ankles. It's a great work out I tell you. For some reason my son could not stay on his feet. Almost eveywhere he went, he face planted. He was booking it back to me to show me some rocks he found and put the pinons in the bucket. And he goes flying right on his face, and exclaims "OH MANNNNNNNNN" He spilled all his goodies and had to pick them back up. The good thing is, since that sand is to deep and so loose, it sorta cushions your fall. We knew every time the kiddo fell. The forest was riddled with "OH MANNNNNNN'S " every few minutes. It was so dang funny.

At 4:30 it began to rain really hard. (we had dealt with sprinkles all day) so we decided to come home. On the drive home, we heard about lots of adventures of Underwear Man and Pantyhose Lad!!! They even made up poses for themselves. After we got home, Big J's dad came down to pick him up. As soon as he walks in the door. Kiddo announces, " My mom showed Big J both her boobs!!!!" His dad was like WHAAAAUUUUUUUTTTTT?? He was laughing, and when we told him the story, he was doubled over. Then the boys told him about their super hero's. I'm not sure if Big J's parents are ever gonna let me have him again. I mean I corrupt him by showing him my ta ta's and then he is going around calling himself "PANTYHOSE LAD"

Okay that had me laughing all over again. I'm gonna go do something. I don't know yet, but I'm sure it will be something. heheheheh

Happy Monday all!!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good News

My suburban was making the worst noise. It sounded like there were gnomes tinkering around in the engine as I drove. It was louder than a diesel. I was sure the engine was just gonna up and fall out of it at any moment. Our friend who works on alot of cars, told us it was the alternator (bearing on it) Gigantor and I started pricing alternators. Cheapest one we found was 110 bucks, and a belt for 30. But we sorta remembered that we had the alternator rebuilt a while back. Well...I couldn't find any paperwork in the 2005 file. So Gigantor pulled out the old file box, and we found it. The receipt for the rebuild. It was dated November 2004 and it has a 1 year warranty. WHOOOOOOOOO MOTHER BUNNY HUMPING HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's in the shop right now and everything is gonna be free. yessssssssssssssssssssss

I got this little magazine in the mail called WHAT ON EARTH???
I found some great t-shirts. Here are a few
1. Some days it's not even worth chewing through the restraints
2. I drive way to fast to worry about cholesterol
3. dain bramaged
4. Of course I'm in great shape, I play Rock, Paper, Scissors
5. I never make mistakes. I thought I did once, but I was mistaken.
6. I have no idea what I'm doing out of bed
7. I can't remember what I forgot to forget
8. Don't do what I do, but do do what I don't do
9. Where are we GOING and why am I in a HAND BASKET
10. Embarrassing my children: just one more service I offer
11. Honorary Oooompa Loompa
12. National Sarcasm Society---Like we need your support
13. Is it me, or is this place a festival of idiots?
14. It's better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho the rest of your life.
15. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries
16. Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite
17. Everything is going according to my plan
18. I'm only wearing black until they make something darker
19. Books is good
20. Factory reject
21. If I'm talking you should be taking notes
22. A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say
and the winner for today's t-shirt, cuz it made me hork milk out my nose
They say I have A.D.D. But they just don't understand...OH Look!!!!! A Chicken!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Doo Dads

That's all I have is little doo dads of stuff today.

Yesterday--My old man (Buck the Bassett) fell down the porch when we went out, and he sorta just layed on his side and back and couldn't get up. my mad scramble to get down to help him, I slip and land on my ass on the side of the step. So I got cornered in the crack I guess you would say. Dog is fine, he was just stunned. Kiddo sure thought my episode was hilarious. So did the lady across the street. Got Buckers back inside and let him sleep on a cushie blankie.

Also...what the fuck with me falling lately. I tripped over the cat scratching post, and luckily the wall was right there, cuz I was gonna fall people and it caught me. That was on my way to the bathroom. Get in the front guest bathroom, and pull down my pants, and the fucking rug slipps right the hell out from under me. I slip, my feet fly forward and up, and I fall with a KERPLOP. Thankfully I fell right on the toilet where I wanted to be. And double lucky that we have cushie seats. But it did protest by making a loud whooooosssshhhhh noise when I fell on it. Of course after my shock. I giggled alot after word.

The wind is blowing about 45mph here today. Realized we gotta trim the tree in the back, it sounds like someone trying to bang down the house.

