Monday, April 30, 2007

Bug carcasses

Oh my gosh, On Saturday we worked so hard up at the other lot. I think even after two showers, I still have bug carcasses on me. We were all covered in dirt, dust, sand, cobwebs and carcasses. We did get three dumpster loads of stuff though. So...that is going good and still moving along. Got a bunch of stuff priced for a yard sale.

On Friday we all went to the movie and seen Meet the Robinsons. That was a cute movie. This Friday I think we are going to see Spiderman 3.

I was so tired on Sat. We worked from 9 in the morning till after 5 that evening. Then Mother in Law came over to the lot, and informed, not asked but informed us that we had to go to dinner. Now not dinner at her house mind you. Gigantors sister and husband and kids and their kids were in town, and her husbands parents were doing dinner. lovely mother in law, invited herself along with all of the sisters family. So...she informs me we are going, and I say no, I'm hot, sweaty, tired, and disgusting. (cuz dinner was supposed to be at 5:30).

We pack up and get home about 5:40 and then unload the suburban. We have now had no less than 2 calls from mother in law to keep harping on us to go. We get inside, I clean up, get kiddo cleaned up, then Gigantor cleans up and he seems about dead, from all the lifting he has done for the day. He calls his mother and says we aren't going, we are just to dang tired. Then over the next half hour, mother in law called three more times. Gigantor gave in and went up there, but Kiddo and I refused, we were way to tired. He called me from up there to tell me he was coming home, and in the back ground over and over his mom was going on and on about how we all should have gone up there.

I finally yelled at him over the phone that he better dam well make a choice to which woman in his life he wanted to please, his mother, or the one he sleeps with. He told me to tell his mother that and tried handing her the phone, to where I cussed him out and hung up on him. God...I hate men who can't stand up to their "mommies" When they are in their 30's.

Okay little rant, there. I'm back to normal I think. hehehehe

I'm off to do about 3 weeks worth of stuff packed into this week. hehehe

Have a good Monday all!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Questions from Brillig

I was over at Brillig's blog and she had some questions up. She then said she would quiz others. So...of course I took the bait. Here are the questions and the answers.

Your blog has been around for a long time! I think it's one of the oldest I'm familiar with. So what got you into blogging in the first place and what has kept you going for so long?

Okay well I can say cheap therapy. hehehehe Honestly I was reading a freinds blog for a while, and she told me if she could do it I could to. So...I jumped, which of course so did my sister then. I have always kept a journal and this was so much easier than taking an hour every day to hand write it. What has kept me going so long is of course the therapy side of it, a place to spill my guts. If you read any old posts, they range from depressed, funny, angry, sad. You name it. Also another big thing that has kept me going is all the wonderful people I've met on here. I love my blog friends!!!

Your "three things" meme said you love baby animals, but don't like people who push their religion. Lets say that two kittens show up at your door with Jehova's witness pamplets, and they very cleaverly explained their message to you through paws, purrs and meows. Tell us exactly how you respond.

Well asuming I know what they are saying. I still cuddle the crap out of them and play with them, just nodding at their tirade. After I've had my fill of cuddles. I box them back up, pamplets and all, and I go stealthily leave them on my inlaws porch. *insert evil laugh here*

Tell us how you met Gigantor (the hubby) Use the words "froggy" "push-ups" "registration" and "formidable".

Okay here goes. Well in all honesty Gigantor and I met at 2nd grade "registration". We weren't really friends through school, but we knew each other. We grew up with the knowledge that in another small town in Az. My mother and his aunt were good friends, and his mother and my uncle dated at one time. We got closer in high school being that we always went out riding our horses together. But the "formidable" presence of my mother scared him off. In all honesty if we had dated in high school, we probably would have gotten married right after, but we would surely be divorced by now. So...this is better. Fast forward till we are 21. Gigantor came home on leave (in the navy) (why is that village people song going through my head now?) Anywhoooo....he came home, and came to see me. OMG his arms were so luscious from all the "push up's" he had to do in the military. I'm an arm girl. hehehe We went out that night and lets just say we got jiggy with it. But in the front of my mini truck, with a stick shit, and remember he's a giant. We took turns playing "froggy" and jumping each other.
The next time he came to visit from the navy, we got engaged. The next visit (I went to Virginia) we got married by a j.p. When he finally got home, we had a big wedding here. Just celebrated our 14th anniversary.

4. What's the best part of being an avon rep? The worst?

I would say the best part is all the people I meet and all the awesome products. The worst part is I'm my own best customer, so I spend all my profits. hehehehe

You are required to put on a huge party for Groundhog Day. You have a three thousand dollar budget, and you must spend every last penny. Describe your big event.

