Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hell Cat

Well the wind has basically stopped blowing, and now it's warming up. Been about 79 or 80 here. SoOoooOO beautiful!!! My cough is pretty much gone away. It's still hanging on. I feel good except for the stupid cough, so I'm just struggling with that. Taking alot of sugar free robitussin cough syrup.

My fathers cat, is the cat from hell, let me tell ya. What a little shit she is. I finally pulled out the flippin spray bottle. Here is her daily routine. Wake up, come out of Captain Daddy's room, and find my cat. Then she torments my cat, by attacking him and hissing at him, and there is always a cat fight each morning. So...he goes outside (my cat). And every time he tries to come back inside during the day she jumps on him, and acts all shitty so he runs back outside. Then she decides she needs to attack one of the dogs. Every time he moves in the house. She has taken it upon herself to make sure everything on the table is on the floor every day. One corner of the table is my little office area for my Avon. So...I have to pick everything up a couple times a day. She has decided that all my house plants are her buffet, and all the dirt should be on the floor. I have two plants that are non existent anymore, they are eaten down to stubs. She keeps getting on the counter attacking the gerbil cage. We take her down each time, cuz she knocked over my favorite, very expensive vase that was holding my anniversary flowers. Then she goes and attacks the bird cage. She has knocked it off it's shelf twice, poor birdies. But she is pouncing at it at least 10 times a day. So...we are up down, up, down, up, down, getting this cat away from shit, and fixing things every fricken day. And here is the real kicker, that finally got my goat. She keeps going and scratching the shit out of my new couch and loveseat. My new "Suede" couch and love seat. And she just stares at us and keeps doing it, as we yell, and won't stop till we come over and almost touch her, then she runs off. This morning she had done all of these about 20 times, and it's only 9:30. So I marched my happy bubble butt into the bathroom, and got the water squirt bottle, and filled it up. She was at the bird cage and I hosed her down, she didn't like that to much, she tried the couch and I got her between the eyes. Now she is glaring at my back, sharpening her claws and plotting her next move.

I love all animals, but I would have spanked the shit out of this young cat already if she were mine, and she would know what she could and couldn't do around here. Hard with Captain Daddy here, he even gets upset when we yell at her for scratching the couch. So....he went out and about, and that's when I armed myself. LOL She's gonna get the hint, let me tell ya.

Okay all I'm off to switch laundry and get a turkey breast in the oven soon.

Have a good Thursday!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sooooooooo Yummie

Well...the wind is still blowing. And yes it SUCKS ASS!!!!! I still have that horrible cough. I feel great except that stupid cough. It kept me up for three hours last night, and that's after taking decongestant, and cough medicine. So...I can't tell if I'm just "draggin ass" tired or if I'm "bite your head off" tired. Guess the day will tell.

On that lovely note, I wanted to share a very easy very yummie recipe with ya all. I got this low carb cook book. Everything in this book is very low carb, and low fat, and low calories. It does a break down on each recipe, and it's amazing how "not bad for you" all of them are. We have made this one many times, and love it!!!!!


1 tablespoon oil
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
(we love onions and mushrooms so we do about 1 1/2 cup of both, and 1/2 cup yellow bell peppers, this is an easy recipe, tweek it to your liking)
1 can (15 ounces) pizza sauce
1 can (14 1/2 ounces) chicken broth
1 cup water
3 ounces sliced pepperoni (we have used canadian bacon also, again whatever you like)
1 teaspoon dried oregano (we leave this out, cuz the only pizza sauce this stupid little town sells is way way seasoned so it has enough)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat. Add mushrooms, bell pepper and onion. Cook, stirring frequently, 7 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

2. Stir in pizza sauce, broth, water, pepperoni and oregano. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes. Top with cheese and or croutons just before serving.

