Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spilling my Guts

Be warned this is probably gonna be a long book here.
I decided to spill all. Some of you might not even care to read it, and that is fine, it is more for me and healing for me. It's some things about me that I have hidden since I've had this blog. Shocking I know cuz I seem to put it all out there.

I'm having real issues with my health. Let me just lay some ground work to what I'm getting too. (this is the long part)

I was a skinny scrawny kid till I hit middle school, then after puberty I got a bit chunky. But I hiked, and rode horses, and ran and played. I thought I was fat in high school, but when I look back and at pics, I would kill for that body again. Even after high school, I rode the horses, I bucked hay, I worked out with weights and aerobics. I was in some dam good shape. But I was never "thin" my look good/feel good weight was between 180 and 210. And I was alot of muscle too.

When I moved back up here, I had moved to take care of my mom. I was still very active, but didn't have the gym here, so I put on a bit of weight. I got married, still very active, could go on hikes and everything.

Then I had my first surgery where they removed that 30lb tumor. It took me over a year to heal and tons of hormone pills, and I put on more weight. Then I went on fertility drugs for a year, because we very much wanted a baby. Got pregnant, lost some weight, had the baby and never lost any after he was born. Back on the hormone medication (this is so I won't get more tumors) A couple years later I went in for a routine surgery to remove my gal bladder, and the surgeon cut my artery so they had to cut me open. Lets just say it was a nightmare surgery and healing. Took so long. And yup you guessed it, more weight.

By this time my mom's health really started going down hill, so we were taking care of her more and more. Which meant less time for me to work out, less time to go hiking (we didn't feel right leaving unless we had someone to check on her) Less time for me in general. And....I put on more weight. I ended up going on blood pressure meds not to long after that. He said they were mainly from stress, but yes my weight did contribute.

Each year, my health got worse, and I gained a bit more weight. After my mom went in the hospital and to Texas, I made arrangements to go there for the summer. Took my kid. The point was, that my sister had gym equipment in her house, and a pool nearby that did water aerobics and I could work my butt off, and get a jump start on the weight loss.

As a bunch of you know. 4th day there I fell, got taken away in an ambulance. I dislocated my elbow, bruised up my knee, and we thought major sprained my ankle, now we know that it sorta broke. And I walked on it with a cane anyway. 5 days later I put myself in the water aerobics anyway. I did lose weight, not as much as I wanted cuz I couldn't use the gym machines, but in 5 months I lost 65lbs, it was a big jump start for me.

I came home and was keeping up exercising. (we don't have access to a pool or gym equipment here) so I did the best I could. Christmas eve I fell again. That hurt my spirits bad. As I was recouping from it, about ready to start exercising again, well my mom died. That threw me into a major tail spin, for at least 6 months. At least I didn't gain weight in that 6 months.

In the summer I hurt my back so bad that the chiropractor thought I might have broke it. Ended up I didn't, but I couldn't walk but a few feet and with a cane for 4 months. Yeah I gained some weight. After those holidays, my entire family got sick back to back for three months. We were sick then well for 4 or 5 days then sick again. It was horrid.

That spring I requested some new hormone meds. And then I went through a year of recurring urinary tract infections and yeast infections. I was miserable, I was sick feeling, I hurt so bad, and I could NOT exercise with that, and yeah I put on more weight.

The next spring I made the doctor take me off those meds. I then pulled my back out again that summer. I got healed, and thought, okay this is my year to get back in shape. I'm still walking, so I will just up that a bit and start my exercise tapes. Then my tooth broke and I had to go in for surgery. After I healed most of the way, I got an aweful aweful pain in my right knee. I was having a bit of a hard time walking. By Feb, the other knee started hurting just as bad.

I told the doctor about the pain and she gave me some pain meds. Tramadol....they are non narcotics, and I was just taking one on the weekends and one day during the week. Just at night. It seemed to be helping. Then I went through two bouts of this weird coughing sickness. I coughed day and night for 5 weeks straight. I couldn't take my pain meds when I was doing that cuz they would make me sick.

After I got well, the pain was way to much to catch up too. I was taking a pain pill every night. And again I gained more weight.