And I haven't shaved my legs or armpits in about 5 months. My legs are so hairy, they are scary. hehehehe I better get to that today, but with my luck, I'll cut a major artery and bleed to death.

Anywhooo. I have a very important question today. Wonder if any of you can help me with.


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Pinons and Flaming Crotches

Well Saturday we went up to the mountain to go pinon picking. We got Dorko's advice a little to late. hehehee We were covered in sap. And of course I forgot to take any soap. So we had to scrub our hands with dirt. The kids got bored really fast, cuz there were no critters running about down in the pinon pines. And it was way hotter near them, then up around the ponderosa and aspens. So....we only ended up picking about an hour or two. And it was our first try, so we hadn't perfected any technique yet. We know what we are gonna do next time, and it should be much faster and much more productive.

Anyhow about 1 or so, we decide to drive up into the ponderosa and take a back road to go find a clearing and make a fire and have lunch and smores hehehehe
We go on this road (if you can call it a road) a very "less traveled" road. And got down in this little canyon, and followed it for about a half hour. Then we pulled off and dug a fire pit, set the boys to collecting fire wood. And roasted hot dogs. It was way chilly up there too, after we got out of the Pinon pines. So we had coats on, and all had our chairs pretty close to the fire. After hot dogs we roasted marshmallows and made smores. The boys kept throwing pine needles and little sticks on the fire. Young boys just love to throw shit on fire. And Gigantor was letting them throw small things of our trash on the fire. Well...Gigantor gets this avon box we were using with the nuts out. It was covered in sap. So..he tears it in half and decides to throw it on the fire. He throws the first half, and the fire flames way way up. And the wind starts. Both boys, scream HOT HOT HOT and pull their chairs way way back. I'm trying to get out of my chair and do the same thing, and the wind blows it right all over me. I yell at Gigantor as I'm trying to tip my chair backwards away from it, and he runs in between me and the fire, and I get moved back. and the boys are screaming at him for putting that big thing on the fire when we are that close, and not to do it again. He's sorta giggling. If you could have seen it, it was a rather funny sight. I then announce to him "THANKS ALOT FOR COOKING MY CROTCH" And the boys literally fell over laughing. Upon further inspections, my shoestrings and the hair on my arms was singed. I also had a hole in the stomach of my shirt where an ember landed and burnt it. The boys seemed fine, but we found a nickel size burn hole on Big J's coat. We then put the fire out, and decided to get going. Gigantor decides instead of turning around he wants to drive along the path (NOT A PATH) and see where it comes out. So...we are bumping, and jumping along the trail in 4 wheel drive. We get in an area we can't turn around or back up, and to go forward, we scrape a 5 inch in diameter branch down the passenger side of the suburban GRRRRRRRRRRR We then find a hill this little path goes up. (hill HA it was a fricken cliff) and Gigantor is trying to put it in 4 low and go up. Me and the kids are yelling at him. NO NO NO NO NO He's like "well if I don't make it, we will go back down" This thing looked so steep and angled to one side in a couple places I knew we would get stuck or flip. So...I very sternly in my "don't mess with mom" voice told him "there is no FUCKING way you are going up this cliff" He got mad, but finally turned around. The trial that would have taken us a half hour if we turned around by the camp fire, took us 2 hours to finally get out of. Stupid men. I mean the worst part would be if something did happen. Hardly anyone was on the mountain, and we are on this trail that only maybe was used once last year. And our cell phone was on roam. NO NO NO NO NO

We finally get out on the main road and get back to Jacob Lake Lodge (don't ask me, there are no lakes on that mountain) and go potty, and buy the boys a GIANT cookie, and set out for home. (hour and a half away) It was 8 at night before we got home. We were so dang tired.

We were so tired we were lazy yesterday. Did some dishes, and laundry and watched t.v. That was about it. Lazy lazy. Well Gigantor did have to unload the suburban. I've been picking pine needles out of the pinon seeds now. Then I can wash and cook them.

Well I could probably talk about more stuff. Like the parade, or the stunt motorcyle riders, or the movies we watched, or even how my vortex bra has come back in full force!!!! But I've rambled long enough. And I'm still trying to brainstorm over a halloween costume. Nothing has completely appealed to kiddo yet. I keep wanting him and his friend to go as a booger and a finger, but they don't wanna play that game. hehehehehe

Happy Monday all!!!!