Okay I'm off to cough on somebody. Have a good Tuesday everyone!!!
This really helps if your dieting, and you crave pizza, you can get the pizza craving gone, and it's very satisfying.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Short and Sweet

1. I still have that horrible cough, and I'm having to keep on med and cough med every 4 hours. I may have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor

2. Gigantor did remember our anniversary, I got a card, flowers, and a cake. (?)

3. Nobody else really remembered. Not that I wanted a ton of people too, but his parents, and my best friend and his best friend would have been nice. Captain Daddy remembered, and Alekx gave us happy wishes, after she read it in my blog. hehehehee (caught you sis)

4. I hate the mother fucking wind!!!! (2 weeks straight of wind)

5. Captain Daddy is really ready to get back into his own place. Hopefully the fridge will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday, so he can get in there no later than next weekend.

6. To tell the truth, I'm really ready for Captain Daddy to be in his own place too.

7. Why is it, when you give a man a list of 4 very small things to do over an entire weekend, you will be lucky to only get one of them done???

8. I really really hate the wind!!!!!!

9. These two cats are never gonna get along and not fight. I think my animals will be glad when Captain Daddy's kitty is out of the house.

10. Sugar free and fat free pudding is not bad, but lets face it, it's not good either.

11. Kiddo needed a shoe box for school tomorrow, and I had to call 12, yup 12 people to find a flippin shoe box.

12. Why can't men take garbage out when it's so full it's over flowing??? NoOOOoOo they have to stack shit higher and higher, and even next to the flippin trash can!!!!

13. If your in a staring match with a gerbil, the gerbil will always win

14. I'm actually very glad that there is only one month of school left.

15. I really really really hate the mother bunny humping wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good Monday all!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coughs and Vomit

Well....I don't feel like dirty ass anymore. Somewhat like clean ass. I've been taking a bunch of dayquil. And I'm feeling somewhat better, just a little stuffy and still a cough. I'm thinking maybe it's a head cold, and hopefully I can get it kicked on out.

Last night, kiddo was up at 11. He had projectile vomited all over the floor of his room, the hall way, the bathroom, and finally reached the toilet. him in the shower, and then had to go about cleaning our butts off (actually Gigantor did the cleaning up) Then put him back to bed. I kept him home from school today. The 4th graders are supposed, to go on a river trip tomorrow. So...I wanted to keep him home so that he can go do that tomorrow.

OOoOO also tomorrow is my anniversary. I've gotten nothing for Gigantor. Not a dam thing. I have been sick, and I'm broke so oh well. LOL He better dam well remember me though. hehehehee I say it sorta kiddingly. But he has blown off our anniversary quite a few times. He owes me. hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go finish my rice cakes with fat free peanut butter. LOL

Have a good Thursday all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is Somebody's Ass in my Mouth???

Gad, I feel like ass today. I didn't sleep well Sunday night so I was tired yesterday. Then for some god awful reason I coughed all night last night. I'm way tired, and I feel like ass. My throat hurts. dammit.

In other news. Easter was very nice. Rather quiet and lazy. We watched Narnia, which kiddo got in his basket. And we watched Memoirs of a Geisha, which Captain Daddy got me. Both are excellent movies. We had a great dinner. Prime rib, asparagus, potatoes, pink poofoo, deviled eggs, rolls, and for desert, apple pie ala mode.

We went out to eat breakfast the other day, and my vortex bra must have been working over time. I dropped egg right where it would go in the bra if I wasn't wearing such a high cut shirt. I dropped bacon and hashbrowns there too. Then for some reason the blueberry syrup attacked me. I left that restaurant looking like I had been in a food fight. I had streaks and dots of blueberry syrup all over my light blue shirt. And I had splotches of egg and all my other food right at the dip in your cleavage, on my shirt. Can't dress me up and take me out anywhere. I swear.