There is a point you hit where you can't lose weight unless you exercise, and you can't exercise unless you lose weight. Also if you hit a certain size, and can't really move, your body stores whatever it eats, even if it's healthy. Your metabolism just quits. That is the point I was/am at. My knees got worse and worse. I also felt like I had jelly legs. So...not only the pain but it felt like I was going to fall each time I tried to walk.

My weight makes it near impossible also. I get breathless just going in to the bathroom. I'm scared to go out of the house by myself, I'm not sure my legs will let me get back in myself. I've stopped driving cuz it's to hard to get in and out of the suburban without help, and I'm sure with my knees my reaction time on the pedals won't be what it used to be.

I was sinking into dispair from all the past few years, and curent sittuation. My sister finally noticed and told me I needed to talk to the doctor about my feelings as well as the pain.

I don't up pain meds on my own. I'm scared to death of them. My mother died from smoking and her pain med abuse. I like pain meds to much, so I know I could get addicted to them quite easy. So...I'm scared and extra careful. But...people I can't fricken move.

I went into the doctor. is one of the hardest parts for me to confess out to the world. I never have before. Their mechanical scale goes up to 350lbs. I'm off that scale. Their electronic scale goes to 400lbs I'm off that scale too. We estimate that I am about 450lbs. I'm 5'5" tall, that's alot of weight.

I have high blood pressure, that isn't even controlled with meds right now. She said from the pain and dehydration it was 200 over 112. Scared the crap out of me. I suffer from degenerative disc disease. Which yes I know is hereditary, but the weight doesn't help and my lower back and hips are in constant pain. I suffer from lower leg lymphadema. My lower legs are about as big as my thighs, and heavy and achy and gross. And my knees. We think it's arthritis, cuz it makes gross gross grating noises when I move. And now because of all of this and because of my fat ass, I can't fricken move. I am so scared to be the lady cut out of her house. Or to die.

I'm not bed ridden, but I'm sure that would be the next step. The doctor went ahead and told me to take two of those pills at night. And after I broke down and sobbed to her, she put me on cymbalta. She is going to see me in one month, and moniter me very close.

Gigantor and my sister have been helping tons. My sister calls or texts me throughout the day and reminds me to drink water, and to do some arm exercises in my chair.

We have started some leg exercises each night here at home. I lay on my back on the bed, and Gigantor will pick up my heals. I will make the walking motion. 20 steps so actually 40 cuz it's 20 on each side. I'm ready to up it 5. (I've only been doing them a week) And then he puts my feet on his upper chest (His taekwondo master told us to do this one) And I bend my knees back to my chest as far as I can and I push, and he pushes back, so it's resistance. We do it for a count of 10 then I push him all the way up. We repeat that 5 times. I'm not quite ready to up that yet, but hopefully in another week.

Please all, pray for me. I'm scared, and I'm still way to down in the dumbs to be fired up enough. I'm really hoping the pain meds make me feel better enough so I can move and that the cymbalta makes me feel better enough so I WANT to move.

I just wanted to lay it out there to you, cuz I'm probably gonna be using the blog once in a while to vent or whine or talk about my sucess or failures for the day.

If you have read this far I give you brownie, cuz I'm not eating any more of them right now. hahahahaha

Bless you all

Have a good weekend if I don't talk to you before then!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Recipe and struggling with myself.

This my lovelies, is HOT FUDGE PUDDING CAKE!!! Doesn't it just look divine???

Some of you asked for the recipe so here it is.


1 1/4 cups granulated sugar, divided
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup hersheys cocoa, divided
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup butter or margarine, melted
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
1 1/4 cup hot water
Whipped topping

1. Heat oven to 350
2. Stir together 3/4 cup sugar, flour, 1/4 cup cocoa, baking powder, and salt. Stir in milk, butter and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Pour batter into greased 9 inche square baking pan. Stir together remaining 1/2 cup sugar, brown sugar and remaining 1/4 cup cocoa. Sprinkle mixture evenly over batter. Pour hot water over top. Do not stir.

3. Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until center is almost set. Let stand 15 minutes. Spoon into dessert dishes, spooning sauce from bottom of pan over top. Garnish with whipped topping.

That is so dam good people let me know if you like it if you try it.

Now the struggling with myself part. I went to the doctor today, I got some of my prescriptions I needed since we have new insurance, and a got a few more. I talked to her at length and hard about some issues in my life and with my health and mental state. I got some other meds to try.

I've been thinking about spilling it all on here on my blog. I've been blogging since what 2004?? and I've never spilled what I'm thinking of spilling. I dunno I think deep down, I'm afraid most of you will not like me and go running the other way. The way alot of people do who see me in person.

I'm gonna go ahead and struggle with myself for a bit and make a decision. My sister Alekx said I should just spill it all out here, and make myself more accountable maybe it would help. I'm gonna go sleep on it. With one more pain pill than I was taking before (as per doctors orders) and with a new med in the morning, and get rest after my very emotional doctors visit. Maybe I can look at it in a new light in the morning.

Hope you all had a great Monday and have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Wow I don't think I can top the talking ass post for a while. And I hadn't realize that last time I posted was Wednesday. hehehe ooops

So....lets see. Thursday, hmmmm not a dam thing happened. hahahahaha

Friday--after Gigantor took kiddo and big J to school, he went over to his mom's to go resolve a "situation" It's resolved for the better, but lets just say we were very pissed off. Okay okay I'll sorta tell you. She had said we could use her true value account, while we were still working on the house, as long as we made payments for our stuff. I was paying 50 dollars a month, almost had it paid off. Then she asked me to make lower payment so she could go longer without paying her part, cuz they were broke. So...I did that to be nice. So..yeah it wasn't paid off yet, cuz she asked me to stretch it out longer. But...get this. She called and says. "you have to get your own account, cuz I don't want any more of your stuff going against my account or credit rating." I'm like "What?? we are the only one's paying we ARE the one's giving you good credit rating." And she got all pissy. So..yeah I told Gigantor to handle it or I was gonna punch her in the face. He went and got our own account and told her she HAD to get our name off her account, we didn't want part of any account with her. hahahahhaa

So...the rest of Friday we watched some t.v.

Saturday--Gigantor got up and vacuumed and did some dishes, that was nice. We watched a couple movies. Ghost Town and House Bunny. Both of those were a lot better than I thought they would be.

Then we went out to Fiesta Mexicana with some friends, Yummie nummie food.

Today--Gigantor got up and did nothing. hahahaha I got up and we finished listening to New Moon on audio disc (for my son) And we changed the beds and did some dishes and laundry. Then we started cooking some chicken ( we cook it before we bbq it, so it doesn't get burnt on the grill and uncooked in the middle) and we watched The Women and Mamma Mia. Again two pretty dam good movies.

Captain Daddy showed up and goes, Hey how about chinese tonight, but the place was closed. So I asked if he wanted bbq chicken and he didn't. So...he sugested pizza. Honestly I would have rather had the chicken, but hey it was free dinner, I'm not gonna say no to that!!! And I wrapped the chicken up to bbq tomorrow.

We watched an old musical with dinner. Thoroughly Modern Millie. I love that one, it's so funny.

We found that recipe of my mom's she used to make. She called it Pudding Cake. It's called Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. Gigantor was nice and when I was in the bathroom holding court on my throne, he mixed it up and put it in the oven. It should be cool enough in about 10 minutes. You serve it warm though.

I used to love this cake when I was a kid. You make the cake part and put it in the pan, then you put the wet ingredients on the top, put it in to bake. And the wet (hot fudge like stuff) stuff on the top cooks through to the bottom, so when you scoop it out, you turn it upside down. It is all gooey on the bottom so turning it upside down lets the hot fudge puddingie stuff oooze all over it.

Now it's not "sweet" like chocolate, but it's one of those more bitter chocolate things but rich rich. hehehehe I hope it comes out right. I've missed that.

Anyhow, hope you all had a great weekend, can't wait to read and catch up.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real Men Fart!!