Well I would buy me some tunes, I would buy the best steaks I could, and a gazzillion gallons of booze. Then I would invite every last stinking groundhog and person I could find. And we would party till the cows came home. Since there aren't many cows around here, that could take a while. hehehehe (come on people good steaks and booze, that will drain that money in nothing flat)

Thanks brillig, that was fun. If anyone wants tagged they can ask me and I'll give them questions.

Have a good Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Antibiotics better work

Let me pre warn you, especially you men. If you get sicked out from subjects about periods, cycles, infections, basic girlie parts. Please stop reading!!! hehehehe

I went to the doctor on Monday, to discuss a bunch of things that have happened over the past year and to get refills on my meds.

One thing that has happened is my hoochie coo has decided to hate me. I have to be on hormone medication ever since I had that 30lb tumor in my body. I'm told that if I'm not on hormone medication, leveling everything out, that I will get another tumor, it it's 80% likely it will be cancerous.

So...the medication I was on, I was not having periods. Which was scaring the beejeebee's out of me. So...I demanded some new medication. One that would give me my cycle. They gave me new medication, and yes, I was having a decent cycle every month, but I was having a whole bunch of other major complications. I started having irritation and problems, then I got 3 UTI's (urinary tract infections) I had never had one of those in my life, and then three in one year. I also got 3 of those lovely itchie, burnie infections down there. Which I had never had in my life. Occasionally I would get them both together, which made things oh so comfortable....NOT.

Well...I just got another one about 3 weeks ago. I did all the over the counter medications, two rounds for both things. But nothing was helping. People it burns, and sharp pains so bad. It's excruciating to pee, it's torture to sit, when I stand up there is a sharp pain, then burning pain the entire time I'm standing. I was not comfortable anywhere. And after three bunny humping weeks. My body was saying it had enough. Now I'm all run down, and just feel ucky.

So....on Monday I went in and yelled at the doctor, told her to put me back on the other medication. I really don't care if I didn't have a cycle now or not. I'm just so done with my hoochie coo deciding to torture me. That's one part of your body that should always be kept happy. hehehehe

So....I'm on antibiotics. Nothing has improved so far, but I've only been on them two days. Let me tell ya if it doesn't improve, I'm gonna go in and ask them to take the offending area off. HA HA like they could really do that. But...that's how fed up I am.

Here's to pain free sitting and peeing.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Word

I found this meme, thought I would try it, it looked fun.

You can only type one word answers. Sometimes not as easy as you might think. Suit up people! Challenge is on!!

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife? Driving
3. Your hair? messy
4. Mother? dead
5. Father? Marine
6. Favorite thing? son
7. Your dream last night? Demented
8. Favorite drink? Pepsi
9. Your dream car? Hummer
10. The room your in? cold
11. Your ex? Idiot
12. Your fears? Bugs
13. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Alive
14. Who did you hang out with yesterday? Doctor
15. What your not? Skinny
16. Muffins? yummie
17. One of your wish list items? Boat
18. Where you grew up? Arizona
19. The last thing you did? choked
20. What are you wearing? colors
21. Your t.v.? dusty
22. Your pet? Stinky
23. Your computer? broken
24. Your life? Wonderful
25. Your mood? Excellent
26. Missing? SEXXXXXXX
28. Your car? Dirty
29. Your work? fulfilling
30. Your summer? Funoliscious
31. Like someone? Always
32. Favorite color? All
33. When is the last time you laughed? Now
34. Last time you cried? Saturday
35. School? Torture

That can be a challenge only coming up with one word answers. I noticed as I coppied it from the other persons blog that there is no number 27. hehehe Oh well, I just left it that way.

Have a good Tuesday all!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dork Ass Husband

My husband is a major dork ass. He got in a ton of trouble on Saturday. I had been reminding him for a week that it was our anniversary, and that I was planning nothing, cuz I've always planned something and I'm sick of it.

Now my husband worked a 2nd job all week so he had money. So...morning of our anniversary I give him a gift, and he goes. "oh, I didn't get you anything" Okay even if he didn't, he didn't need to announce it, and he could have gone to the store. But instead he is a major ass. mother in law calls and asks if we are going out to dinner and she will watch the kid. I said. I dunno, your son should have arranged all that. And he tells her and me. Well...I didn't make any plans, I don't know if we are doing anything or not.

Lets just say, him completely blowing it off, really hurt me, and it made me pissed beyond reason.