Well...I'm gonna go finish my piece of pecan pie and my mug of coffee and I may just go lay back down. Since I feel so assie. LOL not to be mistaken with ausie.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Us Poor Fools

Okay I have decided if God is picking on us, then he is leaving some other poor fools alone. So...everybody should have had a free hall pass card yesterday. I swear...what the hell??? hehehe

Okay so you all know I got the suburban fixed before going to get Captain Daddy. To the tune of 330 bucks. Then just about two weeks ago I got the fuel pump fixed in it to the tune of 356 bucks. Well...Gigantor told me there was some weird noise coming from the back of his truck. But we decided to wait a week or so.

Yesterday, Good Friday, no school, I get to sleep in. I was in heaven thinking I could sleep till 8 or 8:30. Hubby wakes me up at about 6:30, and says, "you have to get up and come tow my truck" I'm like, WTF??? He went to the convenience store on the way to work, and got a sandwich. Came out, and the truck wouldn't start. Cranked but wouldn't turn over. But it can't be fuel pump, cuz we have duel tanks. And the other tank should have worked. Cuz it has a fuel pump in each tank. So...he walked home to get me so I could tow it. We go back down there, and the stupid thing starts. So...we take it uptown to the shop, and he says he's not sure, to drive it and see what happens. Head back home (I'm following him all the time) and the check engine light comes on. Call the guy at shop back, and he says to bring it up, they will scan it. And let us know by noon so we can fix it.

Come home, and my fricken computer crashes. I mean, blue screen of death. Unhook computer, take it to the shop, to find out that my hard drive crashed, and he doesn't know if he can save anything on it. I told him, that I would deal with everything, if he could just get my pictures off it. Last one's of my mom, and her memorial. He said he would try.

Call the guy about fixing Captian Daddy's refrigerator in the travel trailer. Told we have to take the thing out and bring it to him. If it's a sensor, then he probably can replace it, if it's the element, then he isn't sure he can get a replacement, and if he can they are 400 bucks. If it's neither, then a new fridge of that kind is 1500 bucks.

All this happened and we haven't even had breakfast yet. grrrrrrrrrr

Then we decided to go shopping, and kept running into problems at the store. They didn't mark the prime rib roast right, and it took a fricken half hour to get the shit straight. So...we eat a way late lunch. Like 3 in the afternoon. And I realize that I forgot to get my medicine when down town. So...gigantor went and got the meds and the computer.

Now today, I am cooking eggs for dying and to give to the easter bunny to hide. And I am going to make some pecan pies this afternoon. Desert is gonna be Pecan and Apple pie ala mode.

Well...I better go get cookin.

Happy Easter everyone.

And please pray or do spells, or dances to make this awful hex come off of us. hehehehe

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Family that Farts Together....

errrr....Stinks together. I swear we need a gas mask around this house. I have no idea what we ate, but it's one honkin house right now. Every time one of us stands up we fart, in the car-fart, sit down-fart, walk-fart. You can hear farting all over the house. For once it's not the dogs or the cat. They are the one's constantly begging to be let outside, cuz we all are farting so much. I have no idea what it could be. We didn't eat anything unusual, or that normally would give a person gas. But they smell like rotten eggs. Just imagine what it's gonna smell like in here next week, after tons of deviled eggs on easter. hehehehehehe

Okay I have a delima. I was gonna make a ham for easter dinner, as is our tradition. But...I made a ham the first couple days Captain daddy was here, and now the boys keep looking at me going. *insert whinie voice* "But we just had hammmmm" And a turkey is out of the question. We have been turkeyed out. So...I finally made a decision. Gigantor is going to cook up one of his sucullant prime rib roasts. I think I'm gonna make potatoes (with lipton onion mushroom soup mix and a touch of olive oil on them) and asparagus (captain daddy made a special request), deviled eggs, pink poofoo (remember that one), and rolls. But...BUT!!!! I can not for the life of me figure out a desert. Don't say cake, because..*insert another whinie voice* "we just had a cake last weekend" I was thinking of maybe buying a couple frozen pies, and serving it hot with ice cream. ALA MODE hehehehehe Oh oh oh oh oh You all know that apple pie ala mode is the best, and any fruit pie ala mode rocks also. But we went to a little cafe when we scattered mom's ashes and guess what we had. HOT pecan pie ala mode. I can make some pretty killer pecan pies. Maybe I'll make pecan and have an apple, and get some vanilla ice cream. But please give me ideas, in case I flake on that one. hehehehe