Oh yeah that will be my next family car. hahahahaha

Okay all I have a rather gross subject. As you can tell by the title, it's about farts, and well men, and men and farts. That being said, you can all consider yourself warned.

Everybody farts, EVER FRICKEN BODY!!! But only a select few are entertaining while they do it.

My skinny anerexic looking grandmother had these farts that squealed. I mean high pitched, made my mother think the refrigerator was breaking down squeal. Some people have the machine gun farts--rat a tat tat tat. Others have the big belching vomit sounding farts. Sounds like someone majorly spewed. Wonder if the person has to wipe. hahahaha

Now my son and my husband both have one's that will fricken kill ya. I mean I wonder if they just go out and chew on rotten road kill they are so bad.

But my husband....well he must have his down to an art form. He has always had these squeaky little farts, that will gag you. He likes to say they squeak cuz his "butthole is so tiny" I always come back and say well God didn't want to make you all asshole so he left that part small since the rest is big asshole.

Anyhow....we are in bed the other night, He is turned on his side, rubbing my arm, talking to me and we are watching some t.v. When I hear a rather quiet, but high pitched. Heeeeeeeeelp Meh!!! I sit straight up in bed and go WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? He looks at me and goes. OOOOps, with a grin on his face. I say OMG DID YOUR ASS JUST SCREAM FOR HELP??? At which point he started laughing uncontrollably. I said, It did, your ass screamed for help, and he goes, no it didn't. So I immitated it. heeeeelp meh. I said, that was your ass!!!! It screamed for help!!!! What the hell do you have up there????

At which point he had fallen out of bed laughing and red in the face and screaming at me that I better not tell anybody. I said. Yeah right this is me we are talking about, I have a blog, and I like to tell EVERY FRICKEN BODY!!! I'm like if you don't want me to tell people then you need to stop stuffing things up your ass that need help. I mean this was a week or two ago and I'm still wondering why his as was screaming help me.

Then THEN!!!! Just the other night he was in the shower. And I was sitting on my throne reading him an article from a magazine. The shower and throne are on opposite ends of the bathroom but they face each other and we have a clear shower curtain with frogs on it.

Anyhow....I'm reading him this article, and I hear QUACK!! I stop reading and go, "what was that???" Two dogs walked in the bathroom and started looking around. I go, what the fuck just quacked?? And I see my husband sorta shaking in that silent kinda laugh. Shoulders bouncing and all. And I scream. OMG YOUR ASS JUST QUACKED AT ME!!!! He busts a gut laughing. I scream SO WAS IT THE DUCK SCREAMING FOR HELP THE OTHER NIGHT??

I swear to god, I must have the only man with a tallented talking, quacking asshole. Please tell me I'm not alone, cuz that is enough to send me over the edge. I mean when they find me giggling in a corner, saying "the duck in his ass kept screaming for help" nobody is gonna know what the hell I'm all about.

But honestly, even days later, it's enough to double you over laughing. I wish we could do it on command, cuz we could take that show on the road. Be rich from a talking ass. Although the smell might clear the room. hahahahaha

Hope you all have a good Wednesday. And no ducks scream for help on your watch. hahahahahaha

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heck of a weekend so far

Oh my gosh it's been a heck of a weekend so far. Can I just start by saying THE CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!

What an amazing dang game. Now I have never ever been a cardinals fan even though I have lived in Arizona all my life. The Cardinals have always been the worst of the worst team ever. And that dam Bill Bidwell (the owner) sucks major donkey dick. He would trade and fire, fire and trade that nobody could ever do anything with the team.

But then a couple years ago, Emit Smith retired from the Cowboys and went to play with the Cardinals. He didn't make it great but it seemed to boost the moral of alot of the players. Then they got Anquan Boldin and Fitzgerald and Hightower and Warner. And this team started pulling together, and they got better and better and better this year. Then lookie and see!!!! They went to the playoffs, won the NFC championship and won, and now we are on to the super bowl!!!!