My aunt and uncle called, and wanted to take us out to Paria Outpost for dinner, cuz we had never been. They didn't realize it was our anniversary. I said, sure we three would go, that would be great. So...then Gigantor was strutting around like he was important, cuz we were going out to dinner. He tried to call his mom and have her watch the Kiddo. I told him, no, you can stay at your moms, me and kiddo are going to dinner. Gigantor is like, "but it's our anniversary" So...I blew a gasket and told him he should have thought of that before.

I wouldn't even let him sit next to me at dinner. He did try to make up for it. He took his own money and went down to the store, and he got me a couple movies, and pair of earrings that are real gold and my real birthstone. Then he bought steaks yesterday and grilled them. But you know what, he's still in trouble. He blew me and holidays off once before, and he didn't get recognized for the next year worth of holidays. No gifts, no good wishes nothing.

I told him it was disrespectful, when I go all out for holidays. And it teaches his son to be disrespectful to his mother and when he has a wife. After I was mean to him, he never ever did that crap again, till this anniversary. Now he has alot of making up to do.

Anywhoo guess that is enough ranting for me.
I'm off to get my nails done and I have a doctors appointment.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, April 20, 2007

14 Year!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow the 21st is our 14th anniversary.

I do have to say even though the guy may irritate the shit out of me sometimes. I love him more and more each day.

I always get excited when he comes home.

He has stuck by me through alot, and I him. He is my rock, I am his emotional stability. I think we complement each other alot.

I love you with all my heart and soul Gigantor.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blown off the Charts

Oh my goodness. I'm not sure if our town is on the same spot on the map anymore. The wind blew so hard here yesterday. We had 50mph plus winds as our normals almost all day.

Now where I live here in Arizona. It's never breezy. It's either, dead calm, or you see the witch riding by on her bike then broom. I've seen shed's blown over, the big blue trash cans down the street, and number of shingles blown about.

Yesterday this little town had such high sustained winds that it was a brown haze all day. Like we were in the middle of a house on fire, it looked all smoky, but it was the sand. I had to dodge limb after limb as I drove around, until finally I had to drive around some downed tree's. As I was driving my big old suburban down one of our famous hills (I usually coast and it speeds me up to about 50 cuz the suburban is so heavy) I took my foot off the gas and was instantly slowed down to 15 mph.

I seen two big wood fences blown over. One camper of the back of a truck blown off and down the street, and I saw a house with it's siding actually blown off.

Today woke up and all was calm. Captain Daddy called me, he couldn't get out of his little travel trailer. Now remember it's parked up next to my mom's old place. He couldn't get out, because the side of her old house blew off. There is still a bit of the wall left, with some insulation, but the side of her house blew off, and blocked his door, blocking him in. Gigantor went and fixed that thank god.

I guess nature is helping speed along us tearing her place down to move ours up there. hehehehe

All you to the east of me, I hope the wind dies down before it hits you. hehehehe

Have a good, wind free, Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Mighty Threes

THREE THINGS THAT SCARE ME: Clowns, bugs, and deep water

THREE PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME LAUGH: Gigantor, Kiddo, and Captain Daddy (of course Bill Engval and Lisa Lampanelli too)

THREE THINGS I LOVE: My family, baby animals (hell all animals), being a smart ass!!

THREE THINGS I HATE: people who push their religion, people who think they are better than everyone else, and brussel sprouts.

THREE THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND: How anyone could hurt a child or elderly person, my in laws, the most popular people are self righteous pricks.

THREE THINGS ON MY DESK: far side callender, my computer (duh), and dust.

THREE THINGS I'M DOING RIGHT NOW: eating chips and dip, typing, and scratching my bum by wiggling around in my chair.

THREE THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I DIE: go to Australia, own horses again, watch my child grow up and be very happy!!

THREE THINGS I CAN DO: ride a horse like I was born on the back of one, multi task at an insane level, shoot and hit my target with almost any gun I'm given.

THREE THINGS I CAN'T DO: Hunt (can't kill an animal, but I sure can eat one hehehe) snow ski, have another child.

THREE THINGS I THINK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO: the sounds of nature, a child when they have to talk to you, and your heart.

THREE THINGS I THINK YOU SHOULD NEVER LISTEN TO: Criticizers, rap music, fingernails on chalk boards.

THREE THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN: sign language, how to make my mom's pudding cake (can't find the recipe after she died), to be more artsy craftsy.
THREE FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese, bbq chicken (the messy kind) and chocolate of course.

THREE T.V. SHOWS I WATCHED AS A KID: young kid it was Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Wallace and Ladmo. A bit older I watched Dukes of Hazard, Starsky and Hutch, and Chips.