Okay does anybody know at what age parakeets will breed. And if they are in captivity parakeets, do you need to build them a nesting box before they breed??? Will I be safe if I don't build them one??? Will they never breed then??? ahhhhhhhh I found out from Captain Daddy, that to tell a parakeets sex. You look at that little piece of skin above their beak, where their noses are. If it's pale, or pink they are a girl. If it's blue, they are a boy. OMG OMG OMG I have one of each. I don't know if I'm up for little baby parakeets. I don't know the first thing about them. But....I don't know if they will ever breed. I'm so fricken lost.

Okay off to mash my taters (and that was literal, not some sexual comment this time.) hehehehehe

Happy Good Friday and a very Happy Happy Easter to all, if I don't talk to you before then!!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Finally I am faster than a speeding bullet. Watch me zoom by. See my dust cloud. hehehehehe

I finally did it. I got cable internet. It's pretty expensive here. That's why I hadn't done it yet. But...I had of all things *gag* dial up. And my server was getting worse and worse. I could barely dial in, and I was waiting anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes for pages to load, depending on the graphics of the place. I must be a really dedicated blog reader, to stick with you guys, and spend hours so I can read your blogs. *pat on back* Now I can load them in seconds. hehehehehe

Well...I must say that the vortex bra is back in full swing, or should I say "suxtion" Nothing had fallen prey to my bra in a long long time. Maybe it was cuz it was winter and it would hide. But now that it's warmed up. I'm finding all sorts of interesting objects in there again. I found a mini marshmallow in my bra the other night. I would like to know where the hell it came from, since we don't have any fricken marshmallows in the dam house. Mostly it's just after my food, and crumbs, and the like. (hungry after the winter hibernation I guess) But a flippin marshmallow, I'm still wondering about that one. Wonder if the easter bunny is gonna hide an egg in there. If it tries, I'm sure my bra will suck it and the bunny in, then there will be disappointed children all over. And my bra will be known as the bunny killer. *snork* hehehehe

Okay I'm off to go pee before I leave a puddle.

I just love how fast this posts now. hehehehehe

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Holy Herding Children Batman

It's almost easter. I still have to get to the store. I have done no easter bunny shopping. ahhhhhhhhhh

Today was the city egg hunt. When they do that, they usually advertise, then you go to the sports complex. (has 4 softball fields on it. We also have the youth soccer and football play on it) We took Kiddo, Big J, and his sister, Little Pixie. You show up with a bucket or basket. Figure out which half of which field your child will be on. (split into age groups) And each half (the halfs are fenced off with temporary fence) they have had tons of volunteers, fill plastic eggs and throw them out on the field. In some of the eggs are little tickets for the kids to win bigger prizes. Kiddo has one a big prize 3 times. usually is start at 9. They have a petting zoo, where the 4-H kids bring out, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, pigs, and a miniature horse. This year there was no petting zoo. Bummer. Then they also have games that the kids can win and go get a prize. Kiddo and big J got frisbee's and little balls that look like oranges. Little Pixie got a book. Then they also have balloons (which we didn't get this year, cuz the line was about 200 people long) They have firetrucks and ambulances out for everyone to look at. And a few police officers and one of the K-9 officers they do a demonstration with. They have Elmo, winnie the pooh, big bird, mcgruff the crime dog, and the easter bunny, for everyone to see. You can also for a small fee get pictures of your child with the easter bunny. I think I did that the first couple years we took kiddo. Now we don't anymore. At 10 on the dot. They start the egg hunt. So...about 9:50, Gigantor took Little Pixie down to her field for the hunt. Captain Daddy and I took Kiddo and Big J to their field. The hunt seems like it only last about 2.6 minutes. hehehehehe

The boys only got little prizes in their eggs, and Little Pixie got a ticket. So..she went and won a jewelry/key chain making kit. That was cool.