On a side note, we took old Buster in to the vet, and the blood test showed that his liver is doing about 30 percent better than it was.'s getting better. We will keep him on these new pills. 80 bucks for 60 of them. *insert wretching here*

The parent in laws came over to watch the football game. They are still here watching the next one. grrr

Oh man yesterday Gigantor was in so much trouble. The 17th is the anniversary of my mom's death, and he decided to be gone till after 1 in the afternoon. Then we were supposed to do a bunch of things, and he had Captain Daddy come over to watch war movies. I was not a happy camper and didn't feel that well (emotionaly) Can I just say, somedays men are the worst kind of asshole.

Anyhow I'm off to play the good hostess and hope they go ahead and leave soon.

Have a good holiday Monday everyone. Kid is off school and Hub unit is home from work. Maybe we can get some stuff done tomorrow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random This and That

I think I've tied myself in that kind of knot before. hahahahahhaa

I don't have anything interesting, just random crap.

After work tonight, Gigantor has the next 4 days off. Kiddo has Monday off. Be nice to have everyone here for a few days.

Gigantor's birthday is on the 3rd, and I don't have a dam thing or a dam clue what to get him. I have a dinner planned, so far that's it.

My Buster dog needs another blood test tomorrow. He had one a couple weeks ago, cuz he's been on pain meds for the past 6 months. It showed some liver failure. So....they put him on diff pills and want to check it again, see how he is. The vet mentioned taking him off of pain meds, cuz of the damage. And I said, okay we can keep him out of pain till the damage is to severe we have to put him to sleep, or we can let him suffer in pain and not be able to walk, and have to put him to sleep sooner. I was rather pissy when I said it, and the vet goes. Oh well yeah good point. God..sometimes doctors of any kind just piss me the hell off.

My father, sometimes I don't get him. We got Kiddo Hellboy 2 for christmas. Well...he wanted to watch it the other day, and we tore this house apart for like 2 hours and couldn't find it. Kiddo was major upset. I told him that I maybe dropped it and it got scooped up with the trash on christmas morning. And I said I would get another copy if that was the case. Well...later that day, Gigantor decided to ask Captain Daddy if we accidently put it in his box. He goes yeah I got it why? And we told him how we put it there accidently, and how it was Kiddo's. At which point my dad got rather pissy cuz we were taking a movie we gave him. My dad...the same one that said he "hated fricken hellboy it was the stupidest movie and idea he ever saw in his life" was mad that we accidently put it in there then wanted it back. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sometimes I wish it was legal to punish your older parents the same way you can punish your kids. Where as a timeout wouldn't do him any good, but a good chasing with the flyswatter and yelling IF YOU DON'T STOP CRYING I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REAAAALLLLYYYY CRY ABOUT!!! Just might do the trick. I mean it worked for my mom when we were little. hahahahahhaa

Oh oh oh that makes me remember a story that happened out here at our DMV office. The cars and trucks were driving down the road, and this Semi passes a mini van and almost runs them off the road. Well the lady in the mini van had her three kids, her friend and her friends two kids in the van. The lady was pissed as hell. She drove up on the DMV and weight station to find the truck parked there. The trucker had gone inside to go pee. The lady was so pissed she grabbed the only thing she could find, marched her happy self in the DMV office and pr0ceeded to beat this truck driver with a flyswatter, yelling at him the whole time. They called the cops, after the cops got done picking themselves up off the floor cuz they were laughing so hard, they got to the bottom of it. The truck driver said he wanted to press charges. They said fine, that will be a small fine on the lady, but he was getting a major ticket for reckless driving, then they looked into his log book and stuff, and found a ton of infractions.
Crazy lady with flyswatter--1
Stupid ass truck driver--0 plus fines

I just love stories like that. hahahahaha

On that note, I'm gonna leave ya for today. Have a flyswatter beating free weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Laws--ugggggghhhhhh

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I love this picture. We were looking through pictures, and found this one, and I started laughing so hard I was falling out of my chair. To which point my son was doing the same thing. I finished laughing, and my son goes "I don't get it" OMG that made me laugh all the more!!!!