THREE PEOPLE I TAG: you, you, and you.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Should be Slowing Down

Hopefully this week will be slowing down. Last week was just crazy!!! So very busy.

I'm sitting here listening to a presentation that my friend asked me to listen to, on the phone. They said 35 minutes, it's been 33 so far, and the woman has diarrhea of the mouth. It's actually a pyramid scheme. It's some company called Melloluka. I have no idea. I do Avon, which you make money without having to sign up more people, this one, you have to sign people up to make any money.

In other news....what is wrong with you male gendered type of people???
I mean, one of my son's jobs is to go out and clean the yard (dog poop) he gets a bit of money (quarter) every time he cleans it. Well, every single time, I yell...don't step in the dog poop, watch for it, your cleaning it up not walking through it. And every single time--he comes to the door and takes off his shoes announcing he has dog poop on them. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr What the hell?? what is so hard to look out for. I mean, I have no grass, it's all dirt, he can see the stuff?? You male types can't seem to listen or look!!! And it's hereditary dammit!!!!

Lets see....I don't have any interesting news. Just doing the life thing. hehehehe

I'm off to eat a donut, and drink some coffee. OooOOo maybe I'm pretending to be a police officer. hehehehehe

Have a good Monday!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shameless Plug

Okay I'm gonna make a shameless plug here. As you all know I sell Avon. I finally bit the bullet and became and e-rep. What that means is I now have my own web page that people can buy from.

The cool thing about this web page is it has all the brochures I would normally give a person, (if you click shop online brochure button) plus you can look for whatever else you want.

What else is cool, is that you can hit the direct delivery, and Avon will send your stuff right to you. Yes they charge 3.00 for doing that, but it goes directly to anyone within the continental u.s. (I would work with anyone in Canada that wanted stuff)

I would also appreciate any and all feedback (well maybe I should limit that comment) hehehehe

I'm all new to this, so please check it out. My Web Page

Go ahead, click it, you know you want to. And if you know of anyone who could use it or would like to, please pass it along.

Happy Wednesday all!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bunny Droppings

Well the Easter Bunny passed through my house, and I think he left his droppings all over. hehehehe

Boy oh boy am I glad that Gigantor did get that 16 lb ham. On Saturday, we cleaned up the house and ran to the store. D then came over and we found out his family was out of town, he had nowhere to go for easter. So...we informed him that he was coming down here. We then thought about the niece and her husband (the wedding we went to) if they had anywhere to go, since Gigantor's parents were coming down here. So....we called and they had had no invites, so we invited them also. 9 people for dinner. hehehehe It was very nice though.

For easter we always dye eggs, three dozen eggs to be exact. Then Gigantor gets up early and hides the eggs inside the house. We also fill some plastic eggs. We get a few tiny toys, then some candy, and Gigantor hides them outside. So...Kiddo gets two egg hunts, plus his basket.

Every year for easter, we put Dribbles outside. She would eat the real eggs we hid, but would leave the plastic one's alone. So...Buster was inside and sleeping in our room, and Dribbles was outside, and we thought sleeping. Kiddo gets up and finds his basket and eggs inside. Then he walks outside and says. "the easter bunny must have dropped his basket" I thought "WHAT THE HELL?" We walked outside, and lovely little Dribbles had opened a bunch of eggs, didn't break them mind you, but opened them and ate the chocolates out of them. Dumb dog.

Kiddo said it was okay, he would share his easter goodies. I said, to Dribbles, "god I hope you have a stomach ache" hehehehe Gigantors parents were upset I didn't take her to the vet after eating chocolate. I told them, that if I didn't take Buster to the vet after he ate 4lbs of Christmas chocolates one year, I wasn't taking her sorry ass. I'm not paying 600 bucks to have my dogs stomach pumped, plus an additional 300 in emergency fee's on off hours. They can either puke it up, or hurt. hehehe So...far all of them have been fine, if something like that happens. Only down fall we have had is them pooping little foil pieces for two weeks.

Oh on a side note. Gigantors mom made a pineapple upside down cake. That's the very first time I have ever tried one of those. Not bad, and she told me how to make it, which sounded very easy. hehehehe

Okay I'm gonna go eat, and do dishes, and mail packages. I hope you all have a great Monday!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Our trip to Flagstaff was good. Kiddo had a good report from the dentist. No problems, but all his baby molars that are left are loose. hehehehe

We also went to an r.v. place and got Captain daddy a new toilet and a riser for his travel trailer (that he lives in). We went and had Sonic for lunch....extra long coney with onions yummmmmmm.