There was a huge crowd and tons of kids, but it was fun. One thing I really liked about this year. Is...they advertised it less than usual. It wasn't in the paper, and only on the radio once. So...all the outlying reservation towns didn't come in this time. I'm not trying to be overly rude. these town functions, most the organizers only do enough stuff for towns people, and a few outlying area's. But when they are advertised really well. We get people from reservation towns, up to 100 miles away. It may sound awful, but they organize for about 5 to 6 hundred children, and then get anywhere from 4 to 6 that show up. But when all the towns from that far away show up, we end up with almost 1000 people or so. Then people miss out on things. Because there is never enough planning, parking, law enforcement, and courtesy for that many people. Their towns run their own activities too, so why they invade ours, sometimes gets a little trying on the nerves. Now something like or summer or fall festivals, I understand tons of people showing up from other towns, and they do prepare for that. But small little city functions, those are the one's that get over crowded.

It's like trick or treating each year. We hear advertisements on the radio about trick or treating on a few days before halloween, in some of the towns, and they then say that only their residents can attend. But they do it on different days, so they all can drive into our town and do it on halloween too. I think that is wrong. It's been that way for years and years, but it's still wrong. That is greedy to me. If you don't have a place to go and do activities, then by all means, drive into a place that has them. But if your town holds them also, and your small little town is now planning them around another towns, so everyone can go to multiple of the same thing. It think that is wrong.

Okay I'm done with my tangent. I'm gonna go..gotta go work on Captain Daddy's trailer some more.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Suburban Gods Hate Me

Well I didn't get the suburban back till the end of the day today. That son of a bitching car. I swear to god. I could buy a new one with all the shit. grrrrrrrrr was the fuel pump, then they had to drop the tank to replace the pump. But in doing that, they have to tear apart a strainer thingie and the in line fuel filter, which they forgot to add those and labor on the quote. So...end result was 356 buckeroonies. Okay so 330 before we went to get Captain Daddy, and now 356 after he is back here. Maybe I need to get a horse again, and just say screw it to the vehicles. But then I'd probably have a thousand dollar vet bill. hehehehe

I'm sure Captain Daddy is ready to be out of the house. He seems a little disgusted when we start our little family tirades. And when we have to punish Kiddo. I know he's somewhat disgusted that his perfect little grandson is doing crap like he's doing. (1/2 hour talk with his teacher about him disrespecting her today) And I know Captain Daddies kitty is ready to be the hell out of here. About the first week she stayed hidden in his room. I let him put the sandbox and food in there. Now she is venturing out. But she is still picking fights with the dogs, and my cat. Only thing now, is instead of my animals backing off. They know she is like here to stay, so when she is pissy, they fight back to put her in her place. We have had to break up a few fights. Usually stop my animals from killing her. Dumb little shit. hehehehe

AND WHEN THE HELL DID EASTER SNEAK UP ON ME?????? I wanted to get Kiddo a movie or two and a bunnie, and a few yummie goodies for his basket. I have the bunny, and Captain Daddy keeps buying videos when they come out. I had to yell at him today not to buy Chronicles of Narnia, cuz I didn't want him ruining my easter gift. He's already ruined two easter or birthday gifts by buying the stuff right away. hehehee So...this Saturday is the city egg hunt and petting zoo. I'll take everyone to that, then I have to get my happy butt to the store and get the stuff for his basket.

Anyhow I'm gonna go beat the dog for being an idiot and slap the husband for being annoying, then I'm going to bed. hehehehe

Monday, April 03, 2006

TheTale of an Ass Clown

My son is a clown, and he is a clown with a bare ass. hehehehe There for an ass clown.