Well the title was moaning about inlaws. You all know I don't get along the greatest with mine. It's a very rickety kind of relationship. But I do try, god help me I try. My mother in law gets upset. Says his family plans last minute and I'm not spontaneous. a point I am. I mean we go over somewhere they ask us to stay we do. We just up and go for a drive in the mountains a couple hours away, we up and invite someone over. What I don't like last minute, is when people do birthday dinners, or other family dinners, they have been planning and they don't call us to let us know till a couple hours before dinner is ready. Then they have enough gal to ask us to bring something. mother in law called me last Thursday to tell me they were doing a birthday dinner for gigantor's dad on Tuesday. A few things bugged me about this.

1. That it's my in laws. *sigh*

2. That they always have to do shit during the middle of the week. Why the hell can't they push something forward or back to a friday or sat. Gigantor's birthday is on the 3rd, and we are doing a dinner the sat before.

3. She said it was gonna be a huge family dinner for his 70th, but then asked us to bring our own meat to cook.

4. She then said if we wanted any side dishes we had to bring them..

5. That made me stop and think about, did she mean it's a potluck, is everyone bringing stuff, or do we just bring our own, what we want.

6. Gigantor gets ahold of her, just last night, and she wanted me to make at least two really big side dishes for everyone, cuz they didn't have any other food.

Okay here is what bugs me so bad. They never have enough food for everyone, and they never have drinks. We have gotten used to taking our own drinks. But she just said SHE was having a big dinner for him. Then proceeded to tell us to not only bring food for ourselves but for everyone else too.

I was proud of Gigantor, he told her no, I wasn't doing it. We faught about it alot today actually. I didn't want to go at all after that, and he wanted us all to bow down to them cuz it was his dad's 70th birthday. So...I told him to just go, and he did this massive guilt trip on me. Then he did the worst thing he could have done. He tried to compare his parents to mine. If any of you have read my blog for any length, you know that you DO NOT PUT HIS FAMILY IN THE SAME CATAGORY AS MY FAMILY!!!!! It's a big difference. My family loves me and him and Kiddo. Can't say the same for his. I'm not gonna get into that right now, cuz it will be a rant for a few pages.

But anyhow, we went to the store and bought some steaks and rolls, and showed up. We took a cooler along with our utensils, the stuff for our steaks, and drinks. We cooked our steaks and ate our own food and used our own stuff, and we didn't get upset with anyone, so that was very very good.

Although they wanted us to stay and watch t.v. and do things, we had to leave, it was a work and school night.

His parents, and most of his family make me so insane and nervous, and uneasy. I'm just glad I'm home, and now I'm dam tired, and want to go to bed.

Hope you all had a good Tuesday and have a great Wednesday.

And go laugh at that picture again!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

OOF is right!!!

That's how I felt this morning. OOF!!! hahahaha that picture makes me giggle till I piddle.

We had a busy weekend. Friday was filled with trips to walmart, to captain daddy's to the bank to post office and to Safeway. Then after Kiddo came home we watched the movie Wanted. That was pretty good. Then Gigantor and Kiddo went to D's Sparing Center and worked out for a couple hours.

We ate some dinner and watched an episode of Primeval. Saturday, everyone was lazy in the morning. I slept in and Gigantor played on the puter. Then he did some dishes and Kiddo cleaned his bathroom when I got up. Then Gigantor got a call from his mom, his cousin had died. He had lung cancer for the past 8 years. 2 years ago they gave him 6 months to he went out and started having fun, said he was gonna live it up for what time he had left.

Gigantor went over there and helped her load up the truck so she could travel, and then he went out to the dump. He came home and finished the fence out back. Now all we have to do is set some posts in cement and finish the two front gates. Front side of house and back side of house. Then that will be all done.

Saturday we watched the rest of Primeval and had leftovers for dinner.

Sunday, we were lazy, plane and simple lazy. Gigantor and Kiddo went out to the lake to feed the ducks the craptastic bread I made them get rid of. (that white bread that is supposed to be like whole grain...hate that dam bread) Then we went through some dvd's and tapes and put them in homes, and watched a couple movies. We watched an old one called The Final Countdown. It was okay, And we watched Accepted (on of my christmas pressies, I love that one)

Anyhow now it's Monday and I wish it was Friday again. hahahahaha

Hope you all had a good weekend. I'll be checking in on ya today.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

boring ass wednesday

Lookie my cutie pie rat dog!!! LOOKIE I SAID!!!! She was so cute, she popped her head out of her blankie to see Gigantor and he was able to snap her picture on his phone. Weird how her eyes flashed blue though.