We went to petsmart and got the doggies new collars. Got a Camo one for Buster and a hot pink one for Dribbles.

Went to a sporting good store, for Captain daddy, got him a heavy duty water bottle for work.

Went to Bookmans (used book store) Got me three books, Gigantor got 4 or 5, and Kiddo got 6 or 7. Cost us 30 dollars for all of them.

Went to Cold Stone Creamery. Got my big splurge once a year. Chocolate ice cream with brownie, macadamia nuts, and dark cherries mixed in, in a waffle bowl.

Went to Galaxy Saddle shop, for Gigantor to get some rawhide strips, some scrap leather and a stitching needle for it all. He's been crafting walking sticks from stick/limbs we find on the ground. He is putting hand grips and or tassles and feathers on them. He's been sanding them down smooth, but still leaving knots, and grain on them, then we are putting mineral oil on them, a good 4 or 5 coats, letting it dry a few days between coats. And he is going to decorate them. I am getting the only Primrose one we have right now. We have Cedar, and Oak, and one rose wood.

Then we went and got gas, and potty break, and headed out of town. I was so darn tired, I had been driving all day. And my knees had been bugging me earlier in the week. So about half way home, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have Gigantor drive, and I sat, though uncomfortable, in the back and dozed.

Today I just visited with Captian Daddy, and did some paperwork, and made some cookies Kiddo had wanted. Tomorrow I have to do dishes, clean the floors, clean the front bathroom, clean off the table (which also dubs as my office) go to the store, and color eggs. Tomorrow night I will make Kiddo's basket and fill the plastic eggs for outside.

We are having Gigantors parents over for Easter dinner, and Captain Daddy. Gigantor is funny, he went and bought a 16lb spiral ham. Cuz he wanted to make sure he got leftovers. Dork. I'm making ham, mashed taters, red eye gravy, rolls, deviled eggs, and pink poofoo (for you Miranda) hehehehe I guess mom in law is bringing candied yams, and a desert.

Well I'm off to shower and get my tired butt in bed.

Have a very HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Nothing real interesting going on...Wednesday, and just a dreaded in law dinner tonight. We were supposed to sort of pot luck it at his mothers. But someone decided they wanted Mexican, and picked the most expensive place in town. I'm sure it was to weed some of us out from going. Now the least they could do since they wanted it would be to pay for it. But they want everyone to pay their own way. I said no way are we going, but Gigantor decided we were. Fucktard.

We are going to Flagstaff tomorrow. Kiddo has a dentist appointment. We are taking Captain Daddy, he is getting a new toilet for his trailer. We will go to Sonic (on of my splurges) we don't have one here. We will go to a sporting goods store, and to Bookmans (used book store). I can spend a few hours in there, also one of my splurges. Then we finish the day with Cold Stone Creamery. I get to splurge on that about once a year. hehehe

oh oh oh the new Philly Cheesecake Filling.'s yucky. We don't like it. Gigantor wouldn't even eat it. And something has to be really yucky if he won't eat it.

OOoooOO and if you eat taco's, strawberries, and drink a diet root beer. The burps a few hours later will make you wanna go yak!!!

Just sayin.

Have a good Wednesday all!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

April already

It's April already!!!! Gosh last week was so darn busy, I didn't know if I was coming or going. This week isn't looking much better. hehehehe.

The wedding on Saturday went okay. We were told to be there at 3 for family pictures. They didn't do them till after the wedding, so we were there an hour early for no reason. The wedding was supposed to start at 4. The bride didn't walk down the isle till 4:50. uggghhh

On a bright side, the service lasted a total of about 8 minutes. lmao
They did keep the reception moving along very fast.

Three downsides. One of the dreaded sisters was awful to her mother, tried being awful to my son (she's done that before), but she met my wrath, and refused to talk to me rest of reception which was fine with me. The mother of the bride (the other awful sister) She made corsages and flowers for all the aunts and uncles. Oh wait...that would be for every one of them but Gigantor and I. Then family pictures after the wedding they did have Gigantor in the "uncle" pictures with the bride, but I was not included in the "aunt" pictures. Oh well....just a snub at us like they always do. But....we get along good with the niece and her hubby.

Sunday we did some house and yard work, then delivered Avon, and visited his parents, gave them their anniversary gift. Then we did some shopping and came home and watched Casino Royale. Ummmm I like most James Bond movies, because they have action and explosions and you don't have to think much. This one wasn't bad, but I was bored stiff a couple times. I like this guy who plays Bond, but my god they could have kept the movie hopping. I rate this movie with 3 yawwnnns lol

Hope you all had a great weekend.