My son is usually very quiet, and rather shy. So...for him to do something goofy or funny or entertaining in front of anyone other than us, is just way way unusual.

So Kiddo and Big J were here playing yesterday. And they are jumping on the trampoline. They must have played on the tramp for about 3 hours yesterday. And Gigantor goes out and sprays them and the tramp down with the hose, then proceeded to water the tree. I was outside just watching the boys, and the neighbors across the street were goofing off also. When my son starting taunting his daddy, cuz he wanted sprayed again. And in midst of jumping, my young, innocent, sweet 9 year old screams "HEY DAD LOOK AT THIS" (which makes all the neighbors look) and he pulled down his pants, and mooned us all!!!! I mean I thought I had time, like till he was a young teenager, before he started showing people all his ASSets. But NoOoOOoOoOo my son is starting early. *sigh* I can just see the phone calls now, when he's a teenager. From his friends parents, girlfriends parents, from the school, the police. ahhhhhhhhhh LOL

Okay and on a side note, went out this morning, and started the suburban, then it died, then tried again, and it goes crank crank crank, but won't catch and turn over. It does the rear rear rear noise, but no catching or turning over. Thank God Captain Daddy was here and drove us to school. Gigantor said he was worried it might be the fuel pump. So...had the mechanic guy come check and he said he thought so too. Had to tow the bitch up to the mechanics, then was told that they would do one more test, but if it is the fuel pump, then they have to drop the entire gas tank to replace it. Told me it would be about $325. *BANGS HEAD ON DESK*

Gigantor and I said, how some people say "when it rains it pours" well with us, "when it rains, it pours buckets of diarrhea on our heads"

That's it for Monday. I'm outa here.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Movie Review, and Busy ness

We went and seen Ice Age 2 The Meltdown today. Excellent movie, very very good. But dam if we weren't packed in that theater like sardines. They were selling tickets so good, that the movie was almost 20 minutes late starting. They packed in there so heavy that they let some kids sit on the floor up front. (joys of small town) I can't wait to get it on video and see it again, and hear all the parts we missed for all the laughing, screaming children. But it was still a fun time. Of course Captain Daddy went with us.

I didn't get a chance to post anything else this week. Cuz to say we were busy, would have been an understatement. Besides getting my son to school, and home and doing homework, and cooking, and cleaning up. This week to get daddy settled in we visited alot of places. 4 times to DMV, 5 trips to the bank, 5 trips to safeway, 8 trips to the post office, 8 trips up to daddies trailer, 1 parent teacher conference, 30 houses to deliver avon books, 4 trips to the gas company, 2 trips to the city, 1 trip to get title notarized, 1 truck sold (mom's), 2 trips to fire dept, and a few other places I can't remember right now. It's been raining on and off here all week. long as it doesn't rain today or tonight, then Gigantor it going to go level daddies trailer tomorrow, then we need to hook up water, sewer, and electric. Then gigantor and I need to help him get it all back in order, and we need to vacuum and clean the thing real good. Then during the week, the gas company is going to come and run line for the gas and hook it up. His trailer runs off of propane, and where he lived he had a big giant propane tank. But our gas company doesn't rent those out, because the entire city is run on propane through the lines. So...they have to come run some line and hook it up to his trailer. So...we thought captain daddy could move back in his place this weekend, but it looks like next weekend is more likely.

We are off to make a major healthy dinner. Biscuits and gravy and eggs and bacon. heheheheh

OoOoo On a side note, Master Clark (the taekwondo teacher) is a dead man. We were going through walmart last night, and I had Gigantor pick up Chicken Little, for me to put in Kiddo's easter basket. Well....Master Clark walks up to say high, and digs in the cart, and goes "what's this" and holds it up. So...of course kiddo saw it, and now we have to let him have it now. I was ready to thunk Master Clark. hehehehehe

Hope you all are having a good weekend.