And don't any of you dare give me a hard time about that blanket. I don't like that team, matter of fact I HATE that team, but I won the blanket in a raffle and it's soft as hell, and the only one big enough to let me and the dog cuddle under it at the same time.

Nothing much has gone on here. Everyone has been grumpy, me a bit, but Gigantor, Kiddo and Captain Daddy are all majorly grumpy. I'm gonna castrate me some men let me tell ya.

Jamie asked me what Red Eye Gravy was. Well there are different versions of it. There is one (not mine) that uses ketchup and some vinegar and it basicly taste like the gravy from a can of pork and beans or cheap baked beans. But what we call it and do is. We make extra glaze for the ham, using pineapple juice, brown sugar, honey and some cinnamon and sometimes cloves (tiny bit) and so we have this yummie ham drippings. Then we make the rue with butter and flower, and add the ham drippings in it. If it's still to thick we add a touch of milk. But it's this salty/sweet gravy that taste like the ham. So...there is my red eye gravy.

Best thing we found to make it was this flower called Wondra, comes in a blue and white can, and it doesn't clump or taste real flour ie in your gravy. That's one good thing my mother in law passed down.

Well....I'm boring as hell, just trying to stay warm, so I'm gonna go read blogs or whatever. Hope you all have a great great Wednesday. The week is half done!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyy

Monday, January 05, 2009

School, Cold, Awards and Chocolate Chip Eggs....

Lookie lookie I got an award. And I don't know how many people you give it too, but I loves you all, so I'm giving you all a bunch of flowers. take this award from me. hehehehehe

It was back to school today, suckity suck suck suck. I hate it when the Kiddo goes back to school. You all know this. I like having him home. I have never been one of those mom's that "can't wait till school starts again" I think vacations are to dam short. hahahahaha

And Kiddo definatly didn't want to go back today. We were both very grumpy having to get up so dam early. (not morning people)

It is dam cold here. It was warm for so long, now it's dam cold. 21 degree's right now. The electrician says the heater is doing everything it's supposed too, but let me tell ya, it's still blowing cool air out. And it freezes in here till about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

I tried to find my sweater, but apparently Gigantor hid it somewhere, so I have the oven on too, just to help it out in here for a few.

Okay I have to explain about the "chocolate chip eggs" And we found it really funny, but it might be a *you had to have been there* kind of funny.

On New years day I made a big dinner (since we went to aunt and uncles on christmas and didn't have leftovers) We did Ham, mashed potato's, red eye gravy, hawaiin rolls, green bean casserole, carrot raisin salad, and deviled eggs. Well....Gigantor sat at the table and mixed up a couple boxes of brownies, to make a big pan, and I was filling the deviled eggs.

Kiddo comes running out of his room, and goes, "I smell chocolate chip cookies baking" and we say ummm no. He leans over the kitchen chair and starts playing with a couple empty boxes, (yes those would be brownie boxes) And he says "Well I smell something chocolaty." I said well it's not cookies, why don't you open your eyes and tell me what it is. Cuz I'm thinking he's as blind as a fricken bat, cuz he's playing with the dam boxes right in front of him.

My brilliant son says. "Oh!!! I must be smelling the eggs" At which point Gigantor and I started cracking up, and asking when in the hell did eggs start smelling like baking chocolate?? And Kiddo got all upset saying well what else could it be? (as he throws away the empty brownie boxes) Yes he finally figured it out with some clues given to him. But for days he's been teased about eating chocolate chip eggs.

We have had a very good holidays and I got some pics on my new camera of some of my Booty from Christmas (Presents that is, not my ass, sheesh) And a few of the "worst gifts of the year" hahahaha
Bet you can't wait for those huh??

Okay I'm off to go check in on all your blogs. Have a good Monday everyone!!!!